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The original novel "She and Her Islands" of the hit drama "Fireworks Family" was published.

Reporter Qu Peng
Recently, the group drama "Fireworks Family" of urban women has been broadcasted simultaneously on CCTV-1, Tencent Video and other platforms, involving hot topics such as family of origin, mother-daughter relationship, women’s independence, old and new views on marriage and so on. The original novel "She and Her Islands" is jointly published by Youfeng Culture and Beijing United Publishing Company, which tells the story of an atypical "matriarchal clan" living in modern society. The three generations of women are entangled like vines, tight and supportive, and symbiotic.
She and her islands
Easy and difficult
Youfeng Culture | Beijing United Publishing Company
"She and Her Islands" is a female narrative work with a novel angle. It doesn’t focus the contradiction on a certain character through the background setting to express the suffering of women, such as "Fan Shengmei", which has gradually become faceless, but it is ingenious. By describing the lives and difficulties of several female characters of different ages in an atypical "matriarchal clan" family, it extends a proposition that is more likely to resonate with us: "There are no vampire parents, no Prince Charming and no golden finger.
In the novel, Li Yijin, a cowardly daughter, was controlled by her mother for 30 years, and every time she tried to break free, she fell into the abyss of being kidnapped by her family. Inferiority and stubbornness of the mother, all her hopes are pinned on her children, but she doesn’t know where she will go once her home, which has been numb for half a lifetime, is broken; The majestic grandmother, who has been uncompromising all her life and escorted the whole family on her own, suddenly wants to arrange everything and leave smartly in her octogenarian years. In the author’s view, the three generations of women in the novel are the protagonists of their own lives. "They have their own shortcomings and limitations, they will be jealous, they will quarrel, they will be unable to understand each other because of the generation gap, they will openly hurt the closest people around them, they will also seek help and companionship from their families when they are in despair, they will begin to reflect after half of their lives, they will begin to learn to express their love, and they will begin to find themselves, and they will stand side by side with each other unconditionally to fight against their fate.
Yi Nan graduated from China Renmin University and Stanford University, and is now a screenwriter and part-time writer. She is good at describing the exploration of women’s inner world, focusing on the anxiety and breakthrough, confusion and choice of new urban women, and trying to give these new women more profound significance of the times. He has won awards such as the best serial and the best author of Douban Reading Xiaoya Award. He has published the work Xian Yuan, a collection of novels, Time will heal, be a good girl with a strong heart, and you are on the back of life. The film and television rights have sold many works, including Xian Yuan, She and Her Islands, Conspiracy, Safety Period and Zebra, Do you love me or not?

Attention! Six high-risk diseases hit in spring, and a wave of prevention and control guidelines was collected →

  It’s spring, and everything is reviving.

  Various pathogenic bacteria are also active.

  Many diseases are easy to "wake up" at this time

  Infectious diseases, allergic diseases, upper respiratory tract infections


  Have you done the protective measures?



  Spring is the season when influenza is easy to occur.

  Especially the elderly and children.

  In the case of weak resistance

  More vulnerable to the flu

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Step 1: Wash your nose

  In spring, it is particularly prone to cold problems. After the resistance of nasal mucosa drops, the virus will enter the nasopharynx from the nose and induce a cold. A cold is caused by a cold virus that lives in the nasopharynx. Cleaning the nose often on weekdays can drive away the virus that lives in the nasal cavity and has a good effect on preventing colds.

  2. Go to less ventilated places.

  Cold diseases are easily infected through respiratory tract, and cold viruses spread very quickly in unventilated places.

  3. Supplement nutrition

  If you want to prevent colds, you need to supplement your body with nutrients, such as vitamin C and protein, which will help your body improve its resistance.

  4. Wear a mask when going out

  Respiratory diseases are highly contagious, and droplets are one of the main ways of transmission. Wearing a mask outside can effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

  5. Pay attention to hygiene

  It is forbidden to touch your face and mouth with dirty hands, wash your hands before and after meals, pay attention to hand washing and disinfection after going out and returning home, and clean your home frequently.


  Spring allergy

  spring has come and flowers are in bloom

  Pollen, catkin and other suspended substances in the air increased.

  The dormant insects also began to move.

  And people’s outdoor activities have increased.

  The probability of allergies will also increase.

  In addition, the temperature rises in spring.

  Mites, molds, etc. multiply rapidly.

