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Thank you, Zidane! 115 million nail houses let go, Mourinho is happy, and Real Madrid has no worries for 10 years.

Real Madrid finally found a solution to Azar’s "problem", thank you, Zidane! RMC Sport’s report made Real Madrid fans ecstatic. Although they will lose the legendary coach of the Champions League for three consecutive years, they can finally say goodbye to Azar! In addition, there is good news: Mourinho is the first choice for Real Madrid’s new coach, and the madman is likely to return to the Bernabeu in 2024! Florentino’s big plan is about to take shape, and a new generation of Galaxy warships can accept any challenge.

According to RMC Sport, Zidane is getting closer to Juventus, and the French coach will not consider returning to Real Madrid to replace Ancelotti. In fact, Zidane has always been a popular candidate for Real Madrid’s new coach, but florentino has higher plans. For this reason, together with the fact that Zizu left the stadium for too long, Zidane finally chose Juventus. In addition, the invitation of Paris Saint-Germain has never been in Zidane’s plan.

The current difficulty is that allegri’s contract with Juventus will not expire until 2025. If Zidane goes to Juventus, the Bianconeri will have to fire allegri early. Allegri’s annual salary at Juve is 7 million euros, which means that Juve may have to pay at least 20 million euros to terminate the contract.

In fact, there is another important reason for Real Madrid to give up Zidane, that is, to get rid of Azar with the help of Zizu. The fact is, this move is very effective. According to the western media "DC" report, Azar has let go, and he accepted the suggestion of following Zidane to Juventus. The transfer fee of 115 million is just a performance, and Real Madrid has spent far more money on Azar. If Zidane hadn’t insisted on bringing Azar to the Bernabeu, Real Madrid wouldn’t have suffered this boring loss.

Like Zidane, Juve can’t afford Azar’s high salary. There are only two feasible options: Azar’s salary is greatly reduced or Real Madrid pays part of it. Theoretically, both schemes are possible, because Azar owes Real Madrid and the players have reason to make concessions. Real Madrid pays part of the salary, which is also beneficial to Real Madrid’s future plans, at least they can reduce some expenses. For Azar, this is also an act to save his career, because he has no playing time at Real Madrid.

Zidane goes to Juve, so who will take over from Ancelotti? Western media gave the answer a long time ago, and florentino’s first choice was Mourinho! Mourinho’s contract with Rome also expires in 2024, and the time is very consistent. In addition, Mourinho has achieved success in Rome, and it is not surprising that they can play in the Champions League next season. In terms of Rome’s strength, it is almost impossible for them to compete in the Champions League, but Mourinho is successful if he can appear in this series. There is no doubt that leaving Rome, Mourinho is worthy of the city.

2024 is a crucial year for Real Madrid! This summer, Real Madrid will focus on Mbappé and Harland, which is a brand-new Galaxy warship. Without an experienced helmsman, the warship is likely to sink. This is also the main reason why Real Madrid chose Mourinho instead of Zidane. Florentino has been paving the way for Real Madrid, and he plans to make Real Madrid almost invincible in the next 10 years. The term of office is about to expire. At that time, 78-year-old Lafayette can only help Real Madrid as a bystander!

News Calendar | April 23rd World Book Day

April 23 rd

World Book Day

I am full of life, and I am full of poetry and books.

The full name of "World Book Day" is "World Book and Copyright Day", also known as "World Book Day". The original idea came from the International Publishers Association. In 1995, UNESCO declared April 23rd as "World Reading Day", which was also the anniversary of the death of the famous Spanish writer Cervantes and the famous British writer Shakespeare.

The keynote declaration of World Reading Day is: "I hope that people scattered around the world, whether old or young, whether you are poor or rich, whether you are sick or healthy, can enjoy reading, respect and thank the masters of literature, culture and scientific thought who have made great contributions to human civilization, and can protect intellectual property rights."

As the window of China’s reform and opening-up, Shenzhen has been unswervingly promoting reading for all. In Shenzhen, block bookstores and specialty bookstores can be seen everywhere, and the mega-bookstore is the first to lead the trend; The library is always packed, and citizens line up to study; The annual Shenzhen Reading Month is a common "cultural carnival" for the citizens … Scenes of warm and comfortable reading witness the development of Shenzhen’s urban spirit.

In 2013, UNESCO awarded Shenzhen the title of "Global Model City for Reading for All", which is the highest honor that the organization awarded to global cities on reading for all.

Today in those days Shenzhen News

In 2021, Shenzhen was awarded the title of "City of Great Beauty" and "City of Comfort"

On April 23rd, 2021, the 2020-2021 "China Good Life City Release Ceremony" was held in Chengdu, and Shenzhen was awarded "Great Beauty City" and "Comfortable City". "China Good Life City Launch Ceremony" relies on the data of the largest survey of people’s livelihood feelings in the world-"China Good Life Survey", and the evaluation results are obtained by model calculation.

2019 Guangdong college entrance examination new plan announced

On April 23, 2019, the Information Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province held a press conference to inform that the provincial government issued the "Implementation Plan for Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of College Entrance Examination System in Guangdong Province" after being reviewed and filed by the Ministry of Education, marking the official launch of a new round of comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in Guangdong Province. The examination is divided into summer college entrance examination and spring college entrance examination, and the undergraduate examination subjects adopt the "3+1+2" model.

In 2011, Jingji 100 Building was capped.

On April 23, 2011, Jingji 100 Building, a key city construction project in Shenzhen, was successfully capped at a height of 441.8 meters, which set a new record for the highest building in Shenzhen at that time. In addition, 180,000 dreams from all walks of life were also sealed at the top floor of the building, and Jingji 100 became the first urban landmark building to record the "peak dream" of Chinese people.

Today’s species:gardenia


"Gardenia blossoms, so lovely, is a faint youthful pure love …" Walking on the streets of Pengcheng in early summer, the breeze is mixed with the long fragrance of flowers. It is gardenia.

