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Car purchase benefits Zhenjiang "2023 Eleventh Auto Show" opened.

  During the holidays, besides going out to play and tasting delicious food, everyone is also very enthusiastic about seeing cars and buying cars. Today (9.29) morning, the "2023 Eleventh Large-scale Auto Show" jointly sponsored by Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Zhenjiang Wenguang Group opened in the Municipal Sports Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 40 automobile brands and over 1,000 models appearing at the auto show, which was very popular on the first day.

  The 3-day auto show was held in the form of joint exhibition of internal and external venues, with a total exhibition area of over 20,000 square meters. 43 automobile brands, including Audi, Cadillac, Volvo, Lincoln, Tesla, BAIC and Tanks, participated in the exhibition, covering imports, joint ventures and new energy sources, meeting the diverse consumer needs of citizens. Mr. Li, a citizen of Zhenjiang, told reporters: "I want to buy the kind that I go out to play by myself."

  Different from the past, the biggest highlight of this auto show is that the on-site car purchase can enjoy up to 3,000 yuan of government digital RMB subsidy, which also brings full benefits to consumers. In addition, merchants have also introduced multiple surprises to make profits and give consumers preferential benefits.

  The 11th large-scale auto show realized the organic integration of automobile consumption scenes, automobile consumption subsidies and profit-making by merchants, which brought a better consumption experience to the general public. Cheng Feng, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said: "It includes not only cars to promote consumption, but also green household appliances and so on. We will also carry out more forms and themes of consumption promotion activities with our urban areas and our major large shopping malls and complexes, hoping to bring more and better consumption experiences and more benefits to our citizens in Zhenjiang."

  ("Zero Distance" reporter/Hu Yan Zhenjiang TV editor/Guo Zheng)

520, this movie is for everyone who loves movies.

Today is May 20th.
On this special day, I want to recommend a movie about "love" to everyone.
In other words, a love letter written to the movie and also to every audience.
This film tells "the sincere confession of a great director".

He has an engineer father, who taught him how to think rationally and how to turn modern technology into his best creative tool.
He also has a pianist’s mother, who taught him the perception of art and a natural desire for expression as an artist.
The growing environment laid the foundation for him to dream.
However, how to turn a hobby of "wasting money" into a career that can "make money" and how to face the tear between the two are still issues throughout his adolescence.
He was bullied on campus because of his Jewish identity, or was traumatized by his parents’ divorce.
But all these eventually became his creative nourishment, the motif of his life’s creation.
Every great director will have his own autobiographical story.
Now, it’s finally Spielberg’s turn to tell this story.
The Dreammaker directed by Steven Allan Spielberg was the winner of last year’s Oscar hit, the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama and the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
So far, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is still as high as 92%.
I am also glad to see that this film will be released in China on May 25th. This is a rare film that we must see on the big screen.
This film is the best of the year in many people’s minds, and it is also praised by many people as "the most touching film of the year".
It’s really hard not to be moved by it.
Because it’s so sincere.
Unlike many films with the same nostalgic theme, in Dreammaker, you will not see a narcissism of successful people looking back on the past, nor will you see a bubble gum-style self-beautification.
On the contrary, director Spielberg, who was 76 years old, still had a childlike heart.
He told a story about growth and family in a very plain and restrained tone.
He also used such a plain and restrained tone to reveal some of the most "tearing" moments in his childhood.
So, is this movie about pain?
On the contrary, it tells—
Still "love."
The A side of the story is how a teenager who loves movies grows up with the encouragement of his parents.
In the winter of 1952, Sammy watched the first film in his life accompanied by his parents.
Before the film was shown, he was crying in the car and didn’t dare to go into the cinema, as if it were the maw of a wild animal, which would devour him young.
But after the film was shown, he looked at the shiny screen and lost his words in an instant.
For the first time, he understood that the movie was a dazzling dream.
Because there was a train in the movie, his parents bought him a train toy as a gift.
But what really attracted him was not the train itself, but how to record the picture of the train collision with a camera.
He became addicted to recording everything with a camera.

