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520, this movie is for everyone who loves movies.

Today is May 20th.
On this special day, I want to recommend a movie about "love" to everyone.
In other words, a love letter written to the movie and also to every audience.
This film tells "the sincere confession of a great director".

He has an engineer father, who taught him how to think rationally and how to turn modern technology into his best creative tool.
He also has a pianist’s mother, who taught him the perception of art and a natural desire for expression as an artist.
The growing environment laid the foundation for him to dream.
However, how to turn a hobby of "wasting money" into a career that can "make money" and how to face the tear between the two are still issues throughout his adolescence.
He was bullied on campus because of his Jewish identity, or was traumatized by his parents’ divorce.
But all these eventually became his creative nourishment, the motif of his life’s creation.
Every great director will have his own autobiographical story.
Now, it’s finally Spielberg’s turn to tell this story.
The Dreammaker directed by Steven Allan Spielberg was the winner of last year’s Oscar hit, the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama and the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
So far, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is still as high as 92%.
I am also glad to see that this film will be released in China on May 25th. This is a rare film that we must see on the big screen.
This film is the best of the year in many people’s minds, and it is also praised by many people as "the most touching film of the year".
It’s really hard not to be moved by it.
Because it’s so sincere.
Unlike many films with the same nostalgic theme, in Dreammaker, you will not see a narcissism of successful people looking back on the past, nor will you see a bubble gum-style self-beautification.
On the contrary, director Spielberg, who was 76 years old, still had a childlike heart.
He told a story about growth and family in a very plain and restrained tone.
He also used such a plain and restrained tone to reveal some of the most "tearing" moments in his childhood.
So, is this movie about pain?
On the contrary, it tells—
Still "love."
The A side of the story is how a teenager who loves movies grows up with the encouragement of his parents.
In the winter of 1952, Sammy watched the first film in his life accompanied by his parents.
Before the film was shown, he was crying in the car and didn’t dare to go into the cinema, as if it were the maw of a wild animal, which would devour him young.
But after the film was shown, he looked at the shiny screen and lost his words in an instant.
For the first time, he understood that the movie was a dazzling dream.
Because there was a train in the movie, his parents bought him a train toy as a gift.
But what really attracted him was not the train itself, but how to record the picture of the train collision with a camera.
He became addicted to recording everything with a camera.

At first, it was a family video, with sisters playing together and family camping together.
Later, it became a movie at school, a gun battle and a drama.
He taught himself by himself and learned the most important thing:
The existence of the camera is not only to record the truth.
You can also edit, splice and reconstruct the truth in your own way to create your own truth.
But the most important thing is always "seeing".
Because movies are about seeing.
On the b side of the story, it is about the family of teenagers.
You will find that, coincidentally, every time he succeeds in film creation, it always seems to be accompanied by some kind of life tear.
When his father encouraged him to shoot a camping documentary for his mother, he stumbled across another truth about his mother in this documentary.
However, when the campus documentary he made was broadcast at the graduation party and everyone was cheering for his work, he had to bear the pain of his parents’ divorce and breaking up with his first love alone.
Under the seemingly bright and warm tone of the whole movie, there always seems to be a faint and melancholy background.
Although it is cruel, it is very real. It shows us that movies are not reality, and movies are not a good medicine for reality.

Every time Sammy tries to do it allImmersed in the movie, reality will give him a hard whip, which will make him pull away from it, and he will have to taste the tearing feeling between reality and the movie alone.
So, when did Sammy make up his mind to pursue film art?
Perhaps it was at the moment when he understood what a "movie" really was.
At the beginning of the film, the camera was really just a toy, and making movies was just an escapist hobby.
But the most crucial and turning point happened to be that Sammy discovered the secret of his mother’s infidelity through the lens of the camera.
He repeatedly confirmed his mother’s movements and eyes from the seemingly unimportant lens edge, and confirmed that she really admired another man.
At this moment, the film is no longer an escape from reality, but helps Sami "see" the reality.
In other words, he helped Sammy open another realistic perspective.
Originally, for him, family meant unconditional tolerance, understanding and support; But now he understands that there is another person’s sacrifice behind it.
It was the mother who made the sacrifice: she gave up her career as a pianist and suppressed her feelings.
In the scene that struck him like lightning, what he saw was not betrayal, but sacrifice.
It was his mother’s sacrifice that fulfilled his dream-maker.
Family is like a balance, and someone has to make sacrifices.
Mothers will make sacrifices for their husbands and children.
Children also have to make sacrifices for their father’s work.
In the second half of the film, their family moved to California, and Sammy had to face the new campus environment and the bullying from his classmates.
However, in their family history, there always seems to be a "crazy" gene that is desperate to pursue what they love.
Maybe when he comes back at midnight, Sammy often thinks of what his uncle who works in the circus said.
"Family, art, will tear you apart"
"We are addicts, and art is our antidote"
"Family is our love."
"But we will be crazy about art."

