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The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue rainstorm warning.

  CCTV News:The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue rainstorm warning at 10: 00 on July 26:

  It is estimated that there will be heavy rains in parts of southwestern Heilongjiang, western Jilin, eastern Qinghai, Sichuan Basin, western and southern Chongqing, central and western Guizhou, southern Shandong, northern Jiangsu, eastern Zhejiang and Taiwan Province Island from 14: 00 on July 26 to 14: 00 on July 27. Among them, there will be heavy rains in parts of eastern Sichuan Basin, western Chongqing, northern Guizhou and southeastern Zhejiang, and heavy rains in parts of eastern and southern Taiwan Province Island. Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 20 ~ 50 mm, and the local area can exceed 80 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to prepare for the storm;

  2. Schools and kindergartens should take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of students and children;

  3. Drivers should pay attention to road water and traffic jams to ensure safety;

  4, check the city, farmland, fish pond drainage system, ready for drainage.

Price increase against the trend? The dilemma of the beauty market is reversed. Lack of motivation. International big names are the first to shout "improving morale" | Industry dynamics

Cailian News Agency, January 11th (Reporter Luo Yuchen) At the beginning of the new year, the domestic beauty market is still waiting for recovery in a difficult situation, and international brands have taken the lead in starting a new round of price increases. Cailian reporter learned from the offline counter that many international beauty brands plan to raise prices after the Spring Festival, covering all products, with an increase of 5%-10%.

Different from the international big-name "Passion Shouts Up", many flagship stores of domestic brands such as Polaiya, owned by Polaiya (603605.SH), Winona and Mao Geping, owned by Betani (300957.SZ) all reported that they had not received the price increase notice. It is worth noting that although domestic brands have not publicly raised prices on a large scale, it is not uncommon to "quietly" raise the prices of popular items by upgrading and changing packaging.

For the phenomenon of brand price increase in the downward period, Zhang Yang, the founder of Solution Consulting, believes that customer unit price is an important part of brand differentiation. In the downward period, the advantage of low-priced brands is difficult to sustain, and the profit of a single product cannot be supported, so a series of problems arise; A brand with premium power is "selling a single order and earning a single order". After all, "profit space is research and development space" can support the brand to develop better in a difficult situation. She pointed out that the signal released by the downward brand price increase is actually to gain more room for manoeuvre, and more and more domestic brands are gradually realizing this problem.

International big names shout up at the beginning of the year

Near the Spring Festival, there are crowds in the vicinity of Wulin Square in the central business district of Hangzhou. The reporters of Cailian Association visited a number of surrounding shopping malls and learned that there are indeed many brands that are planning to raise prices after the Spring Festival. The sales of Estee Lauder, Dior, Guerlain, Clinique and perfume brand LeLabo all clearly stated that "it will rise after the holiday". However, according to the sales representatives, the new round of price increase is still in the brewing stage, and the range of price increase has not yet been determined, so only a relatively vague range is given.

"It is estimated that it will rise to 620 yuan to 660 yuan, and the increase in perfume will be even greater." Dior brand sales pointed to an air-cushion powder cake with a price of 600 yuan on the shelf. When the reporter questioned whether the 10% increase was too large, she responded: "Many brands have to raise their prices, not only our family, but also perfumes."

For the reasons of price increase, brand sales have different opinions. "We will go up across the board. Maybe every product will go up by 20 yuan -30 yuan. Now nothing will go up, right? All kinds of costs are rising. " Clinique brand sales blamed the price increase on rising costs. Judging from the sales of Guerlain brand and Estee Lauder brand, the price increase is more customary, "every February is the price adjustment period".

It is understood that in 2022, the beauty industry experienced two rounds of price hikes in March and July respectively due to cost pressure, involving different brands. Affected by this, some brands said that due to the price increase in 2022, there is no price adjustment plan in the short term. "This lipstick has risen in 22 years, from 370 yuan to 385 yuan, and there will be no price adjustment for the time being." Gucci brand sales introduction said.

