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It took her ten years to make Celine the love of women.

  Lead: Who is the most popular with women among today’s big-name designers? If you don’t know Phoebe Philo, it’s not too late. (Article source: Bund Fashion)

Phoebe Philo

  When the news that she left the creative director of Céline was confirmed, there was a "cry" on social media, and many media and commentators paid tribute to Phoebe Philo with "the end of an era".

Céline of Phoebe Philo

  Fans are more anxious: Without Phoebe Philo’s Céline, can you buy it in buy buy with confidence?

  It is precisely because of this that Céline’s spring and summer of 2018, as the last show of her term, has attracted the attention of the whole world. I have to say, she brought us an outstanding closing performance.

  It is after this show that the new sales of 2018 have increased greatly.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018

  These smart wide shoulder pads are the best witness.

Wide padded shoulder coat

  The most amazing thing is that a few matching double-layer cloak coats, leaving only one button at the neckline, are very cool when walking. This is purely about the beauty of fashion art.

Double cloak coat

  Why do we miss Phoebe Philo so much? It all started 20 years ago.

  From Chloé to Céline,

  The glory of Phoebe Philo began.

  Phoebe, an Englishman born in Paris, graduated from Central Saint Martin at the age of 23. She entered Chloé in 1997 and became an assistant to Stella McCartney, then creative director.

  With excellent taste and design skills, she quickly grew into the second-in-command of brand design in Chloé.

Phoebe Philo, then Stella McCartney's design assistant, in 2000

  In 2001, Stella McCartney left Chloé and started her own business.

  While everyone was speculating who would be Stella’s successor, the brand directly announced the appointment of 27-year-old Phoebe as the new design director.

Stella McCartney & Phoebe Philo

  Since then, Phoebe’s high-waisted jeans, lolita fashion’s doll dresses and wooden wedge-heeled shoes have become the signature items of Chloé.

Phoebe's debut in Chloé
Phoebe's debut in Chloé

  Then, Phoebe suggested to the brand executives to expand Chloé’ s business to the field of bag accessories, so the turnover of handbag accessories began to become the main force of Chloé’ s profit.

  As a result, several classic It Bag were born, such as Paddington and Edith series bags.

Paddington Paddington bags
Edith series bags

  It is said that the first batch of Paddington Paddington bags had been booked before they were actually put on the shelves.

  At that time, Phoebe’s design had its own climate, giving priority to pragmatism, and instead of chasing the trend, it became a trendsetter. 

Chloé 2004 Spring/Summer Series Conference Closing Ceremony

  In 2004, she can be said to be the winner of a double harvest in her love career-she married Max Wigram, an art dealer, and in the same year, she won the designer of the year award of the British Fashion Awards with her impressive sales performance.

  Two years later, Phoebe made an amazing decision to resign from Chloé and devote herself to her family.

  After leaving Chloé for two years, Phoebe was immersed in a sweet family life.

  It was not until 2008 that LVMH invited her to come out of the mountain to save the crumbling Céline at that time that she returned to the public eye.

  However, as a condition, Phoebe asked to stay in Paris only two days a week, and continue to complete the design in London the rest of the time, so that she could continue to accompany her children.

Phoebe Philo's daughter is really super cute!

  Phoebe’s brand debut is the 2010 early spring holiday series released in the form of Lookbook. From this series, we can see the change of her "female identity".

  From a girl to a mother, the design style has also changed from a "girl" to an "independent and powerful commuter woman", but she has always been herself.

Céline 2010 Early Spring Vacation Series

  Let’s take a look at her first fashion collection. This show is mainly based on a large number of earth colors, and the silhouette and leather materials are sharply cut, which has won the first fans for Phoebe.

  Phoebe, who often shows people in a simple and capable style, is simply the best spokesperson of Céline. She has a cold temperament in her bones, a little shy but a firm eye.

The curtain call of the first show of Céline brand

  And this photo of her show curtain call wearing turtle neck, black slim pants and Stan Smith is still regarded as a classic moment.

  This style has also led the trend for a long time, and Stan Smith has become a must-have item for fashionistas.

  Putting your hair in turtle neck is also a styling inspiration that I learned from Phoebe.

  Besides being a fashion designer, Phoebe is more like a fashion idol. Her design seems to take herself as a model of inspiration, and the design origin also falls on her.

  Phoebe’s style in LVMH Prize, she also likes to wear a coat in private.

  As she said in the interview after her debut:

  "My dress style reflects me, and these clothes are an extension of my own style.

  I want to build a wardrobe for women instead of chasing the so-called trend. I want to solve the problem. "

  Looking back at Phoebe’s ten years in Céline, this original intention has always been regarded as her creed in design and creation, and she has carried it out to the end.

  So-called feminism is like this. Take yourself as a starting point to understand the real needs of women.

  If you want to know the private life story of Phoebe Philo, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  Because she is too low-key, there is no out-of-the-box high-profile remarks and gossip, and she does not rely too much on social media. She does not have her own INS account, and she lives in seclusion and speaks by her works.

Phoebe Philo and her husband

  Even Céline, which she is in charge of, is so tonality, and there is no explosion joint name that grabs the front page, and there is no grand show device.

  Even when choosing a brand spokesperson, she is only willing to choose those women who can best embody the female spirit, such as Faye Wong, who has great personality and influence, which fits the brand spirit of Céline.

Phoebe Philo and Faye Wong.

  What classic items did Phoebe bring us?

  Phoebe Philo has no intention of chasing the trend, but always creates the trend and becomes the imitation object of others.

  However, her design is destined to belong to a carnival in a small group and become the heart of those who refuse kitsch, have strong personality and really appreciate the beauty of clothes.

Céline 2017 early spring

  Even though they may be expensive and mostly basic, they are fashionable clothes that will not go out of fashion.

  Phoebe’s design is by no means designed for women who just want to please men. Her clothes are full of design sense, durable and practical, but out of date, walking freely and meeting the needs of daily life.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

  Secondly, in her design, she also borrowed the inspiration of men’s tailoring.

  For example, those standard suits, deconstructed or spliced coats, and wide-leg pants, women’s strength has been embodied in these design details, and they have also become the classic design items of Céline.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018 Collection
Cé line Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

  In its brand debut, Phoebe launched a bag that is still popular today-Cé line Box.

Céline Box
Céline Box

  Then, continuing her magical power of creating "It Bag", Phoebe successively launched three bags that were too hot to work, namely:

  Twisted Cabas that can hold the whole world, Luggage, a smiling face bag with various It Bag lists, and Céline Trio, a small square bag.

Twisted Cabas
Smiling face bag Luggage
Céline Trio
Céline Trio

  Clasp handbags in the autumn and winter 2017 series have also entered the ranks of It Bag.

  On the front, the thin and flat shape seems to have no bright spot, and the slender metal buckle makes it look like a dry folder.