Mothers also need to make choices.
And at this moment, the "dreamer" once again played the magic:
It is precisely because everyone in the film, no matter what choice he makes, starts from his own heart. So they also got the tolerance and understanding of their families.
Through these choices, what the film tries to convey to us is a life attitude about "love": "Love what I love and dream as much as I can".
You never have to be sorry to be yourself. You can be anyone you want to be.
Only by finding your own love and creating your own life dreams can you meet all the splendor in life.

Because I am very sure that this is a movie that we must watch on the big screen.
From the first shot, it was born for the cinema.
It is also about the "love" of filmmakers.
In the film, you will see many historical eggs, The Train Comes into the Station, The King of the Opera, and john ford, the guest role of director david lynch himself …
You will also see many classic films in the film, including many prototypes of Spielberg’s own future films.
For example, all the films shown in the film that the protagonist shot in his early days are really the works of Spielberg himself when he was young. He re-filmed these materials with great interest, as if he had relived his childhood with the audience.
For many years, Spielberg himself was a Hollywood "myth".
In this film, he re-examined this myth and told us all that "myth is only human".
The director tries to explore some contradictory and contradictory motifs in the film-technology and art, family and self, film and reality. The tear between them runs through the whole movie.
And in the end, perhaps the answer we want to know most as an audience is-
What is a movie?
Maybe the movie is a dream.
We hope to use movies to dream and make up for the dissatisfaction in life.
But dreams will "betray" you: every time Sammy is happy because of the movie, reality will bring him pain.
Perhaps the film is a perspective, a kind of cognition.
The eyes of the camera can capture what the human eye can’t see and what the human heart can’t capture.
It can jump the horizon and take you to another level of reality.
It broke your dreams, your fantasies.
It is a reality in itself.
After that, the film seems to have "surpassed" the reality.
In the second half of the film, the director filmed a plot that many people thought was worth pondering.
Sammy was bullied in his new school.
But when he had the opportunity to pick up the camera, he not only didn’t make a fool of the bully in the camera, but filmed the other side as handsome, tall and shining like Apollo.
Why would he do that?
Even the school bully doesn’t understand himself.
And Sammy said, "I just want to make my movie better."
As a director, he sacrificed his feelings and his pain before restoring the "truth" of a film.
For him, the film is neither a mirror of reality, nor a dream, nor a playground, but an imagination to make up for regret.
A movie is a movie, his art and his creation.
He can give everything for creation.
Therefore, when the screen lights up, he will see his own beam of light.
The existence of movies is not used to escape from reality, nor to reconstruct reality.
Movies are another reality.
This is his love for movies.
In other words, "film" itself is also a metaphor.
Throughout life, people are torn between reality and dreams, between responsibility and love.
Each of us has our own "movie", but how much are you willing to pay for your love?
Movies are Spielberg’s "choice".
And each of us has our own choices.
I believe that almost everyone has been accompanied by at least one Spielberg movie in their childhood.
Schindler’s List, E.T., Jurassic World, Artificial Intelligence Ready Player One …
These movies not only carry Spielberg’s dreams, but also our memories and our reality.
Movies are dreams, Spielberg is a dreamer, and we have all seen ourselves in his world and the reality of another dimension.
This time, what he said is his "dream maker".
Anyway, on May 25th, I will go to see The Dreamer again. Because this is not only a movie, but also the true meaning of his childhood, family, life and dreams. It’s a meeting between each of us and Spielberg.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones mainly based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products, but the folding screen products mainly based on horizontal folding scheme are the representatives of this category.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Up to now, mainstream manufacturers in the market have launched their own new folding screen products. At the same time, the unique experience of folding screen has become an important reason why many consumers are willing to start folding screen mobile phones. In terms of software experience, in the face of the 8-inch large internal screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3.55, vivo X Fold+ has also made many deep adaptations. Through this big screen, users can work, entertain and create more efficiently!

