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I found it! 30 years ago, the proprietress of Four Seasons Beauty turned out to be her!

"These two stores can earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year."
Recently, an interview video 30 years ago became a hit.
Doing business in hangzhou sijiqing that year.
The face and words of the young proprietress,
Let netizens shout: shocked for a whole year!
Who is she?
After 30 years, what happened to her?
Network-wide attention
The beautiful proprietress 30 years ago, found it!
In this old image in 1993, a young girl opened a shop in the Sijiqing clothing market. When interviewed by reporters, she smiled and said:"These two stores have to earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year, which is no problem."
After the content was issued, it caused widespread concern.
Partial screenshot
At the same time, many netizens lamented in the comment area:"The temperament is too good" "It’s elegant to wear and talk" "It’s cool to wear a face value" …
Soon, many netizens reported that this is Zhuji, surnamed Lou.
I was only 20 years old when I was interviewed.
When I was young, I chose to go out and rush
Ms. Lou said that many friends told her about it yesterday, but she was not particularly surprised and surprised. She recalled that she was about 20 years old when she was interviewed.
Speaking of the business situation in that year, Ms. Lou said,At that time, materials were in short supply,In fact, this kind of market is thriving all over the country.
There are a group of frolicters in every era, and standing at this outlet may be the lucky ones.
"I felt that the market was relatively prosperous as a distribution center for commercial logistics at that time, so I wanted to join.At that time, going to Sijiqing was the forefront.. "Therefore, with the idea of being fearless of heaven and earth, Ms. Lou resolutely chose to go out and take a trip.
At the same time, she is also full of expectations for young people. "Every era belongs to young people. I hope that young people now have a little courage and go for it when they think of anything."
In the face of everyone’s concern,Ms. Lou feels honored and indifferent."Thank you very much for your interest in that era."
"People of our age will be nostalgic, and children may be interested in the previous era … There are many reasons for this video to be popular, and it may be calm in a few days." Ms. Lou said.
At present, Ms. Lou has retired.For her other recent situation, she admits that she doesn’t want to disclose too much.
Every era has a batch.
Young people full of vigor and vitality
I hope we will always be brave and free!
Embrace your best self!
Source: Zhuji Xishi Eye
Editor Zhong Wei Review Xie Jun Du Haifeng

Su Hui: Promoting the spiritual harmony of compatriots in promoting cross-strait non-governmental exchanges

  A press conference for leaders of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People at 3pm on March 6th. Wan Exiang, Ding Zhongli, Hao Mingjin, Cai Dafeng, Chen Zhu, Wan Gang, Wu Weihua, Su Hui and Gao Yunlong, Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce were invited to answer questions.

  The following is a live record:

  Su Hui:

  Unswervingly inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of Taiwan Province compatriots’ patriotism and love for their hometown, and make unremitting efforts for the peaceful reunification of the motherland and the realization of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation. Every member of the Taiwan Alliance is full of homesickness in his heart, and every member of the Taiwan Alliance is also filled with feelings of home and country melted in his blood. This is the consistent initial intention and mission of the Taiwan Alliance since its establishment 71 years ago.

  Last December, the 10th National Congress of the Taiwan Democratic Self-government League elected me as the chairman of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Alliance. I felt both glorious and honored, and I felt the great responsibility on my shoulders. I will take the baton of history, lead all the allies to actively participate in the great practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and jointly write a brilliant chapter in the cause of multi-party cooperation.

  Looking back at history, since its establishment in 1947, the Taiwan Alliance has always adhered to the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and firmly followed the road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. From the publication of the Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots in Hong Kong’s Huashang Daily in May 1948, publicly responding to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s "May 1 slogan", to actively participating in the preparation of the new CPPCC, participating in the formulation of the Common Program of the China People’s Political Consultative Conference, and then participating in the election of the Central People’s Government, we witnessed the birth of the new China. It can be said that Taiwan Province people’s long love for the country and their ambition to serve the country are engraved in the glorious history of new China with practical actions.

