Many ministries and commissions voiced several times in 10 days, and the entertainment circle ushered in seven major changes!

Many ministries and commissions voiced several times in 10 days, and the entertainment circle ushered in seven major changes!

  Beijing, September 14 (Reporter Ren Siyu) Recently, the entertainment circle has experienced many shocks, following "Qinglang & lsquo; Fanquan ’ After the special action of "chaos rectification", the relevant departments have also made new moves against the chaos in the industry.

  Since September 2, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have voiced several times, putting forward more specific new requirements for the performing arts industry and employees. What phenomena are mentioned in these vocalizations? What changes will the entertainment industry usher in?

  Change 1: Bad artists are punished and upgraded.

  Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China recently issued the "Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management in the Entertainment Field", which put forward specific requirements from the aspects of standardizing market order, compacting platform responsibilities and strict content supervision. Among them, it is mentioned that the punishment for artists who violate the law and lose their morality should be increased, and it is forbidden for inferior artists to transfer their positions and return.

  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a forum for radio, television and online audio-visual literary and art workers, emphasizing that literary and art workers should be virtuous, establish virtue, and love the party and patriotism; Abide by public morality, be strict with private morality, and establish a good social image with noble conduct; Keep the original heart, cast ingenuity, and unswervingly pursue artistic ideals.

  Change 2: This kind of program can’t be broadcast.

  On September 2, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a notice on further strengthening the management of cultural programs and their personnel, making it clear that those who have incorrect political positions, violate laws and regulations, and violate public order and good customs are resolutely not used, and idol-cultivating programs, variety entertainment and reality shows attended by star children are not allowed to be broadcast.

  For talent show programs, it is necessary to strictly control the setting of voting links, and it is not allowed to set up off-site voting, list playing, help and other links and channels. It is strictly forbidden to guide and encourage fans to spend money to vote in disguise by materialistic means such as shopping and membership, and resolutely resist the bad "rice circle" culture.

  Change 3: Payment contracts must be compliant.

  Relevant departments have repeatedly mentioned the problems of "sky-high pay" and "yin-yang contract" in the performing arts industry in the notice. Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China issued the "Notice", which called for curbing bad profits of capital, resisting sky-high pay, rationally allocating the cost ratio, severely punishing tax evasion, and effectively maintaining market order.

  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also emphasizes resolutely resisting high-priced film remuneration, strictly implementing the provisions on film remuneration for actors and guests, and strictly implementing the notification and commitment system for film remuneration management. Advocate and encourage actors and guests to take social responsibility and participate in public welfare programs.

  Source: WeChat official account, State Administration of Radio and Television.

  Change 4: Resist only the value of flow.

  Resolutely opposing the flow-only theory and pan-entertainment is also one of the key points of this round of rectification. The Notice issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television requires that the correct aesthetic orientation of the program be established, the selection of actors and guests, the performance style, the makeup of costumes, etc. should be strictly controlled, and the deformed aesthetics such as "Nianpao" should be resolutely put an end to. Resolutely resist the pan-entertainment tendency such as hype to show off wealth and enjoyment, gossip and privacy, negative hot spots, vulgar "online celebrity" and bottomless ugliness.

  On the 9th, the Network Audio-visual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a forum, stressing once again that network audio-visual program service organizations should insist on putting social benefits first, resolutely resist such wrong practices as poking fun at scandals, speculating hot spots and creating confrontation, and resist the abnormal culture of "only flow" and "only value".

  Change 5: The rice circle is completely turned off

  At the same time, the rectification of the "rice circle" chaos is still in progress. In early September, Weibo issued "Guidelines on Community Behavior of Star Brokerage Companies and Official Fan Groups (Trial)", opposing all bad value-oriented phenomena such as bottomless idolize, consumption comparison and tearing of rice circles, and calling on stars and their brokerage companies to take positive guidance responsibility for fan groups.

  Not long ago, Park Ji Min, a member of the Korean Men’s Team, showed a "exclusive plane" in Weibo to celebrate the idol’s birthday. Subsequently, the fan support club account was banned for 60 days, and many fan accounts were also banned for spreading irrational idolize’s aid content.

  Source: Weibo screenshot.

  Change 6: rumors will be banned.

  In addition to irrational support, some rumors have also been dealt with. On the 10th, Weibo Platform claimed that some accounts deliberately misinterpreted artists’ travel videos, pieced together screenshots to make rumors and broke the news, forcibly linked recent hot social issues, and banned more than 600 self-media accounts.

  Recently, China Performance Industry Association, together with 14 platforms, said that it would strengthen the management of related accounts, comments and barrage in the entertainment field, and restrict, ban and clean up the accounts that publish celebrity gossip without evidence, create antagonistic emotions, announce the personal privacy of entertainers, incite fund-raising and abuse reporting channels.

  Change 7: Industry Self-discipline Convention goes online.

  The symposium held by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also mentioned that industry associations should further strengthen industry self-discipline and employee training, educate and guide the whole industry to abide by the law, respect morality and respect art, and jointly build a good network ecology.

  On the 11th, China Performance Industry Association and multi-platforms jointly launched the Convention on Building Clear and Clear Network Culture Ecological Self-discipline, which made it clear that entertainers or their brokerage companies and studios violated laws and regulations, lost their morality and lost their norms on the network platform, and the platform should actively report to the professional ethics self-discipline organizations of entertainers and actively promote online and offline joint self-discipline.

  It is not an overnight task to control the entertainment industry. Only when the whole industry forms a joint force can we create a clear atmosphere for the entertainment field. (End)


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