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What is the difference between Mercedes-Benz e300 and e200?


What’s the difference between Mercedes E300 and E200?

There are obvious differences between E200 and E300 in price, powertrain and configuration. First of all, E300 is more advanced and more expensive than E200. The official quotation of E300 fashion model is 465,800 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan higher than E200 sports model (basic model) of 425,800 yuan. Even the gap between E200′ s 4MATIC sports model (the highest configuration) and E300′ s fashion model is almost 20,000 yuan. Secondly, E300′ s powertrain is more powerful than E200′ s, and it is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 190KW and a maximum torque of 370Nm, while E200 is equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine with a maximum power of 135KW and a maximum torque of 300Nm. Both engines are equipped with 264 920 models. Finally, E300 has more comprehensive configurations than E200, such as keyless entry of the whole vehicle, 360-degree panoramic image and steering wheel memory function, which are standard in E300. Therefore, if you want a better driving experience and more comprehensive configuration, you can choose E300.

Buy millet SU7 purchase tax is free! What is the impact of the New Deal on new energy vehicles?

The small partners who are concerned about new energy vehicles must have learned a recent news: the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a new announcement, announcing that a series of models will enjoy preferential policies for purchase tax reduction and exemption. In the model catalog, Xiaomi SU7,Seals and Zhijie S7, which are particularly popular recently, are listed!

On the one hand, these models have excellent performance, on the other hand, they will also bring real benefits to car owners in terms of purchase tax. So, how do you understand the impact of the New Deal on the new energy vehicle industry?

Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Judging from the nature, the preferential policy of purchase tax reduction is an important policy issued by the state to encourage the development of new energy vehicles and promote green travel. By reducing the purchase tax, the economic pressure on consumers to buy cars will be reduced, thus further promoting the prosperity and development of the new energy vehicle market.

The introduction of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy further highlights the state’s attention and support for the new energy automobile industry. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology, new energy vehicles will occupy a dominant position in traffic travel in the future.

At the same time, according to the data of China Automobile Association, in March 2024, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 863,000 and 883,000 respectively, up by 28.1% and 35.3% year-on-year and 86.0% and 85.1% quarter-on-quarter. This is mainly due to the resumption of business operations after the Spring Festival, the large number of new cars coming on the market, and the new round of price reduction promotion in the auto market, which was encouraged by policies such as trade-in and trade-in. In March, the sales of new energy vehicles achieved significant growth on schedule, continuing the rapid growth momentum year-on-year. This time, many models covered in the new purchase tax reduction and exemption policy are actually hot models in previous months, and the intention of the state to guide the further development of new energy vehicles is very obvious.

Source: China Automobile Association

The implementation of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy has brought tangible benefits to consumers and injected new vitality into the entire new energy vehicle market. As the "heart" of new energy vehicles, under the constant stimulation of the demand for new energy vehicles, the power battery sector will also usher in a good opportunity, and it can be forward-looking at present.

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Source: Shan Yu Qiu

The movie "Pintable" started, and Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying spelled out a new social relationship.

1905 movie network news The urban love movie officially started. Director and screenwriter Wu Jing, actors, actors, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, writers, etc. attended the launching ceremony. Focusing on the living conditions of contemporary young people, the film "Patching the Table" tells the story of two young people living in Shanghai who got to know each other through an accidental dinner, familiar with fireworks and unfamiliar strangers. From the dining table to life, they gradually got a new understanding of "eat well and love well".

Eric Wang Jiang Shuying’s 19-year-old friends cooperated with urban migrant workers for the first time to "take a child" to grow up together.  

Lu Shigu, played by Eric Wang, is a code farmer engaged in science and technology industry. Because of family of origin’s reasons, he is introverted and inarticulate, and has a Buddhist attitude towards life, but he has unique views on food. Zhang Jiayi, played by Jiang Shuying in the film, is an out-and-out foodie who is good at finding all kinds of wonderful food to cure boring life. Although Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying are co-starring for the first time, they have known each other for 19 years. Both of them are acting undergraduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004, and their previous tacit interaction in variety shows also left a deep impression on the audience.

