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China A-share game sector strengthened against the trend on Wednesday.

  China news agency, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Chen Kangliang) China A shares were "cold" on Wednesday, and all the major stock indexes fell, but the game sector strengthened against the trend.

  According to the data of Oriental Fortune, a financial data service provider, the game sector rose by 4.52% that day, leading the way. In terms of individual stocks, the share prices of Dasheng Culture, Huicheng Technology, Caesar Culture and century huatong all gained daily limit (up by 10%).

  Wang Liying, an analyst in orient securities, said that the main reason for the strength of the game sector on that day was that with the recovery of the popularity of the A-share market, the rotation effect of the sector was enhanced, and the game sector had the momentum to make up for the increase due to the relatively small increase in the previous period. In addition, there are many positive news about the game industry recently, including the upcoming Game Developers Conference and the expected return of Blizzard games to the China market, which are conducive to activating the popularity of this sector.

  According to media reports, the annual Global Game Developers Conference will be held in the near future. As an influential industry summit in the global game industry, this conference will show the latest progress of AI-enabled games with artificial intelligence (AI) as the key word.

  Zhang Heng, an analyst at Guosen Securities, said that the current China game version number is normalized, which is conducive to the stable release of high-quality products; New technologies such as AI are expected to promote the game industry to reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovate interaction methods, thus bringing about business model innovation. Combined with the valuation level of the sector, we are optimistic about the investment value of the game sector.

  As far as the overall performance of the market is concerned, as of the close of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3043 points, a decrease of 0.4%; The Shenzhen Component Index reported 9604 points, a decrease of 0.27%; The growth enterprise market index reported 1895 points, down 0.57%. (End)

In spring, come to Beijing to see the best movies in the world.

  The 8th Beijing International Film Festival will be held from April 15th to 22nd. As one of the main units of the film festival, "Beijing screening" will be held in 32 film institutions and colleges and universities in Beijing during this period. At 12 noon on April 1, the "Beijing Exhibition", which is full of good films, was fully invoiced. According to the statistics of Taobao Film’s website, the box office was 2 million in one minute, 3 million in two minutes, 6 million in five minutes and 9 million in 12 minutes after invoicing, and the legendary "Beijing International Film Festival Speed" reappeared in the rivers and lakes.

  Ticket sales reproduce "Beijing International Film Festival speed"  

  On March 28th, on the day when the "Beijing Exhibition" package was invoiced, this year’s "Beijing Exhibition" showed an incredible magical speed — — 100 sets of classic Bergman master series, sold out in 10 seconds; 100 sets of Jurassic Park 25th anniversary series, sold out in 7 seconds; 100 Batman series, sold out in 7 seconds; 100 sets of X-Men series, sold out in 14 seconds. After the official invoicing at 12 noon on April 1, the box office will be 2 million in one minute, 3 million in two minutes, 6 million in five minutes and 9 million in 12 minutes. Compared with last year, the speed of ticket sales has more than doubled. Among them, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was snapped up in five scenes in 10 seconds, becoming the fastest sold-out film, followed by "Titanic" in six scenes sold out in 12 seconds and "Chongqing Forest" in four scenes sold out in 15 seconds.

  Similar to previous ticket sales, the most popular films in this year’s "Beijing Exhibition" are still well-known films. For example, the Oscar-winning film Escape from Desperate Town, wes anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, blood simple by the Cohen Brothers, Cameron’s Avatar, Titanic and Nolan’s Dunkirk. It is worth mentioning that some unpopular minority films have also achieved good box office results after invoicing, especially the sub-section "Beijing City Affairs" which is closely related to Beijing City. In particular, the films shown in this section, such as Neighbor, Old Things in the South of the City, and Good Morning Beijing, are very popular with young audiences who are used to buying tickets on the Internet. These films travel through time and space through the lens, making the audience feel the unique charm of the old Beijing city.  

  Pay more attention to communication besides screening.  

