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There are differences between boys and girls who have just started kindergarten, and you may have overlooked the details of their growth.

Original title: There are differences between boys and girls who just went to kindergarten. You may have overlooked the details of the child’s growth.

When the baby grows up to about 3 years old, parents and friends need to send the baby to the kindergarten. During the period of sending the baby to the kindergarten to study, many parents and friends will find such a phenomenon.

There will be some big differences between boys and girls. Besides the gender differences, other differences are also very big. For example, the following four differences are particularly obvious in many boys and girls who have just entered the park.

For a baby of about 3 years old, actually speaking to the baby is more mature than that of a boy. This is mainly because girls’ natural language ability is better than that of boys. This is what people commonly say, girls should mature earlier.

Therefore, after discovering this phenomenon, parents and friends should not worry too much, because this is a normal physiological development process. If you want to change this phenomenon, you must carry out specific voice training for your baby.

For a 3-year-old male baby, it is better than a girl in sports ability, but in some fine movements, the advantage of a 3-year-old female baby is bigger, which is actually the main influence of gender.

As a male, the male baby is stronger, and naturally lively and active, so it is very normal that the athletic ability is stronger than that of the female baby, while the female baby has an advantage over the male baby in some fine movements because of its natural meticulous mind.

For the baby who just entered the kindergarten, the adaptability has developed to a certain extent, but there are some differences between male and female babies.

For example, boys around 3 years old are more sensitive to moving objects, which explains why many boys like cars very much. For female babies, more attention is paid to color and texture, which explains why female babies prefer clothes.

For 3-year-old babies, kindergartens spend most of their time playing games, but the content of games between boys and girls is quite different.

For example, boys around 3 years old prefer fighting in games, while girls pay more attention to the inner content of games, so boys prefer running and jumping games, while girls prefer playing family games.

Therefore, after entering the kindergarten, boys and girls around 3 years old will definitely show a variety of different performances. In fact, this is very normal, so parents and friends don’t have to worry too much.

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How did the zodiac come from? Why is the rat the first?

Source: Economic Daily
Time is slowly moving forward, and the Spring Festival is coming. According to the year of the zodiac, 2020 should be the year of the rat in the lunar calendar. Similarly, according to the year of birth, we all have a "genus". So, how did the zodiac come from? Why does the seemingly unremarkable mouse rank first?
The "Evolution History" of the Zodiac: It has been recorded in the pre-Qin period.
The zodiac, also known as the "animal sign", includes rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs and pigs. They have a long history, and as early as the pre-Qin period, relevant records appeared in ancient books.
Data Map: The picture shows the element light group in the Year of the Rat. Yu Jing photo
In December 1975, two batches of bamboo slips of Qin Dynasty were excavated in Yunmeng Sleeping Tiger Land, Hubei Province. Among them, the contents of "thief" in "Japanese Book" are close to those in the zodiac, such as "son, mouse, thief with sharp mouth and rare beard; Ugly, cattle, thieves have a big nose and a long neck … "
By the Han Dynasty, the zodiac was basically shaped. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wang Chong wrote Lun Heng, in which he mentioned: "Yin, Mu Ye, its birds and tigers are also … Hai, Shui Ye, its birds and dragons are also ……", which stated the twelve zodiac signs and the corresponding twelve earthly branches.
With the passage of time, the sayings about the Chinese zodiac have been improved, gradually accepted by people and passed down to this day.
For example, in the Southern Dynasties, Shen Jiong wrote a poem "Twelve Genus", in which he wrote: "The case of mice and dust, cattle and sheep came down at dusk. The tiger roars in an empty valley, and the rabbit opens to the window. Dragon Ji is far green, while snake willow lingers near. Malan Fang is far away, and sheep are planted in spring. The monkey chestnut shames the fragrant fruit, and the chicken’s feet lead to a clear cup. The dog is pregnant with things, and the pig is stupid. "
How did the zodiac come from?
People can always talk about the anecdotes of the zodiac, but their origin is still inconclusive.
Data Map: The auspicious paper-cut of the Year of the Rat is eye-catching in the exhibition. Photo by Tang Yanjun
There is a saying that the zodiac culture originated from totem culture and has different symbolic meanings: since ancient times, different tribes have their own animals to worship, such as cattle, which is a symbol of farming society. According to legend, Emperor Yan of Shennong is a "cow’s head", so the descendants of Emperor Yan take cows as totems.
Others said that the zodiac originated from animal worship. In primitive society, human productivity is very poor. Livestock such as pigs, cows and sheep are closely related to farming activities. Animals such as tigers and snakes may threaten people’s own safety, and people will feel fear … All these reasons eventually lead to the formation of the zodiac.
In addition, some scholars put forward a view: the zodiac is not only related to real animals, but also has an "astronomical" background, which is related to the ancient people’s association with the stars. Wu Ma, Chen Long and Yin Hu are related to the images of these constellations.
Of course, there is also the saying that "the zodiac is foreign", but it has not been widely recognized.
Why do rats rank first in the zodiac?
As a symbol system of chronology, the mouse, which seems inconspicuous and a little annoying, ranks first among them. Why?
Data Map: The colored lights in the shape of cartoon mice are very eye-catching. Photo by Luo Bo
Ancient scholars in China once explained it from the perspective of twelve o’clock a day and night. When heaven and earth are in chaos, rats just come out in the middle of the night and bite out a gap between heaven and earth, that is, "rats bite the sky", so they belong to rats; After the beginning of the world, people had to farm for a living, and cows were the main force of farming at that time, so ugliness corresponded to cows and so on.
People in China believe that mice have strong reproductive ability, and the ancients expected the reproduction of life and the prosperity of extended families, so they came up with the fertility concept of many children and many blessings. In Ren Yu’s Atlas of the Twelve Zodiacs at the end of the Qing Dynasty, five rats were grabbing melon seeds in a jar, and "seed" has the same sound as "zi" and also stands for "many children".
There was another interesting question before: Why are there no cats in the zodiac? In fact, the answer is very simple. Cats originated in Egypt, and the Chinese zodiac was introduced to China after it was finalized, so there is no way to include them.
Zodiac rats in legends and stories
However, mice are not always stealthy in ancient legends, stories or books.
Data Map: Cao Zhenrong, the inheritance artist of Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern, shows his design and production of the "mouse in the palm" mini lantern. Photo by Luo Bo
There is also a novel in the late Qing Dynasty called "The Biography of the Eight Immortals", which also mentions a legend related to rats: in a big flood, the bridge was washed away, and rats bridged the bridge to save people, and finally they exhausted their strength and were swallowed up by the flood. The immortal was moved, gave the mouse a fairy fruit, and accepted it as a disciple, and finally helped the mouse become immortal.
In addition, there was a book in the Qing Dynasty called "Dream Garden", which recorded that there was a toy in eastern Guangdong called "suncus murinus", which sounded like counting money. Rats can make a sound like counting money. In the old days, some places used this sound as a sign of good luck. In auspicious New Year pictures, paper-cuts and lanterns, there are also mouse images.
In fact, to a certain extent, the zodiac is a vivid representative of the twelve earthly branches, each with rich legends, and then gradually merged with some folk beliefs. In modern society, they are also regarded as the mascots of the Spring Festival.

