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Have you ever eaten the pineapple that grew up in the sea?

Watch the pineapple grow up in the sea.
This is HainanDuoge villageA pineapple field ↓
Unlike other places, this fielddepend onLanding on the seaThe pineapples in the field grew up watching the sea. What’s the smell of pineapple growing up in the sea?

Our reporter Gong Baichao tasted it for everyone.Sweet with a little saltIt tastes a little fresh. Eating this pineapple, it is estimated that you can avoid the step of soaking in salt water.
Everyone knows that Hainan Island is "Tropical waterfruitParadiseDuoge Village, located in the eastern part of Hainan Island, is also fragrant with fruits all year round, with coconut, banana, longan and other fruits dazzling.
Among the fruits rich in Duoge Village, the most famous one is the number.pineapple.
Almost every family here grows pineapples, and the planting area isMore than 10,000 muThe output value created is as high asMore than 30 million yuanThe per capita annual income of villagers is close.20,000 yuan.
By planting pineapples, the villagers lived in two or three-story buildings and drove private cars. The money for children to go to school was also earned by planting pineapples.
Qiaoxiang Duoge
Duoge village is a village withMore than 300 years of historyThe village.
In the early years of Qing Dynasty, the Tseng brothers and their clansmen migrated from Fujian coast to Shanqin Bay in Hainan, and gradually formed villages. At that time, people still used offshoreFishing for a living.
In order to make their families live a better life, many villagers began toAway from home, across oceans.Go to Singapore, Malaysia and other places to work hard. Duoge Village has thus become a famous place in Wanning.village or town inhabited by relatives of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese.
Pineapple opens the way to wealth.
The pineapple cultivation in Duoge Village is fromMore than 30 years agoIt started.
In the late 1980s, when villager Zeng Xianruo went to Wenchang to sell seafood, he found that there were many stalls selling pineapples.
At that time, pineapples were relatively rare in Hainan, so out of curiosity, he asked how much they cost.80 cents a cattyThe price really surprised him.
At that time, the hairtail he sold was only 45 cents, and the price of this pineapple almost caught up with that of hairtail.double;twofoldYes.
Zeng Xianruo thinks that this is achance.
At that time, there were few places to grow pineapples, and their villageClimatic conditions, soil environmentSimilar to Wenchang, if pineapples can be planted, the future development will bevery promising.
After returning to the village, he immediately discussed it with the big guy.
But at that time, most of the fields in the village were planted with crops such as pepper and rubber. If you want to plant pineapples, you can onlyCut down the pepper tree. And at that time, pepperHarvest periodIt’s almost there. It’s a pity to cut it down.
Is it to keep the pepper tree steady, orGet ahead of most peoplePineapple was planted, and finally Duoge village people chose the latter.
People cut down pepper trees, reclaimed more than 100 acres of land, and planted Duoge Village.The first batch of pineapple seedlings.
Many people in the village still remember that year, before the harvest season arrived, the consignee came to buy it. At that time, the output value of pineapple per mu was about 2000 yuan, and 100 mu of land was20More than ten thousand yuanThe income is almost pepper.Two or three times..
hang onThink about change and seek innovation.The idea that the pineapple planting area in Duoge Village is getting bigger and bigger, and the villagers made money by planting pineapples. By the early 1990s, there were many pineapples in the village.wealthy family",and Duoge Village has become famous"pineapple village”。
Thinking about change and seeking innovation can be long-term
However, in the next twenty years, Duoge Village was oncego no further.invariableThe planting mode has made the pineapple industry in Duoge Village graduallyLose an advantage.
In 2017, Duoge Village suffered an unprecedentedselling crisis.
That year, due to the abnormal climate, the ripening time of pineapples was advanced, and many pineapples were produced and Guangdong pineapples were produced.Simultaneous listingAt that time, fresh fruits piled up and the marketoversupply.
At that time, there were yellow pineapples all over the mountains.Unmanned harvesting. The villagers were in a hurry, but there was nothing they could do.
Fortunately, at that time, the Wanning Municipal Government issued the relevant emergency subsidy scheme, and gave transportation subsidies to the distributors who came to Wanning to buy pineapples, which reduced the losses of fruit farmers.
After the crisis, the villagers realized their own shortcomings. In order to broaden their horizons and ideas, they went out of the village and visited various places.
After some discussion, they decided to take advantage of Hainan’s climatic advantages and plant.Off-season pineapple.
To this end, they invited.Expert guidanceAfter more than a year of careful management, the first batch of out-of-season pineapples matured in August 2020, and once the fresh fruit was launched, it wassold out.
Scientific planting and high-quality development
With the development of Duoge Village getting better and better, many young people also choose to return to their hometowns to start businesses after graduating from college. Li Ruchao is one of them.
At first, Li Ruchao sold tropical fruits in his hometown through e-commerce platform. In the process of sales, he found thatBoutique fruitIt has gradually become a market consumption trend.
So he was born.Do fine agriculture and science and technology agriculture.The idea.
In 2020, with the support of the local government, Li Ruchao built a pineapple base in Duoge Village.Modern digital farm.
Through the data collected by sensors in digital farms, you canGuide field management. When to fertilize and when to water, there are more scientific operating standards.
From relying on the weather to relying on the development of science and technology, Duoge village people are constantly seeking innovation and change, and the small village is moving towards a happier future.
At 20:00 tonight, walk into Duoge Village in Hainan and realize pineapple freedom!
"Remember Homesickness" Rural Revitalization Series
Broadcast content: "Duoge Village-Fruitful Pastoral in South China"
Broadcast time: 20:00 on March 9, 2022 (Wednesday)
Broadcast channel: CCTV-4 Chinese International Channel
Source: CCTV4 "Remember Homesickness"
New Media of Chinese Global Program Center of Central Radio and Television General Station
Producer/Yang Fengtao
Producer/Hou Jingshu
Editor/Yang Junjun
Editor/Shi Xiangyun
The wonderful world is under control.
Stay tuned!

