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The computer must be installed with three masterpieces of Steam games, each of which is a boutique!

Today, I recommend three excellent game masterpieces on Steam.

The first paragraph: Fury 2. A masterpiece of shooting game, this game has a good picture, this game is for decompression, throw away all the accurate marksmanship and tactical play, and just do it directly. The gameplay is really refreshing and full of shooting sense. Don’t miss the end of shooting games. It’s super fun.

Paragraph 2: Resident Evil 3 remastered version. The quality of the game itself is good, except for the short process, there are basically no shortcomings. The game screen is very good, the rhythm is very fast, and the atmosphere is also very good. Players who like horror games should not miss it. It is super fun.

The third paragraph: The Legend of Ninja Dragon Sword. One of the most interesting act games on the computer, with good screen, smooth movement and strong sense of attack, is very challenging. Players who like hardcore games should not miss it.

Today is the whole content of this video. See you next time. Bye.

The reason for Yang Ming’s departure is exposed! Liao basket’s salary for renewing the contract is too shabby, and the new one is determined, and the salary is 10 times.

Although the CBA league will not start for more than a month, the news of China basketball has emerged in an endless stream recently, the most interesting of which is the news that Yang Ming, the coach of Liaoning men’s basketball team, officially broke up with the club.

As the coach of CBA team, 38-year-old Yang Ming is still very young, but he has already worn two CBA championship rings on his hand, which even Guo Shiqiang has never achieved. Of course, Yang Ming’s success in Liao basket was not entirely smooth sailing. In the summer of 2020, Guo Shiqiang announced his resignation after the Liaoning Basketball Team lost to Zhejiang Team. The Liaoning General Administration of Sports did not retain this meritorious coach, but promoted Yang Ming, who was only 35 years old at that time, to the position of head coach of the Liaoning Basketball Team.

In the middle of the league class, he was also a rookie head coach. In the first season after taking over the Liao basketball, Yang Ming was only a nominal head coach, and the real command was in the hands of Spanish teaching assistant Martinez. This season, the Guangdong men’s basketball team is still very brave, and Yi Jianlian, Ma Shang and weems are still at their peak, so the Liao basketball team was defeated by the Guangdong men’s basketball team in the finals and missed the CBA championship again.

In the next 2020-21 season, Yang Ming officially became the coach of Liao Basketball. In order to help Yang Ming grow up, Liaoning Sports Bureau invited back the coach Jiang Xingquan and Wu Naiqun, a famous player of Liao Basketball, to assist him. In addition, the Liao basketball team also introduced Fogg, which made the team’s inside and outside lineups stronger, and the Liao basketball team reached the finals without any suspense.

However, the Liao basketball team once again fell at the foot of the Guangdong men’s basketball team at the last minute of the championship. After missing the CBA championship again, Yang Ming offered to resign, but under the persuasion of Jiang Xingquan, he chose to stay.

Failure is the mother of success, after last season’s setbacks. Yang Ming grew up quickly. In the next 2021-22 season, he led the Liao basketball team to the finals in the league. At this time, the Guangdong men’s basketball team had begun to decline, and the opponent of the Liao basketball finals became Zhejiang Guangsha.

The strength of Guangsha team can’t be compared with that of Guangdong men’s basketball team in its peak period, so the Liao team swept its opponent 4-0 and won the second CBA championship in the club’s history, and 37-year-old Yang Ming finally made a name for himself.

Last season, coach Jiang Xingquan officially retired and went home to support himself, and Yang Ming began to shoulder all the burdens of the team by himself. In this regard, many fans think that the young Yang Ming can’t lead the Liao basketball team to successfully defend the title, but Yang Ming has made a strong counterattack with his success. After defeating Guangsha in the semi-final, Liao Basketball swept Zhejiang 4-0 again in the final, and successfully defended the CBA championship for the first time.

After three seasons’ experience, today’s Yang Ming has become more and more mature, and his tactical formulation and on-the-spot command are much more sophisticated than three years ago. It can be said that at least half of the credit for Liao Basketball’s successful defending should belong to Yang Ming.

