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Tongnan Cauliflower Festival and Beach Music Festival are new hot spots in March!

Drunk spring begins in Tongnan, Chongqing. Recently, Tongnan has been out of the circle again! More than 30,000 mu of rape blossoms are competing to bloom, and the gilded flower sea attracts tourists from all directions to enjoy the magnificent scenery of flowers. The countryside is full of beautiful scenery and fires all over the circle of friends. Since March this year, the cauliflower festival in Tongnan has been upgraded and kicked off, and there is also a beach music festival held by Sunshine Beach in Fujiang Tourism Resort, which is a popular tourist destination in March! Further activate the weekend cultural tourism market in the jurisdiction.

Tongnan city scenery

Weekend leisure tour in rural areas with economic fire

Tongnan District is located in the heart of Bashu and the core plate of the economic circle of Chengdu and Chongqing, and is the "bridgehead" city of Chongqing’s main metropolitan area. High-speed, high-speed rail criss-crossing, with the traffic advantages of 1 hour in Chongqing and 2 hours in Chengdu, 120 kilometers away from Chongqing Airport, has become an important node of Chengdu-Chongqing tourism loop of China Unicom and a rising tourist destination on the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor. It is convenient and quick for tourists from Sichuan and Chongqing to travel to Tongnan. It only takes a weekend to visit the beautiful Tongnan. Enjoy the most beautiful sea of flowers, visit famous historical towns, see the Millennium Golden Buddha and visit the green vegetable capital.

▲ Chen Yu’s hometown Chongqin Huahai Scenic Area China’s most beautiful Huahai National AAAA Tourist Scenic Area

▲ Shuangjiang Ancient Town The first batch of top ten historical and cultural towns in China are national AAAA-level tourist attractions.

This year’s Tongnan Cauliflower Festival has created many famous scenes of "flowers" around the theme of "Bashu Blessed Land Flowering in Tongnan". In order to enhance tourists’ travel experience, the scenic spot has added a number of wonderful cultural and travel activities, and upgraded in catering and accommodation, which has made up for the shortcomings of the previous night economy and made sufficient impetus to promote the city marketing brand of "going to Tongnan on weekends".

In addition, in March, you can also enjoy 10,000 mu of pear flowers in Huayan Pear Flower Scenic Area, and enjoy colorful peach blossoms in Baolong Taobo Garden, Guilin Taohua Mountain and Baizi Guifei Taoyuan, enjoying the beauty and romance brought by this spring. Tongnan is like the "world of flowers and flowers" in spring, romantic at the right time, and it is a good place to punch in on weekends!

Enjoy the beach at night. The new IP shows the night power value.

Tongnan, the more wonderful the night is. The 2nd Beach Music Festival started at the same time as this cauliflower festival. Focusing on the three themes of "night eating, night playing and night tide", it explored night consumption, enhanced the value of "night" in Tongnan, and realized multi-time and all-weather expansion and upgrading from day to night and from point to surface, which once again won the favor of the general public and tourists.

As night falls and the lights are on, the sunny beach in Little Sanya is crowded. Go-karting, online celebrity suspension bridge, VR interactive and other amusement projects bring different cultural experiences to tourists and citizens. There are 41 trendy shops and more than 100 kinds of special snacks for citizens and tourists to "feast on". At the same time, live performances by bands, self-help karaoke songs, cooking tea around the stove and other themed activities compete to appear, which not only completely lights up the night in Fujiang, but also well explains the current beach music festival as.

▲ Weinan Beach Music Festival site

▲ Chen Qifan Singing-Tongnan Beach Music Festival Live

Tongnan takes "festivals" as the media and "flowers" as friends to promote tourism popularity, taking this opportunity to make the "first spring" of the strong recovery of cultural tourism activities in 2023. According to the city marketing brand "Weekend to Tongnan", a number of tourism highlights products are being launched, and efforts are being made to build Tongnan into a well-known tourist destination in the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor, so that "Weekend to Tongnan" is well known.

