Camping in spring is so pleasant that these precautions are indispensable.

Camping in spring is so pleasant that these precautions are indispensable.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t want to go to mature scenic spots to watch the crowds, then it’s better to find another way to experience a camping trip that truly integrates with nature in this spring day when grass grows and warblers fly.

Camping has become a fashionable way of life for young people. Playing on the grass, watching the sunset on the waves and snorkeling the audience fish are comfortable and pleasant, but they also need a lot of preparation, attention and aftermath, and let Xiaobian summarize it for you.


What equipment do you need for camping

1. Tent

Generally, there are three quarterly accounts, four quarterly accounts and alpine accounts. According to the number of users, it can be divided into single, double, triple and multi-person accounts. The most common is the three-season double account, which is commonly used in ordinary leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn. The structure is divided into double-layer and single-layer accounts. Double-layer outer account is windproof and rainproof, and the inner account is breathable. The tent poles are divided into glass fiber poles and aluminum alloy poles. Aluminum alloy poles are lighter but more expensive, while glass fiber poles are slightly heavier but cost-effective.

Leisure camping in spring doesn’t require high tents. Just buy 3-4 people around 300 yuan. When choosing, we should pay attention to the fact that the outer account should be sun-proof and waterproof, the inner account should be spacious and breathable, and the weight and volume should not be too large.

2. Sleeping bag

According to different climatic conditions, choose sleeping bags according to the temperature scale (the index of the warm temperature of sleeping bags). The filling medium is fiber cotton or down. Down sleeping bags are more and more popular because they are easy to compress, small in size and light in weight, but the price is also more expensive. Once they get wet, the heat preservation will be much worse, so we should pay attention to moisture prevention. Fiber cotton sleeping bags are less effective in keeping warm, but the price will be much cheaper.

It’s still a little cold at night in spring. You don’t need to bring down sleeping bags this season, just choose cotton ones. When choosing a sleeping bag, it is based on the comfortable temperature scale, and the filler can be fiber cotton, because the fiber cotton sleeping bag is not only much more affordable than the down sleeping bag, but also has the advantages of moisture resistance and simple maintenance. Of course, if you travel by car, it is ok to bring your own quilt.

3, moistureproof pad/air cushion

In order to protect your body, you must pay attention to moistureproof and antifreeze when camping, which is used to isolate from the ground moisture and maintain your body temperature and sleep quality.

Dampproof pad is very important! Its main function is to isolate the ground moisture, prevent moisture and prevent freezing. If you want to spend the night safely, you can’t do it without a damp-proof pad. At present, there are generally two kinds of foam moisture-proof mats or self-inflating mats on the market.

4, wash bag

A washing bag that can hold towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soaps, shampoos and other toiletries is a must-have item for outdoor travel. It is best to choose the style with multiple storage bags and built-in lenses, which is convenient to use.

5, wind rope

The function of windbreak rope is to fix the external account. If not, it will be windy and windy at night, so you can’t sleep. If it rains, we will watch the sea in the tent.

6. Ground nails

Diding is to a tent what the foundation is to a house. Without Diding’s tent, the wind blew and ran away. It is even more unsafe if it is windy and rainy.

7. Rainproof cloth/shade cloth

There is nothing to say about this, just to protect against wind and rain. If it is sunny, it will be more free to take shade cloth to build a simple shed than in a tent.


Children’s shoes that are inseparable from pillows should be prepared by themselves, or DIY with clothes and other items is also good.

9. Camping lights

Outdoor lighting includes camp lights, flashlights and headlights. You must remember to bring one kind of lighting tool, which will be used for camping at night. Camp lights are the most practical choice for outdoor camping. They are small, light and easy to carry.

Even if you don’t walk at night, you still need lamps when you walk around. Besides, if you play cards and games at night, how can you be high without camping lights?

10. Outdoor first-aid medicine box

Specifically, a well-stocked first aid kit should include:

Bandages, gauze of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, sterilized dishcloth, washing liquid, painkillers, tweezers, scissors and knives, spray for relieving sunburn pain, and antidiarrheal drugs. So, what accidents will we face during camping in spring-the most common ones are cuts and bruises. When we are playing outside and camping, some trivial things may become dangerous, such as: shuttling through small trees, prickly Woods, encountering cacti, cooking outside, bonfire parties, insect bites, etc., which may cause us unexpected minor injuries, so we should make full preparations in advance.

