Cadres walk into the live broadcast room to promote products to help increase income (a new observation of cadres’ state)

Lu Hongping is broadcasting live in strawberry greenhouse. Photo by Han Xichen

Video screenshot of Gao Shilong’s live broadcast with goods. Information picture

Arjun (left) is bringing goods live. Information picture

  Editor’s note: The sudden epidemic situation has a great impact on the sales and circulation of agricultural products. In order to help overcome poverty and increase the income of fellow villagers, party member cadres in some places walked into the live broadcast room, or tried to introduce them on the spot, or used their talents to drain, trying to open up sales in the form of live broadcast with goods. What is the effect of the live broadcast of cadres with goods? In the long run, can a sustainable mechanism be formed, and what aspects need to be improved? This edition approaches the cadres who live broadcast with goods, pays attention to their thoughts and deeds, and talks about their wishes and hopes.

  "Friends, this is the blueberry I picked today. It tastes crisp and sweet and has high nutrition. Hurry to buy it in buy buy!" At 8 o’clock on the evening of March 25th, Lu Hongping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yanghe Town, jiaozhou city City, Shandong Province, munched on locally produced blueberries and interacted enthusiastically with netizens in the live broadcast room. At the bottom of the screen, the constant influx of netizens likes, sends flowers and leaves messages … … The sales of blueberries also went up, selling more than 500 kilograms that day.

  In order to alleviate the unsalable agricultural products caused by the epidemic, party member cadres from many places across the country joined forces with e-commerce and short video platforms to walk into the live broadcast room to help fellow villagers bring goods. Lu Hongping is one of them. However, unlike professional anchors, live broadcast is just a way for cadres to help get rid of poverty and serve the masses.

  Why did you walk into the live broadcast room?

  Products are unsalable, people are anxious, and cadres are worried. I look forward to bringing goods online to open up the situation.

  The day before the first webcast, Gao Shilong, the "anchor", stayed up almost all night. As the first secretary of Dabeishan Village, Longquan Town, Jingyu County, Jilin Province, the slow sales of local products in the village made him anxious to get angry in recent days.

  Talking about the original intention of doing live broadcast, Gao Shilong said frankly that he was "dissatisfied": "I saw some anchors carrying goods, and thousands of goods were robbed in a few seconds. I also want to try and bring goods to everyone."

  Someone once advised him to find a professional anchor, who is experienced and knows marketing, and the effect is not bad. However, most of the agricultural products in Dabeishan Village have low added value and short circulation cycle, so it is not worthwhile to pay for the anchor and calculate the economic account. What about the villagers’ live broadcast? Many people are too old to play live broadcast software. After much consideration, Gao Shilong decided to make his own venture. "Short videos and live broadcasts have entered thousands of households. If you can’t keep up with the rhythm, the goods will not sell well."

  Compared with Gao Shilong, who touched the net for the first time and crossed the river by feeling the stones, Arjun, the county magistrate of Henan Mongolian Autonomous County in Qinghai Province, is now a complete "online celebrity Talent". In a live broadcast at the beginning of the year, he, three cadres from other counties and five net reds brought goods worth 12 million yuan in five hours.

  Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, located at the junction of the three provinces, is rich in Hequ horses, Xueduo yaks and Euler sheep, and has a good foundation in animal husbandry. However, traffic congestion has caused "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley." "Our products are not well-known and lack sales channels." Arjun is in a hurry.

  Two years ago, at a promotion meeting in the eastern coastal areas, an e-commerce company gave him advice to consider using short videos that are on the air. Arjun counted the account: it is too wasteful to take money to find a professional team soon after our county got rid of poverty; Show yourself, and worry that you will be considered "showing off".

  Thinking about it, Arjun chose to appear between being criticized and finding a market. Putting on a Mongolian costume and pointing to a flock of yaks behind him, Arjun shouted to the camera: "If you want to be good and thin, you should often eat more yak meat." Once this short video was launched, the click rate exceeded 30 million. Arjun was surprised and delighted.

  Now, from short video to live broadcast, Arjun calmly eats and chats with the screen, and introduces the customs and tourist attractions of Henan County to the netizens in the live broadcast room, which is handy and humorous.

  "Leading cadres need to do things rigorously and master new tools. I think it is also practical to bring goods live." Arjun said frankly that it is inevitable that there will be various voices on the Internet for the live broadcast of cadres, but only by daring to try can there be a way out. Every product sold is the best help for the masses.

  How to do it in the studio?

  Various forms, product fidelity, cadre endorsement, sales increased, but the sales model needs to be improved.

  On March 8, Gao Shilong, who first tested the live broadcast of water with goods, sold goods worth 7,000 yuan in four hours. This achievement is not outstanding on the internet, but the villagers are very satisfied. Previously, most of the time, the villagers in Dabeishan Village were squatting on the side of the road with a basket of mountain products, and they couldn’t sell much in a day.

  In the live broadcast room, he sincerely said: "Authentic, true story, really affordable, the promised nutritional content is not up to standard, and I will pay you an extra 20,000 yuan out of my own pocket." This self-confidence stems from his understanding of local agricultural products. Since he became the first secretary in the village, he has strictly controlled every link in building factories, grasping quality and shaping brands. Gao Shilong said: "For a few hours online, you have to work hard offline, and the quality must be guaranteed."

  In the past two years, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and live broadcasts have continued to be popular, but problems such as product fraud and difficulties in safeguarding rights have been constant. It is often the anchor who talks nonsense, but the products that consumers get are not satisfactory.

  "I bought his things for the first time, but thinking about the county magistrate’s endorsement should not be fake." Ms. Liu, who placed an order to buy Xueduo dried yak meat, bluntly said that the cadres in the live broadcast room are all real-name certifications, and consumers are more assured.

  Others came out of curiosity. On weekdays, cadres who are sitting in danger and doing things seriously walk into the live broadcast room. Can they put down their airs? Can you understand the online language?

  Jin Hongfeng, the branch secretary of Zhongping Village, Baicaogou Town, Wangqing County, Jilin Province, who has participated in the live broadcast for more than a year, summed up his "secret": singing in seven points and selling goods in three points. In the live broadcast room, he sang the famous Korean song "Red Sun Shines on the Frontier", and he also replied to the barrage sent by netizens. "In addition to selling goods, the live broadcast should also be able to have ‘ Emotional interaction ’ Can’t all be dry product introductions. "

  Because of his height of 2.04 meters, netizens call him "Golden Big Man". Netizens like it and have a high reputation. Jin Hongfeng simply named the local rice and spicy cabbage with this name. The highly personalized image creation has been praised and welcomed by netizens. Last month, a netizen from Heilongjiang came to the village and bought 2000 Jin of spicy cabbage in one breath.

  When cadres walked into the live broadcast room, they gained something and found problems. Lu Hongping, who walked out of the live broadcast room, found that the sales of blueberries declined in the days when the live broadcast was not available, and some netizens could not even find a sales link. The same trouble happened to Arjun. "Some netizens reported that the dried yak meat package was too big, and some people said that it was delivered too slowly." The link to the shopping yellow car in the Jin Hongfeng live page has not been added yet, and consumers have to jump several times if they want to place an order.

  From production and packaging to warehousing and logistics to distribution and after-sales, live delivery is a systematic project involving many links, not just a few hours in the live broadcast room. In this regard, some experts believe that the arrival of cadres can attract traffic; However, brand, word of mouth, efficiency, distribution, after-sales, etc., all need more professional design.

  Where is the prospect of bringing goods?

  Cultivate talents, make characteristics and strict standards, extend the industrial chain and make good use of resource endowment.

  In March of this year, more than 100 county mayors participated in the live broadcast of goods on major online platforms. For a time, the transformation of cadres into anchors was hotly debated by the society. However, there are also many netizens who believe that we should be wary of going through the motions and not turning the live broadcast into a "catwalk".

  "The live broadcast of cadres, the greater effort is actually outside the live broadcast room." Xin Feng, director of the Third Division of the Organization Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, said that it is normal to have challenges or even problems when you first come into contact with the live broadcast. The key is to regard the exposed problems as the driving force for improvement.

  In order to solve the problems of low brand and different live broadcast forms, the Organization Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee initiated the establishment of the "First Secretary Association of Jilin Province" on the basis of preliminary investigation, deeply explored the live broadcast talents among the first secretaries in the village, and invested in the construction of live broadcast rooms, registered the only official account, and used a unified logo to try to change the situation of going it alone.

  "Since you can only be a part-time anchor, you must create more high-quality full-time anchors." Lu Hongping recently set his sights on the young people in the village, and planned to set up a delivery team to make the live delivery sustainable and normal.

  With the anchor, product quality and service experience should also be kept up in time. Arjun said that a bad review will almost make the newly accumulated word-of-mouth go down the drain. To have the confidence to shoot your chest in the live broadcast room, you must have excellent products and quality services.