At first, it was a family video, with sisters playing together and family camping together.
Later, it became a movie at school, a gun battle and a drama.
He taught himself by himself and learned the most important thing:
The existence of the camera is not only to record the truth.
You can also edit, splice and reconstruct the truth in your own way to create your own truth.
But the most important thing is always "seeing".
Because movies are about seeing.
On the b side of the story, it is about the family of teenagers.
You will find that, coincidentally, every time he succeeds in film creation, it always seems to be accompanied by some kind of life tear.
When his father encouraged him to shoot a camping documentary for his mother, he stumbled across another truth about his mother in this documentary.
However, when the campus documentary he made was broadcast at the graduation party and everyone was cheering for his work, he had to bear the pain of his parents’ divorce and breaking up with his first love alone.
Under the seemingly bright and warm tone of the whole movie, there always seems to be a faint and melancholy background.
Although it is cruel, it is very real. It shows us that movies are not reality, and movies are not a good medicine for reality.

Every time Sammy tries to do it allImmersed in the movie, reality will give him a hard whip, which will make him pull away from it, and he will have to taste the tearing feeling between reality and the movie alone.
So, when did Sammy make up his mind to pursue film art?
Perhaps it was at the moment when he understood what a "movie" really was.
At the beginning of the film, the camera was really just a toy, and making movies was just an escapist hobby.
But the most crucial and turning point happened to be that Sammy discovered the secret of his mother’s infidelity through the lens of the camera.
He repeatedly confirmed his mother’s movements and eyes from the seemingly unimportant lens edge, and confirmed that she really admired another man.
At this moment, the film is no longer an escape from reality, but helps Sami "see" the reality.
In other words, he helped Sammy open another realistic perspective.
Originally, for him, family meant unconditional tolerance, understanding and support; But now he understands that there is another person’s sacrifice behind it.
It was the mother who made the sacrifice: she gave up her career as a pianist and suppressed her feelings.
In the scene that struck him like lightning, what he saw was not betrayal, but sacrifice.
It was his mother’s sacrifice that fulfilled his dream-maker.
Family is like a balance, and someone has to make sacrifices.
Mothers will make sacrifices for their husbands and children.
Children also have to make sacrifices for their father’s work.
In the second half of the film, their family moved to California, and Sammy had to face the new campus environment and the bullying from his classmates.
However, in their family history, there always seems to be a "crazy" gene that is desperate to pursue what they love.
Maybe when he comes back at midnight, Sammy often thinks of what his uncle who works in the circus said.
"Family, art, will tear you apart"
"We are addicts, and art is our antidote"
"Family is our love."
"But we will be crazy about art."

Mothers also need to make choices.
And at this moment, the "dreamer" once again played the magic:
It is precisely because everyone in the film, no matter what choice he makes, starts from his own heart. So they also got the tolerance and understanding of their families.
Through these choices, what the film tries to convey to us is a life attitude about "love": "Love what I love and dream as much as I can".
You never have to be sorry to be yourself. You can be anyone you want to be.
Only by finding your own love and creating your own life dreams can you meet all the splendor in life.