It is worth mentioning that this role interpretation is a brand-new attempt for Eric Wang. From the previous "swindler in northern Myanmar" to a "lonely and gentle code farmer", the shape and people have made a 180-degree reversal. From manager Lu, who is feared by everyone, to Lu Shigu, who is lonely in his heart, how will Eric Wang perform differently? Aroused the curiosity of countless audiences.

In addition, the cross-border surprise joining of the musical prince Zheng Yunlong also attracted much attention. Not only that, there are also "famous mouths" familiar to the public in the official announcement list. What kind of opinions do they have about urban life and love? What kind of taste will they bring to this film with "food" as the main line? Stay tuned.

Concept poster warm heart release "food+love" double-line theme to cure internal friction

Earlier, the movie "Table Fighting" released a concept poster. In the poster, the tablecloth is laid on the dining table, waiting for the delicious food to be served. Its artistic conception is similar to that of the film curtain, which means that the good play is about to appear. There are two men and women sitting at the table. Although they don’t show their faces, they can also see that they are talking happily. "Eat well, love well" will undoubtedly show the film temperament. "Patching the Table" is a film with a strong flavor of life, in which the characters gradually establish feelings in the process of sharing food and life. The characters in the film are the epitome of countless young people working in big cities. Although busy work is overwhelming, annoying bosses are unreasonable and trivial things in life are trivial, they can find energy in the healing of food and friendship.

The film "Pinning the Table" advocates young people to socialize boldly, actively create warmth and romance in anxiety and busyness, and pursue their true selves. The main characters in the film are two urban men and women who work in Shanghai. Because of the delicious food, they become "rice partners" and warm each other in constant familiarity. As a new social relationship popular in recent years, "partner" refers to friends or partners who get together for something. The purpose of dating is clear and the mode of getting along with each other is natural, which is especially common in today’s fast-paced youth groups.

The film "Patching the Table" was produced by producer, directed and written by Wu Jing, starring Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying, starring Li Xueqin, Zheng Yunlong, Fu Seoul and Liu Jia, specially starred by Wang Caiping and Jiayi Du, and especially by Wu Mian. I expect to meet you in 2024.

Exercise may accelerate your aging! I advise you to give up these five kinds of exercise.

As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. People who exercise regularly not only look well-proportioned, but also have relatively stronger immunity.

However, exercise can not only preserve one’s health, but also hurt one’s health. Once the wrong exercise method is adopted, it may not only be harmful to one’s health, but will be counterproductive.

Regular and proper exercise can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance immunity and delay aging.

Although sports bring many benefits,But we must pay attention to the way and moderate amount, and it is more important to choose the sports that suit you according to your age and physical condition.

In addition, we should pay attention to gradual exercise, increase or decrease the amount of exercise in a planned way, and warm up well before each activity to give the body an adaptive process.

Because improper exercise may endanger health and accelerate aging. Excessive exercise may lead to physical fatigue, damaged immune system, poor blood circulation, etc., and may even induce neurosis, leading to the destruction of the body’s own harmony.

The correct and suitable exercise method may enhance immunity and have the effect of keeping in good health, but if the exercise method is wrong, it will not be good for the body.

Do morning exercises at dawn.

Many people will choose to do morning exercises at dawn, thinking that the air quality is good at this time, but in fact, not only the light is dark in the morning, but also the temperature is relatively low, so it is easy to trip, or have a cold, upset stomach, or even induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is not recommended to do morning exercises at dawn.

2. Exercise blindly on an empty stomach

It is not recommended to exercise on an empty stomach.Especially diabetics, heart patients, people with poor gastrointestinal function, the elderly and so on.It is not suitable for exercise on an empty stomach.