As the most successful head coach in the history of Liao basketball, now Yang Ming has more chips to talk about the terms of contract renewal with the club. But after talking about it, the General Administration only offered Yang Ming a renewal contract with an annual salary of 500,000, which is too shabby for a CBA champion coach. Therefore, Yang Ming finally decided to leave the Liao basket that he had been sticking to for 20 years.

Recently, there have been many media reports that Yang Ming has found a new home-a CBA club in the south. Although these media didn’t name this southern club, considering that Guangdong and Guangzhou teams with Du Feng and Guo Shiqiang can’t change coaches, the Shanghai men’s basketball team has also decided to be coached by Liu Peng in the new season. Therefore, now only the Shenzhen men’s basketball team can have an affair with Yang Ming.

In recent seasons, the changes of Shenzhen team are very obvious, and they already have the strength to compete for the championship, but the coach has always been the biggest shortcoming of the team. Today, Yang Ming joined the Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team, which undoubtedly filled this short board. I believe that he is strong and will be able to manage a star player like Shen Zijie.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the salary offered by Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team to Yang Ming must be much higher than that of Liao Basketball Team, at least 10 times that of 500,000-5 million! Whether Yang Ming, who gets a high salary, can lead the Shenzhen men’s basketball team to win the CBA championship in the new season, let’s wait and see …

Warriors, Lakers brewing four-way deal! Dreaming for James, Butler, and Treyan?

The NBA playoffs were in full swing, and Drummond Green was suspended by the league for an irrational foul on King’s center Sabonis Jr. Although the Warriors were very dissatisfied with the punishment result, fortunately, Green’s absence did not stop the Warriors from winning. The bad news is that the NBA hates Green’s bad behavior, and the Warriors are no longer the favourites supported by the league, which casts a shadow over their championship prospects. Dreamcatcher’s contract expires in one year, and he will have the player option next season. The Warriors management wants to send him away, and this summer will be the best opportunity.

Recently, according to Eddie Bitar, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the Warriors, the Lakers, the Hawks and the Heat are expected to discuss a four-way trading offer this summer, which involves five players including Butler, Trey Young, Dreamcatcher Green, Collins, and a first-round draft pick. The specific trading plan is as follows: 1. The Warriors send Drummond Green to get John Coe. 2. The Lakers sent eight villages (sign first and then change) to get Drummond Green; 3. The Hawks sent Trey Young+John Collins to get the first round signing of Jimmy Butler+Bacun +2023 Heat; 4. The Heat sent Jimmy Butler+the Heat signed Trey Young in the first round in 2023.

For the Warriors, Collins is 25 years old, with a height of 2.06 meters, a wingspan of 2.11 meters and a weight of 103 kilograms. He is a power forward, playing 30 minutes per game this season, contributing 13.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1 block, and shooting 50.8%. He is a representative figure of the players in the era of small ball in today’s league. He has outstanding running and jumping ability, flying all over the court, soft shooting feel and various offensive means. On the defensive end, he dares to fight physically, can chase and defend the backcourt players with fast speed, and can perfectly match the infinite defense system of the Warriors coach Cole. With the aging of Curry, Clay Thompson, Green and others, the Warriors’ management is making great efforts to cultivate the younger generation represented by Poole, Wiggins and Kumingga. Collins meets the needs of the Warriors’ management in terms of age, experience and tactical integration.

Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, hopes to use James’ surplus value to bring the 18th championship trophy to Los Angeles, thus surpassing the Celtics to take the top spot in one fell swoop. Although he recruited a large number of powerful role players before the trade deadline this season, this Lakers team lacks a defensive gate like Green, PJ Tucker and Smart, which often makes them feel powerless whenever they hit the critical moment. The joining of Dream Chasing will solve this problem. He has always praised James’s strength. If he can cooperate in Los Angeles this time, the hope of the Lakers winning the championship will be increased to a certain extent.