Gardenia has a long history of cultivation in China, and it was planted artificially in the Han Dynasty. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Well, wine vessels are also. Zi resembles it, hence the name. The common saying is’ 中中’. " In ancient books, gardenia with double petals was called "white toad".

"Gardenia blossoms are as white as silver." The most obvious feature of gardenia is six white petals, which, together with jasmine and Prynne, is called "Three Whites" in the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River.

The fruit of gardenia is a famous dye since ancient times, which is used to smudge yellow. It was even used to dye the emperor’s robes in the Han Dynasty.

Gardenia’s white flowers and rich fragrance have left many good memories for people. In many areas, flower farmers will cut their own flowers and sell them, while girls will buy them back or tie them in their hair or keep them indoors.

Today’s celebrities

[China]Wei Yuan (April 23, 1794—March 26, 1857) was an enlightenment thinker, politician and writer in the Qing Dynasty. He believed that the theory of learning should be based on the principle of "putting the world into practice" and advocated learning advanced western science and technology. He was the first representative of intellectuals who "opened their eyes to see the world" in modern China. His Map of the Sea Country puts forward the central idea of "learning from foreigners to control foreigners", which is an epoch-making masterpiece.

Why Ancelotti, Guardiola and Mourinho are the three famous coaches in the European League?

Mourinho is one of them. The reason is very simple. With the investment of Rome now, he can lead the team to the top four of the Europa League, and the league is temporarily ranked fourth. After all, Juventus has been added back temporarily, which is already very good.

Mourinho’s achievements in Rome in the past two years are actually very successful. For many reasons, Rome could not bring in good players in the past two years, but Mourinho got some players such as Dibala on his own face, and this season’s Europa League has achieved good results with these players.

Champion of the Europa League, temporarily in the top four in Serie A and the top four in the Europa League this season. This achievement is very good for Rome now. Mourinho is indeed a powerful coach. After leading many games this season, Rome used intensive defensive counter-attack tactics and then succeeded. Mourinho is the only one of the three coaches who is short of funds.

Guardiola is also a successful coach. Perhaps many people say that anyone can go to Manchester City. Of course, it will not be so easy. There are many stars and the management of the locker room is also difficult.

Guardiola has won the championship every year since he led the team, which started when Barcelona coached. Of course, there are still three trophies in Manchester City, so there is still a chance to win the championship trophy this season. That’s what makes him great. Let Cancelo leave directly this season, which also shows his ability to manage the dressing room.

And judging from this performance, Guardiola may even win the Champions League trophy in Manchester City this season. If he does, it will be a dream come true. Although he has won the Champions League trophy before. The gap between the league and Arsenal has narrowed now, and it is even close to catching up, so Guardiola has entered the semi-finals of the Champions League for three consecutive years, and this result is also very convincing.

Carlo Ancelotti is also on the list, and it is really good that he can make such a Real Madrid enter the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Ancelotti is the most distinctive of these three people, because Ancelotti’s style is what players have, and if they are well kneaded, they will have good results. In fact, some veterans in Real Madrid have fallen sharply now, but the team’s performance is still ok. This is the ability. Ancelotti belongs to the relatively simple type of coach, but he has led Real Madrid to good results.

He led different teams to win the Champions League trophy and the League trophy, and this is even worse. Is that the only thing these three coaches can do? These are the three coaches who seem to be the strongest in Europe this season. They all made their teams play an extraordinary level and solved the problems when the team encountered injuries.

The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 2-1 at home 111-101, Morant scored 45 points and James was severely hit.

Dillon Brooks, This Is For You!

When the first quarter of Lakers Vs Grizzlies ended today, the score of 35-9 was matched with Dillon Brooks’ stiff expression on the bench. There is no better way to "speak with the game".

After winning the second game, he made a mockery of lebron james with a big mouth, and his face was too ugly.

Then today’s Grizzlies came up and were beaten by the Lakers with a single-quarter difference record (26 points) in playoff history.

People can’t help but think of the famous line in "Bright Sword":

"Xie Baoqing, Xie Baoqing, why do you say you provoke Li Yunlong?"

This game is the first time for the Lakers to welcome the audience to participate in the playoffs in Staples since 2013 (the 20-21 season was partially allowed), and the momentum shown by the Lakers after the opening not only stunned the Grizzlies, but also made the home fans high.

Of course, Morant, the Grizzlies’ main player, came back with an injury today, and the team didn’t want to give up easily. From the second quarter, the grizzly bear began a long journey to fill the pit.

In this section, Morant scored 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in a single quarter, gradually bringing the Grizzlies back to the game. However, when the Grizzlies hit 28-18 in a single quarter and narrowed the difference by 37-53 at the end of the half-time, Tommy Tam was alive again.

At the beginning of the second half, he violently hit LeBron’s "Little James" between his legs when he returned to the defense. As tough as LeBron, he fell to the ground.

Recently, it was the outlet for the League to crack down on the "fork". Harden was just punished two days ago, and Tommy Tam dared to hit the gun at this time, which is worthy of the title of "brain-dead".

The referee also satisfied him and directly left the game for a second-class malicious foul.

In this case, the Lakers played a slightly conservative way, and did not respond resolutely to the attack of the Grizzlies. Fortunately, Thick Eyebrows scored 15 points and 4 rebounds in this section to hold the opponent’s onslaught. The Lakers still lead 88-68 after three quarters.

However, it still gave the Grizzlies, especially Morant, hope to overtake. Morant, who was injured in the fourth quarter, completely started the "Bear King" mode. In this quarter, he made 9 of 12 shots, 6 of 3 shots and 4 of 22 points in a single quarter, and the immortal ball kept on leading the Grizzlies to fight back strongly, once catching up with 99-108 and reducing it to single digits.

However, the pit was dug too big in the early stage and eventually lost to the Lakers 101-111 away.

