Jose Mourinho saw through the hypocrisy of Serie A, the arrival of a new official announcement, which spread to Rome and Milan, and Inter Milan changed coaches to speed up.

Jose Mourinho saw through the hypocrisy of Serie A, the arrival of a new official announcement, which spread to Rome and Milan, and Inter Milan changed coaches to speed up.

As the "traffic manager" of Serie A, Mourinho’s every move always attracts media coverage. After leading the team to win the 29th Serie A match, Rome ranked third in the standings. When the Portuguese coach was asked about his feelings, he said bluntly: To be exact, Rome ranked fourth, after all, Juventus actually accumulated 59 points. At that time, people thought that "madman" had become modest, but now people know his implication!

You know, before the start of the 31st round, Serie A officials announced the restoration of Juventus’ deducted 15 points, while allegri’s team did rank third in the standings and Rome was fourth! As for Juventus’ resumption of deducted points, Mourinho also revealed more, saying that this kind of thing can’t be taken seriously, and even more bluntly, Serie A actually returned the points of the "Bianconeri" in January, just delaying the official announcement!

Starting with Mourinho’s words, we can understand the hypocrisy of Serie A. After all, it is Serie A that wants to thoroughly investigate financial fraud, and it is also Serie A that wants to severely punish financial fraud teams. After Juventus was deducted 15 points, Serie A even reported that it would continue to deduct the "Bianconeri" points and not rule out the possibility of kicking the team out of Serie A. Now it seems that everything is more like taking part in accidental amusement!

In fact, during the deduction of points from Juventus, an interesting thing happened, that is, the Naples Fans Association and the Italian Association for the Protection of Environment and Consumer Rights applied to deprive Juventus of its achievements in three seasons from 2018 to 2021. Among them, because the "Bianconeri" won the Serie A championship in 2018-2019, the relevant parties thought that the trophy should be given to Naples, the second place at that time.

However, it is obvious that Serie A can return Juventus points, and naturally it will not listen to the suggestions of fan associations and other organizations and further make things difficult for the "Bianconeri"! Of course, at present, people including Agnelli are still grounded, and the appeals of a number of people are rejected, which seems to be the last stubbornness of Serie A!

On the other hand, Juventus’ recovery of points has had an impact on the pattern of Serie A’s competition for the fourth place. Before the start of the 31st round, the difference between them and Lazio, which ranked second, was only 2 points, and it is entirely possible to place them in the second place before the end of the season! However, the rankings of Rome, AC Milan and Inter Milan declined, with Rome ranked fourth and Milan ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

Judging from the competitive state, it remains to be seen whether the Milan duo can grab the top four in Serie A and then qualify for the Champions League next season, which also means that the change of coach of the "Nerazzurri" is on the agenda! According to Matteo Barzaghi, a reporter from Inter Milan, if you can’t win the top four in Serie A and qualify for the Champions League next season, then Inzaghi will leave the team and the player’s contract renewal will be suspended!

Indeed, the Champions League has become a major factor in Inter Milan’s continued life. So far this season, Zhang Kangyang has won more than 80 million euros in prize money through the Champions League competition, which means that he doesn’t need to sell key personnel during the summer transfer window, and if he can finally win the championship, the team will still have 20 million euros in prize money. Obviously, it is very necessary for Inter Milan to play in the Champions League. If it can’t be done, then Inzaghi’s class will not be regrettable!


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