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Xiaomi Auto is about to appear in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and more information is exposed.

With the approaching of Guangzhou Auto Show, more and more car companies choose to throw out some "explosive materials" in the near future, while Xiaomi Auto, which is well versed in Internet gameplay, has chosen Weibo as the main battlefield, with remarkable results. A few days ago, a well-known car blogger with tens of millions of fans in the whole network once again exposed a lot of key information about Xiaomi Automobile in Weibo, and then this Weibo was deleted. However, the screenshots of the content have already spread widely. At this point, the outline of Xiaomi car gradually became clear.

The following is some information that Xiaomi Automobile can almost determine (although it can’t guarantee 100% authenticity). We will present it to you in several dimensions.

Model: medium and large four-door coupe

First of all, the brand of Xiaomi Automobile is called "Xiaomi Automobile", which is easy to remember and easy to remember. This is confirmed. The first car launched by Xiaomi Automobile is a "C-class eco-technology car". The specific body size of Xiaomi Automobile circulated before is 4860 * 1980 * 1666 mm. Whether it is accurate or not needs further official announcement. After all, the official positioning is "C-class", so the length of the new car may approach 5 meters. In the sub-model part, combined with the spy photos that have been revealed before, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile adopts a four-door coupe design, which directly targets the electric coupe of a German ultra-luxury brand. Is it quite expected? It is expected that within this week, we will be able to see the real car in the latest application information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.    

To tell the truth, it’s not easy to locate the sports style of the medium and large sports pure electric coupe, similar to Weilai ET7, Zhijie S7 and Aouita 12. At present, there has never been a so-called "explosion" in this model. After all, no matter how hot the pre-sale of new cars is, it still has to land on the specific insurance number. If Xiaomi wants to make this new car go, it is bound to work harder on the price.

Battery configuration: 800V platform is not exclusive, and there are 400V blade batteries for entry.    

According to the earlier exposure information, the high-profile model of Xiaomi Automobile will adopt an 800V platform, and the battery is a 101kWh Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin ternary lithium battery pack with a CLTC cruising range of about 800km;; With the further release of the news, we learned that the entry-level model of Xiaomi Automobile will be equipped with a blade battery of 400V platform.Obviously, the 400V platform version will have more advantages in cost control. I believe that the entry-level model equipped with blade batteries is actually the model that Xiaomi Automobile hopes to take. As for the high-profile model of the 800V version, it is to boost the brand image.

Features: 澎湃 OS bonus, the whole ecology of people and cars.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a "C-class eco-technology car" for the new car. Besides the body size, the word "ecology" is particularly important. The achievement of "eco-technology" cannot be separated from Xiaomi 澎湃 OS system which has just appeared recently.

If Xiaomi’s mobile phone, Xiaomi’s car and even Xiaomi’s home appliances share a system, then the interconnection of Xiaomi’s ecology will naturally form. At the previous Xiaomi conference, we actually saw the "tip of the iceberg" of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS interconnection function. For example, the shooting content of the roof camera can even flow directly into the WeChat video call. This experience is still very attractive and it is also a big selling point of Xiaomi Automobile. I believe that more similar functions will be realized in the future.

How much will Xiaomi car sell?

According to the above information, we have a general understanding of Xiaomi Automobile, which will be declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Although the big V predicted the price at 300,000-400,000 yuan, according to the above information, the actual landing price of Xiaomi Automobile should not be so high.    

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of 2024. During this period, the prices of various models will be adjusted many times until the press conference. In fact, according to the brand tonality of Xiaomi brand, which emphasizes cost performance, this information exposure has multiple temptations, and it is extremely possible to "reverse" the final pricing of vehicles.

If Xiaomi Automobile adheres to the initial intention of "cost performance" and if Lei Jun’s previous statement of "gambling all the reputations of his life" is true, then the pre-sale price of Xiaomi Automobile is around 200,000, which may be possible.

Here, it is boldly predicted that the pre-sale price of Xiaomi will be less than 200,000 yuan, and the high-profile models will have full models similar to the first commemorative edition, which will raise the price to about 350,000 yuan.

Write it at the end

It took less than three years from the approval and landing of Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing, and even the trial loading of Xiaomi Automobile. Is this a new record for a new force to build a car? To achieve this speed, we need not only Xiaomi’s efforts and confidence, but also the cooperation of many aspects. It seems that the ambition of Xiaomi Automobile is really unusual!    

China A-share game sector strengthened against the trend on Wednesday.

  China news agency, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Chen Kangliang) China A shares were "cold" on Wednesday, and all the major stock indexes fell, but the game sector strengthened against the trend.