Ten beautiful classical music, feel the charm of classical music.

Classical music is a window of time, through which we can travel through time and space and feel the masterpieces created by composers in different cultures and historical periods. The following are ten intoxicating classical music, let us swim in the beauty of the world with the rhythm of music.

1. dvorak’s Ninth Symphony Dvorak wrote this symphony in new york, USA. The beautiful melody in the second movement makes people feel the composer’s loneliness in a foreign country and his deep yearning for his hometown. The majestic beginning of the fourth movement seems to be an ode to the new era, reminiscent of the theme melody of Peking Man in new york.

2. Handel’s Water Music For the summer concert on the Thames, Handel composed a series of orchestral music, which is famous for its beautiful melodies. These tracks are played on the Thames cruise ship, hence the name "water music".

3. Chopin’s Nocturne in G Minor Chopin spent his short life in Paris, and his serenade made people feel the elegance and romance of Paris salons in the 19th century, as if they were walking among the falling buttonwood leaves on the banks of the Seine.

4. Mendelssohn’s "Venice Boat Song" Selected from Mendelssohn’s 48 Songs Without Words, this song is as beautiful and lyrical as a song, showing Mendelssohn’s unique creative style.

5. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata "Moonlight Song" is famous for its melodious melody and deep emotion, and it is one of Beethoven’s most classic works. The first movement "Adagio" expresses tranquility and beauty, but also contains a trace of melancholy and meditation.

6. Smetana’s Voltava River From Smetana’s symphony suite "My Motherland", this piece of music depicts the state of a river through music, showing the soothing power.

7. Bizet’s "The Girl in Alai City" Originally Bicai’s opera, it was later adapted into a suite, the most famous of which is the minuet in the second suite, which has a strong Parisian flavor.

8. Grieg’s Song of Solvig Selected from Grieg’s "Pearl Gold" suite, this touching instrumental music is full of sadness and hope, vast and deep.

9. Shostakovich’s "The Second Waltz" Selected from Shostakovich’s "Second Jazz Suite", it is full of rich Russian amorous feelings and makes people feel the scene of the grand waltz ball.

