Why are you always out of fashion? Three truths you have to know about fashion!

Why are you always out of fashion? Three truths you have to know about fashion!

You think fashion is only about others?

Do you think fashion is only about youth?

In fact, fashion is not a distant word!

Don’t be misunderstood by the definition of "unique, confident and out of fashion"

Fashion has a temperature

You have many fashion moments that you haven’t noticed yet ~

Fashion is in the details of your life.

Beautiful dress, perfect makeup

Strong muscles, delicate skin …

It’s all fashion

Appearance is an indispensable capital for women.

But thought determines the value of appearance.

Beauty without connotation is pale.

So if you want to be more beautiful, remember to practice both inside and outside.


Clothes can reflect a person’s heart.

Reveal her value preferences, lifestyle and personality cultivation. …

Clothes don’t necessarily see character.

But to some extent: clothing = emotional intelligence.

Therefore, correct dress is a compulsory course for everyone.

  • Refuse to blindly follow suit

Fashion should look for its own style, not blindly "follow the fashion"! Fashion, not piled up by money, focuses on grasping and inheriting the fashion concept. As long as a woman has a fashionable concept, she can dress herself elegantly without spending a lot of money. On the contrary, a woman has a lot of money, but she has no self-cultivation and fashion concept. At best, she is only the carrier of major brands. " Remember! Simplicity and exquisiteness are more important than fashion. If you are not good at wearing, are not sensitive to the coordination of colors, and don’t hold the trend elements properly, then don’t add too many things to yourself. Simple and natural, it can also be very beautiful!

  • Dare to break fashion rules

What is fashion? No one can define anything! Because it is variable, there is no fixed form. At least dare to innovate, break the rules, and add good taste to lead the trend, right?

Some people say: 40-year-old should not wear sneakers, it seems not stable enough; After 35, don’t wear pink, it’s too act young, you can’t wear suspenders, you can’t wear braided hair … But the real fashion is to find your personality, find your own things, and stick to it, not to follow suit, grandstanding, and wear clothes indiscriminately!

  • Investing in classic items

The so-called classic is not restricted by any conditions, not influenced by the trend, and can stand the test of time. No matter when and where you wear them, they are as fashionable and attractive.

That is to say, clothes are not much but fine. Buying more fashionable items that are not suitable for you is not as good as a fit and classic one. For example, white shirt, little black skirt, white T, windbreaker and jeans. …

Although these are basic models and versatile models in your wardrobe, investing in them once will really benefit you for a long time. No matter how many years have passed, it will make you chic and beautiful.

Of course, in addition to common clothes, shoe bag accessories are also essential, which helps to enhance the overall exquisiteness and taste.

The charm of classics lies not in luxury, but in the style, fabric and detail design, which becomes more and more brilliant with the passage of time.


  • Go shopping more, don’t always wait for others to dump links.

The most terrible thing about fashion course is not knowing nothing and having nothing, but waiting for others to tell her how to buy it.

You should know that good clothes are always hidden in unknown shops. You have never experienced the process of selecting and looking for beautiful clothes by yourself, and you will not feel the surprise and satisfaction of wearing that moment.

Although online shopping is becoming more and more common, physical stores are getting weaker and weaker, but we still encourage everyone to go shopping more, instead of waiting for others to dump links. Because only when you feel it yourself can you know the quality.

When buying clothes, don’t just look at the price and style, but also look at the fabric label and check the stitching on the side foot.

  • Know your body shape

If you want to dress well, you must first understand your body shape and learn to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even if you don’t have a perfect figure, it doesn’t matter. At least you should have a heart for beauty.

If you are short, you should raise your waistline. If your legs are not good, you should learn to cover them. If you are black, don’t wear exaggerated bright colors. If you are fat, don’t wear them too short or too long. Clothes should not be too tight or too loose, and the fit will be just right.


Everyone is afraid of aging, especially women.

Skin condition is the most intuitive sign to reflect a person’s age.

But it should be understood that

Skin is one of the most important excretory organs in human body.

Instead of "absorbing organs"

  • Pay attention to makeup removal

The makeup remover is wrong, and the face value is scrapped! Some girls just study how to make makeup look good, so-so remove makeup every day, and some even wear makeup to sleep, which is really terrible! ! If you don’t remove makeup in time, or the makeup is not clean, it will lead to many skin problems: pigmentation, sunburn and freckles, skin aging, pore blockage, and more and more blackheads. …

Want to remove makeup and clean it without hurting the skin. Poke the picture below ~


  • Have a light diet and good work and rest habits.

Eating spicy, greasy and too sweet food often leads to exuberant oil secretion and aggravation of blackheads … People who eat greasy food are also prone to symptoms of blood heat, stomach heat accumulation and blood stasis, and these symptoms will further promote the growth of blackheads and closed mouths. Therefore, we must pay attention to diet and less oil! Less salt! Less sweet! Less spicy! To tell the truth, Xiaobian tried the best and best way to get rid of blackheads: exercise+diet+going to bed early. The skin condition is really good!