It has been pointed out that since 2021, the costs of raw materials, transportation and warehousing have been rising continuously, and brands are indeed facing certain cost pressures, so they have started to raise prices one after another. With the general decline in the prices of various bulk raw materials in Q3 in 2022, this kind of cost load has been reduced, but the sharp fluctuation of exchange rate has put new pressure on the profits of imported goods.

Beauty cosmetics wait for the dilemma to reverse.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the domestic beauty market is still in a difficult period.

Since August, 2022, the domestic retail sales of cosmetics have been declining for four consecutive months year-on-year. Even though it was promoted by the "Double Eleven", the retail sales of cosmetics in November still failed to reverse the trend, falling by 4.6% year-on-year. Considering that the discussion on the "Double Twelve" promotion was not hot, the retail sales of cosmetics in December was hardly optimistic, and "six consecutive declines" might be inevitable.

Under the downward pressure, more and more brands are forced to clear out. Since 2022, CROXX, YES! IC, Fangji and a number of former cutting-edge domestic brands announced the clearance or closure of stores, and overseas brands even withdrew in large numbers, including young brands such as The Oriental and Huda Beauty, as well as old brands such as Shuizhiao, Yidi House and Feishi Shop, which have been deeply cultivated in the China market for many years.

Even if it has not been eliminated, the severe living environment has forced a number of brands to make substantial adjustments, and channel adjustment bears the brunt. Brands such as Yueshi Fengyin, Maybelline and Heyan have reduced their offline channels and started to attack online in an all-round way. However, time has passed, the online channel dividend period has passed, and the traffic cost has risen. An interview with a new domestic brand revealed that the brand began to specialize in online at the end of 2021, but the actual situation is far less than expected, and online competition has become unprecedentedly fierce.

(Editor Liu Yan)

This article comes from Luo Yuchen, a reporter from Cailian Association.

Football Association, the real reason for the continuous decline of football in China!

After taking office, the leaders of the new Football Association vowed the administrative program and development plan as before, among which the youth training work was placed in an extremely prominent position.

Looking back on the development history of modern football in China, the national team has lost ground from once to now. From the quasi-first-class in Asia at the beginning, it has fallen to the third-rate now. The real reason lies in the stubbornness of the football system and the exaggeration and failure to implement the youth training.

In 1985, Grandpa Deng proposed that "football should start with dolls". Thirty years later (February 2015), the First Secretary proposed that "we should develop and revitalize the football cause, pay attention to the mass base, consolidate the talent base, start with dolls, start with grassroots units, and start with mass participation".

Therefore, every president of the Football Association has vowed to talk about football from dolls and intensify efforts to do a good job in youth training.

But what about the actual situation?

At present, there are fewer and fewer excellent top players trained by youth training, but more and more players with mediocre skills. The results of the junior and national youth teams are getting worse and worse, and even qualifying for the group in Asia is a luxury.

But why should every leader of the Football Association take youth training as the focus?

Because youth training is a long-term systematic project, it is difficult to show real results and achievements in 3-5 years. The term of office of the president of the Football Association is generally four years. As long as you don’t make mistakes during this period, the youth training work can always be described and written. As for the national team’s performance is getting worse and worse, it can be completely pushed to the predecessor, who did not do a good job in youth training.

In my opinion, as a capable and responsible leader of the Football Association, we should concentrate on the development and implementation of youth training, rather than overemphasizing the illusory youth training (it’s like a family child who has not studied yet, and generally preaches that he should be trained as a schoolmaster in Tsinghua and Peking University). Even if you really want to focus on youth training, can the leaders of the Football Association make a written pledge to fulfill a military order, and what kind of achievements the junior high school and the national youth team will achieve during their term of office? If they fail to achieve their goals, they will resign.

In my opinion, youth training is important and needs constant efforts. However, it is urgent for the leaders of the Football Association to grasp how to change the unreasonable systems of China football and how to govern the current foul-mouthed competition. How to improve the professional ability of football referees; How to locate the real strength of the national team in Asia and work out the actual plan and the achievements and goals that should be achieved in the competition.

Only such a leader of the Football Association can be a good leader with responsibility, courage and sincere desire to promote China football.

