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Look, the wonders of Huashan Mountain! The exclusive beauty you can’t miss ~

It is majestic and majestic, it is steep and straight, and it is also the mountain. The beauty of Huashan is varied. It also has many unique scenery that can’t be missed. Let’s go and have a look!
Junxiu mountain range
Of the five mountains, Xiyue is famous for its risks. Huashan Mountain rises from the Weihe Plain, like a huge stone that has been chiseled by a knife on all sides. The mountain is majestic, with towering peaks, facing the Yellow River in front and the Qinling Mountains in the back.
For thousands of years, Huashan has always been famous for its dangers, and it is known as the "first mountain in the world". There are strange peaks and rocks all over the mountain, and the scenery of the whole mountain has the majestic beauty of standing and rugged rocks.
Black dragon Ridge, whose ridge is like a dragon’s ridge, is vast and green, winding and circling, with deep valleys on both sides and steep potential. According to legend, when Han Yu came here after traveling to the mountain, he was in pain because he was afraid that he could not go down the mountain. He threw a book down the mountain to say goodbye to his family, leaving an anecdote of "the place where Han retreated to throw a book".
Qixianshan road
Huashan’s climbing road is winding and there are cliffs everywhere. Before the opening of Zhishui Huashan Road, there was only a very steep road leading to the mountain in Huashan. People often used the saying "There was only one road in Huashan since ancient times" to describe its danger.
For climbers, the first intimate contact is the mountain road with both strange and dangerous Huashan Mountain. All the way, you must go through many dangerous roads before you can enjoy the risks of Huashan, so the road to Mount Huashan is famous from ancient times to the present. Third, the kite facing the air turns over, which is even more dangerous in Huashan Road. When the climber passes by, he has to turn his body around like an eagle kite to get through. I believe that his wonderful work will make you amazed.
The infinite scenery of Huashan is in the word "strange danger". Simply looking at the scenery can’t appreciate the essence of Huashan. Only by personally crossing this road, climbing the mountain on foot, walking through all the dangerous roads, and then standing on the top, will there be a sense of stepping on your feet and being heroic.
Pictographic peak
Huashan Mountain is winding and steep, and there are many dangerous cliffs and roads, and the grotesque peaks have formed their own pictographic postures after years of carving by nature.
Huashan Mountain has five peaks: the east, the west, the south, the north and the middle. The main peaks are the south peak "Wild Goose", the east peak "Chaoyang" and the west peak "Lotus". The three peaks stand tall, and they are called "three peaks outside the sky".
Huayue Xianzhang is a "giant palm" created by nature, which is fantastic and spectacular, ranking first among the "eight scenic spots in Guanzhong".
The whole Xifeng is a natural boulder, facing the sky in the north, with steep cliffs like knives and saws, and the east and west sides like lotus flowers, so it is also called "Lotus Peak", and it is also the place where legendary stories such as "Saving Mother by Cutting Mountain" and "Lotus Lantern" take place.
Mountain stream Yuntai
The flat land in the dangerous peak often highlights the danger of the mountain and the strength of the scenery. The flat Yuntai is dotted in the treacherous mountain road, which is round and round, exquisite and complicated.
The summit of Yuntai Mountain is flat, and the famous story of "outsmarting Huashan Mountain" happened on Yuntai Mountain. The chess pavilion on the platform of Dongfeng is a lonely pavilion, facing the air on three sides, and there is a feeling of being physically and mentally open and the world is long when you board here.
When the clouds rise and the fog rises, it is like a fairy island on the sea, flickering, making people want to go home by the wind and get high. Climbers can look up from the Yuntai platform and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery in their leisure time.
Cultural monuments
Huashan is one of the cradles of Chinese culture. According to the research of Zhang Taiyan, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty, "China" and "Huaxia" are both named after Huashan. There are many ancient buildings on the mountain, and temples, pavilions, statues and stone carvings can be seen everywhere. Whenever the clouds are misty, temples and pavilions are dotted with peaks and valleys of the mountain, which makes climbers feel like they are in a fairyland.
Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Li Bai, Du Fu and other literati have recited more than a thousand poems, inscriptions and travel notes of Huashan Mountain, and carved as many as a thousand rocks. Huashan Mountain is also a Taoist resort, the "fourth cave" of Taoism. There are 72 semi-suspended caves and more than 20 Taoist temples in the mountain, among which Yuquanyuan, host institute and Zhenyue Palace are listed as national key Taoist temples.
A generation of martial arts master, Mr. Jin Yong, felt the immortal spirit and aura of Huashan Mountain, and even more admired the wonders of Huashan Mountain, so he chose the highest level of martial arts novels to be held at the top of Huashan Mountain, that is, "Huashan on Sword".
After reading it, will everyone sigh: Huashan is a strange adventure, but it is not just a danger! Then, you must not miss these exclusive scenery of Huashan!
Source: Huashan Scenic Area

MLB News Shohei Ohtani is about to cry? Us media: the strongest man in history may miss the playoffs.

Ohtani was holding back tears at the end of the game pic.twitter.com/VjBgrzDuTI

— zach (@zachleft) August 4, 2023

Shohei Ohtani, the "second knife runner" of the Angels, hit the 40th bomb of the season the day before yesterday, and even pitched four innings without losing points. Unfortunately, the bullpen was weak and the sailors won 5-3. Otani was also photographed in the rest area fighting back tears and looking at the court. Some fans pointed out that Otani is a person who can express his feelings, like wiping his tears when he won the championship in the classic. This is just an ordinary regular season in early August, but it is not the first time that his hard work can’t save the team’s frustration.

