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"Changsha Nightlife" exposed a new notice. Zhou Dongyu sent Ahu、Yue a good friend card.

1905 movie network news Producer, Zhao Xiaoshi, screenwriter and director, starring,,, Wu Haochen, Bai Yufan, Zhou Siyu, Wu Jun, Luo Gang, specially starred, and friendship starred in the film released the "One Night in Changsha" notice.

The preview aims at the ordinary people living in Changsha, taking an invitation for a night tour as a guide, and all the joys and sorrows that happened in the sleepless night are laid out. Love, affection and friendship complement each other in the night, making people really feel that behind the heat of Changsha nightlife is the temperature of human feelings. In the preview, LAY’s talk show about Hunan flavor was released for the first time, which was impressive. In addition, the preview also exposed the joining of Zhou Dongyu and Ahu、Yue for the first time. The two seemed to be in "breakup negotiations". As soon as Zhou Dongyu appeared, he sent Ahu、Yue a good friend card, which made the audience curious about their story with Changsha. The film will be released nationwide on April 28th, showing the infinite charm of Changsha, a city in online celebrity.

Zhou Dongyu Ahu、Yue surprises to join the breakup scene.

LAY talks about the last talk show.

How can I spend a beautiful night in Changsha? I believe that the preview of "Changsha Nightlife" and "One Night in Changsha" can give a vivid and vivid answer. YIN FANG and Zhang Jingyi performed Changsha native Yazi and Mei Tuo. They met by chance and made a night trip to Changsha. Sophie Su and Wu Haochen became masters of food stalls in the middle of the night, and the food was busy. The phrase "four-handed butter, less spicy and packed away" vividly reflected the hot atmosphere in the store; Good brothers Bai Yufan and Zhou Siyu overlook the night view of the city on the Ferris wheel after work, and can’t help but sigh, "It’s really nice to see the city at such a high place for the first time"; The talk show actor played by LAY revealed his heart to the audience and bluntly said that this was his last talk show; Zhou Dongyu and Ahu、Yue starred in a couple who are about to break up. They are having a long talk in the middle of the night to start a confession. "I will never meet someone as good as you are to me again" … … The preview shows the multiple ways of opening in Changsha at night. The flashing neon, the bustling crowd and the smell of fireworks from food stalls contain infinite possibilities of life.

It is worth mentioning that this is LAY’s first appearance as a talk show actor, and the intimate interaction with the audience in the preview makes people more curious about his complete performance in the feature film. Zhou Dongyu and Ahu、Yue surprise to join and play a couple, and the break-up scene is exposed for the first time in the preview. Zhou Dongyu launched a "Good Man Card" for Ahu、Yue, which filled the aesthetic atmosphere of BE as soon as he appeared. Ahu、Yue’s acting as the true color of Hunan Yazi also made the content of "Xiang" in the film climb again.

"Their last night is also every night in Changsha."

The night in the city wraps up life and resonates with people.

If Changsha is the leading role of the film, then the ordinary little people living in Changsha are the well-deserved protagonists of the film. The preview can be said to show the gathering and parting, love and sorrow of ordinary people in Changsha at night. The last cup of milk tea, the last meeting, the last talk show, and the last powder making … … The important nodes that belong to their lives have been witnessed one by one under the night in Changsha. "The last time" means that the past is closed, and it also symbolizes that the new hope for the future is about to open. In ordinary days, it is through all kinds of unforgettable "last time" that they can walk out of a unique life. As the trailer says, "Their last night is also every night in Changsha, and life comes and goes, and every night is always new." In this way, all kinds of life go through the long night in Changsha to reach the heart, meeting, parting, laughing, sadness, staying and leaving … … All left an indelible mark on the "last night".

As a native of Hunan, YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, LAY and Ahu、Yue were deeply impressed by their true colors in the preview. In the previous interview, when asked about the most impressive Changsha dialect, Zhang Jingyi once mentioned her line "You want it" in the film. In the preview, her performance showed the fierceness and frankness of Changsha Meituo. LAY, who plays a talk show actor, said that he likes watching jokes in Changsha dialect very much. In his eyes, Changsha is a hospitable and warm place.

