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It took her ten years to make Celine the love of women.

  Lead: Who is the most popular with women among today’s big-name designers? If you don’t know Phoebe Philo, it’s not too late. (Article source: Bund Fashion)

Phoebe Philo

  When the news that she left the creative director of Céline was confirmed, there was a "cry" on social media, and many media and commentators paid tribute to Phoebe Philo with "the end of an era".

Céline of Phoebe Philo

  Fans are more anxious: Without Phoebe Philo’s Céline, can you buy it in buy buy with confidence?

  It is precisely because of this that Céline’s spring and summer of 2018, as the last show of her term, has attracted the attention of the whole world. I have to say, she brought us an outstanding closing performance.

  It is after this show that the new sales of 2018 have increased greatly.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018

  These smart wide shoulder pads are the best witness.

Wide padded shoulder coat

  The most amazing thing is that a few matching double-layer cloak coats, leaving only one button at the neckline, are very cool when walking. This is purely about the beauty of fashion art.

Double cloak coat

  Why do we miss Phoebe Philo so much? It all started 20 years ago.

  From Chloé to Céline,

  The glory of Phoebe Philo began.

  Phoebe, an Englishman born in Paris, graduated from Central Saint Martin at the age of 23. She entered Chloé in 1997 and became an assistant to Stella McCartney, then creative director.

  With excellent taste and design skills, she quickly grew into the second-in-command of brand design in Chloé.

Phoebe Philo, then Stella McCartney's design assistant, in 2000

  In 2001, Stella McCartney left Chloé and started her own business.

  While everyone was speculating who would be Stella’s successor, the brand directly announced the appointment of 27-year-old Phoebe as the new design director.

Stella McCartney & Phoebe Philo

  Since then, Phoebe’s high-waisted jeans, lolita fashion’s doll dresses and wooden wedge-heeled shoes have become the signature items of Chloé.

Phoebe's debut in Chloé
Phoebe's debut in Chloé

  Then, Phoebe suggested to the brand executives to expand Chloé’ s business to the field of bag accessories, so the turnover of handbag accessories began to become the main force of Chloé’ s profit.

  As a result, several classic It Bag were born, such as Paddington and Edith series bags.

Paddington Paddington bags
Edith series bags

  It is said that the first batch of Paddington Paddington bags had been booked before they were actually put on the shelves.

  At that time, Phoebe’s design had its own climate, giving priority to pragmatism, and instead of chasing the trend, it became a trendsetter. 

Chloé 2004 Spring/Summer Series Conference Closing Ceremony

  In 2004, she can be said to be the winner of a double harvest in her love career-she married Max Wigram, an art dealer, and in the same year, she won the designer of the year award of the British Fashion Awards with her impressive sales performance.

  Two years later, Phoebe made an amazing decision to resign from Chloé and devote herself to her family.

  After leaving Chloé for two years, Phoebe was immersed in a sweet family life.

  It was not until 2008 that LVMH invited her to come out of the mountain to save the crumbling Céline at that time that she returned to the public eye.

  However, as a condition, Phoebe asked to stay in Paris only two days a week, and continue to complete the design in London the rest of the time, so that she could continue to accompany her children.

Phoebe Philo's daughter is really super cute!

  Phoebe’s brand debut is the 2010 early spring holiday series released in the form of Lookbook. From this series, we can see the change of her "female identity".

  From a girl to a mother, the design style has also changed from a "girl" to an "independent and powerful commuter woman", but she has always been herself.

Céline 2010 Early Spring Vacation Series

  Let’s take a look at her first fashion collection. This show is mainly based on a large number of earth colors, and the silhouette and leather materials are sharply cut, which has won the first fans for Phoebe.

  Phoebe, who often shows people in a simple and capable style, is simply the best spokesperson of Céline. She has a cold temperament in her bones, a little shy but a firm eye.

The curtain call of the first show of Céline brand

  And this photo of her show curtain call wearing turtle neck, black slim pants and Stan Smith is still regarded as a classic moment.

  This style has also led the trend for a long time, and Stan Smith has become a must-have item for fashionistas.

  Putting your hair in turtle neck is also a styling inspiration that I learned from Phoebe.

  Besides being a fashion designer, Phoebe is more like a fashion idol. Her design seems to take herself as a model of inspiration, and the design origin also falls on her.

  Phoebe’s style in LVMH Prize, she also likes to wear a coat in private.

  As she said in the interview after her debut:

  "My dress style reflects me, and these clothes are an extension of my own style.