Over-packaging in fruit shops is too rampant, and it is really not advisable to dress fruits layer by layer.

  There are too many fruit packages, so there should be reliable and effective recycling channels. Photo courtesy of North Night New Vision

  Some fruits that ordinary people are used to picking are also packed into boxes. Cao zhengshe

  "Not only can’t you choose, you can only buy a few in the box!" Ms. Chen, a citizen who wants to buy two pounds of apples, is very puzzled. Several fruit shops at home have been "upgraded", but it is more troublesome to buy fruits than before: many kinds of fruits are packed in plastic boxes, so you can only buy them by the box.

  The reporter visited and found that this is not a case. Many fruit shops have begun to "dress" the fruits that were sold in the past: sealing them with plastic wrap, putting them in plastic boxes and putting them on plastic bags. At the same time of excessive packaging, it is inconvenient for ordinary people to shop. Why is the trend of fruit packing set off? What’s the logic behind it? For this phenomenon, what means are there to crack it? The reporter conducted an investigation into this.


  Scattered fruits are packed in boxes.

  In the "Baiguoxiang" fruit shop in Sanyuanli, the salesman picked up a bunch of grapes in his left hand, cut off the withered grapes one by one with scissors in his right hand, and finally put them into a disposable plastic box. Around him, layers of packed kumquat, apples and so on have been packed.

  Many fruits that ordinary people are used to picking are also packaged and put into boxes. Nanguo pear, though marked with a catty of 7.5 yuan, has been wrapped in plastic wrap and repackaged in plastic boxes. Several customers picked it up one by one, studied it and put it down again, but no one bought it for a long time. "It’s all in the box, and you can’t pick it. I don’t know if it’s fresh!" A customer said. In the past, almost all fruits such as pears and apples were in bulk. After customers finished weighing and calculating money, the quantity and quality could be controlled by customers themselves. Now, the choice is much smaller. Take Nanguo pear as an example, one serving of seven or eight pears can’t be eaten at a time, and it’s no good to buy less; Want to buy more, can only buy two, a total of 16.

  A similar situation is more common in many chain fruit shops. The reporter visited Guoduomeibei Taipingqiao Store and Huayuan Road Store one after another and found that most fruits, such as apples, pears, oranges and kiwis, were packaged, some were covered with plastic wrap, some were packed in hard plastic boxes, and there were relatively few bulk fruits. The reporter counted that there are about four or five hundred boxes of all kinds of fruits sold in boxes in each fruit shop.

  Some consumers said that in the past, this kind of fruit packed in boxes was often sold online and other channels. "I went to the fruit shop to buy some fresh fruits, but I found that many fruits in the store were also wrapped and I couldn’t choose at all."

  Explore the cause

  Merchants for the convenience of stop loss chart

  Why is the trend of fruit boxed sales getting worse?

  A salesperson at a fresh supermarket named "Good Fruits and Vegetables" in Chaoyang Beiyuan said that these fruits are scattered when they are purchased, and then they are packed into plastic boxes after being transported to the store. "The packaged fruits are beautiful and clean, and fruits like oranges and pears are also bad in bulk."

  "Those who sell fruit are afraid of bad fruit, which is the most crucial reason!" Zhou Zheng (pseudonym), the owner of a fruit shop, told reporters that the main reason for packing fruits is that merchants want to stop losses: First, when packing fruits, customers will not touch them back and forth like picking bulk fruits; Secondly, boxing is one of the measures to keep fruits fresh, which can extend the sales time.

