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Lanzhou subjects two and three suspended exams.

The reporter learned from the traffic police detachment of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau that on February 2, due to the snowfall, the examination business of Lanzhou drivers’ subjects 2 and 3 was suspended, and the examination appointment was automatically cancelled in the background. The cancellation of this examination did not affect the original examination order and frequency. Whether Sunday’s exam returns to normal depends on the weather on that day. (Reporter Zhang Xiuyun)

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Original title: "Lanzhou subjects 2 and 3 are suspended"

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Why are you always out of fashion? Three truths you have to know about fashion!

You think fashion is only about others?

Do you think fashion is only about youth?

In fact, fashion is not a distant word!

Don’t be misunderstood by the definition of "unique, confident and out of fashion"

Fashion has a temperature

You have many fashion moments that you haven’t noticed yet ~

Fashion is in the details of your life.

Beautiful dress, perfect makeup

Strong muscles, delicate skin …

It’s all fashion

Appearance is an indispensable capital for women.

But thought determines the value of appearance.

Beauty without connotation is pale.

So if you want to be more beautiful, remember to practice both inside and outside.


Clothes can reflect a person’s heart.

Reveal her value preferences, lifestyle and personality cultivation. …

Clothes don’t necessarily see character.

But to some extent: clothing = emotional intelligence.

Therefore, correct dress is a compulsory course for everyone.

  • Refuse to blindly follow suit

Fashion should look for its own style, not blindly "follow the fashion"! Fashion, not piled up by money, focuses on grasping and inheriting the fashion concept. As long as a woman has a fashionable concept, she can dress herself elegantly without spending a lot of money. On the contrary, a woman has a lot of money, but she has no self-cultivation and fashion concept. At best, she is only the carrier of major brands. " Remember! Simplicity and exquisiteness are more important than fashion. If you are not good at wearing, are not sensitive to the coordination of colors, and don’t hold the trend elements properly, then don’t add too many things to yourself. Simple and natural, it can also be very beautiful!

  • Dare to break fashion rules

What is fashion? No one can define anything! Because it is variable, there is no fixed form. At least dare to innovate, break the rules, and add good taste to lead the trend, right?

Some people say: 40-year-old should not wear sneakers, it seems not stable enough; After 35, don’t wear pink, it’s too act young, you can’t wear suspenders, you can’t wear braided hair … But the real fashion is to find your personality, find your own things, and stick to it, not to follow suit, grandstanding, and wear clothes indiscriminately!

  • Investing in classic items

The so-called classic is not restricted by any conditions, not influenced by the trend, and can stand the test of time. No matter when and where you wear them, they are as fashionable and attractive.

That is to say, clothes are not much but fine. Buying more fashionable items that are not suitable for you is not as good as a fit and classic one. For example, white shirt, little black skirt, white T, windbreaker and jeans. …

Although these are basic models and versatile models in your wardrobe, investing in them once will really benefit you for a long time. No matter how many years have passed, it will make you chic and beautiful.

Of course, in addition to common clothes, shoe bag accessories are also essential, which helps to enhance the overall exquisiteness and taste.

The charm of classics lies not in luxury, but in the style, fabric and detail design, which becomes more and more brilliant with the passage of time.


  • Go shopping more, don’t always wait for others to dump links.

The most terrible thing about fashion course is not knowing nothing and having nothing, but waiting for others to tell her how to buy it.

You should know that good clothes are always hidden in unknown shops. You have never experienced the process of selecting and looking for beautiful clothes by yourself, and you will not feel the surprise and satisfaction of wearing that moment.

Although online shopping is becoming more and more common, physical stores are getting weaker and weaker, but we still encourage everyone to go shopping more, instead of waiting for others to dump links. Because only when you feel it yourself can you know the quality.

When buying clothes, don’t just look at the price and style, but also look at the fabric label and check the stitching on the side foot.

  • Know your body shape

If you want to dress well, you must first understand your body shape and learn to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even if you don’t have a perfect figure, it doesn’t matter. At least you should have a heart for beauty.

If you are short, you should raise your waistline. If your legs are not good, you should learn to cover them. If you are black, don’t wear exaggerated bright colors. If you are fat, don’t wear them too short or too long. Clothes should not be too tight or too loose, and the fit will be just right.


Everyone is afraid of aging, especially women.

Skin condition is the most intuitive sign to reflect a person’s age.