James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, Russell scored 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, Ba Cun Basement scored 16 points and 5 rebounds, and Reeves scored 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Morant scored 45 points, 9 boards and 13 assists, Bain scored 18 points and 5 boards, and jaren jackson scored 13 points and 5 boards.

The next match between the two teams will be held in Los Angeles in two days (4.25 Beijing time).

Defeated away, lost two games in a row! If Brother Alphabet doesn’t come back, the Heat will eliminate the Bucks.

The letter brother was injured for two games, which was a great opportunity for Middleton to prove himself. He was scolded in the regular season and had to look for face in the playoffs.

Why Wen is far from disappointing? You said he played well. The team is currently in a disadvantage position. You said he played poorly. The data also has a score of early 20. In the final analysis, it is not a matter of good or bad, but a matter of value or not.

A month ago, Middleton rejected the two-year 80 million renewal contract offered by the Bucks, and then asked for 150 million for three years. The negotiation was not very smooth, and this time it was even more hopeless.

The stag’s basic dish is on the letter brother. If he can play, the stag will flourish. On the contrary, it is mediocre. What matters is not the shooting, but the star. If Middleton insists on getting an annual salary of 50 million, it is very likely to leave the team in the offseason.

Regarding the Heat, we still insist on the previous speculation that losing to the Hawks in the play-off is not a lack of strength, but is deliberately picking the bucks to play, which is also in line with the temperament of this Heat.

Butler is cruel and cruel. You succeeded in revenge in the playoffs. This time, it’s my turn to perform.

Compared with the Celtics, the Heat is really better at fighting bucks. After all, the talent is not so bad, and it will not be too difficult to match.

Everyone in the green army can hold the ball, lock the double flowers and the rest of his teammates come forward. If you play bucks, you just need to focus on taking care of Brother Alphabet, even though Holliday is fierce in the regular season, in fact, the playoffs are also unpredictable.

As for Middleton, as I said at the beginning, it’s ok to be a deputy, but it’s hard to see him lead the team to reverse the direction of the whole series.

The Heat broke Hiro at the start, but there was also good news.

Binbin, who has been put on the trading shelf for many times due to state problems, has come back to life like a dead tree in the playoffs. At present, he made 10 of 13 three-pointers and hit an exaggerated 76.9%. Today, he scored 20 points in 24 minutes on his birthday night.

The lack of scoring points in attack is a long-standing problem for the Heat. It is really crucial that Binbin can stand up and play a role at this time. If he shoots accurately, Butler will feel great and the Heat will be able to return to the park.

If Brother Alphabet still can’t play in the next game, and holds the lead, but also continues to play at home and take down the match point, then the hope of this round of series black eight is very great.

If Black Eight succeeds, it will be another legendary chapter in Butler’s career, and then this matter is really hot.

When you set foot on your way home, your hometown is meaningful! They gave up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland.

All football players are obsessed with the World Cup, and the depth of this obsession is different. Some people can sacrifice many things in order to participate in the World Cup. They may give up the opportunity to fight for their motherland and become a planning football player, while others will try their best to stay healthy, or even deliberately foul and stop playing in order to perform better in the game. Some people will even do whatever it takes to compete for the highest honor in the football world, but others are willing to give up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland. These people are called fools.

In 2000, at the age of 13, Messi traveled across the ocean to Spain alone and joined the La Marcia Football Youth Training Camp in Barcelona. During the youth training camp, Messi showed amazing talent and skills, which opened his magnificent career as a player. After several years of hard training and unremitting efforts, Messi obtained Spanish nationality in 2005 and officially became a member of the Barcelona team. At that time, the Spanish Football Association couldn’t wait to throw an olive branch to Messi, but at the same time, the Argentine Football Association didn’t realize this rising genius on the other side of the ocean. Some coaches refused to recruit Messi into the national team, and some officials mistakenly wrote Messi’s name as Miki.

But even in the face of these obstacles, Messi, who has dual nationality, still chooses to represent Argentina in football matches. Messi once said that he was an Argentine and only wanted to play for the Argentine national team, so he finally became the representative of Pampas Eagle. At the same time, he also missed the opportunity to play in Spain and the era that belonged to the matador dynasty. If Messi had chosen to stick to Spain, he might have won the World Cup 12 years earlier than now. His road to the king of the ball may not be so tortuous and arduous, but Messi never regretted it.

Like Messi, Rakitic is also a football player with a high sense of responsibility and honor. His parents fled to Switzerland to escape the war and gave birth to him there. Although Rakitic was born in Switzerland, grew up there and made his debut in Barcelona Club, he always thought he was Croatia. When Swiss and Croatian Football Associations extended olive branches to Rakitic at the same time, he made a brave choice and joined the Croatian team without hesitation. Although Switzerland was a top team in the world all the year round, Rakitic still chose to represent his own shortcomings and not participate in the competition in the motherland. This decision symbolizes his high recognition of his lineage, culture and social responsibility.

At the same time, many people don’t understand Rakitic’s practice, but Harland, who is the most valuable in football, must feel the same way. Harland is one of the super stars who can rival Mbappé in today’s football. He has dual English and Norwegian citizenship. However, Harland chose to join the Norwegian team instead of the English team. Although many people think that if Harland wants to win more team honors like Mbappé, he should join the English team, Harland still chose to play for his native Norway. For Harland, the feelings of home and country are one of his most important things. Although team honor and football status are also very important, they are not closely related to his family, culture and hometown.

Harland was born and raised in Norway when he was young, so he was full of deep affection and recognition for his hometown and family. He is a child of Norway, with the blood of the glacier giant flowing in his body, and he will give everything for the Norwegian team. The world is never short of those who have given up higher honor for their motherland. They are not afraid of difficulties, and they do not regret their death, even if they suffer setbacks, they are indomitable. Some people laugh at them for being stupid, but they don’t know that these people deeply love their hometown and cultural traditions. Feelings are the power to inspire people to disperse the haze and ride the wind and waves. These seemingly stupid choices are the real reason why these people are great!