  The reporter noticed that the sales methods of fruit boxed are mainly concentrated in the newly upgraded fresh fruit supermarkets and high-end supermarkets. In traditional vegetable markets and cheap supermarkets, a large number of fruits are often sold in bulk.

  Zhou Zheng explained: "There are also some boxed fruits. Because the packaging is exquisite and the price can be raised, merchants prefer to box them." The increase of packaging cost will inevitably be included in the price of fruit; However, some boxed fruits have extended the sales time, and the freshness will inevitably be "discounted".


  Reduce the amount at the source

  The convenience of merchants also brings greater negative impact on the environment: in the past, ordinary people bought fruit and at most bought a plastic bag; Nowadays, the fruit is first covered with plastic wrap, then put into a plastic box, and finally put into a plastic bag, resulting in a "three-piece set" of packaging waste.

  "About eight or nine thousand disposable plastic boxes can be used in a month." The person in charge of a fruit shop with an area of more than 100 square meters admits that the cost of these disposable plastic boxes ranges from a few cents to a few cents, and they are basically online shopping.

  The reporter searched for "fruit disposable plastic boxes" on Taobao. There are countless kinds of goods. In the top three stores, a strawberry packaging box is selling well, each box contains 600 boxes, and the price is 215 yuan. The monthly sales volume of this product reached 1,387 boxes, and this packaging box sold 830,000 boxes in one month. "The materials of these plastic boxes are similar to mineral water bottles, and they are all non-degradable." The person in charge of this store bluntly said that a large part of these plastic boxes were sold to many well-known fruit fresh supermarkets.

  "White pollution" has become a world problem. "Like disposable lunch boxes, fruit plastic packaging is mostly thrown away by ordinary people." Sheng Min, secretary-general of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association Recycling Plastics Branch, said that besides reducing the amount at the source, there should be reliable and effective recycling channels. If there is a sound garbage sorting system, plastic packaging will be used more effectively through recycling channels. For example, Europe mainly subsidizes the recycling of renewable resources through compulsory policies adopted by the government; Japan, on the other hand, does a good job of sorting garbage from the source by cultivating national quality.

  Our reporter Cao Zheng

How to get to the property market in third-and fourth-tier cities?

  On April 16th, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Notice on Issuing the Special Fund Budget for Urban Affordable Housing Project of the Central Government in 2019", and the number of planned renovation sets of urban shanty towns in 2019 was also released.

  Compared with 2018, the number of shed renovation sets in 37 provinces and cities in 2019 totaled 2,852,900 sets, which was nearly 51% lower than the planned renovation set of 5.88 million sets in 2018.

  Before the Ministry of Finance announced the start-up of the shed reform plan in 2019 in April, in January 2019, local governments disclosed the relevant data of the shed reform plan in 2019 in their work reports, and the targets of nearly half of the cities were lower than those in early 2019.

  Analysts pointed out that the sharp reduction of the start-up target of shed reform in 2019 indicates that the proportion of commercial housing sales brought by shed reform in the total sales of commercial housing in the country will gradually decrease, and the direct impact is reflected in the benefits of shed reform in third-and fourth-tier cities and below. It will gradually weaken.

  According to the report of Kerui Real Estate Research Center, except for a few provinces such as Fujian, Tianjin, Guangxi, Guangdong and Tibet, the planned construction volume of the remaining 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities has declined to varying degrees compared with 2018, with a decline of more than 50% reaching 15.

  In terms of absolute value, the planned construction starts of Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in 2019 still exceeded 200,000 sets, ranking among the top three in many provinces and cities, while the construction starts of seven provinces and cities such as Ningbo, Ningxia and Hainan were all less than 10,000 sets due to the small scale of shed reform. Judging from the year-on-year changes, there are ups and downs among provinces and cities, and the overall situation is "falling more and rising less". Five provinces, including Fujian, Tianjin, Guangxi, Guangdong and Tibet, grew year-on-year, with Fujian’s increase being the most significant, reaching 117%. The planned starts of the remaining 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have declined to varying degrees compared with 2018, with 15 of them falling by more than 50%. It is noteworthy that Shandong, Henan, Guizhou, Hunan and other major shed-reformed provinces all experienced a year-on-year decline of over 70%. We believe that the staged callback in the provinces with a large amount of shed reform in the early stage conforms to objective laws and market expectations. For example, in Henan Province, the actual amount of shed reform in 2018 has reached 1.8 times that in 2016, and the planned target for 2019 is only 150,000 sets, down 77% year-on-year, with a significant decline, and the decline is also expected.

