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Hip-hop in China: Let the reality show show the charm of music and the beauty of human nature.

   Xinhuanet Beijing, September 12 (Reporter Zhang Chun) The final of "Hip Hop in China" has ended, and GAI and PG One both won the championship with the same number of votes. This result was quickly interpreted as soon as it was released: the mystery behind it, business opportunities and fighter planes … … There are different opinions, and even they are called "textbook-style variety ending", and the behind-the-scenes team of the program also gave a clear response: this probability is one in a billion.

   Times will affirm our innovation.

   At the first time after the broadcast of the championship battle, Chen Wei, the chief producer of the program, and Che Che, the director, were interviewed by reporters. The first thing they faced was the problem of double champions. Producer Chen Wei said frankly: "This is a thing that will not happen in theory, but since it happened in such a small chance, it is also an act of god.

   In Chen Wei’s view, the real winner of this program is hip-hop culture and rapper in China. After all, the popularity of "Hip-hop in China" has made this niche music type onto the public stage. But from the initial point of view, Chen Wei was a little surprised to finally achieve such success. "We knew it would be an explosion, but we didn’t expect it to be a phenomenal program with the significance of the times." Therefore, Chen Wei firmly believes: "When we create and don’t follow, the times will affirm our innovative behavior, and users will also affirm it."

   This season’s boom made the team naturally think of the follow-up plan. "We just promoted the first step, let everyone know about hip-hop and like hip-hop, and know that there are so many good hip-hop music and so many high-level singers in China; In the second season, we will show you more hip-hop rapper and hip-hop music. " In the future that Chen Wei looks forward to, there will be more confident and open behavior in the second quarter. "We will go out and let China’s hip-hop culture go to North America, the birthplace of hip-hop, and then we will hold this North American division with hip-hop in China in North America."

   As a hip-hop culture promotion program, Hip-hop in China not only popularized hip-hop culture, but also brought hip-hop players to the stage, fully demonstrating their personalities and attitudes. When talking about these hip-hop singers, Chen Wei also said, "After you really get in touch with them, you will find them very cute. Their personalities are also some of the personalities shared by young people in this era, but they will carry him through the special carrier of hip-hop music."

   Reality show shows musical charm and beautiful human nature.

   Director Che Che, before Hip-hop in China, made a music program Heroes on Earth, which focused on electronic music culture, but unfortunately it was not successful in terms of viewing performance. When it comes to Hip-hop in China, the two programs are similar in that they both choose a relatively small music category as an incision, but the difference is that "Hip-hop in China" has actually improved in the core technology of the reality show with the joint efforts of our creative collective. " Che Che said, "That is to say, the so-called drama reality show, which is the biggest difference from Heroes on Earth, is actually at the reality show level."

   Che Che defined Hip-hop in China as a drama reality show. In the face of questioning the handling of program editing, he said: "We don’t have a script, and we haven’t taught any producer or any player to say anything or do anything. In other words, in fact, the whole process of it is real and has not been packaged. " As for the criteria for the final selection of shots in the program, "it is what he did in the early stage, and whether his performance on the stage and in the competition can bear the scenes we need in the post-production, that is to say, the so-called male actors all strive for themselves in the middle of the early expression."

   It is precisely because of this that the program "Hip Hop in China" itself has a stronger sense of plot, and Che Che Che bluntly said: "During the whole program, strong plot and strong reversal are of course a bright spot, or a selling point of this program. But I want to say, in fact, there is not only a variety show with strong plot and strong reversal, "China has hip-hop". I think that the charm of music and the beauty of human nature can actually be displayed in this plot and rules, which is actually the reason for the success of this program. "

The movie "Pintable" started, and Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying spelled out a new social relationship.

1905 movie network news The urban love movie officially started. Director and screenwriter Wu Jing, actors, actors, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, writers, etc. attended the launching ceremony. Focusing on the living conditions of contemporary young people, the film "Patching the Table" tells the story of two young people living in Shanghai who got to know each other through an accidental dinner, familiar with fireworks and unfamiliar strangers. From the dining table to life, they gradually got a new understanding of "eat well and love well".

Eric Wang Jiang Shuying’s 19-year-old friends cooperated with urban migrant workers for the first time to "take a child" to grow up together.  