  According to the data of Oriental Fortune, a financial data service provider, the game sector rose by 4.52% that day, leading the way. In terms of individual stocks, the share prices of Dasheng Culture, Huicheng Technology, Caesar Culture and century huatong all gained daily limit (up by 10%).

  Wang Liying, an analyst in orient securities, said that the main reason for the strength of the game sector on that day was that with the recovery of the popularity of the A-share market, the rotation effect of the sector was enhanced, and the game sector had the momentum to make up for the increase due to the relatively small increase in the previous period. In addition, there are many positive news about the game industry recently, including the upcoming Game Developers Conference and the expected return of Blizzard games to the China market, which are conducive to activating the popularity of this sector.

  According to media reports, the annual Global Game Developers Conference will be held in the near future. As an influential industry summit in the global game industry, this conference will show the latest progress of AI-enabled games with artificial intelligence (AI) as the key word.

  Zhang Heng, an analyst at Guosen Securities, said that the current China game version number is normalized, which is conducive to the stable release of high-quality products; New technologies such as AI are expected to promote the game industry to reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovate interaction methods, thus bringing about business model innovation. Combined with the valuation level of the sector, we are optimistic about the investment value of the game sector.

  As far as the overall performance of the market is concerned, as of the close of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3043 points, a decrease of 0.4%; The Shenzhen Component Index reported 9604 points, a decrease of 0.27%; The growth enterprise market index reported 1895 points, down 0.57%. (End)

The number of treasures "hidden" has changed dramatically in 70 years | the per capita increase is 23 kilograms! A large number of fruits and vegetables are placed on the plateau people’s dining table

According to the statistics of Xizang Autonomous Region government, thanks to the expansion of vegetable planting area in plateau and the popularization of healthy eating concept, compared with the initial period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the per capita food consumption of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen decreased by 126kg, and the per capita vegetable consumption increased by 23kg. The food consumption of Tibetan people changed from staple food to non-staple food, and the diet structure of plateau people became more diversified and healthy.
Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet for 70 years, the Party and the government have always regarded the "vegetable basket" project as an important task to improve people’s livelihood. By promoting the construction of protected vegetable production bases, cities and towns have solved the constraints of climate and other factors on vegetable production, and the vegetable production capacity has been significantly improved. In 2020, the vegetable planting area in Tibet will reach 258,200 hectares, with an annual output of 843,400 tons. According to the latest population data of 3,648,100 in Tibet, the per capita possession of local vegetables exceeds 230 kilograms.
Vegetable farmers in Bailang County, Shigatse City, Tibet are picking in greenhouses (photo taken on May 28, 2016). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jue Guo photo
Early in the morning, Lausanne, a citizen of Lhasa, came to the Bayi Agricultural Products Market in Lhasa, not far from home, to buy food.
"In the past, Baba was the staple food for three meals a day. Now, I only eat Baba for breakfast, and I basically eat stir-fry and rice at noon and evening." Lausanne said with a smile, "I couldn’t eat vegetables before, but now I can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruits."
Daguo, from Ningzhong Township, Dangxiong County, is a merchant in Bayi Agricultural Products Market. His booth is full of fresh yak meat. Not far away, Wu Fangzhen, a fruit seller from Chongqing, ushered in the first transaction after the stall-a Tibetan aunt bought a bag of fresh air-delivered lychees.
"I have been in Tibet for almost 20 years. At first, I washed dishes in restaurants in Lhasa. Later, with savings, I took a fancy to Lhasa’s spending power and sold fruits." Wu Fangzhen said.
The small booth is filled with a dazzling array of fruits, including bananas and apples, as well as tropical fruits such as durian and jackfruit. Customers who come to buy are in an endless stream, many of whom are regular customers.
Lhasa citizens choose vegetables at Bayi Agricultural Products Market (photo taken on June 4, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yiqing photo
In old Tibet, vegetables were synonymous with luxury goods, and eating vegetables was the privilege of the upper class aristocrats. Many serfs never even tasted vegetables all their lives.
On May 23, 1951, the Central People’s Government and the local government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, and Tibet was peacefully liberated. The following year, soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Lhasa reclaimed more than 2,300 mu of wasteland on a barren beach in the western suburbs, and set up a "Bayi Farm" with more than 300 people, which not only planted highland barley, but also planted Chinese cabbage, radish, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables.
Tan Rongsheng, the son of Tan Guansan, the former political commissar of the 18th Army, said that the output of vegetables planted by the People’s Liberation Army reached the highest level in Tibet at that time. Many people couldn’t believe their eyes. They didn’t expect such good vegetables to grow on the land where they lived for generations.
According to Deji Zhuoga, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Lhasa Pure Land Bayi Farm Co., Ltd., Bayi Agricultural Products Market belongs to Bayi Farm, which is still able to continuously produce fruits and vegetables and contribute to the balanced diet of Lhasa citizens.
Children at Hongxing Community Bilingual Kindergarten in Jixiong Town, Gongga County, Shannan City are having lunch (photo taken on November 25, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yufeng photo
The changes in the diet structure of plateau people are not only reflected in Lhasa. In Ali area, known as the "roof of the world", with the completion of vegetable production bases in recent years, local people have also eaten "home-grown" fresh vegetables, ending the history of little local vegetable output and relying on long-distance transshipment from other places.
Gaize County is a pure animal husbandry county with animal husbandry as its pillar industry in Ali area. The long-term shortage of vegetable supply led to the imbalance of local people’s diet structure, which increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases and was not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness and health level. Today, the vegetable shed in Gaize County Industrial Park is full of spring, and 33-year-old Yang Jin is working.
"In the past, we seldom ate green leafy vegetables. Now that we have eaten our own vegetables, we still have a net income of 3,000 yuan per month, and we are practical and happy. " Yang Jin said.
Text reporter: Si Yuan, Jin Yiqing.
Photo shoot: Jin Yiqing, Zhang Rufeng, Jueguo
Video shooting: Si Yuan
Poster shooting: Pubuzhaxi
Poster production: Zhang Chen, Tenzin Nubu