  Beijing International Film Festival has been pursuing the aesthetic style of China’s films, and "Beijing Exhibition" also pays more attention to providing face-to-face communication and sharing opportunities for creators, scholars and fans. According to the introduction of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, nearly 80 film pre-screening and post-screening exchanges and salon lectures have been confirmed, among which more than 40 domestic film exchanges will be held, with an unprecedented scale. Among them, China Film Archive’s latest 4K restored versions of horse thief and Yellow Land will be premiered, and the famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang will attend the post-screening activities of horse thief; One of the key filmmakers in this Beijing exhibition — — Ms. Feng Hsu, a famous Hong Kong film producer and actress, will bring seven films she participated in and created to talk with film researchers, among which the 4K restored version of Rolling Red Dust was shown in Beijing for the first time. Ghost by Huang Shuqin, a famous fourth-generation director, is one of the most outstanding feminist films in China, while Dasheng Zheng, a literati director, recently filmed the latest masterpiece Village Drama, both of which use the elements of traditional opera, but explain the modern concept consciousness from a completely different perspective. In addition to the theme of the works, the two directors are still in a mother-child relationship. This time, we specially arranged for the two films to be shown in series, and invited director Dasheng Zheng to participate in the exchange. I believe that the multiple echoes inside and outside the play will make the activities more interesting and more academic.

  Not only that, "Beijing Exhibition" also adheres to the purpose that Beijing International Film Festival always pays attention to the new strength of domestic films, and chooses "Rain Boots of Wangza" written and directed by the new generation director La Huajia, supervised by Pema Tseden and shot by famous photographer Lv Songye as the opening film of domestic films. Du Jiangdu, the film’s main creator and this year’s domestic film promoter and young actor, will appear on the scene to interact with the audience. Just won the Golden Tiger Award at the 47th Rotterdam Film Festival, "A Boundless North" is an absurd comedy full of rural magical realism, with a unique perspective and strong style. Director Cai Chengjie, producer and photographer Jiao Feng will also participate in the post-screening exchange in Beijing International Film Festival.

  Apart from building a bridge for interactive dialogue between fans and creators, the organizing committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival is also committed to making "Beijing Exhibition" another important platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and the global film industry. Ruben Ostlund, winner of the Palme d ‘Or in Cannes, a member of the international jury of the Tiantan Award and a famous director, will appear in the post-screening activities of the film Rubik’s Cube. Classic films from Czech Republic, Poland and Serbia, countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, and new works from Canada, the northern country, will also have a grand screening and a number of meeting activities during the "Beijing Exhibition". It is particularly worth mentioning that the technological innovation and perceptual exploration brought by VR art have become an integral part of the world’s important film festivals, and this year it has also been integrated into the Beijing screening. The organizing committee specially set up a VR unit to invite award-winning works and latest masterpieces from world-famous film festivals, bringing unprecedented and refreshing immersion experience to Beijing International Film Festival fans. Beijing Morning Post reporter Yang Lianjie

Flying ducks rush forward: this winter’s "Mom YEATION" film.

Special feature of 1905 film network Operated by the team, the animated film released on December 8 tells the story of a flying duck family who never stepped out of the pond and decided to move to Jamaica, a dream island. After they set off in high spirits, they were in a lot of trouble during the migration.

The film focuses on the themes of "family" and "growth", with dense jokes and entertaining. What kind of "duck" guide can the audience get from flying ducks?

Keywords "Flying ducks rush forward" — — Fun! Inspirational! Warm!

The film "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is actually a film for all-age audiences. It has both the image of parents and children at home and the image of the elderly at home. Among the characters of different ages, different audiences can find an emotional resonance in it.

More importantly, the emotional theme displayed in Flying Duck Rushing Forward is rich enough, and children may find it very interesting in this adventure, while adults may have more feelings when watching Flying Duck Rushing Forward. In fact, it shows not so much seeing the world and others as seeing themselves, and discovering their true selves and potential by knowing the world.