Lu Shigu, played by Eric Wang, is a code farmer engaged in science and technology industry. Because of family of origin’s reasons, he is introverted and inarticulate, and has a Buddhist attitude towards life, but he has unique views on food. Zhang Jiayi, played by Jiang Shuying in the film, is an out-and-out foodie who is good at finding all kinds of wonderful food to cure boring life. Although Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying are co-starring for the first time, they have known each other for 19 years. Both of them are acting undergraduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004, and their previous tacit interaction in variety shows also left a deep impression on the audience.

It is worth mentioning that this role interpretation is a brand-new attempt for Eric Wang. From the previous "swindler in northern Myanmar" to a "lonely and gentle code farmer", the shape and people have made a 180-degree reversal. From manager Lu, who is feared by everyone, to Lu Shigu, who is lonely in his heart, how will Eric Wang perform differently? Aroused the curiosity of countless audiences.

In addition, the cross-border surprise joining of the musical prince Zheng Yunlong also attracted much attention. Not only that, there are also "famous mouths" familiar to the public in the official announcement list. What kind of opinions do they have about urban life and love? What kind of taste will they bring to this film with "food" as the main line? Stay tuned.

Concept poster warm heart release "food+love" double-line theme to cure internal friction

Earlier, the movie "Table Fighting" released a concept poster. In the poster, the tablecloth is laid on the dining table, waiting for the delicious food to be served. Its artistic conception is similar to that of the film curtain, which means that the good play is about to appear. There are two men and women sitting at the table. Although they don’t show their faces, they can also see that they are talking happily. "Eat well, love well" will undoubtedly show the film temperament. "Patching the Table" is a film with a strong flavor of life, in which the characters gradually establish feelings in the process of sharing food and life. The characters in the film are the epitome of countless young people working in big cities. Although busy work is overwhelming, annoying bosses are unreasonable and trivial things in life are trivial, they can find energy in the healing of food and friendship.

The film "Pinning the Table" advocates young people to socialize boldly, actively create warmth and romance in anxiety and busyness, and pursue their true selves. The main characters in the film are two urban men and women who work in Shanghai. Because of the delicious food, they become "rice partners" and warm each other in constant familiarity. As a new social relationship popular in recent years, "partner" refers to friends or partners who get together for something. The purpose of dating is clear and the mode of getting along with each other is natural, which is especially common in today’s fast-paced youth groups.

The film "Patching the Table" was produced by producer, directed and written by Wu Jing, starring Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying, starring Li Xueqin, Zheng Yunlong, Fu Seoul and Liu Jia, specially starred by Wang Caiping and Jiayi Du, and especially by Wu Mian. I expect to meet you in 2024.

520, this movie is for everyone who loves movies.

Today is May 20th.
On this special day, I want to recommend a movie about "love" to everyone.
In other words, a love letter written to the movie and also to every audience.
This film tells "the sincere confession of a great director".

He has an engineer father, who taught him how to think rationally and how to turn modern technology into his best creative tool.
He also has a pianist’s mother, who taught him the perception of art and a natural desire for expression as an artist.
The growing environment laid the foundation for him to dream.
However, how to turn a hobby of "wasting money" into a career that can "make money" and how to face the tear between the two are still issues throughout his adolescence.
He was bullied on campus because of his Jewish identity, or was traumatized by his parents’ divorce.
But all these eventually became his creative nourishment, the motif of his life’s creation.
Every great director will have his own autobiographical story.
Now, it’s finally Spielberg’s turn to tell this story.
The Dreammaker directed by Steven Allan Spielberg was the winner of last year’s Oscar hit, the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama and the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
So far, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is still as high as 92%.
I am also glad to see that this film will be released in China on May 25th. This is a rare film that we must see on the big screen.
This film is the best of the year in many people’s minds, and it is also praised by many people as "the most touching film of the year".
It’s really hard not to be moved by it.
Because it’s so sincere.
Unlike many films with the same nostalgic theme, in Dreammaker, you will not see a narcissism of successful people looking back on the past, nor will you see a bubble gum-style self-beautification.
On the contrary, director Spielberg, who was 76 years old, still had a childlike heart.
He told a story about growth and family in a very plain and restrained tone.
He also used such a plain and restrained tone to reveal some of the most "tearing" moments in his childhood.
So, is this movie about pain?
On the contrary, it tells—
Still "love."
The A side of the story is how a teenager who loves movies grows up with the encouragement of his parents.
In the winter of 1952, Sammy watched the first film in his life accompanied by his parents.
Before the film was shown, he was crying in the car and didn’t dare to go into the cinema, as if it were the maw of a wild animal, which would devour him young.
But after the film was shown, he looked at the shiny screen and lost his words in an instant.
For the first time, he understood that the movie was a dazzling dream.
Because there was a train in the movie, his parents bought him a train toy as a gift.
But what really attracted him was not the train itself, but how to record the picture of the train collision with a camera.
He became addicted to recording everything with a camera.

