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Hip-hop in China: Let the reality show show the charm of music and the beauty of human nature.

   Xinhuanet Beijing, September 12 (Reporter Zhang Chun) The final of "Hip Hop in China" has ended, and GAI and PG One both won the championship with the same number of votes. This result was quickly interpreted as soon as it was released: the mystery behind it, business opportunities and fighter planes … … There are different opinions, and even they are called "textbook-style variety ending", and the behind-the-scenes team of the program also gave a clear response: this probability is one in a billion.

   Times will affirm our innovation.

   At the first time after the broadcast of the championship battle, Chen Wei, the chief producer of the program, and Che Che, the director, were interviewed by reporters. The first thing they faced was the problem of double champions. Producer Chen Wei said frankly: "This is a thing that will not happen in theory, but since it happened in such a small chance, it is also an act of god.

   In Chen Wei’s view, the real winner of this program is hip-hop culture and rapper in China. After all, the popularity of "Hip-hop in China" has made this niche music type onto the public stage. But from the initial point of view, Chen Wei was a little surprised to finally achieve such success. "We knew it would be an explosion, but we didn’t expect it to be a phenomenal program with the significance of the times." Therefore, Chen Wei firmly believes: "When we create and don’t follow, the times will affirm our innovative behavior, and users will also affirm it."

   This season’s boom made the team naturally think of the follow-up plan. "We just promoted the first step, let everyone know about hip-hop and like hip-hop, and know that there are so many good hip-hop music and so many high-level singers in China; In the second season, we will show you more hip-hop rapper and hip-hop music. " In the future that Chen Wei looks forward to, there will be more confident and open behavior in the second quarter. "We will go out and let China’s hip-hop culture go to North America, the birthplace of hip-hop, and then we will hold this North American division with hip-hop in China in North America."

   As a hip-hop culture promotion program, Hip-hop in China not only popularized hip-hop culture, but also brought hip-hop players to the stage, fully demonstrating their personalities and attitudes. When talking about these hip-hop singers, Chen Wei also said, "After you really get in touch with them, you will find them very cute. Their personalities are also some of the personalities shared by young people in this era, but they will carry him through the special carrier of hip-hop music."

   Reality show shows musical charm and beautiful human nature.

   Director Che Che, before Hip-hop in China, made a music program Heroes on Earth, which focused on electronic music culture, but unfortunately it was not successful in terms of viewing performance. When it comes to Hip-hop in China, the two programs are similar in that they both choose a relatively small music category as an incision, but the difference is that "Hip-hop in China" has actually improved in the core technology of the reality show with the joint efforts of our creative collective. " Che Che said, "That is to say, the so-called drama reality show, which is the biggest difference from Heroes on Earth, is actually at the reality show level."

   Che Che defined Hip-hop in China as a drama reality show. In the face of questioning the handling of program editing, he said: "We don’t have a script, and we haven’t taught any producer or any player to say anything or do anything. In other words, in fact, the whole process of it is real and has not been packaged. " As for the criteria for the final selection of shots in the program, "it is what he did in the early stage, and whether his performance on the stage and in the competition can bear the scenes we need in the post-production, that is to say, the so-called male actors all strive for themselves in the middle of the early expression."

   It is precisely because of this that the program "Hip Hop in China" itself has a stronger sense of plot, and Che Che Che bluntly said: "During the whole program, strong plot and strong reversal are of course a bright spot, or a selling point of this program. But I want to say, in fact, there is not only a variety show with strong plot and strong reversal, "China has hip-hop". I think that the charm of music and the beauty of human nature can actually be displayed in this plot and rules, which is actually the reason for the success of this program. "

The number of treasures "hidden" has changed dramatically in 70 years | the per capita increase is 23 kilograms! A large number of fruits and vegetables are placed on the plateau people’s dining table