10. johann strauss’s The Story of the Vienna Forest This waltz expresses Johann Strauss II’s pride and love for Vienna, and outlines the life atmosphere of Vienna more than 100 years ago.

These ten classical music works, like a door to different cultures and historical periods, allow us to cross between notes and feel the colorful music world. With the melody rippling, it seems to be able to travel through time and space, blend into that wonderful music picture, and enjoy swimming in the melody of the world.

What is culture? Culture can nourish heart and ambition.

Culture is not knowledge, culture is the pursuit of beauty! Expressed in more concise words, it can be abbreviated as: culture is the sum of language and words.

"Culture" can be expressed in four sentences:

1. Self-cultivation rooted in the heart:

Self-cultivation can be divided into two main contents. First, knowledge literacy is reflected in a person’s IQ; The second is humanistic accomplishment, which is reflected in a person’s emotional intelligence. Therefore, self-cultivation is improved through learning and cultivation the day after tomorrow, so as to achieve the realm of internalization in the heart, externalization in behavior, and integration of knowledge and practice.

2, don’t need to remind others consciously:

Self-awareness means that you know something and take the initiative to do it. The difference between humans and animals is that there are two lives: one is the life of the body; The second is the life of culture. Take away the "culture" tendon, people are just ordinary animals, and people are conscious.

3. Freedom on the premise of constraint:

Freedom is self-determined, without restrictions and constraints. The freedom advocated is a kind of freedom that is harmless to others in society, and it is based on goodness and justice. We should realize that freedom not only means the desire to be liberated from bondage, but also means the responsibility to respect the value of others’ existence. Only within reasonable limits and by using reasonable means can we achieve real freedom.

4. Kindness for others:

The first paragraph of the classic of Chinese studies "San Zi Jing" says: "beginning of life, human nature is good. Sex is similar and learning is far away. " This means that when people are born, their nature is good and their temperament is very similar. But with the different changes and influences of their living environment, everyone’s habits will be different.

If you treat others well, others will treat you well. If you are full of kindness, you can warm the people around you. In daily life and work, it is necessary to be helpful and kind to others, unite with leaders and colleagues, actively create a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and construct harmonious interpersonal relationships.

According to the traditional concept of human beings, culture is a social phenomenon, which is the product of long-term human creation, but also a historical phenomenon and the accumulation of human society and history. To be exact, culture is the way of thinking, values, lifestyle, behavior norms, art and culture, science and technology of a country or a nation that can be passed down and spread. It is a universally recognized ideology that can be passed down for human communication and a sublimation of perceptual knowledge and experience of the objective world.

Culture is the total system of symbols (mainly words, supplemented by images) and sounds (mainly language, supplemented by phonology and notes) created and commonly recognized and used by people in the process of constantly knowing and transforming themselves and nature.

Culture, the afterlife of this life, is the behavior of some people to carry out their life beliefs. When the noblest place in a person’s temperament blooms in all aspects of life, when a person’s aesthetic taste is enough to give life a kind of elegance and flavor-that is culture.

Culture is the best nourishment.

Everything in the world is supported.

The grass and trees are in the wild, and the rain and dew are born to help; Body and mind are in the study, and kissing ink can nourish them.

If the study is a person’s spiritual sanctuary, then the long thing in the study is the pearl in this sanctuary.

Ancestors said: when writing, you can raise pens, when grinding, you can raise ink, when washing, you can raise paper.

When the library is in the library, the supplies of the study room can be spent over the years; If you are always close to things, your body and mind will be spiritually influenced.

Culture is the best nourishment.

The nourishment of life comes from the pursuit of life interest, but also from the immersion of long things.

In the rooms of ancient literati in China, there must be pens, ink, paper and inkstone for the case, and piano, chess, books and paintings for the lent. Besides, there are all kinds of elegant things.

Nowadays, when we see these old things in the study from a distance, we can hear the excited voices of the ancients and see their sincere faces as long as we understand them with our hearts.

They camped in the study, or played in Tibet, or lived in seclusion … and nourished by culture, which built a bright world for us.

Playing with Wen Zang can nourish the heart.

Culture is formed over time, and the way to hide and play can nourish the heart.

Elegance and vulgarity are often the first criterion in the way literati look at artifacts.

Whenever you see a thing, you should judge its advantages and disadvantages, define the realm of elegance with the mind of a gentleman, and create a true rhyme and taste that conforms to the literati’s aesthetics.

There are many beautiful things in the room, and the world is better than Taoyuan.

In the name of the post, the truth is orderly, and Mo Chi is fragrant; Appreciate the boxing stone, clear the supply, exquisite smoke and clouds, and the muscles and bones are towering;

Product green grass and bamboo, elegant room, case into a secluded field; Virtual Lu Qing Kuang, sitting in the dust to release concerns, elegant things Ming Zhen Yun;

Open-minded, all wonderful; Xuan Lang in Zhang’s room is natural and unrestrained.