It is best to eat some digestible food properly before exercise to avoid fainting from hunger. Of course, it is not recommended to eat too much before morning exercise, as long as you feel no longer hungry after eating.

3. Start without warm-up.

No matter when you exercise, proper warm-up preparation is necessary. If you start to exercise without sufficient warm-up, it is likely to induce sports injuries and lead to excessive cardiopulmonary burden.

It is suggested that the speed of warm-up should be slow to fast, the strength should be gradually increased, sweating slightly, and there is a slight sense of shortness of breath. The time is about 15 minutes.

4. Running is omnipotent

Although running is a highly respected sport, it is not a panacea. It can’t replace other sports and can’t meet all the needs of exercise. It is best to cross-train with other sports.

5, sweating is effective

Exercise is about persistence, not intensity or speed. If you don’t consider your own situation, in order to exercise for exercise 2, when the intensity of exercise is too high, it may make people tired, have too fast heart rate and raise blood pressure, which will hurt the body.

Academician Wang Longde of China Academy of EngineeringIt is suggested that adults must pay attention to some matters when exercising, and it is recommended to keep the exercise frequency.More than three times a weekDon’t stay still and exercise too much at once.

Some people don’t exercise at ordinary times, but exercise for several hours at a time on weekends, which is not right. Good exercise should insist on regular exercise.

Suggestion on exercise timeExercise for about half an hour every day on average.. Exercise intensity as far as possible.Ensure that the heart rate can reach the value of 170- age..

Proper exercise can enhance immunity, delay aging, prevent diseases, etc., but you must pay attention to choosing the exercise mode that suits you. After all, the wrong exercise mode is not good. Adults had better exercise more than three times a week, and the average exercise time per day should be controlled at about half an hour.


[1] Exercise may hurt your health? ! I advise you to give up these eight ways. CCTV life circle.2022-05-10

[2] How should adults exercise? Academician Wang Longde gave the following three suggestions. Medical Microvision.2021-06-24.

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From "Beauty" to "Fashion": The "Second Start" of China Beauty Town

The scene of the 4 th International Rose Culture Festival was taken by Zhou Sunyu

The scene of the 4 th International Rose Culture Festival was taken by Zhou Sunyu

Huzhou, April 27 (Reporter Shi Zinan) "Although the proportion of beauty cosmetics in New Zealand is small, it has great development potential. I hope that the beauty industry in New Zealand can further exchange and cooperate with China Beauty Town. " Xiang Youliang, Commercial Officer of the Commercial Office of the Consulate General of New Zealand in Shanghai, said this at the 4th International Rose Culture Festival, which opened on 27th.

Xiangyou Liangkou Beauty Town is located in Daixi Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At present, a whole cosmetics industry chain has been formed here, which ranks among the three major cosmetics gathering areas in China and is listed as the only core carrying area of cosmetics industry in Zhejiang Province during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Tourists punch in at Rose Manor. Photo by Zhou Sunyu

Every time he comes to the beauty town, Xiang Youliang has different feelings. The superior geographical location and perfect beauty industry chain all make him "moved". "With the opportunity of the International Rose Culture Festival, you can also learn about the specific situation of the beauty industry and explore another possibility of economic and trade cooperation between China and New Zealand."

Beauty can be said to be the "ancestral" label of Daixi. Thousands of years ago, Daixi area was the famous origin of begonia flowers in the south of the Yangtze River, and it was also the base for planting roses for local people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Taking the International Rose Culture Festival as an opportunity, the town is committed to deeply cultivating the "beautiful" industry, and now it has become the highland of the beauty industry in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta.

After visiting Daixi personally, Feng Tao, a professor from Universities of Applied Sciences, got a deeper understanding of the industry and ecological environment of the beauty town. What he didn’t expect was that everything related to the production and sales of cosmetics, starting from the cultivation of raw materials, including research and development, production, packaging and sales, can be found in the beauty town.