The secretary of the county magistrate accompanied the workers to the construction site to celebrate the year.

Pay attention to

January 31st.

Lunar new year’s eve

Thousands of families welcome the new year, celebrate and reunite.

Li zegang, secretary of the county party Committee

Tang Zuhong, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate.

Run a line

Kindly visit and express condolences

The broad masses of workers who still stick to the front line of work during the Spring Festival

Thank them

In order to ensure the safety, happiness and peace of the people in the county.

And accelerate the construction of "people-rich county, strong city, beautiful new Changyang"

The selfless dedication made.

And through them to the workers on all fronts in the county

Extend New Year greetings and cordial greetings.

On New Year’s Eve, the construction site of Qingjiang Pumped Storage Project is still in full swing. The project builders actively obey the call of the state and the need of epidemic prevention and control, voluntarily give up the opportunity to return home to reunite with their families during the Spring Festival, stick to the front line of the project in obscurity, race against time to speed up the construction progress, and promote the early completion of the project and strengthen the county and benefit the people.

Accompanied by Wang Xiaojun, general manager of Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Li Zegang and his party went deep into the adit, listened carefully to the introduction of the project leader on the progress of the project construction, and looked at the daily implementation of the safety production work on the site in detail.

Li Zegang affirmed the progress of the project construction, demanding that the concept of safe development should be firmly established, the bottom line thinking should be strengthened, and the awareness of safety precautions should be constantly raised. On the fundamental premise of ensuring construction safety and project quality, the project construction progress should be accelerated in a scientific and overall way, and the 20th Party Congress should be celebrated with first-class performance.

In front of the headquarters of Qingjiang Pumped Storage Project, Li Zegang and his party posted Spring Festival couplets and hung the word "Fu" with the builders, and took a group photo as a souvenir. In order to make the workers feel at ease and have a good Spring Festival, the project department prepared a rich reunion dinner for the workers, and everyone got together to send each other blessings and drink together.

On behalf of the county party committee and government, Li Zegang presented the workers with a "red envelope" for the Spring Festival. The scene was full of laughter, warm atmosphere and rich flavor of the year.

During the dinner, Li Zegang sent a happy New Year greeting to the family of Wu Jiao, the project leader, via video link. "Happy New Year to the old man, your son is still in Changyang first-line construction site and can’t come back to accompany you for the New Year. You must take good care of yourself. Please rest assured that he will come back to see you here just like at home." He wished send warm well, caring for the warm heart and pushing the atmosphere to a climax again.


Li Zegang and Tang Zuhong

Visited condolences successively.

Sanitation workers and relocated households

County epidemic prevention and control headquarters

Huaxin cement Changyang company

Huaxin (Changyang) New Building Materials Industrial Park Project Headquarters

State grid Changyang power supply company

Shenran natural gas company

They sent the cordial care and good wishes of the Party and the government to the broad masses of workers who stuck to their posts and insisted on production during the Spring Festival. At the same time, they asked everyone not only to have a good year, but also to live a safe, peaceful, civilized and clean Spring Festival.

Reporter Yan Junze

Editor Tian Jian Li Jingwen Wang Meng

Final appeal: Tian Niandong

Original title: "The secretary and the county magistrate accompany the laborers in the construction site to keep their tongues warm and their hearts sweet"

Shanghai Housing Authority: It is strictly forbidden for real estate brokers to fabricate and spread information about price increases, and will intensify investigation and punishment.

