Tongnan Cauliflower Festival and Beach Music Festival are new hot spots in March!

Tongnan Cauliflower Festival and Beach Music Festival are new hot spots in March!

Drunk spring begins in Tongnan, Chongqing. Recently, Tongnan has been out of the circle again! More than 30,000 mu of rape blossoms are competing to bloom, and the gilded flower sea attracts tourists from all directions to enjoy the magnificent scenery of flowers. The countryside is full of beautiful scenery and fires all over the circle of friends. Since March this year, the cauliflower festival in Tongnan has been upgraded and kicked off, and there is also a beach music festival held by Sunshine Beach in Fujiang Tourism Resort, which is a popular tourist destination in March! Further activate the weekend cultural tourism market in the jurisdiction.

Tongnan city scenery

Weekend leisure tour in rural areas with economic fire

Tongnan District is located in the heart of Bashu and the core plate of the economic circle of Chengdu and Chongqing, and is the "bridgehead" city of Chongqing’s main metropolitan area. High-speed, high-speed rail criss-crossing, with the traffic advantages of 1 hour in Chongqing and 2 hours in Chengdu, 120 kilometers away from Chongqing Airport, has become an important node of Chengdu-Chongqing tourism loop of China Unicom and a rising tourist destination on the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor. It is convenient and quick for tourists from Sichuan and Chongqing to travel to Tongnan. It only takes a weekend to visit the beautiful Tongnan. Enjoy the most beautiful sea of flowers, visit famous historical towns, see the Millennium Golden Buddha and visit the green vegetable capital.

▲ Chen Yu’s hometown Chongqin Huahai Scenic Area China’s most beautiful Huahai National AAAA Tourist Scenic Area

▲ Shuangjiang Ancient Town The first batch of top ten historical and cultural towns in China are national AAAA-level tourist attractions.

This year’s Tongnan Cauliflower Festival has created many famous scenes of "flowers" around the theme of "Bashu Blessed Land Flowering in Tongnan". In order to enhance tourists’ travel experience, the scenic spot has added a number of wonderful cultural and travel activities, and upgraded in catering and accommodation, which has made up for the shortcomings of the previous night economy and made sufficient impetus to promote the city marketing brand of "going to Tongnan on weekends".

In addition, in March, you can also enjoy 10,000 mu of pear flowers in Huayan Pear Flower Scenic Area, and enjoy colorful peach blossoms in Baolong Taobo Garden, Guilin Taohua Mountain and Baizi Guifei Taoyuan, enjoying the beauty and romance brought by this spring. Tongnan is like the "world of flowers and flowers" in spring, romantic at the right time, and it is a good place to punch in on weekends!

Enjoy the beach at night. The new IP shows the night power value.

Tongnan, the more wonderful the night is. The 2nd Beach Music Festival started at the same time as this cauliflower festival. Focusing on the three themes of "night eating, night playing and night tide", it explored night consumption, enhanced the value of "night" in Tongnan, and realized multi-time and all-weather expansion and upgrading from day to night and from point to surface, which once again won the favor of the general public and tourists.

As night falls and the lights are on, the sunny beach in Little Sanya is crowded. Go-karting, online celebrity suspension bridge, VR interactive and other amusement projects bring different cultural experiences to tourists and citizens. There are 41 trendy shops and more than 100 kinds of special snacks for citizens and tourists to "feast on". At the same time, live performances by bands, self-help karaoke songs, cooking tea around the stove and other themed activities compete to appear, which not only completely lights up the night in Fujiang, but also well explains the current beach music festival as.

▲ Weinan Beach Music Festival site

▲ Chen Qifan Singing-Tongnan Beach Music Festival Live

Tongnan takes "festivals" as the media and "flowers" as friends to promote tourism popularity, taking this opportunity to make the "first spring" of the strong recovery of cultural tourism activities in 2023. According to the city marketing brand "Weekend to Tongnan", a number of tourism highlights products are being launched, and efforts are being made to build Tongnan into a well-known tourist destination in the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor, so that "Weekend to Tongnan" is well known.

Recommended boutique routes for spring flower viewing in Tongnan "

One-day flower viewing tour in Tongnan;

Get off at the intersection of Tongnan Chongkan Expressway and go to the scenic spot of Chen Tuan’s hometown to enjoy the most beautiful sea of rape flowers. After lunch, visit and pray at the Great Buddha Temple scenic spot. If you have enough time, you can visit Shuangjiang Ancient Town and Yang Angong’s hometown, and then return.

Two-day leisure tour in Tongnan:

Day 1: In the morning, go to the scenic spot of Chen Tuan’s hometown to enjoy the most beautiful sea of rape flowers, and in the afternoon, go to Shuangjiang Ancient Town to enjoy the best-preserved and largest Qing Dynasty residential buildings in southwest China. Feel the revolutionary spirit of "life is like a horse’s paw, and you can’t rest until it is wiped out" in Yang Angong’s hometown scenic spot. Take a cruise on Fujiang River in the evening and feel the beautiful scenery of Fujiang tourist resort.

The next day: In the morning, visit the world’s first indoor golden Buddha, the "sound of a stone piano" which is one of the four echoing buildings in China, and the largest carved "Buddha" on the rock in China. At noon, we will go to Tai ‘an Leisure Agriculture Tourism Resort, where we will have a feast of intangible food Tai ‘an fish and unique organic vegetables. Then visit the Vegetable Expo Park and the Agricultural Exhibition Hall.

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