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Flying ducks rush forward: this winter’s "Mom YEATION" film.

Special feature of 1905 film network Operated by the team, the animated film released on December 8 tells the story of a flying duck family who never stepped out of the pond and decided to move to Jamaica, a dream island. After they set off in high spirits, they were in a lot of trouble during the migration.

The film focuses on the themes of "family" and "growth", with dense jokes and entertaining. What kind of "duck" guide can the audience get from flying ducks?

Keywords "Flying ducks rush forward" — — Fun! Inspirational! Warm!

The film "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is actually a film for all-age audiences. It has both the image of parents and children at home and the image of the elderly at home. Among the characters of different ages, different audiences can find an emotional resonance in it.

More importantly, the emotional theme displayed in Flying Duck Rushing Forward is rich enough, and children may find it very interesting in this adventure, while adults may have more feelings when watching Flying Duck Rushing Forward. In fact, it shows not so much seeing the world and others as seeing themselves, and discovering their true selves and potential by knowing the world.

The first thing that broke the circle of this film was the short video of "Ducks Playing My Going Out". The Chinese funny version of dubbing received nearly 700,000 praises, and some viewers even thought that Chinese dubbing was the soul.

"Mom, find a service station here. I’ll go to the toilet."

"Pull directly."

"This is really lacking in quality."

"You are a bird. What qualities do you want?"

"But I can’t take off my underpants flying like this."

"Don’t make me slap you in the nearest place to heaven."

The content of "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" circled in the short video platform is very interesting, especially life-oriented, that is, the family is on their way, but the duck sister has to go to the toilet after customs clearance, and the mother duck in the film is performing the usual life state of mothers.

A Guide to Happy Recognition of Ducks

The family of four in "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" has their own different personalities. For example, our father duck is "beware of ducks", and his skill is to tell scary stories. Through scary stories, he wants his children to avoid danger, in fact, he wants to protect them.

The second is our mother. This mother duck is a "duck rushing forward". She is a very brave and intelligent mother. At many critical moments, she will use her wisdom to negotiate with others to strive for the greatest interests for herself and then protect her family.

The third is my brother Dada, who wants to grow up as a duck. In many cases, he is particularly curious and brave about many things, especially hoping to prove to others that "I" is a little man.

The last one is the duck sister Guan Guan, who is a lovely "duck to hug". She is a very gentle and lovely little girl, but her inner energy is actually very powerful. It will melt the hard ice in adults’ hearts with its cuteness and gentleness.

The audience will feel that such a little girl is really pity and love, and will feel that she actually admires it. Because sometimes, as an adult, when you want to convey your feelings to others, you may be embarrassed to say "Come on, let’s hug."

However, this duckling can use such a lovely and warm way to amplify his little energy, so that adults can also be full of forward energy and dare to express their feelings directly.

A guide to skillfully understanding "duck"

Although the protagonist of this film is a duck, it actually discusses very complicated human emotions and family relationships. I believe that each character can also resonate with the audience, so that everyone can release pressure in the movie.

From the perspective of mothers, the process of watching "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is actually a process of unloading pressure. In fact, when parents accompany their children to grow up, it is a process of watching their children’s backs, watching them grow up, then gradually leaving themselves and showing themselves in the bigger world.

At the same time, it is also less anxious. Many parents will worry about "what should I do if my child grows up and seems to be far away from me" when their children grow up, but "Flying Ducks Rush Forward" tells parents that as a family, our hearts are always together, no matter how far away from each other physically, we love each other and give each other great strength, which is enough.

The whole film wisely arranges a different dilemma in life: in the beginning of the film, the audience may think that the heron is a terrible enemy, but when approaching it, they find that the heron has various personalities and may encounter a different heron. Don’t just listen to rumors, you should really believe what you see.

The second story is more realistic. When ducks enter the metropolis, they often encounter wrestling and competition. You and others are always competing for the same thing. What should you do at this time? Perhaps the most common choice is to fight bravely or give up and leave.

But this story gives a third answer. Mother Duck tells her children with the wisdom of sharing, and also tells the audience that there may be a fairer third choice in life besides competition and giving up, that is, learning to share.

