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Shen Tengchong is on the hot search! On March 11, Shen Teng suddenly rushed to the hot search, just because there was a woman.

Original title: Shen Tengchong is hot! On March 11, Shen Teng suddenly rushed to the hot search, just because there was a woman.

The subtle interaction between stars and police

On the stage of hot search, there is never a lack of some unexpected surprises. On August 11th, a picture made netizens laugh: Shen Teng’s photo with a policewoman was not only funny, but also aroused many conjectures.

Express one’s will by holding things.

In the picture, the policewoman clings to Shen Teng, showing a thumb, while Shen Teng is expressionless, with her hands behind her back, as if she were in a weird theater.

Figurative rhetoric

Netizens have speculated whether Shen Teng "stepped on thunder"? Why do you look like ice and look like you’re in custody? This photo reminds people of the subtle interaction between the stars and the police.

Beginning of quotation sentence

"It’s not the first time that I’ve become a brother", which seems to be the consensus of netizens. In this photo, Shen Teng’s expression doesn’t smile, which makes people feel as if he is "suspected".

Common sayings, proverbs, jokes, golden sentences

This can’t help but remind people of the photos of Bo Huang, Faye Wong and other stars with the police. One identified the crime scene and the other was taken away. The posture and expression can really influence the temperament of a photo.

Deep combination

"When taking a photo with the police, the posture and expression are very new!" This sentence seems to be a lesson that stars should remember. Shen Teng’s "no smile" this time has also become the focus of discussion among netizens.

Subtle interaction

Behind this confusing picture, there may be more unknown stories hidden. The photo of the police and the stars is both interesting and meaningful. Perhaps it is this subtle interaction that makes people enjoy it.

Editor in charge:

The original novel "She and Her Islands" of the hit drama "Fireworks Family" was published.

Reporter Qu Peng
Recently, the group drama "Fireworks Family" of urban women has been broadcasted simultaneously on CCTV-1, Tencent Video and other platforms, involving hot topics such as family of origin, mother-daughter relationship, women’s independence, old and new views on marriage and so on. The original novel "She and Her Islands" is jointly published by Youfeng Culture and Beijing United Publishing Company, which tells the story of an atypical "matriarchal clan" living in modern society. The three generations of women are entangled like vines, tight and supportive, and symbiotic.
She and her islands
Easy and difficult
Youfeng Culture | Beijing United Publishing Company
"She and Her Islands" is a female narrative work with a novel angle. It doesn’t focus the contradiction on a certain character through the background setting to express the suffering of women, such as "Fan Shengmei", which has gradually become faceless, but it is ingenious. By describing the lives and difficulties of several female characters of different ages in an atypical "matriarchal clan" family, it extends a proposition that is more likely to resonate with us: "There are no vampire parents, no Prince Charming and no golden finger.
In the novel, Li Yijin, a cowardly daughter, was controlled by her mother for 30 years, and every time she tried to break free, she fell into the abyss of being kidnapped by her family. Inferiority and stubbornness of the mother, all her hopes are pinned on her children, but she doesn’t know where she will go once her home, which has been numb for half a lifetime, is broken; The majestic grandmother, who has been uncompromising all her life and escorted the whole family on her own, suddenly wants to arrange everything and leave smartly in her octogenarian years. In the author’s view, the three generations of women in the novel are the protagonists of their own lives. "They have their own shortcomings and limitations, they will be jealous, they will quarrel, they will be unable to understand each other because of the generation gap, they will openly hurt the closest people around them, they will also seek help and companionship from their families when they are in despair, they will begin to reflect after half of their lives, they will begin to learn to express their love, and they will begin to find themselves, and they will stand side by side with each other unconditionally to fight against their fate.
Yi Nan graduated from China Renmin University and Stanford University, and is now a screenwriter and part-time writer. She is good at describing the exploration of women’s inner world, focusing on the anxiety and breakthrough, confusion and choice of new urban women, and trying to give these new women more profound significance of the times. He has won awards such as the best serial and the best author of Douban Reading Xiaoya Award. He has published the work Xian Yuan, a collection of novels, Time will heal, be a good girl with a strong heart, and you are on the back of life. The film and television rights have sold many works, including Xian Yuan, She and Her Islands, Conspiracy, Safety Period and Zebra, Do you love me or not?