  In fact, before the Ministry of Finance announced the start-up amount of shed reform plans in 2019 in various provinces in April, in January 2019, local governments disclosed the relevant data of shed reform plans in 2019 in their work reports. Through the comparison of these two sets of data, we can also see the changes in the current market expectations for shed reform.

  Among the 19 provinces that can be counted, 7 provinces including Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and Tibet have not changed much in 2019, and the increase or decrease is within 5%. Nearly half of the cities’ targets have fallen to different degrees compared with the beginning of 2019, and the declines in Liaoning, Jilin, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces have significantly exceeded 50%. On the one hand, the data disclosed by some provinces at the beginning of the year are more general, which is basically the target construction volume of two years; On the other hand, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces have basically overdrawn the future shed reform space due to the large amount of work started in the previous shed reform. It can be expected that the promotion of shed reform to local real estate sales is also weakening. In addition, the amount of construction started in a few provinces such as Fujian and Sichuan is higher than the data released at the beginning of the year, which is also in line with the regulation idea of "governing by the city", and the goal of shed reform also reflects the characteristics of looseness and tightness.

  Chen Sheng, executive director of China Real Estate Data Research Institute, said that according to the previously announced three-year plan, the proportion of shantytown renovation is gradually decreasing.

  According to the previously published three-year plan, another 15 million sets of shanty towns will be renovated in the three years from 2018 to 2020, which is the second three-year plan for shantytown renovation. Prior to this, in 2015, the State Council proposed to renovate 18 million housing units in shanty towns, including dangerous buildings and villages in cities, in 2015-2017.

  Kerui Real Estate Research Center pointed out that from 2015 to 2017, it basically maintained a year-on-year growth trend. In the past three years, the number of starts was above 6 million sets. Although the target for 2018 was slightly reduced to 5.8 million sets, from the actual completion situation, the number of new shanty towns was 6.27 million sets, and the target completion rate reached a new high of 107.4%.

  The overfulfilment in previous years also laid the groundwork for the subsequent shed reform and shrinkage.

  Last October, the executive meeting of the State Council clearly put forward that the scope and standards of shed reform should be strictly improved, and the monetary resettlement policy of shed reform should be adjusted and improved according to local conditions. Among them, it is clearly proposed to adjust and improve the monetary resettlement policy for shed reform, and cities and counties with insufficient commercial housing inventory and high pressure of rising house prices should cancel the preferential monetary resettlement policy as soon as possible.

  The report of Kerui Real Estate Research Center points out that the less shantytown renovation is, the more it conforms to the objective law, and it is impossible to change more and more. On the other hand, some negative effects of vigorously promoting the monetary resettlement of shed reform have already appeared, such as increasing the pressure of local financial liabilities and pushing up the housing prices in the third and fourth lines. The inventory problem based on the third and fourth lines has been initially solved, and it is also reasonable to lower the target of shed reform.

  The insiders believe that the main purpose of shed reform is to meet the housing needs of residents who just need it. With the reduction of the overall number of shanty towns and the end of the task of destocking in various places, some cities and counties with low inventory will gradually withdraw from the monetization of shed reform.

  Kerui Real Estate Research Center believes that the tightening of shed reform policy in 2019 is basically expected, especially in the context of relatively tight local finance, monetized resettlement and other methods will gradually withdraw, and the stimulating effect on real estate sales will also be weakened.

  In addition, the report pointed out that the current scale of shed reform is "halved", first of all, it is an impact on the market expectation level, and it is also releasing a signal that the phased destocking task has been completed, and the promotion of shed reform to real estate sales is disappearing. Previously, the shed reform once directly boosted the sales of about 20% of commercial housing, and this force will never return in 2019 and beyond.

  In addition, the monetization resettlement has also been continuously tightened. As early as October 2018, it was stated at the symposium of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development that the monetization resettlement of shed reform in 2019 will be mainly based on special bonds, and the government’s purchase of shed reform service mode will be cancelled; At the same time, local governments have also proposed that the shed reform will focus on physical resettlement, and the proportion of monetized resettlement will also be reduced, which will have a more direct impact on the sales of commercial housing. Without the drive of funds, the purchasing power of residents will be greatly reduced.

  Zhang Bo, chief analyst of 58 Anjuke Real Estate Research Institute, pointed out that the sharp reduction of the starting target of shed reform in 2019 indicates that the proportion of commercial housing sales brought by shed reform in the total sales of commercial housing in the country will gradually decrease, and the direct impact is reflected in the shed reform in the third-and fourth-tier cities and below will also gradually weaken.

