Hot search on "children’s A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded …

Hot search on "children’s A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded …

  It’s winter.

  High incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in children

  At the end of this year and the beginning of this year

  Many children spend their time with a fever.

  The proportion of a stream has dropped.

  The number of patients with B-flow increased.

  Today, "children’s A stream just happened to recruit B stream"

  Boarded the first place in hot search

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  At Hangzhou Children’s Hospital

  The reporter learned that the temperature has warmed up during this time.

  The virus is active.

  Hospital fever clinic maintains high operation.

  The average daily consultation volume exceeds 1000.

  "Most of them are respiratory diseases,

  Mainly stream A or stream B,

  There are also a few adenoviruses,

  And respiratory syncytial virus.

  And mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. "

  Zhaowei, deputy director of the outpatient department of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital, said

  The proportion of children recently diagnosed with swine flu

  From 30% to 20%

  However, B-stream has an obvious upward trend.

  From the original 2% to 15%

  "A lot of children have just the right front foot.

  The hind foot was infected with B-stream. "

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Source: Hangzhou Children’s Hospital

  According to CCTV news

  Recently, the reporter learned from Shanghai Children’s Hospital that

  The recent test results of outpatient and emergency patients in this hospital show that

  The total number of influenza patients has not changed much recently.

  But the number of patients with swine flu has decreased.

  B-stream patients are on the increase.

  According to Shanghai Children’s Hospital

  Recent test results of outpatients and emergency patients

  The flu in recent times

  There is no change in the total number of patients

  But in the proportion of influenza patients in outpatient and emergency departments,

  The proportion of B flow is less than 10% at the beginning of December.

  It has risen to more than 40% in recent days.

  There is little difference between stream A and stream B.

  The doctor advised not to test yourself at home.

  Zhaowei, deputy director of the outpatient department of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital, said that influenza B is the influenza caused by influenza B virus. It is characterized by acute onset, rapid change, chills and fever, and the body temperature may rise rapidly within a few hours to 24 hours, reaching 39℃~40℃ or even higher. It is also accompanied by other symptoms, such as headache, body aches, fatigue and loss of appetite. Respiratory symptoms are mild, but there will be symptoms, such as dry throat and sore throat, dry cough, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.

  The sick children are mainly concentrated in the school-age stage, and most of them are clustered infections. The children in the younger age are mainly infected by other family members because of the limited activity places.

  "There is little difference between the symptoms of A stream and B stream, so it is difficult to distinguish them according to clinical manifestations, and it is still necessary to cooperate with tests to diagnose them. It’s convenient to buy flu detection reagents now. Some parents worry that the hospital will take a long time to test their children at home, but the process of sample collection of some parents is not standardized, and there may be a’ false negative’ situation, thus delaying treatment. "zhaowei said," A stream and B stream have corresponding antiviral drugs. The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. It is still recommended to bring the children to the hospital for examination and make a diagnosis combined with blood routine. "

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Many parents are worried.

  How long can children go back to school after their fever has gone down?

  "It is not recommended to let children take drugs to prevent when students around them are infected with the flu."
Zhaowei pointed out that it is impossible to prevent the school staff from gathering, so they can’t take medicine all the time. They should give priority to self-defense by physical means and wear masks in closed spaces. Schools should remind all classes to ventilate and do a good job of disinfection. If the child has no obvious flu symptoms after 48 hours of flu fever, and the cough is not severe, wearing a mask can go back to school.

  There are two children in the family. When one of them is infected with B-stream, a relatively fixed family member should take care of the child as much as possible and pay attention to personal protection. When in close contact with the patient, a mask should be worn. Other family members should try their best to reduce contact with children with B-stream, especially uninfected children, and try their best to reduce contact with children. After direct contact with children, or after handling articles used by children and touching respiratory secretions, you should use detergents or disinfectants to disinfect your hands. Room ventilation is also very important.

  In view of the prevalence of respiratory infectious diseases, zhaowei reminded that clothes should be changed in time according to the weather changes, and the diet should pay attention to balanced nutrition, regular work and rest, not to be too tired, and enhance their own resistance. "If you are sick, you should be treated as early as possible, and try to make early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment."

  This anti-flu medicine is on fire.

  Doctor’s urgent reminder

  As the flu season continues

  An anti-influenza drug called mabaloxavir.

  Appear frequently in the public eye

  Because it is convenient to take and takes effect quickly

  Become the first choice for many flu patients.

Hot search on "children's A stream just happens to be recruited by B stream"! The doctor urgently reminded ...

  Weng Weidong, chief physician, director of infectious diseases department of Zhejiang Tongde Hospital, introduced that mabaloxavir and oseltamivir are both drugs for treating influenza. Taking them within 48 hours after being infected with influenza virus can alleviate symptoms, shorten the course of disease and reduce the incidence of complications.

  Compared with the treatment scheme that oseltamivir needs to be taken twice a day for 5 days, mabaloxavir can control the disease only once during the treatment because of its long half-life of metabolites. "Many patients who favor mabaloxavir are also interested in its convenience."

  However, not everyone is suitable for Mabalojave. "oseltamivir has been on the market for a long time in China, with a large number of evidence-based medicine, relatively cheap price and better accessibility. If the patient is a child under 5 years old or a pregnant woman, we generally choose oseltamivir. In addition, people with severe liver and kidney dysfunction should use mabaloxavir with caution. " In Weng Weidong’s view, not everyone must eat it after getting the flu. "Don’t deify them."

  In view of the fact that some citizens have reported that it is difficult to buy mabaloxavir in online pharmacies, the reporter learned from several provincial hospitals that there is no shortage of drugs at present, and citizens do not need to worry about not using drugs. However, both mabaloxavir and oseltamivir are prescription drugs and should be used under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists. Self-medication is not recommended.

  Synthesis: Zhejiang News, Tide News, CCTV News, People’s Daily, etc.

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