  Housing rent is directly related to the living cost and living standard of the renters, and has always been concerned by the public.

  On April 21st, Wang Zhen, director of Shanghai Housing Management Bureau, said when he was a guest on "Interview with People’s Livelihood in 2023" that Shanghai would take measures such as playing the role of "stabilizer" for affordable rental housing, prohibiting intermediaries from driving up prices, and establishing price monitoring and early warning to keep the housing rent level in Shanghai stable.

  Three measures to keep the housing rent level stable

  "In recent years, the housing rental market in Shanghai has been generally stable." Wang Zhen said that in order to keep the housing rent level in Shanghai stable, under the overall framework of the Price Law and in combination with the implementation of the Shanghai Housing Leasing Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), Shanghai will take measures from three aspects:

  The first is to play the role of "stabilizer" of affordable rental housing.It is clear that the rent of affordable rental housing should be lower than the market-oriented rent level of the same quality in the same lot, the rent should be below 10% of the market-oriented rent, and the annual increase should not be higher than the market-oriented rent increase in the same period and not higher than 5%. At the same time, it will be publicized to the public to guide market-oriented lessors to set reasonable prices.

  Second, it is strictly forbidden for housing leasing enterprises and real estate brokerage agencies to fabricate and spread price increase information., drive up prices, and be restrained by increasing investigation and self-discipline in the industry.

  The third is to establish a housing rental price monitoring and early warning mechanism.It is clearly stipulated in the "Regulations" that the municipal government can take price intervention measures such as price increase declaration, rent restriction or rent increase in accordance with the law under certain circumstances that the housing rent has increased significantly or may increase significantly.

  Incorporate lease management into social governance system

  On February 1st, the "Regulations" were officially implemented. Wang Zhen introduced that this legislation adheres to the problem orientation, focuses on practical problems, highlights the people’s livelihood attributes of housing leasing, and builds a housing leasing system with diversified suppliers, standardized business services and stable leasing relationship to meet the multi-level housing needs of residents in megacities. In the process of legislation, there are three main considerations.

  The first is to standardize leasing behavior.For the form of housing lease in which residents trade hand in hand, we should guide the parties to self-regulate and self-discipline by clarifying the rental requirements and standards and balancing the rights and obligations of the parties to the lease. For the three forms of listing and renting through real estate brokerage agencies, housing leasing enterprises acting as agents and centralized rental housing, we emphasize standardized management, and establish a whole-process supervision system from subject filing, real-name employment, housing verification, registration and filing to fund supervision, as well as relevant prohibitive provisions, so as to further improve market rules.

  The second is the coordinated development of the market and security.Strengthen forward-looking systematic planning, while promoting the stable and healthy development of the housing rental market, focus on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing, determine the system positioning, formulate special plans, clarify the construction and management requirements, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of affordable rental housing in the entire housing rental system.

  The third is to bring lease management into the social governance system.While clarifying the responsibilities of the relevant departments of the city and district, aiming at the weak links and gaps existing in grassroots governance and the difficulties and problems encountered in the daily management of towns and villages, we will establish and improve the housing lease governance mechanism of urban planning, compartmentalization, responsibility of towns and villages, assistance from villages and industry self-discipline, strengthen the four-level linkage of cities, districts, towns and villages, and form a joint force with multiple governance to further enhance the effectiveness of grassroots governance.

  Write group rent into local legislation for the first time

  For the group rent behavior, the Regulations, on the basis of summing up the experience and practices of Shanghai’s group rent governance in recent years, first wrote the group rent into local legislation, taking a multi-pronged approach to further improve the efficiency of group rent governance.

  The first is to clarify the criteria for identifying group rents.The minimum rental unit, non-residential space that cannot be rented separately, the number of people living in each room and the per capita living area proposed by government regulations have been optimized and improved accordingly, and they have been raised to local legislation.

  The second is to optimize the law enforcement process of group rent.In view of the problems strongly reflected by the masses, once the group rent cases are discovered, they can be directly punished to improve the efficiency of law enforcement and increase the punishment, raising the fine from the original maximum of 100,000 yuan to the maximum of 200,000 yuan.

  The third is to highlight the key supervision of subletting.In view of the prominent problem of "second landlord" group rent in practice, it is clear that individuals who sublet houses for profit and engage in housing rental business activities should register as market participants according to law, and will be punished if they violate the regulations.

  The fourth is to implement the responsibility of territorial governance.Street offices and township people’s governments are required to regularly organize the investigation of hidden dangers of group rent. If illegal situations are found, they should urge rectification, start law enforcement procedures in a timely manner, and carry out rectification through joint law enforcement when necessary.