Because I am very sure that this is a movie that we must watch on the big screen.
From the first shot, it was born for the cinema.
It is also about the "love" of filmmakers.
In the film, you will see many historical eggs, The Train Comes into the Station, The King of the Opera, and john ford, the guest role of director david lynch himself …
You will also see many classic films in the film, including many prototypes of Spielberg’s own future films.
For example, all the films shown in the film that the protagonist shot in his early days are really the works of Spielberg himself when he was young. He re-filmed these materials with great interest, as if he had relived his childhood with the audience.
For many years, Spielberg himself was a Hollywood "myth".
In this film, he re-examined this myth and told us all that "myth is only human".
The director tries to explore some contradictory and contradictory motifs in the film-technology and art, family and self, film and reality. The tear between them runs through the whole movie.
And in the end, perhaps the answer we want to know most as an audience is-
What is a movie?
Maybe the movie is a dream.
We hope to use movies to dream and make up for the dissatisfaction in life.
But dreams will "betray" you: every time Sammy is happy because of the movie, reality will bring him pain.
Perhaps the film is a perspective, a kind of cognition.
The eyes of the camera can capture what the human eye can’t see and what the human heart can’t capture.
It can jump the horizon and take you to another level of reality.
It broke your dreams, your fantasies.
It is a reality in itself.
After that, the film seems to have "surpassed" the reality.
In the second half of the film, the director filmed a plot that many people thought was worth pondering.
Sammy was bullied in his new school.
But when he had the opportunity to pick up the camera, he not only didn’t make a fool of the bully in the camera, but filmed the other side as handsome, tall and shining like Apollo.
Why would he do that?
Even the school bully doesn’t understand himself.
And Sammy said, "I just want to make my movie better."
As a director, he sacrificed his feelings and his pain before restoring the "truth" of a film.
For him, the film is neither a mirror of reality, nor a dream, nor a playground, but an imagination to make up for regret.
A movie is a movie, his art and his creation.
He can give everything for creation.
Therefore, when the screen lights up, he will see his own beam of light.
The existence of movies is not used to escape from reality, nor to reconstruct reality.
Movies are another reality.
This is his love for movies.
In other words, "film" itself is also a metaphor.
Throughout life, people are torn between reality and dreams, between responsibility and love.
Each of us has our own "movie", but how much are you willing to pay for your love?
Movies are Spielberg’s "choice".
And each of us has our own choices.
I believe that almost everyone has been accompanied by at least one Spielberg movie in their childhood.
Schindler’s List, E.T., Jurassic World, Artificial Intelligence Ready Player One …
These movies not only carry Spielberg’s dreams, but also our memories and our reality.
Movies are dreams, Spielberg is a dreamer, and we have all seen ourselves in his world and the reality of another dimension.
This time, what he said is his "dream maker".
Anyway, on May 25th, I will go to see The Dreamer again. Because this is not only a movie, but also the true meaning of his childhood, family, life and dreams. It’s a meeting between each of us and Spielberg.

There are differences between boys and girls who have just started kindergarten, and you may have overlooked the details of their growth.

Original title: There are differences between boys and girls who just went to kindergarten. You may have overlooked the details of the child’s growth.

When the baby grows up to about 3 years old, parents and friends need to send the baby to the kindergarten. During the period of sending the baby to the kindergarten to study, many parents and friends will find such a phenomenon.

There will be some big differences between boys and girls. Besides the gender differences, other differences are also very big. For example, the following four differences are particularly obvious in many boys and girls who have just entered the park.

For a baby of about 3 years old, actually speaking to the baby is more mature than that of a boy. This is mainly because girls’ natural language ability is better than that of boys. This is what people commonly say, girls should mature earlier.

Therefore, after discovering this phenomenon, parents and friends should not worry too much, because this is a normal physiological development process. If you want to change this phenomenon, you must carry out specific voice training for your baby.

For a 3-year-old male baby, it is better than a girl in sports ability, but in some fine movements, the advantage of a 3-year-old female baby is bigger, which is actually the main influence of gender.

As a male, the male baby is stronger, and naturally lively and active, so it is very normal that the athletic ability is stronger than that of the female baby, while the female baby has an advantage over the male baby in some fine movements because of its natural meticulous mind.

For the baby who just entered the kindergarten, the adaptability has developed to a certain extent, but there are some differences between male and female babies.

For example, boys around 3 years old are more sensitive to moving objects, which explains why many boys like cars very much. For female babies, more attention is paid to color and texture, which explains why female babies prefer clothes.

For 3-year-old babies, kindergartens spend most of their time playing games, but the content of games between boys and girls is quite different.

