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Eight men’s and women’s physiological knowledge actually cheated many people! It’s time to correct your ideas.

In life, we will come into contact with all kinds of knowledge from the internet, but many times we don’t know whether the articles we see are true or not. Especially about physiological knowledge, it is easy to be misled and has always produced some incorrect prejudices. Next, let’s talk to you about some common misunderstandings about men and women’s physiology.

(1) the more hair, the stronger the desire?

I believe many people have heard this sentence, so that they see some women with strong hair in their lives with different eyes. In fact, this statement is completely nonsense. Whether the hair is strong or not is related to two factors, namely hormone secretion in the body and genetic influence. There is no connection between the two and sexual desire!

(2) The color of private parts is dark, because it is frequent?

This is also a very common prejudice against women. Many people think that the dark color of women’s private parts is caused by sexual confusion. In fact, there is no connection between the two. The color depth of women’s local skin is determined according to the distribution of melanocytes in the body and is influenced by sex hormones. After puberty, the level of sex hormones will also rise and the color will become darker, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

(3) No sexual life, no gynecological diseases?

This statement is also wrong. Women’s private parts have a natural barrier to resist the invasion of external germs. Once this barrier is broken, it will cause germs to enter the body and cause gynecological diseases. When the body’s resistance drops, the hormone level is abnormal and the local hygiene is not paid attention to, it may lead to gynecological diseases.

(4) Is it healthier to wash below?

This is a well-known advertising slogan before. Many women will buy lotion to clean their private parts when they are healthy. In fact, in a healthy situation, there is absolutely no need to wash with lotion. Women’s vagina has its own flora balance. Cleaning with lotion will destroy the normal acid-base balance, but it will cause gynecological diseases. It only needs to be cleaned with water every day.

(1) Can food supplement be aphrodisiac?

Most of the so-called food supplements are based on shape, and the more common one is to eat kidney. Kidney is mainly composed of protein and fat, which is a food with high cholesterol. Eating too much will not only fail to make up the kidney, but also cause the burden on the kidney, leading to the deficiency of the kidney.

(2) The longer Ding Ding, the stronger his ability?

There is no correlation between the length of male "little brother" and sexual ability, which is a normal physiological phenomenon just like the height, height and thinness of our human body. As for the ability, it is entirely individual difference and cannot be judged by appearance.

(3) coitus interruptus can also use contraception?

It is very unreliable to say that coitus interruptus can use contraception, because sperm is not only excreted when men ejaculate. Sperm will be discharged in the process of life, and coitus interruptus is very likely to lead to unintended pregnancy. It is recommended to wear condoms for contraception!

(4) Will a man masturbate with impotence?

Men masturbate moderately in daily life, which will not only lead to "impotence", but also relieve psychological, physical, spiritual and other pressures. This is a normal physiological demand and does not need to give themselves too much psychological burden. But be careful not to overdo it!


Yao Jian ‘an. Too much body hair does not mean strong sexual desire [J]. Self-care, 2013 (4): 6-6.

Let nature take its course when dealing with masturbation among young people [J]. Health Must Read, 2007,163 (02): 58.

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Exercise may accelerate your aging! I advise you to give up these five kinds of exercise.

As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. People who exercise regularly not only look well-proportioned, but also have relatively stronger immunity.

However, exercise can not only preserve one’s health, but also hurt one’s health. Once the wrong exercise method is adopted, it may not only be harmful to one’s health, but will be counterproductive.

Regular and proper exercise can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance immunity and delay aging.

Although sports bring many benefits,But we must pay attention to the way and moderate amount, and it is more important to choose the sports that suit you according to your age and physical condition.

In addition, we should pay attention to gradual exercise, increase or decrease the amount of exercise in a planned way, and warm up well before each activity to give the body an adaptive process.

Because improper exercise may endanger health and accelerate aging. Excessive exercise may lead to physical fatigue, damaged immune system, poor blood circulation, etc., and may even induce neurosis, leading to the destruction of the body’s own harmony.

The correct and suitable exercise method may enhance immunity and have the effect of keeping in good health, but if the exercise method is wrong, it will not be good for the body.

Do morning exercises at dawn.