In the third story, ducks meet bird friends during their journey — — Parrots need family members to unite to rescue them. It is during the rescue process that the audience can see how each family member exerts their unique abilities and realizes such a cohesive force as "one plus one is greater than two".

In every sense, "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is very suitable as a "Mom YEATION" film in winter. Because it is not only suitable for mothers to take their children to see, but also suitable for mothers to take the whole family, old and young.

When the whole family walks into the cinema together, my mother will think, "I really held a very successful family activity." Because every family member can feel a harvest and a joy in the process of watching movies.

There is not only an adventure theme in this film, which makes us not afraid of difficulties; There is also the theme of family affection. Let’s return to the family and look for energy from our loved ones. Therefore, "Flying Duck Rushing Forward" is a film with both challenges and energy, so that families can share joy and burn warmth together in winter.

High-end smart watches are played by Huawei, understand? Professional micro-physical examination, but also can change golf plug-ins in seconds (video)

Whether it is daily exercise or professional sports, more and more people wear watches and bracelets.

In the gym, if you want to measure heart rate, watch calorie consumption and record exercise data, you really can’t do without a smart watch.

However, although there are many smart watches on the market, few can really jump out of the "big pot" functional planning and design. The "high-end smart watch" with advanced appearance, comprehensive and professional health monitoring and comprehensive sports assistance is still vacant.

Recently, Huawei’s new Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has targeted this position. In order to show you this watch, we even moved the studio directly to a professional golf course. How cool is its "sports plug-in"? Let’s take a look at the video first.


Let’s taste this appearance first:

Does it smell like a traditional watch, especially this strap and crown!

The white one on the left is a ceramic model, which looks smaller and the traditional watch tastes stronger. This face value can be called "smart watch face value ceiling". The workmanship and material selection of the case, the outer ring, the strap, the crown and the mirror are all comparable to those of high-end watches. It can be said that this small porcelain watch is completely made according to high-end watches except for the lack of hands.

Looking at the materials used in the case and strap, you can feel that nano-microcrystalline ceramics take 7 days to fire, and there are 13 subsequent grinding and polishing processes, and it takes 10 days to debut.

The benefits brought by this kind of seiko are not only the warm texture on the face, but also the durability and comfort on the lining.

The sparkling gold, silver and shell bezel makes the white body less monotonous, and the color scheme is elegant and versatile, which can withstand being worn in formal occasions and will not be exaggerated in daily wear.

The one on the right is made of titanium, which loOKs tougher. The leather strap in elephant gray has a strong business atmosphere, but it is completely ok to change the dial into the sports ground.

The back shell, like the ceramic model, is made of ceramic material, which realizes the wearing comfort of fitting with the wrist. The fitting experience of friends with different wrist thicknesses in the office is fit but not too tight.

There is nothing to say about the watch mirror. As always, it is not afraid of scratches and wear, and it uses sapphire glass mirrors that are used by top watches.

This gray and white, both business and leisure temperament are grasped, and the texture is completely different from silicone and plastic, and the shell design closer to the traditional mechanical watch makes its appearance comparable to that of high-end watches.

After talking about the appearance, it is the turn of the core functions of smart watches-sports, health and wisdom.

Among these three pieces, Ji Guojun is most concerned about sports. Think about it, where is the high-end place that can reflect a smart watch? In addition to appearance, isn’t it necessary to support high-end sports first?

However, the smart watches currently on the market are somewhat biased. Although most of them can support hundreds of sports, they are basically around the routine sports such as running, swimming and mountain climbing.

It’s not that there are no watches that support professional and high-end sports at all, but their shapes and other functions are too general.

In contrast, Huawei’s watch is very "other people’s children", and the regular sports subjects are excellent, and people also have sports specialties.

This specialty is golf and free diving. These two sports have a key thing in common-it is difficult for you to learn it by yourself, and you basically have to take a coach. Huawei’s watch can be said to have an excellent "use" effect with the coach.

We played with professional golfers all afternoon. To tell you the truth, the feeling is that it really wants to teach you to play golf.