By writing things in style, you can nourish your spirit.

Gewu, when there is an aesthetic seed, nourishes itself from the traditional scale.

Ancestors said: the piano is silent, the staff is light, the cup is elegant, the bamboo is cold, and the stone is impressive …

In addition to leisure and entertainment, there is a poetic charm in the study, which makes people physically and mentally idle.

If you do what you want from your heart, you will be a man, and you will not be detained, but you will not go beyond the rules.

It is the highest state to understand the nature within a certain statute, conform to the rules and set an example for future generations.

From things and devices, from devices and people, we can make our conscience in things and nourish our true qi in edification.

Living in seclusion with literature can raise your ambition.

China’s philosophy is a philosophy of leisure, and living in leisure can raise one’s ambition.

As the poet Ni Si said:

Reading books on righteousness and reasoning, learning the words of calligraphy and calligraphy, sitting quietly, talking with friends, drinking half drunk, watering flowers and planting bamboo, listening to the piano and playing with cranes, burning incense and frying tea, and going to the city to watch the mountains mean playing chess. Apart from the above, although I have other pleasures, it is not easy for me.

Life is leisure, and long things are companions. Whether reading, posting, burning incense, playing the piano, playing chess or drinking tea, long things in the study are the carriers.

Getting a period of leisure and happiness constitutes a brilliant aesthetic philosophy, which affects the world’s pursuit of leisure and elegance.

Today, we are far away from the luxury of spirit, and today’s dignitaries and rich people do not have such a life, because cultural life is not only material wealth, but also spiritual nobility, which is a real affair.

In this sense, the pursuit of beauty with culture is to immerse beauty in life.

If life is a flower, then culture is soil. May you and I live in peace in our daily life and drop the seeds of beauty and bloom the most wonderful flower.


43-year-old Angel is thin, and her facial features are still pure and beautiful, but her side is flatter than that of men.

Angel, who hasn’t appeared in front of the public for a long time, was recently photographed by the audience while visiting the vegetable market. In the photo, she is much thinner than before, with obvious blue veins on her hands, and even her figure has become more and more flat!

On that day, Angel wore a black short sleeve, green-brown trousers, a pair of glasses on her face and a yellow bag. Although her dress was not particularly foreign, her overall temperament was still very good ~

Angel, born in 1980, is 43 years old this year. In recent years, she has basically stopped filming. When she has nothing to do, she spends time with her parents and son, sharing some cooking methods and experiences on short videos from time to time, which has gained a lot of fans.

Compared with the appearance of pure flowers when she was young, now Angel often wears big-rimmed glasses, which is very literary. If everyone doesn’t know her and know that she is an actress, she will definitely think that she is a Chinese or math teacher!

And now the life in Angel is very comfortable. When there are activities in the circle, she occasionally goes to participate. When there are no activities in the circle, she stays in her hometown in Dalian. On weekdays, she doesn’t even wear makeup. For example, when she was photographed going to the vegetable market to buy food this time, she was not afraid of many people, and she didn’t care that she was a female star. She went into battle without makeup, and even the clothing mix was very casual!

From the photos of Angel sent by the people in the vegetable market, we can see that there is no trace of filter, which is the most real picture. At the age of 43, there is no makeup and no beauty. It can be said that the photos taken can have this effect, and the state is very real!

It can be seen from the picture that Angel’s plain face is very capable of playing, and there is no dead angle on her face. No matter from which angle she takes pictures, she looks perfect, even if she is over 40, she is still full of pure breath.

The only fly in the ointment is Angel’s figure, which is too rigid. Because of the thinness, the whole figure line is very smooth from the side, and there is no curvy feeling of other women, but it doesn’t matter. After all, Angel will never get married again now, so it doesn’t matter!

When buying vegetables, Angel is very grounded. As long as there is only one onion, she should use it reasonably even if she has money, and never buy too much waste. She is a woman who will be diligent and keep a house!

When facing the camera, Angel also smiled brilliantly, saying that he also let people photograph the dishes he bought. Although there are many styles, the quantity is not large. It depends on the situation that he will come out to visit the vegetable market every day!

Now that Dingding, the son of Angel and Pan Yueming, has grown up, Angel will be able to do her own thing. According to her current video posting standards, she will definitely become an excellent food blogger in the future!

Through trading and signing, the Rockets have greatly improved their strength and are expected to return to the playoffs. Clippers trade with rockets to strengthen backcourt combination.