  There are also a lot of mites hidden on the changing clothes and quilts.

  These are the sources of allergies.

  Common allergens

  There are inhalation, food and contact.

  Inhalable such as pollen, catkins, catkins, cold air,

  Dust mites, cat hair, dog hair and other animal fur.

  These cause allergic reactions through nasal inhalation.

  Foodstuffs such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, soybeans,

  Mango, red wine, nuts, etc.

  Contact such as leather, detergent, hair dye,

  Cosmetics, watches, etc

  Cause allergic reaction by contact with skin.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Step 1 avoid contact with allergens

  People with allergies should carefully observe what they may be allergic to and avoid contact. For example, people who are allergic to cat hair and dog hair should not keep pets at home. People who are allergic to pollen should wear long sleeves and masks when they go for an outing in spring, strengthen ventilation at home, and change sheets and fabric sofas frequently to avoid the breeding of mites.

  2. Desensitization therapy

  Let patients start with a small dose of allergens and gradually increase it, so that patients can gradually tolerate and reduce allergic reactions to some allergens. This method has a good effect on some patients, and there are certain risks.

  Step 3 enhance physical fitness

  The first is to ensure adequate sleep, change bad living habits, reduce staying up late, and exercise properly.


  hand-foot-and-mouth disease

  Hand, foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enterovirus.

  It is common in babies aged 1~4 years.

  Typical symptoms are fever, sore throat, runny nose,

  Cough, loss of appetite, etc

  Usually after 1~2 days of fever.

  In the mouth, hands, feet and buttocks of children

  There will be maculopapules or herpes like rice grains or soybeans

  No pain, no itching, no scab, no scar

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  1. Disinfect frequently and wash your hands frequently

  Don’t let children drink raw water and eat cold food. Children’s toys and articles that are often in contact with should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Avoid close contact between children and children with hand, foot and mouth disease.

  Step 2 vaccinate

  Children aged 6 months to 5 years can be vaccinated to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease.



  In spring, liver qi is vigorous and fluctuates greatly.

  Therefore, the number of patients with eye diseases has also increased.

  One of the most common is pink eye.

  There are obvious characteristics when pinkeye occurs:

  Increased jealousy and eye secretions

  If it’s pinkeye caused by bacterial infection,

  Eye secretions are mostly sticky and pus-like.

  Pink eye caused by virus infection

  Eye secretions are mostly watery.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Pay attention to hygiene and isolation.

  Do not share towels, washbasins and other cleaning utensils with patients with pink eye, and wash your face with running water.


  Spring dermatitis

  In spring, catkins fly.

  Plus the wind is strong in spring

  Tickle and report to you.

  Dermatitis in spring is also prone to attack.

  Mainly manifested as desquamation, itching, dry pain and other symptoms.

  Some show erythema papules and scales.

  There are also some women who show increased freckles or increased brown spots.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  1. Eat less allergic food.

  Eat less shrimps and crabs that are easy to cause skin allergies, and eat more foods containing vitamin A and fresh vegetables and fruits.

  2. Don’t use inferior cosmetics

  Try to change cosmetics and skin care products on your arm first to see if you are allergic. Don’t bathe too often, especially those with dry skin, and quit smoking and drinking.

  Step 3 do a good job of sun protection

  Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and it is best to wear a hat or scarf. It is best to wear a mask when going out, so as to avoid catkins touching the facial skin and causing itching.


  Anorectal diseases

  Anorectal diseases occur mostly in spring.

  Cold winter

  People’s pores are closed.

  Yang qi is trapped in the body.

  Plus people are used to tonic in winter.

  I prefer barbecue and rinse products.

  Causing heat accumulation in the stomach and intestines

  In the spring, the sun be the spirit.

  Heat accumulation surges and bets on anorectum.

  It is prone to constipation

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Get up in the morning and have a cup of boiled water

  In autumn and winter, people eat well, wear thick clothes, live warm and have little activity, so the accumulated heat in the body can’t be properly distributed, and symptoms of getting angry often appear. Drinking boiled water has a good effect of removing accumulated heat in the body.

  2. Eat less spicy and hot food.

  Eat less spicy and hot foods, and eat more laxative foods such as Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots and leeks.

  3. Walk more and do more activities

  The temperature in spring is more suitable for outdoor activities. Don’t sit indoors for a long time. Go out for a walk and play ball games to make the intestines crawl better.

