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NOA, the Shanghai station city of Smart Driving Competition, unveiled the list: Tucki G6 was far ahead and won the first place again, and it was extremely over 01 and rushed to the second place.

The first China Smart Driving Competition was completed yesterday, and the results of the highly anticipated NOA competition in the city were unveiled this morning:

The first place is Tucki G6, the second place is Ji Yue 01, the third place is Extreme Fox Alpha S Hi, the fourth place is Aouita 11, and the fifth place is Wen Jie M5.

Following Shenzhen Station, Tucki G6, with its advanced XNGP system and stable vehicle control ability, showed great strength in the race and won the first place by far. In the live footage with over 120,000 viewers, the driver of Tucki G6 was nicknamed "the second finger brother" by the audience because he was too relaxed during the race and only put two fingers on the bottom of the steering wheel with his left hand.

Ji Yue 01, who participated in the NOA competition in the city for the first time, became the biggest dark horse in this competition. In an extremely difficult U-turn that the other four cars (including Tucki G6) failed to complete, Extreme Crossing 01 was completed in a slow but steady way, showing the inside story of Baidu’s autonomous driving ability.

In the competition on December 10th, five contestants, Aouita 11, Extremely Fox Alpha S, Wenjie M5, and Extremely Yue 01, all went through a difficult test of urban intelligent driving.

The challenges of the urban stage of Shanghai Railway Station include: construction sections, more than 40 traffic lights, multiple large bends, multiple unprotected left turns, and traffic lights waiting to be turned.

Just as the owner of the Alpha S polar fox said after the race: "I believe in the strength of polar fox, but today’s race really experienced all the obstacles that can be thought of, especially in the construction section, there was a takeover."

Wechat picture _ 2023121112330.jpg

For the first time, Extreme Yue 01 attracted the attention of the audience in the live broadcast room. Some viewers said, "I just want to watch Extreme Yue 01 today!" I believe what many viewers want to see is the pure visual intelligent driving scheme of Extreme Yue 01.

In the Shanghai race of the Smart Driving Competition, Extreme Yue 01 made a low-key appearance as a dark horse, but showed its smart driving operation during the March, which surprised the audience in the live broadcast room. After the race, the owner of Extreme Yue 01 said: "The whole journey felt like a word, which avoided motorcycles and pedestrians steadily and perfectly, but took over in the congested road section."

Wechat picture _ 2023121112419.jpg

There was a light rain in NOA, the Shanghai station city, before the competition, and the road surface was slippery. Several contestants were very cautious, and most of them put their hands on the steering wheel. Only the owner of Tucki G6 was very relaxed, and only two fingers were slightly placed on the lower edge of the steering wheel. After the guests reminded him in the live broadcast room, two fingers were added.

Wechat picture _ 202312111228.jpg

It took 40 minutes for Tucki G6 to complete the race. When talking about the feelings, the owner said: "The whole journey was driven by wisdom, and only took over in some small sections."

On December 17th, the first China Smart Driving Competition will go to Beijing for the last race. Please pay attention to First Electric, and we will release the related race information later.

The Indian-controlled Kashmir garrison used civilians as human shields and shot its commanders.

  CCTV News:Since July, India and Pakistan have frequently exchanged fire along the actual line of control between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. At this stall, news of low morale and the spread of war-weariness has repeatedly emerged in the Indian army. On the 17th, there was an incident in which Indian soldiers shot and killed the commander, and it was only a mobile phone that triggered the bloody case.

  Indian soldiers in Indian-controlled Kashmir were reprimanded for playing mobile phones and angered the major.

Death officer: Chylka Tapa

Death officer: Chylka Tapa

  According to "India Express" reported on the 20th, this tragedy happened at a post in Baramula district in northern Indian-controlled Kashmir. At about 12: 15 noon on the 17th, an Indian army soldier used a mobile phone while on duty, and the inspected major was found and reprimanded. When there was a dispute over the confiscation of the mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone was broken, so the soldiers became angry and immediately picked up the AK47 rifle and killed the major on the spot.

Brothers kill each other.

Brothers kill each other.

  Why can a mobile phone trigger a bloody case? According to the "Kashmir Watch Network" headquartered in Europe, in the Indian army in India-controlled Kashmir, similar bloody conflicts occur from time to time. Many Indian soldiers did not die at the hands of the "enemy", but they were killed by comrades-in-arms because of various disputes:

  In 2011, a fire broke out in the 18th Brigade of the Central Reserve Police Force of India, resulting in three soldiers killed and one seriously injured.

  In 2013, a patrol soldier shot at his sleeping comrades in the camp with a rifle, resulting in two deaths and two injuries.