The Rockets injected fresh blood into the team through trading and signing this summer and refused to continue to play badly. This series of actions not only shows the determination and wisdom of the team management, but also brings new hope to the fans. First of all, the Rockets showed superb negotiation skills and vision in the trading market. They successfully traded some veteran players and players with heavy contracts, freeing up space and funds for the team. At the same time, they also got some potential young players by trading, which laid the foundation for the future development of the team. Secondly, the signing of the Rockets in the free market is also very accurate. They chose players who can complement the existing lineup of the team instead of blindly pursuing big-name stars. This rational choice has improved the overall strength of the team and maintained the stability of the team. In addition, the performance of the Rockets in the draft is also commendable. They used the high draft pick to select some promising rookie players, which provided more possibilities for the team’s future construction. At the same time, they also gained more draft picks through strategic transactions, which laid the foundation for the future development of the team. The actions of the Rockets this summer showed the determination and wisdom of their management. They injected fresh blood into the team through trading and signing, and refused to continue to put a bad situation. This change has made the fans see hope and are full of expectations for the future of the team.

The Rockets have introduced new players and made outstanding performances in the draft, and their strength has been greatly improved, which is expected to return to the playoffs. In recent years, Houston Rockets have been famous for their powerful offensive ability. However, in last season, the team’s performance on the defensive end exposed some problems, which led to their failure to achieve the expected results. In order to change this situation, the Rockets have carried out a series of important signings and draft work during the offseason, and their efforts seem to be beginning to see results gradually. First of all, the Rockets made a wise decision in introducing new players. They signed an experienced inside player, adding stability to the team’s defensive end. This player has excellent rebounding and blocking ability, which will provide more second attack opportunities for the Rockets and effectively protect the basket. In addition, the Rockets also added an all-round perimeter player, whose shooting skills and organizational ability will bring new choices to the offensive end of the team. In addition to introducing new players, the Rockets have also made remarkable achievements in the draft. They chose a young player with great potential in the draft, who has excellent physical quality and technical level. His joining will provide more scoring points for the Rockets and become one of the core of the team in the future. Through the introduction of new players and outstanding performance in the draft, the strength of the Rockets has been significantly improved. Their improvement on the defensive end will make the team more threatening in front of opponents, while the addition of new players will bring more diversity and flexibility to the offensive end of the team.These changes make people have greater expectations for the Rockets to return to the playoffs in the new season. However, we should also keep a rational attitude. Basketball game is a team sport, which needs every link of the team to play its best to achieve success. The Rockets still need time to get used to new players and integrate the tactical system. In addition, the competition of other teams is fierce, and they are also trying to improve their own strength. Therefore, it is not easy for the Rockets to return to the playoffs. They need the efforts and tenacious struggle of the whole team. The Rockets made a wise decision in introducing new players and their performance in the draft, and their strength has been significantly improved. Although it is not easy to return to the playoffs, we have reason to hope that the Rockets will achieve better results in the new season.

The Rockets are young and talented, and it will be well known in the future playoffs. Houston Rockets are one of the high-profile teams in the NBA. In recent years, the Rockets have emerged many talented young players, whose potential and strength are remarkable, bringing infinite hope to the team. First of all, we have to mention the Rockets point guard john wall. As a young player, Wall showed amazing organizational skills and leadership. His decision-making ability and passing skills on the court are amazing. Wall’s outstanding performance makes people full of confidence in him, believing that he will become one of the core players of the Rockets in the future. In addition, the Rockets have a very promising young forward Kevin Porter. Porter is famous for his excellent shooting ability and strong rebounding ability. His physical fitness and basketball talent make him an all-round player. Porter’s joining has injected fresh blood into the Rockets and provided more choices for the offensive end of the team. Of course, besides Wall and Porter, the Rockets have other young players, such as Nicholson, Bruno Cabaco and Terrence godwin. These young players have shown excellent potential and strength, and their growth will bring infinite possibilities for the future of the Rockets. However, to succeed in the playoffs, it is not enough to rely solely on young players. The Rockets also need an experienced leader to lead them. At present, the Rockets are actively looking for a suitable veteran player to join in order to provide stable leadership and experience.Such players can help young players better adapt to high-intensity games and play a role at critical moments. To sum up, the young talented players of the Rockets have brought people infinite expectations. Their potential and strength make people believe that the Rockets will enter the playoffs in the future and have the opportunity to compete for higher honor. Of course, to achieve this goal, the Rockets also need to pay attention to the overall construction and training of the team, and at the same time find an experienced leader player to lead them.