At first, it was a family video, with sisters playing together and family camping together.
Later, it became a movie at school, a gun battle and a drama.
He taught himself by himself and learned the most important thing:
The existence of the camera is not only to record the truth.
You can also edit, splice and reconstruct the truth in your own way to create your own truth.
But the most important thing is always "seeing".
Because movies are about seeing.
On the b side of the story, it is about the family of teenagers.
You will find that, coincidentally, every time he succeeds in film creation, it always seems to be accompanied by some kind of life tear.
When his father encouraged him to shoot a camping documentary for his mother, he stumbled across another truth about his mother in this documentary.
However, when the campus documentary he made was broadcast at the graduation party and everyone was cheering for his work, he had to bear the pain of his parents’ divorce and breaking up with his first love alone.
Under the seemingly bright and warm tone of the whole movie, there always seems to be a faint and melancholy background.
Although it is cruel, it is very real. It shows us that movies are not reality, and movies are not a good medicine for reality.

Every time Sammy tries to do it allImmersed in the movie, reality will give him a hard whip, which will make him pull away from it, and he will have to taste the tearing feeling between reality and the movie alone.
So, when did Sammy make up his mind to pursue film art?
Perhaps it was at the moment when he understood what a "movie" really was.
At the beginning of the film, the camera was really just a toy, and making movies was just an escapist hobby.
But the most crucial and turning point happened to be that Sammy discovered the secret of his mother’s infidelity through the lens of the camera.
He repeatedly confirmed his mother’s movements and eyes from the seemingly unimportant lens edge, and confirmed that she really admired another man.
At this moment, the film is no longer an escape from reality, but helps Sami "see" the reality.
In other words, he helped Sammy open another realistic perspective.
Originally, for him, family meant unconditional tolerance, understanding and support; But now he understands that there is another person’s sacrifice behind it.
It was the mother who made the sacrifice: she gave up her career as a pianist and suppressed her feelings.
In the scene that struck him like lightning, what he saw was not betrayal, but sacrifice.
It was his mother’s sacrifice that fulfilled his dream-maker.
Family is like a balance, and someone has to make sacrifices.
Mothers will make sacrifices for their husbands and children.
Children also have to make sacrifices for their father’s work.
In the second half of the film, their family moved to California, and Sammy had to face the new campus environment and the bullying from his classmates.
However, in their family history, there always seems to be a "crazy" gene that is desperate to pursue what they love.
Maybe when he comes back at midnight, Sammy often thinks of what his uncle who works in the circus said.
"Family, art, will tear you apart"
"We are addicts, and art is our antidote"
"Family is our love."
"But we will be crazy about art."

Mothers also need to make choices.
And at this moment, the "dreamer" once again played the magic:
It is precisely because everyone in the film, no matter what choice he makes, starts from his own heart. So they also got the tolerance and understanding of their families.
Through these choices, what the film tries to convey to us is a life attitude about "love": "Love what I love and dream as much as I can".
You never have to be sorry to be yourself. You can be anyone you want to be.
Only by finding your own love and creating your own life dreams can you meet all the splendor in life.