  Since the beginning of the new era, Taiwan Alliance has highlighted the characteristics of "Taiwan", earnestly performed the functions of participating parties, and made our due contribution to the construction of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. In this new era, we should still firmly grasp the overall situation of national work and the development of cross-strait relations, select the topics of the times from a broad perspective, refine our insights in in-depth research, promote the spiritual harmony of compatriots in promoting cross-strait non-governmental exchanges, and make unremitting efforts to promote the peaceful development of the two sides of the strait and realize the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

  Thanks to the friends in the press for their concern for the Taiwan Alliance, and also thanks to the media friends from the island for their concern for the Taiwan Alliance. I hope that through you, I will extend my most sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes to my hometown folks. Thank you.

The national football team performed twice in 2 minutes: making a red card and shoveling a single knife! The commentary was amazed and the fans applauded.

At 2pm on 23rd, the China men’s soccer team visited Auckland to challenge New Zealand, which ranked 105th in the world. 0-0, the two teams drew a blank. The performance of the national football team is still qualified, with Lei Wu and Wei Shihao on the offensive end and Wei Zhen on the defensive end playing well. Especially in the 62 nd and 64 th minutes, two minutes of attack and defense won applause from the national football fans at the scene.

Two hours before the national football competition, the younger brother U24 lost the national football team 0-2 to New Zealand U22, but he couldn’t beat the other team. As a big brother, the national football team can’t afford to lose-if it loses, it will take four hours and two defeats, and the China men’s football team will even lose its head.

Lei Wu’s anti-aircraft guns.

Wei Shihao’s free kick is higher than that.

In the opening stage, the national football team is still the same, it is difficult to pass more than three feet in a row, and the scene is very passive. Except for Wei Shihao, the frontcourt attack lacks bright spots. After Yi Bian fought again, the national football team seized a mistake made by New Zealand and reversed the trend:

In the 63rd minute, New Zealand passed the ball and played with fire in the backcourt, and Lei Wu staged speed master to steal the ball before New Zealand captain Smith. Smith put Lei Wu down behind his back. Lei Wu, sitting on the ground, made a gesture of "penalty card", and the referee directly sent Smith off with a red card!

Lei Wu made Smith’s red card with his speed and agility, creating a situation of 11-10 for the national football team. China fans at the Intelligent Mountain Stadium burst into applause and cheers. Lei Wu’s performance was recognized by the fans.

Just 2 minutes later, New Zealand also made a quick counterattack and formed an excellent opportunity for 1V1! Fortunately, Wei Zhenguo, the national football defender, broke the shovel and made a wonderful steal from behind.

For Wei Zhen’s shovel, the New Zealand broadcaster commentator shouted: "wonderful, what a beautiful shovel break! What a tackle)!” Wei Zhen also high-fived his teammates to celebrate.

Wu Xi, captain of the national football team

For the national football team, this is a crucial defense: if Wei Zhen fouls, it is likely to be a red dot package, and the confidence and number advantage that the national football team has just established will be ruined in an instant. Fortunately, Wei Zhen’s tackle was clean and very uplifting!

Although China’s men’s soccer team is always criticized and ridiculed by fans, judging from these two minutes of attack and defense, the performance of the national football team is obviously better than that of New Zealand. Lei Wu swoops down and steals the ball from New Zealand captain Smith, who pulls down Lei Wu behind him and is sent off with a red card. In a blink of an eye, New Zealand’s fast break and Wei Zhen’s back tackle were textbook defense.

11 to 10 has become the key for the national football team to reverse the situation. Unfortunately, the fierce attack of the national football team failed to get a goal. China fans are not demanding, and 0-0 is acceptable. The national football fans at the scene also applauded the national football team …

Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a new star of skipping rope: Join hands with 361 to help "China loves, passing on from generation to generation"

Flames jump in the sun, cheers spread in the crowd, and the torch relay of Hangzhou Asian Games is in full swing. In this grand ceremony, the torchbearers holding the flame high are undoubtedly the focus of the camera. They are outstanding representatives from all walks of life, but also important messengers of the Asian Games spirit.

As professional athletes in their respective fields, Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, are also among the torchbearers of the Hangzhou Asian Games. With vigorous posture, they hand in hand with 361 to pass on "China Love" to the next stick.

Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, loves never to leave.