  In Zhang Bo’s view, the direct benefits of shed reform will be accelerated and weakened in the third-and fourth-tier cities in the future, and the third-and fourth-tier cities will usher in obvious differentiation. In the future, the cities in key urban agglomerations will have more population concentration, and the shrinking third-and fourth-tier cities will face further shrinkage of the commercial housing market.

Do you want to catch the "last bus" of the countdown policy for the exit of new energy vehicles?

  Beijing, China, December 3 (Reporter Li Yang) According to the Notice on Financial Subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2022 issued by the Ministry of Finance and other four departments, the national subsidy policy for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be terminated on December 31 this year, after which the licensed vehicles will no longer be subsidized.

  At the time when the subsidy is only one month away, various car companies are also trying to hit the peak of sales or orders. Judging from the sales of new energy vehicles in November, many car companies have achieved new heights. What impact will the exit of the new energy state compensation have on the market? Are consumers going to catch the last bus of this policy?

  Recently, the most talked about by new energy car companies is: "You can still enjoy state subsidies if you place an order now."

  Indeed, for consumers, buying new energy vehicles (including pure electric, plug-in hybrid and extended range) before December 31 can enjoy subsidies ranging from 4,800 yuan to 12,600 yuan for bicycles. However, the purchase of new energy vehicles in 2023 will no longer enjoy the "state subsidy". Therefore, the countdown to "national compensation" has also become the killer of new energy car companies to grab orders.

  Sales of a new energy vehicle: There is still one month to go, which should be good for our sales. It is the last bus for consumers to subsidize and support new energy in this country, which should be a great benefit. We just try our best to keep communication and exchange with customers, and then convey this favorable policy to customers and promote it again.

  In fact, since October, many new energy car companies have introduced a series of measures to encourage consumers to buy cars years ago, such as locking single subsidies, price increase reminders, and time-limited insured prices. It is basically a foregone conclusion that consumers will spend more on new energy vehicles after the subsidy is cancelled. Many consumers intend to buy a new energy vehicle before the subsidy policy ends.

  Consumer 1: I learned from the news that the purchase subsidy for new energy will end on December 31st this year. Considering that the current oil price is rising, the electricity consumption of new energy vehicles is cheap and environmentally friendly, I want to take the time to buy one at the 4S shop before the end of the policy welfare.

  Consumer 2: I originally thought that I would change it next year, but the sales in the past two days have always reminded me that the car repair is running out. I won’t hurry up and buy it this year. I don’t know what will happen next year. According to the current subsidy amount, I can save more than 10,000 yuan before the end of the year.

  At the end of November, BYD officially announced the price increase for the third time during the year. Recently, enterprises and brands including GAC Ai ‘an, Geely, Tucki, Wenjie and Euler have successively announced the price increase or introduced the policy of "time-limited price protection". After the withdrawal of the "state subsidy", will the price of new energy vehicles "rise" next year? This is a problem that many consumers are concerned about.

  According to Zhang Xiang, dean of the New Energy Automobile Technology Research Institute of Jiangxi New Energy Technology Vocational College, not all car companies will follow BYD to raise prices, and car companies will adjust prices according to the market supply and demand relationship of products.

  Zhang Xiang analyzed: "From the market performance, BYD cars are particularly popular in the market now. Many consumers are willing to pay a deposit for six months, but other brands are not necessarily like BYD. At present, we have observed that only a few top brands in the market adopt the strategy of following, and most car companies have not followed. The price is mainly adjusted by the relationship between supply and demand. Some niche brands and brands with poor sales can’t raise prices even if they lose money selling cars. As soon as the price increases, their market competitiveness will be reduced, and it will be more difficult to sell. Sales will decline. "

  Zhang Xiang said that the consumption habits of domestic consumers for new energy vehicles have been developed. After the "national subsidy" promoted for 13 years stops at the end of this year, new energy vehicle enterprises will enter the stage of survival of the fittest.

  "We have too many brands now, and it is difficult for enterprises to achieve economies of scale. For second-tier and third-tier brands, if its annual sales volume is less than 10,000 vehicles, the withdrawal of this subsidy will increase the operating costs of its enterprises, and the sales cost can be said to be worse. Especially for some brands at the end, after the subsidy retreats, big brands dare to raise prices and have the confidence to raise prices, but small brands dare not raise prices, which aggravates their losses and shortens the time node when these brands are called bankruptcy or withdrawal. " Zhang Xiang said.

  Regarding whether it is necessary for consumers to catch up with this wave of subsidy preferential policies, Zhang Xiang believes that there is a demand for cars in the short term. Now the replacement of new energy vehicles is very fast. If there is no car purchase plan within half a year, it can wait.