"Different from the other two major cosmetics industry clusters, beauty towns have great cooperation space in division of labor and industrial chain extension." On the same day, eight projects, including nano-carrier research and development project, biological project and high-end beauty experience project, were officially signed with the beauty town, with a total investment of 650 million yuan.

Tourists are enjoying flowers. Photo by Zhou Sunyu

Nowadays, as one of Huzhou’s "Five Grains" plans, Daixi has also been entrusted with the important mission of industrial upgrading, constantly exploring beauty as the core, and implanting new formats such as eco-tourism, fashion marketing and functional support into the industrial chain to create a brand-new "fashion valley".

According to Cheng Jia, member of the Standing Committee of Xing Wu District Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of Daixi Town, "The theme of’ Fashion Valley’ is’ Fashion’, focusing on improving the fashion industry chain; The value concept is’ Lohas’, emphasizing a healthy, environmentally friendly, fashionable, organic and natural lifestyle. "

In recent years, Daixi has been upgraded from "beauty" to "fashion" and "beauty", realizing industrial enrichment and functional extension; From "small town" to "valley", the spatial characteristics have been upgraded, and the organic transformation from "green mountains and green hills" to "Jinshan Yinshan" has been realized.

On-site, the industrial tourism route of Beauty Town was released simultaneously. Focusing on the theme of beauty, it provided tourists with an all-round, multi-perspective, immersive and experiential tour route from four perspectives: welcoming customers, industrial gathering, beauty center and ecological beauty valley, and committed to enabling every visitor to redefine beauty.

According to Min Yun, deputy mayor of Huzhou Municipal People’s Government, the release of this industrial tourism route is an important practice to promote the integration and development of beauty industry and tourism industry.

"Industrial integration is an irreversible trend in the development of modern industries and a key step and an important starting point in the development of global tourism. Strengthening the integration of beauty industry with agriculture, tourism, culture, commerce and other industries is conducive to optimizing resource allocation and extending the whole industry chain. " Min Yun said.

What he said is true. At a time when industrial integration has become an inevitable trend of economic and social development, the innovative model of "industry+ecology+culture+tourism" has gradually transformed the industrial dividend of the beauty town into green kinetic energy for high-quality development, and will continue to release more "fashion" wonderful. (End)

Source: China News Network

China men’s basketball team won by 20 points, Cui Yongxi and Wang Zhelin played well, and they will play against strong European teams.

Li Kaier definitely won’t play in the China men’s basketball match against Cape Verde. Cape Verde’s strength is not bad, and it is a positive team in the World Cup. Zeng Fanbo, Yu Jiahao and Sun Minghui had a truce, Zhao Jiwei was put on the bench, and Zhao Rui took the place in the starting lineup.

Four teams from Italy, China, Cape Verde and Turkey participated in the Trentino Cup. The competition lasted for two days, and the winner of the first day will play the final the next day.

Qi zhou scored the first goal in the basket, Zhou Peng fouled twice in a row, and tavares, the first center in the Champions League basketball game, played. His height reached 221cm, and qi zhou had no advantage over him. The opposite three points are very stable, and the difference is opened to ten. He Xining, Zhang Zhenlin and Zhu Junlong successively hit three points and scored a wave of 11-0 lead!

Hu Jinqiu and Wang Zhelin played at the same time, Wang Zhelin scored 2+1 at the basket, and then made four consecutive fouls and made one penalty. In the first quarter, China led by 4 points.

Hu Jinqiu hit a 3-pointer from the bottom corner, Zhao Jiwei was knocked down by Correa for a layup, and Zhang Zhenlin directly plugged Zhao Rui into the inside and scored easily. The opponent’s defensive strength has improved, and the score difference is shrinking. Qi zhou stepped out in time to beat tavares to the basket. A bunch of walking players in Cape Verde made a lot of mistakes.

Zhao Jiwei was blocked by his opponent, Fang Shuo hit a three-pointer on the buzzer, and China led by seven points at half-time.