The film "Changsha Nightlife" is produced by Chen Kexin and Zhao Xiaoshi, written and directed by Zhang Ji, starring YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, Sophie Su, Wu Haochen, Bai Yufan, Zhou Siyu, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, with LAY as the special star and Zhou Dongyu and Wang Lixin as the friendly stars. It will be released nationwide during the May Day holiday on April 28th.

How to understand baseball gracefully

Yingxianjun teaches you how to understand baseball gracefully.

Baseball is one of the three major American sports (rugby, baseball and basketball).Although the NBA is more well known by domestic fans, the actual influence and popularity of baseball in the United States exceeds that of basketball.That’s why NBA legend Michael Jordan changed his career to play baseball after the first bull won three consecutive championships.

However, the rules of baseball are complicated and seem to be less coherent than basketball games and less intense than football games, so people who are not familiar with baseball will find baseball games very boring, while baseball fans will find it very exciting.That’s why people say, "if you love someone, send him to watch baseball, because it’s heaven;" If you hate someone, send him to watch baseball, because it is hell. "

In fact, it is not difficult to understand baseball, and once you know what the baseball game is all about, it is a natural thing to love it.In this article, Ying Xianjun will tell you how to understand baseball gracefully.

In fact, the fate between Yingxianjun and baseball can be traced back to childhood.Yingxianjun was deeply influenced by Japanese comics when he was young. From "Robot Cat" to "Dragon Ball" to "You You Bai Shu", the comics of that era were almost unobstructed.Among them, Baseball Hero (also known as Girl Next Door, English name is Touch) can definitely rank among the top three favorite comics of Shang Ying Xian Jun. Whether it’s comic books or cartoons, Baseball Hero won’t let you down. Such a cartoon with baseball as the background is full of youthful and ignorant passion, growing scars and ideal pursuit, which is a rare masterpiece.Uesugi Tatsuya, who plays around at ordinary times but gets serious at critical moments, will frighten people to death, and Minami Asakura, the girl next door with an absolutely ideal girlfriend in those days, and Nanfeng Coffee Shop full of youthful breath, are all like vivid individuals who really live around you.Let you be in a trance like a dream, and embark on the journey of pursuing your ideals with them. And that sentence "I want to take you to Koshien" became the most romantic confession line of the year. Yingxianjun will write a cartoon article on Baseball Heroes in the later period, which is really full of memories of youth.

So get down to business, how do you understand baseball? Ying Xianjun here uses a rap song "The Second Half of the Ninth inning" by MC Hotdog to help you understand baseball.First of all, understand the basic pattern of baseball game. The baseball game is divided into nine innings, and each inning is divided into two top and bottom innings.Therefore, the meaning of the song name "the second half of the ninth inning" is very clear, which is roughly equivalent to 80 minutes in the second half of a football game or 6 minutes in the fourth quarter of an NBA game.The singer’s actual expression of his youth is drawing to a close, fully expressing his helplessness and sadness over the passage of time.

In baseball, two teams attack and defend alternately.The attacker is hit by a batter every time. After hitting the ball, the batter’s task is to start from home plate, pass through first base, second base and third base in a counterclockwise direction, and finally return to home plate, and make a full circle and return to home plate to score a Run.But it’s not that you can run straight back to home plate to score after hitting the ball once (this situation that allows you to run straight for a lap is called home run).As the old saying goes, "You should eat the rice bit by bit and walk step by step".So slowly and steadily, go to one base at a time, and then the next teammate will create opportunities to go to another base, step by step, until you score.So baseball is a high IQ project that fully embodies teamwork.

The purpose of the defender is to prevent the attacker from scoring. The defense team consists of nine players. The following picture shows the field specifications of the baseball field. The defense consists of Pitcher, Catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, Short Stop, Left Fielder, Center Fielder and Right Fielder, respectively.

Briefly introduce American professional baseball. Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States is an association organization of professional basketball, which can be understood as NBA by analogy. MLB is divided into American League and National League, which can be roughly understood as the east and west of NBA. However, AL and NL have their own three sub-regions: East, Middle and West. Every season is from April to October, and each of the 30 major league teams has 162 regular-season games. After that, the champion of each division and the two wild cards of each league entered the playoffs, and then the remaining two teams competed for the championship of the World Series.

