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Two FMVP can’t get into the hall of fame? Famous mouth: Leonard is brilliant, but it is difficult to rank him.

He has won the championship twice and successfully won two championship trophies. At the peak of his career, he was even regarded as the first striker in the league on a par with Jordan by fans. But just a few years later, some commentators are questioning that he may not even be qualified to enter the NBA Hall of Fame.

Recently, some commentators publicly stated in the podcast program that it is undeniable that Ke Huailunna is brilliant and skilled, but it is difficult for him to rank in NBA history, and even his qualification for entering the Hall of Fame is open to question. After all, a player who has only played 12 games in a season, why should he compare himself with those players who have stacked their careers with a lot of games?

Since joining the Clippers, there have been more and more doubts about Leonard, especially his erratic injuries and poor attendance. In the past two seasons, Leonard has played only a handful of games, especially in the playoffs. The gap between Leonard’s games and players such as James, Durant and Curry is really too big. Although he was really strong at his peak, as the commentator said, it was really difficult to give Leonard a clear historical position in his career.

However, according to the 75th anniversary celebration held by the league before, Leonard was on the list of 75 superstars in NBA history. Is a player who is qualified to be selected into the top 75 not even qualified to enter the Hall of Fame? This is a bit too exaggerated. You know, even McGrady and Yao Ming, who don’t deserve the championship and MVP, can be elected to the Hall of Fame, not to mention Leonard, who can lead the Raptors to win the first championship trophy in team history. What do you think of this?

Arsenal are super nervous about tuchel’s appearance in Munich.

Declan Rice (West Ham United) proved himself to be the next generation of English midfielders in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, and his performance was limitless.
After joining the West Ham senior team in the 2016-17 season, Rice steadily gained opportunities, playing more than 30 games each season and starting 34 league games in the 2018-19 season. This season, he scored 3 goals and assisted once in 35 games. If you play the remaining two games, that means you will only miss one game.
As we all know, West Ham United has set a transfer fee of at least 100 million pounds (about 166.3 billion won) for Rice, because he knows the interests of many clubs. It is a kind of confidence to recruit people if you have money.
The British online media "Inside Football" reported an interesting situation on the 18th (Korean time) citing exclusive news. "Arsenal are trying to bid 85 million pounds (141.4 billion won) for Rice," he said. Rice, who signed a contract with West Ham United until June 2024, knows very well that this summer is a good time to leave. So is West Ham. It plans to improve its competitiveness by raising the amount of 16 million pounds (about 26.6 billion won) higher than the market price.
In addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid and other big clubs have also been the targets of rumors, and Bayern Munich, which recently appointed Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, has also shown interest in Rice. .
Simple and clear. It is said that tuchel overestimated Rice’s ability and asked the management to bet that he must be present during the team reorganization. It means that Rice’s combat effectiveness and the ability to attack and defend are enough.
Considering that Arsenal will play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season, coach mikel arteta is trying to recruit Rice. Rice lived up to her name in the first and second rounds of the Champions League semi-final against Alkmar, which set off transfer rumors.
Rice, who can choose teams, is on the rise. In this transfer market, fate seems to depend on who catches it.

Arsenal have no title for 19 years! In 248 days, it topped the list but set an embarrassing record. The third time, it suffered a big reversal.

On May 21st, Beijing time, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest, sending Manchester City to win the championship ahead of time, but they missed the Premier League championship for 19 consecutive years! The hope I just saw was dashed again.

When was the last time Arsenal won the Premier League title? 2003-04 season, 19 years ago! At that time, they won the championship unbeaten under the leadership of Wenger, which was the only time in the history of the Premier League. However, it was the culmination of glory and the beginning of decline.

Since then, Arsenal has never been involved in the Premier League trophy, and it has degenerated into fighting for four. Until 2018, Wenger regretted leaving, and so on. And his successor, emeri, also failed to recover.

However, this season, under the training of Artta, the gunman suddenly rose and led all the way. At the beginning of April this year, he once led the second Manchester City by as much as 8 points, and it is very promising to break the spell!

However, at the critical moment, they habitually dropped the chain. After a series of three consecutive draws, they lost to the Blue Moon 1-4 in the battle of Tianwangshan, handing over the top throne that had been held for 248 days.

In the final sprint, Arsenal lost to Brighton and Nottingham Forest one after another, leaving Manchester City at home! There are only 2 wins in the last 8 rounds, which is really a complete collapse.

You know, after 248 days at the top of the list, but ultimately failed to win the championship, Arsenal created an extremely embarrassing Premier League historical record! The previous holder was Newcastle, which held the top spot for 212 days in 1995-96, but was reversed by Manchester United.

In the 2002-03 season, Arsenal stayed at the top of the list for 189 days, and in the 2007-08 season, they stayed for 156 days, all of which were turned over, which can be said to be an "old tradition".

Thank you, Zidane! 115 million nail houses let go, Mourinho is happy, and Real Madrid has no worries for 10 years.

