The new history of the B club game "Starry Sky" Steam is low: 298 yuan →208.6 yuan.

The new history of the B club game "Starry Sky" Steam is low: 298 yuan →208.6 yuan.

On December 5th, IT House reported that the B-club game "Starry Sky" opened a discount on Steam, and after 30% discount, it reached a low price in the national history, with the original price of 298 yuan and the current price of 208.6 yuan.

IT House previously reported that since the release of Starry Sky on September 6th this year,The total number of players on PC and Xbox has exceeded 12 million.. According to Microsoft CEO Spencer, there will be a lot of support for Starry Sky, and about 250 people in the studio are still developing the game.

It is worth mentioning that "Starry Sky" has a total of 82,603 evaluations on Steam.Among them, 68% are favorable.The evaluation is "mixed".

Introduction to the game:

Starfield comes from the creation of Starfield, the first brand-new universe created by Bethesda Game Studios, who has won numerous praises and brought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 to everyone for more than 25 years. This new generation role-playing game sets the background in the vast universe. Here, you can create any characters, explore the world and experience unprecedented freedom. Embark on this epic journey and discover the ultimate mystery of human civilization.

In 2330, mankind has stepped out of our solar system and settled on a new planet, and space travel has become a daily life of mankind. In the biggest game of Bethesda Game Studios to date, you will join the Star Organization, a group of space explorers looking for rare artifacts in the galaxy, and start a journey to explore the vast universe.


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