  In 2016, two Indian army soldiers shot at each other, resulting in one death and one injury.

  According to experts’ analysis, the mental stress of Indian soldiers has greatly increased due to reasons such as being away from family members and harsh environment, which has led to frequent incidents of "military camps cannibalizing each other". The BBC quoted Indian military sources as saying that the morale of the troops stationed in Indian-controlled Kashmir was "very low", and many soldiers gradually became uncomfortable with the role played by Indian troops in Kashmir, "fearing that they would actually become occupying forces".

  Indian-controlled Kashmir garrison used civilians as "human shields" to deal with protests.

The Indian army tied a local to a military vehicle as a "human shield"

The Indian army tied a local to a military vehicle as a "human shield"

  At the beginning of 2017, the Indian government launched a series of investigations on soldiers stationed in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Some soldiers complained that the troops had poor food and often went hungry, and blamed this on the "corruption" of the military. In April 2017, during the parliamentary by-election in Srinagar, India-controlled Kashmir, violent protests occurred in the local area. The Indian army tied a local person to a military vehicle as a "human shield", which attracted public criticism. The commander involved said that this was to protect the soldiers from the local "mob", and the commander was not punished afterwards, but was praised. Media analysis said that the military’s move is precisely to boost morale.

  Pakistani military: In 2017, India violated the ceasefire agreement 580 times, the highest in the calendar year.

  Since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, India and Pakistan have been in constant conflict over Kashmir. The two sides have repeatedly exchanged fire near the actual line of control and accused each other of violating the ceasefire agreement. According to the Pakistani military, India has violated the ceasefire agreement near the actual line of control as many as 580 times this year, the highest in history. On the 19th, the Indian army shelled Palestinian military strongholds and civilians again, causing many deaths, and the Pakistani military immediately said that it would launch a counterattack.

Cut 26 points, 8 boards and 7 assists! Harden basks in the sun after the game and wears it today: another day at work.

Live broadcast, February 15 th, today’s NBA regular season, the Clippers beat the Warriors 130-125 away.

After the game, Harden updated Twitter to take photos of today’s wear and wrote: "Another day at work # unique"

In this campaign, Harden played 40 minutes and 22 seconds in the whole game, made 7 of 12 shots, made 4 of 9 three-pointers, made 8 of 9 free throws and got 26 points, 8 boards, 7 assists and 1 blocked shot, with positive and negative values +13.

Everyone is searching.
The latest ranking of Harden’s scoring list Harden 4 and Lillard 6 compare Harden’s most handsome 10 pictures. Is Harden a point guard or a point guard Harden’s 6 th generation to evaluate Harden’s wearing.


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Fortunately, Harden’s accurate scraps today are really terrible.

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Aroda Maruo 0ed6f

Deng Ge is a responsible player, and his career is also very good.

02-16 15:18




Han Mingshan

Harden, today is my birthday, and I wish you good luck.

02-16 15:13




Hot and hard

Brother Deng still has oil, and I hope my dream can come true this year.

02-15 16:55




There is no more.

Through trading and signing, the Rockets have greatly improved their strength and are expected to return to the playoffs. Clippers trade with rockets to strengthen backcourt combination.

The Rockets injected fresh blood into the team through trading and signing this summer and refused to continue to play badly. This series of actions not only shows the determination and wisdom of the team management, but also brings new hope to the fans. First of all, the Rockets showed superb negotiation skills and vision in the trading market. They successfully traded some veteran players and players with heavy contracts, freeing up space and funds for the team. At the same time, they also got some potential young players by trading, which laid the foundation for the future development of the team. Secondly, the signing of the Rockets in the free market is also very accurate. They chose players who can complement the existing lineup of the team instead of blindly pursuing big-name stars. This rational choice has improved the overall strength of the team and maintained the stability of the team. In addition, the performance of the Rockets in the draft is also commendable. They used the high draft pick to select some promising rookie players, which provided more possibilities for the team’s future construction. At the same time, they also gained more draft picks through strategic transactions, which laid the foundation for the future development of the team. The actions of the Rockets this summer showed the determination and wisdom of their management. They injected fresh blood into the team through trading and signing, and refused to continue to put a bad situation. This change has made the fans see hope and are full of expectations for the future of the team.