The folding screen takes into account both the traditional mobile phone and the tablet experience, and the application gameplay has become more diverse. Take vivo X Fold+ as an example, it can not only support full-screen display of applications, but also support split-screen display, small window form and small window hanging in sidebar.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In applications that support split screen, you can open split screen mode by sliding up with three fingers. In split-screen mode, users can run two tasks at a time. You can chat while bilibili is chasing fans, or video conference while recording work notes, or search while reading …

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, in split-screen mode, we can open two additional applications in the form of small windows, which means that we can do four things on the same big screen at the same time, and we can make full use of the advantages of the big screen. This experience is actually very similar to that of a tablet computer, with higher efficiency than that of a traditional mobile phone. The key folding screen is still relatively portable, and the folding volume is similar to that of a straight board computer.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition to a variety of multi-tasking experiences, vivo X Fold+ is also more suitable for the experience of folding screens. For example, in split-screen state, three dots in the middle of the screen provide operation options such as quitting split-screen, exchanging application positions, displaying on the right desktop, and switching to split-screen arrangement.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, we can also save two commonly used split-screen applications to the desktop in the form of shortcut icons, so that we don’t need to open the split-screen separately when we use it next time, and it is very convenient to open it directly with one button.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For the small window, after opening the application, you can enter the small window mode by sliding inward from the lower left corner of the screen. In addition to supporting multi-opening tasks, the small window can also be stored in the sidebar, which can be called by sliding the sidebar when necessary. The overall operation is very smooth and easy to learn, and even the first-time user can get started quickly.

We know that folding screen phones have a unique function, that is, screen hovering, but not all folding screen phones support screen hovering, which mainly depends on the design of hinges.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Vivo X Fold+ adopts aerospace-grade floating wing hinge, and the "skeleton" is made of zirconium alloy, which also provides support for the whole hinge structure. The hinge design imitates the wing structure of birds and can be opened and closed smoothly.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In order to achieve hovering of about 60-120, the hinge of vivo X Fold+ is also equipped with NdFeB magnets, which, together with gravity sensors, gyroscopes and Hall sensors on both sides of the fuselage, bring a folding feel with moderate damping.

Hover operation brings more gameplay to vivo X Fold+. For example, when shooting, you can stand your mobile phone on the desktop, and half the screen is used as a "tripod", which is much more stable than hand-held shooting. It is not only suitable for self-timer and video, but also can take some delayed photography and long exposure proofs, which is still highly practical. For people in the workplace, hovering video conferencing will be a good usage. After the mobile phone is placed on the desktop and the screen is folded, the screen will be split in two, and video calls can be displayed at the top, and typing can be performed at the bottom, which is very efficient.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For myself, I don’t usually use vivo X Fold+ to take photos and work, and I like it best to watch video dramas. Similarly, we can hover the mobile phone on the desktop, watch movies on the upper screen, and do some simple video control on the lower screen, such as fast forward and fast backward, pause playback control, video volume and brightness control, and so on.


Compared with ordinary mobile phones, folding screens with different shapes are still unfamiliar to most consumers. On the one hand, the price is really not cheap, and the price of 10,000 yuan has discouraged many users. On the other hand, in addition to hardware, software also has a great influence on folding screen mobile phones, which also tests the ability and determination of manufacturers to adapt to the application ecology. Due to the constraints of many conditions, it is a popular trend for folding screens to replace traditional mobile phones. In fact, there is still a long way to go.

Of course, if you are looking for a more novel experience, then vivo X Fold+ is perfect. Vivo X Fold+ has a mature software system, good hardware specifications, and exquisite business design, which is worthy of early adopters.


Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various mobile phone manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products represented by Huawei Mate Xs 2, but the largest number of them are folding screens based on horizontal folding scheme. …

Have you ever eaten the pineapple that grew up in the sea?

