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Seduction photos of online beauties-Red Seduction


    After the release of the single "Come Back and Love Me", the popularity of children in Yu Qing has been soaring. Started a new round of non-stop publicity. Yu Qing’s good friend Zhao Liang, a famous film actor, also gave his full support. In order to cooperate with the promotion of new songs, Yu Qing found Juanzi, the best fashion photographer in China, who has taken photos for vogue, ·ELLE, Elegance and other magazines for many times, and took a group of photos called "Red Temptation" for him. The figure of F cup, pure eyes, smiling face like a child and pure and flawless voice have brought us a brand-new shock. It is far away from the noise of the city, just like a stream flowing quietly in our hearts.

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Price increase against the trend? The dilemma of the beauty market is reversed. Lack of motivation. International big names are the first to shout "improving morale" | Industry dynamics

Cailian News Agency, January 11th (Reporter Luo Yuchen) At the beginning of the new year, the domestic beauty market is still waiting for recovery in a difficult situation, and international brands have taken the lead in starting a new round of price increases. Cailian reporter learned from the offline counter that many international beauty brands plan to raise prices after the Spring Festival, covering all products, with an increase of 5%-10%.

Different from the international big-name "Passion Shouts Up", many flagship stores of domestic brands such as Polaiya, owned by Polaiya (603605.SH), Winona and Mao Geping, owned by Betani (300957.SZ) all reported that they had not received the price increase notice. It is worth noting that although domestic brands have not publicly raised prices on a large scale, it is not uncommon to "quietly" raise the prices of popular items by upgrading and changing packaging.

For the phenomenon of brand price increase in the downward period, Zhang Yang, the founder of Solution Consulting, believes that customer unit price is an important part of brand differentiation. In the downward period, the advantage of low-priced brands is difficult to sustain, and the profit of a single product cannot be supported, so a series of problems arise; A brand with premium power is "selling a single order and earning a single order". After all, "profit space is research and development space" can support the brand to develop better in a difficult situation. She pointed out that the signal released by the downward brand price increase is actually to gain more room for manoeuvre, and more and more domestic brands are gradually realizing this problem.

International big names shout up at the beginning of the year

Near the Spring Festival, there are crowds in the vicinity of Wulin Square in the central business district of Hangzhou. The reporters of Cailian Association visited a number of surrounding shopping malls and learned that there are indeed many brands that are planning to raise prices after the Spring Festival. The sales of Estee Lauder, Dior, Guerlain, Clinique and perfume brand LeLabo all clearly stated that "it will rise after the holiday". However, according to the sales representatives, the new round of price increase is still in the brewing stage, and the range of price increase has not yet been determined, so only a relatively vague range is given.

"It is estimated that it will rise to 620 yuan to 660 yuan, and the increase in perfume will be even greater." Dior brand sales pointed to an air-cushion powder cake with a price of 600 yuan on the shelf. When the reporter questioned whether the 10% increase was too large, she responded: "Many brands have to raise their prices, not only our family, but also perfumes."

For the reasons of price increase, brand sales have different opinions. "We will go up across the board. Maybe every product will go up by 20 yuan -30 yuan. Now nothing will go up, right? All kinds of costs are rising. " Clinique brand sales blamed the price increase on rising costs. Judging from the sales of Guerlain brand and Estee Lauder brand, the price increase is more customary, "every February is the price adjustment period".

It is understood that in 2022, the beauty industry experienced two rounds of price hikes in March and July respectively due to cost pressure, involving different brands. Affected by this, some brands said that due to the price increase in 2022, there is no price adjustment plan in the short term. "This lipstick has risen in 22 years, from 370 yuan to 385 yuan, and there will be no price adjustment for the time being." Gucci brand sales introduction said.

It has been pointed out that since 2021, the costs of raw materials, transportation and warehousing have been rising continuously, and brands are indeed facing certain cost pressures, so they have started to raise prices one after another. With the general decline in the prices of various bulk raw materials in Q3 in 2022, this kind of cost load has been reduced, but the sharp fluctuation of exchange rate has put new pressure on the profits of imported goods.

Beauty cosmetics wait for the dilemma to reverse.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the domestic beauty market is still in a difficult period.