According to the statistics of Xizang Autonomous Region government, thanks to the expansion of vegetable planting area in plateau and the popularization of healthy eating concept, compared with the initial period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the per capita food consumption of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen decreased by 126kg, and the per capita vegetable consumption increased by 23kg. The food consumption of Tibetan people changed from staple food to non-staple food, and the diet structure of plateau people became more diversified and healthy.
Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet for 70 years, the Party and the government have always regarded the "vegetable basket" project as an important task to improve people’s livelihood. By promoting the construction of protected vegetable production bases, cities and towns have solved the constraints of climate and other factors on vegetable production, and the vegetable production capacity has been significantly improved. In 2020, the vegetable planting area in Tibet will reach 258,200 hectares, with an annual output of 843,400 tons. According to the latest population data of 3,648,100 in Tibet, the per capita possession of local vegetables exceeds 230 kilograms.
Vegetable farmers in Bailang County, Shigatse City, Tibet are picking in greenhouses (photo taken on May 28, 2016). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jue Guo photo
Early in the morning, Lausanne, a citizen of Lhasa, came to the Bayi Agricultural Products Market in Lhasa, not far from home, to buy food.
"In the past, Baba was the staple food for three meals a day. Now, I only eat Baba for breakfast, and I basically eat stir-fry and rice at noon and evening." Lausanne said with a smile, "I couldn’t eat vegetables before, but now I can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruits."
Daguo, from Ningzhong Township, Dangxiong County, is a merchant in Bayi Agricultural Products Market. His booth is full of fresh yak meat. Not far away, Wu Fangzhen, a fruit seller from Chongqing, ushered in the first transaction after the stall-a Tibetan aunt bought a bag of fresh air-delivered lychees.
"I have been in Tibet for almost 20 years. At first, I washed dishes in restaurants in Lhasa. Later, with savings, I took a fancy to Lhasa’s spending power and sold fruits." Wu Fangzhen said.
The small booth is filled with a dazzling array of fruits, including bananas and apples, as well as tropical fruits such as durian and jackfruit. Customers who come to buy are in an endless stream, many of whom are regular customers.
Lhasa citizens choose vegetables at Bayi Agricultural Products Market (photo taken on June 4, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yiqing photo
In old Tibet, vegetables were synonymous with luxury goods, and eating vegetables was the privilege of the upper class aristocrats. Many serfs never even tasted vegetables all their lives.
On May 23, 1951, the Central People’s Government and the local government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, and Tibet was peacefully liberated. The following year, soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Lhasa reclaimed more than 2,300 mu of wasteland on a barren beach in the western suburbs, and set up a "Bayi Farm" with more than 300 people, which not only planted highland barley, but also planted Chinese cabbage, radish, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables.
Tan Rongsheng, the son of Tan Guansan, the former political commissar of the 18th Army, said that the output of vegetables planted by the People’s Liberation Army reached the highest level in Tibet at that time. Many people couldn’t believe their eyes. They didn’t expect such good vegetables to grow on the land where they lived for generations.
According to Deji Zhuoga, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Lhasa Pure Land Bayi Farm Co., Ltd., Bayi Agricultural Products Market belongs to Bayi Farm, which is still able to continuously produce fruits and vegetables and contribute to the balanced diet of Lhasa citizens.
Children at Hongxing Community Bilingual Kindergarten in Jixiong Town, Gongga County, Shannan City are having lunch (photo taken on November 25, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yufeng photo
The changes in the diet structure of plateau people are not only reflected in Lhasa. In Ali area, known as the "roof of the world", with the completion of vegetable production bases in recent years, local people have also eaten "home-grown" fresh vegetables, ending the history of little local vegetable output and relying on long-distance transshipment from other places.
Gaize County is a pure animal husbandry county with animal husbandry as its pillar industry in Ali area. The long-term shortage of vegetable supply led to the imbalance of local people’s diet structure, which increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases and was not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness and health level. Today, the vegetable shed in Gaize County Industrial Park is full of spring, and 33-year-old Yang Jin is working.
"In the past, we seldom ate green leafy vegetables. Now that we have eaten our own vegetables, we still have a net income of 3,000 yuan per month, and we are practical and happy. " Yang Jin said.
Text reporter: Si Yuan, Jin Yiqing.
Photo shoot: Jin Yiqing, Zhang Rufeng, Jueguo
Video shooting: Si Yuan
Poster shooting: Pubuzhaxi
Poster production: Zhang Chen, Tenzin Nubu

Hot hot! Hot weather "online" and South-North steaming "sauna"

  This week, the hot and muggy weather with the largest range, the strongest intensity and the longest duration this year was launched nationwide, and the south and the north "steamed saunas" together. Especially yesterday, the high temperature range was expanded to the widest, affecting about 800 million people, and the somatosensory temperature in some places even exceeded 55 C. However, in the future, there is no sign of "stopping" in high temperature weather, and the high temperature heat wave will continue to wreak havoc before the end of July.

  The temperature was slightly adjusted back in early August.

  In the past week, the heat is not enough to describe the summer scene in Shencheng. From time to time, the high temperature hits the 37℃ hot summer line, and thunderstorms report on time every day.