But it should be understood that

Skin is one of the most important excretory organs in human body.

Instead of "absorbing organs"

  • Pay attention to makeup removal

The makeup remover is wrong, and the face value is scrapped! Some girls just study how to make makeup look good, so-so remove makeup every day, and some even wear makeup to sleep, which is really terrible! ! If you don’t remove makeup in time, or the makeup is not clean, it will lead to many skin problems: pigmentation, sunburn and freckles, skin aging, pore blockage, and more and more blackheads. …

Want to remove makeup and clean it without hurting the skin. Poke the picture below ~


  • Have a light diet and good work and rest habits.

Eating spicy, greasy and too sweet food often leads to exuberant oil secretion and aggravation of blackheads … People who eat greasy food are also prone to symptoms of blood heat, stomach heat accumulation and blood stasis, and these symptoms will further promote the growth of blackheads and closed mouths. Therefore, we must pay attention to diet and less oil! Less salt! Less sweet! Less spicy! To tell the truth, Xiaobian tried the best and best way to get rid of blackheads: exercise+diet+going to bed early. The skin condition is really good!

Good work and rest habits are the key to beauty! For girls, staying up late will lead to endocrine disorders, and our face is prone to imbalance of water and oil, too dry or too greasy. It is also common to explode acne and shut up. The most obvious point is that it is easy to have dark circles and bags under the eyes when staying up late … (You will only blame the eye cream for staying up late to cultivate immortality, which is really enough! )

When you want to know that you are plain, the dark circles and bags under your eyes are super obvious, which will make you look pale. Moreover, when making up, you should carefully conceal the concealer, even if it is well concealed. After concealing the concealer, the baby whose skills are not very good can be said to be terrible. The color is wrong, the makeup is not suitable, and it is mottled for one second … So, the babies try not to stay up late, don’t stay up late, don’t stay up late!


The beauty of a woman is not in her face.

It’s in posture.

Gestures are alive, faces are dead.

The so-called "state"

Refers to a woman’s temperament reflected in her bones.

Beauty or temperament, which is more important? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer! First of all, we should find out why people always emphasize "temperament". The primary reason should be that beauty cannot be preserved, and it will always be lost with age. It is also because with the growth of age, after the precipitation of a woman’s heart, the beauty of temperament will be more and more improved and more prominent, and temperament is more beautiful than beauty! No matter who you are, temperament is a very high compliment!

A woman with temperament, even if she is white-haired, is still as beautiful as a picture, and the years are never unbeaten! Temperament is the most advanced sexy of a woman!

A woman’s temperament is a kind of self-cultivation, which has nothing to do with age and has nothing to do with years.

Temperament is an inner involuntary exposure, not just superficial kung fu. Ta is not a high-grade lipstick, a gorgeous dress, and a pair of brand-name high heels can match it! If you don’t have some ink on your chest, you can use it in gorgeous clothes. This person has no temperament at all, but gives others a superficial feeling.

Therefore, if you want to improve your temperament and achieve outstanding temperament, in addition to dressing appropriately and speaking appropriately, you must constantly improve your knowledge, moral cultivation and enrich yourself! Only with distinctive speech and posture can people feel "powerful charm beyond appearance"

However, not many people are born with temperament! For most young girls, not being beautiful often means not having temperament. Temperament, most of them will not be ugly! Therefore, we must learn to be beautiful first. Let your surface be beautiful first, and at the same time slowly carve your inner self. What we want is not only beauty, or only temperament. We can have both!


A person’s posture has more influence on temperament than appearance! You can look around carefully, as long as a person holds his head high and shoulders high, he will exude noble temperament all over. Once you stoop, your appearance looks ten years older. Imagine that you have a pair of angel wings on your back. Feel these wings at any time, and the angel wings will make your posture beautiful!

A person’s temperament is internal self-cultivation, including external behavior, manners and attitudes towards others. Elegant, generous and natural temperament will give people a comfortable, kind and easy-going feeling.

Regardless of the sound quality and timbre, whispering is the first sign of temperament. However, if you are so quiet that you can’t even hear the other person talking, it means you lack confidence. People with temperament will speak in a voice that only the interviewee can clearly hear, and the choice of words is also one of the important standards to measure Ta temperament. In addition to basic polite expressions, the content of speech is also very important. It is a compulsory course for temperament beauty to stay away from rumors and not strongly advocate criticism. Remember, even if the conversation is not pleasant, don’t forget to express your gratitude!