For a newcomer like Guo Xiaojiu who can only swing in the driving range, it will record the data of the time of getting on the pole, the time of getting off the pole and the speed of swinging, not only telling you where there is something wrong with your movements, but also giving you a solution.

In addition to coaching bronze players, it also has a court model comparable to "plug-in" for advanced players who can leave the stage.

When you play ball on the court, the first question you face is where and how to play.

There are 18 holes in a game, where the green is, where the obstacles are, and how far it is from you, all of which affect the direction and strength of the player’s swing, and are very important. It’s easy to say that the stadium is familiar. If you haven’t played a few times, it’s easy to not play well because you don’t know the situation of the stadium.

In response to this problem, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is equipped with a series of skills:

There are not only maps of more than 300 golf courses in China, but also tips such as the slope of the green, the wind speed and direction of the day. It can be said that wearing the watch will directly open the perspective of God;

You can also estimate the impact point of each shot according to your previous serving distance, and calculate the distance between yourself and the bunker and the green to achieve accurate planning.

After the ball was hit, the second question came. How did you play and how should you improve?

The answer of Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is exactly the same as the mother who took away your lucky money in the New Year when she was a child: Don’t worry, I will remember it for you!

It can automatically perceive and record whether it is the score of strokes per hole, the hit rate of tee-off, the rate of putting on the green, or your hitting position and distance of each stroke.

Big data plays ball, experience winning hemp!

In terms of free diving, its function is as good as golf, and it can accompany you within 30 meters.

When you dive into the water and start to explore the limit, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro will silently start to record your real-time dive speed, real-time depth, maximum depth and other professional data.

When I go back to the shore, I can see how many points the "exam" is clear, and I will know where to work hard next time. It is also useful on land. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro clearly knows that if you want to perform well in the water, you can’t lack the function of land breath-holding training. It can record the duration of breath-holding, real-time heart rate data, and make a breath-holding training table.

To this point, it can be said that Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has already got a glimpse of the high-end sports assistance, and the function development related to golf and free diving is quite in-depth and easy to use.

Before the mid-19th century, few people wore watches, and everyone’s portable watches were basically pocket watches. The reason why watches can catch up and kill pocket watches is mainly based on two words: convenience, which can be seen when worn on your wrist and lifted.

This convenience is not only reflected in timing, but also in health examination. After all, there is no wearable smart device that can stay in the human body for such a long time.

Compared with most smart watches, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has enough health services: both professional health detection system and professional health management functions.

In terms of detection, in order to detect comprehensively, accurately and in time, hardware and algorithms have to be piled up. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro upgraded sensors, electrodes and data processing technologies, which reduced the loss rate of detection signals and made the accuracy higher.

But! If you have this, you can only measure your heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep, then it’s a good experience at best, and it’s still far from the high end.

To make the health function high-end, it is necessary to make the whole point deeper and more different! Huawei clearly understands this.

Take ECG ECG analysis as an example. In recent years, many smart watches will do this function, but Huawei has gone deeper this time. Not only is the collection speed fast, but the analysis results are also diverse. It can prompt anything that cannot be prompted by the table of ventricular premature beats and atrial premature beats.

Moreover, it also provides paid professional doctors’ interpretation services, and selects doctors from the top three hospitals in China to provide professional ECG interpretation reports, giving more comprehensive ECG interpretation results and health care suggestions.

In addition, it also joined the vascular health research initiated by the China Medical Association, which kept the words "concern about the risk of cardiovascular diseases" in mind.

Don’t ignore this function. According to China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2018, the number of people who died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China accounts for more than 40% of the deaths of residents.

To assess the risk, a key index is vascular elasticity, and the decrease of elasticity is a major feature of early vascular damage. Frequently testing pulse wave velocity and evaluating vascular elasticity is equivalent to doing a "micro-physical examination" at home.

High-end health functions must not only have data, but also have professional services. Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro not only provides comprehensive monitoring data, but also provides you with professional health advice to help you assess the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro’s health has been deepened because it also joined the heart health research and sleep apnea research projects of 301 Hospital, and established a comprehensive and active health management system, which made wearing smart watches truly become wearing health.