  Yesterday, Shanghai issued the first high-temperature orange warning signal this summer, and the city’s temperature exceeded 36℃, setting a new high-temperature record this summer. Four or five days from now, it is still difficult for the city to get rid of the sunny and hot summer, and the extreme maximum temperature will be around 37℃.

  When will this wave of high temperature "go to fire"? According to the latest forecast, the "barbecue" mode may only be eased in early August. At that time, the city will be at the southern edge of the subtropical high, controlled by the southeast wind, and the temperature will be adjusted back. However, the extreme maximum temperature is still 34℃~35℃.

  Typhoon "Lily" is hard to cool down.

  According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, Typhoon No.6 this year, "Lily", was formed in the southeast sea of Japan yesterday morning. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, "Lily" has no direct relationship with China and has no influence on China’s sea area.

  The Central Meteorological Observatory reminded that there were fewer typhoons in July this year than in the same period of normal years. After entering August, typhoons will enter the "peak period" of the whole year, and the situation of preventing Taiwan cannot be ignored. At present, there is a tropical disturbance in the South China Sea, which tends to develop into a typhoon in the later stage, and will land on the coast of Hainan in China, bringing wind and rain effects to Hainan and other places. The landing time is about the end of July to the beginning of August.

  Air conditioning boot map release

  Before the end of July, the cooking mode will continue in many places in China, and the high temperature will spread to 16 provinces and cities across the country. China Weather Network, the official website of China Meteorological Bureau, has published "Early Warning Map of Air Conditioning Startup" and "Early Warning Map of National Hot Cry" for several days.

  According to meteorological data, from 1990 to 2018, the summer night temperatures in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou showed a rising trend. On the 28th, China’s high temperature range continued to expand, and the degree of heat increased. Therefore, the "air conditioning startup warning" suggests that the night temperature in 10 major cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and Guangzhou should remain above 28℃.

  (Reporter Ma Dan)  

How can China football rush out of Asia? These strategies are worth collecting.

# How can China Football Rush Out of Asia # China Football Rush Out of Asia, first of all, we need to examine our strengths and weaknesses, find out the fundamental problems that hinder development, and then formulate comprehensive and reasonable strategies.

Our advantages are: huge football population, strong football atmosphere and increasingly perfect football infrastructure. However, our disadvantages are equally obvious: low technical level, poor management and insufficient experience in international competitions.

To solve these problems, we put forward the following strategies:

Improve the technical level: improve the technical level of players through a large-scale youth training program. Learn from the experience of foreign excellent football schools, establish a number of high-level football schools and provide professional training and guidance.

Strengthen management: improve the management mechanism of clubs and national teams, introduce professional sports management talents, learn international advanced management experience, and make management more scientific and efficient.

Increase international competition experience: By participating in various international competitions, increase players’ competition experience and improve their psychological quality and coping ability. At the same time, it can also let the world know more about China football and increase our international influence.

Cultivate football culture: promote football culture in the whole society, so that more people can understand, love and participate in football. Through holding football matches, carrying out football training camps and other activities, we will cultivate more teenagers’ interest in football.

Do a good job in training young people: attach importance to the training of young people, provide professional coaches and facilities, and provide a good growth environment for young players. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the moral education of teenagers and cultivate players with excellent quality.

Attracting excellent foreign aid: On the premise of meeting the requirements, attract some excellent foreign aid to play in China, bring their experience and skills to China players, and promote the development of football in China.

Strengthen the contact with FIFA: By strengthening the contact and communication with FIFA, we can understand the development trend and dynamics of international football and learn the advanced international management experience and technology. At the same time, we can also use the platform of FIFA to promote China football and increase the international influence of China football.

Establish a scientific selection mechanism: establish a scientific selection mechanism to select young players with potential from all over the country and provide professional training and guidance. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the diversified development of players, attract players from different backgrounds to play in China, and enrich the cultural connotation of China football.

Establish a perfect professional league system: establish a perfect professional league system to improve the competitive level and appreciation of the league. Increase the publicity and marketing ability of the league, attract more audiences to pay attention to the league, play a "star effect" and let more people love football and participate in the sport, thus increasing the income and attention of the league and providing financial guarantee for the long-term development of the club and the national team.

Strengthen cooperation with the media: Promote football matches and related activities through the media, so that more people can understand and pay attention to China football, improve the popularity and influence of China football, and at the same time, use the power of the media to promote the importance of football culture and youth training, so that more people can understand and support the development of China football.