Therefore, when the leaders of the Football Association took office, they vowed to do a good job in youth training, which is a real reason for the continuous decline of football in China!

The above analysis is purely personal. Welcome everyone to express their opinions and discuss and exchange for the rise of football in China!

MLB News Shohei Ohtani is about to cry? Us media: the strongest man in history may miss the playoffs.

Ohtani was holding back tears at the end of the game pic.twitter.com/VjBgrzDuTI

— zach (@zachleft) August 4, 2023

Shohei Ohtani, the "second knife runner" of the Angels, hit the 40th bomb of the season the day before yesterday, and even pitched four innings without losing points. Unfortunately, the bullpen was weak and the sailors won 5-3. Otani was also photographed in the rest area fighting back tears and looking at the court. Some fans pointed out that Otani is a person who can express his feelings, like wiping his tears when he won the championship in the classic. This is just an ordinary regular season in early August, but it is not the first time that his hard work can’t save the team’s frustration.

USA-Today writer Charles Curtis analyzed: "Did Otani play the best season in major league history? His current WAR (Winning Contribution) is 8.7, which leads the league, and his single-season record is 11.9 in the year of Barry Bonds’ 73 boom. But seeing Otani’s performance and other data with his own eyes, his home run, third base hit, long hit rate, attack index, base hit number, standardized attack index, four bad walks and base attendance rate are all the highest in the American League. 」

This article believes that Otani’s performance this season can be described as the best in history. Angels may not make the playoffs. Although it is only early August, it can’t be asserted, but the situation seems very bad. Fans lamented on the Internet that Otani was an unprecedented first-class player, but it would certainly feel wronged to waste the peak season of his career on a team that could not compete for the championship. Some fans jokingly wrote: "He couldn’t help crying because he thought that he would stay in the angel after the trading deadline. 」

There are three teams, the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Mariners, standing in the way between the Angel and the last seat of the American League wild card, but it’s not impossible to catch up. The Angel also strengthened before the trade deadline, and it will take some time to see the effect.

In 2023, the National Track and Field Grand Prix (Zhaoqing Station) closed, and Heilongjiang won 1 silver and 2 bronze.

On April 23rd, 2023, the "Fipley Cup" National Track and Field Grand Prix (the first stop) came to an end in Zhaoqing Sports Center, Guangdong Province. After three days of competition, Heilongjiang athletes won 1 silver and 2 bronze. Among them, Chen Boxue won the silver medal in men’s hammer throw; Zuo Siyu won the bronze medal in women’s 200m; Tao Xue won the bronze medal in the women’s 400-meter hurdles.

Chen boxue

Zuo Siyu

Xue Tao

As the first national outdoor track and field competition this season, this grand prix attracted 777 athletes from 30 national teams. Heilongjiang Iron Man Team sent a total of 30 athletes, male and female, to participate in the competition. Gao Xinglong, Li Jialun and Rona, famous athletes, prepared for training with the national team and did not participate in the competition.

From April 26th to 28th, the second stop of the 2023 National Track and Field Grand Prix will be moved to Kuishan Sports Center in Rizhao City, Shandong Province. At that time, there will be 637 athletes from 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government competing fiercely in 6 units and 47 events. Li Jialun, the high jumper of Heilongjiang Ironman Team, and Rona, the hammer thrower, will participate in this competition.

Defeated away, lost two games in a row! If Brother Alphabet doesn’t come back, the Heat will eliminate the Bucks.

The letter brother was injured for two games, which was a great opportunity for Middleton to prove himself. He was scolded in the regular season and had to look for face in the playoffs.

Why Wen is far from disappointing? You said he played well. The team is currently in a disadvantage position. You said he played poorly. The data also has a score of early 20. In the final analysis, it is not a matter of good or bad, but a matter of value or not.

A month ago, Middleton rejected the two-year 80 million renewal contract offered by the Bucks, and then asked for 150 million for three years. The negotiation was not very smooth, and this time it was even more hopeless.

The stag’s basic dish is on the letter brother. If he can play, the stag will flourish. On the contrary, it is mediocre. What matters is not the shooting, but the star. If Middleton insists on getting an annual salary of 50 million, it is very likely to leave the team in the offseason.