  However, it is this retro modern style in the 1950 s and the texture of jade that makes it a must-have bag for hipsters.

Clasp series handbags

  The spring and summer of 2018 can be said to be the world of transparent PVC materials. Several big brands have successively come up with the design of PVC materials, and PVC can be seen from clothing to bag accessories.

  This time, Phoebe decided to "rub" a wave of hot spots, and also launched a transparent handbag in her farewell work. The bag body was simply printed with the brand Logo and a few lines.

  However, this transparent handbag can not only be sold, but also must be bought with the small wallet inside, and now many shops have sold out, which is really priceless.

  The current trend of "ugly shoes" can be traced back to the source, and it was also brought by Phoebe.

  As early as Cé line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, she brought fur slippers and furry high heels.

  Now, if you look at Gucci’s fur loafers or Fenty Puma’s Mao Mao slippers, do you see the shadow of Céline?

  Phoebe’s It Bag, or It Shoes, is actually inspired by clothing history or some national bag accessories, and then redesigned the combination.

  For example, this shoe inspired by Moroccan Babouche slippers, the soles and uppers are made of soft leather, which is particularly good to wear, so it has become a famous "local product".

  In the early spring series of Céline 2016, Phoebe brought an upgraded version of Babouche, with crossed shoelaces, pointed toe caps and a soft and comfortable sense of wearing on the feet. As soon as it was released, it was immediately sought after by many fashionable girls.

  Also belonging to It Shoes, there is a thick heel shoe dubbed "Grandma’s Shoes".

  It also uses soft leather as the vamp, and the elastic band is added at the mouth of the shoe. After wearing it, the foot will be completely wrapped, and the thick heel that looks very heavy makes it like the shoes in grandma’s shoe cabinet, hence the nickname.

Phoebe is wearing grandma's shoes.

  Phoebe’s classic designs in Céline are by no means just those we have listed, and there are still many that have not been listed one by one.

  The autumn and winter 2018 series released not long ago, although completed by the brand team, continues Phoebe’s design style well.

  Anyway, Phoebe’s farewell has become a reality. We still have to look forward to Hedi Slimane’s debut in Céline in September and pay close attention to Phoebe Philo’s next move.

Beijing auto show opens, 82 new cars start at home and abroad.

       Cctv newsThe Beijing International Auto Show, originally scheduled for April 21st, opened in Beijing yesterday (September 26th) after being postponed for more than five months. This is also the world’s first A-class international auto show since the COVID-19 epidemic. Against the background of the global epidemic and the international economic downturn, the heavy appearance of the Beijing Auto Show has a special role in boosting the morale of the global auto industry. Let’s go to the scene and have a look.

       Today, in the exhibition hall of auto china, new car launches are one after another. As the only international top-level auto show held in the world this year, the total exhibition area reached 200,000 square meters, and 785 vehicles were displayed, including 82 world first cars, which attracted almost all well-known automobile brands at home and abroad to participate.

       The new energy vehicles that debuted at the Beijing Auto Show accounted for 40% of the total, which truly achieved competition with fuel vehicles. Dongfeng Motor Group exhibited its own high-end new energy brand to the public for the first time, and launched the first mass-produced model to be listed next year, highlighting the interactive function between people and vehicles.

       The new cars exhibited by many car companies at the exhibition site are gradually younger for the first time to buy cars, and they are more and more suitable for the aesthetic orientation of the post-95 s and post-00 s in terms of design and main functions.

Exam! Have you read all the recent reports about us in the mainstream media?

During the May 1 International Labor Day holiday, the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other mainstream media published and broadcast many news reports related to the aviation industry. So, have you read all these reports with rich connotations and huge information?

Let’s test it together ~ ~

Top secret before the exam

A survey of mainstream media reports on the aviation industry.



Student number:

1. Multiple choice questions (Only one answer to the following questions is correct. Please choose the correct option from the alternative answers and fill in the serial number of the correct option in brackets. 5 points for each small question, 15 points in total)

1. What does the machining tolerance of () mm mean? This is equivalent to one hundred and twenty-fifth of the diameter of human hair, which is difficult to realize even with CNC machine tools. This is more accurate than the manual filing limit in the textbook, and it comes from the hands of Fang Wenmo, the chief skill expert of the aviation industry Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and the "post-80 s". (Source: Xinhua News Agency’s new media "Pay tribute to ingenuity! They deserve to be praised ")

A. 0.0068 mm

B. 0.00068 mm


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


2. On May 1st, 2021, a special program on May 1st International Labor Day was broadcast on CCTV. What is the theme of this program? (Source: CCTV News pays tribute to the workers and welcomes the founding of the party for a hundred years! "Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty-Always March with the Party, New Journey, Special Program of May Day 2021")

A. pay tribute to the workers and welcome the centenary of the founding of the party! Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty —— Always forge ahead with the Party.

B. pay tribute to the workers and welcome the centenary of the founding of the party! Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty —— Always forge ahead with the Party in a new era


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


3. The posture adjustment of the fuselage requires extremely high accuracy, and the deviation of each part of the fuselage with a total length of 50 meters cannot exceed () mm.. This is like an elephant, there can be no error in the size of ants. In the past, it took more than a dozen people to work together in one month. Today, it only takes two or three people a day. The team led by Hu Yang has achieved zero breakthrough in digital assembly of large aircraft and fuselage, with a hundred times higher efficiency and millimeter accuracy. (Source: CCTV’s "Great Country Artisans and Skills to Serve the Country", which is broadcast on several key columns of CCTV’s comprehensive channel and news channel. )

A. 0.5 mm

B. 0.05 mm


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


Look at the pictures and talk (please match the pictures with appropriate words according to the information provided, with 10 points for each question, totaling 20 points)

4. Please choose an essay for the following pictures.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency, "Dare to melt the sun and the moon and cast ingenuity" model worker "torch in their hands")

A. Fang Wenmo polishes parts in Fang Wenmo’s studio.

B. Fang Wenmo polishes parts in the craftsman’s studio in Daguo.


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


5. Please choose an essay for the following pictures.

(Source: CCTV. com, look at "The exposure of the refueling screen of the night sky of the J-15 carrier aircraft")

A. the training of refueling in the air is called "threading the needle in the air" and "centimeter-level flight", and the difficulty is self-evident. It is even more thrilling to carry out this training under the condition of low light at night, and it is also recognized as the top flight course in the world. A few days ago, several J-15 carrier-based fighters of a naval carrier aviation unit continuously carried out night air partner refueling training.

B. The night gave me black eyes, but I used them to look for light.


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


Third, reading comprehension (read the written materials provided and answer the corresponding questions, 15 points for each question, a total of 30 points)

6. As soon as the modification training was over, Gu Chenyu immediately bought a plane ticket and flew to Chang Yao’s side. When I saw him at the airport, Chang Yao’s heart was more complicated. In the face of her missing boyfriend, the first feeling turned out to be strange. After a big hug, the small temper and emotions that had been waiting for months finally vanished. Chang Yao said: "This is probably the truest taste of missing." (Excerpt from: People’s Daily new media "Too sweet! It was love at first sight between pilots and aviation engineers.

