The opening of MWC is imminent, and Meizu’s big moves are frequent! Flyme dual system attention is full

The opening of MWC is imminent, and Meizu’s big moves are frequent! Flyme dual system attention is full

  There are still 2 days left! This year’s annual event in the technology industry, the MWC Shanghai Mobile World Congress in 2023, is about to open. As an annual blockbuster conference in the technology industry, although it only lasts for three days from June 28 to 30, it can make the world’s technology enthusiasts focus on it in just three days. Therefore, the annual MWC is also a good opportunity for major technology companies to do their best to show their technologies and products to the world.

  As the most high-profile Meizu in the first half of this year, it is not surprising to announce its participation in the exhibition. But it is worth noting that Meizu is not participating in the exhibition under the name of "Meizu Mobile Phone", but under the name of "Xingji Meizu Group". That is, at this exhibition, Meizu 20 series will be exhibited together with Flyme Auto.

  The re-participation of Flyme Auto has also greatly aroused the attention of many professional car critics. After all, Flyme Auto has won praise from many netizens and fans since its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show at the beginning of the year. The user-friendly desktop selection, the highly intelligent option of air conditioning, the logic of car-machine interaction and the UI animation of one mirror to the end have all had an impact on the entire smart car field. Therefore, how much Flyme Auto can be upgraded and optimized at this MWC has also become the most concerned point in the entire new energy vehicle field.

  In terms of smart end points, the Meizu 20 series, which continues to slaughter the list on the 618, will also become another highlight on MWC! The perfect combination of boundless aesthetics, powerful performance and Flyme10 can be called the embryonic form of future mobile phones.

  In terms of appearance, the Meizu 20 series is adhering to the unbounded aesthetics and building the appearance. The screen uses extremely thin four-level narrow edges to minimize the boundaries of the screen, and uses narrow borders to further set off the visual perception of the screen. Let the narrow borders and high-quality screens complement each other to build a stronger visual impact.

  And the back of the phone is also completely different from the dazzling lens group currently on the market. Meizu uses extreme simplicity to present an unbounded beauty, and cancels all the designs that affect the beauty of the back cover! Only the basic lens camera components are retained, and the simplest arrangement is used to build the most refreshing and refined unbounded beauty.

  In terms of performance, the Meizu 20 series is equipped with a Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor. This chip is also the top flagship processor in the industry. Its performance is excellent, and it is TSMC’s 4-nanometer process. The advantages of low power consumption make the temperature control of the overall mobile phone particularly good. At the same time, the Meizu 20 series also uses a combination of LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0 storage, which greatly enhances the reading and writing speed of the mobile phone, making software and files open and run faster. After Meizu’s careful polishing of this set of performance configurations, it also easily ran out of a high score of 1.3 + million.

  On the system, the Meizu 20 series comes standard with the Flyme10 operating system. As a software sector that Meizu has always been proud of, this time Flyme10 did not disappoint Meizu. This generation has upgraded the small window mode, Aicy screen recognition and OneMind, and the overall system convenience and smoothness are more convenient. And it can also achieve the background survival of 21 APPs at the same time, completely saying goodbye to killing the background! And it has also passed the test of the Thiel laboratory, which is certified to last for 48 months.

  The simultaneous demise of the Meizu 20 series and Flyme Auto has filled many people’s expectations for Meizu’s MWC tour!


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