  "If you want to buy a car at the end of the year or before the Spring Festival, I suggest catching the last chance. Now the subsidy for the highest new energy vehicles is still relatively large. If the consumer is not in a hurry to use the car, he can wait and see. Although there will be no subsidy of more than 10,000 yuan next year, this car has more functions and more advanced technology. Now the new energy car is like a mobile phone. If you buy it half a year later, its technical level and platform will be a higher level. It is recommended that consumers make a plan from their own car purchase time. " Zhang Xiang said.

I found it! 30 years ago, the proprietress of Four Seasons Beauty turned out to be her!

"These two stores can earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year."
Recently, an interview video 30 years ago became a hit.
Doing business in hangzhou sijiqing that year.
The face and words of the young proprietress,
Let netizens shout: shocked for a whole year!
Who is she?
After 30 years, what happened to her?
Network-wide attention
The beautiful proprietress 30 years ago, found it!
In this old image in 1993, a young girl opened a shop in the Sijiqing clothing market. When interviewed by reporters, she smiled and said:"These two stores have to earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year, which is no problem."
After the content was issued, it caused widespread concern.
Partial screenshot
At the same time, many netizens lamented in the comment area:"The temperament is too good" "It’s elegant to wear and talk" "It’s cool to wear a face value" …
Soon, many netizens reported that this is Zhuji, surnamed Lou.
I was only 20 years old when I was interviewed.
When I was young, I chose to go out and rush
Ms. Lou said that many friends told her about it yesterday, but she was not particularly surprised and surprised. She recalled that she was about 20 years old when she was interviewed.
Speaking of the business situation in that year, Ms. Lou said,At that time, materials were in short supply,In fact, this kind of market is thriving all over the country.
There are a group of frolicters in every era, and standing at this outlet may be the lucky ones.
"I felt that the market was relatively prosperous as a distribution center for commercial logistics at that time, so I wanted to join.At that time, going to Sijiqing was the forefront.. "Therefore, with the idea of being fearless of heaven and earth, Ms. Lou resolutely chose to go out and take a trip.
At the same time, she is also full of expectations for young people. "Every era belongs to young people. I hope that young people now have a little courage and go for it when they think of anything."
In the face of everyone’s concern,Ms. Lou feels honored and indifferent."Thank you very much for your interest in that era."
"People of our age will be nostalgic, and children may be interested in the previous era … There are many reasons for this video to be popular, and it may be calm in a few days." Ms. Lou said.
At present, Ms. Lou has retired.For her other recent situation, she admits that she doesn’t want to disclose too much.
Every era has a batch.
Young people full of vigor and vitality
I hope we will always be brave and free!
Embrace your best self!
Source: Zhuji Xishi Eye
Editor Zhong Wei Review Xie Jun Du Haifeng

Football development planning to enhance the value of sports industry concept stocks are sought after by funds

  In order to implement the spirit of the State Council’s Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry to Promote Sports Consumption and the Overall Plan for Football Reform and Development in China, and promote the sustained and healthy development of football in China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Football Reform and Development in the State Council (China Football Association), the General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Education jointly compiled the Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Football in China (2016-2050), which was recently released and distributed to local governments for implementation.

  In this regard, analysts pointed out that, except for the first time in the history of football in China, there is a long-term development plan with a clear time period, which shows that the country attaches great importance to the development of the football industry. Compared with last year’s plan, the plan is more detailed, and when these goals are specific to figures, it is a potential investment opportunity.

  In this context, yesterday, the sports industry-related concept stocks changed, and the overall sector rose by 0.25 percentage points against the market. In terms of individual stocks, Shenzhen Huicheng had a strong daily limit, and citic guoan and Hangzhou Jiebai also rose by more than 5%, with 5.29% and 5.19% respectively.

  In terms of capital flow, according to the statistics of the Securities Daily Market Research Center, yesterday, seven sports industry concept stocks became the target of capital pursuit, attracting a total of 180,159,200 yuan. Specifically, the net inflow of funds from citic guoan, Shenzhen Huicheng and Hangzhou Jiebai all exceeded 20 million yuan, which were 92,718,300 yuan, 43,414,300 yuan and 21,635,500 yuan respectively.

  In fact, the continuous influx of capital in recent years has injected new vitality into the sports industry. 2016 is a big year for sports, and large-scale sports events such as the Olympic Games and the European Football Cup will be held, which is expected to set off a new round of sports boom. Insiders pointed out that the sports industry M&A funds are constantly emerging, and the capital fever of the industry will drive the change of business model. It is expected that companies with a market value of 10 billion yuan or even 100 billion yuan will be born around the sub-sectors of Super League football industry chain, sports events and venue operation, and sports marketing.