Excuse me, what exactly is the truest taste of missing in the bold part of the text? ( )

A. my heart is very complicated.

B. The feeling at first sight turned out to be strange. After a big hug, the small temper and emotions that had been waiting for months finally vanished.


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


7. Aviation people often say, "There is no parking lot in the air, and there is no regret medicine for flight test". Fang Wenmo said: "Just like playing the piano and throwing basketball, the basic skills of our locksmith depend on boring and monotonous repeated practice until muscle memory is formed." (Excerpt from: Xinhua News Agency’s new media "Pay tribute to ingenuity! They deserve to be praised ")

What does the author want to express through the bold part of the text? ( )

A. Behind the heavy equipment of the country, the high-tech technology and the projects that break through the limits of human beings, it is inseparable from the persistent concentration, Excellence, meticulousness and pursuit of Excellence of the workers who uphold the spirit of artisans.

B. Aircraft flight test cannot be practiced repeatedly.


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.


Four, composition (35 points)

8. Please pay attention to "Aviation Industry" WeChat WeChat official account, and write your feelings about aviation people and aviation industry in the message! Welcome to grab the sofa.


Reference answer

Click on the blank space to see the answer.

Welcome to leave a message

I wish the candidates extraordinary performance and excellent results!

How’s it going?

Peter Pan is ready to compare scores with you ~

There will be a mysterious gift waiting for you.

Iron powder must be seen.

Original title: "Exam! Have you read all the recent reports about us in the mainstream media? 》

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Zhong Nanshan’s speech was connected with two hot search teams to respond.

"Because there are no patients.

Phase III clinical trials can only be done abroad. "

Recently, Academician Zhong Nanshan.

Invited to attend the 2021 graduation ceremony of University of Science and Technology Shanghai.

One of his "Versailles" speeches

Connect two hot searches

Why does China’s vaccine research and development seem to be slow?

"Because there are no patients."

In a speech

Talking about the development of COVID-19 vaccine in China.

Zhong Nanshan said that 71 vaccines are being developed in China.

Nine of them are in phase III clinical trials.

Two of them were approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use.

It has been included in the emergency use list.

  △ Image source: Shanghai University of Science and Technology

Zhong Nanshan said:

"Because prevention and control are effective in China.

We can’t be in China.

Do the third phase clinical trial.

Because there are no more patients.

Therefore, phase III clinical trials can only be done abroad. "

Many netizens lamented.

"One mouth is old Versailles!"

"This Versailles is super like it!"

Team Zhong Nanshan responded:

Thanks to everyone who supports the fight against the epidemic with practical actions

This morning (July 6)

Academician Zhong Nanshan’s innovative research team

Official account @ Nanshan Breathe

Respond to this matter and rush to the hot search again.

Responded that

This kind of discourse is called Versailles by netizens.

In fact, we need everyone

Support you against the epidemic with practical actions.

Wear a mask and be socially isolated.

No spitting, timely vaccination.

Thank you to all the workers from all walks of life who participated in the fight against the epidemic.

And support you in fighting the epidemic with practical actions.

  Producer Wang Xingdong

  Editor-in-Chief Zhang Zhida

  Editor Wu Siyu Zhao Yuqi

520, this movie is for everyone who loves movies.

Today is May 20th.
On this special day, I want to recommend a movie about "love" to everyone.
In other words, a love letter written to the movie and also to every audience.
This film tells "the sincere confession of a great director".

He has an engineer father, who taught him how to think rationally and how to turn modern technology into his best creative tool.
He also has a pianist’s mother, who taught him the perception of art and a natural desire for expression as an artist.
The growing environment laid the foundation for him to dream.
However, how to turn a hobby of "wasting money" into a career that can "make money" and how to face the tear between the two are still issues throughout his adolescence.
He was bullied on campus because of his Jewish identity, or was traumatized by his parents’ divorce.
But all these eventually became his creative nourishment, the motif of his life’s creation.
Every great director will have his own autobiographical story.
Now, it’s finally Spielberg’s turn to tell this story.
The Dreammaker directed by Steven Allan Spielberg was the winner of last year’s Oscar hit, the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama and the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
So far, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is still as high as 92%.
I am also glad to see that this film will be released in China on May 25th. This is a rare film that we must see on the big screen.
This film is the best of the year in many people’s minds, and it is also praised by many people as "the most touching film of the year".
It’s really hard not to be moved by it.
Because it’s so sincere.
Unlike many films with the same nostalgic theme, in Dreammaker, you will not see a narcissism of successful people looking back on the past, nor will you see a bubble gum-style self-beautification.
On the contrary, director Spielberg, who was 76 years old, still had a childlike heart.
He told a story about growth and family in a very plain and restrained tone.
He also used such a plain and restrained tone to reveal some of the most "tearing" moments in his childhood.
So, is this movie about pain?
On the contrary, it tells—
Still "love."
The A side of the story is how a teenager who loves movies grows up with the encouragement of his parents.
In the winter of 1952, Sammy watched the first film in his life accompanied by his parents.
Before the film was shown, he was crying in the car and didn’t dare to go into the cinema, as if it were the maw of a wild animal, which would devour him young.
But after the film was shown, he looked at the shiny screen and lost his words in an instant.
For the first time, he understood that the movie was a dazzling dream.
Because there was a train in the movie, his parents bought him a train toy as a gift.
But what really attracted him was not the train itself, but how to record the picture of the train collision with a camera.
He became addicted to recording everything with a camera.

At first, it was a family video, with sisters playing together and family camping together.
Later, it became a movie at school, a gun battle and a drama.
He taught himself by himself and learned the most important thing:
The existence of the camera is not only to record the truth.
You can also edit, splice and reconstruct the truth in your own way to create your own truth.
But the most important thing is always "seeing".
Because movies are about seeing.
On the b side of the story, it is about the family of teenagers.
You will find that, coincidentally, every time he succeeds in film creation, it always seems to be accompanied by some kind of life tear.
When his father encouraged him to shoot a camping documentary for his mother, he stumbled across another truth about his mother in this documentary.
However, when the campus documentary he made was broadcast at the graduation party and everyone was cheering for his work, he had to bear the pain of his parents’ divorce and breaking up with his first love alone.
Under the seemingly bright and warm tone of the whole movie, there always seems to be a faint and melancholy background.
Although it is cruel, it is very real. It shows us that movies are not reality, and movies are not a good medicine for reality.