In short, China football needs the joint efforts and support of the whole society, from the government to the clubs, from coaches to players, from teenagers to professional leagues, in order to achieve this goal, we believe that as long as we make concerted efforts in Qi Xin, China football will certainly be able to rush out of Asia and go global!

The national football team performed twice in 2 minutes: making a red card and shoveling a single knife! The commentary was amazed and the fans applauded.

At 2pm on 23rd, the China men’s soccer team visited Auckland to challenge New Zealand, which ranked 105th in the world. 0-0, the two teams drew a blank. The performance of the national football team is still qualified, with Lei Wu and Wei Shihao on the offensive end and Wei Zhen on the defensive end playing well. Especially in the 62 nd and 64 th minutes, two minutes of attack and defense won applause from the national football fans at the scene.

Two hours before the national football competition, the younger brother U24 lost the national football team 0-2 to New Zealand U22, but he couldn’t beat the other team. As a big brother, the national football team can’t afford to lose-if it loses, it will take four hours and two defeats, and the China men’s football team will even lose its head.

Lei Wu’s anti-aircraft guns.

Wei Shihao’s free kick is higher than that.

In the opening stage, the national football team is still the same, it is difficult to pass more than three feet in a row, and the scene is very passive. Except for Wei Shihao, the frontcourt attack lacks bright spots. After Yi Bian fought again, the national football team seized a mistake made by New Zealand and reversed the trend:

In the 63rd minute, New Zealand passed the ball and played with fire in the backcourt, and Lei Wu staged speed master to steal the ball before New Zealand captain Smith. Smith put Lei Wu down behind his back. Lei Wu, sitting on the ground, made a gesture of "penalty card", and the referee directly sent Smith off with a red card!

Lei Wu made Smith’s red card with his speed and agility, creating a situation of 11-10 for the national football team. China fans at the Intelligent Mountain Stadium burst into applause and cheers. Lei Wu’s performance was recognized by the fans.

Just 2 minutes later, New Zealand also made a quick counterattack and formed an excellent opportunity for 1V1! Fortunately, Wei Zhenguo, the national football defender, broke the shovel and made a wonderful steal from behind.

For Wei Zhen’s shovel, the New Zealand broadcaster commentator shouted: "wonderful, what a beautiful shovel break! What a tackle)!” Wei Zhen also high-fived his teammates to celebrate.

Wu Xi, captain of the national football team

For the national football team, this is a crucial defense: if Wei Zhen fouls, it is likely to be a red dot package, and the confidence and number advantage that the national football team has just established will be ruined in an instant. Fortunately, Wei Zhen’s tackle was clean and very uplifting!

Although China’s men’s soccer team is always criticized and ridiculed by fans, judging from these two minutes of attack and defense, the performance of the national football team is obviously better than that of New Zealand. Lei Wu swoops down and steals the ball from New Zealand captain Smith, who pulls down Lei Wu behind him and is sent off with a red card. In a blink of an eye, New Zealand’s fast break and Wei Zhen’s back tackle were textbook defense.

11 to 10 has become the key for the national football team to reverse the situation. Unfortunately, the fierce attack of the national football team failed to get a goal. China fans are not demanding, and 0-0 is acceptable. The national football fans at the scene also applauded the national football team …

Bouncing monster! He is only 1.98 meters tall, but he can touch the upper edge of the rebound. This talent is too exaggerated

Coen Carr, a rookie striker at Michigan State University, became popular in America.

The cause of the incident was that when he took part in the physical examination, he just touched the upper edge of the rebound with a simple run-up.

You know, Coencar is only 2 meters tall.

The last player who could touch the upper edge of the rebound was retired superstar Garnett, but Garnett’s height was 2.11 meters. …

Coen Carr is 18 years old and a basketball player from Texas, USA.

He plays the position of defender on the court, is good at holding the ball and breaking through, and often completes the interception of opponents in the penalty area, which is pleasing to the eye.

In high school, Coen Carr was the top 60 player in the United States and won the McDonald’s All-Star Dunk Contest.

He gave the impression that he could jump at that time, but he didn’t expect to jump so much. …

In the last year of high school, Coencar averaged 20.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.7 blocks per game.

He is often compared with Zion because of his excellent athletic ability and brutal way of playing.

The evaluation given by the scout report is that it has the ability to block multiple positions, strong strength and quick pace.

If more offensive moves can be added, the election may cause a large-scale sensation and predict the top ten in the first round.

In terms of athletic ability, Coen Carr is indeed very similar to Zion. Both of them are jumping men with explosive physical qualities.

If he can improve his shooting to above average, he also has a chance to be selected in the high pick.