USA-Today writer Charles Curtis analyzed: "Did Otani play the best season in major league history? His current WAR (Winning Contribution) is 8.7, which leads the league, and his single-season record is 11.9 in the year of Barry Bonds’ 73 boom. But seeing Otani’s performance and other data with his own eyes, his home run, third base hit, long hit rate, attack index, base hit number, standardized attack index, four bad walks and base attendance rate are all the highest in the American League. 」

This article believes that Otani’s performance this season can be described as the best in history. Angels may not make the playoffs. Although it is only early August, it can’t be asserted, but the situation seems very bad. Fans lamented on the Internet that Otani was an unprecedented first-class player, but it would certainly feel wronged to waste the peak season of his career on a team that could not compete for the championship. Some fans jokingly wrote: "He couldn’t help crying because he thought that he would stay in the angel after the trading deadline. 」

There are three teams, the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Mariners, standing in the way between the Angel and the last seat of the American League wild card, but it’s not impossible to catch up. The Angel also strengthened before the trade deadline, and it will take some time to see the effect.

After James retires, who will be the next face of the NBA?

After the opening of the 2023-24 season, it will also be James’ 21st season in the NBA, and James is about to celebrate his 39th birthday, which is a step closer to James’ retirement. The topic of retirement has to be put on the agenda. Who will be the next face figure in the NBA after James’ retirement?

Although James was still able to score 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists last season, it was obvious from last season that James was completely unable to compare physically with a few years ago, and the offensive end was still excellent in the regular season, but it has become the norm for the defensive end to leak people, and there are often situations in which the defense is not active, which is completely impossible in previous years. After entering the playoffs, James defended actively, but because the defensive end consumed a lot of physical strength, the offensive end obviously declined. People have to feel that time makes people old, and James has entered the end of his career. After Lao Zhan retires, who can hold up the facade of the NBA?

1. Curry

The first person I can think of now is Curry. Curry is 35 years old, and his playing style doesn’t eat the body. Now he is still in the peak state. Curry is not only the most influential player in the era of small ball, but also his hard honor is the first person under James, with four championships, two MVPs, two scoring titles and four times, which is enough to support Curry to become a new alliance facade.

2. Durant

Durant is only 34 years old this year. Although he has suffered a serious injury, he is still in the same state after coming back. He is still the best scorer in the league. He already has two FMVPs, one MVP, four scoring titles and six hard honors. The Suns he joined are the first favourites to win the championship next season, and this former Wang also has a chance to win the facade of the league.

3, the letter brother

Brother Alphabet, who is only 28 years old this year, has surpassed many Hall of Fame players, including one FMVP, two MVPs, one best defensive player, five bouts of play and four times of one defense. Last season, he averaged 31.1 points, 11.8 rebounds and 5.7 assists. He has not even reached the real peak, and now he has the strength of the top five in the league, and the future should not be underestimated.

4. Jokic

Also at the age of 28, Jokic became the darling of the league after leading the Nuggets to win the first championship in team history last season. He had an FMVP, two MVPs, and played for three times. Last season, he averaged 24.5 points, 11.8 rebounds and 9.8 assists, almost becoming the third player in NBA history to average a triple-double on the regular court. After entering the playoffs, he was still at ease even in the face of a top inside defender like Thick Eyebrows, averaging 30 points and 10 assists in the playoffs.

Now the NBA is facing a very embarrassing thing. After James retired, it is reasonable to say that Curry and Durant took over, but Curry and Durant are not young. Not everyone is like James, and they can still maintain such terrible athletic ability at the age of 38. And the next thing that can lift the situation is the letter brother and Jokic, but both of them are international players, which is not what the league wants to see. Tatum, which the alliance strongly supports, has not yet gained anything.

Who do you think will be the first player in the league after James retires?

Guardiola: Arsenal are in an incredible state, but we are still competing.

Live on March 12 th, Manchester City 1-0 Crystal Palace, Manchester City coach Guardiola accepted an interview with Sky Sports.

Guardiola: "My experience is that it is very difficult for us to come here every time. When we came here, I always had a feeling that we played well, but we also had to think about the tenacity of our opponents. We are always fighting because we want to score more goals. They have’ weapons’, Zaha is there, Orlis, Ezer, and they have incredible threats. They have calm and outstanding offensive players, which is a matter of patience. They will delay time, so we must rush them. "

"Everything makes me satisfied, and we missed some opportunities to fight back. It’s not easy. They have six players defending in the penalty area, Harland has two guards and Gundogan has one guard. It’s a matter of patience. They are very tight on Harland. Alvarez is very important and we need him. We need him in midfield. He has some chances. Gundogan is an excellent player. He won the penalty and Harland did the rest. "

"After Cancelo left, we only had Walker and Gomez as full-backs. We had four central defenders, and the defense was very solid. All four of them are outstanding players, so we defended well. Of course, Arsenal are in an incredible state. We are still competing, Arsenal scored 50 points before. It was a typical winter game, a difficult game. We were there all the time, and then we won. Now we have to do everything, next Tuesday and Saturday, hoping to spend one of the best nights we have ever experienced at home, and we can do it again. "