Every time Sammy tries to do it allImmersed in the movie, reality will give him a hard whip, which will make him pull away from it, and he will have to taste the tearing feeling between reality and the movie alone.
So, when did Sammy make up his mind to pursue film art?
Perhaps it was at the moment when he understood what a "movie" really was.
At the beginning of the film, the camera was really just a toy, and making movies was just an escapist hobby.
But the most crucial and turning point happened to be that Sammy discovered the secret of his mother’s infidelity through the lens of the camera.
He repeatedly confirmed his mother’s movements and eyes from the seemingly unimportant lens edge, and confirmed that she really admired another man.
At this moment, the film is no longer an escape from reality, but helps Sami "see" the reality.
In other words, he helped Sammy open another realistic perspective.
Originally, for him, family meant unconditional tolerance, understanding and support; But now he understands that there is another person’s sacrifice behind it.
It was the mother who made the sacrifice: she gave up her career as a pianist and suppressed her feelings.
In the scene that struck him like lightning, what he saw was not betrayal, but sacrifice.
It was his mother’s sacrifice that fulfilled his dream-maker.
Family is like a balance, and someone has to make sacrifices.
Mothers will make sacrifices for their husbands and children.
Children also have to make sacrifices for their father’s work.
In the second half of the film, their family moved to California, and Sammy had to face the new campus environment and the bullying from his classmates.
However, in their family history, there always seems to be a "crazy" gene that is desperate to pursue what they love.
Maybe when he comes back at midnight, Sammy often thinks of what his uncle who works in the circus said.
"Family, art, will tear you apart"
"We are addicts, and art is our antidote"
"Family is our love."
"But we will be crazy about art."

Mothers also need to make choices.
And at this moment, the "dreamer" once again played the magic:
It is precisely because everyone in the film, no matter what choice he makes, starts from his own heart. So they also got the tolerance and understanding of their families.
Through these choices, what the film tries to convey to us is a life attitude about "love": "Love what I love and dream as much as I can".
You never have to be sorry to be yourself. You can be anyone you want to be.
Only by finding your own love and creating your own life dreams can you meet all the splendor in life.

Because I am very sure that this is a movie that we must watch on the big screen.
From the first shot, it was born for the cinema.
It is also about the "love" of filmmakers.
In the film, you will see many historical eggs, The Train Comes into the Station, The King of the Opera, and john ford, the guest role of director david lynch himself …
You will also see many classic films in the film, including many prototypes of Spielberg’s own future films.
For example, all the films shown in the film that the protagonist shot in his early days are really the works of Spielberg himself when he was young. He re-filmed these materials with great interest, as if he had relived his childhood with the audience.
For many years, Spielberg himself was a Hollywood "myth".
In this film, he re-examined this myth and told us all that "myth is only human".
The director tries to explore some contradictory and contradictory motifs in the film-technology and art, family and self, film and reality. The tear between them runs through the whole movie.
And in the end, perhaps the answer we want to know most as an audience is-
What is a movie?
Maybe the movie is a dream.
We hope to use movies to dream and make up for the dissatisfaction in life.
But dreams will "betray" you: every time Sammy is happy because of the movie, reality will bring him pain.
Perhaps the film is a perspective, a kind of cognition.
The eyes of the camera can capture what the human eye can’t see and what the human heart can’t capture.
It can jump the horizon and take you to another level of reality.
It broke your dreams, your fantasies.
It is a reality in itself.
After that, the film seems to have "surpassed" the reality.
In the second half of the film, the director filmed a plot that many people thought was worth pondering.
Sammy was bullied in his new school.
But when he had the opportunity to pick up the camera, he not only didn’t make a fool of the bully in the camera, but filmed the other side as handsome, tall and shining like Apollo.
Why would he do that?
Even the school bully doesn’t understand himself.
And Sammy said, "I just want to make my movie better."
As a director, he sacrificed his feelings and his pain before restoring the "truth" of a film.
For him, the film is neither a mirror of reality, nor a dream, nor a playground, but an imagination to make up for regret.
A movie is a movie, his art and his creation.
He can give everything for creation.
Therefore, when the screen lights up, he will see his own beam of light.
The existence of movies is not used to escape from reality, nor to reconstruct reality.
Movies are another reality.
This is his love for movies.
In other words, "film" itself is also a metaphor.
Throughout life, people are torn between reality and dreams, between responsibility and love.
Each of us has our own "movie", but how much are you willing to pay for your love?
Movies are Spielberg’s "choice".
And each of us has our own choices.
I believe that almost everyone has been accompanied by at least one Spielberg movie in their childhood.
Schindler’s List, E.T., Jurassic World, Artificial Intelligence Ready Player One …
These movies not only carry Spielberg’s dreams, but also our memories and our reality.
Movies are dreams, Spielberg is a dreamer, and we have all seen ourselves in his world and the reality of another dimension.
This time, what he said is his "dream maker".
Anyway, on May 25th, I will go to see The Dreamer again. Because this is not only a movie, but also the true meaning of his childhood, family, life and dreams. It’s a meeting between each of us and Spielberg.

Song Dandan’s "Peach Blossom House" famous scene, suffocating paternalistic authority was scolded for hot search.

After "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast in the first season, the awkward social interaction between Song Dandan and young people triggered a heated discussion. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan. The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan. The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

read and edit | Time 

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source | zhizhu. com

"Nine Minutes of Awkwardness in Peach Blossom House" was pushed to the hot search, and Song Dandan became the storm point of this embarrassing incident.

To put it simply, the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was initially made like a meeting for newcomers to the workplace. This season’s program not only involves performance appraisal, but even "democratic voting" to send the guests with the lowest contribution value to the uninhabited island.

The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan.

The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

△ Image content: Song Dandan forces everyone to dance in groups.

Song Dandan’s condescending speech with elders’ color was criticized for "selling the old by leaning on the old", including the bonfire party arranged by force in the program and the social terrorism activities from women’s group dance to group dance, but there were also criticisms on the understanding of the intergenerational gap between Song Dandan and young people, the recognition of efficient communication, and the push-pull vague speech of other guests (except Eric Wang).

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

As early as the first season, Song Dandan’s awkward social interaction with young people triggered a heated discussion. The appearance of Eric Wang this season exposed the social problems of Song Dandan and other young guests. Eric Wang, who has received much attention and controversy because of ipartment, can be regarded as a "model" with strong personal will and self-persistence. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan.

Obviously, under the social norms embedded by the concept of the order of the young and the old as the underlying logic, it is not simple for the younger generation to balance truth and confront paternalistic authority in a discourse circle full of workplace meaning, but in a collective community basically composed of young people,Paternalistic speech and subjective intimacy can not simply be attributed to the intergenerational gap.

Transferring the truth and keeping it true

The real boundary in the collective discourse circle

In the collective community,Transferring the truth becomes a kind of safety fence for self-protection.

Song Dandan’s paternalistic speech and performance-oriented program arrangement made this variety show a career test. This also means that young guests are bound to face a difficult choice: one is to disobey parents’ authority but be criticized. For example, Li Xueqin suggested that everyone should not rob the job, and Song Dandan immediately refuted and criticized it after a reasonable division of labor; The other is to transfer one’s true thoughts to conform to the group norms led by Song Dandan.