  In the past, Arjun mostly only sold local dried yak meat, which only needed rough processing. However, there are more and more similar products. How to embody the characteristics, bring forth the new and extend the industrial chain, one problem after another. Arjun collects feedback from netizens during each live broadcast. "We produce what the market needs." Yak chops and special yogurts were put on the line one by one, and meat, milk, skin, hair and bone were processed into products in all directions, which made good use of local resource endowments and revitalized them.

  Grassroots cadres are working hard, and a number of powerful measures have been introduced one after another. Smooth circulation channels, promote accurate docking of production and marketing, and improve the market operation and scheduling mechanism are all helping the special anchors in front of the camera. (Reporter Xu Leipeng, Feng Jiang, Pan Junqiang and Li Jiading)

  People’s Daily (11th edition, April 2, 2020)

The local little seafood concentrated on landing and attracted a large number of citizens to "grab the fresh"

Cast three large nets a day and a night.

Harvesting tens of thousands of Jin octopus,

Qi Xin, a dozen fishermen, joined forces

Catch thousands of pounds of oyster shrimp,

There are many boats.

Catch a lot of small fish and shrimp ashore,

Give the citizens a small holiday "the first fresh" …

On the first day of the Qingming small holiday,

The reporter is in Laoshan District

Shazikou National Center Fishing Port and Nanjiang Wharf

And Qigou, Aoshan Bay, Jimo District,

Taking advantage of the small holiday,

Fishermen go fishing at sea,

For citizens and tourists

Brought back a wave of "spring fresh".

The fisherman said,

All kinds of ashore this season

There are more and more varieties in little seafood.

And many of them are cheap.

A delicious seasonal seafood variety.

All kinds of seafood just caught ashore.

"The name of these seafood is’ Long Octopus’, which is a variety of Eight Zones. This boat has fully harvested more than 12,000 kilograms." This morning, at Shazikou Fishing Port, with a large fishing boat docked, more than a dozen fishermen began to perform their duties and were busy unloading octopus to the shore.

Fishing boats catch a lot of octopus.

Mr. Jiang, a fisherman, said that they went out to sea in the early hours of the morning. After a day and a night of fishing, they cast three nets and harvested a lot of octopus. Today, they landed at Shazikou early in the morning, and about 12,000 kilograms of octopus were transported to major markets for sale that day.

According to fishermen’s custom, it is a good time for fishermen to go fishing around Qingming every year. With the rise of water temperature in offshore waters, a large number of fish begin to swim to offshore waters. At this time, most fishermen will go fishing. Therefore, April is the time when a large number of local little seafood people come ashore, so citizens can indulge in seafood during the Qingming holiday.

Freshly landed oyster shrimp.

At the Nanjiang Wharf in Laoshan District, the reporter saw that the fishing boats that went out to sea had landed, shrimp and tiger, eight belts, and? ? ? ? Fish, yellow drum fish, blackhead fish, eel scales, crabs … Although the number of little seafood brought back is small, it is rich and fresh, and many citizens rushed to the dock to buy it.

Many seafood are sold on the dock as soon as they land.

In addition, the reporter visited Gangdong Wharf in Laoshan District and Qigou Wharf in Jimo District, and found that many local small fishing boats landed in little seafood. After several hours of offshore operation, each boat can bring back dozens of pounds of different varieties of little seafood on average, attracting a large number of citizens to "grab the fresh".

Many citizens rushed to the dock to buy seafood.

According to the fishermen in Qigou Village, because these two days are small tides, there is no big fishing news in the offshore area, so a large number of fishing boats will only fish in the offshore area and will not run too far. During the Qingming small holiday, there will be fishing news off the coast of Qingdao. At this time, there will be big ships fishing in relatively distant waters. At that time, a large number of little seafood will land, and the citizens will be able to have a seafood addiction before the fishing moratorium.

Source | Qingdao Morning Post reporter Kang Xiaohuan

Buy millet SU7 purchase tax is free! What is the impact of the New Deal on new energy vehicles?

The small partners who are concerned about new energy vehicles must have learned a recent news: the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a new announcement, announcing that a series of models will enjoy preferential policies for purchase tax reduction and exemption. In the model catalog, Xiaomi SU7,Seals and Zhijie S7, which are particularly popular recently, are listed!

On the one hand, these models have excellent performance, on the other hand, they will also bring real benefits to car owners in terms of purchase tax. So, how do you understand the impact of the New Deal on the new energy vehicle industry?

Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Judging from the nature, the preferential policy of purchase tax reduction is an important policy issued by the state to encourage the development of new energy vehicles and promote green travel. By reducing the purchase tax, the economic pressure on consumers to buy cars will be reduced, thus further promoting the prosperity and development of the new energy vehicle market.

The introduction of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy further highlights the state’s attention and support for the new energy automobile industry. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology, new energy vehicles will occupy a dominant position in traffic travel in the future.

At the same time, according to the data of China Automobile Association, in March 2024, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 863,000 and 883,000 respectively, up by 28.1% and 35.3% year-on-year and 86.0% and 85.1% quarter-on-quarter. This is mainly due to the resumption of business operations after the Spring Festival, the large number of new cars coming on the market, and the new round of price reduction promotion in the auto market, which was encouraged by policies such as trade-in and trade-in. In March, the sales of new energy vehicles achieved significant growth on schedule, continuing the rapid growth momentum year-on-year. This time, many models covered in the new purchase tax reduction and exemption policy are actually hot models in previous months, and the intention of the state to guide the further development of new energy vehicles is very obvious.

Source: China Automobile Association

The implementation of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy has brought tangible benefits to consumers and injected new vitality into the entire new energy vehicle market. As the "heart" of new energy vehicles, under the constant stimulation of the demand for new energy vehicles, the power battery sector will also usher in a good opportunity, and it can be forward-looking at present.

I prefer the battery ETF(SH561910) as the related target, and this one.ETFTracking the CSI battery theme index, it mainly invests in high-quality enterprises in the battery industry chain, including battery manufacturers and material suppliers. If funds are limited or there is not much time to learn more about many enterprises in the industry chain, I think investing in ETF one-click layout is a better choice.

Source: Shan Yu Qiu

NOA, the Shanghai station city of Smart Driving Competition, unveiled the list: Tucki G6 was far ahead and won the first place again, and it was extremely over 01 and rushed to the second place.

The first China Smart Driving Competition was completed yesterday, and the results of the highly anticipated NOA competition in the city were unveiled this morning:

The first place is Tucki G6, the second place is Ji Yue 01, the third place is Extreme Fox Alpha S Hi, the fourth place is Aouita 11, and the fifth place is Wen Jie M5.

Following Shenzhen Station, Tucki G6, with its advanced XNGP system and stable vehicle control ability, showed great strength in the race and won the first place by far. In the live footage with over 120,000 viewers, the driver of Tucki G6 was nicknamed "the second finger brother" by the audience because he was too relaxed during the race and only put two fingers on the bottom of the steering wheel with his left hand.

Ji Yue 01, who participated in the NOA competition in the city for the first time, became the biggest dark horse in this competition. In an extremely difficult U-turn that the other four cars (including Tucki G6) failed to complete, Extreme Crossing 01 was completed in a slow but steady way, showing the inside story of Baidu’s autonomous driving ability.

In the competition on December 10th, five contestants, Aouita 11, Extremely Fox Alpha S, Wenjie M5, and Extremely Yue 01, all went through a difficult test of urban intelligent driving.

The challenges of the urban stage of Shanghai Railway Station include: construction sections, more than 40 traffic lights, multiple large bends, multiple unprotected left turns, and traffic lights waiting to be turned.

Just as the owner of the Alpha S polar fox said after the race: "I believe in the strength of polar fox, but today’s race really experienced all the obstacles that can be thought of, especially in the construction section, there was a takeover."

Wechat picture _ 2023121112330.jpg

For the first time, Extreme Yue 01 attracted the attention of the audience in the live broadcast room. Some viewers said, "I just want to watch Extreme Yue 01 today!" I believe what many viewers want to see is the pure visual intelligent driving scheme of Extreme Yue 01.

In the Shanghai race of the Smart Driving Competition, Extreme Yue 01 made a low-key appearance as a dark horse, but showed its smart driving operation during the March, which surprised the audience in the live broadcast room. After the race, the owner of Extreme Yue 01 said: "The whole journey felt like a word, which avoided motorcycles and pedestrians steadily and perfectly, but took over in the congested road section."

Wechat picture _ 2023121112419.jpg

There was a light rain in NOA, the Shanghai station city, before the competition, and the road surface was slippery. Several contestants were very cautious, and most of them put their hands on the steering wheel. Only the owner of Tucki G6 was very relaxed, and only two fingers were slightly placed on the lower edge of the steering wheel. After the guests reminded him in the live broadcast room, two fingers were added.

Wechat picture _ 202312111228.jpg

It took 40 minutes for Tucki G6 to complete the race. When talking about the feelings, the owner said: "The whole journey was driven by wisdom, and only took over in some small sections."

