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Do not set off physical fireworks! Here is the correct way to open the "fireworks" at the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games.

The highly anticipated opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium ("Big Lotus") on the evening of September 23rd. With regard to the highlights of the opening ceremony, the reception desk has "spoiled" a thing or two through an interview with Sha Xiaolan, the general director and producer of the opening ceremony, and the 16-second trailer released on September 16th. So what kind of surprise will the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games present? The answer will be revealed on September 23rd. One thing is certain, and the difference between the opening ceremony of this Asian Games and previous large-scale events is that no fireworks are set off throughout.

In the impression of many viewers, for the opening ceremony of large-scale sports events, the grand fireworks show is always the finale of the repertoire. Without fireworks, how will the lively "atmosphere" of the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games be reflected? In this regard, Sha Xiaolan said frankly in an exclusive interview with the media on September 17, "We have made great determination to cancel the fireworks display."

"As we all know, as long as fireworks are set off, there will be smoke and dust in the air and there will be pollution. No fireworks is to express our environmental protection concept to the whole world. " Sha Xiaolan said that canceling the physical fireworks display is adhering to the green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized concept of hosting the Asian Games, and passing on the concept of environmental protection at the most concerned moment like the opening ceremony.

Sha Xiaolan emphasized that not setting off physical fireworks does not mean that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be less exciting, and the team will innovate and present better audio-visual effects with the power of science and technology. "We use digital technology, 3D animation, AR technology, etc. to show fireworks in front of TV viewers and live audiences."

Fireworks made by virtual technology are even brighter and more beautiful than the real fireworks. "Let me give you an example. Watching fireworks at ordinary times must be looking up, but watching fireworks on TV can see fireworks overlooking the angle of view, that is, fireworks blooming in the bustling scenes on both sides of Qianjiang River. Looking down, what kind of effect will the fireworks look from top to bottom? "

At the same time, Sha Xiaolan also gave a viewing guide: everyone watched the opening ceremony electronic fireworks display through TV, mobile phones and other ports, and the overall viewing effect was better than the scene. The creative team will display the grand occasion of the electronic fireworks display on the banks of Qianjiang River, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and the "Big Lotus" in a 360-degree panoramic view from the angles of leaning, leaning and side view through digital technology, which will be a highlight moment of the opening ceremony.

Previously, the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games had successfully completed the fourth rehearsal. Next, the creative team will re-adjust the video, costumes, props and some equipment, and will choose the opportunity to rehearse again before the official performance.

(Headquarters reporter Sun Rui Chen Menghao)

High-end smart watches are played by Huawei, understand? Professional micro-physical examination, but also can change golf plug-ins in seconds (video)

Whether it is daily exercise or professional sports, more and more people wear watches and bracelets.

In the gym, if you want to measure heart rate, watch calorie consumption and record exercise data, you really can’t do without a smart watch.

However, although there are many smart watches on the market, few can really jump out of the "big pot" functional planning and design. The "high-end smart watch" with advanced appearance, comprehensive and professional health monitoring and comprehensive sports assistance is still vacant.

Recently, Huawei’s new Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has targeted this position. In order to show you this watch, we even moved the studio directly to a professional golf course. How cool is its "sports plug-in"? Let’s take a look at the video first.


Let’s taste this appearance first:

Does it smell like a traditional watch, especially this strap and crown!

The white one on the left is a ceramic model, which looks smaller and the traditional watch tastes stronger. This face value can be called "smart watch face value ceiling". The workmanship and material selection of the case, the outer ring, the strap, the crown and the mirror are all comparable to those of high-end watches. It can be said that this small porcelain watch is completely made according to high-end watches except for the lack of hands.

Looking at the materials used in the case and strap, you can feel that nano-microcrystalline ceramics take 7 days to fire, and there are 13 subsequent grinding and polishing processes, and it takes 10 days to debut.

The benefits brought by this kind of seiko are not only the warm texture on the face, but also the durability and comfort on the lining.

The sparkling gold, silver and shell bezel makes the white body less monotonous, and the color scheme is elegant and versatile, which can withstand being worn in formal occasions and will not be exaggerated in daily wear.

The one on the right is made of titanium, which loOKs tougher. The leather strap in elephant gray has a strong business atmosphere, but it is completely ok to change the dial into the sports ground.