Obviously, most of the guests chose the latter. In fact,In the situation of collective expression or even collective aphasia, surrendering the truth becomes the best measure to escape the pressure. By surrendering the truth, the guests create their own security boundary.However, the security boundary shaped by individuals themselves is weak and narrow, which can’t withstand the impact and blow from the top pressure, and even further encourages the overlooking from the top.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Obviously, transferring the truth is not an effective and reasonable way of collective discourse expression.In pushing and pulling, it not only intensifies the contradiction itself, but also wears away the power that really dares to refuse.In the presentation of the program, the real voice needs two factors, one is the absolute authority and the confidence given by the authority, the other is the paid warmth and collective voice without the authority.

As an old guest who has participated in the first season of the program, Song Dandan is carrying a kind of overlooking psychology of "I have more experience", and her paternalistic authority and the intervention of leadership thoughts are more reasonable to promote the attitude of "I should lead the overall situation". At the same time, it is obvious that the newcomers who just met can’t gather quickly and form a consistent resistance strategy in a short time, which also makes Song Dandan’s voice more and more intense while other guests can only listen to the arrangement.

△ Image content: Song Dandan proposed to hold a party.

It can be seen that the group norms of respecting elders and giving priority to experience in the program have become a chain that binds young guests, and the blade behind it is constantly wearing away and consuming their true selves.

On the surface, it is Song Dandan’s criticism that makes others breathless.Behind it, it profoundly reflects the helplessness of other young guests in the face of paternalistic authority and the reluctance to surrender the truth and conform to the norms.

Some netizens even commented that "if it is quiet, it will be different."

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Through the embarrassing nine minutes, we can see,In the collective discourse circle, the real boundary always gives way to the existing social norms or those shaped and formed by others to a certain extent.As the only Eric Wang who firmly refused Song Dandan’s arrangement, he won the applause of other guests, but others still couldn’t escape the arranged bonfire party and group dance.

What needs to be broken from transferring the truth to maintaining the truth is not only the shell of self-protection, but also the iron wall formed by existing norms.

Fuzzy intergenerational gap

True paternalistic authority

Undeniably, paternalistic authority is vividly interpreted in Song Dandan. The unspoken "I’m good for you" is vividly presented in Song Dandan’s lecture hall on marriage experience and life principles.

In the program, Song Dandan tells his own experience, which is classified as inferiority complex. namely"People’s strong inferiority complex will make you very rude inexplicably, so when someone is rude to me, I think he must be too inferior."

△ Image source: Song Dandan’s inferiority theory

It is naturally inappropriate to discuss this truth out of context, but in the collective community dominated by Song Dandan at that time, some netizens could not help but put this truth in the existing relationship, seeing it as a way for Song Dandan to establish and maintain its own authority, and even slightly smacked of PUA.

For example, "Li Xueqin was rude to me, so Li Xueqin felt inferior".

Regardless of whether the logical transformation from "inferiority leads to rudeness" to "you are rude to me, so you feel inferior" is smooth or not, such truth and expression actually contain hidden authoritarian ideas and commanding consciousness.

When forming a new collective, establishing authority is the first task of such elders. At the same time, the formation of Song Dandan’s natural leadership situation also proves that the establishment of authority is unnecessary. In the "inferiority theory" she conveyed,I am also rationalizing my psychological burden and strengthening the personality trial of "inferiority" that the younger generation needs to bear for being rude to her.

This proves that,Long-term paternalistic authority has become a habit and a matter of course, spreading around like cells integrated into capillaries.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

However, it is obviously inappropriate to blur such behavior with forced guidance into an intergenerational gap. Even from the idea of "for everyone’s good",Song Dandan’s self-identity and self-dedication, which obviously bears the imprint of the times, will inevitably hit a wall in the social circle dominated by the younger generation.

For example, in the part of holding a bonfire party and performing a program, the problem is not only that singing and dancing is no longer the first choice for the younger generation to break the ice, but also the oppressive feeling that Song Dandan forcefully binds others together on the grounds of "group building".The friction behind this and the audience’s anger were not that Song Dandan proposed to hold a bonfire party, but forced others to participate in it.

△ Image content: Dylan, Li Xueqin opposed the bonfire party

If surrendering the truth is the self-protection and compromise of the younger generation in the face of paternalistic authority, thenIt is Song Dandan’s responsibility to build his own authority blindly in dealing with young people.

In the collective life composed of young people, it is the correct starting point to integrate into dialogue. Equating experience with life experience, and molding one’s absolute authority on this ground is actually to further widen the intergenerational gap, and also to throw off the responsibility that one should bear in integrating into the new social rules.

It is much simpler to simply export ideas than to change behaviors. Song Dandan chose to form a collective around himself by creating authority. On the one hand, he was afraid that the patriarchal ideology in the traditional concept would be impacted and his position would be impacted. On the other hand, he was afraid that he would be difficult to integrate into the collective formed by young people.

Obviously, the generational divide cannot be a shield for paternalistic authority, and the gap that has already formed also needs to be changed by the elders.

Light produces shadows, but shadows follow light. Listening and dialogue can win the recognition of the younger generation more than instilling stories.

△ Image content: Song Dandan criticized everyone

Beyond parental authority and intergenerational conflict

Can you spy on an intimate relationship?

Song Dandan’s speech drew the audience back to "Family with Children" overnight, showing a kind of intimate relationship between mother and child/mother and daughter that she wanted to build.

Song Dandan was given an intimate perspective on the childhood filter with children at home, but after too oppressive "doting", intimate relationship became another generation term of suffocation.

In such a dialogue and exchange, the oppressive and compulsory export of the concept of elders makes the intimate relationship give way to the superficial discipline and conflict.But what is undeniable behind it is the goodwill from the perspective of self.For example, the initial intention of Song Dandan’s proposal for the party was to quickly narrow the distance between the guests, but there was a deviation in the choice of ways.

△ Image content: The initial intention of holding a party in Song Dandan

Aside from the specific realistic situation, the original intention of the elders is naturally to consider their younger generation, but the misplaced background of the times and the embedding of role identity make the original intention of the elders distorted in the process of communication.Behind it also reflects a kind of intergenerational trauma that continues in society.

Intergenerational trauma refers to the trauma that is transferred from the first generation of survivors of traumatic events to their next generation or the next generation through the mechanism of PTSD, which is manifested in excessive control or the transmission of social norms and beliefs.

When contemporary trauma becomes a microcosm of the times, elders hope to pass on their own trauma in the process of growing up, resulting in a forced discipline and output. "Fulfilling my (parents’) wishes" is a simple manifestation of intergenerational trauma.Adding what you think is right or wrong to the younger generation blindly has become a way for elders to heal their own wounds but express goodwill inappropriately.

