The wall fell and everyone pushed! Buden holzer was bombarded by his former disciples, and he lacked more than just coaching adaptability.

The wall fell and everyone pushed! Buden holzer was bombarded by his former disciples, and he lacked more than just coaching adaptability.

Recently, Ibaka, a former Bucks insider, accepted an exclusive interview with Chalana, a famous player of The Athletic. In the interview, he bombarded Buden holzer, a former Bucks coach, and questioned Buden holzer’s communication ability. It seems that Buden holzer’s dismissal is not only due to the lack of adaptability in coaching, but also due to the lack of communication skills.

Ibaka said that when he signed with Bucks, he knew that his playing time would not meet his expectations, and he had communicated with Buden holzer about playing time. Ibaka revealed: "At the beginning, Buden holzer said in front of me,’ Listen, I can’t promise you anything if you come to the Bucks. However, you never know what will happen. The season is long and players will be injured. You must always be prepared. " "

Ibaka can understand that Buden holzer has his own habits of employing people. After all, the Bucks have big Lopez and Portis inside. What Ibaka couldn’t understand was that when a player was injured, he still didn’t get playing time. When the wounded returned, he got playing time instead.

Ibaka believes that the lack of communication is the main problem. "When I communicated with the management, they told me differently. They appreciated me and wanted me to stay in the team. When I returned to the stadium, everything was different again, and things developed to the point where I couldn’t stand it. I love this sport, but if these things take away my inner peace and fun, it is not worth it. I won respect in the league. You have to communicate at least. I didn’t ask to play. What I want is communication. "

I can hear that Ibaka is full of complaints about Buden holzer. He also compares with Clippers coach Tyrone Lu. He said, "I played for Clippers, and I have great respect for Lu’s guidance. He will call me in the morning and say,’ I will let young players play more this week.’ My answer is yes, no problem. Whether you like the coach’s decision or not, I just have to keep my career in the end. At least I know I have to keep working hard for the next two weeks, and then when things change, he will call me and say,’ Listen, I’ll let you go tonight and get ready.’ Even if he’s not sure whether to let me go, he’ll tell me, that’s all. "

Ibaka played 16 games for the Bucks last season, averaging 11.6 minutes, scoring 4.1 points and 2.8 rebounds. Before the trading deadline, Ibaka was sent to the Pacers and was subsequently laid off. At present, the 33-year-old Ibaka is still a free agent. He said that he can still contribute to a team and he can bring experience.


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