The first thing that broke the circle of this film was the short video of "Ducks Playing My Going Out". The Chinese funny version of dubbing received nearly 700,000 praises, and some viewers even thought that Chinese dubbing was the soul.

"Mom, find a service station here. I’ll go to the toilet."

"Pull directly."

"This is really lacking in quality."

"You are a bird. What qualities do you want?"

"But I can’t take off my underpants flying like this."

"Don’t make me slap you in the nearest place to heaven."

The content of "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" circled in the short video platform is very interesting, especially life-oriented, that is, the family is on their way, but the duck sister has to go to the toilet after customs clearance, and the mother duck in the film is performing the usual life state of mothers.

A Guide to Happy Recognition of Ducks

The family of four in "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" has their own different personalities. For example, our father duck is "beware of ducks", and his skill is to tell scary stories. Through scary stories, he wants his children to avoid danger, in fact, he wants to protect them.

The second is our mother. This mother duck is a "duck rushing forward". She is a very brave and intelligent mother. At many critical moments, she will use her wisdom to negotiate with others to strive for the greatest interests for herself and then protect her family.

The third is my brother Dada, who wants to grow up as a duck. In many cases, he is particularly curious and brave about many things, especially hoping to prove to others that "I" is a little man.

The last one is the duck sister Guan Guan, who is a lovely "duck to hug". She is a very gentle and lovely little girl, but her inner energy is actually very powerful. It will melt the hard ice in adults’ hearts with its cuteness and gentleness.

The audience will feel that such a little girl is really pity and love, and will feel that she actually admires it. Because sometimes, as an adult, when you want to convey your feelings to others, you may be embarrassed to say "Come on, let’s hug."

However, this duckling can use such a lovely and warm way to amplify his little energy, so that adults can also be full of forward energy and dare to express their feelings directly.

A guide to skillfully understanding "duck"

Although the protagonist of this film is a duck, it actually discusses very complicated human emotions and family relationships. I believe that each character can also resonate with the audience, so that everyone can release pressure in the movie.

From the perspective of mothers, the process of watching "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is actually a process of unloading pressure. In fact, when parents accompany their children to grow up, it is a process of watching their children’s backs, watching them grow up, then gradually leaving themselves and showing themselves in the bigger world.

At the same time, it is also less anxious. Many parents will worry about "what should I do if my child grows up and seems to be far away from me" when their children grow up, but "Flying Ducks Rush Forward" tells parents that as a family, our hearts are always together, no matter how far away from each other physically, we love each other and give each other great strength, which is enough.

The whole film wisely arranges a different dilemma in life: in the beginning of the film, the audience may think that the heron is a terrible enemy, but when approaching it, they find that the heron has various personalities and may encounter a different heron. Don’t just listen to rumors, you should really believe what you see.

The second story is more realistic. When ducks enter the metropolis, they often encounter wrestling and competition. You and others are always competing for the same thing. What should you do at this time? Perhaps the most common choice is to fight bravely or give up and leave.

But this story gives a third answer. Mother Duck tells her children with the wisdom of sharing, and also tells the audience that there may be a fairer third choice in life besides competition and giving up, that is, learning to share.

In the third story, ducks meet bird friends during their journey — — Parrots need family members to unite to rescue them. It is during the rescue process that the audience can see how each family member exerts their unique abilities and realizes such a cohesive force as "one plus one is greater than two".

In every sense, "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is very suitable as a "Mom YEATION" film in winter. Because it is not only suitable for mothers to take their children to see, but also suitable for mothers to take the whole family, old and young.

When the whole family walks into the cinema together, my mother will think, "I really held a very successful family activity." Because every family member can feel a harvest and a joy in the process of watching movies.

There is not only an adventure theme in this film, which makes us not afraid of difficulties; There is also the theme of family affection. Let’s return to the family and look for energy from our loved ones. Therefore, "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is a film with both challenges and energy, so that families can share joy and burn warmth together in winter.