Watch the pineapple grow up in the sea.
This is HainanDuoge villageA pineapple field ↓
Unlike other places, this fielddepend onLanding on the seaThe pineapples in the field grew up watching the sea. What’s the smell of pineapple growing up in the sea?

Our reporter Gong Baichao tasted it for everyone.Sweet with a little saltIt tastes a little fresh. Eating this pineapple, it is estimated that you can avoid the step of soaking in salt water.
Everyone knows that Hainan Island is "Tropical waterfruitParadiseDuoge Village, located in the eastern part of Hainan Island, is also fragrant with fruits all year round, with coconut, banana, longan and other fruits dazzling.
Among the fruits rich in Duoge Village, the most famous one is the number.pineapple.
Almost every family here grows pineapples, and the planting area isMore than 10,000 muThe output value created is as high asMore than 30 million yuanThe per capita annual income of villagers is close.20,000 yuan.
By planting pineapples, the villagers lived in two or three-story buildings and drove private cars. The money for children to go to school was also earned by planting pineapples.
Qiaoxiang Duoge
Duoge village is a village withMore than 300 years of historyThe village.
In the early years of Qing Dynasty, the Tseng brothers and their clansmen migrated from Fujian coast to Shanqin Bay in Hainan, and gradually formed villages. At that time, people still used offshoreFishing for a living.
In order to make their families live a better life, many villagers began toAway from home, across oceans.Go to Singapore, Malaysia and other places to work hard. Duoge Village has thus become a famous place in Wanning.village or town inhabited by relatives of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese.
Pineapple opens the way to wealth.
The pineapple cultivation in Duoge Village is fromMore than 30 years agoIt started.
In the late 1980s, when villager Zeng Xianruo went to Wenchang to sell seafood, he found that there were many stalls selling pineapples.
At that time, pineapples were relatively rare in Hainan, so out of curiosity, he asked how much they cost.80 cents a cattyThe price really surprised him.
At that time, the hairtail he sold was only 45 cents, and the price of this pineapple almost caught up with that of hairtail.double;twofoldYes.
Zeng Xianruo thinks that this is achance.
At that time, there were few places to grow pineapples, and their villageClimatic conditions, soil environmentSimilar to Wenchang, if pineapples can be planted, the future development will bevery promising.
After returning to the village, he immediately discussed it with the big guy.
But at that time, most of the fields in the village were planted with crops such as pepper and rubber. If you want to plant pineapples, you can onlyCut down the pepper tree. And at that time, pepperHarvest periodIt’s almost there. It’s a pity to cut it down.
Is it to keep the pepper tree steady, orGet ahead of most peoplePineapple was planted, and finally Duoge village people chose the latter.
People cut down pepper trees, reclaimed more than 100 acres of land, and planted Duoge Village.The first batch of pineapple seedlings.
Many people in the village still remember that year, before the harvest season arrived, the consignee came to buy it. At that time, the output value of pineapple per mu was about 2000 yuan, and 100 mu of land was20More than ten thousand yuanThe income is almost pepper.Two or three times..
hang onThink about change and seek innovation.The idea that the pineapple planting area in Duoge Village is getting bigger and bigger, and the villagers made money by planting pineapples. By the early 1990s, there were many pineapples in the village.wealthy family",and Duoge Village has become famous"pineapple village”。
Thinking about change and seeking innovation can be long-term
However, in the next twenty years, Duoge Village was oncego no further.invariableThe planting mode has made the pineapple industry in Duoge Village graduallyLose an advantage.
In 2017, Duoge Village suffered an unprecedentedselling crisis.
That year, due to the abnormal climate, the ripening time of pineapples was advanced, and many pineapples were produced and Guangdong pineapples were produced.Simultaneous listingAt that time, fresh fruits piled up and the marketoversupply.
At that time, there were yellow pineapples all over the mountains.Unmanned harvesting. The villagers were in a hurry, but there was nothing they could do.
Fortunately, at that time, the Wanning Municipal Government issued the relevant emergency subsidy scheme, and gave transportation subsidies to the distributors who came to Wanning to buy pineapples, which reduced the losses of fruit farmers.
After the crisis, the villagers realized their own shortcomings. In order to broaden their horizons and ideas, they went out of the village and visited various places.
After some discussion, they decided to take advantage of Hainan’s climatic advantages and plant.Off-season pineapple.
To this end, they invited.Expert guidanceAfter more than a year of careful management, the first batch of out-of-season pineapples matured in August 2020, and once the fresh fruit was launched, it wassold out.
Scientific planting and high-quality development
With the development of Duoge Village getting better and better, many young people also choose to return to their hometowns to start businesses after graduating from college. Li Ruchao is one of them.
At first, Li Ruchao sold tropical fruits in his hometown through e-commerce platform. In the process of sales, he found thatBoutique fruitIt has gradually become a market consumption trend.
So he was born.Do fine agriculture and science and technology agriculture.The idea.
In 2020, with the support of the local government, Li Ruchao built a pineapple base in Duoge Village.Modern digital farm.
Through the data collected by sensors in digital farms, you canGuide field management. When to fertilize and when to water, there are more scientific operating standards.
From relying on the weather to relying on the development of science and technology, Duoge village people are constantly seeking innovation and change, and the small village is moving towards a happier future.
At 20:00 tonight, walk into Duoge Village in Hainan and realize pineapple freedom!
"Remember Homesickness" Rural Revitalization Series
Broadcast content: "Duoge Village-Fruitful Pastoral in South China"
Broadcast time: 20:00 on March 9, 2022 (Wednesday)
Broadcast channel: CCTV-4 Chinese International Channel
Source: CCTV4 "Remember Homesickness"
New Media of Chinese Global Program Center of Central Radio and Television General Station
Producer/Yang Fengtao
Producer/Hou Jingshu
Editor/Yang Junjun
Editor/Shi Xiangyun
The wonderful world is under control.
Stay tuned!