On December 17th, the first China Smart Driving Competition will go to Beijing for the last race. Please pay attention to First Electric, and we will release the related race information later.

The mass production of Xiaomi automobile is just around the corner. Can we continue to write the myth of mobile phone?

With the intensification of competition in the automobile market, the strong are stronger and the weak are eliminated at an accelerated pace. For China automobile market, this year is destined to be an unsettled year full of variables and challenges.


Xiaomi car is coming.

Recently, a number of media visited Beijing Yizhuang Xiaomi Automobile Factory and found that it has started, and mass production is on the line.

According to the interface news report, an insider close to Xiaomi Automobile revealed that Xiaomi Automobile is now in the trial production stage, and this work has been carried out for less than one month. At present, Xiaomi produces about 50 prototype cars every week, and there are few workers at night. The above-mentioned insiders said, "Xiaomi Auto is expected to get the approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the last two months, and it will be approved before the end of the year at the latest, and then mass production can begin."

In March 2021, Xiaomi officially announced the construction of a car, saying that it will invest 10 billion US dollars to enter the automobile industry in the next 10 years, and invest 10 billion yuan in the first phase; In July 2021, Xiaomi Auto Autopilot Department started recruitment. In September, Xiaomi Auto Co., Ltd. was incorporated with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan. On November 27, Beijing Economic Development Zone Management Committee signed a cooperation agreement with Xiaomi, announcing that Xiaomi Auto settled in Beijing Economic Development Zone; At the beginning of 2022, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress issued the Work Report of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, which mentioned that Xiaomi Automobile would be promoted to start construction. In March 2023, Xiaomi announced the first production car, which will be officially mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

Founder and Chairman of XiaomiLei Jun’s dream of building a car is not far from realization?

According to shanghai securities news, the photos of the road test of Xiaomi’s new car show that the first model of Xiaomi will be a coupe with a sliding back design. The front of the car is long, which is obviously different from people’s impression of pure electric vehicles. The new car is expected to have a closed front end design to further optimize its aerodynamic performance. In addition, although the car body is covered with thick camouflage, it can still be seen that the car is equipped with lidar equipment. In terms of vehicle parameters, previously, some bloggers exposed the battery pack information suspected of Xiaomi car nameplate on the platform.

From the exposure information, it is suspected that the battery pack parameters of the nameplate of Xiaomi automobile have a rated voltage of 726.7V, a rated capacity of 139Ah, a battery pack capacity of 101kWh, and a weight of 642kg. It is inferred that the first model of Xiaomi is likely to support 800V high-voltage fast charging.

Judging from the current price of vehicles with batteries with a capacity of more than 100kWh, for example, the price of the 100kWh version of Weilai ES6 is close to 400,000 yuan, and the price of the 100kWh version of Krypton 001 is 300,000 yuan.Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)Above.

From the perspective of battery cost, it also determines that the pricing of Xiaomi car will not be too low.

According to the interface news quoted from Leopard Change, the models of Xiaomi coupe to be listed next year are divided into high-end version and low-end version. The high-end version is tentatively priced at 299,000 yuan and the low-end version is tentatively priced at 199,000 yuan.

However, according to the interface news report, Xiaomi insiders said that Xiaomi may make corresponding price adjustments according to market conditions next year, and this price may not be the final pricing.


Production is just around the corner, and more than 100 people apply for a single day.

According to the previous plan, Xiaomi Automobile Factory will be built in two phases. The first phase covers an area of nearly 720,000 square meters. It will be started in April 2022 and completed in June 2023. The second phase is planned to start in 2024 and be completed in 2025. Among them, the first phase includes four factories with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

Among them, the No.1 workshop, which is divided into punching, welding and coating power batteries, to No.4 workshop and test building, has an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, and the relevant workshops have passed the acceptance on June 12. According to the observation of the First Financial Reporter, the factories marked with serial numbers from 1 to 4 are patchy, and employees near the factory told reporters that the internal automobile factory has been in operation for a long time.

On August 23rd, the bidding and tendering trading system of Beijing’s engineering construction showed that the bidding announcement of Huanjing Road (Nanjie-Xinsi Road in Xinnan District) and municipal engineering (survey) supporting Xiaomi Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Base Project (Phase I) in Beijing Yizhuang New Town was released. The start of bidding for supporting roads indicates that the first phase of Xiaomi Factory has entered the final stage of completion.

With the approach of the overall completion of the first phase of the factory, the recruitment of Xiaomi Automobile and related R&D facilities have been carried out simultaneously.

According to the interface news report, at present, the Yizhuang factory of Xiaomi Automobile is recruiting workshop workers on a large scale, with a recruitment scale of about 100 people, with an average salary of 6,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan, and the working hours are 8 hours a day, with weekends off and ready to join.

The supplier who provides recruitment services for Xiaomi Automobile Factory revealed to the interface news that Xiaomi Automobile Factory has very strict recruitment standards for regular employees and has no relevant experience. The probability of successful application is very small, and even some workers who have worked in Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and other manufacturers will be eliminated because of insufficient preparation during the interview.

In addition, the age of most positions is limited to under 28 years old, and the minimum education requirement is secondary school or above, and the requirements can be relaxed appropriately for those with strong ability.

At the same time, the supplier also said that this round of recruitment is only for Xiaomi Automobile to prepare for mass production in the early stage. By the end of the year or early next year, Xiaomi Automobile will usher in a larger-scale recruitment. By then, the working hours and rest system of Xiaomi Automobile Factory will also be adjusted accordingly.

According to Cailian News Agency, according to a list of applicants provided by the security guard of "North Gate 1" of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, the positions include operators, repairmen, maintenance workers, logistics engineers and interns, among which interns account for more than 60%, and the number of people in a single day is 124. According to an applicant waiting to enter the factory, there are many people recruiting in the assembly workshop and painting workshop. In addition to the positions on the list, there are also quality-related positions. "Testing, quality inspection and equipment maintenance are also being recruited. Generally, the minimum (education) must be vocational high school or college or above."

An investor in the automobile industry told the First Financial Reporter that although the pattern of the new energy automobile industry is initially set, the market space is large enough, and the arrival time is not a decisive factor. Xiaomi Automobile can follow the advantages in the field of mobile phone supply chain, control the cost of the whole vehicle, focus on innovative technologies, and focus on competitive models with price and technical advantages.


New forces build cars to speed up shuffling

According to the data released by China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as China Automobile Association), in the first half of the year, IAutomobile production and sales reached 3.788 million and 3.747 million respectively, up by 42.4% and 44.1% respectively, with a market share of 28.3%. On July 13th, Chen Shihua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Association, said at the theme forum of "Innovation for Innovation and Creating a New Highland for China’s Automobile Modernization Development" that in the first half of this year, new energy vehicles maintained a relatively fast growth rate. Overall, it is estimated that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach 9 million in the whole year.

However, with the intensification of competition in the automobile market, the strong are stronger and the weak are accelerated to be eliminated. For China automobile market, this year is destined to be an unsettled year full of variables and challenges.

In the first half of the year, a number of new power companies have stopped working. On July 5, Singularity Auto officially declared bankruptcy; On June 29, Freeman Shen, chairman of Weimar Automobile, was listed as a untrustworthy person and was restricted from high consumption; On June 16th, Sky Auto was listed as an executor of dishonesty by Cixi People’s Court for violating the property reporting system. On June 14th, two companies related to Baiteng-Nanjing Zhixing New Energy Vehicle Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Zhixing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. filed for bankruptcy; In addition, Aichi Automobile, Baoneng Automobile and Evergrande Automobile have also been repeatedly exploded, resulting in suspension of production and arrears of wages.

Cao Guangping, an independent researcher of New Energy and Intelligent Network, told China Automotive News that in recent years, China’s new energy automobile industry has experienced recession, epidemic and cruel market competition, especially after the baptism of price war, some automobile enterprises have fallen behind, which is normal.

The reasons are different: one is that it is difficult to get rid of subsidy dependence, the other is the lack of innovation mechanism and technology, or there are problems in the internal and external environment of enterprise operation, and it is difficult to mass-produce products or the lack of strategic resources such as financial and material resources.

At the beginning of this year, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y set off a price war that spread from the new energy vehicle market to the fuel vehicle market with the largest price reduction in history. Now, the price war in the first half of the year has just died down, and the price war in the second half of the year has started again. At present, more than ten car companies have announced new price adjustment strategies. In addition to Tesla, which has repeatedly announced price adjustments, it also includes head car companies such as SAIC Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen, and the market competition has once again reached a white-hot stage.

On September 1st, Tesla China announced that the new Model 3 was officially opened for pre-sale. On the same day, Tesla also offered a big price reduction measure. The price of high-end Model S Model S and Model X is lowered, and the price of Tesla Model S and Model X is lowered by 110,000 to 220,000 yuan.

Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Auto, said that the current competition stage is no longer relying on one or two explosive cars to survive. Enterprises need continuous cash flow and cash reserves that can be used for market competition, and they are fighting for the overall operational efficiency, quality, scale, system capacity, etc.;Wang Chuanfu, chairman of the board of directors, bluntly said that enterprises must first have core technology to win. The transformation of new energy vehicles is a technological revolution, and enterprises with core technologies can survive. If they are simply assembled, the probability of survival is very small; Li Xiang, CEO of LI, said bluntly: "In the three-year knockout of smart electric vehicles (2023-2025), the three comprehensive capabilities of technical product delivery are rolled into the dead, and the barrel theory is indispensable."

At the moment when smart phones completely replace traditional mobile phones, smart cars are bringing new impacts to traditional cars. Nowadays, traditional automobile enterprises have also made efforts in the fields of intelligence and electrification, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce.

Source | Business School magazine is integrated fromCBN, Cailian, Interface News, shanghai securities news, China Auto News, NBD Auto, China Newsweek.

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[Clap with Heart and Hand in Hand] The old factory building has turned into the punching place of "online celebrity", and this small town in the sub-center of Beijing City has changed gorgeously.

  Cctv news(Reporter Liu Chang): "Our goal is to turn this old factory building into ‘ Online celebrity ’ Punch the card! " In the Beijing City Sub-center, the staff of Beijing Future Design Park, a design town in Zhangjiawan, pointed to the brand-new park and introduced it excitedly.

  Beijing Tongniu Factory was once a golden signboard of China textile industry. In the relief of non-capital functions, the garment production line of Tongniu Factory has been relocated, leaving a factory area of 78,000 square meters, including three large factories and "souvenirs" such as office buildings, dormitory buildings, canteens, boiler rooms and iconic chimneys. How to make full use of these industrial heritages and create innovative design parks and dynamic open blocks with cultural characteristics has become a topic before the design team.

  In accordance with the spirit of the instructions of the municipal party committee and municipal government to relieve the functions of non-capital, since December last year, Beijing Construction Institute has been docked with Tongzhou District Committee and District Government, and it is planned to move into the design town gradually by stages. After repeated research, Tongtou Company, Beijing Institute of Construction and Tongniu Company cooperated to start the future design and research institute project in the design town Tongniu plot.

  Tongniu plot reconstruction project is the first EPC project of the sub-center, which has realized "design, construction and operation in the same year". This year, it is planned to complete the renovation, transformation and upgrading of the office building and the building with an area of about 10,000 square meters in No.2 plant; At the same time, taking into account the improvement and upgrading of living facilities, the existing canteens and boiler rooms will be upgraded simultaneously, and public service facilities such as cafes and book bars will be built.

  Now entering the transformation site, the garment workshop has been transformed into a shared large flat floor in full of green, the old canteen has been transformed into a 24-hour online celebrity restaurant, and the office building has been used as the operation and maintenance center of the town … … There is a new atmosphere in the old "copper cow".

  What is eye-catching is that in the indoor space, three Acer truncatum trees took the lead in taking root. "This is still a new attempt in the building of the city’s sub-center." Guo Shaoshan, deputy director of the Market Development Center of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and EPC project manager of the future design park, said, "The garment workshop has no underground space and is a ‘ Long ’ Buildings on the ground. These three trees are really rooted in the ground, and what we want to build is in the yard ‘ Grounding gas ’ Green office environment. "

  In addition to the big trees growing in the house, flower ponds, grass ponds and pools can be seen everywhere in the office area. Not only that, there is also a mini version of the swimming pool in the big flat floor. Tired from work, designers can take a swim and relax.

  Many scientific and technological applications have also appeared in this shared office area. "For example, this smart big screen with a length of 17 meters and a width of 4.5 meters can ‘ Seconds change ’ Electrically controlled glass screen to realize projection function. " Guo Shaoshan strode excitedly on the platform, gesturing the future appearance of various high-tech functions. Soon, they will all be realized one by one.

  The Innovation Center is located in the northwest of Zhangjiawan Design Town, with a total area of about 150,000 square meters and a total planned construction area of about 244,000 square meters. The first phase of C1 and A2 buildings (about 36,000 square meters) have been delivered, and it is planned that 26 buildings will be completed and put into use in 2021.

  As an important part of the high-quality development of Beijing city sub-center, Zhangjiawan design town is located in the southeast of the sub-center, which is in a unique position. According to the planning goal of the municipal party committee and municipal government, we will make every effort to build a "design town, a smart town and a dynamic town" and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional old industrial parks to modern high-tech parks. It can be predicted that this small town will become an engine of the whole regional economy in the future, which will drive the development and transformation of the city’s sub-center economy through design. The town and its surrounding environment (urban green forest park, Universal Studios and Grand Canal) will also be integrated into one, becoming a demonstration area for the integration of urban design, urban science and technology and design culture.

Xiaomi Auto is about to appear in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and more information is exposed.

With the approaching of Guangzhou Auto Show, more and more car companies choose to throw out some "explosive materials" in the near future, while Xiaomi Auto, which is well versed in Internet gameplay, has chosen Weibo as the main battlefield, with remarkable results. A few days ago, a well-known car blogger with tens of millions of fans in the whole network once again exposed a lot of key information about Xiaomi Automobile in Weibo, and then this Weibo was deleted. However, the screenshots of the content have already spread widely. At this point, the outline of Xiaomi car gradually became clear.

The following is some information that Xiaomi Automobile can almost determine (although it can’t guarantee 100% authenticity). We will present it to you in several dimensions.

Model: medium and large four-door coupe

First of all, the brand of Xiaomi Automobile is called "Xiaomi Automobile", which is easy to remember and easy to remember. This is confirmed. The first car launched by Xiaomi Automobile is a "C-class eco-technology car". The specific body size of Xiaomi Automobile circulated before is 4860 * 1980 * 1666 mm. Whether it is accurate or not needs further official announcement. After all, the official positioning is "C-class", so the length of the new car may approach 5 meters. In the sub-model part, combined with the spy photos that have been revealed before, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile adopts a four-door coupe design, which directly targets the electric coupe of a German ultra-luxury brand. Is it quite expected? It is expected that within this week, we will be able to see the real car in the latest application information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.    

To tell the truth, it’s not easy to locate the sports style of the medium and large sports pure electric coupe, similar to Weilai ET7, Zhijie S7 and Aouita 12. At present, there has never been a so-called "explosion" in this model. After all, no matter how hot the pre-sale of new cars is, it still has to land on the specific insurance number. If Xiaomi wants to make this new car go, it is bound to work harder on the price.

Battery configuration: 800V platform is not exclusive, and there are 400V blade batteries for entry.    

According to the earlier exposure information, the high-profile model of Xiaomi Automobile will adopt an 800V platform, and the battery is a 101kWh Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin ternary lithium battery pack with a CLTC cruising range of about 800km;; With the further release of the news, we learned that the entry-level model of Xiaomi Automobile will be equipped with a blade battery of 400V platform.Obviously, the 400V platform version will have more advantages in cost control. I believe that the entry-level model equipped with blade batteries is actually the model that Xiaomi Automobile hopes to take. As for the high-profile model of the 800V version, it is to boost the brand image.

Features: 澎湃 OS bonus, the whole ecology of people and cars.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a "C-class eco-technology car" for the new car. Besides the body size, the word "ecology" is particularly important. The achievement of "eco-technology" cannot be separated from Xiaomi 澎湃 OS system which has just appeared recently.

If Xiaomi’s mobile phone, Xiaomi’s car and even Xiaomi’s home appliances share a system, then the interconnection of Xiaomi’s ecology will naturally form. At the previous Xiaomi conference, we actually saw the "tip of the iceberg" of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS interconnection function. For example, the shooting content of the roof camera can even flow directly into the WeChat video call. This experience is still very attractive and it is also a big selling point of Xiaomi Automobile. I believe that more similar functions will be realized in the future.

How much will Xiaomi car sell?

According to the above information, we have a general understanding of Xiaomi Automobile, which will be declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Although the big V predicted the price at 300,000-400,000 yuan, according to the above information, the actual landing price of Xiaomi Automobile should not be so high.    

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of 2024. During this period, the prices of various models will be adjusted many times until the press conference. In fact, according to the brand tonality of Xiaomi brand, which emphasizes cost performance, this information exposure has multiple temptations, and it is extremely possible to "reverse" the final pricing of vehicles.

If Xiaomi Automobile adheres to the initial intention of "cost performance" and if Lei Jun’s previous statement of "gambling all the reputations of his life" is true, then the pre-sale price of Xiaomi Automobile is around 200,000, which may be possible.

Here, it is boldly predicted that the pre-sale price of Xiaomi will be less than 200,000 yuan, and the high-profile models will have full models similar to the first commemorative edition, which will raise the price to about 350,000 yuan.