  Source: The content is integrated from Health Times and CCTV Life Circle.

Source: CCTV 1

Cut 26 points, 8 boards and 7 assists! Harden basks in the sun after the game and wears it today: another day at work.

Live broadcast, February 15 th, today’s NBA regular season, the Clippers beat the Warriors 130-125 away.

After the game, Harden updated Twitter to take photos of today’s wear and wrote: "Another day at work # unique"

In this campaign, Harden played 40 minutes and 22 seconds in the whole game, made 7 of 12 shots, made 4 of 9 three-pointers, made 8 of 9 free throws and got 26 points, 8 boards, 7 assists and 1 blocked shot, with positive and negative values +13.

Everyone is searching.
The latest ranking of Harden’s scoring list Harden 4 and Lillard 6 compare Harden’s most handsome 10 pictures. Is Harden a point guard or a point guard Harden’s 6 th generation to evaluate Harden’s wearing.


Haha ma

Fortunately, Harden’s accurate scraps today are really terrible.

02-16 15:21




Aroda Maruo 0ed6f

Deng Ge is a responsible player, and his career is also very good.

02-16 15:18




Han Mingshan

Harden, today is my birthday, and I wish you good luck.

02-16 15:13




Hot and hard

Brother Deng still has oil, and I hope my dream can come true this year.

02-15 16:55




There is no more.

Lanzhou subjects two and three suspended exams.

The reporter learned from the traffic police detachment of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau that on February 2, due to the snowfall, the examination business of Lanzhou drivers’ subjects 2 and 3 was suspended, and the examination appointment was automatically cancelled in the background. The cancellation of this examination did not affect the original examination order and frequency. Whether Sunday’s exam returns to normal depends on the weather on that day. (Reporter Zhang Xiuyun)

Recommended reading in the past

Original title: "Lanzhou subjects 2 and 3 are suspended"

Read the original text

"The most fashionable corrupt official" was sentenced to 13 years in prison. All the clothes were international famous brands (photo)

Ding Meng, a former cadre of land acquisition office in Shapingba District, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for accepting bribes of 1.6 million yuan.

  background for news stories: corrupt officials took bribes of 1.6 million yuan to buy 200 pairs of shoes to give prosecutors a "fashion class"

  Yesterday morning, Ding Meng, a former cadre of land acquisition office in Shapingba District who prided himself on being fashionable and fond of buying luxury clothes and teapot tea sets, said loudly "I want to appeal" after learning the result of his 13-year imprisonment.

  City No.1 Intermediate People’s Court found that Ding Meng illegally accepted other people’s property totaling more than 1.6 million yuan during his tenure.

  Yesterday morning, in the 20th court of the First Intermediate People’s Court, Ding Meng was taken in. He wore a black casual cotton-padded jacket on his upper body, an orange coat from the detention center, casual pants and cloth shoes on his lower body. It didn’t look "fashionable", but his clothes were tasteful.

  It was found by the First Intermediate People’s Court that at the beginning of 2006, he was assigned to the "Xiyong Micro-Power Park Land Acquisition Office" by the Shapingba District Land Acquisition Office to be responsible for the land acquisition and demolition work in Xiyong Town. Ding Meng took advantage of his position in the demolition compensation work, and used the methods of modifying the original data afterwards to correct mistakes for others, falsely listing land compensation, falsely increasing the area, falsely reporting the compensation object, etc., to seek benefits for the demolition compensation of duck sheds, office areas and factories, as well as compensation for machinery and equipment, and accepted property from Cen and Hu. From January 2006 to September 2007, Ding Meng received bribes of 1,614,193 yuan.

  Ding Meng’s bribes were used to buy two mid-range cars, expensive teapot, brand-name clothes and other consumption. After the incident, Ding Meng himself or through relatives and friends withdrew the money of RMB750,000 and a car. After the trial, the No.1 Intermediate People’s Court held that Ding Meng, as a national staff member, took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and illegally accepted other people’s property totaling more than RMB 1.6 million, which constituted the crime of accepting bribes. He was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 3 years and confiscated property of RMB 80,000.

  The judge asked, "Ding Meng, do you appeal?" He said loudly that "he wants to appeal" and "the judge can answer questions after the judgment is unclear." Ding Meng said, "I haven’t thought clearly yet, I want to think about it."

  He took bribes. He was fashionable.