Courtois: We will fight for the league title until it is impossible, and hope to finish the season successfully.

Live on April 23 rd, Real Madrid beat Certa 2-0 at home in a La Liga match. After the match, Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois accepted an interview with DAZN.

-team performance

We have been in good shape recently. Although we made some mistakes in the game, the team finally won and scored 3 points. We have to move on.

-Dissatisfaction with teammates at the corner kick at the end of the game

There is something wrong with that corner kick … You saw that two opponents went to the corner flag area to make a short pass, but none of us responded. I know that the team should stand in a good position when defending the corner kick before the game, but we must push it out. If they score, the game will be in suspense again, and this will be because we made stupid mistakes, so we must stay serious until the end.

-put pressure on Barcelona

We will fight until the last game until the league title is impossible. The team has lost some points before, so we must try our best to win the next three games and then look at our points. The task of the team is to continue to win, and to keep a good feeling before the semi-final of the Champions League. The most important thing is to make everyone in good condition and finish the season successfully.

ChatGPT is more than just a chat bot.

From chat bots to large-scale language models to ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has not only been a research field, but has been integrated into our lives. ChatGPT became popular on the Internet within the first five days of its debut, with 1 million users. A large part of the concern around ChatGPT is what it can do.
If you want to ask me, what is the value of artificial intelligence ChatGPT besides chat robots? I will tell you without hesitation: there are many more.

1. Text generation makes the language more vivid.

ChatGPT has a wide range of applications in text generation, such as helping people to automatically generate various types of texts, such as news reports, novels, papers, emails, short messages and so on.

Article creation

It can automatically generate high-quality articles according to the theme, style, tone and other elements, edit and modify them, and help writers, journalists, marketers and so on to quickly generate the first draft of articles, saving a lot of time and energy. Improve the quality of articles.

I want to write a modern science fiction novel with the theme of predicting the future. Please give me an outline of the article.

machine translation

While maintaining sentence structure and semantics, we can quickly translate one language into another, including common European languages, Asian languages, Middle Eastern languages and African languages. This is very useful for cross-language communication and cross-cultural communication, and helps people better understand different cultures and values.

Dialogue generation

ChatGPT can use the information and context collected in previous conversations to predict the next possible answer according to the probability model. Maintain consistency and fluency, so that users feel that they are communicating with real people. It plays a great role in intelligent customer service, chat robot, voice interaction and so on.

2. Intelligent sorting and quick tabulation

Sorting and tabulation are very important problems in computer science and are widely used in many fields. ChatGPT provides more efficient and accurate solutions for practical work scenes through natural language processing and machine learning technology.

Sorting aspect

ChatGPT can generate a new list sorted according to specific rules based on the entered numeric or text list. For example, it can be sorted by number size or alphabetical order, or by a custom rule. It extracts key information from user input through natural language understanding, and uses machine learning algorithm to generate ranking results. Users can get the sorting results more quickly without having to write the sorting algorithm manually.


With the input data information, ChatGPT can generate tables or charts, and summarize and calculate the data. For example, according to the input sales data, it can generate a sales report classified by product or region, and calculate the total sales and average sales for each category, thus helping sales personnel to obtain visual results more quickly and understand and analyze the data more easily.

In addition, ChatGPT can also generate automatic summaries and keywords according to the input text, thus helping users to understand and analyze a large amount of text data more quickly. These functions can improve the work efficiency and accuracy in the field of computer science and provide users with more convenient and intelligent tools.

3. Role-playing, mock interview

ChatGPT’s application in simulated interview includes simulating the roles of interviewer and candidate, generating questions and answers, and simulating different interview situations and scenarios to help candidates better prepare for real interviews. This can provide a more realistic interview experience and help candidates understand the interview process and their performance in different situations.

In addition, ChatGPT can also be used to simulate various interview situations and scenarios. For example, simulate the situation of answering questions in a nervous situation, simulate the situation that the interviewer asks complex or challenging questions, or answer more convincingly when the interviewer asks questions. Through these simulations, candidates can better understand their performance in various situations and make full preparations for the real interview.

4. Help programmers find problems quickly and provide solutions.

ChatGPT also plays an important role in helping programmers find code bugs. Programmers often encounter various problems when writing code, such as logical errors, grammatical errors, algorithm problems and so on, which will affect the performance and stability of the code. ChatGPT provides programmers with effective auxiliary tools through natural language processing and machine learning technology to help them locate and solve problems faster.

Specifically, ChatGPT will generate possible answers to questions and fix code bugs according to code fragments and questions provided by programmers. Through natural language understanding, key information is extracted from programmers’ questions and combined with code fragments to generate possible answers, thus helping programmers find solutions to problems faster and improving work efficiency and code quality.

In addition, ChatGPT will use advanced machine learning technology to provide more accurate and targeted problem-solving solutions by learning and analyzing a large number of code bases and development documents, so that programmers can solve problems faster and improve their programming skills.

5. Inspired, the design is no longer monotonous.

The application of ChatGPT in design will help designers to better carry out creative thinking, design concept discussion, scheme formulation and design draft optimization, and improve the efficiency of designers and the quality of design works.

The source of creative inspiration and the formulation of design scheme

Designers can get related words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs by inputting design-related keywords, thus helping designers to broaden their thinking, broaden their horizons and gain more inspiration and creativity. Further providing detailed information and requirements about the design scheme, such as brand name, positioning, target users, design elements, etc., will generate some design schemes based on this information, helping designers to work out the schemes more quickly.

Discussion on design concept and conception

The designer asked ChatGPT some open questions, such as "How to embody the cultural values of the brand in the design?" "How to combine design elements with user experience?" ChatGPT will generate a series of thoughts and suggestions on these issues to help designers explore and think deeply about design concepts.