The first lesson of baseball is to make it clear that the gloved people standing on the court are in the same group, but the swinging people are not in the same group.The person who swings the bat is the attacker. The purpose of the attacker is to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher where the gloved people can’t pick it up, and then run to the corresponding next base before they pick it up and pass it back to the bag, which is called safe base.This stroke is called a Hit. At this time, you can stay there and wait for the next player of your own team to play, and go on and on (so the attacker can have up to four people on the court at any time, occupying home plate batting position, first base, second base and third base respectively).However, if the swinger hits the ball and runs to first base, and the gloved defender has already returned the ball to the first baseman before he reaches first base, then the swinger is out.

Once the attacker is out of the game for a half game, the half game is over and the two sides exchange offense and defense. Therefore, the "two outs, full bases, two good and three bad" mentioned in MC Hotdog’s song is a very tense state of adversity.So what does "two good and three bad" mean? Here, the camera switches to the home plate hitting zone. When the Batter stands in the home plate batting area and confronts the defensive pitcher, it is a contest between the reaction speed and arm strength of both sides.The home plate at home plate is a pentagon. Imagine a three-dimensional figure with the pentagon as the base and the distance from the batter’s knee to his shoulder as high. This area is called the strike zone.

A pitcher who throws a baseball within the Strike zone is called a strike. If the flight route of three baseball throws passes through this area and the batter fails to hit the ball, then the batter will be struck out. A Ball that a pitcher throws without crossing the strike zone is called a bad ball. And if the pitcher fails to cross the strike zone four times, it is judged as a four-ball. Then the batter is automatically walked to first base at this time (you can walk slowly and don’t need to run in a hurry).

So when "two outs, two good and three bad", if the attacker is still full (meaning that the first, second and third bases are occupied by the attacker), the pressure on the pitcher is actually great.It’s better to throw a good ball. Three opponents are out. The half game is over and the danger alarm is lifted. However, if this ball is a bad one, then the opponent will be automatically walked to base. At this time, the batter has first base, the player who was on first base goes to second base, and so on. The player who was on third base returns to home base, and the attacker gets a share. At this time, if the thrown ball is hit by the opponent’s home run, then at this time, because there are people on the third base, if the batter is counted, all of them will go around the home plate and attack the opponent’s four points.This kind of home run is called a Grand Slam.

Of course, for the batter, it is very uncomfortable to be struck out, so it is a great sadness for MC Hotdog to sing "I was a pitcher and was struck out by myself" in the song.

Here, we need to summarize the judgment of counting good balls and bad balls in different situations:

The baseball flew across the strike zone and the batter didn’t swing.

As long as the batter misses his swing, whether the baseball flies over the strike zone or not, it is a good ball.

The batter hit the baseball with his swing, but the ball flew out of bounds and was counted as a good one.

(However, if you have already struck two strikes, swinging the ball out of bounds will not count as a strike.)

The baseball’s flight path did not cross the strike zone, and the batter did not swing.

In addition, it should be noted that the attacker on the court can not run to base only after the pitcher throws the ball and then hits it. But as long as there is no foul ball, or walking to the base to wait for the ball, people on the first, second and third bases can always run to the next base bag before the pitcher throws the ball.This behavior is called Steal, and if you get on the base successfully, steal the base successfully. Stealing bases is a great test of a player’s judgment on the situation on the court and his running speed. That’s why baseball surprises you so much.

Just mentioned a lot of home runs, so what does home run mean?A Home Run, or home run, means that the batter hits the ball high and far and flies directly over the fence. At this time, the defender can’t get the ball back, so everyone on the base, including the batter, automatically returns to home plate to score.Of course, it is not easy to hit a home run. A professional baseball player may not hit a few home runs in his whole career. Of course, excellent players also exist.The record holder of the most home runs in his career is Barry Bonds, a legendary player of the San Francisco Giants, who hit 762 home runs in his career. In professional baseball, players who have scored more than 500 home runs in their careers are listed as 500 Home Run Club. The closest member to us is David Ortiz, the head of the Boston Red Sox. He retired on October 2, 2016, and held a grand retirement ceremony for him at Fenway Stadium, the home of Red Sox in Boston. Ying Xianjun was lucky enough to go to the scene to watch his retirement battle, which was still very shocking.

