When you set foot on your way home, your hometown is meaningful! They gave up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland.

When you set foot on your way home, your hometown is meaningful! They gave up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland.

All football players are obsessed with the World Cup, and the depth of this obsession is different. Some people can sacrifice many things in order to participate in the World Cup. They may give up the opportunity to fight for their motherland and become a planning football player, while others will try their best to stay healthy, or even deliberately foul and stop playing in order to perform better in the game. Some people will even do whatever it takes to compete for the highest honor in the football world, but others are willing to give up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland. These people are called fools.

In 2000, at the age of 13, Messi traveled across the ocean to Spain alone and joined the La Marcia Football Youth Training Camp in Barcelona. During the youth training camp, Messi showed amazing talent and skills, which opened his magnificent career as a player. After several years of hard training and unremitting efforts, Messi obtained Spanish nationality in 2005 and officially became a member of the Barcelona team. At that time, the Spanish Football Association couldn’t wait to throw an olive branch to Messi, but at the same time, the Argentine Football Association didn’t realize this rising genius on the other side of the ocean. Some coaches refused to recruit Messi into the national team, and some officials mistakenly wrote Messi’s name as Miki.

But even in the face of these obstacles, Messi, who has dual nationality, still chooses to represent Argentina in football matches. Messi once said that he was an Argentine and only wanted to play for the Argentine national team, so he finally became the representative of Pampas Eagle. At the same time, he also missed the opportunity to play in Spain and the era that belonged to the matador dynasty. If Messi had chosen to stick to Spain, he might have won the World Cup 12 years earlier than now. His road to the king of the ball may not be so tortuous and arduous, but Messi never regretted it.

Like Messi, Rakitic is also a football player with a high sense of responsibility and honor. His parents fled to Switzerland to escape the war and gave birth to him there. Although Rakitic was born in Switzerland, grew up there and made his debut in Barcelona Club, he always thought he was Croatia. When Swiss and Croatian Football Associations extended olive branches to Rakitic at the same time, he made a brave choice and joined the Croatian team without hesitation. Although Switzerland was a top team in the world all the year round, Rakitic still chose to represent his own shortcomings and not participate in the competition in the motherland. This decision symbolizes his high recognition of his lineage, culture and social responsibility.

At the same time, many people don’t understand Rakitic’s practice, but Harland, who is the most valuable in football, must feel the same way. Harland is one of the super stars who can rival Mbappé in today’s football. He has dual English and Norwegian citizenship. However, Harland chose to join the Norwegian team instead of the English team. Although many people think that if Harland wants to win more team honors like Mbappé, he should join the English team, Harland still chose to play for his native Norway. For Harland, the feelings of home and country are one of his most important things. Although team honor and football status are also very important, they are not closely related to his family, culture and hometown.

Harland was born and raised in Norway when he was young, so he was full of deep affection and recognition for his hometown and family. He is a child of Norway, with the blood of the glacier giant flowing in his body, and he will give everything for the Norwegian team. The world is never short of those who have given up higher honor for their motherland. They are not afraid of difficulties, and they do not regret their death, even if they suffer setbacks, they are indomitable. Some people laugh at them for being stupid, but they don’t know that these people deeply love their hometown and cultural traditions. Feelings are the power to inspire people to disperse the haze and ride the wind and waves. These seemingly stupid choices are the real reason why these people are great!


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