Since August, 2022, the domestic retail sales of cosmetics have been declining for four consecutive months year-on-year. Even though it was promoted by the "Double Eleven", the retail sales of cosmetics in November still failed to reverse the trend, falling by 4.6% year-on-year. Considering that the discussion on the "Double Twelve" promotion was not hot, the retail sales of cosmetics in December was hardly optimistic, and "six consecutive declines" might be inevitable.

Under the downward pressure, more and more brands are forced to clear out. Since 2022, CROXX, YES! IC, Fangji and a number of former cutting-edge domestic brands announced the clearance or closure of stores, and overseas brands even withdrew in large numbers, including young brands such as The Oriental and Huda Beauty, as well as old brands such as Shuizhiao, Yidi House and Feishi Shop, which have been deeply cultivated in the China market for many years.

Even if it has not been eliminated, the severe living environment has forced a number of brands to make substantial adjustments, and channel adjustment bears the brunt. Brands such as Yueshi Fengyin, Maybelline and Heyan have reduced their offline channels and started to attack online in an all-round way. However, time has passed, the online channel dividend period has passed, and the traffic cost has risen. An interview with a new domestic brand revealed that the brand began to specialize in online at the end of 2021, but the actual situation is far less than expected, and online competition has become unprecedentedly fierce.

(Editor Liu Yan)

This article comes from Luo Yuchen, a reporter from Cailian Association.

After divorcing Pippen, Larsa has changed multiple boyfriends. Jordan’s son is the best, and his brother and sister are excited.

The NBA star continued to take a vacation, and time passed so quickly that it came to August in a blink of an eye.

In the past 2-3 months, Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen has become one of the most concerned celebrities in the league. Her popularity once surpassed Booker’s ex-girlfriend Jenna, as well as former NBA champion khloe kardashian and the famous kim kardashian.

When it comes to Kardashian, many fans will think of it as "the best defensive team in the NBA". Once upon a time, Larsa and Kardashian sisters were close friends, especially kim kardashian and khloe kardashian. They used to go out on vacation, attend parties, fashion activities and be models together. Two years ago, Larsa took a fancy to tristan thompson, who was dating khloe kardashian at that time. Larsa and Thompson went out for a room date many times. Khloe kardashian didn’t know all this, but Larsa told Thompson about dating directly in an interview with TV station to show off. khloe kardashian was very angry, and the Kardashian sisters broke up with Larsa.

Larsa and Pippen, a famous NBA player, had a long and wonderful time after they got married. Larsa gave birth to four children for Pippen, and their marriage lasted for 23 years. Two months ago, when Larsa was interviewed, he recalled his married life. Larsa said: "I am actually very happy after 23 years of marriage. I have to exercise with Pippen four times a day. During the 23 years of marriage, I almost never stopped." Hearing Larsa’s words, many fans gave Pippen a thumbs-up in succession. It seems that Pippen was also "gifted" in those days.

Perhaps the 23-year marriage has exhausted all the novelty, and Pippen occasionally goes out to make love, so Larsa divorced Pippen in a rage. After the two sides separated, Larsa began to look for boyfriends. His goal was aimed at the NBA, from Molander to Timberwolves star Beasley, as well as tristan thompson and Larsa.

At the end of last year, Larsa started dating Jordan’s son markus jordan in Miami. They spent Christmas and New Year together, and now they have been dating for more than half a year. A few days ago, Marcus took Larsa to play golf. Three hours ago, Larsa took a photo of himself and his boyfriend Marcus. Although Larsa is 16 years older than Marcus, there is no generation gap between them.

In the past several boyfriends, Marcus is the richest and treats Larsa with the most care. Marcus used to be called Aunt Larsa, but now he is called Baby directly. Some fans said that it was very exciting for Larsa to do this, and her ex-husband Pippen was very angry.

ENI live broadcast room: three steps to build a smart factory in process industry

How many stages are there in the construction of smart factory in process industry?

How to make the overall framework of IT planning when the growth enterprises are intellectualized?

Why do enterprises need process management, when do they do it, where do they start and how do they do it?