The Rockets have introduced new players and made outstanding performances in the draft, and their strength has been greatly improved, which is expected to return to the playoffs. In recent years, Houston Rockets have been famous for their powerful offensive ability. However, in last season, the team’s performance on the defensive end exposed some problems, which led to their failure to achieve the expected results. In order to change this situation, the Rockets have carried out a series of important signings and draft work during the offseason, and their efforts seem to be beginning to see results gradually. First of all, the Rockets made a wise decision in introducing new players. They signed an experienced inside player, adding stability to the team’s defensive end. This player has excellent rebounding and blocking ability, which will provide more second attack opportunities for the Rockets and effectively protect the basket. In addition, the Rockets also added an all-round perimeter player, whose shooting skills and organizational ability will bring new choices to the offensive end of the team. In addition to introducing new players, the Rockets have also made remarkable achievements in the draft. They chose a young player with great potential in the draft, who has excellent physical quality and technical level. His joining will provide more scoring points for the Rockets and become one of the core of the team in the future. Through the introduction of new players and outstanding performance in the draft, the strength of the Rockets has been significantly improved. Their improvement on the defensive end will make the team more threatening in front of opponents, while the addition of new players will bring more diversity and flexibility to the offensive end of the team.These changes make people have greater expectations for the Rockets to return to the playoffs in the new season. However, we should also keep a rational attitude. Basketball game is a team sport, which needs every link of the team to play its best to achieve success. The Rockets still need time to get used to new players and integrate the tactical system. In addition, the competition of other teams is fierce, and they are also trying to improve their own strength. Therefore, it is not easy for the Rockets to return to the playoffs. They need the efforts and tenacious struggle of the whole team. The Rockets made a wise decision in introducing new players and their performance in the draft, and their strength has been significantly improved. Although it is not easy to return to the playoffs, we have reason to hope that the Rockets will achieve better results in the new season.

The Rockets are young and talented, and it will be well known in the future playoffs. Houston Rockets are one of the high-profile teams in the NBA. In recent years, the Rockets have emerged many talented young players, whose potential and strength are remarkable, bringing infinite hope to the team. First of all, we have to mention the Rockets point guard john wall. As a young player, Wall showed amazing organizational skills and leadership. His decision-making ability and passing skills on the court are amazing. Wall’s outstanding performance makes people full of confidence in him, believing that he will become one of the core players of the Rockets in the future. In addition, the Rockets have a very promising young forward Kevin Porter. Porter is famous for his excellent shooting ability and strong rebounding ability. His physical fitness and basketball talent make him an all-round player. Porter’s joining has injected fresh blood into the Rockets and provided more choices for the offensive end of the team. Of course, besides Wall and Porter, the Rockets have other young players, such as Nicholson, Bruno Cabaco and Terrence godwin. These young players have shown excellent potential and strength, and their growth will bring infinite possibilities for the future of the Rockets. However, to succeed in the playoffs, it is not enough to rely solely on young players. The Rockets also need an experienced leader to lead them. At present, the Rockets are actively looking for a suitable veteran player to join in order to provide stable leadership and experience.Such players can help young players better adapt to high-intensity games and play a role at critical moments. To sum up, the young talented players of the Rockets have brought people infinite expectations. Their potential and strength make people believe that the Rockets will enter the playoffs in the future and have the opportunity to compete for higher honor. Of course, to achieve this goal, the Rockets also need to pay attention to the overall construction and training of the team, and at the same time find an experienced leader player to lead them.

The NBA playoffs are over, and teams are preparing for the lineup adjustment next season. Recently, it was reported that the Houston Rockets intended to trade Porter Jr. to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Norman, Powell and the first round signing in 2029. Porter Jr. is a young and promising player. He showed excellent shooting ability and offensive skills last season. However, in the strategic planning of the new season, the Rockets may think that Porter Jr. is not suitable for their team style, so they decided to trade it out. The Clippers are a competitive team, and they hope to enhance their offensive strength by introducing Porter Jr. Potter’s shooting ability will provide more scoring options for the Clippers and increase the offensive changes of the team. At the same time, the Rockets will get two players, Norman and Powell, both of whom have rich NBA experience. Norman is an all-around defender. He can play a variety of roles on the court and inject vitality into the team. Powell is an inside player, and his physical fitness and offensive ability under the basket will bring more inside threats to the Rockets. In addition, the Rockets will win the first round of signing in 2029, which is of great significance for the team’s future construction. By introducing new young players, the Rockets can further cultivate their potential and lay a solid foundation for the team’s long-term development. This transaction is a win-win result for both the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Rockets obtained players who are more suitable for their strategic planning through trading, and laid the foundation for future construction.The Clippers, on the other hand, enhance their offensive strength and competitiveness by introducing Porter Jr.