The most effective way to show temperament is to move slowly and carefully. However, slowness does not mean that the slower the better, we should strive to do one thing accurately and accurately. In terms of agreement, temperament beauty should do what she says. If you can’t do it, you might as well take "don’t make an agreement with others casually" as a principle of temperament beauty.

Temperament is not learned, but cultivated! As a woman, you can’t say too much, but you should know everything. We can’t live every day with an empty head and nothing to do. But to have your own goals and focus on life and a hobby that suits you. Usually, you should learn more things and read more books (not reading 8 magazines). Learn to dance or exercise if you have nothing to do. Learn more about communication and listen to salon lectures that are helpful to you.

Slim down and talk about temperament! In fact, women with temperament know more about restraint and pay attention to eating habits, so as to maintain a beautiful posture and healthy and high-quality skin. On the contrary, women who are willful and indulgent, slim but often become a short-lived memory. Lack of self-management ability will make your body shape worse and worse. Therefore, by looking at a person’s figure, especially the way she decorates her figure, you can probably know her cultivation and temperament. If you have experienced the feeling of being fat, you can understand why you can enjoy a better life only if you lose weight. When you lose weight and become a more beautiful self, you can gradually feel the feeling full of possibilities.

Temperament is a state, a state of mind and an attitude towards life! To be a woman with temperament, she is beautiful and advanced!

What is "Jiangnan"

Author: Hu Yifeng

At the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the "osmanthus drum", qiantang bore, green water and green mountains, elegant national style, poetry and painting of Jiangnan and the humanistic Asian Games complement each other, which vividly shows the freshness, agility, massiness and elegance contained in the cultural image of "Jiangnan". Looking back at the literary and artistic works that have been popular in recent years, such as the dance drama "Never Gone Radio Wave" and "Only Green", and the Spring Festival Evening program "Memorizing Jiangnan" and "Jibu Bridge", many of them have their own "Jiangnan style". So, what is "Jiangnan"? How is the "Jiangnan Faner" tempered?

In the Song Dynasty, Liu Yong’s "Looking at the Tide of the Sea" begins with the saying that "the southeast is victorious, the three Wu cities are prosperous since ancient times", and the "three Wu" and "Qiantang" here are important geographical symbols and pronouns of Jiangnan. The description in the poem, "Sanqiu Guizi, Shili Lotus", "Qiang Guan Qing, Ling Ge Pan Night" has been passed down through the ages, which can be described as exquisite. But it is somewhat exaggerated to say that this place has been prosperous since ancient times. Even if we put aside the corner of Hangzhou, from the perspective of the broad "Jiangnan", this "land of beauty" repeatedly chanted by poets has gone through a long evolution process before it has completed its own cultural shaping.

Photo of Wu Guanzhong in Suzhou Water Street

"Jiangnan" literally means south of the Yangtze River, but its meaning has changed in different contexts. Jiangnan, which is commonly known today, is also known as Jiangdong or Jiangzuo in history. "Jiangdong", which is "thinking about Xiang Yu so far and refusing to cross Jiangdong", generally includes "Jiangnan" in people’s minds today. The TV series "nirvana in fire" is set in the Southern Liang Dynasty in the south of the Yangtze River, and Mei Changsu’s nickname is "Jiang Zuo Mei Lang". There was a "Jiangnan Road" in the Tang Dynasty, covering a vast area, including most areas south of the Yangtze River. Since then, "Jiangnan", as the concept of administrative division, has changed with the changes of dynasties, and gradually withdrew from the historical stage until the Qing Dynasty. As a geographical concept, "Jiangnan" is gradually fixed as Suzhou, Songjiang, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou in Taihu Lake Basin. It is also in the historical evolution of cultural exchanges and accumulation that culture has outperformed the frequent changes of administrative divisions with its unique charm, and fixed the poetic Jiangnan in the history of Chinese civilization.