Smart watches are not accessories for mobile phones! As a wearable smart device that can accompany you for 24 hours, it has its own unique value and health attributes. At the same time, it is a window to show your taste.

In these respects, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro’s high-end advanced work is quite good, with texture, professional high-end sports and rigorous and scientific health services.

But is that enough? Certainly not, if only these, the utilization rate of resources on this wrist will be slightly insufficient.

Think about it, this thing is directly on your wrist, and it is often faster to call it than to take out your mobile phone. The functions of opening the entrance guard and swiping the payment code are inseparable when used, because it is too convenient.

At this point, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro also got it.

In addition to these surprises, wisdom has experienced this traditional art ability, and it has done a good job. HarmonyOS is increasingly rich in ecology, and the apps such as navigation, vertical and horizontal, map software and daily Alipay that are often used for business trips can be downloaded.

In terms of battery life related to all functions, the performance of Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is still at the level of martial arts, and there is no anxiety about charging: the titanium model can last for eight days after heavy use; The use of general strength can last for two weeks, and the typical scene of ceramic models can last for seven days; Heavy scenes also have a battery life of 4 days.

From all aspects, Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro has really made great efforts for this niche vacancy of smart watches in high-end, not only retaining the genes of Huawei’s "all-round" players, but also seeing the attention of many business users at home, and the key functional attributes have also achieved high-end destruction. For people who want to play these sports and want more accurate and professional health management, it is definitely one of the most worthwhile wearable smart items you can invest in this year.


Counting 33 films scheduled for the first half of the year, when the film market was "spring"

Following the China film marketThe second best-selling Spring Festival stall in historyAfter that,Many schedules in the first half of the year are once again "lively"The "post-Spring Festival file" has resurfaced. As of February 3rd, there were 33 official films in China in the first half of the year (see the table below for details).
Watchmaking: Huang can, data source: cat’s eye professional edition schedule calendar

Compared with the same period of last year, an important trend in 2023 is the increase in the number of Hong Kong films and imported films.

The Hong Kong film "When the Wind Comes Again", originally scheduled to be released in mid-February, was temporarily filed until the Lantern Festival on February 5. Directed and written by Weng Ziguang, starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Aaron Kwok, the film reinterprets the story of the four Hong Kong detectives. On March 3rd, the movie "Broken Net" is a slogan of "Three Best Actors Assemble", with Aaron Kwok as a programmer, Yam Tat-wah as a police officer and Lin Jiadong as a villain. Following the popularity of The Knockout, black and white crime action movies are expected to continue this popularity.

2023 is also a great year for the works of Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok. At present, there is a movie Wandering Earth 2 in Andy Lau, and there are five films to be shown-Crisis Route, Operation Moscow, Stealth, Mr. Red Carpet and Goldfinger. Aaron Kwok also has five works to be shown, such as When the Wind Comes Again in February, Disconnected from the Internet in March, Anti-drug 3 in the summer, and Temporary Robbery and Inside Story in the second half of the year. Since last year, Hong Kong films have shown a trend of going out of the trough. Tomorrow’s Battle won the highest box office in Hong Kong’s film history, Still Think You Are the Best became the most popular Hong Kong-made comedy, and The Corridor of Justice achieved a double harvest in topic and word of mouth. It is expected that Hong Kong films will continue to "rejuvenate" in 2023.

Watchmaking: Huang Can

In February, there were also the late Marvel superhero Panther 2, Ant Man and Wasp Girl: Quantum Frenzy, and the last film released in Marvel Comics was Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition in 2019. From the perspective of the Marvel universe, Panther 2 is the final work of the fourth stage of the Marvel movie universe, while Ant Man and Hornet Woman: Quantum Frenzy (Ant Man 3) is the beginning of the fifth stage, and the two films are regarded as a connecting link. According to Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, Black Panther, the previous work, made 662 million box office in China, and Ant Man 2: The Hornet Woman Appears made 831 million box office, with a solid fan base, which will attract a batch of Marvel Comics powder into the cinema.

DC Chaoying’s new work "Thunder Shazan! The wrath of the gods is also scheduled for March 17, but the previous box office "Thunder Shazan! "Only 294 million yuan, the box office is expected to be small. China Ping Pong, which will be released on the same day, will also play head-on with the above-mentioned super-English movies.