Recently, the Clippers were reported to be interested in getting Houston Rockets superstar james harden. However, due to the lack of chips, this transaction does not seem easy to complete. However, the Clippers were not discouraged, and they began to look for other players who fit the needs of the team, and Porter Jr. became the focus of their attention. As a young and powerful player, Potter Jr. has shown remarkable potential in the past season. He performs well on the offensive end, has excellent shooting feel and scoring ability, and can be the third scoring point of the Clippers. At the same time, Potter also showed a good performance on the defensive end. His height and wingspan made him an excellent rebounder and shot blocking expert. The Clippers need Porter Jr. not only because of his personal ability, but also because he fits well with the Clippers’ style of play. As a team famous for its quick attack and team basketball, the Clippers need a player who can adapt quickly and cooperate with his teammates. Porter Jr. is such a player. His flexibility and excellent technical ability enable him to quickly integrate into the team system and bring more points and control to the team. Of course, it is not easy for the Clippers to get Potter. Other teams are also interested in him, and the Denver Nuggets, as the original home of Potter, also intend to keep the young player. Therefore, the Clippers need to pay a certain price to get Potter successfully. Despite this, the Clippers will not back down. They have made it clear that they are willing to make every effort to improve the team’s strength.If they fina

The addition of Porter Jr. has brought strong offensive strength to the Los Angeles Clippers, and also created a strong backcourt combination for the team. Teaming up with Westbrook, Potter Jr. will become an important firepower point for the Clippers’ attack. First of all, Potter Jr. is famous for his excellent scoring ability. He can contribute 20+ points per game last season, and his shooting is accurate, which can create threats to opponents from all angles. Moreover, Potter Jr. is an excellent three-point shooter, and his shooting percentage is as high as 40%. This makes him a very reliable outside scorer and can provide the Clippers with stable long-range shooting ability. In addition, little Potter also has excellent breakthrough ability and extraordinary skills. His physical condition is superior, he is fast and explosive, and he can easily break through the opponent’s defensive line and score in the penalty area. His passing skills are also excellent, and he can get past his opponents by means of changing direction and feinting, creating more scoring opportunities. With Westbrook, Potter’s advantages will be better played. Westbrook, as an all-around defender, has excellent organizational ability and rebounding ability. He can provide more opportunities for Potter on the offensive end and form a tacit cooperation with him. Their speed and explosiveness also complement each other. They can disrupt their opponents’ defense through high-speed transition attack and create more fast break scoring opportunities. All in all, the addition of Potter makes the Los Angeles Clippers more powerful on the offensive end. His partnership with Westbrook will be a highlight of the team and bring great pressure to the opponent. As their tacit understanding becomes higher and higher,The Clippers’ offensive strength is bound to by going up one flight of stairs.

Potter’s joining the Los Angeles Clippers is undoubtedly an important turning point. As a young and promising player, he will bring new vitality and offensive firepower to the team. Porter Jr. showed excellent performance last season, and his shooting skills and scoring ability were impressive. After joining the Clippers, he has the opportunity to work with the superstars in the team, which will further enhance his technical level and competition experience. For the Clippers, Potter’s joining also means that they are actively building the future team. With the gradual retirement of veterans, the team needs young and potential players to take over, and Porter Jr. is just such a candidate. His arrival gave the team more choices and possibilities, but also injected new blood into the team. As a future player, Porter Jr. has huge room for growth. Given enough time and opportunities, I believe he will become an indispensable core of the team. On the other hand, Powell’s participation is also of great significance to the Houston Rockets. As an experienced player, he has excellent leadership and guidance ability on the court. His experience and insights on the team will play a positive guiding role for young players. Powell is not only an excellent player, but also an example and mentor. His joining will inject new vitality into the Rockets and provide valuable experience support for the team’s development. The joining of Potter and Powell is of great significance to the Clippers and the Rockets. Their existence will bring new opportunities and possibilities to the team and lay a solid foundation for its future development.Whether young and promising Potter or experienced Powell, they will become an indispensable part of the team.

Thank you for reading this article, hoping to show you the important measures and changes of the Rockets this summer.

Ren Junfei, the old captain, will be transformed into a coach!

Ren Junfei, the old captain, will be transformed into a coach!

Ren Junfei is the old captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. However, due to his age, his condition has declined seriously. Therefore, the work arrangement of Guangdong men’s basketball team is to make him formally transform into a coach after the contract expires. At present, Ren Junfei is still with the team as a player and coach, but it is no longer appropriate to be the captain again. The team hopes that he can provide valuable experience for young players in his new role. Ren Junfei, the old captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, has always been a symbol of the team. However, time waits for no one, and the growing age is an unavoidable reality for a professional basketball player. With the passage of time, Ren Junfei’s physical fitness and competitive state gradually declined, which became more and more obvious on the court.