The NBA playoffs are over, and teams are preparing for the lineup adjustment next season. Recently, it was reported that the Houston Rockets intended to trade Porter Jr. to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Norman, Powell and the first round signing in 2029. Porter Jr. is a young and promising player. He showed excellent shooting ability and offensive skills last season. However, in the strategic planning of the new season, the Rockets may think that Porter Jr. is not suitable for their team style, so they decided to trade it out. The Clippers are a competitive team, and they hope to enhance their offensive strength by introducing Porter Jr. Potter’s shooting ability will provide more scoring options for the Clippers and increase the offensive changes of the team. At the same time, the Rockets will get two players, Norman and Powell, both of whom have rich NBA experience. Norman is an all-around defender. He can play a variety of roles on the court and inject vitality into the team. Powell is an inside player, and his physical fitness and offensive ability under the basket will bring more inside threats to the Rockets. In addition, the Rockets will win the first round of signing in 2029, which is of great significance for the team’s future construction. By introducing new young players, the Rockets can further cultivate their potential and lay a solid foundation for the team’s long-term development. This transaction is a win-win result for both the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Rockets obtained players who are more suitable for their strategic planning through trading, and laid the foundation for future construction.The Clippers, on the other hand, enhance their offensive strength and competitiveness by introducing Porter Jr.

Recently, the Clippers were reported to be interested in getting Houston Rockets superstar james harden. However, due to the lack of chips, this transaction does not seem easy to complete. However, the Clippers were not discouraged, and they began to look for other players who fit the needs of the team, and Porter Jr. became the focus of their attention. As a young and powerful player, Potter Jr. has shown remarkable potential in the past season. He performs well on the offensive end, has excellent shooting feel and scoring ability, and can be the third scoring point of the Clippers. At the same time, Potter also showed a good performance on the defensive end. His height and wingspan made him an excellent rebounder and shot blocking expert. The Clippers need Porter Jr. not only because of his personal ability, but also because he fits well with the Clippers’ style of play. As a team famous for its quick attack and team basketball, the Clippers need a player who can adapt quickly and cooperate with his teammates. Porter Jr. is such a player. His flexibility and excellent technical ability enable him to quickly integrate into the team system and bring more points and control to the team. Of course, it is not easy for the Clippers to get Potter. Other teams are also interested in him, and the Denver Nuggets, as the original home of Potter, also intend to keep the young player. Therefore, the Clippers need to pay a certain price to get Potter successfully. Despite this, the Clippers will not back down. They have made it clear that they are willing to make every effort to improve the team’s strength.If they fina

The addition of Porter Jr. has brought strong offensive strength to the Los Angeles Clippers, and also created a strong backcourt combination for the team. Teaming up with Westbrook, Potter Jr. will become an important firepower point for the Clippers’ attack. First of all, Potter Jr. is famous for his excellent scoring ability. He can contribute 20+ points per game last season, and his shooting is accurate, which can create threats to opponents from all angles. Moreover, Potter Jr. is an excellent three-point shooter, and his shooting percentage is as high as 40%. This makes him a very reliable outside scorer and can provide the Clippers with stable long-range shooting ability. In addition, little Potter also has excellent breakthrough ability and extraordinary skills. His physical condition is superior, he is fast and explosive, and he can easily break through the opponent’s defensive line and score in the penalty area. His passing skills are also excellent, and he can get past his opponents by means of changing direction and feinting, creating more scoring opportunities. With Westbrook, Potter’s advantages will be better played. Westbrook, as an all-around defender, has excellent organizational ability and rebounding ability. He can provide more opportunities for Potter on the offensive end and form a tacit cooperation with him. Their speed and explosiveness also complement each other. They can disrupt their opponents’ defense through high-speed transition attack and create more fast break scoring opportunities. All in all, the addition of Potter makes the Los Angeles Clippers more powerful on the offensive end. His partnership with Westbrook will be a highlight of the team and bring great pressure to the opponent. As their tacit understanding becomes higher and higher,The Clippers’ offensive strength is bound to by going up one flight of stairs.

Potter’s joining the Los Angeles Clippers is undoubtedly an important turning point. As a young and promising player, he will bring new vitality and offensive firepower to the team. Porter Jr. showed excellent performance last season, and his shooting skills and scoring ability were impressive. After joining the Clippers, he has the opportunity to work with the superstars in the team, which will further enhance his technical level and competition experience. For the Clippers, Potter’s joining also means that they are actively building the future team. With the gradual retirement of veterans, the team needs young and potential players to take over, and Porter Jr. is just such a candidate. His arrival gave the team more choices and possibilities, but also injected new blood into the team. As a future player, Porter Jr. has huge room for growth. Given enough time and opportunities, I believe he will become an indispensable core of the team. On the other hand, Powell’s participation is also of great significance to the Houston Rockets. As an experienced player, he has excellent leadership and guidance ability on the court. His experience and insights on the team will play a positive guiding role for young players. Powell is not only an excellent player, but also an example and mentor. His joining will inject new vitality into the Rockets and provide valuable experience support for the team’s development. The joining of Potter and Powell is of great significance to the Clippers and the Rockets. Their existence will bring new opportunities and possibilities to the team and lay a solid foundation for its future development.Whether young and promising Potter or experienced Powell, they will become an indispensable part of the team.