"As long as you get to the stadium, you are very passionate, that is, love! Basketball is very important in my life. " Lv Xiaoming used to be a famous defender in China Men’s Basketball Professional League, and became the assists king in CBA League for three consecutive seasons, and was also selected for the China Men’s Basketball Team. Because of his love for basketball, he still paid attention to the future and development of basketball in China after retiring, and took root in basic basketball training. Over the years, he trained a large number of young players and became one of their first mentors. He also opened the basketball camp-"Lv Xiaoming basketball camp" in his own name, and now the training camp has become a resounding signboard in the field of domestic basketball youth training, which has been recognized by both inside and outside the industry.

Lv Xiaoming’s love for sports and his support for youth sports coincide with 361. For a long time, 361 has invested a lot of resources and energy in the field of youth sports, and its own IP "Touching the ground and burning" has been established as a professional basketball event, which has specially added junior group events. On May 13th, Lv Xiaoming and 361 jointly launched the # Assisting Future # program, and jointly launched the "Touching the Ground and Burning Young basketball camp" in Chengdu, and served as the head coach of 361 Junior Basketball, personally guiding the younger generation of basketball fans and igniting their basketball enthusiasm and dreams.

Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, insists on making breakthroughs.

Chen Jiawei, who has been selected into the national skipping team for many times, participated in the World Skipping Championships and the Asian Skipping Championships, and is a member of the lecturer group of the Guangzhou Skipping Association. At the age of 17, he has made outstanding achievements in various competitions at home and abroad and won numerous awards.

Chen Jiawei’s close friend relationship with 361 was established in sports, and he was a loyal user of 361. In his view, 361 brand is professional, young and energetic, and its sports equipment surprises him in comfort, wear resistance, scientific and technological content and design. Now he wears professional rope skipping equipment provided by 361 in every training and competition, especially the rebound and shock absorption of rope skipping shoes and other scientific and technological applications have greatly helped him.

Chen Jiawei is a representative in the field of youth sports, and 361 continues to empower more teenagers who love sports like him. Not long ago, in the 2023 World Rope Skipping Championship, 361 helped China rope skipping national team to win 20 gold, 11 silver and 5 bronze medals, and broke four world records in succession, contributing to promoting the health of Chinese teenagers.

For ordinary people, skipping is a simple and economical way of exercise, which can be used for entertainment and physical exercise, but for professional skipping athletes, it is a sport that needs repeated practice, and it takes persistence day after day to achieve a breakthrough and achieve good results.

Chen Jiawei once said, "If I encounter difficulties in training, I will practice more myself, such as speed skipping. If I can’t break my best performance, I will work harder on speed. Of course, the speed of training may be boring and you need to jump very simply, which requires long-term persistence to break through yourself. "

Chen Jiawei’s love for the sport of skipping rope is also poured behind her persistence. Chen Jiawei said frankly that he was selected by the teacher to join the skipping team at first, and he held the mentality of "giving it a try", but he gradually became fond of this sport in the process of trying, and now skipping has become a career he loves. Not only that, Chen Jiawei said that sports are contagious and influenced by himself. Many students around him also love sports as much as him, and often run and play ball together.

Join hands with 361 to help "China loves and passes on from generation to generation"

Both Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei are influencing more teenagers with their own personal experiences and practical actions, vividly interpreting the connotation of "China’s love is passed down from generation to generation".

Nowadays, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei, as outstanding athletes in their respective fields, have been selected as the torchbearers of the Asian Games to participate in the "firewood relay", which is also the recognition and encouragement of their professional strength. At the same time, 361, as the leading national sports brand in China, has been deeply involved in the field of sports specialty for many years, committed to providing sports enthusiasts with high-quality sports equipment and support, and has sponsored many large-scale international sports events such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games, and has become one of the most important "boosters" for the development of sports in China. The combination of professional athletes and professional sports brands will provide strong support for the development of sports in China.

The torch relay of the Asian Games is connected with the past, symbolizing inheritance and conveying a positive spirit. With the help of this important ceremony, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei passed on their persistence and love for sports to more people. At the same time, as the official partner of the four consecutive Asian Games, 361 is once again facing the world, so that more people can see the strength and elegance of China’s national sports brand!

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Curry revealed the outlook for next season: Paul joined, and the lineup adjustment is highly anticipated.