"China Table Tennis" has been changed twice before, the first time isOn January 16th, it was announced that it would be extended to January 24th (New Year’s Day). However, the Spring Festival was released for two days, and the box office was less than 40 million. The official said that the publicity and distribution team had serious mistakes and shortcomings in decision-making, preparation and promotion, which caused the film to fall into a particularly passive situation during the Spring Festival, and then it was officially released nationwide on February 17. The film had a good reputation when it was screened, and the douban score was 7.0. But under the attack of several superhero movies,The expected "window period" of "China Ping Pong" has not been realized, and it is doubtful whether it can be "Jedi counterattack" as the title says.

China Ping-Pong and Thunder Shazan! Poster of wrath of the gods

In terms of imported films, two popular Japanese animated films "Journey to the Bell Bud" and "Detective Conan: The Ghost of Baker Street was confirmed to be introduced. According to the schedule calendar of Cat Eye Professional Edition,Detective Conan: The Ghost of Baker Street will be released on April 4th.Detective Conan: The Ghost of Baker Street premiered in Japan on April 20, 2002, with a douban score as high as 9.1, which was re-released in the mainland 21 years later.

Journey of bell budsThe schedule is to be determined. The filmIt was released in Japan on November 11th, 2022. At present, its box office performance ranks third in the box office list of Japanese domestic films in 2022, and it was shortlisted in the main competition unit of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival. It is a Japanese animated film that was shortlisted in the main competition unit again after 21 years after Spirited Away in Miyazaki Hayao. Previously, many films of Makoto Shinkai have accumulated high box office in China, with "Your Name" earning 570 million yuan and "The Son of the Weather" earning 288 million yuan. With high reputation and Makoto Shinkai’s healing style, the number of people who want to see "Journey to Bell Bud" is 254,000, and that of Taobao Film is 116,000.

Valentine’s Day, Qingming Festival and May Day are three important dates in the first half of the year. On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, five love movies were scheduled-Sadness Without Tears, Take a look at me again, Fast Bodyguard, Battle Around the Sea and Love of Populus euphratica. Among the five films, "Sadness Without Tears" has 37,000 people who want to see it, ranking first. Coupled with the Spring Festival movies being shown, there are many types of Valentine’s Day movies. Last year, the total box office of Valentine’s Day was 520 million yuan. Considering the relatively stable demand of lovers, romantic films will have a place on that day. It is expected that this year’s Valentine’s Day will usher in a small peak of "post-Spring Festival files".

There are two domestic films scheduled in early April-Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department on April 1st and Dragon and Horse Spirit on April 7th. This year, Tomb-Sweeping Day only has a one-day holiday on Wednesday, April 5th, and there are no holidays and minor holidays, so the slotting effect is not obvious. Therefore, the two films chose the wrong peak to be released on Saturday. "Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department" byHong WangWei, Frant Gwo, producer, had previously won many awards at Pingyao International Film Festival and Beijing International Film Festival, and was shortlisted for Rotterdam International Film Festival. At present, the douban has reached 8.6 points, with a total of 2074 people scoring. "Dragon Horse Spirit" was written and directed by Yang Zi, starring Jackie Chan and Liu Haocun, recreating Jackie Chan’s classic action comedy. The former focuses on "high reputation" and the latter focuses on "strong lineup". The performance of the two films is worth looking forward to.

At present, three films have been officially announced in the May 1st file, namely, the road comedy Unfamiliar with Family Fun, the air combat movie King in the Sky andSubject of criminal prosecutionProcuratorial Fengyun.

Stills of "King of the Sky"

Of the three films, King of the Sky has the highest expectation. The King of the Sky was originally scheduled for the National Day in 2022, but three days before its release, it was suddenly announced that it was changed, and the release plan was adjusted "in order to present better production effects". The film, starring YiBo, Hu Jun and Zhou Dongyu, is one of the key projects of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and one of the first batch of key literary and artistic creation projects with the theme of "Centennial Party Building" and "All-round Well-off Society". Starring in traffic and endorsement by official media, The King of the Sky broke 10 million at the box office within 9 hours of pre-sale on National Day last year. Taobao Film wanted to see 624,000 people, and Cat’s Eye wanted to see 403,000 people, which will be the strongest competitor in May 1st.

