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I found it! 30 years ago, the proprietress of Four Seasons Beauty turned out to be her!

"These two stores can earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year."
Recently, an interview video 30 years ago became a hit.
Doing business in hangzhou sijiqing that year.
The face and words of the young proprietress,
Let netizens shout: shocked for a whole year!
Who is she?
After 30 years, what happened to her?
Network-wide attention
The beautiful proprietress 30 years ago, found it!
In this old image in 1993, a young girl opened a shop in the Sijiqing clothing market. When interviewed by reporters, she smiled and said:"These two stores have to earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands a year, which is no problem."
After the content was issued, it caused widespread concern.
Partial screenshot
At the same time, many netizens lamented in the comment area:"The temperament is too good" "It’s elegant to wear and talk" "It’s cool to wear a face value" …
Soon, many netizens reported that this is Zhuji, surnamed Lou.
I was only 20 years old when I was interviewed.
When I was young, I chose to go out and rush
Ms. Lou said that many friends told her about it yesterday, but she was not particularly surprised and surprised. She recalled that she was about 20 years old when she was interviewed.
Speaking of the business situation in that year, Ms. Lou said,At that time, materials were in short supply,In fact, this kind of market is thriving all over the country.
There are a group of frolicters in every era, and standing at this outlet may be the lucky ones.
"I felt that the market was relatively prosperous as a distribution center for commercial logistics at that time, so I wanted to join.At that time, going to Sijiqing was the forefront.. "Therefore, with the idea of being fearless of heaven and earth, Ms. Lou resolutely chose to go out and take a trip.
At the same time, she is also full of expectations for young people. "Every era belongs to young people. I hope that young people now have a little courage and go for it when they think of anything."
In the face of everyone’s concern,Ms. Lou feels honored and indifferent."Thank you very much for your interest in that era."
"People of our age will be nostalgic, and children may be interested in the previous era … There are many reasons for this video to be popular, and it may be calm in a few days." Ms. Lou said.
At present, Ms. Lou has retired.For her other recent situation, she admits that she doesn’t want to disclose too much.
Every era has a batch.
Young people full of vigor and vitality
I hope we will always be brave and free!
Embrace your best self!
Source: Zhuji Xishi Eye
Editor Zhong Wei Review Xie Jun Du Haifeng

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: In the first three quarters, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism income reached 3.7 trillion yuan.

On December 14th, the Press Office of the State Council held a series of press conferences on the theme of "Opening by Authorities", introducing the situation of accelerating the construction of a strong cultural country and promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism, and answering reporters’ questions.

Du Jiang, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that in the first three quarters of this year, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. Residents’ tourism demand has been released in a centralized way, and residents’ travel has increased substantially. While driving the expansion of related consumption, it also promoted economic recovery.

"This year’s tourism market can indeed be described as hot." Du Jiang said that in the next step, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also promote a series of brand building such as a new batch of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, national tourist resorts, 5A-level scenic spots, and national night culture and tourism consumption gathering areas, so as to stimulate residents’ cultural and tourism consumption willingness and help market players to resume development.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Dong Xin

Do you know all the cold knowledge about World Football Day?


World Football Day

These world cup cold knowledge

Do you know all about it?

Although the cold winter is coming, the football enthusiasm has not diminished. Tonight we will have a wonderful match between Croatia and Brazil, and today is the World Football Day recognized by the United Nations. Come and learn about the cold knowledge about the World Cup with Xiaobian and feel the charm of football!

Why is this year’s World Cup in winter?

In the past memory, the World Cup is always associated with summer, full of sweat, passion, beer and cheers. This time, however, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was held in winter, which was mainly due to the Qatari climate.

Qatar is located in the desert area of the Middle East, with a tropical desert climate. In summer, the temperature is generally 25-46 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature can soar above 50 degrees Celsius. This is really too hot for a player who wants to run for 90 minutes, and there is even the danger of heatstroke.

Of course, even in winter, the highest temperature in Qatar at the end of November can exceed 30℃, but the stadiums in Qatar are basically equipped with cooling systems to ensure that football players can play at a suitable temperature.

Why do players spit water?

This scene often occurs in football matches. Players take a sip of water and then spit it out immediately like gargling. Many friends will misunderstand when watching the ball. "Why do they spit everywhere?"