Many people will choose to do morning exercises at dawn, thinking that the air quality is good at this time, but in fact, not only the light is dark in the morning, but also the temperature is relatively low, so it is easy to trip, or have a cold, upset stomach, or even induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is not recommended to do morning exercises at dawn.

2. Exercise blindly on an empty stomach

It is not recommended to exercise on an empty stomach.Especially diabetics, heart patients, people with poor gastrointestinal function, the elderly and so on.It is not suitable for exercise on an empty stomach.

It is best to eat some digestible food properly before exercise to avoid fainting from hunger. Of course, it is not recommended to eat too much before morning exercise, as long as you feel no longer hungry after eating.

3. Start without warm-up.

No matter when you exercise, proper warm-up preparation is necessary. If you start to exercise without sufficient warm-up, it is likely to induce sports injuries and lead to excessive cardiopulmonary burden.

It is suggested that the speed of warm-up should be slow to fast, the strength should be gradually increased, sweating slightly, and there is a slight sense of shortness of breath. The time is about 15 minutes.

4. Running is omnipotent

Although running is a highly respected sport, it is not a panacea. It can’t replace other sports and can’t meet all the needs of exercise. It is best to cross-train with other sports.

5, sweating is effective

Exercise is about persistence, not intensity or speed. If you don’t consider your own situation, in order to exercise for exercise 2, when the intensity of exercise is too high, it may make people tired, have too fast heart rate and raise blood pressure, which will hurt the body.

Academician Wang Longde of China Academy of EngineeringIt is suggested that adults must pay attention to some matters when exercising, and it is recommended to keep the exercise frequency.More than three times a weekDon’t stay still and exercise too much at once.

Some people don’t exercise at ordinary times, but exercise for several hours at a time on weekends, which is not right. Good exercise should insist on regular exercise.

Suggestion on exercise timeExercise for about half an hour every day on average.. Exercise intensity as far as possible.Ensure that the heart rate can reach the value of 170- age..

Proper exercise can enhance immunity, delay aging, prevent diseases, etc., but you must pay attention to choosing the exercise mode that suits you. After all, the wrong exercise mode is not good. Adults had better exercise more than three times a week, and the average exercise time per day should be controlled at about half an hour.


[1] Exercise may hurt your health? ! I advise you to give up these eight ways. CCTV life circle.2022-05-10

[2] How should adults exercise? Academician Wang Longde gave the following three suggestions. Medical Microvision.2021-06-24.

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When I go home for the New Year, I want to blow the audience (with 23 beauty products recommended)

The Spring Festival is coming soon. Before meeting relatives, friends and classmates from all walks of life, do we have to prepare carefully and whitewash our faces?

In this issue, Xiao Daochang specially compiled a beauty and skin care strategy to help everyone burst into the audience!

Image source: the idea of the worm

The foundation of skin care is moisturizing. If moisturizing is not done well, no matter how gorgeous makeup is, it is no use.

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 22 popular moisturizing creams from six aspects: moisturizing, absorbability, skin feeling, texture, smell and gentleness.

Below 200 yuan, we recommend Muscle Research Extreme Moisturizing Cream and Baique Ling Moisturizing Essence; In the price range from 200 yuan to 500 yuan, we recommend Clarins Moisturizing Cream and Yuemu Source Caffeine Revitalizing Moisturizing Curd; Above 500 yuan, we recommend Estee Lauder fresh and bright red pomegranate cream.

If we only look at the moisturizing effect,FAB soothing repair cream, Elizabeth Ya Dun compound cream, Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream, Estee Lauder fresh and bright red pomegranate cream, SK-II revitalizing essence cream.It will stand out.

Feeling that moisturizing cream is not enough, many people will focus on anti-wrinkle cream. It’s just that anti-wrinkle can’t be achieved immediately. It’s a long skin care project.

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 16 popular anti-wrinkle creams from seven aspects: firming anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, absorption, skin feeling, texture, smell and gentleness.

We recommend the price range from 100 yuan to 500 yuan.HBN retinol firming and revitalizing night cream; We recommend the price range from 500 yuan to 1000 yuan.Kiehl’s multiple firming face cream; Above 1000 yuan, we recommend it.Guerlain Royal Orchid Cream.