This kind of talent is visible to the naked eye and has a certain sense of defense, which has been very popular in recent years.

Reddish of the Lakers, for example, and Kuminga of the Warriors, for example, all have average skills, but they are in good health, and finally they all become lottery shows.

Of course, the premise is to have self-discipline. If you can’t keep your mouth shut like Zion, even the best talent will be abandoned.

73 minutes to kill, 2-3! China women’s football team was defeated in the top four at the age of 22, with a goal and a 1-0 reversal.

Basketball and badminton, a unique media for fans.

Just after winning the Golden Globe Award, Zhang Linyan, a 22-year-old talented international of China women’s football team, became the top star of the Swiss women’s super team. This is also the first Golden Globe Award for China women’s football players studying abroad, which is of great significance. However, winning the prize is not Zhang Linyan’s ultimate goal, because at present, the Cao Meng women’s football team is going through the championship elimination tournament. Zhang Linyan scored one goal in each of the quarter-finals and led the team to the semi-finals, against the Zurich women’s football team, which scored 44 points in the regular season, ranking second, 6 points ahead of the Cao Meng women’s football team.

Due to the strong strength of the opponent, Cao Meng Women’s Football Team sent all the main players in this game. Zhang Linyan wore No.18 and continued to serve as the front waist. Zurich women’s football team used the 451 formation, and the away game was still relatively conservative, so the defense was stable first. Although Cao Meng used the 433 attack formation, it was still mainly defensive after the opening, especially for the blocking of two flanks, which left Zurich women’s football team at a loss.

In the 13th minute, Cao Meng women’s football team won a free kick and Rachel scored a goal. After losing the ball, the Zurich women’s football team launched a massive attack, and the Cao Meng women’s football team had a solid defense, but there was a loophole in the half-time injury stoppage. Laura seized the opportunity to help the Zurich women’s football team equalize the score, and the two sides returned to the lounge 1-1.

In the 61st minute, Sailana helped Zurich women’s football team overtake the score and lead 2-1. At this point, Zhang Linyan stood out and scored a long-range goal in the 68th minute to equalize the score. However, only five minutes later, Sailana scored twice and finished the lore. In the end, Zurich women’s football team beat Cao Meng women’s football team 3-2.

Because it is the first leg of the semi-final, Zurich women’s football team has the first chance, and the second leg is the home court, so it has the promotion opportunity. The next last stand of Cao Meng women’s football team means elimination, so it is necessary to win, and Zhang Linyan has also been cornered. In addition to winning the game, she has to strive for more goal difference, which shows that the game is more difficult. However, as a Golden Globe winner, Zhang Linyan needs to face more and greater challenges, which is also her trip to Europe.

The core technology of "making the brain" serves the important needs of the country

In today’s world, the level of human science and technology has reached an unprecedented height. With the entry into the intelligent era, a new round of scientific and technological and industrial revolution characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry has flourished, and technical groups in many fields have broken through and merged, which has promoted profound changes in manufacturing production methods. Countries all over the world have taken a series of major measures, hoping to rely on the manufacturing revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core, consolidate the foundation of innovation and development of manufacturing industry, and build new kinetic energy and new advantages. As a manufacturing power in the world, China has listed intelligent manufacturing as the main direction determined by Made in China 2025, which is not only the key to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, but also an important strategy to become a manufacturing power in the world.

Professor Song Xuan from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in south university of science and technology of china, whose main research direction is artificial intelligence and its related fields, including big data analysis, data mining and urban computing, has applied the research results to disaster emergency and epidemic prevention of major infectious diseases, and achieved good results. At present, in the series of research in the field of intelligent manufacturing, it contributes scientific research strength to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China and accelerate the pace of building a manufacturing power in China.

Intelligent analysis of data model is committed to tackling the key core technology of "intelligent brain"

Since 2013, China’s development strategy has specifically pointed out that "the country’s strength depends on the real economy and cannot be bubbled" and "the innovation-driven development strategy is deeply implemented to enhance the core competitiveness of industry". "Made in China 2025" clearly emphasizes the need to accelerate the integration and development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of deep integration of the two; Efforts will be made to develop intelligent equipment and products, promote the intellectualization of production processes, cultivate new production methods, and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of R&D, production, management and service of enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing can effectively improve the production efficiency of manufacturing industry, shorten the product development cycle and reduce the defective rate of products, which is the key to building a digital China, realizing "Made in China 2025" and breaking the chip blockade.