Write it at the end

It took less than three years from the approval and landing of Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing, and even the trial loading of Xiaomi Automobile. Is this a new record for a new force to build a car? To achieve this speed, we need not only Xiaomi’s efforts and confidence, but also the cooperation of many aspects. It seems that the ambition of Xiaomi Automobile is really unusual!    

Shen Tengchong is on the hot search! On March 11, Shen Teng suddenly rushed to the hot search, just because there was a woman.

Original title: Shen Tengchong is hot! On March 11, Shen Teng suddenly rushed to the hot search, just because there was a woman.

The subtle interaction between stars and police

On the stage of hot search, there is never a lack of some unexpected surprises. On August 11th, a picture made netizens laugh: Shen Teng’s photo with a policewoman was not only funny, but also aroused many conjectures.

Express one’s will by holding things.

In the picture, the policewoman clings to Shen Teng, showing a thumb, while Shen Teng is expressionless, with her hands behind her back, as if she were in a weird theater.

Figurative rhetoric

Netizens have speculated whether Shen Teng "stepped on thunder"? Why do you look like ice and look like you’re in custody? This photo reminds people of the subtle interaction between the stars and the police.

Beginning of quotation sentence

"It’s not the first time that I’ve become a brother", which seems to be the consensus of netizens. In this photo, Shen Teng’s expression doesn’t smile, which makes people feel as if he is "suspected".

Common sayings, proverbs, jokes, golden sentences

This can’t help but remind people of the photos of Bo Huang, Faye Wong and other stars with the police. One identified the crime scene and the other was taken away. The posture and expression can really influence the temperament of a photo.

Deep combination

"When taking a photo with the police, the posture and expression are very new!" This sentence seems to be a lesson that stars should remember. Shen Teng’s "no smile" this time has also become the focus of discussion among netizens.

Subtle interaction

Behind this confusing picture, there may be more unknown stories hidden. The photo of the police and the stars is both interesting and meaningful. Perhaps it is this subtle interaction that makes people enjoy it.

Editor in charge:

Lei Jun: The price of Xiaomi car has not been fixed, but there is no rival within 500,000 yuan, and there is no "beggar in the middle" version.

On December 28th, 2023, Beijing and Xiaomi held the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, and the first model of Xiaomi Automobile "Xiaomi SU7" was displayed on the screen. Vision china diagram

Xiaomi car, which has not disclosed the official price, is still the focus of public opinion.

On January 8th, Lei Junfa Weibo, founder of Xiaomi Group, said that for Xiaomi Automobile, friends are concerned about many topics, and they will focus on answering the most typical 100 questions, which will be answered separately in three days.

"This time we just held an automotive technology conference, and the heat was so high that it exceeded our expectations. On the one hand, the huge heat represents the user’s expectation of Xiaomi car, and we are really happy. On the one hand, a large number of false information, rumors and malicious smears are also swarming. We will clarify in time, and we will resolutely pursue the legal responsibility of those who make rumors and smear. " Lei Jun said.

On December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi held the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference in Beijing, and Xiaomi SU7, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, made its first public appearance. This model is positioned as a C-class high-performance coupe, and it is planned to be mass-produced in the first half of 2024. In addition, this conference officially revealed the breakthroughs in the five core technologies of Xiaomi Automobile, including key areas such as electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit.

At the press conference, Xiaomi SU7 was almost spoiled, but the price remained mysterious, which became the focus of hot discussion.

For the price of Xiaomi car, Lei Jun once again stressed that it will not be 99,000, 149,000 or 199,000. The final pricing will be announced at the official press conference of Xiaomi SU7. "The prices of Xiaomi cars on the Internet are all false news, and we have not yet determined the final price."

There are also many netizens who are curious about whether the seemingly "expensive" Xiaomi SU7 will launch a low-end version, such as the "beggar-in-the-middle" version or the "Redmi version". In this regard, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile has a fully consistent product project criteria, and "experience priority" has always been put in the first place. Xiaomi SU7 is the standard version, and there is no plan to launch Redmi Automobile at present.

For the color of Xiaomi SU7 to be released in the future, Lei Jun revealed that more colors will be extrapolated beyond the disclosed Gulf Blue, Olive Green and Elegant Grey.

Previously, Lei Jun replied in the comments of netizens, "Is there an opponent within 500,000 (Xiaomi Automobile)?" In this question and answer session, Xiaomi reiterated that although this is a joke, it is also serious. "We are pragmatic and will not set those outrageous flag, so we are still very confident that Xiaomi SU7 has no rivals within 500,000 at present."

As for Lei Jun’s recent time allocation, Xiaomi responded in the Q&A that Lei Jun is still very concerned about the technology research and development of the mobile phone business. At this stage, his time and energy allocation is roughly as follows: at least 1/4 time is still spent on the mobile phone research and development business, 1/4 is concerned about the operation and management of the group, and 1/2 time is spent on the automobile business.

[The following is the full text of the question and answer]

1. A lot of rice noodle feedback. There are so many rumors about Xiaomi Automobile recently. Does Xiaomi Legal really have a job? When will the relevant progress be announced?

This time, we just held an automobile technology conference, and the heat was so high that it exceeded our expectations. On the one hand, the huge heat represents the user’s expectation of Xiaomi car, and we are really happy. On the one hand, a large number of false information, rumors and malicious smears have swarmed in, and we will clarify them in time, and we will resolutely pursue the legal responsibility of those who spread rumors and smears.

2. What is the pricing of Xiaomi Auto SU7? When will it be announced?

We really haven’t set a final price yet. Mr. Lei also introduced it at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference. It is indeed a bit expensive, but it will be "expensive for a reason".

Not 99,000, not 149,000, not 199,000. The final pricing will be announced at the official launch conference of Xiaomi SU7.

3. There is a lot of news about the price of Xiaomi car on the Internet. Is it true?

The selling prices of Xiaomi cars are all false news, and we haven’t determined the final selling price yet.

The final selling price will be announced when Xiaomi Automobile is officially released.

4. Is the main content of Xiaomi SU7 basically finished?

On December 28th, 2023, the technical conference of Xiaomi Automobile was held. This time, we only introduced the five core technologies of intelligent electric vehicles, and the products are only a brief introduction. We still have a lot of technologies and product contents that have not been developed. I will introduce it to you in detail at the official conference of Xiaomi SU7.

5. Is the greater the pressure, the better? Why is Xiaomi die-casting 9100t?

What we often talk about here is the clamping force of large die casting. The determination of clamping force is designed by die casting. After millet integrated die casting, the floor is larger and more complex than Tesla Model Y, so the rated clamping force of 9100t is finally selected. In actual use, the maximum clamping force of millet under super high pressure is 9500t, and the stable value can reach 9300t t.

Clamping force is not the only index of large die casting technology. The properties of heat-free alloy raw materials, die-casting island cluster design, defect detection and so on are the core indexes to measure the large die-casting technology. Xiaomi is currently the only car company in the world and the only one in China with self-developed heat-free alloy materials and self-developed large die-casting island clusters.

6. Someone on the Internet said that Xiaomi’s big die casting was directly renamed from Haitian’s existing 8800t die casting machine. Is this true?

Of course not. Xiaomi Super Die-casting is 9100t (ton), which is not the model, but the actual rated clamping force. In fact, the clamping force of Xiaomi Super Die-casting Cluster in normal operation can reach 9500t. It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s super-large 9100t die casting machine was jointly developed by Xiaomi and Haitian. Based on the existing die casting machine technology, Xiaomi’s R&D team carried out 11 patent design innovations, most of which were invention patents, such as A I actively optimized the injection parameter setting system. But the die casting machine is only a link. Xiaomi has developed the whole die casting cluster system, including 60 equipments and 433 process parameters. For details, please click this link: Learn about Xiaomi Super Die-casting Cluster.

7. If it really hits a large die casting, how high is the maintenance cost of Xiaomi?

The tail of Xiaomi SU7 adopts a three-stage design, and the buffer zone is designed on the basis of the integrated large die-casting floor. Conventional collision only needs to replace the buffer collapse zone, and the maintenance cost is the same as that of the traditional design. When encountering extremely high-speed collision, the integrated large die-casting floor can provide better safety protection.

Generally speaking, the integrated floor design of Xiaomi SU7 after large die-casting is: the maintenance cost of small collision is not painful, and the big collision is stronger to protect your safety. It is the best solution at present.

8. Is the yield of millet die casting high? Will it bring quality problems if you use large die casting as soon as you come up?

Large die casting technology is a typical long-term technology, and it is also a ticket for future head car companies. From the very beginning, Xiaomi Automobile decided to research the whole stack and invest in two sets of die-casting island clusters at one time. In order to ensure foolproof, we also added a set of traditional stamping schemes at that time, and three schemes were done at the same time. Finally, the Xiaomi Super Die Casting Project landed smoothly.

At the same time, our self-developed technologies related to large die-casting island include temperature control system, aluminum liquid transfer system, injection system, pouring and drainage system, etc., and through our self-developed AI defect detection system, we can ensure the yield of millet SU7 integrated large die-casting floor.