Observation on the first anniversary of Guizhou rural basketball "going out of the circle"

  Deep in Miao Ling, the night falls. In Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, the stadium is brightly lit and cheers are endless. Compared with a year ago, the scene is equally warm and the atmosphere is equally happy, but the stadium in the village has become the scene of the national and American country basketball competition.

  Since July 12th, last year, the "June 6th" New Year’s Basketball Tournament held by villagers in Taipan Village spontaneously became popular all over the network due to the fiery live atmosphere and grounded running style.

  In response to the ardent expectations of the broad masses of peasants for physical fitness and healthy life, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Office of the State Sports General Administration jointly issued a notice in early June to hold the National and American Country Basketball Competition (Village BA) to help comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate the construction of an agricultural power.

  On June 20th, the opening match of this event was held in Taipan Village, and the farmers’ basketball team of Qiandongnan Prefecture of Guizhou Province played against the farmers’ basketball team of Linxia Prefecture of Gansu Province at home. In October, the finals of the competition will also be held in Taipan Village. Within a year, a basketball match spontaneously organized by a small mountain village gave birth to a national competition, which is really rare.

Where is the fire?

The three rounds of events that made Taipan Village hot "out of the circle" took place from July 12 to August 9 last year. During the "June 6th" New Festival Basketball Tournament in Taipan Village, the semi-final of the "beautiful countryside" Basketball League in Guizhou Province and the beautiful countryside Basketball Exchange Tournament in cooperation with Foqian, the average audience per game exceeded 15,000. However, due to the limited capacity of the venue, more than 10,000 people lingered outside because they failed to enter the site.

The hot scene on the scene spread rapidly across the whole network through short videos. In the end, the three-round country basketball game was viewed more than 1 billion times on the whole network and was nicknamed "Village BA" by netizens.

Where is the fire in a basketball game in a small mountain village?

The country basketball game originated in Miaoling Mountain, which is closely related to the local minority culture and long basketball tradition. Yang Dezhao, the county magistrate of Taijiang County, said that there are many ethnic festivals in Taijiang County, and there is a saying in the local area that "every festival must be played and basketball must be played first". Whenever a basketball game starts, villagers from ten miles and eight townships will flock to it. In order to participate in and watch basketball games, many villagers who go out to work will travel thousands of miles back to their hometown.

There are more than 270 households with more than 1,100 people in Taipan Village, and about two-thirds of the villagers play basketball. Zhang Shoushuang, secretary of Taipan Village, said: "Since 1936, Taipan Village has held at least one basketball game every year, and it has never stopped. The ball game in my hometown is a kind of homesickness. "

Cen Jianglong, president of Taipan Village Basketball Association, used to work outside the home, and he had to take special leave every year to hold a basketball match. Last year, he simply quit his job and went back to the village to open a restaurant near the stadium with his wife. Whenever there was a basketball match in the village, business was booming.

There is no electronic screen, no commercial advertisement, only a concrete floor painted with plastic in front of the village committee, but the players on the court are running and dunking with all their strength, and the fans in the stands are cheering and shouting, which makes the basketball game with simple hardware "full of atmosphere". In the short aerial video that was originally madly forwarded, there were a sea of people inside and outside the stadium, all people on the hillside and the roof, and all the trees and ladders were "hung" with the audience. The popularity of the competition and the enthusiasm of the villagers have infected netizens all over the world through the images with great impact.

Some games go on until 4 am the next day, from dawn to dark, and then to dawn, and few spectators leave early, which is called "dawn culture" locally.

The tradition of the project and the passion of the masses are the basis for the initial popularity of "Village BA". The competition has a village flavor, and the cultural characteristics add a fire to the continued popularity.