Curry mentioned next season, and his outlook for the team is exciting!

1. Regarding the joining of Paul, this experienced point guard will bring more depth to the team and make the lineup more reasonable and balanced. Paul’s leadership and organizational skills will add a lot of color to the team.

2. The continuous adjustment of the lineup is normal, but every player is showing his important value. This attitude of teamwork and positive contribution of the players will undoubtedly bring hope to the future of the team.

Although the team as a whole is improving, the biggest problem of the current lineup is the lack of big players, which is a fatal problem. This will bring some challenges against teams with strong insiders such as Nuggets, Timberwolves, Lakers, Grizzlies, Celtics and Bucks. Facing these teams, their tactics and defensive strategies need to be adjusted accordingly, such as strengthening perimeter defense, finding rebounding advantages and improving fast break efficiency to make up for the shortage of inside lines.

# Record my 2023#

How difficult is it to compete for the British crown? Manchester city can make mistakes, opponents can’t, gunmen miss the opportunity, and next year is even more hopeless.

Many years later, coach Arteta will definitely look back on this season with a little regret:

If Arsenal had prevented Everton’s corner kick attack on February 4th, would the final result be different? If they held a 2-0 lead at Anfield on April 9, the final result would be different.

If Saka hadn’t missed a point against West Ham on April 16th, if he hadn’t missed a point against Southampton Ramsdale on April 22nd, if Saliba hadn’t been injured in the Europa League …

Unfortunately, there is no "if" in life. No matter how good Arsenal’s title race was before, it’s all over now.

This season, the gunners have undergone a qualitative change under the training of Artta, and once played with great momentum. However, Guardiola’s Manchester City was so resilient that it survived the difficult period, seized the opportunity to narrow the points difference a little, and finally forced Arsenal to collapse.

Today’s Manchester City is really too strong, strong enough to beat Real Madrid with its own Champions League genes. From this point of view, the young gunman lost well.

From the 2017-18 season to the 2021-22 season, Arsenal fell behind Manchester City by 27.8 points on average. This season, they have led for more than half a year, and now they are only four points behind. Artta and the players have done quite well.

In the same period, the difference between Tottenham and Manchester City at the end of the season has never been less than 20 points, and this season is expected to exceed 30 points; The smallest difference between Chelsea and Manchester City at the end of the season was 15 points, which occurred in the 2019-20 season. In that year, the Blue Moon Corps fell sharply, falling behind Liverpool by 18 points and losing the championship. Manchester United won the runner-up in the Premier League twice, and both times did not pose a real threat to the champion Manchester City. Last season, it was 35 points behind its neighbors.

In the same period, only Liverpool won a Premier League title from Manchester City, and scored 90 points in three seasons. But on the whole, the dominant position of Blue Moon Corps is still hard to shake, and the great cause of the Premier League’s five championships in six years is just around the corner.

In the history of English football, Liverpool has established a dynasty, and Manchester United has established a dynasty, but no team has played such a strong dominance. Manchester City has directly raised the standard of winning the Premier League, and there is almost no fault-tolerant space for rivals competing for the title.

Klopp said in December 2018:

"I can’t say that Manchester City is lucky, it’s not like this. They are in form every match day. They scored 100 points last year (2017-18 season) and have kept their form until now.

"I want to pay tribute to them. I have to say that they have never been soft. They are defending champions, and now they play like champions. We (other teams) are challengers.

"We must concentrate on every game, and good grades are not obtained out of thin air. We all have to follow this standard, they are champions, they have done it, and we have to do the same. "

Klopp and the team bravely accepted the challenge and succeeded; Arsenal have made a rush this season and the result is not satisfactory.

But what about Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea? . Have they experienced the difficulty of the title race in the new era of Premier League? Do they know how hard it takes to break 90 points?

If Manchester United win the remaining three games of the season, they can finally score 75 points, the second highest score in a single season in the post-Ferguson era. One of Manchester United’s major problems is their lack of attack. In the first nine seasons of the post-Ferguson era, they only scored an average of 62 goals per season in the league. This season, they probably won’t score more than 60 goals. Next season, if they want to win the championship, they must find a shooter and play more confidently.