The Spring Festival goes to the grassroots | Licun business district has a strong flavor, and the Spring Festival Lantern Festival is very lively

Zhang Wei, an all-media reporter on the Peninsula

  On February 12th, Licun business circle was full of flavor and excitement. In Licun Pedestrian Street, the reporter saw that dragon dance, lion dance, yangko dance, all kinds of delicious snacks, red sugar balls, rings, roller coasters, speed skating and other recreational activities and folk customs were splendid, which attracted many citizens.

  During the day, the pedestrian street is full of popularity. When the lights are on, the whole Licun business circle is full of annual flavor. All the lanterns on the pedestrian street will be lit, and the street trees on both sides of the road will be brightly lit. The night market in Licun Leke City is delicious and popular. The major commercial complexes in the business circle are very lively. Create a festive and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere.


Illustration of baseball rules

There is a non-folding line on the left side of each base. If you run 5 meters after getting on the base, you can’t turn back to the original base unless someone is on the previous base bag.

If the strike is not more than 5 m in the court, it is also a foul ball. Count a good ball and strike again. If it is the third good ball, strike out.

The batter stepped on the orange bag when running the base, and stepped on the white bag after getting on the base. All the defenders stepped on the white bag.

When the fly ball is caught, only the batter is ruled out, and all other base runner will return to the original base bag and start over.

After the defender steps on the base bag after streetball, base runner is banned from the game. There is no need to touch and kill base runner, and the game continues.

Don’t slip off the base, leave the base or steal the base. All of them will be judged as out. base runner can only leave the base after the batter hits the ball.

The home plate of the batting seat in the official competition must be made of white rubber, and the red safety plate is extended backwards directly below.

Map of Lele Baseball Field (Elementary Edition)

Baseball competition rules

First, the provisions of the strike and run:

# When swinging, be sure to make sure the surrounding clearance before swinging.

1. When hitting, you can try but not exceed the ball. Otherwise, you will score a good ball.

2. When hitting, you can’t swing the stick after the run-up. Otherwise, you will get a good ball.

3. After the second strike, swing an empty bat or hit a foul ball, and still strike out.

4. The attacking team must step on the orange base plate when rushing to the base, and the defending team must step on the white base plate.

5, do not use sacrificial touch, offenders plan a good ball to continue to hit.

6. Don’t slide the base. Sliding the base will be ruled out regardless of the result.

7. Don’t leave the base or steal the base. base runner must step on the base plate after getting on the base and wait for the batter to hit the ball before leaving the base. Otherwise, he will be sentenced out.