  -At the beginning of 2006, he was assigned to the "Xiyong Micro-Power Park Land Acquisition Office" by the Shapingba District Land Acquisition Office to be responsible for land acquisition and demolition in Xiyong Town.

  -From January 2006 to September 2007, he received bribes of 1,614,930 yuan from others.

  -He can’t even look at leather shoes below 1000 yuan. Prosecutors found more than 200 pairs of brand-name leather shoes from his home.

  -He won’t buy a suit under 10,000 yuan. There are more than 100 clothes in his family, almost all of which are top international brands.

  -He has more than 100 teapot tea sets at home. Among these tea sets, the most expensive is 10,000 yuan, with a total value of over 100,000 yuan.

  Greedy for money has enriched itself and damaged the country.

  The court found that Ding Mengyi received more than 2.6 million yuan in compensation for others, which caused heavy losses to the country.

  Collect money to handle affairs

  In January, 2006, Wang thought that the compensation for the duck shed demolition in Huawan Community, Xiyong Village, Xiyong Town, Shapingba District was too low, and Li asked Ding Meng to increase the compensation amount. Ding Meng changed the compensation standard of Wang’s duck shed from a simple shed to a brick asbestos tile structure by correcting mistakes, which made Wang get more than 140 thousand yuan in compensation. Wang Moumou gave Ding Meng RMB 80,000 through Li Moumou, and Ding Meng and Li Moumou shared the money equally.

  In June, 2006, He Moumou thought that the compensation for the duck shed demolition in Cenjiaba Community, Banana Garden Village, Xiyong Town, Shapingba District, which was operated by her husband in partnership with others, was too low, and asked Ding Meng to increase the compensation for her through Cen. Ding Meng changed the compensation standard of duck shed from simple shed to brick asbestos tile structure by correcting mistakes, so that He Moumou’s husband received compensation of more than 390 thousand yuan again. He Moumou gave Ding Meng RMB90,000 through Zou.

  At the end of June, 2007, Cen, the legal representative of Anping Poultry Farm in Shapingba District, found Ding Meng, and asked him to take care of her during the compensation for demolition. Ding Meng inflated the duck shed and land area of the farm and raised the compensation standard, which made Cen get nearly 1 million yuan more compensation. Zou gave Ding Meng a bank card with RMB 500,000 and cash of RMB 50,000. Ding Meng bought a Camry car and other expenses.

  Cheat money to buy a car

  At the end of June 2007, Hu Moumou, the legal representative of Laijiaqiao Machinery Parts Factory in Shapingba District, asked Ding Meng to take care of the demolition compensation through Li Moumou. After Ding Meng received RMB 200,000 from Hu through Li Moumou, he accepted the non-original invoices of the machinery and equipment provided by the enterprise and increased the office area, so that he received an additional compensation of about RMB 500,000. On September 4, 2007, Ding Meng never received the remaining "benefit fee", fearing that the other party would not pay for it, so he first ordered a Reiz car, and then found Hu Moumou and asked him to write a cash check for 264,193 yuan.

  In June 2007, Lu Moumou, the person in charge of Yugui Weaving Factory in Shapingba District, found Ding Meng through Huang Moumou and asked him to take care of him during the demolition compensation. Ding Meng increased the workshop area, modified the workshop structure, and inflated the machinery and equipment, which enabled the enterprise to obtain more than 300,000 yuan in compensation. Lu Moumou successively gave Ding Meng RMB 130,000 through Huang Moumou.

  In September 2007, Hu Moumou, the legal representative of Chongqing Longlisheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., found Ding Meng through Hu Moumou and Li Moumou, and asked him to take care of him during the demolition compensation. Ding Meng made the company get more than 300,000 yuan in compensation by inflating the factory area, machinery and equipment. Hu Moumou gave Ding Meng RMB300,000 through Li Moumou. Our reporter Yang Ye.

  Love fashion, don’t buy a suit below 10 thousand yuan

  The prosecutor investigating the case said that Ding Meng had a strong interest in luxury goods such as top international brand shoes and clothes. He once admitted to the prosecutor that he basically wouldn’t look at leather shoes below 1000 yuan. The prosecutor found more than 200 pairs of brand-name leather shoes from his home. Ding Meng claimed that he was a very "demon" and was particularly fond of pointed leather shoes. He had a pair of Gucci leather shoes and bought them for more than 10,000 yuan.