Once the edge is no longer, he began to feel a little overwhelmed in the face of increasingly fierce competition pressure. There are many reasons for the decline in state. On the one hand, the gradual decline of physical fitness is a factor that cannot be ignored. Physical training and rehabilitation nursing of professional athletes are important, but the growth of age will inevitably weaken these effects. On the other hand, many years’ career has brought many injuries to Ren Junfei. Although he has been trying to recover and persist in training, the hidden dangers left by these injuries cannot be completely eliminated, which also affects his play on the field. Facing the reality, the management of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team made a wise decision. They are well aware of the contribution of the old captain, but they also know that it is not conducive to the development of the team to let him serve as captain again.

Therefore, they decided to formally transform Ren Junfei into a coach after his contract expired. This decision is not only a respect for Ren Junfei, but also a responsibility for the future of the team. After the transformation, Ren Junfei will be able to focus on giving full play to his advantages as a coach and bring more help to the team and young players. At present, Ren Junfei, as a player and coach, still participates in training and competitions with the team. Although he can’t make great contributions to the offensive and defensive ends of the team on the court as in the past, his influence on the coaching bench can’t be underestimated. As a veteran with rich experience, Ren Junfei knows how to mobilize players’ fighting spirit and potential, and can also give them valuable advice and guidance at critical moments. His existence is a positive energy for the whole team.

The new role has brought new expectations to Ren Junfei. As a coach, he will have the opportunity to establish more in-depth contact with the young players of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. Young players usually admire the experience and opinions of their predecessors, so Ren Junfei’s teaching will surely be valued by them. He can teach young players skills and tactics on the training ground, and can also provide them with guidance on life and career planning in daily life. This will be a mutually beneficial process, which will not only help the growth of players, but also help Ren Junfei find new satisfaction and value. Looking ahead, Ren Junfei’s transformation as a coach may face some challenges. From player to coach, we need a process of role change and adaptation.

He needs to learn to keep a balance in his new identity, not only to keep close to the players, but also to play a rigorous and decisive coaching role. However, with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, I believe that Ren Junfei will adapt to the new role better and better, and continue to contribute to the future development of Guangdong men’s basketball team. At the turning point of his career, Ren Junfei interpreted a real leader with his own decision. He did not hesitate to choose to transform into a coach and contribute his wisdom and experience to the future of the team and young players. His decision may make some fans feel sorry, but more people will understand and support his choice.

At this new starting point full of challenges and opportunities, we are looking forward to seeing Ren Junfei continue to ignite the basketball dream of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team with his wisdom and enthusiasm!

Arsenal have no title for 19 years! In 248 days, it topped the list but set an embarrassing record. The third time, it suffered a big reversal.

On May 21st, Beijing time, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest, sending Manchester City to win the championship ahead of time, but they missed the Premier League championship for 19 consecutive years! The hope I just saw was dashed again.

When was the last time Arsenal won the Premier League title? 2003-04 season, 19 years ago! At that time, they won the championship unbeaten under the leadership of Wenger, which was the only time in the history of the Premier League. However, it was the culmination of glory and the beginning of decline.

Since then, Arsenal has never been involved in the Premier League trophy, and it has degenerated into fighting for four. Until 2018, Wenger regretted leaving, and so on. And his successor, emeri, also failed to recover.

However, this season, under the training of Artta, the gunman suddenly rose and led all the way. At the beginning of April this year, he once led the second Manchester City by as much as 8 points, and it is very promising to break the spell!

However, at the critical moment, they habitually dropped the chain. After a series of three consecutive draws, they lost to the Blue Moon 1-4 in the battle of Tianwangshan, handing over the top throne that had been held for 248 days.

In the final sprint, Arsenal lost to Brighton and Nottingham Forest one after another, leaving Manchester City at home! There are only 2 wins in the last 8 rounds, which is really a complete collapse.

You know, after 248 days at the top of the list, but ultimately failed to win the championship, Arsenal created an extremely embarrassing Premier League historical record! The previous holder was Newcastle, which held the top spot for 212 days in 1995-96, but was reversed by Manchester United.

In the 2002-03 season, Arsenal stayed at the top of the list for 189 days, and in the 2007-08 season, they stayed for 156 days, all of which were turned over, which can be said to be an "old tradition".

Why not reuse Shabazz? Du Feng is no fool! Marchand Brooks ushered in a great test.

The CBA playoffs are in full swing, and Guangdong, which has attracted much attention, is fighting hard against Guangsha series. The two teams each win the next game at home, and both sides return to the same starting line. The decisive moment will be arranged in Dongguan Bank Sports Center, and the last place to advance to the semi-finals will be generated.

