What is culture? Is there a culture in West Renye Fang?

What is culture? Is there a culture in West Renye Fang?

What is culture? What does culture mean? This has to start with ancient Chinese. Wen is a generic word of Wen. As a noun explanation, text is texture, representation and trace. As a verb explanation, the text is interlaced, described and portrayed. Astronomy, for example, means that celestial bodies are scattered all over the night sky and staggered, naturally forming a big picture of stars.

Xinghan brilliant

Oracle Bone Inscriptions shows that on the left is a man facing west, and on the right is a man turning east, just like a man tossing and turning while sleeping. It means that things change, change and come into being. Including the transformation from one form to another, or even another thing. For example, actors make up, incarnate everything, and educate all the people.

the banlance of yin and yang

Based on the exquisite ancient prose above, we believe that the meaning of culture is like that of people who engrave chapters, which are staggered and turned into a fine chapter. The result of tattooing is culture, and the text is transformed. The purpose of tattoo is to change, and the text is to change it.

keep on chipping away/work with perseverance

The extended meaning of culture can mean using tools and wealth that change life, such as Neolithic culture, agricultural culture, rural culture, industrial culture and modern culture.

The extended meaning of culture can also indicate the information or customs of transforming ideas, such as Confucian culture, Taoist culture, Buddhist culture, Mozi culture and other Chinese excellent traditional cultures, as well as Japanese samurai culture, western jungle culture, merchant culture and other animal cultures.

Use culture to change people.

Is there a culture in West Renye Fang? The answer is clear to you.

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