Photographed on October 2, 2016 at Fenway Stadium in Boston.

Then let’s review the knowledge points by knowing the scoreboard of baseball games.The following is the match between Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels. At present, the score is 5 to 3. The 5th and an upward triangle indicate that it is the first half of the fifth inning. The yellow diamond in the middle indicates that the attacker is Oakland, and they are currently occupied at second base. 2-1 shows that this batter is two bad balls and one good ball at present. 1 Out indicates that Oakland is currently out by one person.

With the above basic knowledge, you can basically understand what baseball is like gracefully. Instead of wondering what a group of people are doing after throwing a ball and running around.

Two eggs are attached here. The first egg is what if you play nine innings and still draw? Will there be overtime?The answer is yes. If the nine games are tied, then one extra game will be played, and the tenth game will be continued. If the game is still tied, one more game will be played until the game is decided.

Here, as MC Hotdog sang, "life is a baseball game. After nine innings, will there be an overtime?" There is overtime in the game, but life can’t be repeated. There is no overtime. So we should cherish the present and watch baseball carefully.

The second egg. Careful readers may have found a problem. When the batter hits the ball directly over the fence and the first landing point is off the court, the ball is counted as a home run. What if the first landing point of the ball is on the court and then bounces off the court?This is the famous "Ground Rule Double". If this happens, all the attacking players on the field will automatically advance to the second base. If the attacker has someone on the third base, he will return to home plate and score. If there is someone on the second base, he will still go forward two bases and return to home plate and score.

On June 12th, 2017, Boston Red Sox played a long game with Philadelphia Phillies. The score was tied at 5:5 until the 12th Inning. Finally, the Red Sox scored a "Ground Rule Double" and beat Philadelphia by one point. Ying Xianjun also went to the scene to watch the game, and the game didn’t end until 00:30 in the morning. It was really exhausting to watch.

The above content is enough to help you understand baseball gracefully, and I wish you further and further on the road to becoming a baseball fan. Maybe one day Young-hyun Jun will meet you by chance at a baseball game.

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The world is so desolate that only a lonely heart can be cultivated.

Howard: Harden is a younger Kobe. I could have stayed with the Lakers longer.


Dwight Howard, whose name was once a big MAC in the NBA, was a common rival of Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant. However, time flies and Howard’s career has experienced ups and downs. Recently, he talked about James Harden in a program and evaluated his cooperation with Kobe.

Howard said that he regards James Harden as a younger Kobe Bryant. Although he didn’t mean to disrespect James, at that time he felt that his combination with James could become a new OK combination. He believes that cooperation with James will be better than cooperation with Kobe. If he can carefully consider his decision without emotion, he will probably stay with the Lakers.

Recalling the 2012-13 season, Howard and Kobe only cooperated for one season, and then they had an open conflict. Howard accused Kobe of being a "bully", while Kobe retorted that Howard was not tough enough. In the offseason in 2013, Howard chose to join the Rockets and became a teammate with James Harden.

However, the cooperation between Howard and Harden did not achieve much success. Although Harden gradually played the level of a historical offensive player, Howard began to decline seriously from the Lakers period. His personal level and reputation plummeted, and he finally joined the Eagle in 2016 and began his wandering career.

Last season, Howard moved to Taiwan Province League in China, trying to find himself. However, although he used to be the top center in NBA, the passage of time and his own changes have made the world of Warcraft in the inside thread a memory.

For Howard, his career is full of regrets and possibilities. If he can get better cooperation with Kobe Bryant and Harden respectively, or be more stable during the Lakers period, his career may be different. However, the reality is cruel, and now Howard needs to face his own decline and new challenges.

Nevertheless, Howard’s experience is still instructive to many fans. His career tells us that even in the face of difficulties and challenges, we need to stick to our beliefs and try to find ways to cooperate with others in order to succeed. Although Howard’s career can no longer be brilliant, his story is still worth remembering and thinking about.

Ah, here? British media: Rice and others may be banned for protecting their families, unless "special circumstances" are proved.