The back shell, like the ceramic model, is made of ceramic material, which realizes the wearing comfort of fitting with the wrist. The fitting experience of friends with different wrist thicknesses in the office is fit but not too tight.

There is nothing to say about the watch mirror. As always, it is not afraid of scratches and wear, and it uses sapphire glass mirrors that are used by top watches.

This gray and white, both business and leisure temperament are grasped, and the texture is completely different from silicone and plastic, and the shell design closer to the traditional mechanical watch makes its appearance comparable to that of high-end watches.

After talking about the appearance, it is the turn of the core functions of smart watches-sports, health and wisdom.

Among these three pieces, Ji Guojun is most concerned about sports. Think about it, where is the high-end place that can reflect a smart watch? In addition to appearance, isn’t it necessary to support high-end sports first?

However, the smart watches currently on the market are somewhat biased. Although most of them can support hundreds of sports, they are basically around the routine sports such as running, swimming and mountain climbing.

It’s not that there are no watches that support professional and high-end sports at all, but their shapes and other functions are too general.

In contrast, Huawei’s watch is very "other people’s children", and the regular sports subjects are excellent, and people also have sports specialties.

This specialty is golf and free diving. These two sports have a key thing in common-it is difficult for you to learn it by yourself, and you basically have to take a coach. Huawei’s watch can be said to have an excellent "use" effect with the coach.

We played with professional golfers all afternoon. To tell you the truth, the feeling is that it really wants to teach you to play golf.

For a newcomer like Guo Xiaojiu who can only swing in the driving range, it will record the data of the time of getting on the pole, the time of getting off the pole and the speed of swinging, not only telling you where there is something wrong with your movements, but also giving you a solution.

In addition to coaching bronze players, it also has a court model comparable to "plug-in" for advanced players who can leave the stage.

When you play ball on the court, the first question you face is where and how to play.

There are 18 holes in a game, where the green is, where the obstacles are, and how far it is from you, all of which affect the direction and strength of the player’s swing, and are very important. It’s easy to say that the stadium is familiar. If you haven’t played a few times, it’s easy to not play well because you don’t know the situation of the stadium.

In response to this problem, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is equipped with a series of skills:

There are not only maps of more than 300 golf courses in China, but also tips such as the slope of the green, the wind speed and direction of the day. It can be said that wearing the watch will directly open the perspective of God;

You can also estimate the impact point of each shot according to your previous serving distance, and calculate the distance between yourself and the bunker and the green to achieve accurate planning.

After the ball was hit, the second question came. How did you play and how should you improve?

The answer of Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is exactly the same as the mother who took away your lucky money in the New Year when she was a child: Don’t worry, I will remember it for you!

It can automatically perceive and record whether it is the score of strokes per hole, the hit rate of tee-off, the rate of putting on the green, or your hitting position and distance of each stroke.

Big data plays ball, experience winning hemp!

In terms of free diving, its function is as good as golf, and it can accompany you within 30 meters.

When you dive into the water and start to explore the limit, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro will silently start to record your real-time dive speed, real-time depth, maximum depth and other professional data.

When I go back to the shore, I can see how many points the "exam" is clear, and I will know where to work hard next time. It is also useful on land. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro clearly knows that if you want to perform well in the water, you can’t lack the function of land breath-holding training. It can record the duration of breath-holding, real-time heart rate data, and make a breath-holding training table.

To this point, it can be said that Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has already got a glimpse of the high-end sports assistance, and the function development related to golf and free diving is quite in-depth and easy to use.

Before the mid-19th century, few people wore watches, and everyone’s portable watches were basically pocket watches. The reason why watches can catch up and kill pocket watches is mainly based on two words: convenience, which can be seen when worn on your wrist and lifted.

This convenience is not only reflected in timing, but also in health examination. After all, there is no wearable smart device that can stay in the human body for such a long time.

Compared with most smart watches, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has enough health services: both professional health detection system and professional health management functions.

In terms of detection, in order to detect comprehensively, accurately and in time, hardware and algorithms have to be piled up. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro upgraded sensors, electrodes and data processing technologies, which reduced the loss rate of detection signals and made the accuracy higher.