Regarding the Heat, we still insist on the previous speculation that losing to the Hawks in the play-off is not a lack of strength, but is deliberately picking the bucks to play, which is also in line with the temperament of this Heat.

Butler is cruel and cruel. You succeeded in revenge in the playoffs. This time, it’s my turn to perform.

Compared with the Celtics, the Heat is really better at fighting bucks. After all, the talent is not so bad, and it will not be too difficult to match.

Everyone in the green army can hold the ball, lock the double flowers and the rest of his teammates come forward. If you play bucks, you just need to focus on taking care of Brother Alphabet, even though Holliday is fierce in the regular season, in fact, the playoffs are also unpredictable.

As for Middleton, as I said at the beginning, it’s ok to be a deputy, but it’s hard to see him lead the team to reverse the direction of the whole series.

The Heat broke Hiro at the start, but there was also good news.

Binbin, who has been put on the trading shelf for many times due to state problems, has come back to life like a dead tree in the playoffs. At present, he made 10 of 13 three-pointers and hit an exaggerated 76.9%. Today, he scored 20 points in 24 minutes on his birthday night.

The lack of scoring points in attack is a long-standing problem for the Heat. It is really crucial that Binbin can stand up and play a role at this time. If he shoots accurately, Butler will feel great and the Heat will be able to return to the park.

If Brother Alphabet still can’t play in the next game, and holds the lead, but also continues to play at home and take down the match point, then the hope of this round of series black eight is very great.

If Black Eight succeeds, it will be another legendary chapter in Butler’s career, and then this matter is really hot.

The French team is fighting among themselves! Deschamps: Benzema voluntarily withdrew from the World Cup. Benzema was angry: How dare you say that?

On March 11th, it was reported that French striker Benzema suddenly left the team before the start of the match in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and the French team said that he had withdrawn from the World Cup due to injury. However, since then, the French media broke the news that Benzema’s departure was not voluntary, but the head coach Deschamps ordered him to leave. Recently, Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien. In the interview, he said that Benzema decided to withdraw from the World Cup by himself. Benzema also immediately responded to this: You really dare to say! Just shut up.

On November 20th, the new Golden Globe winner Benzema participated in the first training session of the French team. The next day, the French team officially announced that striker Benzema was forced to withdraw from this World Cup because of a quadriceps injury in his left thigh. Benzema returned to Real Madrid overnight and recovered quickly afterwards, playing for Real Madrid.

According to Sergio Valentin, a French journalist, Benzema did not leave the French team voluntarily, but the head coach Deschamps informed him that he had to leave. At that time, Deschamps found that Benzema had not recovered from thigh muscle discomfort, so he went up to him and said, "Karim, I’m sorry you have to leave!" "

As a result, Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup in an interview with Le Parisien a few days ago: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ I have no chance’. In this case, there is a truth that Benzema knows very well. The diagnosis of the national team doctor is the same as his diagnosis at Real Madrid. At best, he will resume training on December 10th. Benzema also told the people in Madrid who were concerned about the change of his injury. In my communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"I must clarify that he made this decision for the sake of the team. We stayed together for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t hurry to leave, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) will decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

In addition, Deschamps said that he called Benzema after he announced his retirement from the national team. He said that he "didn’t see the Real Madrid striker fully determined" to play for the national team. He also said that Benzema has been invited to participate in the competition in France and the Netherlands and will pay tribute to him.

After Deschamps’ interview was released, Benzema immediately updated the social media, exposed the contents of Deschamps’ interview, and wrote the following article: "You really dare to say it."

Then, an expression pack with a black question mark face was released, with the text: "Good night, dear Deschamps". Just shut up.

In this regard, netizens have said, "Isn’t this the scene of leading a classic non-stick pan:" I didn’t let you go, you have to go yourself. " "

"No, not French."

"Deschamps somebody else a champion, a runner-up! A golden globe award is not enough for him to see! If you are the leader of the French Football Association, who do you support? I definitely support Deschamps for the sake of achievement. "

"Almost come on, you’ve been Green’s formula."