  I want to build a wardrobe for women instead of chasing the so-called trend. I want to solve the problem. "

  Looking back at Phoebe’s ten years in Céline, this original intention has always been regarded as her creed in design and creation, and she has carried it out to the end.

  So-called feminism is like this. Take yourself as a starting point to understand the real needs of women.

  If you want to know the private life story of Phoebe Philo, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  Because she is too low-key, there is no out-of-the-box high-profile remarks and gossip, and she does not rely too much on social media. She does not have her own INS account, and she lives in seclusion and speaks by her works.

Phoebe Philo and her husband

  Even Céline, which she is in charge of, is so tonality, and there is no explosion joint name that grabs the front page, and there is no grand show device.

  Even when choosing a brand spokesperson, she is only willing to choose those women who can best embody the female spirit, such as Faye Wong, who has great personality and influence, which fits the brand spirit of Céline.

Phoebe Philo and Faye Wong.

  What classic items did Phoebe bring us?

  Phoebe Philo has no intention of chasing the trend, but always creates the trend and becomes the imitation object of others.

  However, her design is destined to belong to a carnival in a small group and become the heart of those who refuse kitsch, have strong personality and really appreciate the beauty of clothes.

Céline 2017 early spring

  Even though they may be expensive and mostly basic, they are fashionable clothes that will not go out of fashion.

  Phoebe’s design is by no means designed for women who just want to please men. Her clothes are full of design sense, durable and practical, but out of date, walking freely and meeting the needs of daily life.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

  Secondly, in her design, she also borrowed the inspiration of men’s tailoring.

  For example, those standard suits, deconstructed or spliced coats, and wide-leg pants, women’s strength has been embodied in these design details, and they have also become the classic design items of Céline.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018 Collection
Cé line Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

  In its brand debut, Phoebe launched a bag that is still popular today-Cé line Box.

Céline Box
Céline Box

  Then, continuing her magical power of creating "It Bag", Phoebe successively launched three bags that were too hot to work, namely:

  Twisted Cabas that can hold the whole world, Luggage, a smiling face bag with various It Bag lists, and Céline Trio, a small square bag.

Twisted Cabas
Smiling face bag Luggage
Céline Trio
Céline Trio

  Clasp handbags in the autumn and winter 2017 series have also entered the ranks of It Bag.

  On the front, the thin and flat shape seems to have no bright spot, and the slender metal buckle makes it look like a dry folder.

  However, it is this retro modern style in the 1950 s and the texture of jade that makes it a must-have bag for hipsters.

Clasp series handbags

  The spring and summer of 2018 can be said to be the world of transparent PVC materials. Several big brands have successively come up with the design of PVC materials, and PVC can be seen from clothing to bag accessories.

  This time, Phoebe decided to "rub" a wave of hot spots, and also launched a transparent handbag in her farewell work. The bag body was simply printed with the brand Logo and a few lines.

  However, this transparent handbag can not only be sold, but also must be bought with the small wallet inside, and now many shops have sold out, which is really priceless.

  The current trend of "ugly shoes" can be traced back to the source, and it was also brought by Phoebe.

  As early as Cé line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, she brought fur slippers and furry high heels.

  Now, if you look at Gucci’s fur loafers or Fenty Puma’s Mao Mao slippers, do you see the shadow of Céline?

  Phoebe’s It Bag, or It Shoes, is actually inspired by clothing history or some national bag accessories, and then redesigned the combination.

  For example, this shoe inspired by Moroccan Babouche slippers, the soles and uppers are made of soft leather, which is particularly good to wear, so it has become a famous "local product".

  In the early spring series of Céline 2016, Phoebe brought an upgraded version of Babouche, with crossed shoelaces, pointed toe caps and a soft and comfortable sense of wearing on the feet. As soon as it was released, it was immediately sought after by many fashionable girls.

  Also belonging to It Shoes, there is a thick heel shoe dubbed "Grandma’s Shoes".

  It also uses soft leather as the vamp, and the elastic band is added at the mouth of the shoe. After wearing it, the foot will be completely wrapped, and the thick heel that looks very heavy makes it like the shoes in grandma’s shoe cabinet, hence the nickname.

Phoebe is wearing grandma's shoes.

  Phoebe’s classic designs in Céline are by no means just those we have listed, and there are still many that have not been listed one by one.

  The autumn and winter 2018 series released not long ago, although completed by the brand team, continues Phoebe’s design style well.