But! If you have this, you can only measure your heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep, then it’s a good experience at best, and it’s still far from the high end.

To make the health function high-end, it is necessary to make the whole point deeper and more different! Huawei clearly understands this.

Take ECG ECG analysis as an example. In recent years, many smart watches will do this function, but Huawei has gone deeper this time. Not only is the collection speed fast, but the analysis results are also diverse. It can prompt anything that cannot be prompted by the table of ventricular premature beats and atrial premature beats.

Moreover, it also provides paid professional doctors’ interpretation services, and selects doctors from the top three hospitals in China to provide professional ECG interpretation reports, giving more comprehensive ECG interpretation results and health care suggestions.

In addition, it also joined the vascular health research initiated by the China Medical Association, which kept the words "concern about the risk of cardiovascular diseases" in mind.

Don’t ignore this function. According to China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2018, the number of people who died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China accounts for more than 40% of the deaths of residents.

To assess the risk, a key index is vascular elasticity, and the decrease of elasticity is a major feature of early vascular damage. Frequently testing pulse wave velocity and evaluating vascular elasticity is equivalent to doing a "micro-physical examination" at home.

High-end health functions must not only have data, but also have professional services. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro not only provides comprehensive monitoring data, but also provides you with professional health advice to help you assess the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro’s health has been deepened because it also joined the heart health research and sleep apnea research projects of 301 Hospital, and established a comprehensive and active health management system, which made wearing smart watches truly become wearing health.

Smart watches are not accessories for mobile phones! As a wearable smart device that can accompany you for 24 hours, it has its own unique value and health attributes. At the same time, it is a window to show your taste.

In these respects, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro’s high-end advanced work is quite good, with texture, professional high-end sports and rigorous and scientific health services.

But is that enough? Certainly not, if only these, the utilization rate of resources on this wrist will be slightly insufficient.

Think about it, this thing is directly on your wrist, and it is often faster to call it than to take out your mobile phone. The functions of opening the entrance guard and swiping the payment code are inseparable when used, because it is too convenient.

At this point, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro also got it.

In addition to these surprises, wisdom has experienced this traditional art ability, and it has done a good job. HarmonyOS is increasingly rich in ecology, and the apps such as navigation, vertical and horizontal, map software and daily Alipay that are often used for business trips can be downloaded.

In terms of battery life related to all functions, the performance of Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is still at the level of martial arts, and there is no anxiety about charging: the titanium model can last for eight days after heavy use; The use of general strength can last for two weeks, and the typical scene of ceramic models can last for seven days; Heavy scenes also have a battery life of 4 days.

From all aspects, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has really made great efforts for this niche vacancy of smart watches in high-end, not only retaining the genes of Huawei’s "all-round" players, but also seeing the attention of many business users at home, and the key functional attributes have also achieved high-end destruction. For people who want to play these sports and want more accurate and professional health management, it is definitely one of the most worthwhile wearable smart items you can invest in this year.


Ministry of Culture and Tourism: In the first three quarters, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism income reached 3.7 trillion yuan.

On December 14th, the Press Office of the State Council held a series of press conferences on the theme of "Opening by Authorities", introducing the situation of accelerating the construction of a strong cultural country and promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism, and answering reporters’ questions.

Du Jiang, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that in the first three quarters of this year, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. Residents’ tourism demand has been released in a centralized way, and residents’ travel has increased substantially. While driving the expansion of related consumption, it also promoted economic recovery.

"This year’s tourism market can indeed be described as hot." Du Jiang said that in the next step, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also promote a series of brand building such as a new batch of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, national tourist resorts, 5A-level scenic spots, and national night culture and tourism consumption gathering areas, so as to stimulate residents’ cultural and tourism consumption willingness and help market players to resume development.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Dong Xin

A basketball training institution in Wuhan suddenly stopped, and the company headquarters said it would send someone to handle the matter in Han. The lawyer reminded me to sign a formal contract when

Motive Sports Door Closed Photography: Wu Han, a journalist of Chutian Metropolis Daily.

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily’s most eye-catching journalist Wu Han

Recently, a number of parents who signed up for classes in Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Motive Sports") called the Jimu News Hotline of Chutian Metropolis Daily, saying that they had been informed by the coach and were told to suspend classes. The head of Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. could not be found, and the door of the company was closed. After many contacts with journalists, Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. ("Motive Sports" headquarters) said that it would send people to Wuhan to handle related matters.