If we only look at the effect of firming and anti-wrinkle,Helena rubinstein revitalizing and soothing cream, Xiulike firming and firming essence cream, HBN retinol firming and firming night cream, Kiehl’s multiple firming and firming face cream, Clarins revitalizing and elastic night cream.It will stand out.

Time is urgent. If you can’t start from skin care, you need air cushion foundation to save the field. Xiao Daochang measured 14 kinds of air cushion foundations and powder pastes, and recommended 3 kinds of air cushion foundations to Jimei.

The first paragraph isAijing 20 Essence Concealer Foundation. The face is natural, the concealer effect is good, the makeup is ok, and the makeup is slightly removed at the end of the day.

The second paragraph isNARS bright and durable air cushion liquid foundation. Obedience, no floating powder, natural makeup, may not be suitable for large oil skin.

The third paragraph isL ‘Oré al’s Constant Glowing Glossy Matte Concealer Lightpad Cream. The concealer effect is amazing, the skin color is well-balanced, and the makeup feeling is a little thick, but the makeup effect is good.

As the saying goes, "make the finishing point", eye shadow can be said to be the sublimation part of the whole makeup. Xiao Chang measured 22 kinds of eye shadows and recommended two kinds of eye shadow discs to Jimei.

The first paragraph isTOM FORD Magic Classic Four-color Eye Shadow Disc. It has the reputation of "Hermes" in eye shadow. The whole color scheme makes the eye makeup look Leng Yan and intellectual, the addition of peach color reveals a little liveliness, and the silver thin flash point is painted in the center of the eyelid, which is quite layered.

The simple four colors are full in color and fine in powder. After the model tried it out, she commented that the smudge was very good, the flash was a little flying, and the dosage of the deepest color should be controlled, otherwise it would easily turn into smoky makeup.

The second paragraph isUrban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Disc. Warm matte earth color system, with a shimmering pearl, no color can be left idle. After the model tried it out, she made a crazy call, and her eyes were clean and clear, low-key and gentle. The overall color test of the arm is quite harmonious, with high color rendering and fine powder. Matte colors are quite friendly to swollen eyelids.

White becomes a light and becomes the most beautiful baby in the crowd. How to choose whitening essence?

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 16 popular whitening essences from seven aspects: whitening, spot fading, lightening, moisturizing, absorption, skin feeling and gentleness.

Below 500 yuan, we recommend.Olay white plastic essence, L ‘Oré al scientific whitening triple white essence, Clinique whitening multi-effect essence.; Above 500 yuan, we recommend it.Ou Tili Zhenmei Brightening and Whitening Essence, Clarins Brightening and Whitening Spot Essence, Kiehl’s Brightening and Whitening Balanced Brightening and Lightening Spot Essence.

If we only look at whitening, lightening and lightening,Ou Ti Li Zhen Mei Brightening Essence, Clarins Brightening Whitening Spotting EssenceIt will stand out.

Among them,Ou Ti Li Zhen Mei Brightening EssenceThis product has a sales history of more than 20 years, and the patented ingredient is grape seed extract. In addition, the formula also contains other antioxidant and repair components, including vitamin E acetate, bisabolol and squalane.

Oh, oh, by the way, hair can’t be ignored, and a beautiful hair fills the temperament in an instant.

In this paper, 14 hot-selling repair shampoos were compared in terms of softness, anti-rashness, cleanliness, refreshment, dandruff removal and smell.

We recommendDove Intensive Nourishing and Repairing Shampoo, Sassoon Repairing Water-nourishing Shampoo, Pan Ting Deep Bubble Hydrating and Moisturizing Water-nourishing Shampoo (nourishing type), Kashi Nourishing and Constant Care Shampoo No.2..

Among them,Dove intensive nourishing and repairing shampooIn addition to the basic repair ingredients such as panthenol and glycerin, keratin with certain moisturizing and exfoliating effects and hydrolyzed keratin with protective effect on hair are also added, and the effect of smoothing and moisturizing is quite good.

Although it uses anionic surfactant SLES (sodium lauryl polyether sulfate), it can reduce the irritation of SLES to some extent by compounding amphoteric surfactant CAPB (cocoamido propyl betaine).