For example, boys around 3 years old prefer fighting in games, while girls pay more attention to the inner content of games, so boys prefer running and jumping games, while girls prefer playing family games.

Therefore, after entering the kindergarten, boys and girls around 3 years old will definitely show a variety of different performances. In fact, this is very normal, so parents and friends don’t have to worry too much.

Editor in charge:

Experts in the billiard room opposite the school: further expand and clarify the connotation and scope of "places where minors are not allowed to enter"

  "Can you open a mahjong room near the primary school?" Recently, Ms. Li from Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province called for advice.

  Ms. Li said that in order to make it convenient for her daughter to go to school, her family moved to the school district opposite the school and found a mahjong hall downstairs. Not only can the children see the mahjong crackling inside on the way after school, but the mahjong sound at night often lasts until midnight, which greatly affects their study and rest.

  "I heard that dance halls can’t be opened near primary and secondary schools, so should mahjong halls be banned?" Ms. Li said.

  To this end, the reporter conducted an investigation and interview.

  □ Our reporter Zhang Shoukun

  Not long ago, the Regulations on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in Guangdong Province (revised draft for comments) was publicly solicited from all walks of life, among which Article 38, "Business restrictions around schools", aroused widespread concern.

  This article proposes that Internet service business places, commercial song and dance entertainment places, commercial entertainment places and other places that minors are not allowed to enter according to laws and regulations should not be set up within 200 meters around primary and secondary schools. What are the "places where minors are not allowed to enter"? Netizens have different opinions.

  The reporter of "Rule of Law Daily" recently visited Beijing, Tianjin, Anhui and other places, and interviewed many parents. At present, places such as Internet cafes, KTV and game halls are rarely seen within 200 meters of primary and secondary schools, but there are still some mahjong halls, chess rooms, billiards rooms and other places. Some parents think that these places are also "places that minors should not enter" and should be far away from the school.

  Experts interviewed pointed out that minors’ self-control is relatively weak, and they are easily tempted and addicted by the outside world. It is necessary to build an iron wall to protect minors and purify the surrounding environment of primary and secondary schools. Relevant departments should issue relevant regulations, further expand and clarify the connotation and scope of "places that are not suitable for minors to enter", and include places that have not been explicitly banned but actually cause harm to the growth of minors in the "ban", strengthen daily supervision, and keep them away from the surrounding areas of schools to better create a good and comfortable growth environment for primary and secondary school students.

  Chess room opens its doors to students.

  Opposite a middle school in Suzhou, Anhui Province, there is a billiard room that has been open for more than ten years, and its business is booming every day. Teacher Zhang of the middle school noticed that there were many students in school uniforms in the billiards room, and some of them looked like young minors, which made him quite worried.

  "Many of the people who come here to play ball are junior high school students and high school students. They have also met several primary school students who are not much higher than the pool table, smoking a cigarette in one hand and holding a club in the other, and their mouths are full of dirty words. Sadly, sometimes students can still be seen in the billiard room when it is clearly class time. " Teacher Zhang said that the next roadside step from the main entrance of the school is the billiard room, and many teachers and parents hope that this billiard room can be moved.

  In the shopping mall opposite a primary school in Suzhou, several 24-hour self-help mahjong halls have been opened in recent years, and students are not restricted to enter. Some teachers reported that some students went across the street to play as soon as school was over. He went into the mahjong room and observed that most of the students who went there were middle school students nearby and occasionally primary school students.

  He described the scene of students playing mahjong to reporters like this: "Eat, touch, bar, and be stupid … …” Accompanied by a burst of slightly excited voices, the children quickly and skillfully touched cards and played cards, and the "national curse" blurted out, almost the same as playing mahjong with adults. Similar scenes have been staged in many places.