Parental complaints

After paying the money, the class was suddenly suspended.

"I received a sales call in May this year and took an experience class." Mr. Chi said that he received a sales call from Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., and originally planned to give classes to his children. Later, he attended several free basketball experience classes at the training ground in Boyang Badminton Hall in Hongshan Sports Center. He felt that the effect was good and signed up.

Mr. Chi said that as required, he paid the fee in the "Motivation Sports" applet. Mr. Chi told Jimu journalist that when he signed up, the other party told him that there was a discount for signing up for more classes, so he bought 92 basketball classes and sent 12 classes, totaling 8542 yuan. Classes have been held every weekend since August. Sometimes the place of class will change, and it can be adjusted to the teaching place of motivational sports in other areas of Wuhan according to his needs. On September 9, Mr. Chi said that he was going to take his children to a basketball class on September 10, but he didn’t expect to receive a notice from the coach telling him that the company in Wuhan had a situation and could not attend the class.

From the screenshot provided by Mr. Chi, the reporter saw that the coach replied that after being informed by the Beijing headquarters, the Wuhan company was in a state of stagnation and was actively transferring courses, and everyone would be informed when classes resumed. At present, the coach has no way, is on the verge of leaving his job, and his salary has not been paid yet.

There are also a number of parents who took part in the training course in Motivational Sports and received the notice of suspension to call the Chutian Metropolis Daily’s extreme news hotline. Parents often report that they can’t contact Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. and can’t find an explanation. According to the contact information provided by parents, Jimu journalist contacted a coach Huang who was in charge of teaching basketball class. Coach Huang told the reporter that he had been preparing for class normally, and suddenly he received a notice from a supervisor of Motivation Sports, telling him that he needed to suspend classes temporarily because of the operation of Wuhan Branch. He immediately contacted his parents and told them about it.

Coach Huang said that he signed a contract with Motive Sports in April last year, and it has been normal all the time, and no abnormal situation has been found. At present, there are more than 30 students in his basketball class. On September 8, he was also going to contact his parents to send the class time. As a result, some parents told him that he had received the notice of suspension. He then went to ask the motivation sports company, and the supervisor at that time replied that "the company may not do it, so he should not take classes again." Coach Huang said that he was also in arrears with his salary in August.

The reporter checked the "Motivational Sports" applet, which showed that classes were held at seven points in Wu Hanyou. The small program was developed by Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., and the introduction says that Motive Sports is a brand of sports training for young children, focusing on providing sports training services for young children aged 4-17, and serving 1 million+students and parents nationwide.

Site visit

Motivation The door of sports office is closed.

On September 12th, Jimu journalists came to Hongshan Sports Center and found Boyang Badminton Hall. A staff member at the front desk said that many parents had come to consult about motivational sports. Motivation Sports rented the venue for training, and classes were still normal during the summer vacation. There are still some shelves for motivation sports in the venue. At present, Motive Sports has been closed for a period of time, and the rent of the museum is in arrears. The museum can’t contact the relevant person in charge of Motive Sports. On September 11th, the police also came to investigate the matter. The staff advised parents to report to the police.

According to the registered office of Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter went to Room 3305, 33rd floor, Wuhan Plaza, Jianghan District, Wuhan, and found the office of Wuhan Motive Sports. The reporter saw that the door was closed and locked. Through the glass door, he could see some tables and chairs inside, but he didn’t see the staff. There is a parent waiting at the entrance of the company’s office. The parent told the reporter that he has been to the office of Motivation Sports for three times, and the door is closed every time. The staff of two surrounding enterprises told reporters that Motivation Sports was closed for about a week, and some people had worked here before.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the property service office of Wuhan Plaza Building. A staff member of the department said that many parents had come to inquire about motivational sports. The staff member said that they could not get in touch with motivational sports either, and no one answered the phone. No staff member of motivational sports has been seen recently. Parents are advised to contact the Market Supervision Administration to reflect this matter.

Company response

The headquarters will send someone to Wuhan to deal with this matter.