The Hawks’ record this season is not as good as expected. Trey Young is not for sale in Atlanta. Not long ago, he was selected as the most overrated player in the league by the American media The Athletic, which made Trey Young’s situation more and more difficult. His agent team will discuss the future development direction of the team with Eagle management after the playoffs. Jimmy Butler is a famous tough guy in the league. He is very comprehensive in skills and confident in shooting. CIC has great lethality and is used to taking over the game at critical moments. In addition, he is also a top-level flank defense expert, with both body shape, attitude and consciousness. Butler is like a restless catfish, and his joining will disturb the whole fish pond of the Hawks. This transaction of the Hawks management is expected to bring them closer to the championship.

Chasing the light | Feel the scenery with running, and add a touch of green to "Suhe Half Horse"

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Chasing the light | Feel the scenery with running, and add a touch of green to "Suhe Half Horse"

"The first time I ran half a horse on the Suzhou River, the track was so beautiful!"

Liu Min, a female special guest.

Cross the finish line in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 19 seconds.

Become the champion of the women’s team in this competition.

But compared with the bright results that I ran out of.

Liu Min’s greatest feeling is the beautiful scenery on both sides of the track.

At 7 o’clock on April 22,

The morning sun shines on Jin Hui.

The 2023 Shanghai Suzhou River Half Marathon, which was held for the first time, started with the gun fired.

There are 4,000 participants in the competition.

Different from other events, it mainly uses municipal roads to plan the track.

The track of the first "Suhe Half Horse" was two thirds.

Located along the Suzhou River.

Mary crossed the finish line first.

Won the championship in 1 hour, 03 minutes and 46 seconds.

Liu Min became the first in the women’s group.

The race completion rate reached 98.78%

"Leave the best resources to the people"

A hundred years ago, Suzhou Riverside was the birthplace of modern national industry.

With the opening of Suzhou waterfront at the end of 2020,

"Semi-Masuhe" has become the golden business card of Putuo District in Shanghai.

A "semi-Masuhe" vitality show belt that is livable, suitable for business, suitable for travel and suitable for music was born.

The wind blows thousands of trees and waters.

"Semi-Masuhe" 18 Bay

Penetration of space along Suzhou Creek

Let both sides of the beautiful river turn into cultural and sports venues for citizens.

Ran past Shanghai Textile Museum and Gu Zhenghong Memorial Hall …

Human landscape and natural landscape complement each other.

A brand-new track

Connected in series along the Suzhou River, the "mother river" in Shanghai.

Ruins of industrial civilization sites

And modern creative buildings.

Thick industrial civilization, colorful mass life and pleasant ecological base.

Many runners are intoxicated and linger.

Liu Min said: "Especially when running through the half Masuhe Park.

I can’t help looking around.

I almost forgot that I was here to compete.

I’m going to visit the park after running. "

Feel the city scenery with running.

It is a unique experience of marathon.

Shanghai has focused on people’s needs in recent years.

Reasonable arrangement of production, living and ecological space

Let the city become a paradise where people can live and work.

It also brings more surprises to marathon runners around the world.

In Putuo District, Shanghai, the venue of this "Su River Half Horse"

The 21km coastline of Putuo section of Suzhou Creek has been fully connected in recent years.

We are building a world-class waterfront on this basis.

21 kilometers is close to the distance of a half marathon.

This has also become the origin of "Su River Half Horse"

Feel the city scenery with running.

It is becoming a new expectation for more runners.

On the same day, Daning Functional Zone 2023 Shanghai Jing ‘an Women’s Half Marathon fired the gun and started.

Players cross the international film and television circle around the "DreamWorks" in the central city of Shanghai.

Passing Lingshi Road, which is known as the "Cosmic E-sports Center"

Passing through commercial landmarks such as Daning Music Square …

"Both sides of the Pujiang River are already running resorts.

More good places are still emerging.

Where to run?

Now it is a happy worry. "

Runner Jia Li said.

In the future, a series of mass sports events

It will also focus on the "semi-Masu River"

Paddle boards, frisbees, football, drones …

Colorful series of mass sports events of "about fighting Su River"

Will last from April to December.