In these two series, Guangdong Hongyuan did not reuse the newly signed foreign aid Shabaz-Muhammad. His first game was not activated, and the second game only appeared for more than 3 minutes, and even the soy sauce was not ranked.

As we all know, Guangdong signed Shabazz before the playoffs, with the purpose of letting him put out the fire and asking him to play the role of savior at some time in the playoffs. But the reality is that Du Feng doesn’t value him at all, which makes many fans don’t understand Du Feng’s operation. Isn’t that a waste of club resources?

Some netizens think that against Guangsha, Du Feng doesn’t need to use all the killer weapons. He always has to save one hand and use it in the next round against Liaoning to catch Liaoning off guard. But Guangsha is not a soft persimmon. They have pushed Guangdong to the edge of a cliff. Don’t think that it will be stable to return to Guangdong’s home court. Anything can happen in competitive basketball. Guangdong does not still maintain the strength of the former CBA overlord, and it is completely possible to be upset. At this time, if the club is still considering hiding its strength, it is really inappropriate.

Actually, Du Feng is not a fool. If Shabazz can use it, he will let it rust? Du Feng also has misgivings. Once the trade rashly lets Shabazz play, if the performance is not good, it will be a disaster. Not only will the team’s strength be affected, but Shabazz’s self-confidence will be correspondingly reduced. On the one hand, Du Feng wanted Shabazz to keep the killer’s hunger, so as to replace his greatest power.

Another aspect is that Shabazz has been absent from the battle for a long time, and he may be far from meeting the expectations of the club. Desperate to let him play will have the opposite effect. For today’s sake, players from Du Feng and Guangdong can only keep running in with Shabazz in training, so that he can be more familiar with Guangdong’s system and integrate into the team’s chemical reaction as soon as possible. Foreign aid, after all, is foreign aid, and Shabazz has a good reputation. If it works at a certain time in G3, the probability of Guangdong’s promotion will be greatly improved.

In addition, another uncertain factor in Guangdong is Ma Shang-Brooks, whose state is too erratic. He was able to score three points in G1 and struggled in G2. Du Feng gave him unlimited right to fire, which is true, but it really needs to be divided into different occasions. It is obvious that Ma Shang is afraid of confrontation now, afraid of being injured again. If he has concerns about playing, he will naturally be unable to exert his greatest power. Looking at Ma Shang in prosperity, Du Feng in adversity, and weems in despair, this sentence is quite useful. Compared with weems, Ma Shang after the injury is really too lame.

In the life-and-death battle, Ma Shang is facing a great test. If Guangdong is eliminated, it is estimated that it will be difficult for Ma Shang to get a contract renewal!

Tesla investors’ day talks about the concept of "three self" products defined by automobile robots

At Tesla’s first investor day, Musk once again made a surprising statement: "Tesla cars are robots on wheels, and no one and no company can approach Tesla’s level in real-world AI." As soon as this was said, the two major topics of AI and robotics once again triggered industry discussions.
At the beginning of 2023, other new forces, such as ideals, also said that they should build systematic capabilities around AI robots. "Intelligent electric vehicles with autonomous driving will also become the earliest artificial intelligence robots."
From the perspective of the whole automobile industry, it is the concentration that first puts forward the advanced concept of "automobile robot". As early as the beginning of its establishment in 2021, Jidu took "automobile robot" as its product positioning, and automobile robot has also become another product masterpiece under the Geely SEA framework.
Objectively speaking, Musk’s statement made the world see the tremendous changes that AI technology has brought to the automobile industry, and also strengthened the development trend of "robot" of automobiles.

"Automobile robot" conforms to the future development trend, and "three self" is the basic attribute.

"No AI, no intelligence" has become the consensus of the automobile industry. In the past, fossil energy was the core power source of automobiles in the era of fuel vehicles 1.0, and electric vehicles 2.0 were driven by electricity. In the current era of smart cars 3.0, the underlying driving force came from AI technology.

Like Musk, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, always emphasizes that AI technology is the "soul" when he mentions "car robot". Xia Yiping once said, "The era of smart car 3.0 is the era of automobile robots. The starting point of the era change is that the’ driving right’ of automobiles is transferred from human beings to AI, and AI drives the evolution of automobiles." Concentration also defines the basic attributes of "automobile robot", that is, "free movement, natural communication and self-growth", which has also become the product concept of concentration automobile robot.
Why do you want to divide it like this? This is actually due to the nature that automobile robots are both cars and robots. When a car has the brain of AI, it is no longer just a simple means of transportation, but a "robot" with self-thinking and powerful ability. Therefore, automobile robots must first be able to "move freely" and rely on high-order intelligent driving to drive to where they need to go; Secondly, we should have enough high-level intelligent interaction ability, constantly understand the new needs of users, and complete effective communication and action execution; Finally, it can continue to grow through the learning of big data, understand users more and more, and improve its ability boundary.
From this point of view, "automobile robot" does not have to look like a human body, but whether it has the "three-self" ability. Even if it becomes human, it still can’t escape this underlying logic. Just like Tesla’s humanoid robot, it must be able to walk on its own, communicate smoothly, and learn and evolve continuously.