According to the contact information provided by parents, Jimu journalist contacted a coach surnamed Yang, who told Jimu journalist that he was mainly responsible for docking the coaching team. According to the coach, according to his contact with the Beijing headquarters of Motivation, Wuhan has operational difficulties due to financial problems, and Beijing Motivation Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is coordinating this matter. The teaching point in Hongshan Sports Center was also suspended because of the financial problems of Wuhan Motive Sports, and the venue fee was not paid to the other party.

Coach Yang said that at the beginning of September this year, he received a notice that there was a problem in the operation of Wuhan Company. At present, the headquarters is also trying to solve it, find a third-party institution to accept the course and resume classes as soon as possible. At present, Beijing Motivation Sports Headquarters is responsible for negotiating this matter with other institutions. The reporter asked the parents about the refund, and coach Yang said that he needed to contact the customer service at the Beijing headquarters.

The reporter called official website of Beijing Motivation Sports Technology Co., Ltd. several times in a row, but no one answered. On September 12, Jimu journalist contacted Babaoshan, the market supervision administration of Shijingshan District, Beijing, and the staff of the institute replied that the institute had contacted Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., which said that there were staff members who went to Wuhan to deal with this matter.

On September 17, many parents said that they still could not contact the person in charge of Wuhan Motive Sports, and they would recover their losses through legal channels.

Gao Lei, a lawyer of Hubei Ronghecheng Law Firm, suggested that consumers can ask merchants to provide the courses they promised according to the factual contract concluded by both parties. If the merchant refuses to perform or fails to perform after being urged, the consumer may ask the merchant to refund the corresponding amount. Both parties can negotiate on this. If negotiation fails, they can bring a lawsuit to the court. In addition, consumers are also reminded that when purchasing courses, it is best to sign a formal contract with the merchants and ask for invoices in time after payment.

The latest ranking of the Basketball World Cup was released: the French men’s basketball team topped the list, and the China men’s basketball team rose to 16th place.

On August 5th, Beijing time, after each team played in the warm-up match, the strength ranking of the World Cup teams changed. The French men’s basketball team rose to the first place, the American men’s basketball team ranked second, the Australian men’s basketball team ranked third, and the China men’s basketball team rose to the sixteenth place, which was recognized.

As we all know, Li Kaier officially joined the China Men’s Basketball Team and has been training with the team. Although the performance of the China men’s basketball team in the first three warm-up matches was very poor, after the adjustment, the China men’s basketball team won two consecutive victories, beating the Egyptian men’s basketball team and the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team successively, with excellent performance. Although Li Kaier didn’t play, his performance in training was excellent, and he was praised by China men’s basketball coach Jorjevich, which is expected to help China men’s basketball team get Olympic tickets.

In addition, this year’s American men’s basketball team has no big-name stars to join, which also gives other teams a chance to win the championship. At present, the French men’s basketball team, the Australian men’s basketball team, the Spanish men’s basketball team, the Slovenian men’s basketball team, the Canadian men’s basketball team, the German men’s basketball team and the Lithuanian men’s basketball team are all the main players, and they are expected to challenge the American men’s basketball team. In addition, Jokic, the core player of China’s opponent Serbia’s men’s basketball team in the group match, decided not to play in the World Cup, so the strength of Serbia’s men’s basketball team declined obviously and missed the championship.

In addition, from the current situation, the gap between the teams in this World Cup is not big, so the game is bound to be very exciting and worth looking forward to by all fans! ! !

1-0,1-1,0-1! The two suspense in the Premier League ended, Manchester City won the championship, and Harland won the golden ball

The 37th round of Premier League continues: Bournemouth VS Manchester United. In the 9th minute, casemiro scored the only goal. In the end, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 1-0.

Liverpool, at home against Aston Villa. In the 22nd minute, Watkins missed the penalty. In the 27th minute, Jacob broke the door; In the 89th minute, firmino was absolutely flat. 1-1, Liverpool and Aston Villa shake hands.

Nottingham Forest, against Arsenal. In the 19th minute, Awoniyi scored. After that, the two teams did not change the score on the field. 0-1, Arsenal lost.