  Shanghai will rely on the refined urban management mechanism and work with relevant departments to study and formulate a plan to further improve the comprehensive management of group rents in Shanghai, issue documents to strengthen the management of individual housing subletting in Shanghai, and increase the guidance, supervision and support for the management of grassroots group rents.

  "The problem of group rent actually reflects that the supply structure of Shanghai housing rental market needs to be further improved. In the process of governance, we will adhere to the combination of unblocking and blocking." Wang Zhen said, on the one hand, vigorously promote the development of affordable rental housing; On the other hand, standardize the implementation of the "N+1" model of agency leasing, strictly supervise housing leasing enterprises to carry out agency leasing business, and promote the transformation from illegal group leasing to standardized sharing.

Short-distance passenger flow is concentrated. On the second day of the New Year holiday, the national railway passenger flow decreased slightly compared with the first day.

Source: CCTV news client
Short-distance passenger flow is concentrated. A list of national railway passenger flow on the second day of New Year’s Day holiday
Today is the second day of the New Year’s Day holiday, and the national railway passenger flow keeps at a high level. It is estimated that 11.85 million passengers will be sent, and 10,682 passenger trains are planned, including 500 additional trains.
According to the forecast of ticket sales, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha and so on are the top ten popular cities for the national railways today.
The top ten major cities are Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Changsha.
Today, the national railway passenger flow is slightly lower than yesterday, and the short-distance passenger flow is relatively concentrated, mainly for short-distance travel, family visits and student flows.
Today, the Yangtze River Delta Railway focuses on strengthening the transport capacity between Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Hefei to and from Ningbo, Huangshan, Fuyang, Suzhou, Lianyungang and Nantong. In Wuhan, Yichang, Shennongjia and other directions with obvious passenger flow, Wuhan Bureau of China Railway opened 115 passenger cars on Hanyi Railway and Hanshi High-speed Railway respectively to enhance the capacity. Xi ‘an Bureau of China Railway has opened a special New Year’s theme tour train around Qinling Mountain to let tourists enjoy the winter customs in southern Shaanxi. Lanzhou Bureau of China Railway opened more trains in key tourist cities such as Dunhuang, Jiayuguan and Wuwei. Today, Taiyuan Bureau of China Railway continued to implement the operation chart of the peak line, adding 21,800 passengers, and Pingyao Gucheng Station strengthened its docking with local buses in time to realize seamless docking of passengers entering and leaving the station.
Short-distance tours are hot, and ice and snow tours are particularly eye-catching this holiday. According to the concentration of ice and snow tourists in Changchun, Yanji, Dalian and Songyuan, Shenyang Bureau of China Railway added 45 pairs of temporary passenger trains during the holidays. Changbai Mountain Station also reduced the waiting time of group passengers by making an appointment to enter the station at the wrong peak. The Harbin Bureau of the State Railway arranged to open 38 pairs of passenger trains in Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and Qiqihar, among which 3 pairs of trains were opened in the popular destinations of ice and snow tourism such as Yabuli and Mohe.
In addition, the newly opened route has also become a new choice for everyone to travel this holiday. Hangzhou-Changzhou high-speed railway, which was opened a few days ago, not only connects a number of national tourist attractions such as Hangzhou West Lake, Qiandao Lake, Huangshan Mountain and Jingdezhen in series, but also realizes holiday "hand in hand" with Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, adding high-speed trains from Xiamen North Station, Jingdezhen North Station and Poyang Station. The newly opened Fangdong Railway also ushered in the peak of passenger travel for the first time this New Year holiday. Dongxing city Railway Station has launched a Vietnamese language service, which is convenient for tourists to visit the Sino-Vietnamese border. Jizheng High-speed Railway and Lairong High-speed Railway ushered in the first New Year’s holiday after the opening of operation, and the passenger flow along the line increased significantly compared with normal days. Liaocheng West and other stations increased security and ticket checking service personnel to ensure passengers’ safe and smooth travel.
(CCTV News Client Headquarters CCTV reporter Li Weidai Dong Yu)

The latest research found that exercising at this time every day is more helpful to control sugar!

The latest research shows that sugar friends exercise in the afternoon to help control sugar!

A recent study shows that afternoon exercise is more helpful to improve the blood sugar level of overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes. ①

The researchers found that the blood sugar level of diabetic patients who took moderate to high-intensity exercise in the afternoon decreased the most, especially in the first year of intensive lifestyle intervention. In addition, some researchers have found that afternoon exercisers are also more likely to reduce the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs.