9. What is the actual performance of Xiaomi Titan alloy? Is the self-developed alloy just to save costs?

Xiaomi Titan alloy is excellent in die-casting performance, mechanical properties, durability, recyclability, economy and so on. Xiaomi Titan alloy is also added with 40% recycled aluminum, which is very environmentally friendly. Xiaomi has become the only automobile manufacturer in China and the only one in the world with mass-produced self-developed large die-casting materials. As for why the alloy materials were developed by ourselves at that time, I also talked about it at the press conference. It was because the requirements of large die casting for alloy raw materials were extremely harsh. At that time, the supplier’s formula could not meet our requirements, so we had to develop the materials by ourselves. The cost of self-developed materials was definitely much higher than that of directly using mature schemes.

10. Is Xiaomi Titan alloy really self-developed?

Yes Some netizens may have been misled by the wrong information before. What everyone saw was the chat record of Professor Yang of a university. In fact, Professor Yang quickly clarified it. Praise for Professor Yang’s spirit of seeking truth from facts, and also regret the misunderstanding caused by it. I hope everyone can help me forward and clarify.

11. What’s the difference between the specific formula of Xiaomi Titan alloy?

Related patents have been publicly available, and the proportion of eleven elements used in the alloy has also been disclosed. (Patent number ZL 2023 1 0604165.9)

12. How much of the Xiaomi super motor series is self-developed?

We have officially released three types of motors, and at the same time disclosed a pre-research motor that has been experimentally realized. Among them, Xiaomi super motors V6 and V6s are jointly developed with UMC and Huichuan respectively, with a rotating speed of 21,000 rpm. At the same time, Xiaomi has developed the Xiaomi super motor V8s with a speed of 27,200 rpm, and this information has also been publicly disclosed by Huichuan on the interactive platform of A-share investors.

13. Is Xiaomi Motor V6 an old product of UMC? Why are the models and names the same?

Xiaomi motor V6 is a brand-new motor jointly developed by Xiaomi and UMC. Through the joint efforts of both parties, the stress topology structure of the motor rotor has been improved, and the speed and power density of the motor have been greatly improved, and relevant patents have been obtained.

The so-called "Xiaomi Motor V6 is an old model motor of UMC TZ220XS000 in 2020" is purely a rumor. TZ220XS000 is named only for national standard rules: TZ stands for permanent magnet synchronous motor; 220 represents the outer diameter of the motor; X represents a resolver position sensor; S stands for water cooling and heat dissipation; 000 is the brand code of UMC. The same internal name does not mean the same motor, which can be known from the publicly available information in the industry.

14. Is the V8s motor mass-produced?

The V8s has been mass-produced and will be put on the train in 2025. At present, some automobile evaluation media have measured the engineering vehicles loaded with V8s motors, and the measured V8s speed can reach more than 30,000 revolutions. However, the relevant test is the limit test, and the rated speed of V8s is still calibrated at 27,200 rpm.

15. How did Xiaomi’s super motor achieve a high speed of 35,000 rpm? Xiaomi was more powerful than Tesla for the first time.

Behind the high speed of 35000rpm, there are many innovative efforts in structural design, material technology and so on. Among them, the most important thing is that Xiaomi used "laser in-situ curing carbon fiber winding technology" to carry out innovative design of rotor sleeve of high-speed motor, and obtained relevant authorized rotor patents.

Compared with the wet winding method of carbon fiber, which requires brushing resin for curing after carbon fiber winding; In the laser in-situ curing winding process of millet, carbon fiber prepreg tape is used instead of carbon fiber precursor and resin glue, and the curing of carbon fiber prepreg tape is realized by laser while winding on the same station equipment. The process is simple, one station is completed, and the tension is directly maintained during the winding process.

16. Is CTB inverted battery really the first in the industry?

The battery core is inverted, which has happened in the industry; The pressure relief valve is inverted, which has happened before. However, the CTB battery cells which are inverted at the same time have never been inverted before. This technical solution pioneered by Xiaomi is to ensure the ultimate battery safety and the ultimate space utilization.

CTB is Cell to body, which is the design ability of automobile manufacturers. It is not only the technology of battery manufacturers, but also the integration of battery pack and body. The upper cover of battery pack is directly the floor of passenger compartment. Xiaomi has 36 core patents. The structural design of CTB integrated top cover, side wall design, bottom protection and composite fiber backbone are all designed by Xiaomi. The low conductivity coolant, battery management software, Che Yun integrated safety early warning system and high voltage architecture are also designed by Xiaomi.

17. What specific benefits can Xiaomi CTB inversion technical scheme bring?

Xiaomi CTB battery pack adopts the inverted battery cell design. Compared with the traditional upright battery cell, the pressure relief valve faces downwards. With the only nonporous high-strength steel upper cover design in China and the most stringent thermal runaway safety standard in the world, the passenger compartment is completely isolated from the battery compartment in the limit state.

Even if the heat is out of control at 55 degrees Celsius, there is no open flame and heat spread, and the pressure relief valve is facing down and the cover is non-porous, which constitutes the ceiling of the battery safety protection ability.

18. How high is the aerogel content of Xiaomi battery? Is it standard?

Xiaomi SU7 adopts the industry’s top 17 layers of high-voltage insulation protection, and customizes the strongest active cooling technology in the industry: the cooling area of double large surfaces reaches the highest level of 7.8m2, which is four times the industry average. At the same time, 165 pieces of the most advanced aerogel insulation materials in the industry are laid on both sides of the battery cell, which can resist the high temperature of 1000°C at the highest.

During the test, our engineers were extremely confident in innovative materials and processes, and dared to put their hands close to aerogel materials and directly burn them with a 1000°C spray gun flame on the other side, which was still safe and sound.

19. Some netizens wonder whether the thermal management of Xiaomi SU7 can only reach -20℃ because it can adapt to low temperature. Is this true?

At present, there is no strict specification about the working scope of heat pump in the industry. Some enterprises claim that it can be as low as -30℃, but it is not a pure "air source heat pump", but a heater or water source heat pump is working.

It was revealed at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference that -20℃ relies on a pure air source heat pump and can still obtain heat from the air.

If we follow the same caliber of the above-mentioned related companies and add heaters, the overall thermal management ability of Xiaomi Automobile can be as low as -30℃ or even lower. Therefore, Xiaomi automobile can challenge the "king of winter trams", and it can be said that "trams have no fear of winter".

20. Is the Modena platform of Xiaomi Automobile completely self-developed?

The Modena platform of Xiaomi Automobile is a self-developed automobile platform of Xiaomi. There have been rumors that Xiaomi Automobile uses other car factory structures, which is completely inaccurate.

100 "first", "only" and "most" design goals were established at the beginning of the research and development of the modena platform of Xiaomi Automobile. Some achievements were also shared with you at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, and there are still more achievements. We will report to you in detail when Xiaomi Automobile is officially released.

21. Have you actually achieved the design goal of "100 first, only and most"?

We talked about "design goals" at the press conference. In fact, most of them have been achieved. Because of time constraints, we only talked about some of the leading technologies and functions of Xiaomi Automobile. More points, we will introduce to you in the future until the official release of SU7.

22. What can Xiaomi’s intelligent driving achieve the goal of "entering the first camp in the industry in 2024"?

The intelligent driving of Xiaomi automobile adopts a full-link self-research scheme. Moreover, the starting point of Xiaomi is very high. Based on the latest generation of the underlying algorithm-BEV+Transformer+occupation network, the large model technology is fully integrated into it, and the end-to-end perceptual decision-making large model is applied to the production car for the first time in the world.

23. Xiaomi SU7′ s elk test score of 82km/h is based on what standard?

Xiaomi SU7 elk test was carried out in full accordance with the international standard ISO 3888-2, and the elk test score was 82 km/h. If you are careful, you will find that the road width in the middle section of the test is slightly narrower than the national standard, which makes it extra difficult for yourself. Elk test is a comprehensive test that reflects a series of capabilities such as handling and body stability. After Xiaomi SU7 is officially listed, the media are also welcome to compare and measure it.

24. Will Xiaomi make a beggar-in-a-beggar version in order to lower the starting price?

Please rest assured that Xiaomi Automobile has fully consistent product project criteria, and "experience priority" is always in the first place. Xiaomi SU7 is the standard version.

25. Is a five-star safety collision standard? Is there a difference in collision safety performance between the standard version and the MAX version?

No matter which version of the car, the safety crash test results are top-notch. We chose the most stringent standards to design our products. Xiaomi SU7 series has reached the five-star safety standard of C-NCAP 2024, the five-star safety standard of E-NCAP 2023 and the excellent safety standard of C-IASI 2023 3G+.

26. Does Xiaomi car have only three colors? Will the production version have white and black? Will there be macho powder?