In fact, in the eyes of people in the Central Plains in the pre-Qin period, Jiangnan was a barbarian land with tattooed hair, and its man Shang Yong was aggressive, which was quite different from the "Jiangnan Fan" that people are familiar with today. From the Qin Dynasty to the early Han Dynasty, most areas in the south of the Yangtze River were still in the primitive agricultural era of "plowing with fire and water". Although "there are no people who are frozen and hungry, and there is no family with a daughter", and because "the south of the Yangtze River is wet and her husband dies young", the image of this land in people’s minds at that time is not lovely. When Jia Yi was demoted as a teacher of Changsha King in the Western Han Dynasty, he was worried about life in the south, fearing that he would not live long. However, it didn’t take long for the situation to change quietly. After the Han dynasty, the global temperature dropped, and the climate in the south of the Yangtze River became suitable for farming and living, which ushered in a godsend opportunity to change one’s life and rebuild oneself. If land reclamation and economic development have laid a material foundation for the prosperity of Jiangnan, then profound and extensive cultural exchanges have continuously injected vitality into the formation of "Jiangnan Faner".

Historically, during the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Han Dynasty, and the period from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms, especially after the Yongjia Rebellion in the Western Jin Dynasty, the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty, and the Jingkang Rebellion in the Northern Song Dynasty, the cultural spread and integration with the large-scale migration of population as the carrier conformed to the general trend of natural environment changes, refreshing the face of Jiangnan again and again, and prompting "Jiangnan" to enter its own cultural time.

Historian Qian Mu thinks: "When the Eastern Jin Dynasty crossed to the south, the Yangtze River basin formally represented the traditional China". After Yongjia, a large number of aristocratic families from the Central Plains took refuge in the south. Most of them had high cultural attainments. The elegant aristocratic culture injected poetic connotation into Jiangnan at that time, which effectively promoted the transformation from "wuyue Wind" to "Jiangnan Culture". "Sui Shu" wrote about the cultural situation in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, saying: "Clothes and objects, pictures and notes, and broadcasting and moving, all belong to Jiangzuo. On the occasion of the Jin and Song Dynasties, there were many studies, and between Qi and Liang, the history was rich. " During this period, many important cultural achievements came from northern immigrants or their descendants. Fan Zhen’s Theory of Deity Extinction, Zhong Rong’s Poems, Zhou Xingsi’s Thousand-Character Works and Liu Xie’s Wen Xin Diao Long are all examples. In the Tang Dynasty, the wealth and prosperity of Taihu Lake basin became more and more obvious. "It was endowed with the world and Jiangnan lived in the 19th … Zhejiang and Zhejiang lived in the 19th, while Susong Changjiahu was based on the 19th of Zhejiang." After the Anshi Rebellion, "most of the gentry crossed the river east with their families", in the words of the poet Li Bai, "all the well-dressed men in the world avoided Soochow, and Yongjia moved south, but they were not satisfied here". According to some scholars’ statistics, from the perspective of the number of poets in the whole Tang Dynasty, the north far surpassed the south, but after the Anshi Rebellion, the number of poets in the south increased substantially, which was comparable to that in the north.

People’s West Lake Feng Zikai information picture

With the change of Jingkang, the Song Dynasty moved southward, and Jiangnan made further efforts on the road of cultural development. As Jin Fu said in Qing Dynasty, Jiangnan was just a country before Han and Tang Dynasties. Since Qian Liu stole it, the Southern Song Dynasty was peaceful, and the people gathered together to make a land monarch, so it became a fortune. According to research, this great population migration began in 1126 (the first year of Jingkang) and lasted until 1279, with a total population of 5 million, which greatly exceeded the population in the south. Long-lasting immigrants spread throughout the Yangtze River basin and even today’s Hainan Island, and the largest distribution of immigrants is in Jiangnan, where the political center of the Southern Song Dynasty is located. On the one hand, "most of the scholars in the northwest are in Qiantang", where many scholars and great scholars gather, and scholars such as Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji stay, which greatly promotes the development of culture and scholarship; On the other hand, the gathering of a large number of professional artists has promoted the prosperity of citizens’ culture. According to The Old Story of Wulin, there were more than 20 places of entertainment "Wazi" inside and outside Hang Cheng in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the audience reached more than a thousand people for a long time. There are more than 50 cultural performances and more than 500 artists. They either tell historical stories and folk legends, or perform acrobatic circus or acrobatic shadow play.