Recommended boutique routes for spring flower viewing in Tongnan "

One-day flower viewing tour in Tongnan;

Get off at the intersection of Tongnan Chongkan Expressway and go to the scenic spot of Chen Tuan’s hometown to enjoy the most beautiful sea of rape flowers. After lunch, visit and pray at the Great Buddha Temple scenic spot. If you have enough time, you can visit Shuangjiang Ancient Town and Yang Angong’s hometown, and then return.

Two-day leisure tour in Tongnan:

Day 1: In the morning, go to the scenic spot of Chen Tuan’s hometown to enjoy the most beautiful sea of rape flowers, and in the afternoon, go to Shuangjiang Ancient Town to enjoy the best-preserved and largest Qing Dynasty residential buildings in southwest China. Feel the revolutionary spirit of "life is like a horse’s paw, and you can’t rest until it is wiped out" in Yang Angong’s hometown scenic spot. Take a cruise on Fujiang River in the evening and feel the beautiful scenery of Fujiang tourist resort.

The next day: In the morning, visit the world’s first indoor golden Buddha, the "sound of a stone piano" which is one of the four echoing buildings in China, and the largest carved "Buddha" on the rock in China. At noon, we will go to Tai ‘an Leisure Agriculture Tourism Resort, where we will have a feast of intangible food Tai ‘an fish and unique organic vegetables. Then visit the Vegetable Expo Park and the Agricultural Exhibition Hall.

(The picture in this article is provided by Tongnan Travel Investment Group)

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A quick tutorial on football, which teaches you to become an elegant girl who knows the ball.

Recently, football fans have celebrated the Spring Festival again.

The Spanish national derby has begun again!

It is always difficult for girls to understand such things as football.

Why is it so attractive to boys!

So today, Brother Hunzi will tell you something about football (especially my sister paper who doesn’t know the ball).

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Xi’ an severely cracked down on illegal sales of fireworks and firecrackers, and gave administrative detention to illegal personnel.

Near the Spring Festival, the phenomenon of illegal transportation, storage and sale of fireworks and firecrackers has increased. On January 31, Xi ‘an Emergency Management Bureau reported the phased results of the special action to ban the sale and control of fireworks and firecrackers. Recently, emergency management departments and other departments seized more than 250 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers, and many people were administratively detained.

The pictures in this article are all WeChat WeChat official account pictures of Xi ‘an emergency management.

On January 19th, Lantian County Emergency Management Bureau, together with the county public security bureau, seized an illegal operation and storage of fireworks and firecrackers during the joint operation of "cracking down on illegal activities" against Tangyu Town. After on-site investigation and inspection, the illegal acts of the relevant responsible persons in operating without a license and illegally storing fireworks and firecrackers are true. Law enforcement officers and public security police sealed up and detained 186 pieces (boxes) of fireworks and firecrackers seized at the scene, controlled the illegal personnel, and handed them over to the public security department for public security detention for 10 days according to law.

From January 22nd to 27th, Lianhu District Safety Committee Office actively supervised and coordinated public security, emergency, market supervision, urban management bureau and other departments and sub-district offices, and comprehensively promoted the control of fireworks and firecrackers. This week, joint law enforcement was carried out three times in the whole region and twice in the streets. A total of 703 people were dispatched, 643 people were inspected, and 11 pieces of fireworks and firecrackers were seized. Administrative compulsory measures were taken against a mobile vendor who illegally sold fireworks and firecrackers.

On January 25th, Xixian New Area Fengxi New Town Safety Supervision Department, together with Diaotai Street Office and Tongwen Road Police Station, launched a joint inspection of fireworks and firecrackers in the jurisdiction. During the inspection, a mobile vendor illegally selling fireworks and firecrackers was found in the Diaotai section of Weihe River embankment, and more than 10 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers were seized on the spot. The legal sale and storage were given administrative detention by the public security department for 5 days.

On the evening of January 26th, Baqiao District Emergency Management Bureau, together with the street office, public security, market supervision, pollution control and haze reduction and other departments, carried out the night inspection of fireworks and firecrackers on the streets of Textile City. In accordance with the general requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement and practical results", the inspection team conducted night inspections on the illegal sales of fireworks and firecrackers. At the scene, an illegal mobile sales stall of fireworks and firecrackers was seized, and more than 10 small fireworks were collected in a box.

