Sun Yingsha regrets losing, Liu Guoliang warms her heart and comforts her, and Chen Meng’s return to the state of full blood is completely different.

Sun Yingsha regrets losing, Liu Guoliang warms her heart and comforts her, and Chen Meng’s return to the state of full blood is completely different.

Chen Meng state regression

Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha have played twice in the last six months, namely, the finals of Xinxiang World Cup in October 2022 and the semi-finals of Xinxiang Championship in 2023. Sun Yingsha defeated Chen Meng twice. In the Xinxiang Championship a week ago, Sun Yingsha swept Chen Meng in straight sets. During the competition, Sun Yingsha completely suppressed Chen Meng, hardly giving her opponent any breathing space. Sun Yingsha’s state is too good.

Coming to the Macau Championship, Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng met again in the semi-final. Before the start of the game, Mi Gu explained that Hou Yingchao said that this game should not present a one-sided situation, and it will definitely be a fierce confrontation. Hou Yingchao was only half right, and the game was fierce enough, but the result was still one-sided. Only the winner this time is Chen Meng.

Sun Yingsha actually took the initiative in the first game, but Chen Meng was in a brave state and could compete with Sun Yingsha for speed and strength. In the first game, Sun Yingsha got the game point at 10-9, but Chen Meng made a determined effort to save the match point quickly and stubbornly. After that, the two sides fought against each other in multiple boards, and it was not until 15-14 that the winner was decided.

Chen Meng’s confidence increased greatly after winning the first game, and he played even better in the next three games. Sun Yingsha is a little worried, and the whole person’s state is not so excited. Sun Yingsha actually thought of many ways, but Chen Meng really showed impeccable performance, which could resolve Sun Yingsha’s changes in serving and attacking. Chen Meng won the next three games with 11-6, 11-8 and 11-9 respectively.

After the game, Chen Meng concluded that I really didn’t expect to win the game with a score of 4-0. Recently, Sasha’s state is very good. Today, I am holding the mentality that I can win one more point. Before the game, I just wanted to win the next game. Sasha may have entered the finals in a row recently, and she is a little tired. I hope I can continue to enjoy such a good stage, show myself more and do my best in the competition.

Chen Meng was right. She put down her posture and attacked her opponent, which really mobilized her to play better. Sun Yingsha may be physically tired and didn’t play her own thing in this game. To tell the truth, Chen Meng really played well in this game. I would also like to congratulate Chen Meng on his qualification to win the championship in the final.

After Sun Yingsha lost the game, Liu Guoliang, chairman of table tennis, found Sasha in particular and said something to her with a smile. It should be some encouragement for Sasha. Sun Yingsha’s progress is obvious to all, and Liu Guoliang also pays special attention to Sasha. No matter who wins the civil war of Guoping Jinhua, it is the pride of Guoping, so Liu Guoliang is in a very good mood. Satisfied with Chen Meng’s performance, and satisfied with Sasha’s performance.

The national table tennis women’s team is very strong, almost every competition will win the semi-finals and never let the champion fall behind. It doesn’t matter if Sun Yingsha loses. The Durban World Table Tennis Championships will be a stage for you to show your strength. The women’s singles final of the Macau Championship will start at 18: 00 pm on April 23rd. I look forward to the wonderful performance of Chen Meng and Manyu Wang, who will also stage the classic confrontation picture of the final of the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston. Come on!

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