Because I am very sure that this is a movie that we must watch on the big screen.
From the first shot, it was born for the cinema.
It is also about the "love" of filmmakers.
In the film, you will see many historical eggs, The Train Comes into the Station, The King of the Opera, and john ford, the guest role of director david lynch himself …
You will also see many classic films in the film, including many prototypes of Spielberg’s own future films.
For example, all the films shown in the film that the protagonist shot in his early days are really the works of Spielberg himself when he was young. He re-filmed these materials with great interest, as if he had relived his childhood with the audience.
For many years, Spielberg himself was a Hollywood "myth".
In this film, he re-examined this myth and told us all that "myth is only human".
The director tries to explore some contradictory and contradictory motifs in the film-technology and art, family and self, film and reality. The tear between them runs through the whole movie.
And in the end, perhaps the answer we want to know most as an audience is-
What is a movie?
Maybe the movie is a dream.
We hope to use movies to dream and make up for the dissatisfaction in life.
But dreams will "betray" you: every time Sammy is happy because of the movie, reality will bring him pain.
Perhaps the film is a perspective, a kind of cognition.
The eyes of the camera can capture what the human eye can’t see and what the human heart can’t capture.
It can jump the horizon and take you to another level of reality.
It broke your dreams, your fantasies.
It is a reality in itself.
After that, the film seems to have "surpassed" the reality.
In the second half of the film, the director filmed a plot that many people thought was worth pondering.
Sammy was bullied in his new school.
But when he had the opportunity to pick up the camera, he not only didn’t make a fool of the bully in the camera, but filmed the other side as handsome, tall and shining like Apollo.
Why would he do that?
Even the school bully doesn’t understand himself.
And Sammy said, "I just want to make my movie better."
As a director, he sacrificed his feelings and his pain before restoring the "truth" of a film.
For him, the film is neither a mirror of reality, nor a dream, nor a playground, but an imagination to make up for regret.
A movie is a movie, his art and his creation.
He can give everything for creation.
Therefore, when the screen lights up, he will see his own beam of light.
The existence of movies is not used to escape from reality, nor to reconstruct reality.
Movies are another reality.
This is his love for movies.
In other words, "film" itself is also a metaphor.
Throughout life, people are torn between reality and dreams, between responsibility and love.
Each of us has our own "movie", but how much are you willing to pay for your love?
Movies are Spielberg’s "choice".
And each of us has our own choices.
I believe that almost everyone has been accompanied by at least one Spielberg movie in their childhood.
Schindler’s List, E.T., Jurassic World, Artificial Intelligence Ready Player One …
These movies not only carry Spielberg’s dreams, but also our memories and our reality.
Movies are dreams, Spielberg is a dreamer, and we have all seen ourselves in his world and the reality of another dimension.
This time, what he said is his "dream maker".
Anyway, on May 25th, I will go to see The Dreamer again. Because this is not only a movie, but also the true meaning of his childhood, family, life and dreams. It’s a meeting between each of us and Spielberg.

Many ministries and commissions voiced several times in 10 days, and the entertainment circle ushered in seven major changes!

  Beijing, September 14 (Reporter Ren Siyu) Recently, the entertainment circle has experienced many shocks, following "Qinglang & lsquo; Fanquan ’ After the special action of "chaos rectification", the relevant departments have also made new moves against the chaos in the industry.

  Since September 2, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have voiced several times, putting forward more specific new requirements for the performing arts industry and employees. What phenomena are mentioned in these vocalizations? What changes will the entertainment industry usher in?

  Change 1: Bad artists are punished and upgraded.

  Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China recently issued the "Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management in the Entertainment Field", which put forward specific requirements from the aspects of standardizing market order, compacting platform responsibilities and strict content supervision. Among them, it is mentioned that the punishment for artists who violate the law and lose their morality should be increased, and it is forbidden for inferior artists to transfer their positions and return.

  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a forum for radio, television and online audio-visual literary and art workers, emphasizing that literary and art workers should be virtuous, establish virtue, and love the party and patriotism; Abide by public morality, be strict with private morality, and establish a good social image with noble conduct; Keep the original heart, cast ingenuity, and unswervingly pursue artistic ideals.

  Change 2: This kind of program can’t be broadcast.

  On September 2, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a notice on further strengthening the management of cultural programs and their personnel, making it clear that those who have incorrect political positions, violate laws and regulations, and violate public order and good customs are resolutely not used, and idol-cultivating programs, variety entertainment and reality shows attended by star children are not allowed to be broadcast.

  For talent show programs, it is necessary to strictly control the setting of voting links, and it is not allowed to set up off-site voting, list playing, help and other links and channels. It is strictly forbidden to guide and encourage fans to spend money to vote in disguise by materialistic means such as shopping and membership, and resolutely resist the bad "rice circle" culture.

  Change 3: Payment contracts must be compliant.

  Relevant departments have repeatedly mentioned the problems of "sky-high pay" and "yin-yang contract" in the performing arts industry in the notice. Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China issued the "Notice", which called for curbing bad profits of capital, resisting sky-high pay, rationally allocating the cost ratio, severely punishing tax evasion, and effectively maintaining market order.

  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also emphasizes resolutely resisting high-priced film remuneration, strictly implementing the provisions on film remuneration for actors and guests, and strictly implementing the notification and commitment system for film remuneration management. Advocate and encourage actors and guests to take social responsibility and participate in public welfare programs.

  Source: WeChat official account, State Administration of Radio and Television.

  Change 4: Resist only the value of flow.