6. Excel auxiliary application

ChatGPT can help users complete such work as data analysis, chart making, formula calculation, pivot table, macro writing, etc., and improve users’ work efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, ChatGPT will also provide skills and suggestions on the use of Excel to help users better use Excel to complete various tasks.

7. Music creation

We can use ChatGPT to generate lyrics, melodies, chords, rhythms and other elements to assist music creation. At the same time, it can also be used as a creative inspiration tool to generate creativity and inspiration by inputting some keywords or themes, which can help musicians broaden their thinking and improve their creative efficiency. In addition, ChatGPT can also be used in natural language processing and music analysis in the music field to support the development of the music industry.

Since the development of artificial intelligence, it has changed from simple data simulation to intelligent driving. ChatGPT is not just a chat robot, it is providing services for us in a brand-new way, and its diversified ability can make this new technology improve efficiency and quality for both individuals and enterprises.

Feasibility study report on the construction project of intelligent agricultural machinery research and development center and agricultural machinery cloud platform

1. Project overview

This project plans to build an intelligent agricultural machinery R&D center and an agricultural machinery cloud platform by leasing R&D office space, purchasing advanced R&D and testing software and hardware equipment, and introducing high-level R&D personnel. The main research and development directions of intelligent application system of agricultural machinery include: machine condition monitoring system, intelligent (precise) operation control system (automatic alignment operation system, precision sowing control system, automatic film cutting and spreading system, adaptive intelligent variable spraying control system), online monitoring system of agricultural machinery subsoiling precision operation, intelligent early warning system, intelligent visual identification system and automatic driving system based on Beidou.

In terms of agricultural machinery cloud platform, advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will be used to develop and build agricultural machinery cloud platform. The agricultural machinery cloud platform of this project includes five layers: perception layer, transport layer, platform layer, application layer and presentation layer, in which the big data platform of the platform layer and the application subsystem/module of the agricultural machinery cloud platform of the application layer are the focus of research and development. As an application support platform, big data platform has the functions of massive data collection, storage, analysis, visualization and so on, which provides support for various system functions and services in the application layer.

The application layer has two major functional systems, namely "intelligent IOT management" and "comprehensive transaction service". The specific application subsystems/modules of agricultural machinery cloud platform include intelligent agricultural machinery information management system, intelligent online monitoring system of agricultural machinery precision operation, remote intelligent early warning system, intelligent agricultural machinery monitoring and dispatching system, intelligent farmland information system, expert decision support system, government subsidy auxiliary decision-making system, comprehensive transaction system, etc., which are used as agricultural machinery owners, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers, agricultural enterprises and agricultural machinery enterprises.

2. Necessity of project implementation

(1) Respond to the national smart agriculture development strategy and seize development opportunities.

In 2014, China put forward the concept of "smart agriculture". In 2016, smart agriculture was written into the "No.1 Document of the Central Committee" for the first time, which indicates that the development of smart agriculture in China has risen to the height of national economic strategy. According to the concept of industrial development, smart agriculture takes information and knowledge as production factors, and through the deep cross-border integration of information technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with agriculture, it realizes information perception, quantitative decision-making, intelligent control, precise investment and personalized service in the whole process of agricultural production. It is an advanced stage of agricultural informatization development from digitalization to networking to intelligence, and it is an important trend of modern agriculture. It is also an inevitable choice for China to realize agricultural modernization and accelerate the transformation from an agricultural power to an agricultural power.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is an important strategic opportunity to promote the digital and intelligent all-round development of agriculture and rural areas. As a leading enterprise in the field of cotton planting machinery in China, Bo Shiran is committed to becoming a practitioner of the development of smart agricultural machinery and smart agriculture in China. In order to conform to the trend of the times and seize the development opportunities, the company needs to increase the investment in R&D and innovation of intelligent agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery cloud platform with the help of this project. Through the implementation of this project, the company will form a series of scientific and technological achievements of agricultural machinery intelligent application system, which will help to realize the intelligentization of agricultural machinery and equipment in the whole process of cotton planting, and will build an agricultural machinery cloud platform, which will greatly improve the company’s platform service ability.

(2) Improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery of the company and the country, and enhance the value of agricultural machinery.

Intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment is an advanced type of agricultural machinery and equipment that integrates high and new technologies such as machinery, electronics, hydraulics and information, and realizes automation, informationization and intelligence. It has the characteristics of strong function, high working efficiency, safety, comfort and reliability, reducing agricultural materials and labor consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and is an important development direction of agricultural machinery and equipment industry in the future.

In recent years, the state has issued a number of policies to strongly support the application of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, intelligent control and satellite navigation in agricultural machinery equipment and agricultural machinery operations; This project will develop a series of advanced intelligent application systems for agricultural machinery control and monitoring, including machine condition monitoring system, intelligent (precision) operation control system, online monitoring system for agricultural machinery subsoiling and precision operation, intelligent early warning system, intelligent visual recognition system and automatic driving system based on Beidou, which will greatly improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery equipment in the whole cotton planting process of the company, realize the all-round transition from "mechanization" to "intelligence", and greatly enhance the agricultural machinery value and product competitiveness.

(3) Build the ecological information center of intelligent agricultural machinery and realize the platform service ability of the company.

With the popularization and application of intelligent agricultural machinery in China, intelligent agricultural machinery will produce a large number of agricultural machinery operation data in the process of operation, and with the help of intelligent sensing terminals, a large number of farmland, soil and crop information data can be sensed and collected. The data resources of agricultural machinery, farmland, soil and crops are of great value, but at this stage, because China’s smart agriculture as a whole is still in its infancy, the overall development level is low, and the data resources of agricultural machinery, farmland, soil and crops are still in a relatively isolated and scattered state, which makes it difficult to exert their value.