8. If the batting approach is less than 5 meters, a foul ball will be awarded, and one ball will be counted.

9. The result of throwing the stick is not judged out, but it is necessary to warn you to throw the stick and force the substitution.

10, base runner ran to the next base more than 5 meters can’t turn back the line, you must continue to move forward, unless the plate has other base runner.

Second, the defense regulations:

Players should avoid colliding with each other, and the catcher should stand back three meters to defend.

1. The official game adopts the 9-player system. If the starter is replaced, he can play again. After the alternate player leaves the game, he is not allowed to play again.

2, the pitcher does not throw the ball and stands on the pitcher’s board to defend, but also has to hit the next game.

3. Before the batter swings, the defender can’t go ahead of the pitcher’s board to defend.

4. Don’t touch and kill. The defenders will all be banned by stepping on the base. If the ball touches base runner, it will not be ruled out, and the game will continue.

5. When infield players (including pitchers) stop catching base runner and return the ball to home plate or pitchers, base runner should not take the opportunity to start or provoke to leave the base, but should return to the occupied base plate and wait for the next bat to swing before moving forward.

Third, on base and out

Runners can step on the white base bag after getting on the base.

1, 3 strike out (including the third ball out of bounds) 3 strike out to change teams.

2. In addition to the fielder passing the ball, all base runner can walk a base.

3. After the fly ball is received, the batter is ruled out, and the game is stopped. It is not allowed to pass and kill base runner on other bases. All base runner must return to the original base (you can step on the white base) and wait for the next swing before moving forward.

Fourth, the outcome judgment:

1. The official game is limited to 6 minutes, and the team with more scores wins.

2. If the match is not finished within 50 minutes, the winner will be judged by the final score.

3. If the game is tied in six games, the seventh game can be extended when there is time left, and the deadlock breaking system is adopted. If not,

  The time is decided by the captains of both sides guessing fists or tossing coins.


Break through the deadlock system: the last three batters in the previous game occupy 1.2.3 bases respectively, and the game is played with two outs. After the outs, the offensive and defensive exchanges are made, and the one who scores more points wins.

Five, equipment regulations:

1. The bat is 70cm long, covered with PU foam, and has an anti-swing base at the bottom.

2, baseball is orange PU foam 70 grams weight 27 cm circumference.

3. The hitting base is a rubber white home plate with two retractable black pipes on it.

4. Each base is 38x38x0.7 cm square rubber double parallel base board.

5. Only use both hands to catch the ball when defending, and do not use gloves or hats to catch the ball.

NBA schedule

Note 1This schedule is Beijing time.
Note 2: CCTV-5 refers to the sports channel of CCTV, which is broadcast live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; Local stations include Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Hubei, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, etc. Among them, Heilongjiang broadcasts live every Monday, Thursday and Sunday, Guangxi broadcasts live every Sunday, and other local stations broadcast live every Thursday and Sunday.
Note 3: The live broadcasts of some local stations may be different from those of other local stations.
Note 4: The changes of live broadcast of local TV stations are subject to the TV station’s forecast.

Warriors, Lakers brewing four-way deal! Dreaming for James, Butler, and Treyan?

The NBA playoffs were in full swing, and Drummond Green was suspended by the league for an irrational foul on King’s center Sabonis Jr. Although the Warriors were very dissatisfied with the punishment result, fortunately, Green’s absence did not stop the Warriors from winning. The bad news is that the NBA hates Green’s bad behavior, and the Warriors are no longer the favourites supported by the league, which casts a shadow over their championship prospects. Dreamcatcher’s contract expires in one year, and he will have the player option next season. The Warriors management wants to send him away, and this summer will be the best opportunity.

Recently, according to Eddie Bitar, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the Warriors, the Lakers, the Hawks and the Heat are expected to discuss a four-way trading offer this summer, which involves five players including Butler, Trey Young, Dreamcatcher Green, Collins, and a first-round draft pick. The specific trading plan is as follows: 1. The Warriors send Drummond Green to get John Coe. 2. The Lakers sent eight villages (sign first and then change) to get Drummond Green; 3. The Hawks sent Trey Young+John Collins to get the first round signing of Jimmy Butler+Bacun +2023 Heat; 4. The Heat sent Jimmy Butler+the Heat signed Trey Young in the first round in 2023.