This time, we announced three colors of Xiaomi SU7, namely Gulf Blue, Olive Green and Elegant Grey. All three colors are very beautiful on the real car. Our design team has made great efforts in color research and development and car paint technology.

We also see many users asking if there is a classic black and white color scheme. We do have more colors to choose from, which will be fully introduced to you when it is officially released.

27. Why didn’t Xiaomi consider redesigning a new car logo?

We are very satisfied with the logo design of Xiaomi Automobile, which is in the same strain as the Xiaomi brand logo. It is our important brand asset, and aesthetics is a subjective matter. We will also listen to your different voices with an open mind.

28. Why was the first car called Xiaomi SU7?

"SU" is the abbreviation of Speed Ultra, and "7" is the series positioning determined according to the usual cognitive habits of vehicle positioning in China. The size of the vehicle is about the same as that of BMW 5 Series. High performance is Xiaomi’s gene. Tesla said not to build a slow train, and we did the same. As for how to pronounce it, we also discussed it seriously internally. In the end, everyone thought it would be called "Su 7", just like calling a friend’s name, which is more cordial.

29. Will Xiaomi SU7 be sold globally?

At present, we will focus on the official release and listing in China. But our ultimate goal is to make Xiaomi cars gallop on every street in the world.

30. Will Redmi cars be launched in the future?

Without this plan, at present, we are still focusing on the whole chain of production and sales of Xiaomi car, even specifically, our first car, Xiaomi SU7.

31. When can I see the real car of Xiaomi car in the Xiaomi home around me?

After the official release of Xiaomi SU7, we will provide you with a real car experience in Xiaomi Home in key cities across the country. We are actively preparing for this work, and please wait patiently for a while.

32. Mr. Lei said that Xiaomi had no rivals within 500,000 yuan. Was it a joke or serious?

This is a sentence that General Lei replied to netizens in the comment area at that time. Although it was a joke, it was also serious. At the press conference, we made a number of comparisons including design/performance/endurance/vehicle safety with Porsche Taycan Turbo/ Tesla Model S. The actual comparison results are very clear to everyone, and the pricing of these two cars is also very clear to everyone. We are pragmatic and will not set those outrageous flag, so we are still very confident that Xiaomi SU7 has no rivals within 500,000 at present.

33. Is General Lei focusing on building cars? Do you still have the energy to build a good mobile phone?

Mobile phone is still the core business of Xiaomi and the core foundation of our strategy of "people, cars and homes are all ecological". Mr. Lei is still very concerned about the technology research and development of mobile phone business. Last year, Mr. Lei said that at this stage, his time and energy distribution is roughly that at least a quarter of his time is still spent on mobile phone research and development business, a quarter is concerned about group operation and management, and a half is spent on automobile business. ????

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In the first lecture of "Exploration and Innovation: A Series of Lectures on the Academic Frontiers of Ancient Literature" held by the College of Literature of Shaanxi Normal University, Mr. Chen Shangjun from Fudan University was invited to give an online lecture on the life course and living conditions of poets in the Tang Dynasty.

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Location:Bi Li Bi Li (ID: 24782904), Tik Tok (ID: dyihsnkuvdbj)

Speaker:Luo Yuming (Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Chinese Department, Fudan University)

Professor Luo Yuming sent three public welfare live lectures to college entrance examination students on the eve of college entrance examination in Shanghai-"Luo Yuming will analyze and solve problems in college entrance examination composition for you". The first lecture "From understanding propositions to establishing themes" has come to a successful conclusion. On July 1st, the second live lecture "How to deal with opposing viewpoints" will be held, and on July 3rd, the third lecture "Concise and enriched context" will be held, helping the majority of high school students to break through the three major difficulties in college entrance examination composition!

A Man is a City —— Sharing Meeting of william carlos williams’s Paterson

Time:July 2 (Saturday) 19:30-21:30

Location:Shanghai Library Messenger WeChat Video Number

Guest:Lei Wuling (poet, translator and literary critic), Du Peng (poet and translator) and Sun Xun (director and actor).

On the evening of July 2nd, we will welcome the second sharing of poetry series-Paterson, the original work of American contemporary poetry, whose publication was once hailed as a "geological event" in American poetry circles. At the sharing meeting, you will learn about the "localism" of william carlos williams and Williams, the originator of postmodern poetry, what kind of poem Patterson is, why it is a "geological event" in the poetry circle, and Williams’ influence on the Montenegrin School and later linguistic schools.

Dialogue with Peter Singer: Animals and Ethics

Time:July 3rd (Sunday) at 15:00.

Location:ZOOM conference

Speaker:Peter Singer (Professor of Bioethics, Center for Human Values, Princeton University, USA)

In this activity, Professor Peter Singer will discuss the viewpoints put forward in Animal Liberation, which was originally published in 1975, and share his latest thoughts on these viewpoints. Professor Singh will first explain the progress made by people in the field of protecting animal rights and interests since the publication of this book, and then demonstrate that despite these progress, the way we treat animals is still inexcusable "species discrimination". Professor Singh will demonstrate that we should give equal consideration to the interests of non-human animals and explain the meaning of this view; And why we should change the way we treat animals, especially the current method of intensively raising animals for meat, eggs and dairy products. This change is very important for animals and humans.

Nanjing conference of "Call me in the snow in the middle of the night"

Time:July 3rd (Sunday) 19:00-21:00

Location:Tencent conference

Guest:Liao Weitang (poet and writer), Liang Xuebo (poet), Zhang Yuanyuan (editor) and Hu Xiaojiang (illustrator).

Snow and shouts belong to the distance in the poem. Poets test the soul by writing poems to see what it can change into. Where does it lead? Call Me in the Snow at Midnight contains a selection of Liao Weitang’s poems and a large number of new works during the 25 years from 1997 to 2021. It will bring us to lightning and whirling snowflakes, and make us slightly drunk or drunk. Then go gliding and accept the test of the night to see if you can cross from the magic of language and reach the distance. On the evening of July 3rd, we invited Liao Weitang, a poet, to be a guest of Nanjing Round Table School, and held the Nanjing conference of "Call Me in the Snow in the Midnight". At the same time, we invited Liang Xuebo, Zhang Yuanyuan and Hu Xiaojiang as the guest speakers.

Application of Virtual Human in Metauniverse and Real Scene

Time:July 3rd (Sunday) 19:30-21:00

Location:ZOOM conference

Guest:Tang Jiaxian (head of Virtual Human Business in Greater China of Digital Kingdom Group), Wang Yang (co-founder of Silicon Valley Blockchain and web3 Company), Zhou Zhewu (founder and CEO of Beijing Telepresence Technology Co., Ltd.), He Zhan (head of Omniverse in NVIDIA China).

Recently, the concept of "virtual human" is in full swing with the upsurge of the meta-universe. "Virtual human" refers to a digital human with human characteristics created by computer graphics, motion capture, graphic rendering, deep learning, speech synthesis and other computer means. With the return of virtual singer Teresa Teng to the stage to sing with singer Charlie, Alibaba virtual host Dongdong and Olympic champion broadcast the Winter Olympics live, and virtual network red Nonoka discusses the lifestyle with you … Virtual people are also entering practical application scenarios such as games, finance, cultural tourism, education and intelligent services. Is a "virtual person" a "person"? Will they replace "people"? On July 3, the online activity invited the scientific and technological elites in related fields to interpret the frontier topic of "virtual people" for you.

Music Map of China: Journey and Thinking

Time:July 3 (Sunday) at 21:00

Location:ZOOM conference

Speaker:Ye Yunchuan (music producer)

In 2022, the digital archive of China Art Lab of Harvard University will welcome a special collection: Music Map of China donated by music producer Ye Yunchuan to Harvard University, a huge database that systematically records more than a thousand existing China national and local music. On the evening of July 3rd, we had the honor to invite Mr. Ye Yunchuan to visit Harvard CAMLab Seminar to share with us the journey and thinking behind this grand and subtle plan from the perspective of the initiator and producer of Music Map of China.

Eight pagodas and Buddhist pilgrimage

Time:July 4th (Monday) 15:30-17:30.

Location:Tencent Conference (ID: 312113798, password: 200433), WeChat video number of Fudan University School of Philosophy

Guest:Liu Zhen (researcher, Institute of Literature and History, Fudan University) and Zhang Mengyan (lecturer, History Department, Suzhou University of Science and Technology)

In the Buddhist tradition, the concept of "Eight pagodas" often appears. During the spread of Buddhism, many hymns associated with the "Eight Pagodas" appeared. The specific contents of these texts are different, but most of them are related to eight representative deeds and places in the life of the Buddha. With the discovery of the Vatican’s "Ode to the Eight Pagodas", the research on the "Eight Pagodas" has been promoted again. The report will analyze the Ode to the Eight Pagodas, and discuss the changes of the concept of the Eight Pagodas and the Buddhist pilgrimage.

Grid thinking and Chinese typesetting

Time:July 4th (Monday) 19:00-21:00.