Agricultural machinery cloud platform is the foundation and important tool for the collection and utilization of massive agricultural data resources. Through the application of big data mining analysis, virtualization technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the agricultural machinery cloud platform can provide a series of platform-based functional services such as intelligent agricultural machinery operation status monitoring, fault diagnosis, maintenance monitoring, precision operation online monitoring, remote intelligent early warning, remote intelligent monitoring and scheduling. At the same time, it can also realize the digital docking and information sharing of supply and demand resources of agricultural machinery ecological resources circle participants such as agricultural machinery owners, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers, agricultural enterprises, agricultural machinery enterprises, financial and insurance institutions, and provide them with a series of platform-based functional services such as customized business push, subsidy-assisted decision-making, supply and demand docking of farmland agricultural machinery operations, and agricultural materials trading.

The establishment of agricultural machinery cloud platform will help to promote the digitalization, intelligent connection and effective integration of data resources of agricultural machinery, farmland, agricultural machinery owners, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers, agricultural materials and other whole industrial chains, break the phenomenon of information islands in various fields of intelligent agricultural machinery ecology, thus building an intelligent agricultural machinery ecological information center and further enhancing the company’s platform service capability.

(4) an important carrier to realize the company’s leap-forward development and long-term sustainable development.

At present, the company has formed a series of cotton planting machinery products. In the core product cotton harvester, it has realized intelligence with the application of intelligent technologies and systems such as electronic monitoring system, integrated operating system, remote start-stop control and satellite navigation. However, there is still much room for intelligent improvement in the aspects of intelligent monitoring of machine state, intelligent operation control, intelligent early warning, intelligent visual recognition and automatic driving. In addition, the company’s current business is mainly to provide complete machine products and after-sales service, and it needs to further increase investment in the overall solution and platform service capability of intelligent agricultural machinery industry.

This project will introduce a series of high-end R&D talents by taking advantage of talents in Shanghai, which will effectively break through the bottleneck of the company’s high-end technical talents, significantly improve the company’s independent R&D ability and high-tech achievements transformation ability, and help the company greatly improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery and equipment products and the platform comprehensive service ability during the whole cotton planting process.

Through the implementation of this project, the company will become the leader and enabler of digital, intelligent and intelligent changes in agricultural machinery ecology, and effectively enhance the company’s core competitiveness and industry influence. It will help the company to change from an agricultural machinery manufacturer to an intelligent agricultural machinery integrated solution service provider, realize the company’s progress to a technology-based and platform-based enterprise, and be conducive to the company’s long-term sustainable development.

3. Feasibility analysis of the project

(1) A good policy environment provides favorable conditions for project implementation.

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the development of intelligent agriculture and intelligent agricultural machinery, including rural revitalization strategy, rural industrial development planning, agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery and equipment development guidance, the No.1 document of the Central Committee, the national 14 th Five-Year Development Plan and other related policies, which clearly encourage and support the development of intelligent agricultural machinery and intelligent agriculture.

It is clearly stated in relevant policies such as Digital Agriculture and Rural Development Plan (2019-2025), National Rural Industry Development Plan (2020-2025), Implementation Plan for Industrialization of Key Technologies of Modern Agricultural Machinery, Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Industry, Fourteenth Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Outline of Long-term Goals in 2035. Encourage research and development of key equipment technologies and intelligent control systems such as autonomous navigation of agricultural machinery, intelligent precision operation, intelligent operation monitoring and remote intelligent operation and maintenance management of agricultural machinery, promote the integrated application of intelligent sensing, intelligent analysis and intelligent control technologies and equipment, accelerate the research and development and industrialization of core components such as intelligent systems, and improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Support the deep integration of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, intelligent control and satellite positioning with agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing technology and agricultural production and operation, support the construction of intelligent agricultural machinery Internet of Things platform and agricultural machinery operation and maintenance big data platform, accelerate the popularization and application of agricultural machinery operation monitoring, maintenance diagnosis, remote dispatching and other information service platforms, improve the informationization, mechanization and intelligence level of agricultural production process, and accelerate the development and construction of smart agriculture.

This project will focus on the research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery application system and agricultural machinery cloud platform, and the above policies have pointed out the direction for the construction of this project. The construction of this project meets the requirements of national rural revitalization, rural industrial development, agricultural machinery and equipment development and national economy, and a good national policy environment provides favorable conditions for the implementation of this project.

(2) Good application and implementation environment creates conditions for the development of the project.

This project mainly includes the research and development of agricultural machinery intelligent application system and the construction of agricultural machinery cloud platform. The main goal of the research and development of agricultural machinery intelligent application system is to form a series of scientific and technological achievements of agricultural machinery intelligent application system, realize the intelligence of agricultural machinery equipment in the whole cotton planting process of the company, greatly enhance the agricultural machinery value and product competitiveness of the company’s own products, and increase the promotion and application of the industry on this basis; The construction of agricultural machinery cloud platform is to effectively collect agricultural machinery and other agricultural machinery ecological related data resources, build an intelligent agricultural machinery ecological information center, and provide a series of platform-based functional services for agricultural machinery ecological participants with the help of technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

This project has a good application and implementation environment. Mainly as follows:

First, at the company level, as a leading enterprise in the field of cotton planting machinery in China, the company has formed rich accumulation in the field of cotton planting machinery with cotton harvester as its core product, and has good manufacturing capacity and market stock base, which has created good implementation conditions for the application of the intelligent application system of the project in the whole machine.

Secondly, at present, the overall intelligent development degree of agricultural machinery and equipment in the whole cotton planting process in China is low, and the intelligent application system of agricultural machinery has a good application prospect in this field.