The new history of the B club game "Starry Sky" Steam is low: 298 yuan →208.6 yuan.

On December 5th, IT House reported that the B-club game "Starry Sky" opened a discount on Steam, and after 30% discount, it reached a low price in the national history, with the original price of 298 yuan and the current price of 208.6 yuan.

IT House previously reported that since the release of Starry Sky on September 6th this year,The total number of players on PC and Xbox has exceeded 12 million.. According to Microsoft CEO Spencer, there will be a lot of support for Starry Sky, and about 250 people in the studio are still developing the game.

It is worth mentioning that "Starry Sky" has a total of 82,603 evaluations on Steam.Among them, 68% are favorable.The evaluation is "mixed".

Introduction to the game:

Starfield comes from the creation of Starfield, the first brand-new universe created by Bethesda Game Studios, who has won numerous praises and brought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 to everyone for more than 25 years. This new generation role-playing game sets the background in the vast universe. Here, you can create any characters, explore the world and experience unprecedented freedom. Embark on this epic journey and discover the ultimate mystery of human civilization.

In 2330, mankind has stepped out of our solar system and settled on a new planet, and space travel has become a daily life of mankind. In the biggest game of Bethesda Game Studios to date, you will join the Star Organization, a group of space explorers looking for rare artifacts in the galaxy, and start a journey to explore the vast universe.

Shocking disobedience. De Braune told Guashuai to shut up.

Premier League (EPL) Manchester City is close to stumbling block.
Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second match of UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarter-finals in the 2022-23 season on the 18th. The total score of the first and second games was 5-1, and they entered the final.
And ranked first in EPL with 85 points. The second-ranked Arsenal scored 81 points. But Arsenal have already played one game. It is very likely that Manchester City will win the championship. In addition, Manchester City is entering the FA Cup final. Start a war with Manchester United.
If Manchester City wins all three games, it will be the first time since Manchester United in 1999. This is the second glory in the history of English football.
However, in the face of this history, Manchester City suffered the "biggest crisis". This is the "disobedience incident", which is also the disobedience of Manchester City’s ace. In the second game of the semi-finals against Real Madrid, the shocking conversation between Kevin de Bravina and coach Guardiola was made public.
British media such as "Gimmi Sports" and "Daily Star" revealed that in the early second half, there was a shocking dialogue in the scene where Bravina was beaten by Real Madrid defender Ed Militan steals the ball. Coach Guardiola said: "Pass the ball! ",bravina said angrily," shut up! "The response. That was twice. This conversation caused great controversy.

This scene triggered rumors of discord between the director and the ace. "The Daily Star" said: "From the outside of Manchester City, it seems to be very harmonious, but from Bravina’s remarks, there seem to be many problems. Bravina’s behavior really made Treboul of Manchester City cool.
The reaction of the fans is also very cold. The Daily Star reported the reaction of the fans who witnessed this scene. "It’s really rude", "Coach Guardiola should be banned from the FA Cup final" and so on.
But there are also views that all this will end in a farce. The Daily Star claimed, "Even the happiest families sometimes quarrel.

Sassuolo executives: Will Fratesi join Rome? We will try our best to meet the requirements of the players.

Live broadcast: On March 11th, when interviewed by the reporter of Corriere dello Sport, Carnevali, CEO of Sassuolo, talked about the rumors of Fratesi and Rome.

Carnevali said: "We should have a correct attitude. Sassuolo should be regarded as a springboard for players to join the giants. Fratesi has all the strength to make a leap forward, and now we must try to reach an agreement that can satisfy our three parties. We will find the best solution. In addition to economic factors, we will also try our best to meet the requirements of the players themselves. "

"We have been investigating Bovi and volpato in Rome. Before that, Rome sent many high-potential teenagers to us for training, giving us a high split, such as Politano and Lorenzo pellegrini."

According to the whole market, besides Roma, Juventus are also paying attention to Fratesi.

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