Thank you, Zidane! 115 million nail houses let go, Mourinho is happy, and Real Madrid has no worries for 10 years.

Thank you, Zidane! 115 million nail houses let go, Mourinho is happy, and Real Madrid has no worries for 10 years.

Real Madrid finally found a solution to Azar’s "problem", thank you, Zidane! RMC Sport’s report made Real Madrid fans ecstatic. Although they will lose the legendary coach of the Champions League for three consecutive years, they can finally say goodbye to Azar! In addition, there is good news: Mourinho is the first choice for Real Madrid’s new coach, and the madman is likely to return to the Bernabeu in 2024! Florentino’s big plan is about to take shape, and a new generation of Galaxy warships can accept any challenge.

According to RMC Sport, Zidane is getting closer to Juventus, and the French coach will not consider returning to Real Madrid to replace Ancelotti. In fact, Zidane has always been a popular candidate for Real Madrid’s new coach, but florentino has higher plans. For this reason, together with the fact that Zizu left the stadium for too long, Zidane finally chose Juventus. In addition, the invitation of Paris Saint-Germain has never been in Zidane’s plan.

The current difficulty is that allegri’s contract with Juventus will not expire until 2025. If Zidane goes to Juventus, the Bianconeri will have to fire allegri early. Allegri’s annual salary at Juve is 7 million euros, which means that Juve may have to pay at least 20 million euros to terminate the contract.

In fact, there is another important reason for Real Madrid to give up Zidane, that is, to get rid of Azar with the help of Zizu. The fact is, this move is very effective. According to the western media "DC" report, Azar has let go, and he accepted the suggestion of following Zidane to Juventus. The transfer fee of 115 million is just a performance, and Real Madrid has spent far more money on Azar. If Zidane hadn’t insisted on bringing Azar to the Bernabeu, Real Madrid wouldn’t have suffered this boring loss.

Like Zidane, Juve can’t afford Azar’s high salary. There are only two feasible options: Azar’s salary is greatly reduced or Real Madrid pays part of it. Theoretically, both schemes are possible, because Azar owes Real Madrid and the players have reason to make concessions. Real Madrid pays part of the salary, which is also beneficial to Real Madrid’s future plans, at least they can reduce some expenses. For Azar, this is also an act to save his career, because he has no playing time at Real Madrid.

Zidane goes to Juve, so who will take over from Ancelotti? Western media gave the answer a long time ago, and florentino’s first choice was Mourinho! Mourinho’s contract with Rome also expires in 2024, and the time is very consistent. In addition, Mourinho has achieved success in Rome, and it is not surprising that they can play in the Champions League next season. In terms of Rome’s strength, it is almost impossible for them to compete in the Champions League, but Mourinho is successful if he can appear in this series. There is no doubt that leaving Rome, Mourinho is worthy of the city.

2024 is a crucial year for Real Madrid! This summer, Real Madrid will focus on Mbappé and Harland, which is a brand-new Galaxy warship. Without an experienced helmsman, the warship is likely to sink. This is also the main reason why Real Madrid chose Mourinho instead of Zidane. Florentino has been paving the way for Real Madrid, and he plans to make Real Madrid almost invincible in the next 10 years. The term of office is about to expire. At that time, 78-year-old Lafayette can only help Real Madrid as a bystander!


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