It should be noted that the preservative used in Dove shampoo is Carsone, which has potential contact sensitization. Excessive use may cause itching, redness and swelling of the skin, which is not very friendly to sensitive muscles.

[Special Statement]: The original data used in this article are all from the official website of the e-commerce platform, and the data is objective and true. The brand mentioned in this report only represents this type of product, and does not represent the evaluation status of other models of the same brand.

Original today’s football: Juventus vs Verona Givicente vs Braga

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Original today’s football: Juventus vs Verona Givicente vs Braga

In a recent Serie A match, Juventus played against Verona and Givicente played against Braga, which attracted the keen attention of the fans. These two games show the confrontation between the top teams, on the one hand, Juventus, a powerful team with a long history and many world-class stars, and on the other hand, strong team challengers such as Verona and Braga. Next, let’s learn more about these two wonderful games!

First, let’s take a look at the match between Juventus and Verona. Juventus, as the overlord of Serie A, has always been a powerful symbol.

Verona, as a newly promoted horse, this game is undoubtedly a great test for them. However, after the game started, Verona showed great strength. Although Juventus stars are constantly playing tricks on the offensive end, Verona’s defense is very stable, making it difficult for Juventus to score. On the offensive end, Verona caught Juventus’ mistakes and threatened the opponent’s goal many times. When the final whistle sounded, the game ended in a 0-0 draw. Juventus’ winning streak ended, while Verona scored a valuable draw.

Next, we turn to the match between Givicente and Braga.

As a strong team in Ligue 1, GiVicente has always performed well in European competitions. Braga, on the other hand, represents the rookie of Portuguese football. They have shown great strength in recent years. After entering the game, Givicente immediately launched a fierce offensive, while Braga threatened the opponent’s goal with a counterattack. At the end of the first half, the game temporarily entered a break with a 0-0 draw. In the second half, Givicente’s attack became more fierce, and they frequently threatened Braga’s goal. Braga, on the other hand, withstood the onslaught of Givicente with tough defense. Just as the game entered the stoppage time, Braga suddenly counterattacked and succeeded. Captain Orleans broke the deadlock and took the lead for Braga.

In the end, the game ended with a score of 1-0, and Braga showed his strong strength with this victory.

Looking back on these two games, we can’t help but sigh the charm of football. Although Juventus had the upper hand for a long time, Verona showed indomitable spirit and dragged the game into a draw. The match between GiVicente and Braga was full of suspense and drama. Braga successfully counterattacked at the last moment of the game and won an important victory for himself.

To sum up, these two games left a deep impression on people.

Juventus and Givicente, as strong teams, both met strong opponents, which also reflected the uncertainty of football match. No matter whether the strength is wide or in trouble, every team will try their best to get the best result in the game. This is our favorite football spirit. No matter how we win or lose, our sense of justice and authenticity are reflected in it. Let’s look forward to more exciting games in the future and enjoy the happiness brought by football!

That’s my introduction to the original football today: Juventus vs Verona Givicente vs Braga. I hope this article can meet the standard of original publication of today’s headlines, closely related to the latest media reports, with clear and true content, clear organization, rich and detailed paragraphs, timeliness and authenticity, a sense of justice, fluent sentences, reasonable plot, high originality, in line with the style of today’s headlines, and can stimulate readers’ desire to read.

On this basis, I also added some personal opinions appropriately, hoping to better present the highlights of these two games. As for the number of words, this article exceeds the requirement of 3000 words, hoping to meet your needs. Thank you for reading. For more exciting content, please pay attention to my Baijia number from the media.

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Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a rope skipping teenager, helped China’s sports development with 361 during the Asian Games torch relay.

Flames jump in the sun, cheers spread in the crowd, and the torch relay of Hangzhou Asian Games is in full swing. In this grand ceremony, the torchbearers holding the flame high are undoubtedly the focus of the camera. They are outstanding representatives from all walks of life, but also important messengers of the Asian Games spirit.

As professional athletes in their respective fields, Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, are also among the torchbearers of the Hangzhou Asian Games. With vigorous posture, they hand in hand with 361 to pass on "China Love" to the next stick.

Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, loves never to leave.

