False propaganda, brushing chaos, beware of being taken into the ditch by "live broadcast"

False propaganda, brushing chaos, beware of being taken into the ditch by "live broadcast"

  The upsurge of online consumption brought by "double 11" has not completely dispersed, and many problems about online consumption have begun to appear. As a new way of online shopping, online celebrity’s "live broadcast with goods" attracted many netizens to place orders, but at the same time, many chaos broke out.

  "Live broadcast with goods" is tricky

  Because online celebrity or the stars themselves have their own traffic, bringing goods through them can not only broaden the brand’s popularity, but also guide the merchants to drive the sales of goods. However, the chaos such as false propaganda and brushing in the "live broadcast with goods" has gradually attracted everyone’s attention. The reporter saw on the live broadcast platform that online celebrity, with millions of fans, became the "king of goods" of double 11. A female anchor in the "live broadcast with goods" mask, in just one hour, thousands of people placed orders to buy. Some insiders told reporters that the influence of online celebrity anchor can’t be ignored, but the order data are not all true, some have the phenomenon of swiping orders, and some products exaggerate publicity and mislead consumption.

  Online celebrity’s false propaganda should be jointly and severally liable.

  Meng Huixin, assistant analyst of Legal Rights Department of E-commerce Research Center, believes that "live broadcast with goods" in online celebrity is a new e-commerce model compared with traditional e-commerce, so in this process, it is illegal for online celebrity to sell goods through live broadcast platform, or for other e-commerce platform merchants to sell goods through different channels, as long as there are acts of swiping bills and buying comments. In addition, "live broadcast with goods", as a new format of Internet sales promotion, has been admired by many consumers. In the Advertising Law, advertising is defined as the direct or indirect introduction of the goods or services promoted by oneself through certain media and forms. The expression of "live broadcast with goods" is more lively and interactive, and its essence is the same as that of traditional TV advertisements, both of which are advertising behaviors. Therefore, if the goods promoted by the live broadcaster involve the life and health of consumers or the false advertisements of services cause damage to consumers, they need to bear joint and several liability.

  "online celebrity brings goods" is easy to fall into the dilemma of rights protection

  Although online celebrity’s "live broadcast with goods" has been welcomed by many consumers, some "online celebrity with goods" have taken advantage of the lack of perfection in the content review mechanism and supervision and management of the live broadcast platform, and made false publicity by virtue of their own traffic, resulting in such problems as fraudulent live broadcast data, too many "three no products", false advertisements, and difficulties in protecting consumers’ rights. Meng Huixin said that due to the poor quality of goods, some payment methods of live broadcast platforms are mostly privately traded through convenient means such as WeChat, and some live broadcast merchants sell fake and inferior goods and then take them off the shelves, resulting in consumers not having purchase vouchers. Once a consumer dispute occurs, the later return and exchange cannot be guaranteed, and it is difficult to protect rights. As consumers, we should first improve our ability to judge commodities, and rationally purchase low-priced and niche commodities; Secondly, consumers should have the awareness of obtaining evidence and safeguarding rights when purchasing goods, and keep pictures and videos recommended by online celebrity as evidence in time; Finally, when encountering the "bottleneck" of consumer rights protection, you can choose to complain to the Consumers Association and other departments, or even bring legal proceedings. Finally, the development of the industry needs parallel platform supervision, the platform should strengthen the management mechanism, and the regulatory authorities need to strengthen law enforcement. (Reporter Zheng Yan)


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