  GF Securities said that the football policy dividend will be released at an accelerated pace, and the market value of the sports industry will be enhanced. The market value brought by sports reform will first be reflected in the football industry chain, and firm and orderly construction will create great commercial value; Investment opportunities in related sports industry chains are the long-term value restoration of the reform dividend release. Enterprises and listed companies that are deeply involved in various sports segments have obvious advantages, benefit the most, and are more likely to be sought after by market funds. It is suggested to pay attention to Lehman shares (deeply cultivating the football industry and having the right to develop the business of League A) and Chinese sports industry (with the strongest shareholder background and rich experience in event operation).

  At the same time, Ping An Securities believes that the sports industry will usher in rapid growth during the economic transition period. As an emerging consumer sector focused on in 2016, the sports sector is also an important direction for the business transformation of listed companies. The triple factors of policy liberalization, capital inflow and consumption upgrading will bring unprecedented development opportunities for China sports industry.

43-year-old Angel is thin, and her facial features are still pure and beautiful, but her side is flatter than that of men.

Angel, who hasn’t appeared in front of the public for a long time, was recently photographed by the audience while visiting the vegetable market. In the photo, she is much thinner than before, with obvious blue veins on her hands, and even her figure has become more and more flat!

On that day, Angel wore a black short sleeve, green-brown trousers, a pair of glasses on her face and a yellow bag. Although her dress was not particularly foreign, her overall temperament was still very good ~

Angel, born in 1980, is 43 years old this year. In recent years, she has basically stopped filming. When she has nothing to do, she spends time with her parents and son, sharing some cooking methods and experiences on short videos from time to time, which has gained a lot of fans.

Compared with the appearance of pure flowers when she was young, now Angel often wears big-rimmed glasses, which is very literary. If everyone doesn’t know her and know that she is an actress, she will definitely think that she is a Chinese or math teacher!

And now the life in Angel is very comfortable. When there are activities in the circle, she occasionally goes to participate. When there are no activities in the circle, she stays in her hometown in Dalian. On weekdays, she doesn’t even wear makeup. For example, when she was photographed going to the vegetable market to buy food this time, she was not afraid of many people, and she didn’t care that she was a female star. She went into battle without makeup, and even the clothing mix was very casual!

From the photos of Angel sent by the people in the vegetable market, we can see that there is no trace of filter, which is the most real picture. At the age of 43, there is no makeup and no beauty. It can be said that the photos taken can have this effect, and the state is very real!

It can be seen from the picture that Angel’s plain face is very capable of playing, and there is no dead angle on her face. No matter from which angle she takes pictures, she looks perfect, even if she is over 40, she is still full of pure breath.

The only fly in the ointment is Angel’s figure, which is too rigid. Because of the thinness, the whole figure line is very smooth from the side, and there is no curvy feeling of other women, but it doesn’t matter. After all, Angel will never get married again now, so it doesn’t matter!

When buying vegetables, Angel is very grounded. As long as there is only one onion, she should use it reasonably even if she has money, and never buy too much waste. She is a woman who will be diligent and keep a house!

When facing the camera, Angel also smiled brilliantly, saying that he also let people photograph the dishes he bought. Although there are many styles, the quantity is not large. It depends on the situation that he will come out to visit the vegetable market every day!

Now that Dingding, the son of Angel and Pan Yueming, has grown up, Angel will be able to do her own thing. According to her current video posting standards, she will definitely become an excellent food blogger in the future!

Jeff, the most diligent player in Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, has grown into an important defender!

Jeff, the most diligent player in Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, has grown into an important defender!

Since joining the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, Jeff has been famous for his diligence and hard work. In daily training, he always goes all out to seriously correct his own shortcomings. Fortunately, these efforts have brought gratifying results. At present, Jeff has become one of the indispensable defenders in the Guangdong men’s basketball team. His skills are constantly improving, and his stable performance has won the respect of his teammates and coaching staff. On the court, Jeff showed extraordinary diligence and perseverance. Whether it is training or competition, he always devotes himself to it and spares no effort to improve his technical level. Whenever the team conducts group training, Jeff is always the first to arrive at the training ground and the last to leave. He explained what is called "diligence" with his own practical actions.

In daily training, Jeff’s earnest attitude is also well known. He constantly reflects and summarizes his training performance and actively seeks ways to improve it. Coaches often see his efforts in details in training and constantly correct the shortcomings of movements and technical movements. This spirit of not being satisfied with the status quo has gradually made his technology more perfect. Jeff’s diligence has also been rewarded. His performance on the court is getting better and better, and he has gradually become one of the indispensable defenders in the team. He can play an important role in both offensive and defensive ends. In the competition, his excellent organizational skills and stable shooting skills made him a scoring weapon for the Guangdong men’s basketball team. On the defensive end, he always goes all out to press his opponent, causing great pressure on him.