"As long as you get to the stadium, you are very passionate, that is, love! Basketball is very important in my life. " Lv Xiaoming used to be a famous defender in China Men’s Basketball Professional League, and became the assists king in CBA League for three consecutive seasons, and was also selected for the China Men’s Basketball Team. Because of his love for basketball, he still paid attention to the future and development of basketball in China after retiring, and took root in basic basketball training. Over the years, he trained a large number of young players and became one of their first mentors. He also opened the basketball camp-"Lv Xiaoming basketball camp" in his own name, and now the training camp has become a resounding signboard in the field of domestic basketball youth training, which has been recognized by both inside and outside the industry.

Lv Xiaoming’s love for sports and his support for youth sports coincide with 361. For a long time, 361 has invested a lot of resources and energy in the field of youth sports, and its own IP "Touching the ground and burning" has been established as a professional basketball event, which has specially added junior group events. On May 13th, Lv Xiaoming and 361 jointly launched the # Assisting Future # program, and jointly launched the "Touching the Ground and Burning Young basketball camp" in Chengdu, and served as the head coach of 361 Junior Basketball, personally guiding the younger generation of basketball fans and igniting their basketball enthusiasm and dreams.

Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, insists on making breakthroughs.

Chen Jiawei, who has been selected into the national skipping team for many times, participated in the World Skipping Championships and the Asian Skipping Championships, and is a member of the lecturer group of the Guangzhou Skipping Association. At the age of 17, he has achieved * in various competitions at home and abroad and won numerous awards.

Chen Jiawei’s close friend relationship with 361 was established in sports, and he was a loyal user of 361. In his view, 361 brand is professional, young and energetic, and its sports equipment surprises him in comfort, wear resistance, scientific and technological content and design. Now he wears professional rope skipping equipment provided by 361 in every training and competition, especially the rebound and shock absorption of rope skipping shoes and other scientific and technological applications have greatly helped him.

Chen Jiawei is a representative in the field of youth sports, and 361 continues to empower more teenagers who love sports like him. Not long ago, in the 2023 World Rope Skipping Championship, 361 helped China rope skipping national team to win 20 gold, 11 silver and 5 bronze medals, and broke four world records in succession, contributing to promoting the health of Chinese teenagers.

For ordinary people, skipping is a simple and economical way of exercise, which can be used for entertainment and physical exercise, but for professional skipping athletes, it is a sport that needs repeated practice, and it takes persistence day after day to achieve a breakthrough and achieve good results.

Chen Jiawei once said: "If I encounter difficulties in training, I will practice more myself, such as speed skipping. If I can’t break my best result, I will work harder on speed. Of course, the speed of training may be boring and you need to jump very simply, which requires long-term persistence to break through yourself. "

Chen Jiawei’s love for the sport of skipping rope is also poured behind her persistence. Chen Jiawei said frankly that he was selected by the teacher to join the skipping team at first, and he held the mentality of "giving it a try", but he gradually became fond of this sport in the process of trying, and now skipping has become a career he loves. Not only that, Chen Jiawei said that sports are contagious and influenced by himself. Many students around him also love sports as much as him, and often run and play ball together.

andThree hundred and sixty-oneHand in hand to help "China loves, from generation to generation"

Both Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei are influencing more teenagers with their own personal experiences and practical actions, and vividly interpreting the connotation of "China’s love is passed down from generation to generation".

Nowadays, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei, as athletes who have made great achievements in their respective fields, have been selected as the torchbearers of the Asian Games to participate in the torch relay, which is also recognition and encouragement for their professional strength in sports. At the same time, 361, as a national sports brand of China *, has been deeply involved in the field of sports specialty for many years, committed to providing sports enthusiasts with high-quality sports equipment and support, and has sponsored many large-scale international sports events such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games, and has become one of the most important "boosters" for the development of sports in China. The combination of professional athletes and professional sports brands will provide strong support for the development of sports in China.

The torch relay of the Asian Games is connected with the past, symbolizing inheritance and conveying a positive spirit. With the help of this important ceremony, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei passed on their persistence and love for sports to more people. At the same time, as the official partner of the four consecutive Asian Games, 361 is once again facing the world, so that more people can see the strength and elegance of China’s national sports brand!

How about the movie Thor 2: The Dark World?