In addition to the standard demonstration of concentration, have car companies gone out of another new path? At present, not yet.

Whether Tesla said "cars are robots on wheels" or "artificial intelligence robots" that he wanted to build, or even independent brands directly label their products with "car robots", in fact, they are all different expressions of the same logic.

From hardware-led to software-defined, automobile is actually a transfer from automobile attributes to robot attributes. The advancement of intelligence must not be achieved overnight, and it needs a long-term accumulation process. Although everyone is called a "robot", their abilities may differ by a hundred thousand miles.

Compared with Tesla and other followers, Jidu, as the pioneer of new species of automobile robots, has integrated AI genes into the product concept of "three self".

Geely SEA’s vast architecture is fully redundant in terms of space, electricity, intelligence, autonomous driving, safety and performance. Therefore, the centralized automobile robot also has a considerable degree of freedom, which can integrate higher-order intelligent capabilities and further improve the "three-self" level of automobile robots.

Specific to the function, the centralized high-level intelligent driving is empowered by Baidu Apollo’s L4-level automatic driving technology, and one of the core functions, point-to-point navigation assistance PPA, can meet the "free movement" in most daily use scenarios. High-level intelligent interaction is supported by off-line voice, touch, visual recognition and other multi-touch interactions to realize "natural communication" in any scene. Among them, the global off-line voice interaction recognition speed is 500ms, the response speed is within 700ms, and it can be used smoothly even when the network is disconnected. In addition, based on the underlying technical support accumulated by Baidu AI in the past 10 years, Jidu automobile robot can continuously learn and "grow up" according to user behavior habits and driving data.

Although the birth of automobile robot is defined by software, it is equally excellent in mechanical quality. As Jidu automobile robot is another masterpiece of Geely SEA’s vast architecture, it is "of the same ancestry" with Volvo, Polar Star and Lotus in terms of mechanical performance and safety guarantee, and the quality of the whole vehicle is directed at international luxury brands.
In addition, Geely’s manufacturing technology has also reached the international first-class level. For example, Geely Hangzhou Bay Smart Factory integrates advanced manufacturing technologies such as 5G, AI and industrial big data, and the four production workshops are highly automated. As the first batch of "future factories" in Zhejiang Province, Geely Hangzhou Bay Smart Factory has become a "new model" for China’s intellectual creation.

It is conceivable that the product quality of Jidu automobile robot created by Geely’s excellent craftsmanship is worthy of recognition.

In the real version of Iron Man and Jarvis, Jidu automobile robot will take the lead in applying the China version of ChatGPT.

If Jarvis, the smart and reliable AI housekeeper in Iron Man, depicts the ultimate form of artificial intelligence in the future for us. Then, with the gradual maturity of AI empowerment and core technologies, automotive robots are turning Jarvis in the movie into the reality of the automotive industry.
ChatGPT-like application of Baidu Wenxin is a turning point. It can be said that with ChatGPT, AI’s empowerment for the automotive industry has evolved.

As an AI conversation model, ChatGPT has a natural connection with cars, which has the potential imagination to subvert the voice assistant in the intelligent cockpit.

On February 14th this year, Jidu announced that it would integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxin to create the world’s first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for smart car scenes, so as to support automotive robots to achieve further progress in natural communication. As the first "crab-eating" brand, Jidu’s move has also brought unprecedented changes to smart cars.
The reason why Jiji was able to announce that it was the first to realize the first launch of ChatGPT-like technology is also because the pure-blood automobile robot of Geely SEA has already possessed high-level intelligent capability. A smarter smart car can access more powerful AI capabilities, which is a condition that traditional cars do not have. Simply put, a tractor can’t match a Boeing engine.

As we all know, Jidu is the first car company to introduce Qualcomm 8295 into the cockpit, and it is also the first to localize the AI algorithm, which can ensure the efficient response speed of cockpit interaction even in the scene of poor network environment or even disconnection.

At present, the voice interaction of most car companies can not be separated from the dependence on the network, and there is still a distance from "natural communication".