Let’s look at the Premier League standings: Manchester City 85 points, Arsenal 81 points, Newcastle United 69 points, Manchester United 69 points, Liverpool 66 points, Brighton 58 points, Aston Villa 58 points …

Arsenal have only one game to play, four points behind Manchester City. In other words, Manchester City won the league championship three rounds ahead of schedule. At the same time, Liverpool has only one game to play, three points behind Manchester United and Newcastle, and the latter two teams still have two games to play. Liverpool, not only want to get 3 points, at the same time, Manchester United and Newcastle United can’t get a point in the last two rounds. The possibility of satisfying these two situations is very small. Therefore, the suspense of the Premier League for four has also ended.

Manchester City won the first championship this season. Next, they will play Manchester United in the FA Cup final and Inter Milan in the Champions League final. Without analysis, everyone will understand that Manchester City has a great probability of winning the treble this season. What will it be like to add such honor, plus the three honors of Premier League Golden Boot+Champions League Golden Boot+European Golden Boot, and can you win this year’s Golden Globe Award? This man is Harland in Manchester City. Of course, his biggest opponent is Messi, and he has the World Cup champion in hand.

How difficult is it to compete for the British crown? Manchester city can make mistakes, opponents can’t, gunmen miss the opportunity, and next year is even more hopeless.

Many years later, coach Arteta will definitely look back on this season with a little regret:

If Arsenal had prevented Everton’s corner kick attack on February 4th, would the final result be different? If they held a 2-0 lead at Anfield on April 9, the final result would be different.

If Saka hadn’t missed a point against West Ham on April 16th, if he hadn’t missed a point against Southampton Ramsdale on April 22nd, if Saliba hadn’t been injured in the Europa League …

Unfortunately, there is no "if" in life. No matter how good Arsenal’s title race was before, it’s all over now.

This season, the gunners have undergone a qualitative change under the training of Artta, and once played with great momentum. However, Guardiola’s Manchester City was so resilient that it survived the difficult period, seized the opportunity to narrow the points difference a little, and finally forced Arsenal to collapse.

Today’s Manchester City is really too strong, strong enough to beat Real Madrid with its own Champions League genes. From this point of view, the young gunman lost well.

From the 2017-18 season to the 2021-22 season, Arsenal fell behind Manchester City by 27.8 points on average. This season, they have led for more than half a year, and now they are only four points behind. Artta and the players have done quite well.

In the same period, the difference between Tottenham and Manchester City at the end of the season has never been less than 20 points, and this season is expected to exceed 30 points; The smallest difference between Chelsea and Manchester City at the end of the season was 15 points, which occurred in the 2019-20 season. In that year, the Blue Moon Corps fell sharply, falling behind Liverpool by 18 points and losing the championship. Manchester United won the runner-up in the Premier League twice, and both times did not pose a real threat to the champion Manchester City. Last season, it was 35 points behind its neighbors.

In the same period, only Liverpool won a Premier League title from Manchester City, and scored 90 points in three seasons. But on the whole, the dominant position of Blue Moon Corps is still hard to shake, and the great cause of the Premier League’s five championships in six years is just around the corner.

In the history of English football, Liverpool has established a dynasty, and Manchester United has established a dynasty, but no team has played such a strong dominance. Manchester City has directly raised the standard of winning the Premier League, and there is almost no fault-tolerant space for rivals competing for the title.

Klopp said in December 2018:

"I can’t say that Manchester City is lucky, it’s not like this. They are in form every match day. They scored 100 points last year (2017-18 season) and have kept their form until now.

"I want to pay tribute to them. I have to say that they have never been soft. They are defending champions, and now they play like champions. We (other teams) are challengers.

"We must concentrate on every game, and good grades are not obtained out of thin air. We all have to follow this standard, they are champions, they have done it, and we have to do the same. "

Klopp and the team bravely accepted the challenge and succeeded; Arsenal have made a rush this season and the result is not satisfactory.

But what about Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea? . Have they experienced the difficulty of the title race in the new era of Premier League? Do they know how hard it takes to break 90 points?

If Manchester United win the remaining three games of the season, they can finally score 75 points, the second highest score in a single season in the post-Ferguson era. One of Manchester United’s major problems is their lack of attack. In the first nine seasons of the post-Ferguson era, they only scored an average of 62 goals per season in the league. This season, they probably won’t score more than 60 goals. Next season, if they want to win the championship, they must find a shooter and play more confidently.