When the stars move, the text will follow. When history marched into the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangnan culture was presented to the world in a mature and gorgeous manner. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, on average, more than one out of every seven scholars came from Jiangnan. A quarter of the top scholars in the Ming Dynasty came from Jiangnan. Jiangnan accounted for more than half of the top scholars in Qing Dynasty, so that Wang Wan, a scholar in Suzhou, called the top scholar a local "native product". The pride in the imperial examination field reflects the overall improvement of Jiangnan cultural strength. As the cultural symbols of this period, most of the famous works such as Dream of Red Mansions, Sanyan Erpai and Peony Pavilion are imprinted with Jiangnan, and it is these cultural classics that directly shape the image of Jiangnan that has been passed down to this day.

It can be seen that "Jiangnan Faner" is a product of history. As the saying goes, "the southeast is endowed with wealth, and the literati in the left of the river are lost". The description of the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River and the interpretation of the cultural spirit in the south of the Yangtze River are the key points to promote this historical process. As mentioned above, "Jiangnan" generally corresponds to Taihu Lake Basin geographically, and its most moving, popular and refined expression is "there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below". If you compare "Jiangnan Faner" to a gorgeous costume, Suzhou and Hangzhou are undoubtedly the most competent models. The fame of Suzhou and Hangzhou has spread hand in hand, and it is inseparable from the literati’s wonderful pen. According to Chai Degeng’s research, Suzhou and Hangzhou even started from Bai Juyi, and Suzhou and Hangzhou were mentioned five times in his poems, such as "Suzhou and Hangzhou were once famous counties", "Suzhou and Hangzhou are famous counties in the south of the Yangtze River" and "I am 57 years old, and I am honored" in Three Songs of My Year. Party A and Party B have three subjects, and Suzhou and Hangzhou are the owners. I am even more proud that I have worked in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Among Bai Juyi’s many poems about Jiangnan, Recalling Jiangnan is the most popular, which vividly expresses his attachment to Jiangnan. When we read this famous article, we will find that "water" is one of the most important contents in Jiangnan images. Geographically, "the terrain leans to the southeast, and Wu Zhi is in the lowest position in the southeast, so it is advisable to have more water". In this water town, Zeguo, the ancestors explored a complete water conservancy system, "to drain it in case of prostitution, and to irrigate it in dry years." From Xie Lingyun’s Poems on Mountain Living and Zhang Yuan’s Poems on Southern Expedition in the Southern Dynasties to Su Shi’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River, to Zhu Ziqing’s Poems and Songs on Qinhuai River and Feng Zikai’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River in modern times, the appearance rate of "water" is probably the highest.

There are many boats when there is more water. Water and boats constitute the unique geographical environment and lifestyle of Jiangnan, and also shape the aesthetic background of Jiangnan style. The Night Sailing Boat by Zhang Dai in Ming Dynasty is a online celebrity book with a score of 9 on a reading website, and its creativity comes from the unique landscape of "Night Sailing Boat" prevailing in the south of the Yangtze River. In water towns, boats are used in all aspects of life. There are "book boats" for buying books, "account boats" for collecting rent, "doctor boats" for visiting doctors, "wedding boats" for marrying brides, and "incense boats" for serving pilgrims. Jiangnan people, "not only husbands can operate boats, but also women can." There are also groups who make a living on the boat, just as the fishing song in Yangcheng Lake sings, "A net boat is the world, and the reed is used as a tile cabin as a bed." The bow of the boat cooks food, and the clothes are hung in the boat. " The ship in the south of the Yangtze River has a meaning beyond daily necessities and directly involved in cultural production and consumption. Chongzhen’s "Songjiang Prefecture Records" records that "at the beginning, there were sailing boats, mountain boats, seat boats and long-distance boats, but now they are wave boats, floor boats, Zhu Lan, Cuimu, Jingru and Jinglu", which shows that the boats are diverse and rich. Li E, a Qing Dynasty writer, wrote the Book of Lake Boats specially for the cruise ships in Hangzhou West Lake, which recorded nearly 100 kinds of cruise ships. In the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou, Jinling and other places also provided catering services for cruise ships, which were called "traveling boats" and "fire eating boats". Ships are not only used to swim the lake, but also used as a "stage". In this regard, there is a vivid record in the notes of the Qing Dynasty, "Su Jun feasted on the gods of the New Year, and every time he played on the bow of the Huqiu Mountain Pond. There is a theater in the boat, and dishes are prepared at the stern. The audience also called Sha Fei, Niu Tongue and other ships to be alongside them. ""Every year, we race the city and drive the railing barge in partnership.Traveling between Shanbang and Yefangbang, hoping to sell their skills. Every time you arrive at a boat, you must put on your robe and hat, hand in your eyes, and bow in the front cabin. Moving out, the value of the cable ranges from one to two hundred. " Even Martino Martini, a missionary who came to Hangzhou in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, said, "It’s true that rowing on the lake is more comfortable and pleasant than anything else in the world.". In modern times, all kinds of ships active in water towns are still an indispensable part of Jiangnan style. In Lu Xun’s "Social Drama", he watched the play on the bow and cooked the arhat beans on the boat, which is the case. When Feng Zikai lived in Tongxiang’s hometown, he often put books, clothes and other things into the "painting boat". Wherever he shook it "by night", he went ashore to sketch and paint, and the interesting works such as "The Barber Shop in the Wild" and "Three Empresses" were born in this way.