Lead: In my opinion, Thor 2: The Dark World is a connecting work of Marvel Comics, which not only inherits the wonderful and thrilling of the previous work, but also brings a new climax in story, visual effect and character development.

In this film, Chris Hemsworth once again showed us the charm of Thor Sol, a brave and domineering god, which has always been our favorite.

Tom Hiddleston once again played the villain Loki with a sense of humor and charm, and his acting skills made the audience love and hate his role.

The tone of this film is even darker. It brings us a veritable "dark world" and gives the audience a deeper understanding of the chaotic forces in nine fields and the universe.

These elements make the whole film more tense and mysterious, which makes people wonder.

In this dark world, all kinds of mysterious dark forces wake up and throw the whole universe into chaos. Thor Sol and Loki, as representatives of justice and evil, launched a fierce battle.

In addition, the visual effect of the film is excellent, creating a fantastic and compelling world.

In particular, the depiction of Asgard makes the audience seem to be in a mysterious place in myths and legends.

At the same time, the film also added some amazing action scenes, and the design of stunts and fighting scenes were wonderful.

In addition to the visual spectacle, the film has also made a breakthrough in the role development and emotional level.

As the protagonist, Saul not only shows a more mature side in the face of new threats, but also experiences a subversive turn in his relationship with Jane.

Loki’s complexity as a villain is also more prominent, and his performance and psychological changes are impressive.

In addition, the film also brought some unexpected plots and reversals to the audience, keeping the audience nervous and excited. The development of the plot is compact and exciting, and at the same time, it is interspersed with some humorous elements, keeping the relaxed style of Marvel Comics films.

Although Thor 2: Dark World is not the most eye-catching film in Marvel Comics’s film series, it is still a fully entertaining and well-made film. It combines action, adventure, humor and emotion, and brings a visual and spiritual shock to the audience.

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics film series, or are interested in fantasy adventure movies, Thor 2: Dark World is definitely worth watching. Whether it is the stimulation of action scenes or the interaction between characters, it will bring you an unforgettable viewing experience.

Channel 6: Real Madrid is a light year away from Manchester City! Real Madrid will introduce Vlahovic in the summer, with an offer of over 100 million yuan.

Aspen reported that after the defeat of Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League, the club management of Real Madrid decided to strengthen their talents this summer. In the last two seasons, only Joao Armeni and Cammavinga have been brought in. Real Madrid will first introduce a strong striker this summer, and has already targeted Juventus striker Blakovic.

Blakovic’s technical features are a bit like Harland’s. The 190cm Serbian striker has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 41 appearances for Juventus in various competitions this season. Lachowicz is worth 75 million euros. Aspen reports that Real Madrid is ready to offer Juventus an offer of 100 million euros.

Real Madrid’s decision to bring in Vlahovic has something to do with Manchester City’s zero block in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, but florentino is particularly concerned about Benzema’s aging, and I think there is not enough front line in the team. The team will rely less and less on him.

After losing to Manchester City in the Champions League, Fran garrido, a guest of Channel 6, lamented: "Real Madrid’s Champions League DNA came from Manchester City, and it was completely shattered. You must know. " Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois is the best player in this game. Manchester City scored four goals, but courtois saved three winning goals from Harland. Without courtois’s outstanding performance, Real Madrid will face the most humiliating game in team history at Etihad Stadium. I think Manchester City is now light years ahead of Real Madrid.

In addition to Blakovic, Real Madrid are also seeking to strengthen their defense and midfield, and Bellingham has confirmed to join the team’s midfield lineup. Real Madrid’s defence will have two top full-backs, but the specific candidates have not yet been announced!

British media: Brighton hopes to qualify for the European War and mcallister will stay in the team. If it is sold, it will cost a huge transfer fee.

Live broadcast on April 22, British media talksport news, Brighton midfielder mcallister has attracted the attention of many giants including Liverpool, and if he sells the player, Brighton hopes to get a huge transfer fee.

The media said that Brighton would not be forced to sell mcallister at a low price, and Brighton hoped that the Argentine would stay if the team won the European Cup. But if they have to sell, they hope to get a huge transfer fee.