On January 29th, weiyang district Emergency Management Bureau, together with Seoul Street Office and Seoul Police Station, carried out verification and inspection on the "illegal storage and sale of fireworks and firecrackers in a residential building in Huixi Village" reported by the masses. After verification, the report was true, and more than 20 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers were stored in a private house in the reported place. The police of Seoul police station collected the fireworks and firecrackers illegally stored at the scene and transported them to a safe area. Relevant illegal personnel have been handed over to the public security department and detained for 10 days according to law.

On January 29th, Chanba Ecological Zone Emergency Management Bureau launched a crackdown on illegal sales of fireworks and firecrackers in key areas within its jurisdiction. The inspection team found an illegal sales stall while inspecting the park on the south side of Lake No.1, and law enforcement officers banned it according to law and temporarily detained 15 pieces (boxes) of fireworks.

Relevant laws and regulations:

On November 16, 2023, in order to further improve the ban on the sale and release of fireworks and firecrackers in Xi ‘an, continuously improve the ambient air quality, and ensure public safety and people’s personal and property safety, the General Office of Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government issued a notice on strengthening the ban on the sale and release of fireworks and firecrackers. The "Notice" clearly pointed out that the special actions of joint law enforcement should be carried out. The district and county governments, the Xixian New Area Administrative Committee and the development zone management committees should implement the main responsibility of the territory, adhere to the combination of strict law enforcement and civilized law enforcement, and organize emergency management, public security, transportation, ecological environment, market supervision, urban management and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement every major festival and important time node such as "New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Labor Day and National Day", and mobilize comprehensive management forces to give full play to the town.

"Fireworks safety management regulations" article thirty-sixth.

For those who produce and operate fireworks and firecrackers without permission, or sell black powder, pyrotechnics and fuse to units or individuals that have not obtained the safety production license of fireworks and firecrackers, the safety production supervision and management department shall order them to stop illegal production and business activities, impose a fine of more than 20,000 yuan and less than 100,000 yuan, and confiscate the illegally produced and operated items and illegal income. For those who transport fireworks and firecrackers by road without permission, the public security department shall order them to stop illegal transportation activities, impose a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan, and confiscate the illegally transported articles and illegal income. Illegal production, operation and transportation of fireworks and firecrackers, which constitutes a violation of public security management, shall be given administrative penalties for public security according to law; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

"People’s Republic of China (PRC) public security management punishment law" thirtieth.

Whoever, in violation of state regulations, manufactures, buys, sells, stores, transports, mails, carries, uses, provides or disposes of explosive, toxic, radioactive and corrosive substances or infectious disease pathogens shall be detained for more than 10 days and less than 15 days; If the circumstances are minor, they shall be detained for more than five days and less than ten days.

Article 125th of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Whoever illegally manufactures, buys, sells, transports, mails or stores guns, ammunition and explosives shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years; If the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death. Whoever illegally manufactures, buys, sells, transports or stores toxic, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens and other substances and endangers public safety shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 136 of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Those who violate the regulations on the management of explosive, flammable, radioactive, toxic and corrosive substances and have serious accidents in production, storage, transportation and use, resulting in serious consequences, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention; If the consequences are especially serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years.

In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and defend the blue sky, we appeal to the general public to refuse to illegally produce, sell and store fireworks and firecrackers, and not to set off fireworks and firecrackers, so as to greet the New Year in a safe and civilized way.

What is culture? Is there a culture in West Renye Fang?

What is culture? What does culture mean? This has to start with ancient Chinese. Wen is a generic word of Wen. As a noun explanation, text is texture, representation and trace. As a verb explanation, the text is interlaced, described and portrayed. Astronomy, for example, means that celestial bodies are scattered all over the night sky and staggered, naturally forming a big picture of stars.