Culture in the south of the Yangtze River is picturesque, full of melodies, intoxicating and profound, which is dizzying and unforgettable. For thousands of years, Jiangnan Faner, which has been refined in the frequent interaction between nature and humanity, history and humanity, fortune and human feelings, has been active in the literary world with its unique charm, condensed in local customs and folk customs, and engraved into people’s lives and memories.

Guangming Daily (16th edition, October 20th, 2023)

Source: Guangming Net-Guangming Daily

Shooting is always stuck to the face? Learn to retreat in 4 minutes, and Harden has to call you Master.

Everyone is on the wild court.

There will always be guys who are tough on defense.

As soon as you get the ball, he sticks to his face and fights.

Don’t give me any room to shoot.

Bring a set of teaching today.

Harden’s step-back shot

Everyone knows that Harden is the most powerful master in active duty.

Moreover, this trick is becoming more and more popular in wild courts and NBA.

At this time, someone will ask.

How can I get Harden to call you Master?

I’m sorry

I’m talking about this harden.

Get down to business

Harden’s retreating steps are various.

Retreat after routine and spying.

Step back after the ball is dropped, and step back after the emergency stop.

They are all moves worth learning.

As for the double retreat.

Just like the video said.

As long as you have courage, you can use it

Video source: BENCHPLAYER51

ChatGPT will have self-awareness in two or three years. How to prevent it from threatening human beings? Zhou Hongyi said so.

"The development of ChatGPT is not a matter of competition among several Internet companies, but determines whether China can accumulate this technology in the next industrial revolution." Zhou Hongyi, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360 Group, told the Times Weekly reporter.

Zhou Hongyi has been elected as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee for two consecutive years, and "safety" has always been the key word of his proposal. Recently, the great breakthrough of ChatGPT has caused extensive discussion. Zhou Hongyi has talked openly about the development prospect of ChatGPT more than once, and also expressed his concern about the safety of artificial intelligence.

In Zhou Hongyi’s view, ChatGPT or Big Language Model is a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. It is the starting point of general artificial intelligence and the turning point of strong artificial intelligence, so ChatGPT will bring an industrial revolution driven by strong artificial intelligence or general artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is not only an enhanced version of search engine, but also more than a chat robot. It will reshape all digital applications and industries through the artificial intelligence services provided by SaaS. Zhou Hongyi said, "In this field, we can catch up."

At the National People’s Congress this year, Zhou Hongyi submitted a proposal, calling on China to catch up with the great leap of artificial intelligence big model technology represented by ChatGPT. People should pay more attention to the innovation mode behind technological breakthrough while paying attention to technological innovation.

Zhou Hongyi, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360 Group.

Promote the innovation and development of artificial intelligence big model technology

ChatGPT has caused a global heated discussion. This year, Zhou Hongyi proposed a large-scale artificial intelligence model technology represented by ChatGPT.

"We must find the law of industrial development in the research process." Zhou Hongyi said, for example, why is ChatGPT successful in the United States? Why did Americans take the lead in making it? Why can OpenAI and Microsoft cooperate? "Understanding these problems can promote relevant departments to formulate policy guidance conducive to the birth of China version of ChatGPT and promote the integration of universities, scientific research institutions and industrial companies in China." Zhou Hongyi said.

"We can’t just see how high its big model parameters are." Zhou Hongyi emphasized that the most important thing is to maintain a good and open culture of cooperation. In his proposal, Zhou Hongyi summed up three key factors for the success of ChatGPT-firstly, the "Microsoft +OpenAI" collaborative mode of production, research and research, secondly, the open innovation mode based on open source and crowdsourcing, and finally, the ecological innovation mode centered on the general big model.