  Resolutely opposing the flow-only theory and pan-entertainment is also one of the key points of this round of rectification. The Notice issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television requires that the correct aesthetic orientation of the program be established, the selection of actors and guests, the performance style, the makeup of costumes, etc. should be strictly controlled, and the deformed aesthetics such as "Nianpao" should be resolutely put an end to. Resolutely resist the pan-entertainment tendency such as hype to show off wealth and enjoyment, gossip and privacy, negative hot spots, vulgar "online celebrity" and bottomless ugliness.

  On the 9th, the Network Audio-visual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a forum, stressing once again that network audio-visual program service organizations should insist on putting social benefits first, resolutely resist such wrong practices as poking fun at scandals, speculating hot spots and creating confrontation, and resist the abnormal culture of "only flow" and "only value".

  Change 5: The rice circle is completely turned off

  At the same time, the rectification of the "rice circle" chaos is still in progress. In early September, Weibo issued "Guidelines on Community Behavior of Star Brokerage Companies and Official Fan Groups (Trial)", opposing all bad value-oriented phenomena such as bottomless idolize, consumption comparison and tearing of rice circles, and calling on stars and their brokerage companies to take positive guidance responsibility for fan groups.

  Not long ago, Park Ji Min, a member of the Korean Men’s Team, showed a "exclusive plane" in Weibo to celebrate the idol’s birthday. Subsequently, the fan support club account was banned for 60 days, and many fan accounts were also banned for spreading irrational idolize’s aid content.

  Source: Weibo screenshot.

  Change 6: rumors will be banned.

  In addition to irrational support, some rumors have also been dealt with. On the 10th, Weibo Platform claimed that some accounts deliberately misinterpreted artists’ travel videos, pieced together screenshots to make rumors and broke the news, forcibly linked recent hot social issues, and banned more than 600 self-media accounts.

  Recently, China Performance Industry Association, together with 14 platforms, said that it would strengthen the management of related accounts, comments and barrage in the entertainment field, and restrict, ban and clean up the accounts that publish celebrity gossip without evidence, create antagonistic emotions, announce the personal privacy of entertainers, incite fund-raising and abuse reporting channels.

  Change 7: Industry Self-discipline Convention goes online.

  The symposium held by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also mentioned that industry associations should further strengthen industry self-discipline and employee training, educate and guide the whole industry to abide by the law, respect morality and respect art, and jointly build a good network ecology.

  On the 11th, China Performance Industry Association and multi-platforms jointly launched the Convention on Building Clear and Clear Network Culture Ecological Self-discipline, which made it clear that entertainers or their brokerage companies and studios violated laws and regulations, lost their morality and lost their norms on the network platform, and the platform should actively report to the professional ethics self-discipline organizations of entertainers and actively promote online and offline joint self-discipline.

  It is not an overnight task to control the entertainment industry. Only when the whole industry forms a joint force can we create a clear atmosphere for the entertainment field. (End)

Changjiang, Hainan: kapok comes in spring

  "It’s different in the south, middle and spring, and the city is full of kapok." At present, it’s a good time to enjoy kapok in Changjiang, Hainan.

  Changjiang River, known as the "hometown of kapok", is one of the areas where kapok is concentrated. 2-mdash per year; In March, the landscapes of Baoshan Village Kapok Terrace, Paian Village Kapok Railway and Changhua River Kapok Red in Changjiang River formed Hainan’s unique beauty of stepping into the spring. When kapok bloomed, it was the first time when rice was planted, which vividly showed the freehand brushwork picture of "spring ploughing in the flowering season" and formed kapok unique to Asia — Paddy field farming system.
Every year, during the flowering season of kapok in Changjiang, painters and tourists from all over the country also come here.

The results of college entrance examination language Listening Test in the Summer of 2024 were released on February 26th! Good luck!

Because of concentration, so professional.
I’m Xu Yuqin, a reporter from Qilu Evening News, who is called "Lao Xu" by the parents of Shandong college entrance examination students.
The release time of college entrance examination language Listening Test Results in the Summer of 2024 is confirmed!
On February 1st, Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute issued an announcement, which made it clear that the results of college entrance examination language Listening Test in summer of 2024 in our province would be open for inquiry at 10:00 a.m. on February 26th. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
Let’s look at the text version:
A few days ago, Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute issued the "Announcement on Issues Related to the Release of college entrance examination language Listening Test Results in the Summer of 2024 in Shandong Province". Let’s take a look at the specific contents.
The results of college entrance examination language Listening Test in the summer of 2024 in our province will be open for inquiry at 10:00 am on February 26th. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
1. At that time, Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute will send text messages to candidates, and candidates can also log in to the results inquiry system of Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute’s website (website: https://cx.sdzk.cn/) to inquire about the results of the current exam within the specified time.
2. Candidates who have doubts about their test scores may, within 2 natural days from the day after the results are announced, go to the education entrance examination institutions in counties (cities, districts) where they take the test with their resident ID cards and admission tickets, and submit an application for review of their scores.
Shandong Provincial Academy of Education Recruitment and Examination
February 1, 2024
I wish you all good luck and good results!
(Source: Xu Yuqin Studio organized from Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute)