Thank you for reading this article, hoping to show you the important measures and changes of the Rockets this summer.

Manchester United is determined to solve the problem! Serie A 40 million frontrunners+Kane forced to go to the shire.

Manchester United has made remarkable progress under the leadership of Tenghahe this season, but the weakness of the front still plagues Manchester United, which is anxious to revive.

The data is the most convincing. They scored 51 goals in 35 Premier League games, averaging 1.45 goals per game, while Manchester City scored 92 goals in 35 games, averaging 2.63 goals per game.

Rachford, the top scorer of Manchester United, is good enough, but he has only scored 18 goals so far, which is far from Tenhah’s 36 goals.

Strengthening the strength of the front line has become Manchester United’s first choice next season. The Times reported that Manchester United had targeted two strikers.

Their number one prey must be Kane. Although Kane is 30 years old, he has scored 27 goals this season and is still a prolific striker.

Tottenham Hotspur is another four-empty season, and Kane has already had the idea of a transfer. Manchester United is a good choice. I just hope Kane won’t stage a farce of failing to move to Manchester City.

Another target for Manchester United is Danish striker Heilund of Serie A Atalanta. Last summer, Atlanta bought the 20-year-old soccer potential star for 17 million euros.

He is a traditional center with good back skills, and scored 7 goals in 29 Serie A appearances. Now he is worth 40 million pounds, and Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan are also among the competitors.

Once United win Kane and Heylund, Marchal will definitely leave.

The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 2-1 at home 111-101, Morant scored 45 points and James was severely hit.

Dillon Brooks, This Is For You!

When the first quarter of Lakers Vs Grizzlies ended today, the score of 35-9 was matched with Dillon Brooks’ stiff expression on the bench. There is no better way to "speak with the game".

After winning the second game, he made a mockery of lebron james with a big mouth, and his face was too ugly.

Then today’s Grizzlies came up and were beaten by the Lakers with a single-quarter difference record (26 points) in playoff history.

People can’t help but think of the famous line in "Bright Sword":

"Xie Baoqing, Xie Baoqing, why do you say you provoke Li Yunlong?"

This game is the first time for the Lakers to welcome the audience to participate in the playoffs in Staples since 2013 (the 20-21 season was partially allowed), and the momentum shown by the Lakers after the opening not only stunned the Grizzlies, but also made the home fans high.

Of course, Morant, the Grizzlies’ main player, came back with an injury today, and the team didn’t want to give up easily. From the second quarter, the grizzly bear began a long journey to fill the pit.

In this section, Morant scored 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in a single quarter, gradually bringing the Grizzlies back to the game. However, when the Grizzlies hit 28-18 in a single quarter and narrowed the difference by 37-53 at the end of the half-time, Tommy Tam was alive again.

At the beginning of the second half, he violently hit LeBron’s "Little James" between his legs when he returned to the defense. As tough as LeBron, he fell to the ground.

Recently, it was the outlet for the League to crack down on the "fork". Harden was just punished two days ago, and Tommy Tam dared to hit the gun at this time, which is worthy of the title of "brain-dead".

The referee also satisfied him and directly left the game for a second-class malicious foul.

In this case, the Lakers played a slightly conservative way, and did not respond resolutely to the attack of the Grizzlies. Fortunately, Thick Eyebrows scored 15 points and 4 rebounds in this section to hold the opponent’s onslaught. The Lakers still lead 88-68 after three quarters.

However, it still gave the Grizzlies, especially Morant, hope to overtake. Morant, who was injured in the fourth quarter, completely started the "Bear King" mode. In this quarter, he made 9 of 12 shots, 6 of 3 shots and 4 of 22 points in a single quarter, and the immortal ball kept on leading the Grizzlies to fight back strongly, once catching up with 99-108 and reducing it to single digits.

However, the pit was dug too big in the early stage and eventually lost to the Lakers 101-111 away.

James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, Russell scored 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, Ba Cun Basement scored 16 points and 5 rebounds, and Reeves scored 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Morant scored 45 points, 9 boards and 13 assists, Bain scored 18 points and 5 boards, and jaren jackson scored 13 points and 5 boards.

The next match between the two teams will be held in Los Angeles in two days (4.25 Beijing time).

Many Japanese companies such as Softbank and Hitachi restrict the use of ChatGPT to prevent leaks.