Jeff’s technological progress is also obvious. From his performance when he first joined the team to his current popularity on the court, it can be said that it is a leap forward. He constantly explores and tries new technical moves in training and applies them to the competition. This progressive attitude has also won him more respect and trust on the court. However, Jeff is not satisfied with the status quo. He knows that he needs to work harder to gain a foothold in the Guangdong men’s basketball team. He understands that only by continuous learning and progress can he stand out from the fierce competition. Therefore, he always keeps strict demands on himself and constantly pursues opportunities for progress. Among the teammates and coaching staff of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, Jeff won wide respect and praise.

His diligence and hard-working spirit is a model in the team and also an example for young players to learn. Whenever teammates encounter difficulties, Jeff is always the first to lend a helping hand, giving encouragement and support. Looking back on Jeff’s growing road, he wrote his own basketball dream with diligence and hard work. His success is inseparable from his love of basketball and his desire for victory. For Xu Jie, this is only the beginning of his basketball career, and he still has more ambitious goals to conquer. I believe that in the near future, he will continue to shine in the Guangdong men’s basketball field and win more honors for the team. To sum up, Jeff, as the most diligent player in Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, has won the respect and recognition of the team and the coaching staff with his own efforts and efforts.

With the continuous improvement of his skills, he has become one of the indispensable defenders in the team. However, he is not satisfied with the status quo. I believe that with his efforts, his basketball road will be wider and wider. We are looking forward to seeing Jeff continue to shine in future competitions and bring more glory to the Guangdong men’s basketball team!

Lampard: Arsenal’s deliberate loss is disgusting! Altta’s tough reply is unwilling to give in.

According to JBO Sports, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard expressed great dissatisfaction with Arsenal’s intentional loss. In the match between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest, Nottingham Forest stubbornly resisted under the pressure of relegation and finally defeated Arsenal with a score of 1:0. This result caused Arsenal to miss the championship completely, while Manchester City won the championship before the current round.

It is reported that the Chelsea team is extremely dissatisfied with Arsenal’s losing behavior. Head coach Lampard said in an interview with the media: "I think Arsenal’s behavior lacks professional ethics and sportsmanship. Every team should be responsible for its own achievements, rather than pushing the responsibility to others. "

Lampard also said that the team should win the game with its own strength, rather than relying on others’ losing behavior to qualify for the championship. He believes that this behavior is not only unfair to Chelsea, but also affects the reputation of the entire Premier League.

Arsenal manager Artta dismissed the accusation. In an interview, he said: "Our players made all efforts in the game, but we failed to win in the end. This is a difficult game and we didn’t lose on purpose. "

However, this incident still caused extensive discussion outside. Some fans and the media believe that this kind of losing behavior is an insult to sportsmanship and professional ethics and should be condemned and punished. Others believe that the team has the right to decide its own game strategy, and other teams have no right to interfere.

In any case, the occurrence of this incident will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the reputation of the Premier League. In the future, league organizers need to consider how to avoid such similar incidents from happening again to protect the fairness and competitiveness of the league.

Manchester United is determined to solve the problem! Serie A 40 million frontrunners+Kane forced to go to the shire.

Manchester United has made remarkable progress under the leadership of Tenghahe this season, but the weakness of the front still plagues Manchester United, which is anxious to revive.

The data is the most convincing. They scored 51 goals in 35 Premier League games, averaging 1.45 goals per game, while Manchester City scored 92 goals in 35 games, averaging 2.63 goals per game.

Rachford, the top scorer of Manchester United, is good enough, but he has only scored 18 goals so far, which is far from Tenhah’s 36 goals.

Strengthening the strength of the front line has become Manchester United’s first choice next season. The Times reported that Manchester United had targeted two strikers.

Their number one prey must be Kane. Although Kane is 30 years old, he has scored 27 goals this season and is still a prolific striker.

Tottenham Hotspur is another four-empty season, and Kane has already had the idea of a transfer. Manchester United is a good choice. I just hope Kane won’t stage a farce of failing to move to Manchester City.

Another target for Manchester United is Danish striker Heilund of Serie A Atalanta. Last summer, Atlanta bought the 20-year-old soccer potential star for 17 million euros.

He is a traditional center with good back skills, and scored 7 goals in 29 Serie A appearances. Now he is worth 40 million pounds, and Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan are also among the competitors.

Once United win Kane and Heylund, Marchal will definitely leave.