  Besides leather shoes, collecting famous brand clothes is also his hobby. Almost all of the more than 100 clothes in his family are top international brands, such as Armani, Versace, Burberry, etc. A suit of Cavucci in his closet is worth nearly 40,000 yuan. As far as suits are concerned, he won’t buy it below 10,000 yuan. Just after the incident, when the prosecutor questioned him, he said that a Nike T-shirt he was wearing at that time belonged to his cheaper clothes and was worth about 800 yuan.

  But interestingly, because there are too many leather shoes and clothes, he doesn’t have such a big wardrobe and shoe cabinet at home, so he has to put these expensive brand-name leather shoes and clothes into two big woven pockets. What really can’t fit, all open at home. He told the prosecutor that these clothes were never bought in Chongqing. He once said that they were not available in shopping malls in Chongqing, and even if they were available, they were not authentic. Some of his clothes were bought from Hong Kong through friends, and some were bought by himself by flying to Hong Kong. The other part is to log on to the official website of these costumes, look at the styles and order them from the Internet.

  In addition to clothing, Ding Meng’s other hobby is drinking tea. Therefore, he is also very fond of teapot tea sets. He has more than 100 teapot tea sets at home.

  Among these tea sets, the most expensive is 10,000 yuan, with a total value of over 100,000 yuan. (Reporter Yang Ye)

Editor: Gao Song

Shandong International Trade and Investment Innovation Case Exhibition and Exchange Meeting Held in Jinan

Reporter Ren Leilei
On December 19th, the "Exhibition and Exchange Meeting of International Trade and Investment Innovation Cases in Shandong Province in 2023" was held in Jinan, sponsored by Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Popular Newspaper Group and undertaken by Qilu Yidian. The purpose of the conference is to discover and promote a number of replicable and referential international trade and investment innovation cases, sum up experience, build consensus, help enterprises to explore and innovate, strengthen their confidence, and jointly discover, cultivate and store business opportunities.
At present, the world’s century-old changes are accelerating, economic globalization is facing a countercurrent, international trade and investment are under pressure in both directions, and the global innovation map and economic structure are being profoundly adjusted. Enterprises in our province face difficulties, dare to try, keep innovation, forge ahead, and try their best to grab orders, expand markets and stabilize exports. From January to October this year, the total import and export volume of the province increased by 2.8% year-on-year, exports increased by 2.4%, and imports increased by 3.4%.
Meng Xiangdong, Party Secretary and President of Shandong CCPIT, delivered a speech.
Meng Xiangdong, Party Secretary and President of Shandong CCPIT, said that standing at a new historical starting point and shouldering new historical tasks, the CCPIT will base itself on its functional orientation, connect government and enterprises, integrate inside and outside, smooth supply and demand, continue to work hand in hand with the industrial and commercial circles, focus on the two major tasks of "weaving the enterprise network and expanding the circle of international friends", and strive to become the first choice for overseas industrial and commercial circles to enter Shandong and the first channel for Shandong industrial and commercial circles to "go global".
Speech by Bi Sidong, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Popular Newspaper Group
Bi Sidong, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Popular Newspaper Group, reviewed the founding history of Qilu Evening News, and said that Popular Newspaper Group will focus on its main business, aim at building a platform with national influence commensurate with the status of Shandong Province, and drive the group’s new round of reform and innovation with scientific and technological innovation, so as to accelerate the reshaping of the influence of party media in the all-media era. Constantly strengthen reform and innovation, constantly strengthen the strength of the media, and create a good public opinion atmosphere for Shandong’s economic and social development.
Wu Changqi, Professor of Shandong University and Dean of School of Management, delivered a keynote speech.
At the meeting, Wu Changqi, Professor of Shandong University, Dean of School of Management and Executive Deputy Director of Peking University Institute of International Management, gave a keynote speech entitled "Internationalization Development Strategy of China Enterprises in a Multipolar World". He profoundly expounded the challenge of "distance cage" faced by China enterprises to go global from the aspects of cultural distance, institutional distance, geographical distance and economic distance, and put forward his own suggestions on the internationalization development strategy of China enterprises.
It is reported that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong CCPIT. On December 19th, 1978, the provincial party committee and government approved the establishment of Shandong Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Qingdao. Over the past 45 years, the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade has worked hand in hand with enterprises, actively seized the opportunity of economic globalization, effectively responded to the impact of the international financial crisis, and jointly wrote and witnessed one innovation case after another and business legends in the history of opening up in our province.
Representatives from four enterprises, including Lushang Group Freda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong National Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., Jinan Pate Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong Longteng Wood Industry Co., Ltd., shared innovative cases of international trade and investment.
At the meeting, 16 innovative cases of international trade and investment in the province were released. These innovative cases were recommended by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade in 16 cities in Shandong Province and collected by Qilu Yidian. After initial evaluation, re-evaluation, comprehensive expert evaluation opinions and online popularity voting, they were produced. Innovative cases cover traditional manufacturing, high-tech fields, service industries, investment institutions and other fields, and have made progress in international trade and investment innovation, which has a leading role in demonstration.