Source: the creativity of the worm

Zhou Hongyi suggested that it is necessary to establish a collaborative innovation model of "large-scale scientific and technological enterprises+key scientific research institutions", build China’s "Microsoft +Open AI" combination, and lead the big model technology research; From the height of building a national strategic scientific and technological force, we should screen production and research institutions with good technical foundation, form an industrial synergy combination with complementary advantages, and give full play to the research advantages of scientific research institutions in key core technologies; At the same time, we will give full play to the advantages of large-scale scientific and technological enterprises in productization, engineering, scene, commercialization and data, and become the leading leader in tackling key problems and application of large-scale model technology.

He also proposed to support the establishment of a number of long-term open source projects of national artificial intelligence models to create an open and innovative ecosystem of open source crowdsourcing. Zhou Hongyi believes that the artificial intelligence big model should not be an advanced technology monopolized by a few companies, but should give full play to its industrial and social value.

Focusing on how to promote the technological innovation and development of artificial intelligence big model, Zhou Hongyi proposed to set up a number of national long-term projects in an open source mode for multiple technical routes, with "large-scale scientific and technological enterprises+key scientific research institutions" as the leader, and guide universities, scientific research institutions and innovative enterprises to form innovative ecological groups of multiple technical routes through open source, cooperation, crowdsourcing and ecological innovation modes. On the one hand, it can reduce the risk caused by the wrong choice of technical route, on the other hand, it can also avoid the monopoly of technological achievements in the hands of a few institutions and promote greater scientific and technological innovation and industrial development.

Not developing is the biggest insecurity.

ChatGPT drives a wave of entrepreneurial craze. Wang Huiwen, the co-founder of Meituan, Zhou Bowen, the former chairman of JD.COM Technical Committee, and Wang Xiaochuan, the former Sogou CEO, successively announced their retirement and entered this frontier field.

Technology giants have returned to the rivers and lakes, and Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu and Byte have made statements one after another, which will increase investment in artificial intelligence. Under the craze, it is only a matter of time before China version of artificial intelligence language model and ChatGPT-like products appear.

OpenAI took the lead in developing ChatGPT. What did it do right?

Zhou Hongyi believes that OpenAI uses a large number of open source algorithms and papers, skillfully combines various open source achievements, and cooperates with Microsoft to solve the problems of engineering, computing power, data, product experience and business model. Secondly, like Apple’s App Store ecosystem, OpenAI cultivates vertical applications based on ChatGPT. In addition, user traffic is also very important, attracting users to use it, and at the same time, it can also feed and debug large language models based on manual tagging reinforcement learning. Finally, OpenAI has a long-term spirit and a pattern to make universal artificial intelligence innovations that change human beings.

In Zhou Hongyi’s view, China Internet companies have strong engineering ability and strong technology landing ability. "Now, ChatGPT has made a sample, based on open source technology, and there are no insurmountable obstacles. The rest is a matter of time." Zhou Hongyi firmly believes that "with the support of the state’s encouraging policies, China can achieve a better level of follow-up in two or three years."

The big model of artificial intelligence language has a high entry threshold, which is mainly reflected in both technology and capital.

Citic jiantou research report pointed out that the evolution of Transformer in network structure has brought about the improvement of parameters and model layers, which has caused the qualitative change of generative AI technical ability; At the same time, the advantage of parallelization allows it to train on a larger data set, which also promotes the development of pre-training models such as GPT.

As for why ChatGPT can answer questions, Zhou Hongyi told Times Weekly that the training materials for ChatGPT are very important. He pointed out that people mistakenly thought that since robots are chatting with people, they should learn chat materials. In fact, the chat materials generated by social tools have low knowledge content.

"When we chat, no one is talking about knowledge, but they are all lifting each other’s poles. There are many wisecracks and nonsense words." He explained that the chat robot trained in this way is more than "artificial mental retardation" or "artificial leverage", and the dialogue is illogical.

ChatGPT avoids this kind of corpus, just as a person is not necessarily good at expressing, but he is full of poetry and books, expressing elegance and logic, and everyone is willing to chat with such people. Zhou Hongyi emphasized that it is very important to feed ChatGPT with high-quality corpus.