Thirdly, at the level of agricultural machinery ecology, there are massive data resources in agricultural machinery, farmland and other links in the agricultural machinery ecology, which need to be effectively integrated and brought into play. Agricultural machinery ecological participants such as agricultural machinery owners, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers, agricultural machinery enterprises and agricultural enterprises have a large number of demand and supply services such as agricultural machinery intelligent control, mechanized crop harvesting services, agricultural machinery and agricultural resources supply, which need to be fully and effectively connected digitally to realize online resource docking and trading, which has laid a good foundation for the construction and implementation of agricultural machinery cloud platform.

Therefore, this project has a good application and implementation environment, which creates conditions for the development of the project.

(3) Perfect technical innovation mechanism and quality control experience provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of this project.

The company attaches great importance to technological research and innovation, and insists on relying on technological innovation to improve product quality and enhance enterprise competitiveness. After years of development, the company has formed a relatively perfect technological innovation mechanism such as R&D system, project management system and incentive mechanism.

The company has formulated the Control Procedure for New Product Design and Development, which regulates the whole process of design and development of new products and technologies from market research, project review, project establishment and project execution, ensuring the smooth development of products and technologies and realizing the scientific and standardized management of R&D projects. At the same time, the company has adopted necessary incentive systems and measures for R&D personnel, process technicians, production management personnel and other employees in various departments.

Reward the achievements of technology R&D innovation, production process optimization and benefit transformation of new products in different degrees, and actively guide research and development personnel, skilled workers and production management personnel to keep up with technology development trends and be close to market demand in R&D, so as to improve the success rate and market benefit of R&D, thus forming an effective incentive mechanism for R&D innovation and improving the enthusiasm and initiative of R&D personnel.

Perfect R&D system, project management system and incentive mechanism can effectively guarantee the smooth implementation of the company’s R&D projects, help stabilize the professional talent team, and then improve the development efficiency of the company’s new products, technologies and services. Therefore, the company’s perfect technological innovation mechanism will provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of this project.

(4) The rapid development of a new generation of information technology and intelligent control technology provides a guarantee for the implementation of the project.

In terms of next-generation information technology, with the rapid development of next-generation information technologies such as Internet of Things, Zhilian.com, big data and cloud computing in China and the increasing demand for new-generation information technologies in all walks of life, the technologies of Internet of Things, Zhilian.com, big data and cloud computing have penetrated into all walks of life. The application and popularization of new generation information technologies such as Internet of Things, Zhilian.com, big data and cloud computing are also accelerating. In terms of intelligent control technology, after years of development in China, the development of related disciplines, basic theoretical research and industrial machinery applications is also improving. With the gradual maturity of the application of related technologies, China’s new generation of technical personnel in the field of information and intelligent control has become more and more abundant, which has provided a guarantee for the implementation of this project.

4. Project investment estimate

(1) investment composition

The total investment of this project is 146,616,600 yuan, which includes 75,411,200 yuan for R&D and implementation, 54,199,000 yuan for software and hardware equipment purchase, 8,432,700 yuan for venue lease, 1,592,000 yuan for decoration project and 6,981,700 yuan for basic preparation.

5. Project site selection and construction scheme

(1) Project site selection

This project intends to obtain the project R&D office space in caohejing Emerging Technology Development Zone by lease. The relevant high-tech enterprises in this area are gathered, the transportation is convenient, the talent supply is sufficient, and it has a good location advantage. The project will be implemented in three years.

(2) Main raw materials and consumption of the project

The main raw materials of this project are all kinds of sensors, controllers, driving motors, display screens, etc., and the market supply is sufficient. The power consumption of this project is mainly electricity, and the infrastructure where the project is located is complete and the power and energy supply is guaranteed.

6. Environmental protection and measures taken

This project is an intelligent agricultural machinery R&D center and agricultural machinery cloud platform construction project, which mainly carries out the research and development of agricultural machinery intelligent application system and agricultural machinery cloud platform. The site used in the project is obtained through lease, and does not involve civil engineering; In the operation stage of the project, no industrial processing and manufacturing links are involved, and there is no industrial pollution discharge. During the operation of the project, a small amount of domestic garbage will be generated, which will be disposed by special cleaning and sanitation, and the generated domestic wastewater will be treated reasonably by sewage pipes, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

7. Economic benefit analysis of the project

The project itself does not directly bring economic income. The implementation of the project will greatly improve the intelligent level of the company’s products and the company’s platform service ability, help to enhance the company’s research and development strength, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness and industry influence, thus indirectly generating benefits for the company.

This report is a public part, and it is necessary to customize the feasibility study report for government projects, bank loans, investment decisions and other purposes to consult Sihan Industrial Research Institute.

Tesla investors’ day talks about the concept of "three self" products defined by automobile robots

At Tesla’s first investor day, Musk once again made a surprising statement: "Tesla cars are robots on wheels, and no one and no company can approach Tesla’s level in real-world AI." As soon as this was said, the two major topics of AI and robotics once again triggered industry discussions.
At the beginning of 2023, other new forces, such as ideals, also said that they should build systematic capabilities around AI robots. "Intelligent electric vehicles with autonomous driving will also become the earliest artificial intelligence robots."
From the perspective of the whole automobile industry, it is the concentration that first puts forward the advanced concept of "automobile robot". As early as the beginning of its establishment in 2021, Jidu took "automobile robot" as its product positioning, and automobile robot has also become another product masterpiece under the Geely SEA framework.
Objectively speaking, Musk’s statement made the world see the tremendous changes that AI technology has brought to the automobile industry, and also strengthened the development trend of "robot" of automobiles.

"Automobile robot" conforms to the future development trend, and "three self" is the basic attribute.

"No AI, no intelligence" has become the consensus of the automobile industry. In the past, fossil energy was the core power source of automobiles in the era of fuel vehicles 1.0, and electric vehicles 2.0 were driven by electricity. In the current era of smart cars 3.0, the underlying driving force came from AI technology.