The competition was held spontaneously by the villagers, and all the contestants were villagers. During the intermission, Miao’s brothers and sisters presented Miao’s characteristic songs and dances, which added luster to the competition. In the "Village BA" finals in March this year, a song "Love of My Life" sung in Miao language triggered a lot of interaction and was sung on multiple online platforms.

The prizes of the competition are local yellow cattle, fragrant sheep, fragrant pigs, etc. Even the explanation of the game is mixed with the local dialect and Miao language … … Chang Hai, Party Secretary and Director of Qiandongnan Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau, believes that the country basketball game won the grounding gas, distinctive and strong village flavor floating inside and outside the Internet.

Where is the "win"?

The successful experience of Taiwan Basketball Village Competition is regarded as a "Taijiang model" for rural sports to boost rural revitalization.

With the further consolidation of the results of poverty alleviation, the villagers have a rich life and their demand for spiritual and cultural life is growing. Pan Nianjing, director of the Propaganda Department of Taijiang County Committee, said that Taijiang County has made great efforts to coordinate the connection between urban and rural areas and paid attention to the coordinated promotion of "material prosperity" and "spiritual prosperity". Basketball activities have been integrated into the daily life of Taijiang people, constantly inspiring and satisfying people’s yearning for a better life.

Driven by "Village BA", the regional GDP of Taijiang County reached 4.498 billion yuan last year, up 9% year-on-year, ranking first in the province. At the end of March this year, the first "beautiful countryside" basketball league finals in Guizhou Province took only three days, which led Taipan Township to receive 181,900 tourists and realized a comprehensive tourism income of 55.16 million yuan. On June 20 this year, on the day of the opening ceremony of the national and American country basketball competition, the comprehensive tourism income of the township exceeded 35 million yuan.

Taking advantage of the east wind of the "out of the circle" of the event, the sales of local agricultural special products, national costumes and special handicrafts have also increased one after another. Zhang De, the first resident secretary of Taipan Village, said that it is a good way for Taipan Village to make good use of the signboard of rural basketball games, to help tourists, support production and promote literature through competitions, to develop and strengthen the village collective economy, and to strengthen the integration of agriculture, sports and tourism.

Now, in Taipan Village, we can see the fiery scenes of villagers’ renovation and renovation of houses everywhere. Yang Pinggui, a villager in Taipan Village, is building a four-story villa with a total area of 1,000 square meters. He said: "I want to make the building a homestay and get a little light from the country basketball game."

No matter in the future planning of the rural basketball match, or in the rural landscape and industrial development, Taipan Village insists on letting the villagers be the masters. Zhang De said: "Taipan Village has held four villagers’ congresses to discuss the renovation plan and future development of the stadium, and the relevant practices have been agreed by 80% of the villagers. There is something to discuss, and everyone’s reasons are discussed by everyone, which has become a magic weapon for Taipan Village to adhere to the dominant position of villagers and provide some inspiration for grassroots governance. "

"Village BA" has become popular so far, and tourists from all over the country come here. Wang Bin, director of the Religious Affairs Bureau of Taijiang County, believes that the sports event has developed from a local recreational and sports activity to a sports event for people of all ethnic groups all over the country. "This hot basketball game has created a platform for people of all ethnic groups to build, share and work together. As tourists from all ethnic groups watch basketball games, enjoy national song and dance performances and taste ethnic specialties, the sense of the Chinese nation community is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people."

Taking sports as a platform and doing a good job in the article "Sports Plus" not only shows the multi-function of sports, but also makes "Village BA" win multiple effects: it not only enriches cultural life, stimulates rural economy, but also enhances national unity and promotes grassroots governance. Yang Dezhao said: "In the new round of rural revitalization, rural sports cannot be absent."

Where is the "difficulty"?

When the news came that the national and American country basketball competition was held and the finals were settled in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, the young people in Taipan Village were boiling. But in addition to excitement, there are also concerns.