When you encounter cuts and abrasions, you may wish to use bandages, and at the same time, you can use clean and disinfected rags and antibiotic ointment. Hydrogen peroxide comes in handy when cleaning wounds.

If you sit close to the bonfire and ashes blow into your eyes, you can wash your eyes with salt water. This is a good way.

When bitten, scratched or cut by mosquitoes, you might as well use painkillers, which has a good effect.

If you are unfortunately stabbed by a thorn or a small piece, you can ask tweezers to help you pull out the small piece and thorn, and then use scissors or a knife to cut the bandage and rope.

When you have a headache, you can use aspirin and acetaminophen to relieve the pain. When you have gastrointestinal problems and your stomach is uncomfortable, you can take antidiarrheal drugs prepared in the first aid kit.

In addition to the drugs mentioned above, you need to prepare aloe cream to relieve the pain immediately after sunburn; In hot summer, you should arm yourself with lip balm and sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition, it is also very important to prepare a first-aid medicine box for snake bites.

Finally, Xiaobian wants to remind campers that the first-aid medicine box should be checked regularly, and then the necessary supplies should be added, and the expired drugs should be replaced immediately. Remember: whenever you go camping, you must prepare an adequate and practical first aid kit in advance and be a smart camper.


How much does camping cost?

In a parent-child TV program, the scene of participants building tents is still fresh in everyone’s memory. There is a hole in the spacious tent, and there are two rooms, one for bedroom and the other for cooking.

In fact, the simplest camping doesn’t need such a big tent, and the simplest two-person tent is enough. Camping tents are divided into three-season tents (spring, summer and autumn), four-season tents and alpine tents, and the three-season tent is usually used for camping. If you don’t look for well-known outdoor brands, you can win a cheaper double tent online for more than 100 yuan.

There are three kinds of sleeping bags: cotton sleeping bag, fleece sleeping bag and down sleeping bag. The price of cotton sleeping bags is generally about 100-200 yuan.

Choosing a sleeping bag should be based on the specific conditions of the campsite, mainly depending on the comfort temperature. Generally, the comfort temperature of a thick cotton sleeping bag is about -8℃ to -10℃, but it is just right to use it at 0℃ to -5℃. When the weather is warm and hot, the sleeping bag liner and ordinary air conditioning quilt are enough.

Many online shops sell camping suits, the most famous of which only cost 300-400 yuan, including tents, sleeping bags for two, inflatable cushions, tent lights, flashlights and other large items needed for camping.

Another important content of camping is cooking by yourself, so stoves are essential. The average stove head price is less than 100 yuan, and a complete set of cookware for more than 4 people is about 200 yuan.

If there is a hiking plan, large-capacity hiking bags, trekking poles, headlights, etc. are essential. 50-70L hiking bag is suitable, and the price is about 200-600 yuan, and the basic price of hiking poles is between 70-160 yuan.

In other words, a set of the simplest and complete camping equipment only needs about 600 yuan, and of course, necessary items such as maps, compasses and matches also need to be carried. As most camping sites are free, accommodation is basically free. Accommodation in Hong Kong and Macao costs thousands of dollars. Once camping, the equipment fee is basically earned back, which is really an excellent choice with unique flavor and saving money.


These things can’t be done

Taking a tent and camping in the seaside or mountains with your lover or friends is a very romantic thing for many people. Therefore, it is understandable to add some small links that can create a romantic atmosphere in the process of implementation, but note that some imagination is not suitable for turning into reality, otherwise your beautiful camping life will be ruined.

There is a tent by the water.

It is an ideal camping life for many people to pitch a tent at the water’s edge, by a gurgling stream or on a beach at low tide and fall asleep with the gentle sound of water or waves. Have you ever dreamed of it? However, it is very dangerous to wake up and put your tent near the water. Rising water, flash floods and storms may come at any time, putting you in danger. Therefore, tents should not be tied near water.

In the candlelight by the bonfire

Playing a guitar by a raging bonfire, or lighting candles in a tent to talk with your lover or friend, are you going to try it in this camping trip? However, don’t forget that most tent materials are not fireproof, and some of them burn very quickly. Therefore, don’t use open flames, including candles, in tents, and light bonfires far away from tents. If you want to create an atmosphere, you can use camp lights or headlights instead. If you can, put a fire bucket full of water outside the tent in case of emergency.

Look at the stars on the high hills.