Do you know all the cold knowledge about World Football Day?


World Football Day

These world cup cold knowledge

Do you know all about it?

Although the cold winter is coming, the football enthusiasm has not diminished. Tonight we will have a wonderful match between Croatia and Brazil, and today is the World Football Day recognized by the United Nations. Come and learn about the cold knowledge about the World Cup with Xiaobian and feel the charm of football!

Why is this year’s World Cup in winter?

In the past memory, the World Cup is always associated with summer, full of sweat, passion, beer and cheers. This time, however, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was held in winter, which was mainly due to the Qatari climate.

Qatar is located in the desert area of the Middle East, with a tropical desert climate. In summer, the temperature is generally 25-46 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature can soar above 50 degrees Celsius. This is really too hot for a player who wants to run for 90 minutes, and there is even the danger of heatstroke.

Of course, even in winter, the highest temperature in Qatar at the end of November can exceed 30℃, but the stadiums in Qatar are basically equipped with cooling systems to ensure that football players can play at a suitable temperature.

Why do players spit water?

This scene often occurs in football matches. Players take a sip of water and then spit it out immediately like gargling. Many friends will misunderstand when watching the ball. "Why do they spit everywhere?"

In fact, this is a way for players to drink water. The professional name is "carbohydrate gargle", which can effectively improve sports performance and relieve sports fatigue. It is a "scientific plug-in" for athletes on the field. They need to cheat their brains in this way without affecting their state, in order to quickly restore their physical functions and continue to play.

Why is there no British team in the World Cup?

There is no British team in the World Cup because there is no only football association in Britain.

In 1863, Britain, as the birthplace of modern football, established the world’s first football association: the English Football Association. In 1886, the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland jointly established the World Football Council and made unified rules. Later, FIFA generally joined football associations everywhere, so four football teams in Britain were invited to participate in the World Cup, namely, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is offside?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in full swing, attracting countless fans to watch. In the first half of Argentina’s game against Saudi Arabia, it was blown offside six times, which made people confused. Many new fans will ask a question, what is offside?

Offside refers to the moment when the attacker passes the ball, the receiver stands closer to the goal than the penultimate defender, and at the same time closer to the opponent’s goal than the ball, and tries to prepare for the attack from this position. In other words, offside is an act that has a clear purpose, produces intentions quickly and puts them into practice. On the court, it is often seen that players are sentenced to offside because they start too fast and fall into the offside trap of their opponents.

The offside rule was formulated by the British Football Association in 1870. In the football match at that time, the audience often saw such a scene: when one side launched an attack, most of the attacking players had gathered in front of the other side, ready to start shooting when they received the ball, so the game between the two teams was mainly concentrated in front of the goal, and there was little wonderful cooperation. The offside rule is precisely to adjust this excessively unbalanced offensive and defensive relationship and make the game more exciting.

Source: Yellow River News Network

Martin Sr: I was moved by Messi’s America’s Cup speech. The save against Muani was the best in my career.

Live on March 11th, emiliano Martinez recently accepted an exclusive interview with Goal Net. He said that Messi’s speech before the Copa America final almost made him cry, and that the last-minute save in the World Cup final might be the best save of his career.