At present, the pre-embedding of hardware by Jidu automobile robot in advance, coupled with the empowerment of Wen Xin in a word, means that the product concept of "natural communication" will be pushed to a new height.

In the face of new technology, both traditional car companies and new forces are struggling to seize the opportunity to seize the commanding heights of the industry. With the continuous empowerment of AI technology, the application of intelligent interaction not only enhances the brand image and experience, but also accelerates the digital transformation process of the automotive industry, laying the foundation for the advanced automotive robots.
With all parties in the industrial chain, including car companies and Internet giants, the pace from technology research and development to commercialization is unprecedented. Geely SEA’s vast architecture of integrated "automobile robots" is also being imitated by more and more industry partners and gradually "integrated".

The French team is fighting among themselves! Deschamps: Benzema voluntarily withdrew from the World Cup. Benzema was angry: How dare you say that?

On March 11th, it was reported that French striker Benzema suddenly left the team before the start of the match in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and the French team said that he had withdrawn from the World Cup due to injury. However, since then, the French media broke the news that Benzema’s departure was not voluntary, but the head coach Deschamps ordered him to leave. Recently, Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien. In the interview, he said that Benzema decided to withdraw from the World Cup by himself. Benzema also immediately responded to this: You really dare to say! Just shut up.

On November 20th, the new Golden Globe winner Benzema participated in the first training session of the French team. The next day, the French team officially announced that striker Benzema was forced to withdraw from this World Cup because of a quadriceps injury in his left thigh. Benzema returned to Real Madrid overnight and recovered quickly afterwards, playing for Real Madrid.

According to Sergio Valentin, a French journalist, Benzema did not leave the French team voluntarily, but the head coach Deschamps informed him that he had to leave. At that time, Deschamps found that Benzema had not recovered from thigh muscle discomfort, so he went up to him and said, "Karim, I’m sorry you have to leave!" "

As a result, Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup in an interview with Le Parisien a few days ago: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ I have no chance’. In this case, there is a truth that Benzema knows very well. The diagnosis of the national team doctor is the same as his diagnosis at Real Madrid. At best, he will resume training on December 10th. Benzema also told the people in Madrid who were concerned about the change of his injury. In my communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"I must clarify that he made this decision for the sake of the team. We stayed together for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t hurry to leave, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) will decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

In addition, Deschamps said that he called Benzema after he announced his retirement from the national team. He said that he "didn’t see the Real Madrid striker fully determined" to play for the national team. He also said that Benzema has been invited to participate in the competition in France and the Netherlands and will pay tribute to him.

After Deschamps’ interview was released, Benzema immediately updated the social media, exposed the contents of Deschamps’ interview, and wrote the following article: "You really dare to say it."

Then, an expression pack with a black question mark face was released, with the text: "Good night, dear Deschamps". Just shut up.

In this regard, netizens have said, "Isn’t this the scene of leading a classic non-stick pan:" I didn’t let you go, you have to go yourself. " "

"No, not French."

"Deschamps somebody else a champion, a runner-up! A golden globe award is not enough for him to see! If you are the leader of the French Football Association, who do you support? I definitely support Deschamps for the sake of achievement. "

"Almost come on, you’ve been Green’s formula."

"If Benzema is in the final …"

"Sacré is sacred in religion (also got a strange feeling), and in the common saying, it is just a direct irony … it means despicable and hateful, and omg feels very contradictory."

"Hahahaha, it’s my favorite gossip link again."

"After all, the French team, although a little late, still has to wait."

"When I woke up, I learned that he had left."

"Ha ha ha ha, dare to do it."

"One Deschamps and one South Gate, and the vegetables and chickens peck at each other".

Epic CEO: Commercial AI should not use works for training without the author’s permission.

Epic Games is not only the game and technology, but also the parent company of ArtStation, a platform for hosting commercial artists’ works. In a recent interview, Tim sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that he hoped the company would strike a balance between the protection of works of art and the participation of creators in new technologies such as AI image generation.

A few months ago, ArtStation created a label called "noAI" because of the protests of many artists, and the tagged works will be banned from being used by the AI system on its platform.

Sweeney said: "We support many game developers. Some of them will use artificial intelligence, and some people will hate artificial intelligence. We hope to be a reliable neutral intermediary that does not hinder the development of the industry, but we will not deliberately collect data on everyone’s works. "

During the interview, he also explained that if it is for commercial use, the AI system should never use their works without the unification of artists.

He added: "They grab people’s works of art on the Internet and then use it without their explicit consent."

"A company should not do such a thing, right? Maybe it is within the scope of research and study (no problem), but when you sell it for making commercial works of art and commercial products, you should not do so. "