On March 8, 2023, in the CIO live broadcast room of "Planning Elements and Paths of Digital Intelligence Construction of Process Manufacturing" jointly sponsored by ENI Economic and Information Network and Dell Technology Group, Wang Yimin, head of information technology in China District of Singapore Golden Eagle Group, shared the stage, construction value and path of intelligent factory construction in process industry; Qiu Feng, an intelligent manufacturing expert of China Printing Machine Industry Association and an instructor of Beiyin Graduate School, shared enterprise process management in detail through five W1s. Wu Tianyao, a senior industry consultant of the Empowerment Center of the Infrastructure Division in Greater China of Dell Technology Group, demonstrated the value of innovative technology in the digital transformation of enterprises based on the solutions of Dell Technology Group and the sharing of cases.

"CPS is the essence of intelligent manufacturing". In the keynote speech of "Planning of Smart Factory in Process Industry", Wang Yimin, head of information technology in China District of Singapore Golden Eagle Group, introduced the key points of building smart factory in process industry from the aspects of real-time transparency of production process, standardized management of operation and traceability of the whole process.

The construction of intelligent factory is divided into three stages: digitalization and automatic control, networking and intelligence. Wang Yimin introduced that the digitization and automatic control stage is mainly to digitize scenes, environments, equipment, objects, processes and processes. At this stage, the key work of enterprises focuses on industrial sensor installation, industrial process data collection and industrial real-time data collection; When the enterprise enters the networking stage, it will be transformed into the construction of collection and transmission network, the integration of production software and hardware, the collaborative construction of bottom automation, the construction of internal and external high-speed data networking, and the construction of industrial internet and cloud; At the intelligent stage, the key points of enterprise’s smart factory construction will be reflected in digital twin technology construction, cloud computing big data construction, data visualization and artificial intelligence application, intelligent operation inside and outside the factory and product life cycle.

90% of manufacturing enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises. In the keynote speech "The Path and Application Scenarios of Digital Intelligence for Growth Enterprises", Wu Tianyao, a senior industry consultant of Empowerment Center of Infrastructure Division in Greater China of Dell Science and Technology Group, introduced the overall framework of IT planning for digital intelligence for growth enterprises, and shared the Top Design Report, Architecture Design Report and Project Planning Report with guiding value.

As the world’s leading provider of consulting services and IT products, Dell Technology Group can help enterprises to establish a digital factory integrating R&D, procurement, manufacturing, storage and transportation, sales and service, and realize vertical integration of the factory and horizontal integration of the enterprise value chain. Through intelligent IT technology+intelligent IT service, and adopting unique methodology, the supply chain collaboration mode is designed to create a comprehensive digital factory transformation scheme.

In addition, Wu Tianyao also introduced Dell Streaming Data Platform–SDP, edge computing platform, and Dell technology AI-ready solutions. For growing enterprises, Dell Technology provides subscription-based IT consumption model APEX FOD, which enables enterprises to have better cash flow and face market competition more flexibly. Through the sharing of scene-based applications, Wu Tianyao introduced the best practice delivery of the underlying infrastructure (computing power, storage) of Dell Technology Group and the landing delivery of edge AI.

Excellent methods are not inherited, responsibilities and rights are unclear, there are standards, and there is no solidification.

Why should an enterprise carry out process management, when, where to start and how to do it. In the next speech, Qiu Feng, an intelligent manufacturing expert of China Printing Machine Industry Association and an instructor of North India Graduate School, introduced why enterprises should do process management from three aspects: employees, enterprises and customers. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the development of enterprise growth life cycle, it was pointed out that it was not necessary to do process management at the stage of enterprise’s pioneering stage, but when the enterprise further developed and its scale gradually expanded into the development stage, it needed standardized operation. After entering the mature stage, the response of enterprise management is slow, and this stage needs to be optimized and rebuilt.

When talking about how to carry out process management, Qiu Feng shared it with the ring structure of planning, design, execution and optimization. He mentioned that when planning, enterprises need to investigate and analyze the pain points, identify the process list and priority, and formulate the process combing plan and project mechanism according to the actual situation of enterprises. In the implementation stage, it is necessary to publicize the process and coach employees to implement it, analyze the timeliness of process nodes, and collect the problems of process audit and operation.

After decades of development, the process industry, which is mainly composed of chemical industry, foundry, cement and biopharmaceuticals, has achieved great improvement in production technology, equipment and production process automation, but its overall development is still relatively extensive. How to solve the current challenges through reasonable digital intelligence planning and practice, and what new opportunities and scenarios will be provided by new digital technologies such as industrial internet, IoT and AI for digital intelligence in the industry are also the current concerns of enterprises.