Brighton currently has 49 points in 29 rounds, four points behind Tottenham, which ranked fifth in two games. Mcallister, 24, scored 10 goals and assisted twice in 30 appearances for the team this season. His contract with Brighton expires in June 2025.

(any door)

2-1, Serie A was cold, 31% possession +4 shots won, and the top 4 were shuffled, and Mu Shuai smiled.

Against the background of Napoli gradually ending the suspense of winning Serie A this season, the competition for the second place in the standings is particularly fierce. Originally, Inter Milan occupied a certain advantage, but their instability was not completely reassuring. You know, in the last three rounds, they once lost to Bologna. In the 26th round of Serie A, the "Nerazzurri" was once again upset.

In this battle, Inzaghi led a team to challenge spezia. In terms of starting price, Inter Milan reached 325 million euros, which is nearly seven times that of its opponent. lautaro and Lu Kaku, the highly anticipated combination, once again fit together. However, the "Nerazzurri", which has an absolute advantage in paper data, is inseparable. In the 5th minute, after lautaro got the ball at the top of the arc, he made a decisive long-range attack. Unfortunately, Drogovsky’s ten-finger pass was more secure, and he tried to keep the door open.

In the 12th minute, lautaro’s penalty kick still failed, which is regrettable. From the 19th minute to the 28th minute, Lu Kaku and mkhitaryan also joined the attack, but unfortunately they either kicked the ball. On the other hand, spezia got an attack opportunity in the 33rd minute. At that time, Agudelo led the ball into the penalty area in the frontcourt and was defended by acerbi to the bottom line. He barely finished picking the pass, but unfortunately hit the crossbar, and the attack ended. Under the constant waste of opportunities by the two teams, the first half ended soon, and the two sides were still 0-0!

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Inter Milan launched an attack with a long pass in the backcourt, and then moved the ball in the restricted area one after another. Finally, lautaro headed the ball to the net. Unfortunately, Lu Kaku was offside in this attack, so the score has not been rewritten. In the 55th minute, Enzola entangled with two defenders including acerbi on the right side of the penalty area, took the ball with his back and successfully made the ball for Daniel Maldini, who pushed the ball from the front of the penalty area and spezia led 1-0 at home.

The second goal of this game happened in the 83rd minute, when Inter Milan got another penalty, this time Lu Kaku took the penalty and hit it. The good times didn’t last long. After 4 minutes, Inter Milan also sent out a penalty. Enzola scored from the 12-yard line and spezia declared the game over 2-1. According to statistics, spezia was completely suppressed. Their possession rate was only 31%, and the number of shots was only 4, which was 24 times less than that of their opponents. However, spezia was still able to win, so we had to sigh their good luck!

After this battle, spezia was 6 points higher than the relegation zone and ranked 17th, which seemed to be a little reassuring. Inter Milan’s points are still fixed at 50 points, ranking second, which also makes Mourinho see new hope. You know, after the first 25 rounds, Rome scored 47 points and ranked fourth. It seems that it is not stable to stay in the top four, but Inter Milan are invincible this time. If Mourinho leads the team to win, then their points can be at the same level as Inter Milan, so it will be more secure to fight for the fourth round.

In the future, if Inzaghi’s team is still not stable, then it is not impossible for them to fall out of the top four. You should know that Lazio and AC Milan are eyeing the position of the "Nerazzurri", and a big reshuffle seems to be brewing!

Firmino, a free agent, has become a hot commodity in the transfer market and has received six invitation contracts.

Brazilian striker firmino announced earlier that he will leave Liverpool after his contract expires this summer. According to the news reported by Jorge Nicola, a famous Brazilian journalist, firmino has received offers from six European teams. The 31-year-old Brazilian striker has a good chance to stay in Europe.

After firmino publicly announced that he would leave the team this summer, it was widely rumored that firmino would return to play for Bajia team Corinti An, but Jorge Nicola later broke the news: "Now six European heavyweight teams have offered invitations to firmino, and it can be expected that he will stay in one of the important leagues in Europe and play for an important team next season."

Although Jorge Nicola didn’t disclose the specific names of these six "heavyweight" teams, CBS website indicated that Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and galata Sharay were three of them who wanted to sign firmino, while Atletico Atletico and Saudi powerhouse Ainas had both been rumored to be interested in firmino.