  Anyway, Phoebe’s farewell has become a reality. We still have to look forward to Hedi Slimane’s debut in Céline in September and pay close attention to Phoebe Philo’s next move.

A "Strong Dialogue" between Human Wisdom and Artificial Intelligence —— CCTV’s science and technology challenge program "Wit is Extraordinary" will appear at the end of August.

Program recording site

  Cctv news(Reporter Liu Chunyan) Who is the "three-point king" with higher shooting percentage, Jeremy Lin, the superstar of the National Professional Basketball League, and the robotic arm controlled by sensors through the identification system? Can a drone equipped with a "brain" escape the smash of badminton player Bao Chunlai? In the first original scientific challenge program focusing on artificial intelligence in China, "Wit Beyond Man", a "strong dialogue" between human intelligence and artificial intelligence will be staged here, and the whole society will witness these processes and find the answer.

  The combination of science and art: four highlights

  On August 2nd, a news conference was held at the recording site of the phenomenal artificial intelligence program "Wit Beyond Man" co-sponsored by CCTV and China Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as CAS) and jointly produced by CCTV Comprehensive Channel and Changjiang Culture. This is by far the largest TV science popularization project involving the most extensive AI field and the largest number of researchers. It will be premiered in the prime time of CCTV-1 at the end of August.

  "Smart" aims to awaken people’s scientific curiosity through experiential interaction, show the future with artificial intelligence scientific and technological achievements, explore the boundary between human and AI capabilities, and explore the possibility of the relationship between them.

  It changes the cold posture of popular science programs, combines the rigor and interest of science, and focuses on "four highlights": science and big coffee help each other, "the strongest human" all debut, AI’s unique tricks, and original dance beauty. Combine "four characteristics": scientific, rigorous, interesting and authoritative.

  Zhang Guofei, deputy director of CCTV’s comprehensive channel, said in his speech: "Science is serious, and art is romantic and imaginative. It is our dream to try to open the channel between science and art and combine them to make the world better."

Wit witness group

Wit witness group

  Create two camps of "Wit Witness" and "the strongest human"

  The program also strives to build two camps, namely "Wit Witness Group" and "the strongest human". "Wit Witness Group" integrates various perspectives from the scientific, media and social circles. At present, the team members include scientists such as Yao Qizhi, Zhang Jianwei and Xu Ying, a researcher of Beidou navigation system of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as Ke Jie, the youngest four-time champion in the history of Go in the world, a nine-stage Go player who has had a man-machine battle with AlphaGo, CCTV host Sa Beining and film actor Jiang Yiyan, etc. Everyone will ask questions from their own perspective based on their own experience and understanding.

  At the press conference, members of Wit Witness Group told their stories about science and technology.

  Zhang Jianwei, an academician of Hamburg Academy of Sciences and director of the Cognitive Center of Shenzhen Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "With the development of artificial intelligence, we have achieved breakthroughs in game and recognition of artificial intelligence by using big data, but the distance of artificial intelligence in the physical world plus sensing and decision-making still has a long way to go. Through this program form, people can realize the development prospects of artificial intelligence and how far the combination of the physical world is."

  Xu Ying, a researcher of Beidou Navigation System of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that he came to the program hoping to see the reconciliation between "the strongest human being" and the strongest wisdom, and hoped to spread the seeds of artificial intelligence to more people and cultivate more teams with three generations.

  Jiang Yiyan, a film and television actress, said that the public has a lot of thirst and questions about science and technology, and she asked them with these questions. "Robots appeared for the first time in the sci-fi movie Metropolis, and with the development of science and technology, the technology in many movies has been gradually realized. I also hope that the progress of science and technology will gradually bring changes and influences to life, so that more people can be freed from mechanized labor and feel more subtle emotions."

  Sa Beining, the host of CCTV, said that the witness group could ask questions from its own perspective. For example, the shooting robot arm misses every shot, and Jiang Yiyan asks: How about the robot arm hitting nobody? Asking questions from people in different fields can open more windows and let people see the difference between today and the future.

  In the program, the "strongest human" team, which consists of Jeremy Lin, the superstar of the National Professional Basketball League, Bao Chunlai, the national badminton player, Zhao Zhongxiang, the host of CCTV, and Lin Yu, the chief simulation portrait expert of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, will challenge artificial intelligence.