We are innovative porters.

The ultimate chat computer chats and finds that it has surpassed human beings. What will the future world be like?

Recently, there is a very hot thing called ChatGPT (Chinese is called chat generation pre-training transformation model). In fact, it is an AI artificial intelligence chat robot program.

It was born as hot as a supernova explosion, surpassing Apple, Google and Tesla. . .

So I also tried to chat with it for a day, looking for all kinds of questions and soul torture to see how this artificial intelligence is different from the previous one.

Chinese is an abstruse language, especially ancient Chinese, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand, let alone create.

So I gave GPT a question with reading+creation. The GPT answers as follows:

Preface to Linjiangxian-Tengwang Pavilion

The mountains and rivers here are also wonderful. The prosperity of the river table is beautiful! People who are on the outside are more lovely. If you don’t believe me, look at the height of this pavilion. There are clouds under the sky, and the water of the Yangtze River and the beach of white sand stones are fascinating. The people on the pavilion are so intoxicated that in the middle of the night, it seems that they can go straight to the sky, board the heavens and see the four seas.

However, I feel this way. As soon as I get here, I have deeply felt the culture of the river table, and its depth is as deep as the sea. Scholars, poets and singers, all have their own character and stand out from the rest of the world. Not only Huan Yi, Yang Zun and others, but also Shao Minghuang’s talents, Jin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, all of them took advantage of this piece of land and became famous all over the world.

I have been admiring it for a long time since I lived here. Every desire to cultivate Tao Zhu, keep humble, in order to achieve. And repeatedly in the middle of the night, intoxicated with the joy of literati, listening to the talents of the group, quite emotional. Today, thanks to a visit, I paid a visit to this pavilion with reverence and opened a new chapter.

Linjiangxian, the name of the immortal, came here this time, like a fairy tour. Looking through your literature and listening to the words of literati, my heart is happy and I can’t help myself. The ink in the pen, unexpectedly from the initial sloppy, gradually to the magnificence, profound meaning, magnificent. It’s not surprising that it’s a one-step show.

Is to give it, spare time, come here. It’s not an insult to visit, nor is it a superficial move. If you want to talk about it, you can only encourage everyone with the origin of culture and the culture of Jiangnan. I hope that in the future, we can learn from each other and make progress together in cultural exchanges, so as to inherit the aspirations of our ancestors and achieve the great cause of Chinese civilization.

No typos or grammatical mistakes were found in the whole passage. The level has surpassed that of human (me) [covering my face]. . .

I found a math problem in the college entrance examination online, and GPT quickly gave an answer. . . I don’t know if there is anything wrong [covering my face] because I don’t understand anything except Chinese.

ChatGPT’s development company, OpenAI, has another professional AI painting program, Stable Diffusion, but it only supports inputting English prompts. If English is not good, there will be many difficulties in creation.

But now that I have GPT, I chat with it and tell it my own painting idea. Then I ask it for hints, and copy the hints into the stable difference, resulting in the following works. . .

There’s a dialogue in the 139th sentence of the comic book "The Demon Discharger at the End", which is a bit difficult. I’ll test it.

At the same time, compared with other translation software, GPT not only translated the literal meaning, but also showed the meaning it understood. . . Moreover, the dialog box of AI has no word limit, and it can translate an article, a contract or even a book.


GPT can also be programmed directly. I tell it the idea, and then it starts to "create" a game for me.

I wrote a large piece of code "beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. So the first game I created was born. . .

After a night of testing, I found that this GPT has existed in different dimensions compared with the previous artificial intelligence software (siri and the like) [stunned]

In fact, there are many things GPT can do, such as reading contracts, generating contracts, making PPT of tabular data, writing articles and writing scripts. . . Too much, too much. . .

ChatGPT was born only three months ago, and it is still evolving. Every question and answer is training and learning for GPT.In this regard, Google has issued a CODE RED alert, which is the first time in Google’s history, which is equivalent to a country being threatened by nuclear weapons. Major technology companies have said that they want to release their own AI products. . .

If a new scientific and technological revolution is coming, it must be an artificial intelligence revolution. I don’t know what the world will become in the future. I just hope that artificial intelligence can help human civilization evolve at a higher speed. (End)