In fact, this is a way for players to drink water. The professional name is "carbohydrate gargle", which can effectively improve sports performance and relieve sports fatigue. It is a "scientific plug-in" for athletes on the field. They need to cheat their brains in this way without affecting their state, in order to quickly restore their physical functions and continue to play.

Why is there no British team in the World Cup?

There is no British team in the World Cup because there is no only football association in Britain.

In 1863, Britain, as the birthplace of modern football, established the world’s first football association: the English Football Association. In 1886, the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland jointly established the World Football Council and made unified rules. Later, FIFA generally joined football associations everywhere, so four football teams in Britain were invited to participate in the World Cup, namely, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is offside?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in full swing, attracting countless fans to watch. In the first half of Argentina’s game against Saudi Arabia, it was blown offside six times, which made people confused. Many new fans will ask a question, what is offside?

Offside refers to the moment when the attacker passes the ball, the receiver stands closer to the goal than the penultimate defender, and at the same time closer to the opponent’s goal than the ball, and tries to prepare for the attack from this position. In other words, offside is an act that has a clear purpose, produces intentions quickly and puts them into practice. On the court, it is often seen that players are sentenced to offside because they start too fast and fall into the offside trap of their opponents.

The offside rule was formulated by the British Football Association in 1870. In the football match at that time, the audience often saw such a scene: when one side launched an attack, most of the attacking players had gathered in front of the other side, ready to start shooting when they received the ball, so the game between the two teams was mainly concentrated in front of the goal, and there was little wonderful cooperation. The offside rule is precisely to adjust this excessively unbalanced offensive and defensive relationship and make the game more exciting.

Source: Yellow River News Network

Football development planning to enhance the value of sports industry concept stocks are sought after by funds

  In order to implement the spirit of the State Council’s Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry to Promote Sports Consumption and the Overall Plan for Football Reform and Development in China, and promote the sustained and healthy development of football in China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Football Reform and Development in the State Council (China Football Association), the General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Education jointly compiled the Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Football in China (2016-2050), which was recently released and distributed to local governments for implementation.

  In this regard, analysts pointed out that, except for the first time in the history of football in China, there is a long-term development plan with a clear time period, which shows that the country attaches great importance to the development of the football industry. Compared with last year’s plan, the plan is more detailed, and when these goals are specific to figures, it is a potential investment opportunity.

  In this context, yesterday, the sports industry-related concept stocks changed, and the overall sector rose by 0.25 percentage points against the market. In terms of individual stocks, Shenzhen Huicheng had a strong daily limit, and citic guoan and Hangzhou Jiebai also rose by more than 5%, with 5.29% and 5.19% respectively.

  In terms of capital flow, according to the statistics of the Securities Daily Market Research Center, yesterday, seven sports industry concept stocks became the target of capital pursuit, attracting a total of 180,159,200 yuan. Specifically, the net inflow of funds from citic guoan, Shenzhen Huicheng and Hangzhou Jiebai all exceeded 20 million yuan, which were 92,718,300 yuan, 43,414,300 yuan and 21,635,500 yuan respectively.

  In fact, the continuous influx of capital in recent years has injected new vitality into the sports industry. 2016 is a big year for sports, and large-scale sports events such as the Olympic Games and the European Football Cup will be held, which is expected to set off a new round of sports boom. Insiders pointed out that the sports industry M&A funds are constantly emerging, and the capital fever of the industry will drive the change of business model. It is expected that companies with a market value of 10 billion yuan or even 100 billion yuan will be born around the sub-sectors of Super League football industry chain, sports events and venue operation, and sports marketing.

  GF Securities said that the football policy dividend will be released at an accelerated pace, and the market value of the sports industry will be enhanced. The market value brought by sports reform will first be reflected in the football industry chain, and firm and orderly construction will create great commercial value; Investment opportunities in related sports industry chains are the long-term value restoration of the reform dividend release. Enterprises and listed companies that are deeply involved in various sports segments have obvious advantages, benefit the most, and are more likely to be sought after by market funds. It is suggested to pay attention to Lehman shares (deeply cultivating the football industry and having the right to develop the business of League A) and Chinese sports industry (with the strongest shareholder background and rich experience in event operation).

  At the same time, Ping An Securities believes that the sports industry will usher in rapid growth during the economic transition period. As an emerging consumer sector focused on in 2016, the sports sector is also an important direction for the business transformation of listed companies. The triple factors of policy liberalization, capital inflow and consumption upgrading will bring unprecedented development opportunities for China sports industry.