Like Musk, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, always emphasizes that AI technology is the "soul" when he mentions "car robot". Xia Yiping once said, "The era of smart car 3.0 is the era of automobile robots. The starting point of the era change is that the’ driving right’ of automobiles is transferred from human beings to AI, and AI drives the evolution of automobiles." Concentration also defines the basic attributes of "automobile robot", that is, "free movement, natural communication and self-growth", which has also become the product concept of concentration automobile robot.
Why do you want to divide it like this? This is actually due to the nature that automobile robots are both cars and robots. When a car has the brain of AI, it is no longer just a simple means of transportation, but a "robot" with self-thinking and powerful ability. Therefore, automobile robots must first be able to "move freely" and rely on high-order intelligent driving to drive to where they need to go; Secondly, we should have enough high-level intelligent interaction ability, constantly understand the new needs of users, and complete effective communication and action execution; Finally, it can continue to grow through the learning of big data, understand users more and more, and improve its ability boundary.
From this point of view, "automobile robot" does not have to look like a human body, but whether it has the "three-self" ability. Even if it becomes human, it still can’t escape this underlying logic. Just like Tesla’s humanoid robot, it must be able to walk on its own, communicate smoothly, and learn and evolve continuously.

In addition to the standard demonstration of concentration, have car companies gone out of another new path? At present, not yet.

Whether Tesla said "cars are robots on wheels" or "artificial intelligence robots" that he wanted to build, or even independent brands directly label their products with "car robots", in fact, they are all different expressions of the same logic.

From hardware-led to software-defined, automobile is actually a transfer from automobile attributes to robot attributes. The advancement of intelligence must not be achieved overnight, and it needs a long-term accumulation process. Although everyone is called a "robot", their abilities may differ by a hundred thousand miles.

Compared with Tesla and other followers, Jidu, as the pioneer of new species of automobile robots, has integrated AI genes into the product concept of "three self".

Geely SEA’s vast architecture is fully redundant in terms of space, electricity, intelligence, autonomous driving, safety and performance. Therefore, the centralized automobile robot also has a considerable degree of freedom, which can integrate higher-order intelligent capabilities and further improve the "three-self" level of automobile robots.

Specific to the function, the centralized high-level intelligent driving is empowered by Baidu Apollo’s L4-level automatic driving technology, and one of the core functions, point-to-point navigation assistance PPA, can meet the "free movement" in most daily use scenarios. High-level intelligent interaction is supported by off-line voice, touch, visual recognition and other multi-touch interactions to realize "natural communication" in any scene. Among them, the global off-line voice interaction recognition speed is 500ms, the response speed is within 700ms, and it can be used smoothly even when the network is disconnected. In addition, based on the underlying technical support accumulated by Baidu AI in the past 10 years, Jidu automobile robot can continuously learn and "grow up" according to user behavior habits and driving data.

Although the birth of automobile robot is defined by software, it is equally excellent in mechanical quality. As Jidu automobile robot is another masterpiece of Geely SEA’s vast architecture, it is "of the same ancestry" with Volvo, Polar Star and Lotus in terms of mechanical performance and safety guarantee, and the quality of the whole vehicle is directed at international luxury brands.
In addition, Geely’s manufacturing technology has also reached the international first-class level. For example, Geely Hangzhou Bay Smart Factory integrates advanced manufacturing technologies such as 5G, AI and industrial big data, and the four production workshops are highly automated. As the first batch of "future factories" in Zhejiang Province, Geely Hangzhou Bay Smart Factory has become a "new model" for China’s intellectual creation.

It is conceivable that the product quality of Jidu automobile robot created by Geely’s excellent craftsmanship is worthy of recognition.

In the real version of Iron Man and Jarvis, Jidu automobile robot will take the lead in applying the China version of ChatGPT.

If Jarvis, the smart and reliable AI housekeeper in Iron Man, depicts the ultimate form of artificial intelligence in the future for us. Then, with the gradual maturity of AI empowerment and core technologies, automotive robots are turning Jarvis in the movie into the reality of the automotive industry.
ChatGPT-like application of Baidu Wenxin is a turning point. It can be said that with ChatGPT, AI’s empowerment for the automotive industry has evolved.

As an AI conversation model, ChatGPT has a natural connection with cars, which has the potential imagination to subvert the voice assistant in the intelligent cockpit.

On February 14th this year, Jidu announced that it would integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxin to create the world’s first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for smart car scenes, so as to support automotive robots to achieve further progress in natural communication. As the first "crab-eating" brand, Jidu’s move has also brought unprecedented changes to smart cars.
The reason why Jiji was able to announce that it was the first to realize the first launch of ChatGPT-like technology is also because the pure-blood automobile robot of Geely SEA has already possessed high-level intelligent capability. A smarter smart car can access more powerful AI capabilities, which is a condition that traditional cars do not have. Simply put, a tractor can’t match a Boeing engine.

As we all know, Jidu is the first car company to introduce Qualcomm 8295 into the cockpit, and it is also the first to localize the AI algorithm, which can ensure the efficient response speed of cockpit interaction even in the scene of poor network environment or even disconnection.

At present, the voice interaction of most car companies can not be separated from the dependence on the network, and there is still a distance from "natural communication".

At present, the pre-embedding of hardware by Jidu automobile robot in advance, coupled with the empowerment of Wen Xin in a word, means that the product concept of "natural communication" will be pushed to a new height.

In the face of new technology, both traditional car companies and new forces are struggling to seize the opportunity to seize the commanding heights of the industry. With the continuous empowerment of AI technology, the application of intelligent interaction not only enhances the brand image and experience, but also accelerates the digital transformation process of the automotive industry, laying the foundation for the advanced automotive robots.
With all parties in the industrial chain, including car companies and Internet giants, the pace from technology research and development to commercialization is unprecedented. Geely SEA’s vast architecture of integrated "automobile robots" is also being imitated by more and more industry partners and gradually "integrated".