Chelsea’s lowest score in the past five seasons is 66, and the highest score is 74. This season, they are completely degraded and almost fall into the ranks of relegation. Next season, Chelsea should not be so miserable, but the first thing Pochettino should do is to get the team back on track, and the title race may have to be slowed down again.

Klopp gnashed his teeth many times this season, saying that "no one can compete with Manchester City" in the transfer market, and that Manchester City is "one of the three major clubs in the world football and can do whatever it wants economically".

But it seems that this is not the case. If Manchester City can really "do whatever it wants", I am afraid it will not be impossible to buy Van Dyke Goose Harry Kane. Besides, after Burleigh and clear lake Capital took over Chelsea, they burned 600 million pounds in two transfer windows. Did Manchester City do this? Not really.

Manchester city can succeed, not just because of money. They also managed well off the court and built a strong and stable team around Guardiola. As long as Guashuai does not leave, Manchester City’s rule over the Premier League will not end.

Next season, Liverpool may regain its vigor, Arsenal and Manchester United may continue to make progress, Chelsea and Tottenham may bottom out, and Newcastle may soar …

However, can they really compete with Manchester City for the championship? Can they break the 90-point mark and fight with Manchester City to the end?

Both Arteta and klopp know that fighting Guardiola is really tiring and exhausting. You should not only play well against the other 18 opponents, but also try to knock down Manchester City in the head-on confrontation.

Last season, klopp said frankly: When he drew Manchester City twice in the middle of the season, he felt that the result was good, but in the end, it was these two games that made his team pay the price.

This season, Arsenal scored 81 points against other opponents (34 games) and Manchester City scored 79 points against other opponents (33 games). In two head-on confrontations, Arsenal swallowed two defeats and lost six precious points.

Manchester City is not only strong, but also has rich experience in winning the championship, and knows how to play a key battle well. Other Big6 teams have an all-round gap with Manchester City.

Overthrowing the Blue Moon Dynasty will only become more and more difficult year by year. Opponents such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle must keep improving, do their best, and push themselves to the limit before Manchester City can be pulled down.

Ah, here? British media: Rice and others may be banned for protecting their families, unless "special circumstances" are proved.

Live on May 21st, West Ham United beat Dutch team Alkmar 1-0 away from home in the second leg of the semi-final of the European Cup, and made it to the final. After the game, some extreme fans from Alkmar rushed into the stands of the visiting team and began to attack West Ham fans. Several West Ham players jumped into the stands to protect their families from attacks.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Rice, Ben Rahma, Flynn Downs and Antonio may all be banned by UEFA unless they can convince the UEFA Committee that this is a special case. According to Article 15 of the relevant discipline, UEFA may accuse players of misconduct, including "provoking fans".

So far, UEFA has not made a sound on this matter, and they may deal with this incident after the final on June 7. UEFA doesn’t want these West Ham players to miss the Europa League final, but they believe that discipline must be observed and Alkmar will be charged for this.

Many people think that when this happens, the players have no choice but to intervene in person. The behavior of West Ham players has also been widely sympathized. Former West Ham star Joe Cole wrote in his column: "I don’t want to see UEFA accuse them, they just did what had to be done."

Three fronts collapsed, AC Milan was in chaos, and Hong Niao announced the dismissal of Paolo Maldini and the cleaning of four players.

Three fronts collapsed, AC Milan was in chaos, and Hong Niao announced the dismissal of Paolo Maldini and the cleaning of four players.

AC Milan was once run by Pioli, who defeated Juventus and Inter Milan last season and won the top of the league again 11 years later. But this season, Milan’s performance has plummeted, and this strong gap makes their gold owner Red Bird Company very dissatisfied.

After Hong Niao, a big American group, joined, AC Milan not only failed to make any progress, but even declined, which made the owner of the club very angry. According to common sense, with the encouragement of the new boss and huge investment, Milan should be able to take this opportunity to move on. However, after being defeated by Inter Milan in the Champions League, Milan fell into a four-game losing streak. Without the Champions League ticket, AC Milan will lose 100 million pounds next season, which is equivalent to the entire income of the team for three seasons.