Zong Shifa, an associate professor in guizhou minzu university, said that it is a good thing for "village BA" to be launched nationwide, but it is difficult to maintain "village flavor". Many netizens are worried that some places will lose their local authenticity due to excessive government intervention, capital intervention or commercial speculation.

The notice of launching the national and American country basketball competition pointed out that it is necessary to uphold the principle of "farmers are the main body, pragmatic and simple, safe and orderly, and farmers are interested in farming". Zong Shifa said that "the four principles of running the competition need to be implemented to the end to prevent the risk of going out of shape".

Many villagers’ meetings were held in Taipan Village, and it became a decision supported by the villagers that "village BA" should be named "village". Wang Zaigui, the commentator of the country basketball match, said that in the early days when the country basketball fire broke out, many companies came to provide sponsorship, but asked the match to advertise their products. "Such a request is too commercialized and goes against the original intention of the country basketball game, so we all declined." Wang Zaigui said.

"village BA" is on fire, and the flow is there. However, it is not easy to change "flow" into "reserve", let attention change into consumption, and let "instant fire" change into "constant fire". It is necessary to use the brand of "Village BA" to do a good job in project investment, maintain a balance between commercial operation and agricultural interest, and explore the integrated development of agricultural sports, culture and tourism. In this regard, Wang Jun, executive deputy magistrate of Taijiang County, said frankly that Taijiang County still needs to "take the pulse" and "support" and "need more guidance and help from relevant departments and experts".

The ability to host the competition and security are also challenges.

For Taipan Village, time is not enough, not only for the start of the new basketball horse race on June 15th, but also for the finals of the National and American Country Basketball Competition in October.

"To be honest, there is a certain pressure, but we will do our best to adhere to high standards." Cen Jianglong said that this "June 6th" basketball competition is also a test of the ability to host the upcoming finals of the National and American Country Basketball Competition.

It is conceivable that there will be a large number of foreign tourists, and reception and security will be tested. Taijiang County proposed to further strengthen the organization of sports events, do a good job in transportation, security, meteorology, medical care and sanitation, strengthen risk prevention and improve the level of emergency management.

Since last year, Taipan Village has added more than 10,000 basketball stand seats, built 1,000 square meters of parking lots, renovated 2,500 square meters of mobile booths and renovated 40,000 square meters of walls. These days, in order to welcome the upcoming two competitions, the village committee of Taipan Village has also mobilized villagers to carry out environmental remediation and risk investigation. "Around the stadium, on both sides of the road, in front of the house and behind the house, etc. have become key rectification areas, and strive to avoid safety accidents during the competition and leave a good impression on fans and tourists." Yan Jianglong said.

(Reporter Li Li Ou Dian Qiu Jiang Cheng Xu Shihao)

Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, July 11th

Arsenal, Artta is fighting! Can it be done to ensure peace and win?

Arsenal have won three draws in a row!

First, we drew with Liverpool, West Ham United and even Southampton, the last team. It’s normal for Arteta to get angry.

However, Arsenal are about to challenge Manchester City at Etihad Stadium. Guardiola’s Manchester City is Arsenal’s biggest competitor. In other words, Arsenal must fight hard in this game. At the very least, get a draw!

The state of Manchester City is hot.

At 23: 45 on April 22nd, in the semi-final of the 2022-2023 FA Cup, Manchester City played at home against the Championship team Sheffield United. Mahrez of Manchester City scored a hat trick, and Manchester City beat Sheffield United 3-0 to advance to the FA Cup final.

Their opponent will be Manchester United. The hot state, on the other hand, is that the event is too dense.

On April 27th, Manchester City will play Arsenal at home. This game is worth 6 points. As soon as the game is over, the ownership of this season’s Premier League champion will be seen.

So, did Manchester City in Harland win or Arsenal in Saca win?

Greater Paris intends to introduce Maguire for 50 million pounds; Reporter: Kane is the preferred candidate for Tenghage’s striker.


Sun: Greater Paris intends to introduce Maguire for 50 million pounds this summer, and the deal was put on the negotiating table in the winter window.