Generally speaking, in the first half of 2023, the number and types of domestic films were rich, and the addition of Hong Kong films, Super British films and Japanese films provided the audience with fresher and more diversified choices. The movie-watching consumption enthusiasm released by the Spring Festival stalls will continue further, and the "spring" of China film industry is going on.


The young footballer will not admit defeat: a victory at the end of three years.

  On August 15th, Beijing Evening News reported that in recent years, the Hundred Teams Cup has opened a children’s group, which has truly realized that football starts with dolls, and many parents have teamed up with their dolls to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup. There is such a team called "elite football team" in the primary school group of the 31st Beijing Evening News Sports Window Hundred Teams Cup this year. These children have teamed up to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup children’s group since they were five years old. This year, they are all seven years old.

  Two years ago, parents (Weibo) formed this "elite football team" for their children and participated in the 29th Hundred Teams Cup with great interest. I didn’t know that on the field, I didn’t win one of the five games, and I lost 21 goals, which made the children cry. Ms. Wang, the parent of striker Xiao Jiang, said: "My son always watches Guoan players play football and especially likes Guoan team. We also support him to play football, but we didn’t expect such a big gap with others. Our original plan was like the national football team in 2002. The goal of the competition was to score a goal and win a game, and strive to qualify for the group. As a result, we didn’t score a goal, but it was all a net negative goal. " In fact, Xiao Jiang’s family is the staff of the Guoan team. The family fully supports Xiao Jiang and the elite team, and they are somewhat unyielding.

  In the second year, elite teams began to train every weekend. As long as parents have time, everyone will gather in the Olympic Sports Park to charter the venue and let the children train together. The weekend training was really effective. In the 30th Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team finally scored for the first time. But after five games, the dolls still haven’t won a victory.

  This year, the dolls of the elite team have all been promoted from kindergarten to the first grade of primary school. The distance between schools has not widened the distance between elite young players, but the strength of the team has expanded. Mr. Chen, the leader of the elite team, said: "In recent years, we will meet with all the strong teams in Beijing every weekend, and we will learn from each other. The children’s level has improved and our parents have also known each other. The children exercised with the ball and the parents became friends with the game. "

  This year, in the first match of the 31st Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team swept their opponents 11-0 and won their first victory in the Cup. The little players clap their hands with the team leader and coach again and again to celebrate the victory. This kind of happiness can’t be exchanged for any money. However, in the next four games, the elite team won 2 games and lost 2 games, and still failed to qualify for the group. However, parents say that they just love watching children’s energy, winning laughter and losing tears, and they can face setbacks positively and act like men. Next year’s Hundred Teams Cup, we will come again.

  Our reporter Chen Ying J080   

  Our reporter Ping Liu photo J163

Saturday’s SMG basketball strong file: the storm strives to rebound, and Mercury impacts the winning streak.

Saturday 301 Women’s Basketball Team Seattle Storm VS Phoenix Mercury 2023-08-06 10:00

On the visiting team’s Seattle storm:

Storm is in a very depressed state this season. At present, it ranks first from the bottom in the Western Conference with 6 wins and 20 losses. At present, the team is averaging 78.2 points and losing 84.8 points. The offensive and defensive ends are quite collapsed, with a net loss of 6.6 points per game. Storm relies heavily on Lloyd, the core scoring champion, this season. At present, Lloyd has played 24 games, averaging 24.6 points per game, and her three-point outside shooting rate is as high as 40.3%. However, Lloyd’s personal data can only help her keep the league scoring champion. As for the team’s record, she is still seriously behind, so she can only ensure more wins and avoid the position of vice squad leader. In the last round of the league, Storm had been a guest in the East for revenge and fanaticism after losing 10 games in a row. Lloyd led a team to welcome the long-lost 2-game winning streak, but Lloyd then scored 31 points against Pegasus and sat in front of Seattle’s house. Finally, Storm defeated his opponent 65-76 at home, and Storm missed the 3-game winning streak.