The national science and technology strategy points out that "it is necessary to cultivate a large-scale team of young scientific and technological talents, focus on the policy of cultivating the strength of national strategic talents, and support young talents to take the lead and play the leading role." As a young scientist born in 1980s, Professor Song Xuan is currently presiding over the national key R&D project "Multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain". The project focuses on the key technology of "manufacturing brain", which is the key theoretical model and technical method of tackling the problem, and provides technical support for the intelligent upgrading of high-end manufacturing industries (such as automobile manufacturing) in China.

Professor Song Xuan said that there are some problems in the process of data storage and analysis in manufacturing industry, such as chaotic data interface, inefficient storage, low level of intelligence and opaque information, which affect the quality of product collaboration and data value-added in manufacturing industry and are not conducive to the sustainable development of manufacturing intelligence. In view of this situation, the project puts forward a set of multidimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service. The multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model theory of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by this project can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration; The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems and shorten the product development cycle. Taking intelligent manufacturing as an opportunity and the actual upgrading demand of manufacturing industry as a guide, the project focuses on the two cores of "manufacturing brain": data flow and intelligent analysis, which is of great significance for China’s manufacturing industry to build a competitive advantage in the industrial chain and further improve the intelligent level of manufacturing industry. The project also puts forward a set of multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service.

Professor Song Xuan believes that intelligent manufacturing needs a "manufacturing brain", and manufacturing data is the "blood" of "manufacturing brain"; Algorithm models such as deep neural network are the main part of "manufacturing brain" and play the role of thinking and decision-making; Data flow is collected in the "manufacturing brain", which can automatically complete data analysis, intelligent decision-making and product life cycle prediction and deduction, and realize efficient intelligent manufacturing. The theory of multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by Song Xuan can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration. The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems, shorten the product development cycle, and predict and simulate the product life cycle.

Building an urban brain platform and focusing on building a smart city

From December 2019 to December 2022, with the liberalization of the epidemic, the pneumonia epidemic in Covid-19, which lasted for three years, finally came to an end, and the epidemic situation was gradually controlled. In this epidemic prevention and control, Professor Song Xuan led the project team to develop the "novel coronavirus (Covid-19) communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform driven by human flow big data and AI", which played an important role. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the model of potential infection sources and risk areas was mined on the city scale, and the communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform for COVID-19 was built. For the big data analysis and AI modeling platform for novel coronavirus communication, the prediction and simulation deduction model was complete. Made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In addition, Professor Song Xuan, as the project leader, has developed an "epidemic prevention chain" APP on the mobile device side. The APP on the mobile phone side can assess the risk of epidemic or major infectious diseases (such as new crown pneumonia, seasonal influenza, etc.) in real time by sensing the contact between users and others and analyzing various urban environmental big data (such as crowd density, air quality, environmental humidity and temperature, etc.).

In fact, as early as 2011, the big data analysis and modeling of people flow carried out by Song Xuan’s team contributed to the fight against viruses and natural disasters. In March 2011, after the earthquake in Japan and the Fukushima nuclear accident broke out, Song Xuan led the team to develop a number of emergency flow prediction models and a system to help the Japanese government analyze the evacuation and migration of victims after the disaster and formulate more efficient post-disaster reconstruction policies. In 2016, in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the research of Song Xuan’s team helped the International Telecommunication Union to analyze the flow of people in West Africa and the spread and infection of Ebola virus, which played an important role in the prevention and control of Ebola virus.

Professor Song Xuan has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for 15 years. He deeply realized that the main place for modern people to live and work is the city, and the core of urban management is to make people’s life in the city safer, more comfortable and more convenient. With the proposal of building a smart city, Song Xuan now pays attention to urban data and tries to alleviate or solve various "urban diseases" such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution and natural disasters. His team realized the simulation and prediction of the large-scale movement of urban people by building a modeling model of urban mass people movement, thus realizing efficient urban intelligent management. Song Xuan is currently tackling key problems and building an urban brain platform, bringing together all aspects of urban informatization and the whole process of urban management through high and new technologies to carry out control and support, so as to ensure travel safety, give full play to the efficiency of urban infrastructure, improve the operational efficiency of transportation system and the level of urban governance, alleviate all kinds of "urban diseases" to the greatest extent, and help urban governance to be more scientific, refined and intelligent.

"Scientific research should always serve the public" is precisely with such a sense of mission and responsibility. In the future scientific research, Song Xuan will always focus on his mission, aim high and live up to his youth, take data as the core and science and technology as the weapon, and strive to build an intelligent brain, help build a smart city and build an intelligent manufacturing power.