30 most classic symphonies, cultivate elegant temperament

30 most classic symphonies, cultivate elegant temperament

Johann sebastian bach is one of the outstanding composers in the Baroque period. His representative works include Aria on G String and Brandenburg Concerto. Aria on the G String is one of Bach’s most famous works. Its beautiful melody and complex composition make it one of the representatives of Baroque music. The Brandenburg Concerto is a set of six concertos, which shows Bach’s exquisite use of different instruments and outstanding creative talent.

George frideric handel is a German composer in the Baroque period. His representative works include Royal Fireworks Music and Messiah. Royal Fireworks Music was written for the celebration of King George II of England, and Water Music is one of Handel’s classics. The Messiah is a religious oratorio, especially the Hallelujah Hymn.

Joseph haydn is an Austrian composer in the classical period. His works are rich and colorful, including symphonies and sonatas. Genesis is a masterpiece of his religious music, which contains aria and chorus, and expresses praise for God’s creation of the world. In addition, Haydn’s symphonies and sonatas have also become one of the classics of classical music.

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Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian composer in Baroque period, is famous for his string concerto The Four Seasons. Among them, the first movement of Spring in Four Seasons is the most well-known, which vividly depicts the scene of spring and is the pinnacle of Vivaldi’s music.

Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer in the classical period, and his nine symphonies are regarded as the pinnacle of classical music. Among them, the chorus part of the Ninth Symphony creatively introduced chorus, which became a pioneering work in the history of music. In addition, Beethoven’s violin sonatas, piano concertos and other works are also highly respected.

Mozart was an Austrian composer in the classical period, and his music works were rich and varied. Piano Concerto No.21 and Symphony No.40 among piano concertos are both one of Mozart’s most popular works. The Marriage of Figaro is one of his most famous operas, while Serenade of Strings is a deeply loved chamber music.


Quintet "Trout" in A majorAmong them, the third movement, "Humor", is the most famous. This work shows Schubert’s unique melody and emotion.

String Quartet No.14 in D minor "death and the maiden"This work expresses deep thinking and dramatic musical structure, and is considered as one of Schubert’s most outstanding chamber music.


symphonie fantastiqueIt is famous for the solo of four harps in the second movement, and it is a symphony with romantic atmosphere.


A Midsummer Night’s DreamIncluding the familiar wedding March, it is music based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

Violin concerto in e majorAll three movements are very popular and are one of Mendelssohn’s four violin concertos.


symphony no. 1 in d major titan waartAlso known as Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony, the fourth movement imitates the melody of Ode to Joy.

The second, third and fourth symphoniesBrahms’s symphonies are full of depth and emotion, and they are masterpieces of romantic music.


19 nocturnesAmong them, the first three songs are the most famous, which show Chopin’s unique contribution to the poetic expression of piano.

The first and second piano concertosEspecially the second movement of the first concerto is extremely feminine and has unique aesthetic feelings.

Robert Schumann

Childhood sceneThe seventh "Dream Song" is the most classic, expressing Schumann’s deep attachment to the children’s world.

carnivalA piano solo work with a strong romantic flavor.


hungarian rhapsodyThe second and sixth songs are the most famous, showing Liszt’s rich piano skills and romantic enthusiasm.

Piano concerto no.1 in e majorCombining elements of scherzo, it is a concerto full of creativity and individuality.


tchaikovsky: piano concerto no.1This work is famous for its romance, passion and technical requirements, and it is one of the classics in the piano concerto.

Swan LakeIt is famous for its gorgeous music and beautiful dance, especially the waltz.

The NutcrackerThe music of this ballet is one of Tchaikovsky’s most popular works, including Waltz of Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.


Symphony No.9 "From the New World"Especially the second movement, which is famous for its moving melody, is an outstanding work of dvorak.

Slavic dance musicA series of dance music with strong national characteristics shows dvorak’s love for Czech culture.


Nocturnal, the sea, the afternoon of the shepherd.These works show Debussy’s unique contribution to impressionist music, full of color and imagination.


Mother goose suiteIt is famous for its relaxed and humorous music, including the Camellia Trio.

PoleroIt is a famous orchestral work of Ravel, which is popular for its dynamic and enthusiasm.

bedrich smetana

my motherlandEspecially the second movement "vltava river" is one of Smetana’s representative works.

the bartered brideThe music of this opera is one of the most famous works of Smetana.


Piano concerto in a minorIt is one of the masterpieces of Grieg’s piano works, full of excitement and passion.

Pearl gent suiteIncluding "Morning Music" and "Anitra Dance", it is one of the most famous orchestral works of Grieg.


Finnish songIs one of sibelius’s most famous works, expressing his love for Finland and yearning for freedom.

Sad Waltz, Violin Concerto: Showed his deep and Nordic music language.


Paganini rhapsodyIt is famous for the complexity and romantic feelings of its variations, especially the 18th variation.

Piano Concerto No.2Especially the second movement is praised for its affectionate and beautiful melody.

The above are just some of the composers and works you mentioned, and each composer has rich music creation. I hope these brief introductions can stimulate your interest in classical music. Welcome to continue to learn more about these great composers and their music works.


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