Tencent won the 12th "China Charity Award" Charity Project and Charitable Trust Award, Donation Enterprise Award

Tencent won the 12th "China Charity Award" Charity Project and Charitable Trust Award, Donation Enterprise Award

On September 5, the 12th "China Charity Award" selection and commendation conference was held in Beijing. Tencent won the "China Charity Award" – the donation enterprise award; recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tencent’s government-enterprise cooperation, and jointly organized the implementation of the "Cultivator Revitalization Plan" won the "China Charity Award" – Charity Project and Charitable Trust Award.

The "China Charity Award" is awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and is currently the highest government award in the field of public welfare and charity in our country. Since 2011, Tencent and related public welfare and charity projects have been honored in the "China Charity Award" for seven consecutive years.


In 2007, Tencent established the first public welfare foundation in the Internet industry, the Tencent Charity Charity Foundation, which continues to make donations in the fields of basic scientific research, poverty reduction and disaster relief, education assistance, ecological environmental protection and traditional culture protection, and established the Tencent Charity platform to provide digital support for charitable organizations to carry out public fundraising. It is understood that in the reference period of the 12th "China Charity Award", the total donation of Tencent from 2020 to 2021 exceeded 3.10 billion yuan. At the same time, under the guidance of the mission of "science and technology for good", many businesses and teams of Tencent actively, continuously and widely participate in various public welfare and charitable activities through donation of resources, co-construction projects, technical support, volunteer services and other means. In April 2021, Tencent put forward the "Sustainable Social Value Innovation" strategy, and over the past two years, it has continued to explore in the fields of basic scientific research, educational innovation, rural revitalization, ecological environment, public emergency response, adapting to the elderly and assisting the disabled, and public welfare digitalization.

As Tencent’s benchmark project to help rural revitalization, the "Cultivator Revitalization Plan" was officially launched in May 2021. It aims to focus on the training of rural governance backbones and leaders of new agricultural business entities, and to develop and provide digital tools for grassroots governance backbones for free to help rural talents explore the "golden key" of rural revitalization according to local conditions. After a year of pilot practice, in April 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the" Cultivator "Revitalization Plan", which is promoted nationwide. It plans to use three years to achieve the goal of online training 1 million people and offline training 100,000 people through the combination of online and offline. It is understood that the plan is a national first in digitally assisting the construction of rural revitalization talent teams, and it is also the first nationwide and large-scale digital training project for rural talents.

So far, the "Cultivator Revitalization Plan" has been implemented in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country, with a total of 499 classes and a total of 240,000 people trained. The "Village-level Affairs Management Platform" designed and developed by the project covers 10,000 villages across the country, serving more than 7.36 million villagers. In cooperation with the provincial offices of Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Qinghai, Fujian and other provinces, the personalized "Guangdong Governance Beauty" "Sichuan Good Governance" "Hubei Participation" "Qingsong Governance" "Fujian Governance" and other rural governance digital platforms have also been applied one after another, effectively improving the level of intelligent, refined and professional rural governance.

The comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee, and a major historical task to promote the Chinese path to modernization. As a leading Chinese digital technology enterprise, Tencent has been actively involved in rural revitalization for a long time. Xiao Liming, vice-president of sustainable social value at Tencent and head of Tencent SSV Village Development Laboratory, said: "In the exploration of sustainable social value innovation in the rural field, Tencent adheres to the principle of’government-led, farmers-dominated, Tencent-assisted, and social co-creation ‘, and continues to explore systemic solutions for endogenous rural revitalization through product innovation, technological innovation, and model innovation."

Zhang Tianzuo, chief pastor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and director of the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department, pointed out: "The’Cultivator Revitalization Plan ‘is not only an important measure to implement the relevant decisions and arrangements of the central government, but also coordinated with Tencent’s’Sustainable Social Value Innovation’ Strategy and Development Direction, and more importantly, it is in line with the practical needs of rural governance and industrial development." He believes that the "Cultivator Revitalization Plan" is a successful case of social forces participating in rural revitalization.


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