According to media reports, Japanese companies such as Softbank and Hitachi have begun to restrict the use of interactive artificial intelligence services such as ChatGPT in commercial operations due to concerns about information leakage and other problems.

Softbank used ChatGPT and other commercial applications to warn employees last month: "Don’t enter company identity information or confidential data." Although Softbank has issued guidelines for using cloud services such as interactive artificial intelligence, these rules have been repeatedly emphasized in view of the recent increasing attention paid to chat bots. Softbank plans to formulate rules that stipulate which businesses can use this technology and which applications can be used.

In addition to Softbank, Hitachi will consider formulating new ethical rules to regulate the use of interactive artificial intelligence and whether the data is used correctly. The company plans to improve the manual of artificial intelligence formulated in 2021.

At present, Mizuho Financial Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and sumitomo mitsui banking corporation have banned the use of ChatGPT and other services in their operations. Mizuho’s restrictions will prevent employees from accessing the website from their work terminals, with the purpose of "preventing important information such as customers and financial transactions from being leaked due to improper use by employees". NEC, an IT company, also prohibits employees from using ChatGPT.

JD.COM Group released Q4 and annual financial report: jingdong cloud laid out industrial AI to promote artificial intelligence landing industry.

JD.COM Group (NASDAQ: JD, HKEx: 9618) released its fourth quarter and annual results in 2022, with annual net income exceeding one trillion yuan. In the fourth quarter, its net service income was 57.8 billion yuan (about 8.4 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 40.3%. Jingdong cloud, as the core brand of technology and services provided by JD.COM, continues to exert its cutting-edge technology and digital infrastructure to boost the real economy to achieve high-quality growth with the ability of digital intelligence supply chain.

Since the comprehensive transformation to technology in early 2017, JD.COM system has invested nearly 100 billion yuan in technology, continuously strengthened its own technical capabilities and industrial digitalization capabilities, and provided technology and services to the outside world with jingdong cloud as its core brand. In the field of AIGC and big model, jingdong cloud’s artificial intelligence application platform of Yanxi is preparing for the industrial version of ChatGPT to accelerate the landing of artificial intelligence technology in the industry. At present, Yanxi virtual anchor has served more than 4,000 brands; JD.COM Exploration Institute upgraded the model of the Weaver Girl, and topped the list of SuperGLUE, an international authoritative task evaluation for complex language understanding.

Jingdong cloud continued to dig deep into cutting-edge technology, and the Weaver Girl model topped the national list again.

In the basic model of common language understanding, JD.COM Exploration Institute upgraded the Vega v2 model with larger scale, stronger performance and better mobility. This model can be widely used in many downstream natural language processing tasks, such as sentiment analysis, semantic matching, grammar correction, intelligent question answering, common sense reasoning and so on. On the SuperGLUE list of international authoritative complex language understanding task evaluation, Vega v2 model surpassed top international institutions such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and OpenAI, and topped the world with an average score of 91.3.

This is not the first time that the Weaver Girl model has won the championship. Vega v1 ranked first in the top test GLUE in the global natural language processing field with a total average score of 91.3. Vega-MT also won 7 track titles in WMT2022 International Machine Translation Evaluation. The winning of Vega series models proves that JD.COM Exploration Institute’s multilingual natural language processing technology is leading in the field of super deep learning.

Jingdong cloud exports industrial AI capabilities, and digital intelligence technology helps thousands of industries to grow with high quality.

Jingdong cloud’s artificial intelligence application platform is preparing for the industrial version of ChatGPT, and has announced the "125" plan of landing application roadmap. JD.COM will focus on two advantageous industries, namely retail and finance, and carry out technical research around five types of applications: content generation, man-machine dialogue, user intention understanding, information extraction and emotion classification, so as to accelerate the development and landing of artificial intelligence technology in China with the strength of industrial AI and promote the development of real economy.

In the field of digital people, jingdong cloud has launched the virtual anchor of Yanxi. Driven by AI, the virtual anchor of Yanxi has a changeable image, a voice comparable to that of a real person, and a wealth of e-commerce knowledge accumulation. At present, it has interacted smoothly with the audience in hundreds of brand live broadcast rooms, widely serving 3C home appliances, beauty cosmetics, maternal and child, pets, home and other stores, and providing digital anchor services for many well-known brands such as Lenovo, Nut and Yili, bringing millions of GMV growth every day.

Jingdong cloud, as a "more industry-aware" cloud, will not only deepen its technology and maintain its leading position in the industry, but also rely on its own practical experience in the industry to continuously precipitate technology into services and land in major industrial scenes, so as to build an efficient driving force for thousands of industries to build a digital and intelligent supply chain, promote the construction of a modern industrial system and help the industry rebuild its global competitiveness.