Real Madrid finally found a solution to Azar’s "problem", thank you, Zidane! RMC Sport’s report made Real Madrid fans ecstatic. Although they will lose the legendary coach of the Champions League for three consecutive years, they can finally say goodbye to Azar! In addition, there is good news: Mourinho is the first choice for Real Madrid’s new coach, and the madman is likely to return to the Bernabeu in 2024! Florentino’s big plan is about to take shape, and a new generation of Galaxy warships can accept any challenge.

According to RMC Sport, Zidane is getting closer to Juventus, and the French coach will not consider returning to Real Madrid to replace Ancelotti. In fact, Zidane has always been a popular candidate for Real Madrid’s new coach, but florentino has higher plans. For this reason, together with the fact that Zizu left the stadium for too long, Zidane finally chose Juventus. In addition, the invitation of Paris Saint-Germain has never been in Zidane’s plan.

The current difficulty is that allegri’s contract with Juventus will not expire until 2025. If Zidane goes to Juventus, the Bianconeri will have to fire allegri early. Allegri’s annual salary at Juve is 7 million euros, which means that Juve may have to pay at least 20 million euros to terminate the contract.

In fact, there is another important reason for Real Madrid to give up Zidane, that is, to get rid of Azar with the help of Zizu. The fact is, this move is very effective. According to the western media "DC" report, Azar has let go, and he accepted the suggestion of following Zidane to Juventus. The transfer fee of 115 million is just a performance, and Real Madrid has spent far more money on Azar. If Zidane hadn’t insisted on bringing Azar to the Bernabeu, Real Madrid wouldn’t have suffered this boring loss.

Like Zidane, Juve can’t afford Azar’s high salary. There are only two feasible options: Azar’s salary is greatly reduced or Real Madrid pays part of it. Theoretically, both schemes are possible, because Azar owes Real Madrid and the players have reason to make concessions. Real Madrid pays part of the salary, which is also beneficial to Real Madrid’s future plans, at least they can reduce some expenses. For Azar, this is also an act to save his career, because he has no playing time at Real Madrid.

Zidane goes to Juve, so who will take over from Ancelotti? Western media gave the answer a long time ago, and florentino’s first choice was Mourinho! Mourinho’s contract with Rome also expires in 2024, and the time is very consistent. In addition, Mourinho has achieved success in Rome, and it is not surprising that they can play in the Champions League next season. In terms of Rome’s strength, it is almost impossible for them to compete in the Champions League, but Mourinho is successful if he can appear in this series. There is no doubt that leaving Rome, Mourinho is worthy of the city.

2024 is a crucial year for Real Madrid! This summer, Real Madrid will focus on Mbappé and Harland, which is a brand-new Galaxy warship. Without an experienced helmsman, the warship is likely to sink. This is also the main reason why Real Madrid chose Mourinho instead of Zidane. Florentino has been paving the way for Real Madrid, and he plans to make Real Madrid almost invincible in the next 10 years. The term of office is about to expire. At that time, 78-year-old Lafayette can only help Real Madrid as a bystander!

2-1, Serie A was cold, 31% possession +4 shots won, and the top 4 were shuffled, and Mu Shuai smiled.

Against the background of Napoli gradually ending the suspense of winning Serie A this season, the competition for the second place in the standings is particularly fierce. Originally, Inter Milan occupied a certain advantage, but their instability was not completely reassuring. You know, in the last three rounds, they once lost to Bologna. In the 26th round of Serie A, the "Nerazzurri" was once again upset.

In this battle, Inzaghi led a team to challenge spezia. In terms of starting price, Inter Milan reached 325 million euros, which is nearly seven times that of its opponent. lautaro and Lu Kaku, the highly anticipated combination, once again fit together. However, the "Nerazzurri", which has an absolute advantage in paper data, is inseparable. In the 5th minute, after lautaro got the ball at the top of the arc, he made a decisive long-range attack. Unfortunately, Drogovsky’s ten-finger pass was more secure, and he tried to keep the door open.

In the 12th minute, lautaro’s penalty kick still failed, which is regrettable. From the 19th minute to the 28th minute, Lu Kaku and mkhitaryan also joined the attack, but unfortunately they either kicked the ball. On the other hand, spezia got an attack opportunity in the 33rd minute. At that time, Agudelo led the ball into the penalty area in the frontcourt and was defended by acerbi to the bottom line. He barely finished picking the pass, but unfortunately hit the crossbar, and the attack ended. Under the constant waste of opportunities by the two teams, the first half ended soon, and the two sides were still 0-0!

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Inter Milan launched an attack with a long pass in the backcourt, and then moved the ball in the restricted area one after another. Finally, lautaro headed the ball to the net. Unfortunately, Lu Kaku was offside in this attack, so the score has not been rewritten. In the 55th minute, Enzola entangled with two defenders including acerbi on the right side of the penalty area, took the ball with his back and successfully made the ball for Daniel Maldini, who pushed the ball from the front of the penalty area and spezia led 1-0 at home.