  Bao Chunlai was very excited in the confrontation with the drone to play badminton. "In the past, in the training competition, the opponents were all people. This time it was a machine, and it felt very enjoyable. In my impression, artificial intelligence exists in TV and movies, and it can be very close to life. "

  Special idea: the audience floating in the air

Stage scene map

Stage scene map

  Creativity and content have achieved a "strong alliance", but how to show it?

  When people walk into the recording scene, they will find that the design and construction of dancing beauty such as the suspended audience seats in "Wit Beyond Man" presents a strong sense of science and technology and the future.

  The 11 "spaceships" on the recording site can accommodate 506 spectators. "Just now, in the audience, some people said that they had come to see how the audience got on. We used coercion wire to hang it, and the audience recorded it for two or three hours from the ladder. " General director Chen Qiyi said.

  The audience boarded the "spaceship" and had to fasten their seat belts after sitting firmly. Many people think they have entered the House of Representatives of Star Wars Rico Lausanne.

  The robotic arm held up the four corners of the ground to form a pyramid, and the cool opening made the host Gao Bo shout: "This is the coolest opening since I hosted my career! I seem to be from Mars. "

  "From the beauty design to the reality, the restoration degree of this beauty effect has reached 100%, which is better than we expected." Chen Qiyi, the general director, said: "In the past, we all had to learn from and copy from foreign countries, and there was little originality. Can China people make original programs? I think there is! This program is our answer, and I hope this stage can become the iconic symbol of "Wit". "

  As a popular science program focusing on artificial intelligence, "Wit Beyond Man" aims to become an accelerator in the innovation relay race, popularize scientific knowledge, spread scientific spirit, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the scientific literacy of the whole people, release the innovative wisdom of the whole people, and stimulate the innovative power of the whole people.

  It is reported that the program will end with an AI Festival, and CCTV and China Academy of Sciences will jointly award the "Wit Pioneer" award. All artificial intelligence projects that win in the program will have the opportunity to win the annual award.

People who swim for a long time will receive these four "surprises". Do you know which one?

The summer solstice has just passed, and many places are "surrounded" by high temperature. How to cool off the heat has become a topic that everyone talks about after dinner.

When it comes to cooling off summer heat, many people will choose swimming besides eating iced watermelons and ice cream and hiding in air-conditioned rooms.

Swimming is not only cool, but also helpful to health, but swimming incorrectly may also cause "trouble".

So, what benefits can swimming bring? What should I pay attention to when I swim?

1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

The British "International Journal of Water Sports Research and Education" has clearly pointed out that swimming is rightEnhance human heart and lung functionIt has positive significance.

Because when swimming, the friction of water on the human body will strengthen the heart.Blood reflux velocityAt the same time, increase the heart and brainBlood transfusion volumeIt can prevent and even treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Step 2 lose weight and shape

When swimming, the resistance in water is in the air.12 timesIt takes great physical strength to overcome it.

In this process, the excess in the bodyFat and glycogenWill be consumed and eventually play a rolelose weightThe purpose.

At the same time, swimming asSystemic exerciseLong-term persistence can also achieve the effect of shaping.

Step 3 reduce asthma

Swimming is good for improving the nervous system.Thermoregulation functionEnhance the adaptability of the human body to cold and hot changes, especially children, after swimming often.Physical fitness and disease resistance of organismWill be improved and reduce the onset of asthma.

4. Joint protection and lumbar protection

The weight of people in water is only one-eighth of that on land, so there is basically no load on the joints when swimming, which also helpsEnhance bone mineral densitySo swimming can not only make the body fully active, but alsoWill not hurt the joints..

In addition, the buoyancy generated in the water makes the human spine horizontal, which canReduce the burden on the spine, reduce the pressure on the neck and lumbar spine, there areLumbar protectionThe role of.

Swimming has always been regarded as a sport suitable for all ages, but we should still pay attention to safety during swimming, especially to prevent these three diseases.

First, sudden deathThe swimming intensity is too high, which exceeds the heart load. At this time,Cardiac insufficiencySudden death may occur. The doctor suggested,Overtime, physical exhaustionPeople had better not go swimming.

In addition,Variation of water temperatureExtremely easy to causeSevere contraction of blood vesselsAnd increase the incidence of sudden death, so in addition to fully warming up before swimming, we should also pay attention.After getting used to the water temperature.Swimming again.

Second, vaginitisThe swimming pool is a public place. If women swim in an unclean swimming pool, they may get infected with bacteria.Reduce the mechanism of vaginal anti-bacteriaAnd cause vaginitis problems.

