Are paragraphs 170 and 171 mostly fraudulent calls? Mobile phone "black card" is still publicly sold.

Are paragraphs 170 and 171 mostly fraudulent calls? Mobile phone "black card" is still publicly sold.

  CCTV News:Since 2016, China has stipulated that the use of mobile phones must be registered with real names. However, for a long time, there are still a number of mobile phone cards that do not comply with the regulations of real-name registration system, and have no real names or fake real names, so they are called mobile phone black cards.

  Such a mobile phone card has also become the most popular crime tool for criminals, because even if the police track the mobile phone number, it is difficult to track the offender himself. Where did such a mobile phone card come from?

  Card vendors told reporters that users only need to upload their ID cards online to handle these virtual operator cards, and they can also pass them with other people’s ID cards. Many people can’t help but break into a cold sweat when they see this. May my ID card information be registered as a "black card"?

  Mobile phone "black cards" are still publicly sold online.

  The reporter searched related qq groups with the keyword "Beijing mobile phone number" on qq, and various qq groups popped up immediately. The introduction of many groups clearly wrote: "Sales Unicom, Mobile and Telecom mobile phone numbers, cash on delivery".

  Subsequently, the reporter met a card vendor in Xingtai, Hebei Province on the grounds of purchasing a mobile phone card. He told the reporter that the operators of mobile, China Unicom and telecom entities are now in tight control, and this so-called "regular card" must go to the business hall in person, and the face scanning can only be processed after it is consistent.

  In addition to the "regular cards" in the card vendors’ mouths, there are also "irregular cards" with numbers of 170 and 171, etc. On the back of these cards, they are also marked with "Registration with real identity information" and "Please show me your valid certificate to handle the number".

  It is understood that these cards belong to virtual operator "Longma Mobile" and "Telephone World" respectively. Card vendors told reporters that users only need to upload their ID cards online to handle these virtual operator cards, and they can also pass them with other people’s ID cards.

  Then, can virtual operator find out if someone else’s ID card is used to cheat mobile phone cards?

  Langma Mobile Human Customer Service Staff: It is really impossible to verify whether the uploaded photos are me or not, but as long as the uploaded photos meet the requirements, they can be approved.

  After testing, the reporter found that these calling cards in virtual operator can be used normally, whether they are calling, sending short messages or registering online platform accounts.

  Police in Chaozhou, Guangdong province detected the case of "black card" of mobile phone.

  For a long time, a large number of criminals have been hiding behind the "mobile phone black card" and doing evil at will. In order to crack down on crimes from the source, the public security organs have taken a high-pressure attack on "black cards of mobile phones". Last year, police in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province cracked a typical case of "black card of mobile phone".

  At the end of 2017, Guangdong Chaozhou police received a report from Chaozhou Mobile Company, saying that it found that there were about 2,000 Chaozhou mobile phone numbers that were connected to the network in 2015.

  Police handling the case of Criminal Investigation Brigade of Xiangqiao Public Security Bureau: These cards took advantage of the loopholes of the mobile company, and immediately applied for card downtime protection after handling the 588 yuan package. They only needed to pay the card protection fee of 5 yuan every month, and then these cards bought traffic through the online APP, and cashed these phone bills online, thus making illegal profits.

  Soon, a criminal gang with a large number of mobile phone cards, registered WeChat accounts and other online accounts for profit surfaced. In the end, the police successfully arrested 16 suspects and seized nearly 1.7 million sets of black cards for mobile phones.

  After examination, the gang defrauded Chaozhou Mobile Company of nearly 2 million yuan, and registered 5.07 million online accounts.

  At present, the people involved have been sentenced to imprisonment for the crime of infringing citizens’ personal information and the crime of contract fraud.

  Downstream "black production" needs big mobile phone "black card" as an accomplice

  What are these mobile phone cards used for? After an in-depth investigation by CCTV reporters, the industrial chain of a mobile phone black card was finally clearly presented.

  The reporter learned that there are three main sources of mobile phone black cards, one is the entity operator card, the second is the virtual operator card, and the other is the overseas calling card. Mobile phone black cards are mainly sold offline, while online sales are mainly carried out through instant messaging tools or e-commerce platforms.

  It is understood that at present, mobile phone black cards are widely used in cybercrime, because a large number of network platforms need mobile phone number registration. For example, many criminals use a device called "Cat Pool" to control a large number of mobile phone black cards, register accounts on various network platforms, and illegally profit from various network activities.

  Weng Jie, deputy detachment leader of the network police detachment of Chaozhou Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Province: Internet fraud, online gambling, or water army, or network bonus hunter, these black products are in great demand for this kind of mobile phone black card.

  Yang Dong, deputy dean of the Law School of Renmin University of China: These online illegal products illegally take ID cards and personal information, register a large number of mobile phone numbers, and make illegal profits. If this profit reaches a certain amount, it is suspected of theft. If it is obvious and subjective, it is suspected of fraud.

  At present, on the one hand, relevant departments are stepping up their efforts to crack down on mobile phone black cards, on the other hand, they are advancing the legislative process and trying to eliminate the problem of mobile phone black cards from the source.

  In fact, we often receive harassing calls and fraudulent calls, many of which are paragraphs 171 and 170. These are all telephone numbers in virtual operator, and it is so easy to handle calling cards with these numbers.

  Experts believe that from the perspective of industry governance, the leading operators should strengthen the management of virtual operator and stop the loopholes in the operation of virtual operator. If we want to restrain virtual operator effectively, we must punish him severely enough. Only when the meat hurts will they dare not be willful.


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