Curry revealed the outlook for next season: Paul joined, and the lineup adjustment is highly anticipated.

Curry mentioned next season, and his outlook for the team is exciting!

1. Regarding the joining of Paul, this experienced point guard will bring more depth to the team and make the lineup more reasonable and balanced. Paul’s leadership and organizational skills will add a lot of color to the team.

2. The continuous adjustment of the lineup is normal, but every player is showing his important value. This attitude of teamwork and positive contribution of the players will undoubtedly bring hope to the future of the team.

Although the team as a whole is improving, the biggest problem of the current lineup is the lack of big players, which is a fatal problem. This will bring some challenges against teams with strong insiders such as Nuggets, Timberwolves, Lakers, Grizzlies, Celtics and Bucks. Facing these teams, their tactics and defensive strategies need to be adjusted accordingly, such as strengthening perimeter defense, finding rebounding advantages and improving fast break efficiency to make up for the shortage of inside lines.

# Record my 2023#

How can Messi stay in Greater Paris?

In 2023, the Greater Paris Champions League once again became 16 Lang, which is quite sad!

Special size World Cup golden balls and golden boots, is that the level?


Messi’s vision, passing and dribbling are still the top in the world!

Mbappé’s shot, in that year, was still heavy, and he also improved his dribbling skills …

Neymar was in its prime, and Ramos was still domineering. Such a powerful Paris has repeatedly suffered setbacks, which puzzled many readers!

In fact, although Greater Paris is rich, its layman leads the expert, which is the root of the team’s failure!

If they don’t change, Messi and Mbappé will leave!

After 3-0, 1-2, the Serie A champion team became worse, shooting 28 goals, making it the first defeat in history, and Milan had a good chance.

In the 26th round of Serie A, Naples won 2-0, which means that they are back on the right track after the last round of defeat. They scored 68 points and were far ahead in the championship, which also shows that the other four teams can only reach the second place at most. From the point of view of points, originally Inter Milan was most likely to hold the second place in the standings. After all, after the first 25 rounds, their points reached 50 points, temporarily ahead of Lazio, AC Milan and other teams!

However, with the end of the 26th round, Inter Milan, the 19th champion of Serie A, almost ruined its advantage. In this round of competition, the Nerazzurri played against spezia, and in the first round, Inzaghi led a 3-0 victory. In addition, the starting price of Vispe Zia of Inter Milan is 278.1 million euros, which shows that the Nerazzurri have won completely. Even the Nerazzurri are considered to have the strongest lineup in Serie A, and it seems that they deserve to win again. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, and the "Nerazzurri" finally faced defeat under the frequent waste of opportunities.

From the 5th minute when lautaro got the chance to play, to the end of the first half, Inter Milan launched more than 5 attacks, but all failed, including a penalty. However, lautaro missed the penalty in the first half and became the player who missed the penalty the second time since the 2021-2022 season: 8 penalty kicks and 4 penalties. In the second half, Inter Milan stepped up their offensive. From the 46th minute to the 83rd minute, lautaro and brozovic launched attacks in vain, and finally the score was rewritten with the help of Lu Kaku’s penalty.

However, spezia’s luck was even better. In the 55th minute, Danielle Maldini was unguarded and scored from the front of the restricted area. In the 87th minute, Spezia relied on a penalty to kill the game directly, and Inter Milan lost 1-2. What we need to know is that the possession rate of the "Nerazzurri" in this battle is 38 percentage points higher than that of the opponent, and the number of shots reached 28 times, which is 7 times that of the opponent. However, it is still embarrassing that it is still impossible to win.

Interestingly, the defeat of this game is also the first defeat of Inter Milan against spezia. In the previous nine games, the Nerazzurri won eight games. It seems that the team’s instability has seriously affected a series of records! Of course, the defeat of Inter Milan is undoubtedly a good thing for AC Milan in the same city. After the first 25 rounds, the Rossoneri accumulated 47 points.

In other words, if we win this round, then AC Milan points can also reach 50 points, which is consistent with Inter Milan, and then better compete for the second place. You know, in the first 18 rounds, AC Milan beat Inter Milan and held the second place in the standings. Now it seems that Pioli is expected to lead the team to restore the victory!