Reporter: Wu Zhendong, Xu Dongyuan, Fang Zhe, Xin Mengchen

Reporter: Liu Yang

Editor: Ji Jiadong, Zheng Zhi

The Progress, Risks and Countermeasures of ChatGPT (Attached Download)

Introduction:Large model refers to a model with large capacity and used for deep learning tasks, usually with massive parameters and complex architecture. Large-scale model has better universality, accuracy and efficiency. It can be learned on large-scale data sets through pre-training or other means, and then it can efficiently handle complex tasks such as computer vision and natural language processing through fine-tuning.

Premier League: Newcastle VS Wolves. Wolves have an outstanding ability. Is it difficult for Newcastle to play an advantage?

I just wrote a German B game, and everyone should have seen it. Here, let’s talk about another Premier League focus game, Newcastle versus Wolves!

I talked to Wolves several times this season, and each time they were injured at least three or four times in the front line. Last November, it was the most serious. One game was short of five strikers, playing Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves injured Diego Costa. Jimenez has recently returned. Although he hasn’t scored yet, he has gained an assist by playing Fulham, and his contribution has surpassed that of other Wolves centers by playing the threat made by Tottenham Hotspur.

As we all know, Wolves’ lack of forward power is very prominent this season, and Everton gave them the bottom before, but after these two games, Everton also overtook them, and Wolves finally became the team with the least goals in the Premier League.

They struggled out of the quagmire of the relegation zone, and now they have risen to the 13th place in the standings, mainly relying on the defensive end. Wolves have always been good at defense, and they are even more conservative when they are guests. They won’t let go of the attack when they play Southampton and Everton. Today, they challenge Newcastle in different places, and there is no accident or the main tone of defense. The two flanks of Wolves are the key to their solid defense and threat.

Under the training of winger Loppert Ji, Wolves’ two wingers are very strong, and playing Tottenham Hotspur on the court is a good manifestation of two points. First, they can limit their opponents’ cross, especially in the second half, it is difficult for Kane to get in touch with his teammates; Second, the Wolves’ goal came from Moutinho’s possession of the ball and his assignment to the wing, which effectively opened the defence of Tottenham, and then found an angle to hit the door quickly, which made Tottenham suffer.

Today, Newcastle, which they are going to play, is also a team that relies on a large number of wingers to attack.

In the game, St. Maximin relies on the support of Qiao Lin and Dan Bourne to dominate the left impact, while Almiron draws on the right side, and Trippier takes on the task of crossing the ball from the side or rib part. This combination is Eddie Howe’s most conventional offensive strategy.

However, there is little quick linkage between Newcastle’s two wingers. Usually, they finish on one side, pass the ball back to the middle and split the side again, thus completing the change of attack direction. In this way, the opponent will have enough space and time to complete the defensive position selection and coordination.

Therefore, we can see that Newcastle can only score in the middle of the Premier League in the case of strong impact, which has seriously dragged down their progress. Today, Wolves, with good defense and strong wingers, may not play easily.

What’s more, Newcastle are short of suspended Jorington today, and Scheer may not be able to play. Jolington played like a duck to water after being transformed into a midfielder, and was successfully elected as the MVP player in February. He has both physical fitness and speed, and he has a strong sense of position. He can form an effective strong point in Newcastle midfield and support the impact of St. Maximin, which is the key to Eddie Howe’s tactical implementation. Without him, Newcastle’s left threat will drop a lot.

As for Fabian Schell, the defense is also quite stable this season. His air confrontation ability is the strongest in the team, and he can also serve the ball. His long-range shooting ability is excellent. Without him, the loss may not be limited to the defensive end.

As we all know, Newcastle are the team with the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League, with a strong defense, and goalkeeper Pope is also the goalkeeper with the most goalkeepers in the Premier League. According to the front line of Wolves, it is really too difficult to break their goal.

But as we said earlier, Newcastle’s attack problem is also relatively objective. Under the restriction of Wolves’ flank, it may not be so easy for Newcastle to play an advantage. It is my current opinion that Newcastle will join Wolves or shake hands with both sides. What’s your opinion?