Wu Na, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, wrote in the Health Times in 2019 that diabetic patients are advised to choose sports that are beneficial to whole-body exercise, conform to their hobbies, have strong maneuverability and are easy to adhere to for a long time, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, swimming, climbing stairs, dancing, playing ball, cycling and playing Tai Ji Chuan. ②

Health times chart

It is suggested that these groups of people exercise in the afternoon.

1. Patients with heart disease: It is advisable to exercise in the afternoon or evening.

Qian Yufeng, an attending physician in the Department of Cardiology, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Province, wrote in the Health Times in 2016 that 6-9 am is the "early peak" of heart attack every day, because the human body is relatively short of water in the morning, and the blood is thick and prone to thrombosis. At the same time, the blood pressure in the morning is the highest in a day, which is easy to cause the shedding or rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Therefore, it is best to avoid this peak period and arrange it in the afternoon or evening.

Exercise regularly, first of all, it is necessary to quantify, it is best to exercise for 3-5 days a week, and the heart rate should be controlled at no more than 100 times/minute after exercise, and it is appropriate to have no chest tightness and asthma. It is also necessary to make appropriate adjustments according to the patient’s age.

You can try the following three steps to exercise:

Prepare for 5-10 minutes first;

Then start normal exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc., lasting 15-30 minutes, which can also be extended according to the heart rate;

Finally, relax for 10 minutes to let the heartbeat slowly return to normal. ③

Zhang Jian, chief physician of the Heart Center of Beijing Chest Hospital, wrote in the Health Times in 2018 that patients with coronary heart disease should slow down or stop their activities if the following four signals appear during exercise.

1. Chest pain or angina pectoris;

2. Asthma or dyspnea that does not match the amount of exercise;

3, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, pale face, cyanosis, cold hands and feet or wet cold;

4. Physical and mental fatigue or muscle soreness, inappropriate heartbeat or blood pressure reaction, such as the heartbeat has exceeded 100 beats/min at rest, the heartbeat or blood pressure changes more than 20 beats/min or 20 mm Hg during activities within 3 weeks after myocardial infarction, and the heartbeat or blood pressure changes more than 30 beats/min or 30 mm Hg during activities within 6 weeks after myocardial infarction. ④

Second, patients with hypertension: it is best to exercise at noon or afternoon.

Cheng Yi, deputy chief physician of Cardiovascular Department of the First People’s Hospital of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, wrote in 2022 that the best exercise time for patients with hypertension is generally at noon and afternoon every day, because the air in this period is relatively clean, and the air pollution is more serious in the morning and evening.

In addition, if you exercise too early in the morning, it is easy to increase your blood pressure. At the same time, you can eat something light before going out to exercise. ⑤

Third, patients with gout and high uric acid: it is best to exercise in the afternoon.

WeChat official account, from the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, issued a document in 2018, saying that it is not suitable for exercise in the acute stage of gout. At this time, it is necessary to rest, minimize joint activities, and stay in bed. If joint symptoms are serious, the affected limb can be braked.

It is best for gout patients to exercise in the afternoon, that is, after lunch to dinner. Choose some simple and gentle sports, such as walking, Tai Ji Chuan, aerobics, cycling and swimming, especially walking, cycling and swimming. It can be supplemented by appropriate resistance exercises and joint flexibility exercises. Start with a small amount of exercise, step by step, prevent excessive exercise, and take micro-sweating as the degree. ⑥

This article is synthesized from:

①Qian J, Xiao Q, Walkup MP, et al. Association of Timing of Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity With Changes in Glycemic Control Over 4 Years in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Fr om the Look AHEAD Trial. Diabetes Care. 2023 May 25:dc222413.

②2019-04-19 Health Times "Sugar Friends Exercise One Hour After Meal"

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Source: Health Times

What is culture? Culture can nourish heart and ambition.

Culture is not knowledge, culture is the pursuit of beauty! Expressed in more concise words, it can be abbreviated as: culture is the sum of language and words.

"Culture" can be expressed in four sentences:

1. Self-cultivation rooted in the heart:

Self-cultivation can be divided into two main contents. First, knowledge literacy is reflected in a person’s IQ; The second is humanistic accomplishment, which is reflected in a person’s emotional intelligence. Therefore, self-cultivation is improved through learning and cultivation the day after tomorrow, so as to achieve the realm of internalization in the heart, externalization in behavior, and integration of knowledge and practice.

2, don’t need to remind others consciously:

Self-awareness means that you know something and take the initiative to do it. The difference between humans and animals is that there are two lives: one is the life of the body; The second is the life of culture. Take away the "culture" tendon, people are just ordinary animals, and people are conscious.

3. Freedom on the premise of constraint:

Freedom is self-determined, without restrictions and constraints. The freedom advocated is a kind of freedom that is harmless to others in society, and it is based on goodness and justice. We should realize that freedom not only means the desire to be liberated from bondage, but also means the responsibility to respect the value of others’ existence. Only within reasonable limits and by using reasonable means can we achieve real freedom.