Xinghan brilliant

Oracle Bone Inscriptions shows that on the left is a man facing west, and on the right is a man turning east, just like a man tossing and turning while sleeping. It means that things change, change and come into being. Including the transformation from one form to another, or even another thing. For example, actors make up, incarnate everything, and educate all the people.

the banlance of yin and yang

Based on the exquisite ancient prose above, we believe that the meaning of culture is like that of people who engrave chapters, which are staggered and turned into a fine chapter. The result of tattooing is culture, and the text is transformed. The purpose of tattoo is to change, and the text is to change it.

keep on chipping away/work with perseverance

The extended meaning of culture can mean using tools and wealth that change life, such as Neolithic culture, agricultural culture, rural culture, industrial culture and modern culture.

The extended meaning of culture can also indicate the information or customs of transforming ideas, such as Confucian culture, Taoist culture, Buddhist culture, Mozi culture and other Chinese excellent traditional cultures, as well as Japanese samurai culture, western jungle culture, merchant culture and other animal cultures.

Use culture to change people.

Is there a culture in West Renye Fang? The answer is clear to you.

Thank you for reading.

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43-year-old Angel is thin, and her facial features are still pure and beautiful, but her side is flatter than that of men.

Angel, who hasn’t appeared in front of the public for a long time, was recently photographed by the audience while visiting the vegetable market. In the photo, she is much thinner than before, with obvious blue veins on her hands, and even her figure has become more and more flat!

On that day, Angel wore a black short sleeve, green-brown trousers, a pair of glasses on her face and a yellow bag. Although her dress was not particularly foreign, her overall temperament was still very good ~

Angel, born in 1980, is 43 years old this year. In recent years, she has basically stopped filming. When she has nothing to do, she spends time with her parents and son, sharing some cooking methods and experiences on short videos from time to time, which has gained a lot of fans.

Compared with the appearance of pure flowers when she was young, now Angel often wears big-rimmed glasses, which is very literary. If everyone doesn’t know her and know that she is an actress, she will definitely think that she is a Chinese or math teacher!

And now the life in Angel is very comfortable. When there are activities in the circle, she occasionally goes to participate. When there are no activities in the circle, she stays in her hometown in Dalian. On weekdays, she doesn’t even wear makeup. For example, when she was photographed going to the vegetable market to buy food this time, she was not afraid of many people, and she didn’t care that she was a female star. She went into battle without makeup, and even the clothing mix was very casual!

From the photos of Angel sent by the people in the vegetable market, we can see that there is no trace of filter, which is the most real picture. At the age of 43, there is no makeup and no beauty. It can be said that the photos taken can have this effect, and the state is very real!

It can be seen from the picture that Angel’s plain face is very capable of playing, and there is no dead angle on her face. No matter from which angle she takes pictures, she looks perfect, even if she is over 40, she is still full of pure breath.

The only fly in the ointment is Angel’s figure, which is too rigid. Because of the thinness, the whole figure line is very smooth from the side, and there is no curvy feeling of other women, but it doesn’t matter. After all, Angel will never get married again now, so it doesn’t matter!

When buying vegetables, Angel is very grounded. As long as there is only one onion, she should use it reasonably even if she has money, and never buy too much waste. She is a woman who will be diligent and keep a house!

When facing the camera, Angel also smiled brilliantly, saying that he also let people photograph the dishes he bought. Although there are many styles, the quantity is not large. It depends on the situation that he will come out to visit the vegetable market every day!

Now that Dingding, the son of Angel and Pan Yueming, has grown up, Angel will be able to do her own thing. According to her current video posting standards, she will definitely become an excellent food blogger in the future!

73 minutes to kill, 2-3! China women’s football team was defeated in the top four at the age of 22, with a goal and a 1-0 reversal.

Basketball and badminton, a unique media for fans.

Just after winning the Golden Globe Award, Zhang Linyan, a 22-year-old talented international of China women’s football team, became the top star of the Swiss women’s super team. This is also the first Golden Globe Award for China women’s football players studying abroad, which is of great significance. However, winning the prize is not Zhang Linyan’s ultimate goal, because at present, the Cao Meng women’s football team is going through the championship elimination tournament. Zhang Linyan scored one goal in each of the quarter-finals and led the team to the semi-finals, against the Zurich women’s football team, which scored 44 points in the regular season, ranking second, 6 points ahead of the Cao Meng women’s football team.