In the high hills, the wind is also quietly, and in the deep and dark sky, stars are like gems, blinking. So, you decided to set up your tent on a high hill and prepare to enjoy the rare night scenery quietly? Please don’t do this. The weather is changeable, the weather is unpredictable, and the high wind strikes first, which will make you unprepared.

Casual clothes and trousers on a spring night

Want to wear casual clothes when camping? I advise you not to do this. In spring, there are many insects outdoors, especially at night, it is best to wear close-fitting long trousers to avoid mosquito bites and branches hanging. If the clothes are wide, you can tie up your trouser legs and cuffs.

Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a camp. When determining the location of Anza tent, first take out the inflatable cushion and try to spread it on the target ground, and lie down to check whether it is too inclined or has obvious protrusions. In addition, the campsite should be as close to the water source as possible to facilitate washing and cooking.

In addition, it is also necessary to beware of mosquito "harassment". Especially in the south, mosquitoes are inevitable in spring, summer and autumn. This situation will be more serious at night when there is no wind. Therefore, when choosing a camping site, you should not choose the side of a dead pond and dense grass, which are the "hardest hit areas" for mosquito breeding. In addition, mosquitoes will not gather in ventilated places, so when choosing a camp, you can choose a place close to the wind, such as between two mountains or a ventilated tunnel. It is best to prepare some mosquito bite drugs, such as unparalleled drops and essential balm, to prevent mosquito bites.


What else should I pay attention to?

1. In early spring, the temperature is unstable and the temperature difference is very large. When camping, it is inevitable to encounter cold and rainy weather, dense fog, strong convective weather and lightning weather. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to wearing appropriate clothes, not too much, not too little. Generally speaking, you must obtain the local climate information of the tourist destination in advance, and remember to bring a warm coat with you to prevent catching cold.

2. Pay attention to hygiene when going out, and don’t stay in crowded places. Choose places with good air quality, such as climbing mountains, or going to the seaside and forests.

3. In early spring, rain is inevitable. Rain gear is something that must be carried with you when camping. It is best to bring a small folding umbrella or a disposable convenient raincoat. When playing outside in rainy days, you should pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall and anti-fall when taking pictures, and put personal safety first.

4, shoes must be comfortable, ladies do not wear high heels when traveling. If your feet are red and swollen, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed to dredge the meridians.

When you go out, remember to keep a booklet with you, which records some important contact numbers and other information, which will be of great use when you need help. If it is waterproof, so much the better!

6, spring is a humid season, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly easy to breed, therefore, we should try to avoid drinking raw water and eating unsanitary food.

7. If you have a history of motion sickness, seasickness and airsickness, you should not eat too much before going out. You should take drugs such as halo tablets in advance or chew gum and foods containing glucose, choose some ventilated places to sit, and deal with them immediately if you are uncomfortable.

8. If there is lightning in the hotel, disconnect the power cord of the indoor electrical appliances and close the doors and windows, so that people can keep a certain distance from the doors and windows.

9, don’t sit in a cool and humid place, so as not to get wet and get sick.

10. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the spring outing sites they choose, avoid places with flowers as much as possible, or take anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine or Anqimin orally in advance to prevent pollen allergy.

11. It’s a good time for outdoor photography with beautiful spring and sunny weather. Before traveling abroad, it is best to check the performance of the camera. The battery should be fully charged and never let the camera get wet.

12, because it is difficult to accurately estimate the length of climbing, should prepare enough drinking water and food and commonly used drugs, such as mosquito repellent, antidiarrheal drugs, mercurochrome, etc.

13, carrying lighters, binoculars, multifunctional knives, etc., can get more fun in the wild.


Matters needing attention after camping

1. Camp cleaning after camping

To protect the natural environment in the wild, the fire must be completely extinguished when the camp is withdrawn. Garbage waste should be taken out as far as possible and put in the designated place. When it is impossible to take it away under special circumstances, the garbage can be dug and buried.

2. Cleaning and maintenance of camping equipment

Tent: After each camping trip, clean up the internal and external tents, tent poles and ground nails. Generally, tents can’t be cleaned by washing machine, but can be washed with non-alkaline cleaning agent. After the tent is finished, it is placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, and then placed in a dry and cool place.

Sleeping bag: dry the sleeping bag as much as possible after use and keep it dry. Give priority to local cleaning, minimize the overall cleaning times, and avoid lowering the use index of sleeping bags. Hand washing is recommended, and try not to twist it. Dry it naturally after cleaning to avoid high temperature drying. After drying, pat it gently and store it after natural expansion.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, China Net

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