4. Kindness for others:

The first paragraph of the classic of Chinese studies "San Zi Jing" says: "beginning of life, human nature is good. Sex is similar and learning is far away. " This means that when people are born, their nature is good and their temperament is very similar. But with the different changes and influences of their living environment, everyone’s habits will be different.

If you treat others well, others will treat you well. If you are full of kindness, you can warm the people around you. In daily life and work, it is necessary to be helpful and kind to others, unite with leaders and colleagues, actively create a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and construct harmonious interpersonal relationships.

According to the traditional concept of human beings, culture is a social phenomenon, which is the product of long-term human creation, but also a historical phenomenon and the accumulation of human society and history. To be exact, culture is the way of thinking, values, lifestyle, behavior norms, art and culture, science and technology of a country or a nation that can be passed down and spread. It is a universally recognized ideology that can be passed down for human communication and a sublimation of perceptual knowledge and experience of the objective world.

Culture is the total system of symbols (mainly words, supplemented by images) and sounds (mainly language, supplemented by phonology and notes) created and commonly recognized and used by people in the process of constantly knowing and transforming themselves and nature.

Culture, the afterlife of this life, is the behavior of some people to carry out their life beliefs. When the noblest place in a person’s temperament blooms in all aspects of life, when a person’s aesthetic taste is enough to give life a kind of elegance and flavor-that is culture.

Culture is the best nourishment.

Everything in the world is supported.

The grass and trees are in the wild, and the rain and dew are born to help; Body and mind are in the study, and kissing ink can nourish them.

If the study is a person’s spiritual sanctuary, then the long thing in the study is the pearl in this sanctuary.

Ancestors said: when writing, you can raise pens, when grinding, you can raise ink, when washing, you can raise paper.

When the library is in the library, the supplies of the study room can be spent over the years; If you are always close to things, your body and mind will be spiritually influenced.

Culture is the best nourishment.

The nourishment of life comes from the pursuit of life interest, but also from the immersion of long things.

In the rooms of ancient literati in China, there must be pens, ink, paper and inkstone for the case, and piano, chess, books and paintings for the lent. Besides, there are all kinds of elegant things.

Nowadays, when we see these old things in the study from a distance, we can hear the excited voices of the ancients and see their sincere faces as long as we understand them with our hearts.

They camped in the study, or played in Tibet, or lived in seclusion … and nourished by culture, which built a bright world for us.

Playing with Wen Zang can nourish the heart.

Culture is formed over time, and the way to hide and play can nourish the heart.

Elegance and vulgarity are often the first criterion in the way literati look at artifacts.

Whenever you see a thing, you should judge its advantages and disadvantages, define the realm of elegance with the mind of a gentleman, and create a true rhyme and taste that conforms to the literati’s aesthetics.

There are many beautiful things in the room, and the world is better than Taoyuan.

In the name of the post, the truth is orderly, and Mo Chi is fragrant; Appreciate the boxing stone, clear the supply, exquisite smoke and clouds, and the muscles and bones are towering;

Product green grass and bamboo, elegant room, case into a secluded field; Virtual Lu Qing Kuang, sitting in the dust to release concerns, elegant things Ming Zhen Yun;

Open-minded, all wonderful; Xuan Lang in Zhang’s room is natural and unrestrained.

By writing things in style, you can nourish your spirit.

Gewu, when there is an aesthetic seed, nourishes itself from the traditional scale.

Ancestors said: the piano is silent, the staff is light, the cup is elegant, the bamboo is cold, and the stone is impressive …

In addition to leisure and entertainment, there is a poetic charm in the study, which makes people physically and mentally idle.

If you do what you want from your heart, you will be a man, and you will not be detained, but you will not go beyond the rules.

It is the highest state to understand the nature within a certain statute, conform to the rules and set an example for future generations.

From things and devices, from devices and people, we can make our conscience in things and nourish our true qi in edification.

Living in seclusion with literature can raise your ambition.

China’s philosophy is a philosophy of leisure, and living in leisure can raise one’s ambition.

As the poet Ni Si said:

Reading books on righteousness and reasoning, learning the words of calligraphy and calligraphy, sitting quietly, talking with friends, drinking half drunk, watering flowers and planting bamboo, listening to the piano and playing with cranes, burning incense and frying tea, and going to the city to watch the mountains mean playing chess. Apart from the above, although I have other pleasures, it is not easy for me.

Life is leisure, and long things are companions. Whether reading, posting, burning incense, playing the piano, playing chess or drinking tea, long things in the study are the carriers.