Advise women toRegular swimming poolSwimming, and want toStaggered menstrual periodAt the same time, avoid direct contact with the ground.

Third, molluscum contagiosumThe water monkey is an infectious skin disease. Because of the large number of people in the swimming pool, if disinfection is not thorough, a large number of germs may breed and cross-infect.

Swimming is good, but some people try not to swim.

  • Patients with heart disease, including congenital heart disease, untreated coronary heart disease, viral myocarditis and so on. This kind of patient swims vigorously and may appear.Insufficient oxygen and blood supply to the heartProblem, very easy.arrhythmiaAnd even sudden death.
  • Patients with emphysema (chronic bronchitis). When swimming, the water pressure will increase the pressure on the chest and abdomen, leading to the appearance of patients.Dyspnea, hypoxiaIsopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Ear disease patient. When swimming, water will enter the human ear canal or bring in a lot of bacteria, which will aggravate ear diseases.
  • epileptic. In the process of swimming, it is very dangerous if epilepsy suddenly occurs.

  • Red eye patient. Pink eye disease is caused by bacterial infection and can spread quickly in water.
  • Dermatological patient. Including all kindsTinea, allergic dermatosisAnd so on, may aggravate their own condition at the same time, the disease will be transmitted to others.
  • Menstrual women. During menstruation, bacteria are more likely to enter women’s uterus and cause infection problems, which in turn leads to women.Irregular menstruation, vaginitis and other problems.

Before swimming, you should do it wellAdequate warm-up exercise, helpImprove the excitability of the nervous systemAnd let the organs enter a state of movement to prevent palpitation, dizziness, shortness of breath and other phenomena after entering the water, andIncrease the range of joint motionAvoid cramps or joint injuries during swimming.

Second, rememberDon’t swim on an empty stomach, there may be physical exhaustion, causing accidents.

In addition,Swim immediately after strenuous exercise.It is also taboo, because the swimming heart load will increase infinitely at this time, and the body temperature will plummet, which maycatch coldIn addition, it can also cause severe contraction of blood vessels, leading toSudden death.

It is also very important that we shouldChoose places with more people.Swimming, especiallyOld people, beginners and children., should put an end to swimming alone, it is best to swim together with family and friends.

Swimming can not only cool down and relieve summer heat, but also exercise, which has many benefits. However, before swimming, we must make adequate preparations and exercise, and at the same time pay attention to the swimming time should not be too long.


[1] You don’t know so many benefits of swimming? ".People’s Network-Popular Science China. 2016-10-10

[2] Prevention of Sudden Death in Swimming Season. Health Times.2016-05-05

Reprinting is prohibited without the permission and authorization of the author.

Illustration of baseball rules

There is a non-folding line on the left side of each base. If you run 5 meters after getting on the base, you can’t turn back to the original base unless someone is on the previous base bag.

If the strike is not more than 5 m in the court, it is also a foul ball. Count a good ball and strike again. If it is the third good ball, strike out.

The batter stepped on the orange bag when running the base, and stepped on the white bag after getting on the base. All the defenders stepped on the white bag.

When the fly ball is caught, only the batter is ruled out, and all other base runner will return to the original base bag and start over.

After the defender steps on the base bag after streetball, base runner is banned from the game. There is no need to touch and kill base runner, and the game continues.

Don’t slip off the base, leave the base or steal the base. All of them will be judged as out. base runner can only leave the base after the batter hits the ball.

The home plate of the batting seat in the official competition must be made of white rubber, and the red safety plate is extended backwards directly below.

Map of Lele Baseball Field (Elementary Edition)

Baseball competition rules

First, the provisions of the strike and run:

# When swinging, be sure to make sure the surrounding clearance before swinging.

1. When hitting, you can try but not exceed the ball. Otherwise, you will score a good ball.

2. When hitting, you can’t swing the stick after the run-up. Otherwise, you will get a good ball.

3. After the second strike, swing an empty bat or hit a foul ball, and still strike out.

4. The attacking team must step on the orange base plate when rushing to the base, and the defending team must step on the white base plate.

5, do not use sacrificial touch, offenders plan a good ball to continue to hit.

6. Don’t slide the base. Sliding the base will be ruled out regardless of the result.

7. Don’t leave the base or steal the base. base runner must step on the base plate after getting on the base and wait for the batter to hit the ball before leaving the base. Otherwise, he will be sentenced out.

8. If the batting approach is less than 5 meters, a foul ball will be awarded, and one ball will be counted.

9. The result of throwing the stick is not judged out, but it is necessary to warn you to throw the stick and force the substitution.

