Beijing auto show opens, 82 new cars start at home and abroad.

Beijing auto show opens, 82 new cars start at home and abroad.

       Cctv newsThe Beijing International Auto Show, originally scheduled for April 21st, opened in Beijing yesterday (September 26th) after being postponed for more than five months. This is also the world’s first A-class international auto show since the COVID-19 epidemic. Against the background of the global epidemic and the international economic downturn, the heavy appearance of the Beijing Auto Show has a special role in boosting the morale of the global auto industry. Let’s go to the scene and have a look.

       Today, in the exhibition hall of auto china, new car launches are one after another. As the only international top-level auto show held in the world this year, the total exhibition area reached 200,000 square meters, and 785 vehicles were displayed, including 82 world first cars, which attracted almost all well-known automobile brands at home and abroad to participate.

       The new energy vehicles that debuted at the Beijing Auto Show accounted for 40% of the total, which truly achieved competition with fuel vehicles. Dongfeng Motor Group exhibited its own high-end new energy brand to the public for the first time, and launched the first mass-produced model to be listed next year, highlighting the interactive function between people and vehicles.

       The new cars exhibited by many car companies at the exhibition site are gradually younger for the first time to buy cars, and they are more and more suitable for the aesthetic orientation of the post-95 s and post-00 s in terms of design and main functions.


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