Brands transmit fashion power and help the consumer market warm up in the New Year.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the fashion consumer market is very lively, and many big brands make frequent moves: the surprise debut of the first store, the release of new series, and the release of heavy products … Brands collide with colorful ideas with excellent works to interpret the new fashion in autumn and winter, convey modern power, add creative kinetic energy to the winter consumption season, and further stimulate consumers’ enthusiasm in the new season.
Delvaux unveiled its first flagship store in mainland China.
Recently, Delvaux settled in the central part of Beijing Wangfu. It is reported that Delvaux Beijing Wangfu Central Flagship Store is the first flagship store in mainland China, which is in the same strain as Delvaux’s flagship stores all over the world. Wangfu Central Flagship Store displays Belgian culture with traditional design techniques, and inherits and transmits the fusion of the cultures of Brussels and Beijing.
Delvaux Wangfu Central Flagship Store is ingenious and unique in style. The appearance is made of glass and metal, which reminds people of the industrial glory of the Crystal Palace in Victorian London, and at the same time realizes the ingenious interaction between internal and external space, just like every exquisite masterpiece of Delvaux. Stepping into the main hall, Versailles parquet floors and two rare display cases are introduced, which were created by the Jeanselme family, a Parisian furniture maker, whose exquisite furniture covers many past styles including Renaissance, Louis XIV, 15th and 16th periods. Belgium’s iconic Flemish-style cabinets have undergone modern interpretation and are skillfully integrated into the left bar lounge.
Showcase made by Jeanselme family, a Parisian furniture maker.
The VIP room is decorated with the imperial red tone, paying tribute to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The wall is decorated with 12 hand-made brass "totems" with geometric shapes from 1960s. The decoration was originally installed in Abernathy Pavilion Villa in Palm Springs, California, USA, reflecting the modern style of California desert in the mid-20th century.
Jean-Marc Loubier, global CEO of Delvaux, stressed that in today’s increasingly standardized and homogeneous luxury goods, the brand will strive to make leather works, humanistic services and spaces show individuality and uniqueness.
The first in mainland China.SKIMS
Valentine’s Day limited time experience store debutLane Crawford
A few days ago, Lane Crawford and SKIMS presented "SKIMS Valentine’s Day Limited Experience Store" in Chengdu International Financial Center, which will be limited to open from now until February 8, 2024. Kim kardashian, co-founder and creative director of SKIMS, said: "The launch of the limited-time Valentine’s Day experience store in Chengdu for the first time is an important milestone in the sustainable development of SKIMS in Asia and the world. I can’t wait for consumers to experience our brand, products and the unique style behind it."
The Red Star News reporter learned that this SKIMS Valentine’s Day Limited Time Experience Store specially sells Valentine’s Day series items, including underwear, home clothes and limited gift sets. In addition to Valentine’s Day series items, customers can also go to the store to buy SKIMS classic fits everywhere, SeamlessSculpt and Cotton series.
With love as the medium, Lane Crawford and SKIMS have built a dreamy pink world that belongs to Chengdu alone. The space adopts the trademark rounded corner design and bright surface treatment of SKIMS brand, and the pink main color is matched with the heart-shaped display to show the sweet Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Whether it is the soft line design or the eye-catching color full of luster, SKIMS’ brand style and unique personality advocating freedom and comfort are everywhere.
In addition to the rich in-store experience, the pink storm between Lane Crawford and SKIMS also swept the city. From now on, the brand will specially build a pink double-decker bus, and will land on the landmark Twin Towers in Chengdu in a limited time to attract fashionable people in the city to a romantic appointment.
2024 COLLECTION is officially released.
Recently, GENTLE MONSTER officially launched the 2024 COLLECTION.
GENTLE MONSTER builds a brand-new goggles shape with pioneering design language and exquisite details. The imaginative line trend with bold colors fully shows the brand’s unique aesthetics and style. The innovative and bold silhouette is cleverly mapped through the lens of photographer ELIZAVETA PORODINA, showing the visual aesthetics of pioneer and hazy coexistence.
Explore the distinctive 2024 GENTLE JELLY series under the lens of photographer ELIZAVETA PORODINA.
Long Teng ying chun Huan Xin Yan
New upgrade of H&M Chengdu Heshenghui Store
Recently, Hennes & Mauritz AB (hereinafter referred to as "H&M") appeared in Chengdu Heshenghui with its newly upgraded storefront image. It is reported that the store marks that H&M actively responds to the changes in consumer demand and constantly seeks innovation to enhance consumers’ shopping experience.
The brand-new store upgrade brings a fresh and bright style different from the past, introducing vibrant wood grain wall columns, green plants and other elements to decorate, and matching with soft natural colors, creating an elegant and charming Nordic "Sen" atmosphere. All the lighting in the store adopts new environmental protection LED, which not only lights up the shopping mood for consumers, but also adds a warm rest area for customers to rest and wait, creating a comfortable and comfortable high-quality sustainable fashion consumption space.
Drawing on traditional colors and visual symbols, H&M combines comfortable texture, diverse styles and holiday dress requirements to launch the 2024 Spring Festival collection. The image of Xianglong, a symbol of wisdom and courage, has undergone multiple deductive changes, reshaping the meaning of a beautiful new year with various postures and opening a new journey with dazzling eyes.
The reporter learned that H&M 2024 Spring Festival series has been put on sale at H&M national stores, HM.COM.CN online stores, H&M WeChat APPlet mall, H&M Tmall official flagship store, H&M JD.COM official flagship store and H&M official app simultaneously since January 18th.
At the beginning of the new year, H&M aims to present consumers with higher quality and more shopping choices with a brand-new image, and jointly start a brand-new fashion journey.
Red Star Journalist Jaco Hou Peiyang
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The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning of cold wave+strong convective weather+strong wind.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning of cold wave, strong convective weather and strong wind at 6: 00 on November 5.

Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)At 06: 00 on November 5,continueIssue a cold wave blue warning

  Affected by strong cold air, it is predicted that the temperature in the eastern part of northwest China and most parts of central and eastern China will drop by 6 ~ 10℃ from 08: 00 on November 5 to 20: 00 on November 7. Among them, the temperature in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, central and southern Northeast China and central and eastern Jianghuai will drop by 12 ~ 14℃, and the local temperature drop can reach more than 16℃ in southeastern Inner Mongolia, southwestern and eastern Jilin, central and northern Liaoning and central and northern Jiangsu. The lowest temperature appeared on the morning of the 7th, and the lowest temperature 0℃ line will be located in northern Hebei, southern Beijing, southwestern Shanxi, Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi and southeastern Gansu, and the lowest temperature in most areas along the Yangtze River will drop to about 10℃. There are 4 ~ 6 northerly winds in the north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and the gusts are 7 ~ 9, and the local level can reach 10; From 5th to 6th, there were 6-8 winds in Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea, and the maximum gust was 9-10.

  Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)At 06: 00 on November 5,continueIssue a blue warning of strong convective weather

  It is estimated that there will be 8-10 thunderstorms or hail weather in parts of southern Anhui, north-central Jiangxi, south-central Hunan, southern Guizhou and north-central Guangxi from 08: 00 on November 5 to 08: 00 on November 6. There will be short-term heavy precipitation in parts of central and southern Anhui, central Jiangsu, western Zhejiang, central and northern Jiangxi, eastern Hubei, most of Hunan, southern Guizhou, most of Guangxi, Hainan Island and other places, with a maximum hourly rainfall of 30-40 mm and a local area of more than 50 mm.

  It is estimated that the main influence period of strong convection is from day to night today.

  Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)11moonfivesun06timecontinueIssue a gale blue warning

  It is estimated that from 08: 00 on November 5 to 08: 00 on November 6, there will be 5-6 grades and 7-6 gusts in central and northern Xinjiang, central and southern Inner Mongolia, eastern Qinghai, central Gansu, Ningxia, northwestern Shaanxi, Shanxi, central and western Hebei, Beijing, eastern Tianjin, northern Henan, eastern Shandong, western Liaoning, western Jilin, southern Heilongjiang, southeastern Hubei, northern Hunan and northwestern Jiangxi. The Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, most of the Yellow Sea and the northern part of the East China Sea will have strong winds of magnitude 7-8 and gusts of magnitude 9, among which the winds in the Bohai Strait, parts of the northern and central parts of the Yellow Sea can reach magnitude 9 and gusts of magnitude 10-11.