10, base runner ran to the next base more than 5 meters can’t turn back the line, you must continue to move forward, unless the plate has other base runner.

Second, the defense regulations:

Players should avoid colliding with each other, and the catcher should stand back three meters to defend.

1. The official game adopts the 9-player system. If the starter is replaced, he can play again. After the alternate player leaves the game, he is not allowed to play again.

2, the pitcher does not throw the ball and stands on the pitcher’s board to defend, but also has to hit the next game.

3. Before the batter swings, the defender can’t go ahead of the pitcher’s board to defend.

4. Don’t touch and kill. The defenders will all be banned by stepping on the base. If the ball touches base runner, it will not be ruled out, and the game will continue.

5. When infield players (including pitchers) stop catching base runner and return the ball to home plate or pitchers, base runner should not take the opportunity to start or provoke to leave the base, but should return to the occupied base plate and wait for the next bat to swing before moving forward.

Third, on base and out

Runners can step on the white base bag after getting on the base.

1, 3 strike out (including the third ball out of bounds) 3 strike out to change teams.

2. In addition to the fielder passing the ball, all base runner can walk a base.

3. After the fly ball is received, the batter is ruled out, and the game is stopped. It is not allowed to pass and kill base runner on other bases. All base runner must return to the original base (you can step on the white base) and wait for the next swing before moving forward.

Fourth, the outcome judgment:

1. The official game is limited to 6 minutes, and the team with more scores wins.

2. If the match is not finished within 50 minutes, the winner will be judged by the final score.

3. If the game is tied in six games, the seventh game can be extended when there is time left, and the deadlock breaking system is adopted. If not,

  The time is decided by the captains of both sides guessing fists or tossing coins.


Break through the deadlock system: the last three batters in the previous game occupy 1.2.3 bases respectively, and the game is played with two outs. After the outs, the offensive and defensive exchanges are made, and the one who scores more points wins.

Five, equipment regulations:

1. The bat is 70cm long, covered with PU foam, and has an anti-swing base at the bottom.

2, baseball is orange PU foam 70 grams weight 27 cm circumference.

3. The hitting base is a rubber white home plate with two retractable black pipes on it.

4. Each base is 38x38x0.7 cm square rubber double parallel base board.

5. Only use both hands to catch the ball when defending, and do not use gloves or hats to catch the ball.

There is a new version of the instant score of Football Lottery

  How this newspaper can provide fast and effective services for lottery players has become a new move of lottery co-buying platform. From this, 500WAN.com launched a new version of "instant score", so that lottery players can know the real-time situation of the football match in one minute.

  The new version of "instant score" has added links such as the analysis data preview of the match on the basis of the original four contents of viewing the match, rounds, home team and score, which is convenient for the lottery players to check or compare the corresponding match data while viewing the score and directly use the data. At the same time, the new version of the "instant score" also adds the live TV information of the game, which is convenient for lottery players to know the viewing trends of key events in a week, as well as the weather conditions and venue information on the day of the game. (Cai Ling)

Channel 6: Real Madrid is a light year away from Manchester City! Real Madrid will introduce Vlahovic in the summer, with an offer of over 100 million yuan.

Aspen reported that after the defeat of Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League, the club management of Real Madrid decided to strengthen their talents this summer. In the last two seasons, only Joao Armeni and Cammavinga have been brought in. Real Madrid will first introduce a strong striker this summer, and has already targeted Juventus striker Blakovic.

Blakovic’s technical features are a bit like Harland’s. The 190cm Serbian striker has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 41 appearances for Juventus in various competitions this season. Lachowicz is worth 75 million euros. Aspen reports that Real Madrid is ready to offer Juventus an offer of 100 million euros.

Real Madrid’s decision to bring in Vlahovic has something to do with Manchester City’s zero block in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, but florentino is particularly concerned about Benzema’s aging, and I think there is not enough front line in the team. The team will rely less and less on him.

After losing to Manchester City in the Champions League, Fran garrido, a guest of Channel 6, lamented: "Real Madrid’s Champions League DNA came from Manchester City, and it was completely shattered. You must know. " Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois is the best player in this game. Manchester City scored four goals, but courtois saved three winning goals from Harland. Without courtois’s outstanding performance, Real Madrid will face the most humiliating game in team history at Etihad Stadium. I think Manchester City is now light years ahead of Real Madrid.