Due to the strong strength of the opponent, Cao Meng Women’s Football Team sent all the main players in this game. Zhang Linyan wore No.18 and continued to serve as the front waist. Zurich women’s football team used the 451 formation, and the away game was still relatively conservative, so the defense was stable first. Although Cao Meng used the 433 attack formation, it was still mainly defensive after the opening, especially for the blocking of two flanks, which left Zurich women’s football team at a loss.

In the 13th minute, Cao Meng women’s football team won a free kick and Rachel scored a goal. After losing the ball, the Zurich women’s football team launched a massive attack, and the Cao Meng women’s football team had a solid defense, but there was a loophole in the half-time injury stoppage. Laura seized the opportunity to help the Zurich women’s football team equalize the score, and the two sides returned to the lounge 1-1.

In the 61st minute, Sailana helped Zurich women’s football team overtake the score and lead 2-1. At this point, Zhang Linyan stood out and scored a long-range goal in the 68th minute to equalize the score. However, only five minutes later, Sailana scored twice and finished the lore. In the end, Zurich women’s football team beat Cao Meng women’s football team 3-2.

Because it is the first leg of the semi-final, Zurich women’s football team has the first chance, and the second leg is the home court, so it has the promotion opportunity. The next last stand of Cao Meng women’s football team means elimination, so it is necessary to win, and Zhang Linyan has also been cornered. In addition to winning the game, she has to strive for more goal difference, which shows that the game is more difficult. However, as a Golden Globe winner, Zhang Linyan needs to face more and greater challenges, which is also her trip to Europe.

Shocking disobedience. De Braune told Guashuai to shut up.

Premier League (EPL) Manchester City is close to stumbling block.
Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second match of UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarter-finals in the 2022-23 season on the 18th. The total score of the first and second games was 5-1, and they entered the final.
And ranked first in EPL with 85 points. The second-ranked Arsenal scored 81 points. But Arsenal have already played one game. It is very likely that Manchester City will win the championship. In addition, Manchester City is entering the FA Cup final. Start a war with Manchester United.
If Manchester City wins all three games, it will be the first time since Manchester United in 1999. This is the second glory in the history of English football.
However, in the face of this history, Manchester City suffered the "biggest crisis". This is the "disobedience incident", which is also the disobedience of Manchester City’s ace. In the second game of the semi-finals against Real Madrid, the shocking conversation between Kevin de Bravina and coach Guardiola was made public.
British media such as "Gimmi Sports" and "Daily Star" revealed that in the early second half, there was a shocking dialogue in the scene where Bravina was beaten by Real Madrid defender Ed Militan steals the ball. Coach Guardiola said: "Pass the ball! ",bravina said angrily," shut up! "The response. That was twice. This conversation caused great controversy.

This scene triggered rumors of discord between the director and the ace. "The Daily Star" said: "From the outside of Manchester City, it seems to be very harmonious, but from Bravina’s remarks, there seem to be many problems. Bravina’s behavior really made Treboul of Manchester City cool.
The reaction of the fans is also very cold. The Daily Star reported the reaction of the fans who witnessed this scene. "It’s really rude", "Coach Guardiola should be banned from the FA Cup final" and so on.
But there are also views that all this will end in a farce. The Daily Star claimed, "Even the happiest families sometimes quarrel.

Firmino, a free agent, has become a hot commodity in the transfer market and has received six invitation contracts.

Brazilian striker firmino announced earlier that he will leave Liverpool after his contract expires this summer. According to the news reported by Jorge Nicola, a famous Brazilian journalist, firmino has received offers from six European teams. The 31-year-old Brazilian striker has a good chance to stay in Europe.

After firmino publicly announced that he would leave the team this summer, it was widely rumored that firmino would return to play for Bajia team Corinti An, but Jorge Nicola later broke the news: "Now six European heavyweight teams have offered invitations to firmino, and it can be expected that he will stay in one of the important leagues in Europe and play for an important team next season."

Although Jorge Nicola didn’t disclose the specific names of these six "heavyweight" teams, CBS website indicated that Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and galata Sharay were three of them who wanted to sign firmino, while Atletico Atletico and Saudi powerhouse Ainas had both been rumored to be interested in firmino.