△ Image content: Song Dandan provides marriage advice to Dong Xuan.

However, the intimate relationship without the connection of blood and kinship in the program obviously cannot quickly run into the contradictions brought about by the intergenerational gap. The expression of intimate relationship will inevitably give way to the community with interest attributes.

This also shows that when the intimate relationship with self-awareness of elders is rejected, we should reflect on whether it is in line with the public interest in the process of establishing intimate relationships. Simply put,The intimate relationship formed by Song Dandan’s self-identity collides with the newly formed public community with interest attributes, and the already misplaced and untimely intimate relationship is more prominent in the conflict of interests.

The intergenerational gap is the product of the times, which is difficult to bridge in a short time, but changing paternalistic authority can make the communication of intimate relationship more open and direct. Breaking the parental filter of "I am good for you", the true colors of the younger generation are equally colorful.

(Image from the Internet)


Hot search on "children’s A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded …

  It’s winter.

  High incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in children

  At the end of this year and the beginning of this year

  Many children spend their time with a fever.

  The proportion of a stream has dropped.

  The number of patients with B-flow increased.

  Today, "children’s A stream just happened to recruit B stream"

  Boarded the first place in hot search

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  At Hangzhou Children’s Hospital

  The reporter learned that the temperature has warmed up during this time.

  The virus is active.

  Hospital fever clinic maintains high operation.

  The average daily consultation volume exceeds 1000.

  "Most of them are respiratory diseases,

  Mainly stream A or stream B,

  There are also a few adenoviruses,

  And respiratory syncytial virus.

  And mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. "

  Zhaowei, deputy director of the outpatient department of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital, said

  The proportion of children recently diagnosed with swine flu

  From 30% to 20%

  However, B-stream has an obvious upward trend.

  From the original 2% to 15%

  "A lot of children have just the right front foot.

  The hind foot was infected with B-stream. "

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Source: Hangzhou Children’s Hospital

  According to CCTV news

  Recently, the reporter learned from Shanghai Children’s Hospital that

  The recent test results of outpatient and emergency patients in this hospital show that

  The total number of influenza patients has not changed much recently.

  But the number of patients with swine flu has decreased.

  B-stream patients are on the increase.

  According to Shanghai Children’s Hospital

  Recent test results of outpatients and emergency patients

  The flu in recent times

  There is no change in the total number of patients

  But in the proportion of influenza patients in outpatient and emergency departments,

  The proportion of B flow is less than 10% at the beginning of December.

  It has risen to more than 40% in recent days.

  There is little difference between stream A and stream B.

  The doctor advised not to test yourself at home.

  Zhaowei, deputy director of the outpatient department of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital, said that influenza B is the influenza caused by influenza B virus. It is characterized by acute onset, rapid change, chills and fever, and the body temperature may rise rapidly within a few hours to 24 hours, reaching 39℃~40℃ or even higher. It is also accompanied by other symptoms, such as headache, body aches, fatigue and loss of appetite. Respiratory symptoms are mild, but there will be symptoms, such as dry throat and sore throat, dry cough, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.

  The sick children are mainly concentrated in the school-age stage, and most of them are clustered infections. The children in the younger age are mainly infected by other family members because of the limited activity places.

  "There is little difference between the symptoms of A stream and B stream, so it is difficult to distinguish them according to clinical manifestations, and it is still necessary to cooperate with tests to diagnose them. It’s convenient to buy flu detection reagents now. Some parents worry that the hospital will take a long time to test their children at home, but the process of sample collection of some parents is not standardized, and there may be a’ false negative’ situation, thus delaying treatment. "zhaowei said," A stream and B stream have corresponding antiviral drugs. The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. It is still recommended to bring the children to the hospital for examination and make a diagnosis combined with blood routine. "

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Many parents are worried.

  How long can children go back to school after their fever has gone down?

  "It is not recommended to let children take drugs to prevent when students around them are infected with the flu."
Zhaowei pointed out that it is impossible to prevent the school staff from gathering, so they can’t take medicine all the time. They should give priority to self-defense by physical means and wear masks in closed spaces. Schools should remind all classes to ventilate and do a good job of disinfection. If the child has no obvious flu symptoms after 48 hours of flu fever, and the cough is not severe, wearing a mask can go back to school.

  There are two children in the family. When one of them is infected with B-stream, a relatively fixed family member should take care of the child as much as possible and pay attention to personal protection. When in close contact with the patient, a mask should be worn. Other family members should try their best to reduce contact with children with B-stream, especially uninfected children, and try their best to reduce contact with children. After direct contact with children, or after handling articles used by children and touching respiratory secretions, you should use detergents or disinfectants to disinfect your hands. Room ventilation is also very important.

  In view of the prevalence of respiratory infectious diseases, zhaowei reminded that clothes should be changed in time according to the weather changes, and the diet should pay attention to balanced nutrition, regular work and rest, not to be too tired, and enhance their own resistance. "If you are sick, you should be treated as early as possible, and try to make early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment."

  This anti-flu medicine is on fire.

  Doctor’s urgent reminder

  As the flu season continues

  An anti-influenza drug called mabaloxavir.

  Appear frequently in the public eye

  Because it is convenient to take and takes effect quickly

  Become the first choice for many flu patients.

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Weng Weidong, chief physician, director of infectious diseases department of Zhejiang Tongde Hospital, introduced that mabaloxavir and oseltamivir are both drugs for treating influenza. Taking them within 48 hours after being infected with influenza virus can alleviate symptoms, shorten the course of disease and reduce the incidence of complications.

  Compared with the treatment scheme that oseltamivir needs to be taken twice a day for 5 days, mabaloxavir can control the disease only once during the treatment because of its long half-life of metabolites. "Many patients who favor mabaloxavir are also interested in its convenience."

  However, not everyone is suitable for Mabalojave. "oseltamivir has been on the market for a long time in China, with a large number of evidence-based medicine, relatively cheap price and better accessibility. If the patient is a child under 5 years old or a pregnant woman, we generally choose oseltamivir. In addition, people with severe liver and kidney dysfunction should use mabaloxavir with caution. " In Weng Weidong’s view, not everyone must eat it after getting the flu. "Don’t deify them."

  In view of the fact that some citizens have reported that it is difficult to buy mabaloxavir in online pharmacies, the reporter learned from several provincial hospitals that there is no shortage of drugs at present, and citizens do not need to worry about not using drugs. However, both mabaloxavir and oseltamivir are prescription drugs and should be used under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists. Self-medication is not recommended.

  Synthesis: Zhejiang News, Tide News, CCTV News, People’s Daily, etc.

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The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones mainly based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products, but the folding screen products mainly based on horizontal folding scheme are the representatives of this category.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Up to now, mainstream manufacturers in the market have launched their own new folding screen products. At the same time, the unique experience of folding screen has become an important reason why many consumers are willing to start folding screen mobile phones. In terms of software experience, in the face of the 8-inch large internal screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3.55, vivo X Fold+ has also made many deep adaptations. Through this big screen, users can work, entertain and create more efficiently!