Location:The book said that the design of WeChat live lecture group

Speaker:Zhang Zhiqi (Art editor, Chief of Higher Education Press)

Zhang Zhiqi is one of the early designers who applied and advocated grid system in Chinese context. In this live broadcast, he will start from grid thinking and Chinese typesetting, share his experience of learning grid design through the application analysis of actual cases, and discuss with you the experience of using grid thinking and breaking through traditional methods in book design.

Inheritance and Innovation —— A Re-examination of the Chinese Learning History of the British Community in Guangzhou around the beginning of the 19th century

Time:July 5th (Tuesday) 9:00-12:00.

Location:Tencent conference (ID: 224155352, password: 2022)

Speaker:Wen-Sinn Yang (Assistant Professor of History and Culture, China, School of Chinese Studies, The University of Hong Kong)

To study the history of sinology in the west, we should first study the history of Chinese learning in the west. Around the beginning of the 19th century, the subjects of learning Chinese by the British community in Guangzhou involved such important research fields as Sino-Western diplomatic relations, Guangzhou trade, the spread of Christianity and the history of cross-cultural translation, which attracted the attention of international researchers for a long time. However, the learning experience, learning process and achievements of this learning group with employees of the British East India Company as the backbone are still insufficient. This period of history is also worthy of attention because it witnessed how British Sinology germinated in Guangzhou and grew up in the West. This lecture discusses the teaching and learning materials used and created by learners in this community, including: (1) Chinese dictionaries, textbooks, reading materials and reference books; (2) Letters, study notes and annotations recording the contents of learning Chinese and knowing China; (3) They write or publish works that popularize Chinese and spread knowledge of China studies. The speaker devoted himself to sorting out the historical materials of teaching and learning, including Chinese and European languages, to explore what the community learned, how to learn, how to transform old knowledge into innovation, how to try to spread new knowledge to native people and European society, and to investigate their contributions and achievements in the development of Sinology in Britain and even the history of Chinese learning in Westerners.

From Duck Eggs to Eggs —— The Change of Urban Diet in Modern China

Time:July 7th (Thursday) 10:00-12:00.

Location:Webex Webex Meet(ID:25192774383, password: 2bUTVxRnP55)

Speaker:Zhang Ning (researcher and director of archives at the Institute of Modern History of Academia Sinica)

Birds’ eggs have always been precious food. In traditional China, duck eggs are the majority in egg consumption, at least in the Yangtze River valley and its south. Duck eggs can be preserved for a long time because of their strong temperature resistance, and can also be made into preserved eggs and salted eggs. In addition, hundreds and thousands of ducks can be bred in large quantities in rivers and lakes and sold centrally. Therefore, since the middle of Qing Dynasty, duck eggs have been the main market circulation. As for eggs, due to scattered distribution, it is difficult to transport them to distant distribution markets while maintaining freshness before railways and ships are introduced. However, in the first half of the 20th century, due to the vigorous development of the egg industry, the output of eggs increased greatly, and port cities such as Nanjing, Hankou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places often had a regular supply of eggs. In the towns along the railway lines of Jinpu, Pinghan and Jiaoji, the number of eggs in the market is increasing because of a large number of eggs. More importantly, with the introduction of western nutrition science, out of the habit that westerners only eat eggs but not duck eggs, biochemists or doctors trained in the west, in their suggestions for improving China’s diet, specially advocate eating more eggs regardless of duck eggs with similar nutritional components, and even rank eggs and milk as the most perfect food, so the importance of eggs has reached an unprecedented height. Under this modern exposition, duck eggs gradually retreated to the second line, and finally disappeared. As for preserved eggs and salted eggs, they turned around luxuriantly and became cultural commodities representing China tradition.

Attachment: Preview of offline activities

Beijing | Upper and Lower Cities: Urban Memories of Little Intellectuals —— Sharing Meeting of the New Book "City of Memory"

Time:July 2 (Saturday) 19:00-20:30

Location:5F One-way Space of Chaoyang Joy City, No.101 Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District

Guest:Yuan Ling (writer) and Wen Zhen (writer)

On the evening of July 2nd, Yuan Ling, a writer and media person, will come to the one-way space (Joy City Store) with his brand-new autobiographical novel "City of Memory" to talk about this book with writer Wen Zhen.

Beijing | Guqin Modern People —— A New Book Sharing Meeting of Qinren

Time:July 3rd (Sunday) 19:00-21:00

Location:5F One-way Space of Chaoyang Joy City, No.101 Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District

Guest:Lu Qingyi (director, writer) and Yang Lan (pianist, writer)

Director Lu Qingyi is known to the public for his documentary Four Springs, which reflects his parents’ daily life in their hometown in Guizhou. This time, he wants to introduce a young writer and pianist Yang Lan from Guizhou … On the evening of July 3rd, he came to the one-way space (Joy City Store) to listen to Lu Qingyi and Yang Lan talk about the eternal dream pursuit of mountain city teenagers …

Guangzhou | Exploring the Bottom Logic of Happiness —— Sharing Meeting of the New Book of The Bottom Logic of Happiness

Time:July 2 (Saturday) 15:00-17:00

Location:Fang MU35, Floor 1, taikoo hui, No.383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District

Speaker:Liu Xiaobo (founder of Xiaobo culture)

There are always many questions about "happiness", and when happiness is discussed in the philosophical category, there will also be various answers. In the book The Bottom Logic of Happiness, the author Liu Xiaobo wants to think about the nature of happiness. On July 2nd, Fang Guangzhou Store invited Liu Xiaobo, the founder of Xiaobo Culture, to share his new book The Bottom Logic of Happiness with readers, and to discuss with readers the value of learning philosophy, the significance of combining philosophy with happiness in life and how to think, choose and judge in life.

Nanjing | Stone Story Cao Yin Nanjing —— Jiangnan Culture in a Dream of Red Mansions

Time:July 2 (Saturday) at 15:00

Location:Keyi Bookstore Xianlin Art Center, No.9 Shanhu East Road, Xianlin University Town, Qixia District

Speaker:Wu Lisong (Associate Professor, School of History, Nanjing University)

On the afternoon of July 2nd, Keyi Humanities Lecture Hall continued to introduce the theme of A Dream of Red Mansions and Nanjing history, and specially invited Mr. Wu Lisong, an associate professor of the School of History of Nanjing University and the guest speaker of CCTV’s Lecture Room, to give a lecture on the theme of "Jiangnan Culture in a Dream of Red Mansions in Stone Cao Yin |", and to reveal the profound origin and relationship between A Dream of Red Mansions and Jiangnan culture from the comments on the stone, Cao Yin and Jiangnan culture.

Hangzhou | Open the suitcase of detective and literature —— Sharing meeting of Wu Ang’s "The suitcase under the bed"

Time:July 2nd (Saturday) from 14: 00 to 16: 00.

Location:One-way space 1F, B103, Zone B, Yuanyang Ledi Port, No.58 Lishui Road, Gongshu District

Guest:Wu Ang (writer), Bad Bird (founder of the federal Zouma brand) and Kong Yalei (writer).

From news, interviews and columns to poems, novels and essays, this time, Wu Ang grafted his writing on reasoning. "Reasoning is stereo, and it is surrounded and Dolby, which stimulates people’s nerves at all levels." This Saturday, she will take her new work "The suitcase under the bed" as a guest at One-way Space Hangzhou Ledigang Store, and invite two friends to open the suitcase of detective and literature together.

Chengdu | The Story of Hella Cell that Changed the History of Human Medicine —— Sharing with the Reading Salon of "Eternal Hella"

Time:July 1st (Friday) at 19:00.

Location:Reading Beauty Space on the Second Floor of Wenxuan BOOKS, China Merchants Garden City, No.669 Shanbanqiao Road, Chenghua Avenue, chenghua district

Speaker:Luan Jing (reading promoter)

Rebecca Skrut, an American writer, spent ten years excavating a wonderful history spanning nearly a century, describing how Harriet Lax’s family spent their whole lives accepting the existence of Hella cells and the scientific principle of their immortality, uncovering the dark past of human experiments, and discussing legal issues of medical ethics and ownership of body tissues, as well as ethnic and religious issues. On the evening of July 1st, Luan Jing, a bookstore brick mover and reading promoter, read this book "Haila of Eternal Life" with you.

Chengdu | When we pursue the truth-Are science fiction and reality out of reach?

Time:July 2 (Saturday) 15:00-17:00

Location:No.8 Zhongshamao Street, Jinjiang District, No.68-70 Chengdu Yuanyang Taikooli

Guest:Tu Tu (publisher), Dai Haoran (executive editor of Edge of the Galaxy) and Nan Fei (senior editor of YOU Chengdu).

Yuefu and Baguangfen, one representing "the earth ballad" and the other meaning "the sea of stars", are deeply ploughed in their own fields and are glad to meet each other. This Saturday, they will discuss the reality of their pursuit together at Fangchengdu Store and measure the distance between science fiction and reality.