In addition to Blakovic, Real Madrid are also seeking to strengthen their defense and midfield, and Bellingham has confirmed to join the team’s midfield lineup. Real Madrid’s defence will have two top full-backs, but the specific candidates have not yet been announced!

In 2023, 2.3 million people participated in the first month of the National Fitness Online Games, and the exposure exceeded 1.1 billion.

On May 20th, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games was launched for one month. According to statistics, more than 30 events have been launched (including finished events), and the number of direct participants has exceeded 2.3 million. The number of completion certificates for each event has exceeded 1.7 million, and the number of special page views of the event has exceeded 270 million. The exposure of related news dissemination in the whole network has exceeded 1.1 billion. In addition, 2000+ scientific fitness guidance videos were launched on the Mi Gu video platform.

One month after the launch of the national fitness online sports meeting, the number of participants, the amount of certificates issued and the media exposure of the event have increased significantly compared with the same period of last year, giving full play to the unique advantages of the Internet in promoting national fitness. Judging from the growth trend of the number of online events and the number of participants, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games will serve the grassroots fitness people more vertically and accurately, and further lower the technical threshold for people to participate in national fitness through innovative online participation. By introducing ice and snow events to cover the whole sports scene, this event is expected to achieve the goals of "participation of all ages" and new breakthroughs in the number of participants.

Highlights of the event: millions of employees of State Grid walked on foot, and 49 local football associations participated in the national football challenge.

As of May 20th, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been launched (including finished games) in more than 30 events, with more than 2.3 million participants. According to the sports, it is divided into five categories: cycling events, walking events, chess games, ball games and exhibition events, which basically cover the daily needs of the masses for sports and fitness scenes.

Among the running events, the China -2023 National Fitness Online Games, the "Walking the Grand Canal" National Fitness Walking, the 2023 Beijing Citizen Online Running Activity, the 2023 Vanke National City Music Running Competition, the healthy running for youth, the third "Iron Man China" online challenge and other events have aroused extensive participation of the masses, with a total number of participants exceeding 1.68 million, which is the sports event with the largest overall participation at present. In particular, a total of 1,003,400 employees of the World Wide Web participated in the online walking activity of "Learning 20 Striving New Journey" held by State Grid Platform S365 in 2023.

In the ball games, the National Football Challenge launched by China Football Association was officially launched on May 15th, and gained wide attention and participation. The preparatory work of China Football Association was earnest and solid, and special notices were issued to all member units in the country to encourage local football associations to participate. At present, 49 local football associations in China are actively organizing events, and the China Football Association also launched the AFC Grassroots Football Day-National Football Challenge event offline.

Highlights of communication: It was unanimously praised by all media, and Weibo’s topic reading broke 200 million.

The 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been highly concerned and widely praised by the media and the masses since its launch. As of May 20th, the exposure of the whole network media of the event has exceeded 1.1 billion. The central media, Internet portals, sports industry media, local newspapers and magazines, self-media and other media have all given continuous follow-up reports on the event activities, thus helping the event to achieve a comprehensive, vertical and three-dimensional full coverage communication.

After the 2023 National Fitness Online Games was launched on April 20th, dozens of central media, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, intensively reported the launching ceremony of the online games, and southern window and other media made in-depth original reports on the games. Interactive videos of badminton Olympic champion Chen Long, freestyle skiing winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, swimming Olympic champion Wang Shun, rhythmic gymnastics champion Dani and other athletes were launched on major short video platforms for the first time.

After the events of the 2023 National Fitness Games were launched one after another, the Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport, national individual sports associations, provincial and municipal sports bureaus, local sports associations, national college sports colleges, social instructors of various provinces and cities, and cooperation platforms of various events all carried out diversified fission communication in combination with their own actual conditions, thus making the 2023 National Fitness Online Games go deep into grassroots organizations and people such as grassroots communities, universities and grassroots associations.

Social media platforms represented by Weibo, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker have successfully helped the online national fitness games in 2023 to achieve accurate and vertical interactive communication. Taking Weibo as an example, the reading volume of related topics in Weibo has exceeded 200 million, including 91.27 million in #2023 National Fitness Online Games, 94.063 million in # Athlete Imitation Show and 24.45 million in # Outdoor Stadium Season. In addition, Weibo jointly promoted the topic # Fashion # with a reading volume of 1.51 billion and # Hello Mayday # with a reading volume of 660 million. On May 13-14, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games ranked among the recommended resources in Weibo, and on May 16, it was recommended by Weibo, which achieved the effect of circle-breaking communication.