The folding screen takes into account both the traditional mobile phone and the tablet experience, and the application gameplay has become more diverse. Take vivo X Fold+ as an example, it can not only support full-screen display of applications, but also support split-screen display, small window form and small window hanging in sidebar.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In applications that support split screen, you can open split screen mode by sliding up with three fingers. In split-screen mode, users can run two tasks at a time. You can chat while bilibili is chasing fans, or video conference while recording work notes, or search while reading …

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, in split-screen mode, we can open two additional applications in the form of small windows, which means that we can do four things on the same big screen at the same time, and we can make full use of the advantages of the big screen. This experience is actually very similar to that of a tablet computer, with higher efficiency than that of a traditional mobile phone. The key folding screen is still relatively portable, and the folding volume is similar to that of a straight board computer.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition to a variety of multi-tasking experiences, vivo X Fold+ is also more suitable for the experience of folding screens. For example, in split-screen state, three dots in the middle of the screen provide operation options such as quitting split-screen, exchanging application positions, displaying on the right desktop, and switching to split-screen arrangement.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, we can also save two commonly used split-screen applications to the desktop in the form of shortcut icons, so that we don’t need to open the split-screen separately when we use it next time, and it is very convenient to open it directly with one button.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For the small window, after opening the application, you can enter the small window mode by sliding inward from the lower left corner of the screen. In addition to supporting multi-opening tasks, the small window can also be stored in the sidebar, which can be called by sliding the sidebar when necessary. The overall operation is very smooth and easy to learn, and even the first-time user can get started quickly.

We know that folding screen phones have a unique function, that is, screen hovering, but not all folding screen phones support screen hovering, which mainly depends on the design of hinges.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Vivo X Fold+ adopts aerospace-grade floating wing hinge, and the "skeleton" is made of zirconium alloy, which also provides support for the whole hinge structure. The hinge design imitates the wing structure of birds and can be opened and closed smoothly.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In order to achieve hovering of about 60-120, the hinge of vivo X Fold+ is also equipped with NdFeB magnets, which, together with gravity sensors, gyroscopes and Hall sensors on both sides of the fuselage, bring a folding feel with moderate damping.

Hover operation brings more gameplay to vivo X Fold+. For example, when shooting, you can stand your mobile phone on the desktop, and half the screen is used as a "tripod", which is much more stable than hand-held shooting. It is not only suitable for self-timer and video, but also can take some delayed photography and long exposure proofs, which is still highly practical. For people in the workplace, hovering video conferencing will be a good usage. After the mobile phone is placed on the desktop and the screen is folded, the screen will be split in two, and video calls can be displayed at the top, and typing can be performed at the bottom, which is very efficient.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For myself, I don’t usually use vivo X Fold+ to take photos and work, and I like it best to watch video dramas. Similarly, we can hover the mobile phone on the desktop, watch movies on the upper screen, and do some simple video control on the lower screen, such as fast forward and fast backward, pause playback control, video volume and brightness control, and so on.


Compared with ordinary mobile phones, folding screens with different shapes are still unfamiliar to most consumers. On the one hand, the price is really not cheap, and the price of 10,000 yuan has discouraged many users. On the other hand, in addition to hardware, software also has a great influence on folding screen mobile phones, which also tests the ability and determination of manufacturers to adapt to the application ecology. Due to the constraints of many conditions, it is a popular trend for folding screens to replace traditional mobile phones. In fact, there is still a long way to go.

Of course, if you are looking for a more novel experience, then vivo X Fold+ is perfect. Vivo X Fold+ has a mature software system, good hardware specifications, and exquisite business design, which is worthy of early adopters.


Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various mobile phone manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products represented by Huawei Mate Xs 2, but the largest number of them are folding screens based on horizontal folding scheme. …

"Marriage" with AI, 5G can "manage" itself.

  Photo courtesy of vision china

  A very important feature of 5G is that at the protocol layer, the Internet and communication networks have truly integrated. Therefore, many of our algorithms in the computer field and technologies in the Internet field can be more easily implemented in the 5G network.

  Dean of Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute, Zhang Yaqin

  "Ah, Wuhuan, you have one more ring than Sihuan." Many people have a similar understanding of 5G: 5G is 1G more than 4G, movies download in seconds, and video on demand is smooth … …

  In the latest issue of Telecommunications Science, an article titled "The Next Decade of Communication Artificial Intelligence" shows people a completely different prospect of 5G communication applications: the future communication network can be highly autonomous. Through deep integration with artificial intelligence, 5G communication can realize "three selves", that is, parameters are self-configured, performance is self-optimized, and faults are self-cured.

  On May 4th, Zhang Yaqin, one of the co-authors of the paper, an academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and president of Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute, said in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily reporter that the communication industry is moving towards 5G, and it will soon move towards 6G. Just watch the video faster and the signal is better. That’s not 5G.

  What is the real 5G? Why do 5G networks "marry" with artificial intelligence?

  Only with artificial intelligence can we break through these bottlenecks.

  "The combination of 5G and artificial intelligence is an urgent matter." Wei Leping, one of the co-authors of the paper, deputy director of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Science and Technology Committee of China Telecom Group Company, is most concerned about the energy consumption of 5G.

  Compared with a 4G base station, a 5G base station consumes 3.5— of energy under half load. Four times. "If the value generated by 5G is not enough to pay the electricity bill, it will become a bottleneck for the widespread landing of 5 G." Wei Leping said that the optimization ability of artificial intelligence may solve this problem, so relevant departments, enterprises and other institutions need to dig, standardize and promote with a sense of urgency.

  In addition to data limit and energy consumption bottleneck, artificial intelligence is also urgently needed for the management of huge networks.

  "The 4G communication network system is enormous, and the types of networks are also very complicated. Up to now, I haven’t counted how many networks there are. Therefore, it is very difficult to manage these networks, not to mention organic integration and collaborative improvement. " Wei Leping said that the situation of 5G is more complicated, and it is even more impossible to manage such complicated resources manually. Therefore, it is very necessary for artificial intelligence to intervene, put forward early warning and give pre-judgment, and greatly improve the management efficiency of 5G networks.

  In the past 10 years, they have "danced in chains"

  As early as a decade ago, the communication industry has already seen the potential value of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  "In the beginning, some foreign operators were full of confidence in realizing the self-organization, self-optimization and self-healing of communication networks in the 3G stage, hoping to partially realize the automation and intelligence of the networks in the 3G stage." Dr. Ouyang Ye, one of the co-authors of the paper, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo Technology recalled that in 2008, the industry began to define the self-organizing network at the international standard level for the first time.

  It stands to reason that in the next 10 years, self-organizing networks should usher in a period of rising development, but this is not the case.

