The Clippers’ promotion probability is only 3%! Wei Shaohong scored 37 points to be himself: but he may not stay in the team next season?

The Clippers’ promotion probability is only 3%! Wei Shaohong scored 37 points to be himself: but he may not stay in the team next season?

37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, 17 of 29 shots and 3 of 6 of 3 points, which may be Wei Shao’s best game this season. He was regarded as a "cancer" in the Lakers, and finally found himself in the Clippers. However, the Clippers, who lacked peppers, still lost, with a total score of 1-3, and were on the verge of elimination.FiveThirtyEight, a well-known data website, shows that the Clippers have only 3% chance to advance to the next round.

I was shouted "Don’t vote" by Lakers fans.

When was Wei Shao’s most heartfelt scene in the Lakers? There should be many answers. The home game against Knicks may be one of them. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers led by 6 points, and Monk passed the ball to Wei Shao in the bottom corner. Wei Shao was preparing to shoot, and the Lakers home fans actually shouted "No!" Wei Shao hesitated for a while, but he made a move. The three-pointer missed, and the heavy eyebrows made up the ball.

That three-pointer was really not a good time to shoot, but the shouts of the fans shook Wei Shao’s confidence. That was the root of his former MVP. After joining the Lakers, Wei Shao was asked to change, and his biggest change was that his confidence was gradually disappearing.

The Clippers provided a stage for him, and he became the starting point guard of a team with championship ambitions. The Clippers signed Wei Shao in order to let him do what others in the team can’t do: break through the basket and create easy shots for teammates.

In the 11 games between Wei Shao’s joining and George’s injury, the Clippers were 5 wins and 6 losses, but in the last 6 regular season games, they won 5 games. With leonard’s two consecutive injuries, Wei Shao became his old self again. G4 may be the best game Wei Shao played for the two teams in LA. His explosiveness showed once again, and his defensive strength was also always online. He also made three three-pointers and did not hesitate to shoot.

The Clippers can offer limited salary for renewal.

Wei Shao himself once said how wonderful it is to stay where he wants to stay. This is in sharp contrast to last season. At that time, he publicly denied that Lakers teammates let him be himself on the court. The Clippers are more tolerant of Wei Shao and let Wei Shao play in a familiar way.

However, such beauty will not last forever. Whether or not the Capsicum can make a comeback in this year’s playoffs, they are still the core of the Clippers. Wei Shao will turn 35 next season, and his athletic ability will not last forever. No matter how confident he is, his jump shot will not become a stable offensive weapon.

Major General Wei became a free agent during the offseason.If the new labor terms come into effect before next season, the Clippers, which exceed the luxury tax threshold of $17.5 million, will not be able to provide Wei Shao with a salary of 120% more than the veteran’s basic salary. Therefore, the future of both sides is full of uncertainty.

If Wei Shao is forced by home fans to dare not shoot, his prospects in the NBA are undoubtedly dark. After a nightmare in the Lakers, this version of Wei Shao seems to have disappeared forever. For Wei Shao, he needs a team that can support him, give him room to play and trust his defense. For example, the wizards of the past, and now the Clippers. It is predicted that Wei Shao should at least get a full middle-class contract. As long as Wei Shao stays in a state, even if the clippers can’t give it, there will be a family who is willing to pay.

Not all stars can grow old gracefully. This night, Wei Shao became Wei Shao again, even if it was only a short-lived glory, it was enough to move people.


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