For the Warriors, Collins is 25 years old, with a height of 2.06 meters, a wingspan of 2.11 meters and a weight of 103 kilograms. He is a power forward, playing 30 minutes per game this season, contributing 13.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1 block, and shooting 50.8%. He is a representative figure of the players in the era of small ball in today’s league. He has outstanding running and jumping ability, flying all over the court, soft shooting feel and various offensive means. On the defensive end, he dares to fight physically, can chase and defend the backcourt players with fast speed, and can perfectly match the infinite defense system of the Warriors coach Cole. With the aging of Curry, Clay Thompson, Green and others, the Warriors’ management is making great efforts to cultivate the younger generation represented by Poole, Wiggins and Kumingga. Collins meets the needs of the Warriors’ management in terms of age, experience and tactical integration.

Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, hopes to use James’ surplus value to bring the 18th championship trophy to Los Angeles, thus surpassing the Celtics to take the top spot in one fell swoop. Although he recruited a large number of powerful role players before the trade deadline this season, this Lakers team lacks a defensive gate like Green, PJ Tucker and Smart, which often makes them feel powerless whenever they hit the critical moment. The joining of Dream Chasing will solve this problem. He has always praised James’s strength. If he can cooperate in Los Angeles this time, the hope of the Lakers winning the championship will be increased to a certain extent.

The Hawks’ record this season is not as good as expected. Trey Young is not for sale in Atlanta. Not long ago, he was selected as the most overrated player in the league by the American media The Athletic, which made Trey Young’s situation more and more difficult. His agent team will discuss the future development direction of the team with Eagle management after the playoffs. Jimmy Butler is a famous tough guy in the league. He is very comprehensive in skills and confident in shooting. CIC has great lethality and is used to taking over the game at critical moments. In addition, he is also a top-level flank defense expert, with both body shape, attitude and consciousness. Butler is like a restless catfish, and his joining will disturb the whole fish pond of the Hawks. This transaction of the Hawks management is expected to bring them closer to the championship.

Jose Mourinho saw through the hypocrisy of Serie A, the arrival of a new official announcement, which spread to Rome and Milan, and Inter Milan changed coaches to speed up.

As the "traffic manager" of Serie A, Mourinho’s every move always attracts media coverage. After leading the team to win the 29th Serie A match, Rome ranked third in the standings. When the Portuguese coach was asked about his feelings, he said bluntly: To be exact, Rome ranked fourth, after all, Juventus actually accumulated 59 points. At that time, people thought that "madman" had become modest, but now people know his implication!

You know, before the start of the 31st round, Serie A officials announced the restoration of Juventus’ deducted 15 points, while allegri’s team did rank third in the standings and Rome was fourth! As for Juventus’ resumption of deducted points, Mourinho also revealed more, saying that this kind of thing can’t be taken seriously, and even more bluntly, Serie A actually returned the points of the "Bianconeri" in January, just delaying the official announcement!

Starting with Mourinho’s words, we can understand the hypocrisy of Serie A. After all, it is Serie A that wants to thoroughly investigate financial fraud, and it is also Serie A that wants to severely punish financial fraud teams. After Juventus was deducted 15 points, Serie A even reported that it would continue to deduct the "Bianconeri" points and not rule out the possibility of kicking the team out of Serie A. Now it seems that everything is more like taking part in accidental amusement!

In fact, during the deduction of points from Juventus, an interesting thing happened, that is, the Naples Fans Association and the Italian Association for the Protection of Environment and Consumer Rights applied to deprive Juventus of its achievements in three seasons from 2018 to 2021. Among them, because the "Bianconeri" won the Serie A championship in 2018-2019, the relevant parties thought that the trophy should be given to Naples, the second place at that time.

However, it is obvious that Serie A can return Juventus points, and naturally it will not listen to the suggestions of fan associations and other organizations and further make things difficult for the "Bianconeri"! Of course, at present, people including Agnelli are still grounded, and the appeals of a number of people are rejected, which seems to be the last stubbornness of Serie A!