Why did Sun Yingsha lose her crown in 0-4? Chen Meng told the truth, and Deng Yaping hit the nail on the head.

The highly anticipated Macau Championship is in full swing. On the other hand, the performance of Guoping is as strong as ever. Fans who watched the live broadcast know that China won the championship and runner-up in men’s and women’s singles. In men’s table tennis, Wang Chuqin defeated Japanese star Zhang Benzhihe again, successfully defending the honor of the national ball. Malone defeated a 19-year-old genius boy and reached the final. In women’s table tennis, Chen Meng defeated Sun Yingsha, and the state recovered. Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi to join forces with Chen Meng.

On the other hand, among the four semi-final matches, Sun Yingsha’s match against Chen Meng caused a lot of heated discussion among fans, and many fans wondered why Sun Yingsha lost the championship in 0-4. Fans who often pay attention to table tennis know that the women’s table tennis team has not had a new captain since Ding Ning retired. Nowadays, many fans think that Sun Yingsha’s time is coming and she is expected to be the captain of the women’s table tennis team. Therefore, Sun Yingsha’s match against Chen Meng is also considered as a struggle between the old and the new.

Since Sun Yingsha was coached by Qiu Yike, Sun Yingsha’s progress is visible to the naked eye, her backhand ability is strengthened, and with her invincible forehand and her brain playing, many fans are very optimistic about Sun Yingsha. After all, Chen Meng lost more games in the previous games, and Sun Yingsha played better than Chen Meng in recent games, so many fans were optimistic that Sun Yingsha could win the championship again before the game.

But the final result was that Chen Meng swept Sun Yingsha 4-0 to reach the final? Fans who watched the live broadcast knew that Sun Yingsha was not so excited about the game against Chen Meng. Although she was in the lead many times, she played fairly well at the crucial moment, giving Chen Meng many chances to get started. Obviously, Sun Yingsha’s desire for victory was not so great. After the game, Chen Meng told the truth in the interview. Chen Meng said:SallyLisa has played too many games recently, and she is very tired. Maybe her state has been affected, so she can’t play so well.

It’s true that Sun Yingsha has played many games recently, beating many foreign experts. The foreign war has not disappointed the fans, but playing high-intensity games continuously consumes Sasha a lot. In addition, Sun Yingsha’s feet were uncomfortable in previous games, so this time she may be in a bad state against Chen Meng. Attentive fans found that Qiu Yike, Sun Yingsha’s head coach, didn’t play with Sun Yingsha in the recent game. Now Sun Yingsha may be in a state of free-range, which definitely has an impact on Sun Yingsha.

Deng Yaping previously commented on Sun Yingsha’s game in the commentary. Deng Yaping previously said that the reason why China table tennis is strong is that we have an excellent team of coaches, who can study opponents and make reasonable plans before the game. Players are prone to get hot heads on the court, but the coach on the sidelines can be said to be calm, so Qiu Yike did not follow Sun Yingsha in the game, which still has a great impact on the outcome.

Of course, some fans think that the reason why Sun Yingsha lost 4-0 to Chen Meng may be thoroughly studied by Ma Lin. When it broke out that the players in the Macau Championship were trained, Ma Lin specially instructed Chen Meng one-on-one. After all, Ma Lin was Chen Meng’s mentor. At the same time, Chen Meng was born in 1994 and is now 29 years old. If she is defeated by Sun Yingsha this time, it will inevitably make people vomit that Chen Meng was walked to the World Table Tennis Championships. Therefore, this game is of great significance to Chen Meng. From all aspects, Sun Yingsha is more likely to lose.

Competitive sports is cruel because there is only one champion, and Sun Yingsha defeated Chen Meng 0-4. Personally, I think it is a little abnormal. According to Sun Yingsha’s strength, it is understandable to lose 2-4 or 3-4, but being swept 0-4 is not in line with Sun Yingsha’s strong personality. However, it is a fact that Sun Yingsha lost 4-0 to Chen Meng, and there is no win or loss for the big family of Guoping. After all, Sun Yingsha is called a foreign war hero in defending the honor of Guoping against foreign association players. Now losing to Chen Meng does not mean anything.

Whether it is Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Manyu Wang and others, the strength is even. If there is no injury, the outcome of the game depends more on the state of the scene, but it has to be said that Chen Meng is not dominant compared with Sun Yingsha and Manyu Wang, and the future belongs to Sun Yingsha, Manyu Wang and others, right?