Hong Niao company therefore pushed the responsibility to Maldini. The management of AC Milan is basically decided by Maldini. Although he is not on the field, he will still intervene in the team’s affairs, which is why Maldini will be responsible for the team. Now, the relationship between Maldini and Hong Niao team has been completely broken. With his personality and absolute control over Milan, it has given sponsors a great psychological burden, so there is almost no doubt about his departure.

From the team’s point of view, AC Milan will also face a big change this summer. Gill’s contract with Ibrahimovic is coming to an end, and only one of them can stay at most. Judging from the present situation, Gill is the most likely person to stay. In addition, Diaz is likely to return to Real Madrid, because the Galactic Fleet is preparing to exchange Diaz for Bellingham’s transfer fee. In midfield, Bakayoko, a valuable but incompetent "waste", will eventually become a free man.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the team’s strength, Milan will eliminate four players. Now, Liverpool have set their sights on Chelsea’s Chick and Frankfurt’s striker Kamata, and are looking for a backup player for Deo. Maybe Pioli can survive this change. He is gentle and has no regrets, but in AC Milan’s view, Pioli is a puppet. Although it can be controlled, it will not help the development of the club much.

"The level of men’s football in China has been declining all the way," said the director of the General Administration of Sports.

On the 12th, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial aisle". The first person to walk on the ministerial aisle was Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration.

Gao Zhidan said that for a long time, the development of China’s three major sports, especially men’s events, was not satisfactory, and the level of men’s football was declining all the way. There were even many chaos in the football industry, which was in sharp contrast with the requirements and expectations of the CPC Central Committee and the people of the whole country.

Gao Zhidan said,It is a sign of a sports power that the three major goals should be achieved, and it is also a short board that we must make up to speed up the construction of a sports power.

Gao Zhidan pointed out that recently, in view of the serious problems in the field of football, we have been deeply rethinking and studying solutions and ways, and we are prepared to systematically treat them from the aspects of ideological education, style construction, deepening reform and doing a good job in current work.

In the spirit of re-taking the Long March Road, we should do a good job in all the work of the three big balls, focus on the outstanding problems such as lack of spiritual integrity and not hard work style in the current work of the three big balls with the determination to eliminate the disease with strong drugs and punish the chaos with heavy punishment, and persevere in changing the work style, being strong in responsibility and grasping implementation.Resolutely crack down and severely punish corruption and "fake gambling" in football and other fields.Correct the wind and discipline, be strict in discipline, improve the system, strengthen the rules, and comprehensively repair and reconstruct the good ecology of the healthy and sustainable development of the three balls.

On March 12th, the first meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial channel" interview. This is Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration, interviewed by the media. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang photo

When talking about how to revitalize football in China, Gao Zhidan said that the current reform of football and basketball has entered the deep water area, and the task of deepening the reform and achieving a breakthrough is arduous and arduous. We should unswervingly follow the road of reform, innovation and development, further emancipate our minds, be upright and innovative, and start with the construction of management system, talent system, training system, competition system and guarantee system, and constantly improve the "three big balls" development path with China characteristics. We should face up to the problems, strengthen our confidence, face up to difficulties, accurately understand and implement policies and measures such as the overall plan for football reform and development in China, promote the modernization of the "three-ball" governance system and governance capacity, promote the standardized development of the league’s governance system, be firm and orderly, consistently take the road of "three-ball" development and reform in China, revitalize the "three-ball" and play a good role in football turnaround. We must strengthen the foundation and plant a strong talent base.

We should settle down, start with dolls, give full play to the advantages of the national system, make good use of the vitality of the market mechanism, promote the healthy development of campus football, promote the large-scale growth of young football talents, and consolidate the reserve talent base. We should start from the grass roots, actively support the development of youth football clubs, give more support and guarantee to social football in terms of policies, funds and talents, and promote the benign interaction between social football and professional football.

We should start from the foundation, constantly improve the football competition system and professional league system, smooth the growth channel of outstanding young players from campus football, social football to professional football, and train more outstanding reserve young players and transport them up.In the process of doing a good job of reserve talents, we should resolutely abandon the mentality of quick success and instant benefit, and build a path and channel for the cultivation and growth of reserve talents step by step, so as to revitalize China football for a long time.

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