"If Benzema is in the final …"

"Sacré is sacred in religion (also got a strange feeling), and in the common saying, it is just a direct irony … it means despicable and hateful, and omg feels very contradictory."

"Hahahaha, it’s my favorite gossip link again."

"After all, the French team, although a little late, still has to wait."

"When I woke up, I learned that he had left."

"Ha ha ha ha, dare to do it."

"One Deschamps and one South Gate, and the vegetables and chickens peck at each other".

Data-Driven Operation | Future Development Direction of Smart Building System

Smart building refers to upgrading traditional buildings to intelligent buildings through Internet of Things technology, so as to realize more efficient and intelligent management and operation. Through the connection and cooperation of various sensors, equipment and systems, smart buildings can realize real-time monitoring, analysis and control of all aspects of buildings, thus improving energy utilization efficiency, optimizing space utilization and safety management, and bringing people a more comfortable and intelligent living and working environment.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

First, the characteristics of smart buildings

Smart buildings use the Internet of Things technology to connect all devices with the system to realize intelligent management and control. Through big data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithm, the automatic monitoring and management of facilities and energy in buildings are realized. In addition, the smart building also has a visual monitoring system and intelligent maintenance management, which can know the usage and maintenance status of the building in real time and improve the overall management efficiency and safety of the building.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Second, the advantages of smart buildings

Smart buildings can improve the operation efficiency and energy utilization rate of buildings and reduce the operation cost and energy consumption through automatic and intelligent management. At the same time, smart buildings can also improve the comfort and health of living and working environment, and provide better use experience and services for residents and enterprises. In addition, smart buildings can also realize the integration and sharing of building information, which is convenient for different departments and users in the building to work together and communicate.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Third, the application scenarios of smart buildings

Smart buildings can be widely used in office buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes and other buildings. In the office building, the smart building can realize the automatic adjustment and management of the office environment, and improve the work efficiency and comfort of employees. In residential buildings, smart buildings can realize intelligent control and management of family living environment and improve the quality of life and safety of residents. In the commercial complex, smart buildings can realize the intelligent management and operation of commercial facilities and services, and improve the efficiency of commercial operations and user experience.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Firehawk Technology Smart Building System takes the life cycle data of buildings as the core, and integrates new ICT technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data based on the three-dimensional technology of digital twins to build a new generation of smart buildings with high technology, efficiency, safety, green and health, so as to enhance the image of the park’s external services and reduce costs and increase efficiency in its internal operations.

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Text/Jiang Shihua

At present, there is no definite time when the Super League will kick off in the new season, but the anti-corruption wave in China football triggered by Li Tie’s investigation shows no sign of abating. In particular, the news of match-fixing and gambling involved in the Xinghan Wu incident may not be an individual phenomenon. According to a well-known domestic football media source, as many as eight Chinese Super Clubs have begun to be investigated by relevant departments, among which the Shanghai Harbour in Taishan, Shandong Province is one.

Recently, a football media person surnamed M posted a message on social media that investigators had gone to Guangzhou and Jiaying to investigate the local gambling situation in the last two years. As we all know, there used to be four Super League teams in Guangdong, and the clubs in Guangzhou are Guangzhou City and Guangzhou Team. It is inevitable that one of these two teams will be investigated by the relevant departments this time. The Shenzhen team has been mentioned many times before. The most typical case is: in the 2019 season, the Shenzhen team drew 4-4 with Wuhan Zall at home, and the head coach of Wuhan team at that time was Li Tie, who is now in prison.

After Chen Xiaoyuan was investigated, because of his relationship with Chen Xiaoyuan, the Harbour Club is likely to be investigated by relevant departments. During Chen Xiaoyuan’s tenure as chairman of the Harbour Club, some accounts and other issues were the focus of investigation by relevant departments. Previously, the news of match-fixing involved in the Xinghan Wu incident made Shandong Taishan deeply involved. If nothing else, in the final stage of last season, Shandong Taishan team beat Shenzhen 8-0 at home, and this game was questioned by many fans. If it’s not a match-fixing, it’s at least a tacit match.

Mr. Mo Yan’s writing style is magical realism, so is China football?