Samuel Luckhurst: Manchester United coach Tenhage’s striker priority this summer is Harry Kane, while Osman of Naples and Benfica striker Gonzalo Ramos are also Dutch signings. In addition, the Red Devils plan to cash out Marchal this summer.


Rachford was voted the best player in the Premier League and the best player in Manchester United in February. ?


Official: Tenhage was elected Premier League Coach of the Month in February.


Peristri: That’s what we do! ! Come on, Manchester United ??

According to the Daily Mirror, Manchester United coach Tenhage said after the team’s 4-1 victory over real betis: "We played a great game, both halves. We should have taken a 3-0 lead in the first half, but the result was 1-1. We were punished for a mistake, but we played very well in the second half. "

"When we replaced the last two substitutes, the team changed the score to 4-1, and Peristri did a great job."

Life and work are the same, and the robot provides you with perfect service!

Baidu launched the AI chat robot service "Wen Xin Yi Yan", what impact has it brought to people’s lives? Let’s discuss it.

First of all, this chat robot can make people get information more conveniently. Through the dialogue with robots, people can quickly get the information they need, without having to search and filter it themselves as before, saving a lot of time and energy.

In addition, this robot can answer all kinds of questions in a conversational way, whether it is writing code to correct bugs, answering scientific questions, or writing papers and articles.

Chat robots can solve people’s questions in some professional fields. For example, in the medical field, people can get their own health status through conversations with chat robots, or consult the treatment plans for some common diseases.

In the field of education, chat robots can be used as an auxiliary teaching tool to help students solve problems in their studies or provide some learning resources.

In addition, the chat robot can also be used as an intelligent customer service to help enterprises solve the problems of customer feedback and complaints.

In a word, the appearance of chat robots can not only facilitate people to obtain information, but also be applied to various fields to help people solve various problems.

In the future, the development of chat robots will become more and more intelligent and personalized, and become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

Secondly, Wen Xin can become people’s intelligent assistant in a word. This robot can provide people with speech recognition, intelligent translation, speech synthesis and other functions, which can help people communicate better and cross language barriers. In addition, Wen Xin Yi Yan can also be used as an entertainment tool to play games, chat and share fun.

Wen Xin Yi Yan has a wide range of entertainment functions, which can provide users with a variety of chat modes, such as simple question-and-answer games and simulated chatting with users. At the same time, this robot can also generate various types of interesting content, such as songs, jokes, poems, etc., so that users can enjoy more entertainment in their leisure time.

In addition, Wenxin can also combine virtual reality technology to create a more realistic virtual experience for users. For example, users can experience immersive travel scenes, participate in virtual reality games and so on through Wenxin.

On the whole, Wen Xin Yi Yan is not only a practical intelligent tool, but also provides users with more colorful entertainment experiences, making their lives more convenient and interesting.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, robots play an increasingly important role in people’s lives. However, compared with the convenience it brings, people also need to pay attention to the risks that robots may bring. First of all, it is very important to protect the security of personal information.

When using a robot like Wenxin Yiyan, people need to be careful not to disclose their sensitive information, such as bank account information and personal identity information. If this information falls into the hands of criminals, it will cause huge property and spiritual losses.

Secondly, the robot’s answer also needs to be verified. Although such a robot as Wenxin Anya has powerful natural language processing ability, it is still a program written based on programming language. Therefore, its answer may be limited by the program code, resulting in misjudgment and other problems.

Finally, with the continuous progress and update of technology, people need to know and learn the latest technologies and functions in time. Only in this way can we make better use of these robots and make better use of their convenience and advantages. Therefore, when using a robot like Wen Xin Yi Yan, we need to be vigilant, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the robot, and use and control it appropriately.

In short, Baidu’s chat bot service "Wenxin Yiyan" has brought a lot of convenience and possibilities to people’s lives, and we expect it to be constantly improved and innovated in the future development.