Live on May 21st, West Ham United beat Dutch team Alkmar 1-0 away from home in the second leg of the semi-final of the European Cup, and made it to the final. After the game, some extreme fans from Alkmar rushed into the stands of the visiting team and began to attack West Ham fans. Several West Ham players jumped into the stands to protect their families from attacks.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Rice, Ben Rahma, Flynn Downs and Antonio may all be banned by UEFA unless they can convince the UEFA Committee that this is a special case. According to Article 15 of the relevant discipline, UEFA may accuse players of misconduct, including "provoking fans".

So far, UEFA has not made a sound on this matter, and they may deal with this incident after the final on June 7. UEFA doesn’t want these West Ham players to miss the Europa League final, but they believe that discipline must be observed and Alkmar will be charged for this.

Many people think that when this happens, the players have no choice but to intervene in person. The behavior of West Ham players has also been widely sympathized. Former West Ham star Joe Cole wrote in his column: "I don’t want to see UEFA accuse them, they just did what had to be done."

Jose Mourinho saw through the hypocrisy of Serie A, the arrival of a new official announcement, which spread to Rome and Milan, and Inter Milan changed coaches to speed up.

As the "traffic manager" of Serie A, Mourinho’s every move always attracts media coverage. After leading the team to win the 29th Serie A match, Rome ranked third in the standings. When the Portuguese coach was asked about his feelings, he said bluntly: To be exact, Rome ranked fourth, after all, Juventus actually accumulated 59 points. At that time, people thought that "madman" had become modest, but now people know his implication!

You know, before the start of the 31st round, Serie A officials announced the restoration of Juventus’ deducted 15 points, while allegri’s team did rank third in the standings and Rome was fourth! As for Juventus’ resumption of deducted points, Mourinho also revealed more, saying that this kind of thing can’t be taken seriously, and even more bluntly, Serie A actually returned the points of the "Bianconeri" in January, just delaying the official announcement!

Starting with Mourinho’s words, we can understand the hypocrisy of Serie A. After all, it is Serie A that wants to thoroughly investigate financial fraud, and it is also Serie A that wants to severely punish financial fraud teams. After Juventus was deducted 15 points, Serie A even reported that it would continue to deduct the "Bianconeri" points and not rule out the possibility of kicking the team out of Serie A. Now it seems that everything is more like taking part in accidental amusement!

In fact, during the deduction of points from Juventus, an interesting thing happened, that is, the Naples Fans Association and the Italian Association for the Protection of Environment and Consumer Rights applied to deprive Juventus of its achievements in three seasons from 2018 to 2021. Among them, because the "Bianconeri" won the Serie A championship in 2018-2019, the relevant parties thought that the trophy should be given to Naples, the second place at that time.

However, it is obvious that Serie A can return Juventus points, and naturally it will not listen to the suggestions of fan associations and other organizations and further make things difficult for the "Bianconeri"! Of course, at present, people including Agnelli are still grounded, and the appeals of a number of people are rejected, which seems to be the last stubbornness of Serie A!

On the other hand, Juventus’ recovery of points has had an impact on the pattern of Serie A’s competition for the fourth place. Before the start of the 31st round, the difference between them and Lazio, which ranked second, was only 2 points, and it is entirely possible to place them in the second place before the end of the season! However, the rankings of Rome, AC Milan and Inter Milan declined, with Rome ranked fourth and Milan ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

Judging from the competitive state, it remains to be seen whether the Milan duo can grab the top four in Serie A and then qualify for the Champions League next season, which also means that the change of coach of the "Nerazzurri" is on the agenda! According to Matteo Barzaghi, a reporter from Inter Milan, if you can’t win the top four in Serie A and qualify for the Champions League next season, then Inzaghi will leave the team and the player’s contract renewal will be suspended!

Indeed, the Champions League has become a major factor in Inter Milan’s continued life. So far this season, Zhang Kangyang has won more than 80 million euros in prize money through the Champions League competition, which means that he doesn’t need to sell key personnel during the summer transfer window, and if he can finally win the championship, the team will still have 20 million euros in prize money. Obviously, it is very necessary for Inter Milan to play in the Champions League. If it can’t be done, then Inzaghi’s class will not be regrettable!

Brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be traced back to 1950s. The following are the main stages of the development history of AI:

  1. Logical reasoning and problem solving (1950s-early 1960s): The early AI system was based on symbolic logic, and solved problems through logical reasoning of facts and rules. However, this method has limitations, and it is difficult to deal with a large number of uncertain and fuzzy information.
  2. Machine learning and pattern recognition (1960s-1980s): The research of AI began to turn to machine learning and pattern recognition. Machine learning is a method to learn and optimize algorithms by training data, while pattern recognition is a method to realize intelligence by identifying and classifying patterns. These methods have been widely used in image recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing.
  3. Expert system and knowledge representation (1980s-1990s): AI research began to pay attention to expert system and knowledge representation. Expert system is an intelligent system based on expert knowledge and inference rules, which can simulate the decision-making process of human experts. Knowledge representation is a method to organize knowledge and information into a form that can be processed by computer, and it is an important foundation to realize AI.
  4. Statistical learning and deep learning (1990s-2010s): With the continuous development of computer hardware and algorithms, AI research began to pay attention to statistical learning and deep learning. Statistical learning is a machine learning method based on statistical model and data analysis, which can handle a large number of data and complex nonlinear relationships. Deep learning is a machine learning method based on neural network, which can handle more complex and high-dimensional data.
  5. Self-learning and multi-modal AI(2010 to present): AI system is gradually realizing the ability of self-learning and self-optimization, and can continuously improve its own model and algorithm according to feedback and data. Multi-modal AI is an AI technology that can handle a variety of data types and perceptual information, including images, voices, texts, etc., and can realize more comprehensive and intelligent human-computer interaction.

Important events:

  • In 1956, the concept of artificial intelligence was put forward at Dartmouth Conference, which marked the birth of AI.
  • In 1962, Arthur Samuel developed a self-learning program, which was an early application of machine learning.
  • In 1969, Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert published Perceptrons, which revealed the limitations of single-layer neural networks and promoted the development of neural networks.
  • In 1975, John Holland developed genetic algorithm, which is an optimization algorithm that imitates the process of biological evolution.
  • In 1981, Japan launched the first commercial robot WABOT-1.
  • In 1997, IBM’s deep blue supercomputer defeated Kasparov, the world champion of chess, indicating that computers can surpass human intelligence in some fields.
  • In 2011, IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence system defeated human players in the program "Dangerous Edge".
  • In 2016, AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi, the world champion in the Go competition, marking an important step in the application of artificial intelligence in complex games.
  • In 2018, the GPT-2 model developed by OpenAI made a major breakthrough in the field of natural language processing, which can generate high-quality natural language texts.

The latest development trend:

  1. Self-learning: AI system is gradually realizing the ability of self-learning and self-optimization, and can continuously improve its own model and algorithm according to feedback and data.
  2. Deep learning: Deep learning is a machine learning method based on neural network, which can handle a large number of data and complex nonlinear relationships, and is one of the main trends of current AI development.
  3. Artificial intelligence chip: Artificial intelligence chip is a chip specially designed for AI application, which can realize efficient calculation and data processing and is an important technical support for AI popularization and application.
  4. Multi-modal AI: Multi-modal AI is an AI technology that can handle a variety of data types and perceptual information, including images, voices, texts, etc., and can realize more comprehensive and intelligent human-computer interaction.
  5. AI and Internet of Things: The combination of AI and Internet of Things can realize more intelligent and efficient automatic production and management, including intelligent energy, intelligent transportation, smart home and other fields.
  6. AI Ethics and Law: With the continuous development and application of AI technology, AI ethics and legal issues have attracted more and more attention, including privacy protection, data security, and responsibility distribution.

In short, the development trend of AI technology is diverse, involving algorithms, chips, data and applications. In the future, AI technology will continue to develop and apply in depth, bringing more convenience and innovation to mankind.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first-half statistics: shooting 3-9, possession rate 34.2% vs 65.8%.

Live on March 11 th, in the 27th round of Premier League, Bournemouth led Liverpool 1-0 at half time with Billing’s goal, and Sqauwka counted the data of the first half of the two teams.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first half statistics (Bournemouth first)

Expected goal-0.87 to 0.71

Shoot-3 to 9

Straight shot-1 to 5

Touching the ball in the opponent’s penalty area-8 to 14

Ball control rate-34.2% vs 65.8%

Corner kick-2 to 6