Getting a period of leisure and happiness constitutes a brilliant aesthetic philosophy, which affects the world’s pursuit of leisure and elegance.

Today, we are far away from the luxury of spirit, and today’s dignitaries and rich people do not have such a life, because cultural life is not only material wealth, but also spiritual nobility, which is a real affair.

In this sense, the pursuit of beauty with culture is to immerse beauty in life.

If life is a flower, then culture is soil. May you and I live in peace in our daily life and drop the seeds of beauty and bloom the most wonderful flower.


With an annual salary of 16 million, the Hornets officially refused to offer! With an average of 15+5+2 per game, the Lakers may be able to take aim.

According to Rod Boone, a reporter from Charlotte Observer, PJ- Washington and Hornets are deadlocked in contract negotiations. They have not made any progress in reaching a new contract, and neither side seems ready to give in to the other’s demands. What the Hornets mean is that they hope to sign a short-term contract, while the team of PJ- Washington wants a contract with an average price higher than 16 million, but the feasible way in the market at present is to sign it first and then change it. Now, PJ- Washington will accept the qualification offer from the Hornets and become a free agent next summer.

Memoirs of a teenager

PJ- Washington was born in Dallas, Texas on August 23rd, 1998. His father, Paul Washington, is a former professional basketball player who played in the European League. His mother is a college basketball player, who used to work for Nixi State University in Middlefield.

Born in such a sports family, PJ- Washington has developed a strong interest in basketball since childhood. When he was studying in Plenot Road High School, he became a local famous basketball star. In his senior year, he averaged 18.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.1 blocks per game, and led the team to win the championship in the 6A District of Texas. He was also selected for the 2016 McDonald’s All-American High School Star Competition, where he scored 10 points and 9 rebounds.

After graduating from high school, PJ- Washington was invited to join the old and powerful university of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has its own understanding of cultivating inside stars, and Washington has grown rapidly since joining. He has played 72 games in two seasons, and is the core player of the team. He can hand over 12.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.2 blocked transcripts per game, of which the shooting percentage is 54.3%.

In my junior year, with an average of 15.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.2 blocks, I was selected into the first team of the Southeast Regional League and the third team of the best team in the United States. Lead the University of Kentucky into the top 8 of the NCAA Championship, and lose Auburn University with regret, and stop there.

PJ- Washington’s performance at the University of Kentucky has attracted many professional scouts to watch, and he is considered to have the potential of lottery level. In the 2019 draft, Washington was picked by the Hornets in the 12th overall pick in the first round. At that time, scouts gave him Anthony Randolph as the draft template. They are all power forwards who are 6′ 7 "tall and weigh about 230 pounds. They have excellent physical fitness and technical ability, can score in and out lines, and have certain defense and passing ability.

In the rookie season, PJ- Washington showed his strength in the Hornets, averaging 12.2 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 0.8 blocks, and shooting percentage reached 45.5%. He also set a historical record, becoming the first player in NBA history to hit at least seven three-pointers in his debut. In addition, he was selected as the first team of the best rookie lineup in the 2019-20 season.

In the second year, Washington continued to maintain its excellent state in the first season, averaging 12.9 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.2 blocks per game. In the game against Thunder in March this year, PJ Washington scored 43 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game, becoming the first Hornets player to get this data after Kemba Walker and the sixth Hornets player to get 40 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game. 43 points is also a career high in Washington.

Generally speaking, PJ- Washington has good height and arm span, and he is also a reliable scorer. But after Brandon Miller arrived, he didn’t have many opportunities in the Hornets. After becoming a free agent next year, the Lakers can pay close attention, and the mini middle class may win.

Ah, here? British media: Rice and others may be banned for protecting their families, unless "special circumstances" are proved.

Live on May 21st, West Ham United beat Dutch team Alkmar 1-0 away from home in the second leg of the semi-final of the European Cup, and made it to the final. After the game, some extreme fans from Alkmar rushed into the stands of the visiting team and began to attack West Ham fans. Several West Ham players jumped into the stands to protect their families from attacks.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Rice, Ben Rahma, Flynn Downs and Antonio may all be banned by UEFA unless they can convince the UEFA Committee that this is a special case. According to Article 15 of the relevant discipline, UEFA may accuse players of misconduct, including "provoking fans".

So far, UEFA has not made a sound on this matter, and they may deal with this incident after the final on June 7. UEFA doesn’t want these West Ham players to miss the Europa League final, but they believe that discipline must be observed and Alkmar will be charged for this.

Many people think that when this happens, the players have no choice but to intervene in person. The behavior of West Ham players has also been widely sympathized. Former West Ham star Joe Cole wrote in his column: "I don’t want to see UEFA accuse them, they just did what had to be done."