The second goal of this game happened in the 83rd minute, when Inter Milan got another penalty, this time Lu Kaku took the penalty and hit it. The good times didn’t last long. After 4 minutes, Inter Milan also sent out a penalty. Enzola scored from the 12-yard line and spezia declared the game over 2-1. According to statistics, spezia was completely suppressed. Their possession rate was only 31%, and the number of shots was only 4, which was 24 times less than that of their opponents. However, spezia was still able to win, so we had to sigh their good luck!

After this battle, spezia was 6 points higher than the relegation zone and ranked 17th, which seemed to be a little reassuring. Inter Milan’s points are still fixed at 50 points, ranking second, which also makes Mourinho see new hope. You know, after the first 25 rounds, Rome scored 47 points and ranked fourth. It seems that it is not stable to stay in the top four, but Inter Milan are invincible this time. If Mourinho leads the team to win, then their points can be at the same level as Inter Milan, so it will be more secure to fight for the fourth round.

In the future, if Inzaghi’s team is still not stable, then it is not impossible for them to fall out of the top four. You should know that Lazio and AC Milan are eyeing the position of the "Nerazzurri", and a big reshuffle seems to be brewing!

Football is exciting for 1 night! Mbappé offered a winner, the Serie A champion was announced in advance, and Real Madrid reversed the sword and pointed to the Champions League.

Over the weekend, the five major leagues in Europe continued. Manchester City beat Crystal Palace away in the Premier League, narrowing the gap with Arsenal. In Serie A, Napoli beat Atalanta, once again expanding its lead. The suspense of the championship in Serie A ended ahead of schedule. In French League, Paris Saint-Germain, which was eliminated in the Champions League, was hit again. La Liga Real Madrid reversed its victory and aimed at the Champions League knockout.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Manchester City

Crystal Palace suffered a trough, with 10 consecutive games unbeaten, and Manchester City won three consecutive games. This season, Manchester City is 5 points behind Arsenal in the Premier League. Manchester City will compete with Leipzig Red Bull for the Champions League quarter-finals in the second round of the Champions League quarter-finals next week, and Guardiola will be somewhat distracted from the Champions League. Crystal Palace has defeated Manchester City twice in the last 10 encounters.

In the game, Harland missed the opportunity in the first half, Alvarez repeatedly made risks in the second half, and Harland scored some achievements. In the end, the whole game was over, and Manchester City went away to the Crystal Palace 1-0. In terms of standings, Manchester City scored 61 points in the first game and 2 points behind the top Arsenal, while Crystal Palace still ranked 12th with 27 points.

Naples 2-0 Atlanta

Napoli’s winning streak was ended by Lazio in the last league round, but it still leads by 15 points, and it is in an absolute leading position for the championship. Next week, in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Naples will play against Frankfurt at home, and this season, Naples is soaring in two lines. Atlanta ranked sixth, five points short of the top four, and Atlanta won more and lost less in the confrontation with Naples.

In the game, Napoli dominated in the first half, but failed to break the deadlock. In the second half, Kvaratskheliya scored a wonderful goal and Lamani headed the ball. In the end, Napoli led the standings with 18 points in Atlanta 2-0.

Brest 1-2 Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain was beaten by Bayern both at home and away in the last 16 of the Champions League, and fell to the last 16 for two consecutive seasons, which greatly damaged the team’s morale. Messi was questioned by fans, and Mbappé also had the idea of leaving the team. The Qatari consortium invested more than 1.4 billion euros in the acquisition of Paris Saint-Germain in the past 11 years, but it failed to win a Champions League trophy and only reached the Champions League final once. Although there is no pressure to win in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain is facing reconstruction.

In the game, Sohler scored the first goal after the middle frame in the first half, Aunola equalized the score, Messi assisted in the second half, and Mbappé scored a winner. In the end, Paris beat brest 2-1 away, and Paris won four consecutive victories in the league. In terms of standings, Paris ranked first with 66 points, 11 points ahead of Marseille, the second place.

Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard

Real Madrid’s recent state continues to be sluggish, and various events have been unbeaten for three consecutive games. The first leg of the semi-final of the King’s Cup of Spain was defeated by Barcelona, and La Liga suffered two consecutive draws. Barcelona has already opened the gap of 9 points in the standings. In the middle of next week, Real Madrid will play against Liverpool at the Bernabeu Stadium. In the first leg, Real Madrid beat Liverpool 5-2 away and took the lead in the knockout round of the top 16.

Real Madrid’s home game against Espanyol has maintained a nine-game winning streak, and it has been unbeaten for 26 consecutive games, occupying an absolute advantage and creating a 27-year record. The last time Real Madrid lost to Espanyol at home was back in 1996. In the first half of the game, Jose Lu took the lead in breaking the goal, and courtois contributed to the key save. vinicius and Militang successively broke the goal to help the team complete the overtaking. In the second half, Rodrigo hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gabriel came off the bench but was injured, and asensio scored a single goal in stoppage time to kill the game. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.