Good work and rest habits are the key to beauty! For girls, staying up late will lead to endocrine disorders, and our face is prone to imbalance of water and oil, too dry or too greasy. It is also common to explode acne and shut up. The most obvious point is that it is easy to have dark circles and bags under the eyes when staying up late … (You will only blame the eye cream for staying up late to cultivate immortality, which is really enough! )

When you want to know that you are plain, the dark circles and bags under your eyes are super obvious, which will make you look pale. Moreover, when making up, you should carefully conceal the concealer, even if it is well concealed. After concealing the concealer, the baby whose skills are not very good can be said to be terrible. The color is wrong, the makeup is not suitable, and it is mottled for one second … So, the babies try not to stay up late, don’t stay up late, don’t stay up late!


The beauty of a woman is not in her face.

It’s in posture.

Gestures are alive, faces are dead.

The so-called "state"

Refers to a woman’s temperament reflected in her bones.

Beauty or temperament, which is more important? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer! First of all, we should find out why people always emphasize "temperament". The primary reason should be that beauty cannot be preserved, and it will always be lost with age. It is also because with the growth of age, after the precipitation of a woman’s heart, the beauty of temperament will be more and more improved and more prominent, and temperament is more beautiful than beauty! No matter who you are, temperament is a very high compliment!

A woman with temperament, even if she is white-haired, is still as beautiful as a picture, and the years are never unbeaten! Temperament is the most advanced sexy of a woman!

A woman’s temperament is a kind of self-cultivation, which has nothing to do with age and has nothing to do with years.

Temperament is an inner involuntary exposure, not just superficial kung fu. Ta is not a high-grade lipstick, a gorgeous dress, and a pair of brand-name high heels can match it! If you don’t have some ink on your chest, you can use it in gorgeous clothes. This person has no temperament at all, but gives others a superficial feeling.

Therefore, if you want to improve your temperament and achieve outstanding temperament, in addition to dressing appropriately and speaking appropriately, you must constantly improve your knowledge, moral cultivation and enrich yourself! Only with distinctive speech and posture can people feel "powerful charm beyond appearance"

However, not many people are born with temperament! For most young girls, not being beautiful often means not having temperament. Temperament, most of them will not be ugly! Therefore, we must learn to be beautiful first. Let your surface be beautiful first, and at the same time slowly carve your inner self. What we want is not only beauty, or only temperament. We can have both!


A person’s posture has more influence on temperament than appearance! You can look around carefully, as long as a person holds his head high and shoulders high, he will exude noble temperament all over. Once you stoop, your appearance looks ten years older. Imagine that you have a pair of angel wings on your back. Feel these wings at any time, and the angel wings will make your posture beautiful!

A person’s temperament is internal self-cultivation, including external behavior, manners and attitudes towards others. Elegant, generous and natural temperament will give people a comfortable, kind and easy-going feeling.

Regardless of the sound quality and timbre, whispering is the first sign of temperament. However, if you are so quiet that you can’t even hear the other person talking, it means you lack confidence. People with temperament will speak in a voice that only the interviewee can clearly hear, and the choice of words is also one of the important standards to measure Ta temperament. In addition to basic polite expressions, the content of speech is also very important. It is a compulsory course for temperament beauty to stay away from rumors and not strongly advocate criticism. Remember, even if the conversation is not pleasant, don’t forget to express your gratitude!

The most effective way to show temperament is to move slowly and carefully. However, slowness does not mean that the slower the better, we should strive to do one thing accurately and accurately. In terms of agreement, temperament beauty should do what she says. If you can’t do it, you might as well take "don’t make an agreement with others casually" as a principle of temperament beauty.

Temperament is not learned, but cultivated! As a woman, you can’t say too much, but you should know everything. We can’t live every day with an empty head and nothing to do. But to have your own goals and focus on life and a hobby that suits you. Usually, you should learn more things and read more books (not reading 8 magazines). Learn to dance or exercise if you have nothing to do. Learn more about communication and listen to salon lectures that are helpful to you.

Slim down and talk about temperament! In fact, women with temperament know more about restraint and pay attention to eating habits, so as to maintain a beautiful posture and healthy and high-quality skin. On the contrary, women who are willful and indulgent, slim but often become a short-lived memory. Lack of self-management ability will make your body shape worse and worse. Therefore, by looking at a person’s figure, especially the way she decorates her figure, you can probably know her cultivation and temperament. If you have experienced the feeling of being fat, you can understand why you can enjoy a better life only if you lose weight. When you lose weight and become a more beautiful self, you can gradually feel the feeling full of possibilities.

Temperament is a state, a state of mind and an attitude towards life! To be a woman with temperament, she is beautiful and advanced!


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