The home team Phoenix Mercury:

Mercury has been in a serious decline this season. At present, it ranks second from the bottom in the Western Conference with 7 wins and 19 losses. At present, the team is averaging 76.6 points and 83.4 points per game. The offensive and defensive ends are very collapsed. At present, the team is losing 6.8 points per game. In the new season, it was impossible to play at a normal level when Grena returned to the team. Mercury recently ushered in Dorothy’s return. As a result, the core center Grena fell down because of mental health problems. Fortunately, the team just won the dream of revenge 91-71 at home, and the team avoided a five-game losing streak. The legendary scoring champion Dorothy, 41, scored 42 points in this game. In this game, Mercury continues to sit in Phoenix, and they hope to continue to revenge and repel the storm. After all, the storm’s previous two home and away encounters were all victories to shoot down Mercury. In this game, Dorothy still needs to strive for a complete victory to help the team revenge.

Historical record: In the last 6 matches, Mercury won 4 games and lost 2 games.

Curry calls the expert! Curry training camp students in situ windmill dunk+cup three points!

Live broadcast: August 5 th, the basketball camp in Curry opened recently.

It is predicted that the 2025 lotto show, Cooper Flagg, will have a big windmill chop! Then came a three-point turn in advance! It can be said that the essence of Curry has been learned to the extreme ~

The flug is said to have blasted the Sun star Bill the other day, and it is rumored that Bill was even blindsided.

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

On August 3rd, Beijing time, the 76ers suffered a huge blow in the NBA playoffs. Their captain harel, while checking his knee, accidentally found a serious problem with his knee, that is, his knee. In this case, harel’s chances of next season will be greatly reduced, and he is likely to make a complete break with the NBA.

Harel got the status of a free agent in the summer. At first, they didn’t think he would return to the 76ers, but in the end, they signed a basic salary contract with the 76ers. The 76ers changed their coach, and harel wanted to try. However, no one expected that his physical condition would be so bad that it might even affect his career.

Harel had an MRI because his right leg and knee suddenly became swollen in the previous exercise, and it turned out that he had strained the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus of his left leg. This kind of injury is still very serious, and it is estimated that it will be ruined next season. If so, the 76ers will probably lay off Li Dai, because the contracts they signed with Li Dai are all veterans. If Li Dai can’t bring them any benefits, they will also lay off Li Dai.

Harel’s situation is rare. He didn’t even realize how serious his injury was, which would probably lead to the end of his NBA career. In the 22-23 season, harel’s strength was greatly reduced, because there were not many playing opportunities. His average playing time was only 11.9 minutes, and he got 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds, which made him lose the chance to be selected in the playoffs, so he returned to the 76ers.

Originally, I just wanted to spend the rest of the season in a daze, but after the season ended, he suffered another big injury, which made his future gloomy. After all, the recovery from this injury is a very long process. Even harel, 29, wants to reach his peak again, which is not an easy task. Moreover, there are many players in the 76ers. Reed and Bamba have signed contracts, which means that harel is likely to be traded, and then he will bid farewell to the NBA, and it is difficult to come back, because no team will attach importance to him.

1-0,1-1,0-1! The two suspense in the Premier League ended, Manchester City won the championship, and Harland won the golden ball

The 37th round of Premier League continues: Bournemouth VS Manchester United. In the 9th minute, casemiro scored the only goal. In the end, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 1-0.

Liverpool, at home against Aston Villa. In the 22nd minute, Watkins missed the penalty. In the 27th minute, Jacob broke the door; In the 89th minute, firmino was absolutely flat. 1-1, Liverpool and Aston Villa shake hands.

Nottingham Forest, against Arsenal. In the 19th minute, Awoniyi scored. After that, the two teams did not change the score on the field. 0-1, Arsenal lost.

Let’s look at the Premier League standings: Manchester City 85 points, Arsenal 81 points, Newcastle United 69 points, Manchester United 69 points, Liverpool 66 points, Brighton 58 points, Aston Villa 58 points …

Arsenal have only one game to play, four points behind Manchester City. In other words, Manchester City won the league championship three rounds ahead of schedule. At the same time, Liverpool has only one game to play, three points behind Manchester United and Newcastle, and the latter two teams still have two games to play. Liverpool, not only want to get 3 points, at the same time, Manchester United and Newcastle United can’t get a point in the last two rounds. The possibility of satisfying these two situations is very small. Therefore, the suspense of the Premier League for four has also ended.