Cui Yongxi’s soft touch hit the first goal in the second half, and Zhao Jiwei once again helped Cui Yongxi to smash in the air! Very hot! The opponent also hit three three-pointers. After playing, Wang Zhelin succeeded in continuous attack, and Fang Shuo scored 2+1. Both teams were efficient in attack. Zhu Junlong and Fang Shuo hit three points successively, among which Fang Shuo scored another three points! China has led by 17 points after three quarters.

Zhang Zhenlin made an empty layup, Cui Yongxi made a wonderful breakthrough on the pull rod and made a counter-layup. The opponent hit three points in a row and the momentum of chasing points was very strong. Cui Yongxi hit a key three-pointer, and he and Zhang Zhenlin were really surprises for the men’s basketball team. Cui Yongxi dunked again and became the last thigh. Hu Mingxuan also ushered in the opportunity to play, and Cui Yongxi scored three points again. There are too many differences. qi zhou and Wang Zhe are not even on the team. We use substitute players such as He Xining, Hu Mingxuan and Fu Hao. Fu Hao also hit a three-pointer, and the game was decided.

In the end, China won a big victory 86-66!Among them, the third section has great advantages. In this game, both Wang Zhelin and Cui Yongxi played well, and Cui Yongxi alone could cut out five excellent goals. This game also basically laid a place in Cui Yongxi’s 12-person list! The next game is likely to be against Italy, a strong European team. It is also possible that Li Kaier stayed against Italy, so he didn’t play in this game.

As there is no technical statistics released for the time being, it will take some time to have more specific information.

China team starting: Zhao Rui, Cui Yongxi, Zhou Peng, Zhang Zhenlin and qi zhou.

Peninsula Sports Ligue 1: A leader in the golden age, De Braune has won the championship five times in his career in Manchester City.

"We will take it as our competitor," klopp told BBC Sports. "I’m not so spoiled. We have qualified for the Europa League, which is incredible in all these teams around us. It was really difficult, and we did it, which is good.

"For such a long time, we didn’t even hear the voice of the Champions League. That’s how far we are. The Europa League is absolutely fine. Let’s see what we can do.

Jacob Ramsey gave Villa the lead in the first half and they were able to stop the host for most of the game.

Reversed by 3-1, super cold! Bayern set a shameful record in the history of the team and forced the suspense of the Bundesliga title.

At 0:30 on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of Bundesliga, Gnabry failed to save the goal, and Bayern was reversed by Leipzig 3-1 at home.

This is the first time Bayern lost to Leipzig at home, and it also ended the unbeaten record of 11 games against Leipzig in various competitions.

After losing this crucial game, Bayern was only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game, and it is very likely that it will miss the Bundesliga’s 11 consecutive championships. After getting the key 3 points from Bayern, Leipzig has opened a gap of 4 points with Freiburg, the fifth in the league, with only one round left, and locked a seat in the Champions League ahead of schedule.

Game review-

In the 25th minute, Mueller passed the ball straight, and Gnabry broke through the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the near corner. Bayern took a 1-0 lead.

In the 33rd minute, Szoboszlai volleyed in the middle of the restricted area and was saved by Sommer.

In the 39th minute, Cancelo made a cross from the left, and Koeman headed the ball from close range and missed the right post.

In the 41st minute, after Szoboszlai buckled the defender, his left foot shot slightly higher than the crossbar.

In the 64th minute, Leipzig made a quick counter-attack. After Nkunku’s right cross in the restricted area was blocked, Lemmo Middle Road followed up and pushed the goal, and Leipzig equalized the score 1-1.

In the 74th minute, pawar was awarded a penalty for kicking Nkunku. Nkunku personally took the penalty and Leipzig overtook the score 2-1.

In the 84th minute, hand ball in Mazravi’s penalty area was awarded a penalty again, and Szoboszlai scored a penalty kick, and Leipzig extended the score to 3-1.

Since then, neither side can rewrite the score again, and finally Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3 at home.

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