On the other hand, Juventus’ recovery of points has had an impact on the pattern of Serie A’s competition for the fourth place. Before the start of the 31st round, the difference between them and Lazio, which ranked second, was only 2 points, and it is entirely possible to place them in the second place before the end of the season! However, the rankings of Rome, AC Milan and Inter Milan declined, with Rome ranked fourth and Milan ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

Judging from the competitive state, it remains to be seen whether the Milan duo can grab the top four in Serie A and then qualify for the Champions League next season, which also means that the change of coach of the "Nerazzurri" is on the agenda! According to Matteo Barzaghi, a reporter from Inter Milan, if you can’t win the top four in Serie A and qualify for the Champions League next season, then Inzaghi will leave the team and the player’s contract renewal will be suspended!

Indeed, the Champions League has become a major factor in Inter Milan’s continued life. So far this season, Zhang Kangyang has won more than 80 million euros in prize money through the Champions League competition, which means that he doesn’t need to sell key personnel during the summer transfer window, and if he can finally win the championship, the team will still have 20 million euros in prize money. Obviously, it is very necessary for Inter Milan to play in the Champions League. If it can’t be done, then Inzaghi’s class will not be regrettable!

Telegraph: The owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team trusts moyers.

Live on March 11th According to the Daily Telegraph, the owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team now trusts moyers.

It is reported that David Sullivan, the owner of West Ham, said that he has no intention of selling the team, which means that moyers’s job is safe at present. At present, West Ham still has 13 games to play in the Premier League, and the fans of the team are still full of hope for West Ham. Although West Ham is currently only 16th in the Premier League standings, they are confident that they can change the current situation.

For a long time, it has been thought that Czech billionaire Clay Tynsky, who owns 27% of the club, will launch the acquisition of West Ham, but if Clay Tynsky wants to launch a comprehensive acquisition, he must obtain the consent of David Sullivan (holding 38.8%) and the family of the deceased co-owner David Gold (holding 25.1%) before starting the acquisition process. Logically speaking, Clay Tynsky is unlikely to make an offer at present, because the current situation of West Ham in the Premier League is still unclear, and if relegated to the Championship, it will obviously affect the value of the club. In addition, even if it is sold, David Sullivan will not sell West Ham at a low price. According to sources, David Sullivan has no intention of selling West Ham, and he has not even considered doing so.

West Ham are currently playing in the UEFA, and they are facing teams with average strength in this level of European war, which is completely different from their opponents in the Premier League. In last week’s UEFA competition, they beat AEK Larnaca 2-0 away, which was their ninth consecutive victory in this competition. If West Ham can win this tournament, it will be the team’s first European trophy since 1965, and more importantly, it will also ensure their qualification for the Europa League next season. However, West Ham’s performance in the Premier League is somewhat disappointing. They have not won in the past eleven away games. Although the fans shouted moyers’s dismissal after West Ham’s 4-0 defeat to Brighton, as far as the current situation is concerned, moyers’s position is still very stable. However, according to relevant media reports, West Ham is currently considering short-term and long-term substitutes to replace moyers, and Nuno Espirito Santo, Benitez and Dych are all considered as potential choices.

Moyers has one year left on his contract with West Ham, and they may end their cooperation with moyers when his contract expires. Last summer, West Ham invested 160 million pounds in the transfer market, which is the third highest transfer expenditure in the Premier League. In addition, West Ham signed Danny Ince in the winter window that year. People hope that West Ham can challenge the qualification of the Champions League instead of struggling to avoid relegation. Moyers’s team has been plagued by injuries this season, and his tactics have been questioned by people. However, the team’s offensive line scored only 23 goals in 25 games, which really made him feel a little overwhelmed. However, West Ham hopes that moyers’s experience will help the team overcome the difficulties and try to win a trophy.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first-half statistics: shooting 3-9, possession rate 34.2% vs 65.8%.

Live on March 11 th, in the 27th round of Premier League, Bournemouth led Liverpool 1-0 at half time with Billing’s goal, and Sqauwka counted the data of the first half of the two teams.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first half statistics (Bournemouth first)

Expected goal-0.87 to 0.71

Shoot-3 to 9

Straight shot-1 to 5

Touching the ball in the opponent’s penalty area-8 to 14

Ball control rate-34.2% vs 65.8%

Corner kick-2 to 6