Martinez said: "Messi’s speech before the America’s Cup final really touched me. I really felt like crying because Messi mentioned my daughter. My wife gave birth to our daughter 10 days before the America’s Cup final, so Messi mentioned’ Martinez hasn’t even met his newborn daughter, just to be with us, so we have to make sure to win this championship for him’. Macy said these words … which really gave you goose bumps. For me, it was a wonderful beginning of that day. "

When talking about saving Muani in the final stage of the World Cup finals, Martinez said: "When I lie in bed and close my eyes, I will think,’ What if that goal is scored? I couldn’t dwell on it during the game because everything happened so fast. After Lori kicked out, we headed back, konate kicked out again, and then suddenly Muani got the chance to face me alone. Under normal circumstances, I would attack, but I was calm at that time, and I chose to wait for Muani. "

"I put a little pressure on it, and you can see my left arm and left foot reaching near the post, because I’m praying that the ball will go there. I didn’t move my face. I closed my eyes and said to myself,’ Please hit me’, and it did. "

"I haven’t moved my face. If the ball hits my nose, it will be better, you know, so as to ensure that it doesn’t fly into the goal. This may be the best save in my football career."

JD.COM Group released Q4 and annual financial report: jingdong cloud laid out industrial AI to promote artificial intelligence landing industry.

JD.COM Group (NASDAQ: JD, HKEx: 9618) released its fourth quarter and annual results in 2022, with annual net income exceeding one trillion yuan. In the fourth quarter, its net service income was 57.8 billion yuan (about 8.4 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 40.3%. Jingdong cloud, as the core brand of technology and services provided by JD.COM, continues to exert its cutting-edge technology and digital infrastructure to boost the real economy to achieve high-quality growth with the ability of digital intelligence supply chain.

Since the comprehensive transformation to technology in early 2017, JD.COM system has invested nearly 100 billion yuan in technology, continuously strengthened its own technical capabilities and industrial digitalization capabilities, and provided technology and services to the outside world with jingdong cloud as its core brand. In the field of AIGC and big model, jingdong cloud’s artificial intelligence application platform of Yanxi is preparing for the industrial version of ChatGPT to accelerate the landing of artificial intelligence technology in the industry. At present, Yanxi virtual anchor has served more than 4,000 brands; JD.COM Exploration Institute upgraded the model of the Weaver Girl, and topped the list of SuperGLUE, an international authoritative task evaluation for complex language understanding.

Jingdong cloud continued to dig deep into cutting-edge technology, and the Weaver Girl model topped the national list again.

In the basic model of common language understanding, JD.COM Exploration Institute upgraded the Vega v2 model with larger scale, stronger performance and better mobility. This model can be widely used in many downstream natural language processing tasks, such as sentiment analysis, semantic matching, grammar correction, intelligent question answering, common sense reasoning and so on. On the SuperGLUE list of international authoritative complex language understanding task evaluation, Vega v2 model surpassed top international institutions such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and OpenAI, and topped the world with an average score of 91.3.

This is not the first time that the Weaver Girl model has won the championship. Vega v1 ranked first in the top test GLUE in the global natural language processing field with a total average score of 91.3. Vega-MT also won 7 track titles in WMT2022 International Machine Translation Evaluation. The winning of Vega series models proves that JD.COM Exploration Institute’s multilingual natural language processing technology is leading in the field of super deep learning.

Jingdong cloud exports industrial AI capabilities, and digital intelligence technology helps thousands of industries to grow with high quality.

Jingdong cloud’s artificial intelligence application platform is preparing for the industrial version of ChatGPT, and has announced the "125" plan of landing application roadmap. JD.COM will focus on two advantageous industries, namely retail and finance, and carry out technical research around five types of applications: content generation, man-machine dialogue, user intention understanding, information extraction and emotion classification, so as to accelerate the development and landing of artificial intelligence technology in China with the strength of industrial AI and promote the development of real economy.

In the field of digital people, jingdong cloud has launched the virtual anchor of Yanxi. Driven by AI, the virtual anchor of Yanxi has a changeable image, a voice comparable to that of a real person, and a wealth of e-commerce knowledge accumulation. At present, it has interacted smoothly with the audience in hundreds of brand live broadcast rooms, widely serving 3C home appliances, beauty cosmetics, maternal and child, pets, home and other stores, and providing digital anchor services for many well-known brands such as Lenovo, Nut and Yili, bringing millions of GMV growth every day.

Jingdong cloud, as a "more industry-aware" cloud, will not only deepen its technology and maintain its leading position in the industry, but also rely on its own practical experience in the industry to continuously precipitate technology into services and land in major industrial scenes, so as to build an efficient driving force for thousands of industries to build a digital and intelligent supply chain, promote the construction of a modern industrial system and help the industry rebuild its global competitiveness.