Tuchong creativity

Artificial intelligence technology promotes social progress and also hides risks.

Zhou Hongyi is worried that if ChatGPT is allowed to input corpus without limitation, and get knowledge of searching and browsing the Internet at will, will the self-conscious GPT have the idea of being hostile to human beings after watching movies like Terminator?

After consciousness, ChatGPT may evolve into "eyes", "ears", "hands" and "feet" in the second step. At present, GPT has only "brain". If you add "eyes" and "ears", you can understand all kinds of images and videos of human beings and understand all kinds of audio, knowledge storage will advance by leaps and bounds, and the level of intelligence will also be greatly improved.

In the future, when ChatGPT accesses the API of the Internet and enters the era of the Internet of Everything, it is undoubtedly equivalent to having "hands" and "feet" and indirectly having the ability to control the world. By then, ChatGPT can not only buy air tickets on the webpage, but also take taxis, order takeout, and even manipulate various IoT devices through the webpage.

Finally, ChatGPT may be able to evolve itself. At present, ChatGPT can only write some simple codes. One day, when its code ability is improved, can it automatically look up its own code, correct the upgraded code, or even recompile a new version? If so, it will have the ability of self-learning and evolution, and realize the prospect of robot manufacturing robots.

Zhou Hongyi insists that the biggest insecurity is not developing artificial intelligence. "Whether humans will therefore go into destruction remains to be seen. However, we can’t stop developing technology, but know where the bottom line and boundary of technology are, so as to regulate the development of technology in the right direction. " Zhou Hongyi said.

Where to study abroad? Stanford University has become the first choice for many China students for the following reasons.

Stanford University is a world-famous private research university located in Stanford, California, USA. Founded in 1885, it is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is famous for cultivating some of the most talented and influential graduates. Its world-class research facilities and strong concern for innovation are only part of the reasons why students from all over the world flock to its hall every year.

1. Close to Silicon Valley

One of the most striking aspects of Stanford is its proximity to Silicon Valley, the center of the technology industry. This proximity means that students can take advantage of the huge network of technology companies and startups in the region, many of which are actively recruiting graduates from Stanford University. For example, many graduates continue to work for companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, just to name a few. In addition, many students started their own technology companies while studying at Stanford University, and the university provided them with the support they needed to start their own businesses.

2. Interdisciplinary research

Another advantage of Stanford University is its emphasis on interdisciplinary research. The university is firmly committed to interdisciplinary cooperation and encourages students to pursue their interests in various fields. This enables students to get a comprehensive education and prepare them for a wide range of careers. In addition, the university’s partnership with local enterprises, governments and other organizations means that students can obtain a huge network of resources to help them further achieve their research goals.

3. At the forefront of cutting-edge research

Stanford University is also famous for its commitment to cutting-edge scientific research. The university has a rich history of innovation, and its faculty and students have made many pioneering contributions in the fields of science, engineering and medicine. For example, in the early days of the Internet, researchers at Stanford University played an important role in developing ARPANET, the predecessor of the modern Internet. Recently, researchers at Stanford University have been at the forefront of artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology.

4. Advantages of artificial intelligence

One of Stanford’s most striking scientific research achievements is its work in the field of artificial intelligence. In recent years, the university has been at the forefront of the progress of deep learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence and has been proved to be very effective in solving complex problems. For example, researchers at Stanford University have developed a deep learning algorithm that can accurately diagnose diseases based on medical images and translate speech from one language to another with high precision. These advances have the potential to completely change many industries and improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

5. Characteristics of robot field

In addition to its work in artificial intelligence, Stanford University is also famous for its cutting-edge research in the field of robotics. The university has a long history of innovation in this field, and its researchers are at the forefront of developing new and improved robots for wide applications. For example, researchers at Stanford University have developed robots that can perform complex tasks in dangerous environments, such as exploring deep-sea trenches or defusing bombs. These advances may greatly improve the safety and efficiency of many industries.

In a word, Stanford University is a world-renowned research institution, which is highly respected for its commitment to interdisciplinary research, attention to innovation and breakthrough scientific achievements. Its location in Silicon Valley provides students with unparalleled opportunities to enter the technology industry, and its partnership with local organizations means that students can obtain a huge network of resources. With great emphasis on scientific research and commitment to interdisciplinary cooperation, Stanford University is an ideal place for students interested in pursuing a career in science, engineering or medicine.