  "In the past 10 years, American and some European telecom operators have deployed some self-optimizing network (SON) systems independently or in a mixed way, trying to integrate artificial intelligence into the planning, construction, maintenance and optimization of communication networks, but the overall effect has not reached expectations." Ouyang Ye said that this happened because the 2G and 3G networks themselves, including their ecology, software and hardware, equipment interfaces, etc., were not built according to the concept of intelligence, and the network elements themselves did not support artificial intelligence in the stage of standardization construction, and it was difficult to connect with artificial intelligence, network interfaces and signaling systems. It’s like inviting a famous doctor to treat a disease, but the patient himself doesn’t accept injections and medicines.

  3G network is like an "iron plate", and the integration with artificial intelligence has become "dancing in chains".

  It was not until the emergence of 5G that this situation ushered in a turning point.

  Zhang Yaqin explained: "A very important feature of 5G is that at the protocol level, the Internet and communication networks have truly integrated. Therefore, many of our algorithms in the computer field and technologies in the Internet field can be more easily implemented in 5G networks. "

  Therefore, in the construction of 5G infrastructure in China, we should consider the integration of artificial intelligence and leave an interface for the integration of artificial intelligence.

  To this end, the author of this paper calls on the builders of the communication industry to further open up the network standardization interface, give artificial intelligence the opportunity to fully empower and inject wisdom into the network infrastructure, network management operation and maintenance system, business support system, etc., and take 5G and artificial intelligence as technology "combination" to further release the potential.

  Wisdom "neurons" germinate in desk work

  Back in February, 2017, the Second Working Group on Services and Systems of the International Organization for Standardization 3GPP began to study the intelligent network elements of the 5G core network. They defined a network element with network data analysis function: the nodes of a communication network can collect personalized information of users, form a unique personal portrait, analyze it through the portrait, and then provide the analysis results to the decision-making level.

  This is the first time that mobile communication has defined standardization in the core network architecture since 1G to 5G, and requires the deployment of network artificial intelligence network elements.

  "The intelligentization of 5G starts from standardization, which is a characteristic of the communication field, because the so-called communication must be connected to transmit information. And standardization is to avoid ‘ Chickens talk to ducks ’ The premise. " Ouyang Wei said.

  On the other hand, the network element with "soul" is the foothold of artificial intelligence algorithm and model in 5G network. Through the network element, the ability of artificial intelligence is "injected" into the 5G network, and the nodes in the 5G network will gradually have different intelligent functions, and the network element will be able to participate in the decision control of the control plane of the core network in a comprehensive and real-time manner.

  Since then, the new components of network intelligence have been enriched.

  In June 2017, china communications standards association launched the research on the application of artificial intelligence in telecommunication networks.

  In February 2018, the Open Wireless Access Network Alliance was established to open the "Android version" of the mobile information artificial intelligence framework.

  In June, 2020, China Mobile and AsiaInfo Technology formally introduced the concept of federated learning into the 3GPR17 standard for the first time, forming the first global international standard of federated learning in the 5G field.

  "In terms of 5G network intelligence, China operators and manufacturers are in the first camp." Ouyang Ye said that at present, in the key standards organizations for the intelligentization of 5G communication networks (including 3GPP, Global System for Mobile Communications, etc.), China manufacturers have a very high degree of participation, and together with more international manufacturers, they are working together to promote the intelligentization of 5G.

  In 2023, the mobile communication network will realize initial intelligence.

  "We expect that by 2023, the mobile communication network will realize initial network intelligence and initially build a network element of network artificial intelligence." Ouyang Ye told reporters that by this step, communication artificial intelligence will reach L2 level (primary intelligent autonomous network).

  From 2023 to 2027, the communication network will evolve to L3 or even L4 level. At that time, the intelligent network can do more advanced things, such as "catching thieves".

  Wei Leping gave an intelligent scene of transmission network. "The optical fiber is cut off, which happens many times every year. At present, an optical fiber bears the capacity of 8T, and once it is cut off, it is very harmful. But with artificial intelligence, you can make an early warning. " Wei Leping said that the optical fiber must be stressed before being cut off. Once stressed, sensitive artificial intelligence can know in advance that the signal is abnormal and even locate it accurately.

  The attitude of relevant experts is relatively conservative as to whether the complete autonomy of the 5G intelligent network can be achieved by 2028.

  "In 2027 and 2028, it is very likely that the first version of 6G international industry standard will be released. This key node determines whether artificial intelligence can continue to play a core role in the process of evolution to 6G. If the attempt at 5G fails, its importance and status will also become lower." Ouyang Wei said.

  In Zhang Yaqin’s view, in the era of data 3.0 where everything is data, a network that can’t learn autonomy is embarrassing and useful.

  Whether 5G or 6G communication networks can achieve a perfect high degree of autonomy in the next 10 years is unknown, but the dream of "unmanned" runs through the hearts of every scientific researcher and industrial worker who is obsessed with artificial intelligence.

Look at the "vitality" in the holiday market | Policy "combination boxing" to boost the automobile consumption market

CCTV News:During the "Eleventh" holiday, the reporter visited various places and learned that both the new car sales market of new energy vehicles and the second-hand car trading market showed a rising trend. In addition, with the support of a number of favorable policies, consumer enthusiasm continues to rise.

This holiday, Mr. Zhou, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, bought a new energy vehicle worth 330,000 yuan, according to "the price of a single vehicle is 300,000 yuan — Mr. Zhou can get a subsidy of 6,000 yuan for the standard of subsidizing 6,000 yuan below 400,000 yuan.

During the "Eleventh" holiday, consumers in Dezhou, Shandong Province can enjoy a one-time subsidy ranging from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan when purchasing new energy passenger cars. In addition, they are exempted from the purchase tax of 4.5% of the car price, the travel tax in 360 yuan, and the replacement subsidy of up to 6,000 yuan and the cash benefit of up to 20,000 yuan given by manufacturers, which makes many consumers feel excited.

Not only the new car market, this holiday, the second-hand car trading market is also stimulated by the policy, and the trading volume has risen linearly. The reporter visited the used car trading market in Huaxiang, Beijing, and learned that the transaction volume of car inspection and transfer has increased by 30%. On October 1 this year, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments issued a policy that when a registered automobile sales enterprise applies for the transfer registration of a small non-operating used car, the public security organ will implement separate endorsement management and issue a temporary license plate. For cities where automobile purchases are restricted, it is clear that used cars purchased by automobile sales enterprises and used for sales do not occupy the number plate index. At the same time, all regions strictly implement the policy of completely canceling the restrictions on the movement of used cars, and cancel the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards nationwide (including the national key areas for air pollution prevention and control) to promote the free circulation of used cars and cross-regional operation of enterprises.

According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2022, the production and sales of new energy vehicles will reach 3.97 million and 3.86 million respectively in the first eight months, up by 120% and 110% respectively.