Chelsea’s lowest score in the past five seasons is 66, and the highest score is 74. This season, they are completely degraded and almost fall into the ranks of relegation. Next season, Chelsea should not be so miserable, but the first thing Pochettino should do is to get the team back on track, and the title race may have to be slowed down again.

Klopp gnashed his teeth many times this season, saying that "no one can compete with Manchester City" in the transfer market, and that Manchester City is "one of the three major clubs in the world football and can do whatever it wants economically".

But it seems that this is not the case. If Manchester City can really "do whatever it wants", I am afraid it will not be impossible to buy Van Dyke Goose Harry Kane. Besides, after Burleigh and clear lake Capital took over Chelsea, they burned 600 million pounds in two transfer windows. Did Manchester City do this? Not really.

Manchester city can succeed, not just because of money. They also managed well off the court and built a strong and stable team around Guardiola. As long as Guashuai does not leave, Manchester City’s rule over the Premier League will not end.

Next season, Liverpool may regain its vigor, Arsenal and Manchester United may continue to make progress, Chelsea and Tottenham may bottom out, and Newcastle may soar …

However, can they really compete with Manchester City for the championship? Can they break the 90-point mark and fight with Manchester City to the end?

Both Arteta and klopp know that fighting Guardiola is really tiring and exhausting. You should not only play well against the other 18 opponents, but also try to knock down Manchester City in the head-on confrontation.

Last season, klopp said frankly: When he drew Manchester City twice in the middle of the season, he felt that the result was good, but in the end, it was these two games that made his team pay the price.

This season, Arsenal scored 81 points against other opponents (34 games) and Manchester City scored 79 points against other opponents (33 games). In two head-on confrontations, Arsenal swallowed two defeats and lost six precious points.

Manchester City is not only strong, but also has rich experience in winning the championship, and knows how to play a key battle well. Other Big6 teams have an all-round gap with Manchester City.

Overthrowing the Blue Moon Dynasty will only become more and more difficult year by year. Opponents such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle must keep improving, do their best, and push themselves to the limit before Manchester City can be pulled down.

Martin Sr: I was moved by Messi’s America’s Cup speech. The save against Muani was the best in my career.

Live on March 11th, emiliano Martinez recently accepted an exclusive interview with Goal Net. He said that Messi’s speech before the Copa America final almost made him cry, and that the last-minute save in the World Cup final might be the best save of his career.

Martinez said: "Messi’s speech before the America’s Cup final really touched me. I really felt like crying because Messi mentioned my daughter. My wife gave birth to our daughter 10 days before the America’s Cup final, so Messi mentioned’ Martinez hasn’t even met his newborn daughter, just to be with us, so we have to make sure to win this championship for him’. Macy said these words … which really gave you goose bumps. For me, it was a wonderful beginning of that day. "

When talking about saving Muani in the final stage of the World Cup finals, Martinez said: "When I lie in bed and close my eyes, I will think,’ What if that goal is scored? I couldn’t dwell on it during the game because everything happened so fast. After Lori kicked out, we headed back, konate kicked out again, and then suddenly Muani got the chance to face me alone. Under normal circumstances, I would attack, but I was calm at that time, and I chose to wait for Muani. "

"I put a little pressure on it, and you can see my left arm and left foot reaching near the post, because I’m praying that the ball will go there. I didn’t move my face. I closed my eyes and said to myself,’ Please hit me’, and it did. "

"I haven’t moved my face. If the ball hits my nose, it will be better, you know, so as to ensure that it doesn’t fly into the goal. This may be the best save in my football career."

Italian media: Rome has raised the offer of salary reduction and renewal for smolin, and the new annual salary is the same as at present.

Live on March 12, according to the report of Il Tempo, Rome has raised its offer to renew smolin’s contract, and the current annual salary for renewal is the same as that of the existing contract.

Roma don’t want to lose smolin, and his contract will expire at the end of the season. According to "Il Tempo", Rome has sent an important signal that they have raised their previous offer for renewal.

Rome has offered a two-year contract before, but the annual salary is lower than the current 3.5 million euros.

Considering that the player wants to stay, Roma decided to offer a two-year contract at the current annual salary, and the bonus is very easy to get.

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