Manchester City won the first championship this season. Next, they will play Manchester United in the FA Cup final and Inter Milan in the Champions League final. Without analysis, everyone will understand that Manchester City has a great probability of winning the treble this season. What will it be like to add such honor, plus the three honors of Premier League Golden Boot+Champions League Golden Boot+European Golden Boot, and can you win this year’s Golden Globe Award? This man is Harland in Manchester City. Of course, his biggest opponent is Messi, and he has the World Cup champion in hand.

Congratulations! Manchester City will celebrate the championship at home, and all the remaining three rounds can be rotated. The sword refers to the miracle of triple crown.

As Arsenal lost 0-1, Manchester City won the championship three rounds ahead of schedule. In this way, Manchester City can celebrate the championship directly at home, regardless of the result against Chelsea. It is conceivable that Etihad Stadium will become a sea of joy. For Guardiola, this is also a huge advantage: Manchester City can rotate in the remaining three rounds of the Premier League, and they can concentrate on preparing for the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, pointing to the miracle of triple crown.

Manchester City’s remaining three league opponents are Chelsea, Brighton and brentford. It was originally thought that the title race between Manchester City and Arsenal would last until the end, which may affect the results of the Champions League and the FA Cup. But I didn’t expect Arsenal to lose points in a row, and even the champion was "sent" in advance. Manchester City fans felt that happiness came so suddenly. Now Guardiola can focus on the remaining two games. As long as he wins two more games, Manchester City will become the triple crown.

The first is the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United on June 3rd. This season, Manchester City and Manchester United each won one game in the league. The two teams will definitely go all out in this final. Tenghage has led Manchester United to the Carling Cup this season. If he wins the FA Cup again, his first season of coaching Manchester United will be fantastic. Guardiola’s team is in full swing. He can take a break from the main force in the league and play against Manchester United with the strongest array. The hard power of the Blue Moon is stronger than that of Manchester United, and Gua Shuai’s confidence in winning the championship is still sufficient.

Then there is the Champions League final on June 11th. Manchester City’s opponent is Inter Milan, which also has the upper hand in terms of hard power. The Blue Moon eliminated Leipzig, Bayern and Real Madrid all the way to the final, with high gold content, while Inter Milan eliminated Porto, Benfica and Milan to enter the final. The confrontation with Manchester City will be a real test for them. Considering that the final is a missed game, there is still the possibility of an accident, so Inter Milan is not completely without a chance.

However, for Guardiola, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to win the triple crown. Winning the Premier League early is like a timely rain for him, which can make the main players who have played for a season and their physical fitness has reached a critical point get a good rest. Moreover, after this Manchester City swept Real Madrid 5-1 in two rounds, the confidence of the players has reached a very high level. They can play with ease against any opponent. Do you think Manchester City won the triple crown this season? Welcome to post your insights in the comments section.

Courtois: We will fight for the league title until it is impossible, and hope to finish the season successfully.

Live on April 23 rd, Real Madrid beat Certa 2-0 at home in a La Liga match. After the match, Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois accepted an interview with DAZN.

-team performance

We have been in good shape recently. Although we made some mistakes in the game, the team finally won and scored 3 points. We have to move on.

-Dissatisfaction with teammates at the corner kick at the end of the game

There is something wrong with that corner kick … You saw that two opponents went to the corner flag area to make a short pass, but none of us responded. I know that the team should stand in a good position when defending the corner kick before the game, but we must push it out. If they score, the game will be in suspense again, and this will be because we made stupid mistakes, so we must stay serious until the end.

-put pressure on Barcelona

We will fight until the last game until the league title is impossible. The team has lost some points before, so we must try our best to win the next three games and then look at our points. The task of the team is to continue to win, and to keep a good feeling before the semi-final of the Champions League. The most important thing is to make everyone in good condition and finish the season successfully.