  From 08: 00 on November 6 to 08: 00 on November 7, there will be strong winds with grades 7-8 and gusts 9-10 in the Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, most of the Yellow Sea, the northern part of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the bashi channel, the east of Taiwan Province and the northeastern part of the South China Sea. Among them, the winds in the Bohai Strait, the northern and central parts of the Yellow Sea can reach 9 and the gusts are 10-11; There will be strong winds with 5~6 grades and gusts of 7~8 grades in northern and southern Xinjiang, northern Tibet, central Qinghai, western Gansu, most of Inner Mongolia, most of Heilongjiang, central and western Jilin, northwestern and southern Liaoning, most of Hebei, central Beijing, eastern Tianjin and central and eastern Shandong.

FISU Football World Cup: Beijing Normal University women’s football team beat paulista University in Brazil to win the championship.

On October 31st, Beijing time, the women’s football team of Beijing Normal University beat paulista University of Brazil to win the FIFA World Cup in Jinjiang.

In the just-concluded women’s team final of 2023 Jinjiang Universiade Football World Cup, China’s Beijing Normal University drew 2-2 with Brazil’s paulista University in 120 minutes, and won 5-4 on penalties to win the championship.

The FISU Football World Cup is a global college football event focused by FISU. In 2019, the event was held in Jinjiang, Fujian, and 24 teams from all over the world participated.

The 2nd FIFA World Cup will be held in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province in October 2023. In May 2024, the 2024 FIFA World Cup will be held in Dalian, Liaoning.

Fan Ziming+80 million yuan transfer stagnation! Qi zhou insists on not giving in, and the transfer will eventually be difficult to achieve.

Recently, Fan Ziming accepted an interview with the media and said that he had been informed by the club that he did not need to go to Xinjiang for the time being. This also means that qi zhou’s transfer has stalled again. As the transfer came to an end, the media also exposed the details of the transfer between Beijing Shougang Team and Xinjiang Team. It is reported that after the initial mediation of the Basketball Association, Xinjiang Team and Beijing Team conducted communication and negotiations for several months. Finally, Beijing Team was willing to hand over Fan Ziming and pay Xinjiang Team and qi zhou 40 million yuan respectively, but it was stopped because the payment cycle fee violated the regulations of the Basketball Association. According to the regulations of the Basketball Association, clubs and players can’t have transactions other than salary, and this 40 million yuan violates the regulations.

As a state-owned enterprise, Beijing Shougang Team is relatively standardized in accounting transactions, and cannot pay the transfer fee to qi zhou privately. Therefore, it is hoped that the Basketball Association will come forward as a guarantee. However, it is the biggest concession that the Basketball Association can "turn a blind eye" to this matter. Now, the guarantee put forward by Beijing Shougang Team obviously makes the Basketball Association violate its own rules, which obviously will not be approved by the Basketball Association. In addition, the stagnation of qi zhou’s transfer also shows that qi zhou’s brokerage team is not willing to give up this 40 million yuan worth of fees. Earlier, when the Shanghai team and Xinjiang team negotiated the transfer of qi zhou, the Shanghai team offered Yuan Tangwen+70 million yuan (35 million yuan each) as a bargaining chip, but it didn’t succeed in the end.

Judging from the stagnation of this transfer, the focus is that the 40 million yuan paid by Beijing Shougang Team to qi zhou violates the regulations of the Basketball Association. Therefore, if qi zhou gives up this 40 million yuan, the transfer will proceed smoothly. But from the current point of view, it is obvious that qi zhou’s brokerage team would rather stop the transfer than give up this 40 million yuan. However, the result of unwilling to give up 40 million yuan is that qi zhou can’t leave the Xinjiang team, and qi zhou won’t play for the Xinjiang team again. As a result, he can only continue to play in overseas leagues, and his income drops sharply, his appearance is limited, and his ability declines … Because the regulations of the Basketball Association come first, if other clubs pay the transfer fee to qi zhou through other means, it is equivalent to leaving a hidden danger. Once it is reported or traced, the result can be imagined.

Therefore, under the premise of not violating the regulations, qi zhou must give up the transfer fee, which is equivalent to "leaving home clean". Although qi zhou gave up the high transfer fee, I think the club is not only very willing to pay the top salary, but also try to give qi zhou more subsidies from winning bonuses and other aspects, so that qi zhou can return to the domestic league. By contrast, it seems that this result is better, but I don’t know why qi zhou and the brokerage team are unwilling to make concessions.