  Some time ago, Ruizhou Street, Gao ‘an City, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province received a report from the residents in the jurisdiction: "There is a mahjong hall downstairs in the 20 th building of a residential area in Gao ‘an City. There is a primary school opposite the mahjong hall, and the mahjong hall is less than 500 meters away from the school. As a result, many parents in the school went to the mahjong room after sending their children to school, and then took them to the mahjong room for dinner after school, which seriously affected the children’s study. "

  The Law on the Protection of Minors clearly stipulates that places such as commercial entertainment places, bars, and Internet service places that are not suitable for minors’ activities shall not be set up around schools and kindergartens.

  In the investigation, the reporter found that Internet cafes, tobacco shops and KTV are rarely seen within 200 meters around the school, but chess rooms, mahjong halls and billiards rooms are still common, and many participants are minors.

  If the scope of "nearby" is expanded to 500 meters, mahjong halls and billiards rooms will be more common. The reporter inquired about several primary and secondary schools in Hedong District, Tianjin, and found that there are often many mahjong halls and billiards rooms within 500 meters of the school.

  It is understood that some of these places existed before the school was built, while others were opened after the school was completed. It is worth noting that some chess rooms, mahjong rooms and billiards rooms often do not actively verify the identity information of consumers, and minors can enter and leave at will.

  It is easy to lead students to get into bad habits.

  Then, can chess rooms, mahjong halls and billiards rooms be opened around primary and secondary schools? Are these places "commercial entertainment places" that are not suitable for minors’ activities in the law on the protection of minors?

  Through the search, the reporter noticed that many operators had asked similar questions to local government departments, and the responses from different places were not consistent.

  Fu ‘an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Fujian Province replied that according to the Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, entertainment places refer to song, dance, entertainment and other places that are for profit and open to the public and consumers entertain themselves. Teahouses, bars and chess rooms belong to other service places other than entertainment places. Billiards room is not a place of entertainment.

  The Education and Sports Bureau of Suzhou City, Anhui Province replied that the distance between the newly established entertainment venue and the school should not be less than 200 meters in response to the question of whether it is compliant to open a billiard room 150 meters away from the school. The distance from hospitals and institutions shall not be less than 50 meters.

  Recently, the Regulations on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in Guangdong Province (Revised Draft for Comment) was publicly solicited for opinions from all walks of life, including the "bottom-up" clause and other places where minors are not allowed to enter according to laws and regulations. Some people think that, according to this regulation, "places where minors are not allowed to enter" such as mahjong halls and chess rooms cannot be opened within 200 meters of the school.

  Tian Xiangxia, deputy secretary-general of the Juvenile Law Research Association of Shanghai Law Society, told the reporter that although the chess room, mahjong room and billiards room do not belong to the category of entertainment places stipulated in the regulations on the management of entertainment places promulgated by the State Council, minors often go in and out of these places, which is easy to cause and produce bad behavior. Starting from implementing the basic principle that the law on the protection of minors under the superior law is most conducive to the protection of minors, Guangdong local regulations clarify the areas where the superior law is not clearly defined or vaguely defined, which is the embodiment of the rational exercise of local legislative authority.

  From a practical point of view, Wang Mingyu, a lawyer of Beijing Yinghe Law Firm, said that although the law does not explicitly stipulate that chess rooms, mahjong halls, billiards halls and other places should not be located within 200 meters of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, combined with the actual situation, there are more or less gambling behaviors in these places at present, and the composition of people entering and leaving is extremely complicated, and the quality of personnel is mixed, and smoking is not completely prohibited in the places, which is very easy to induce minors to make friends with bad social people and get involved in smoking and drinking.

  "At the same time, these places often attract undesirable people to gather, causing social security problems such as fighting and even robbery, which poses a threat to the personal safety of minors. Therefore, the above places should not be opened near primary and secondary schools." Wang Mingyu said.

  Relevant definitions need to be further clarified.

  According to public information, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have clearly stipulated that chess rooms should not be located within 200 meters of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Some interviewed parents suggested that there are still a large number of chess rooms, mahjong halls and billiards rooms around the school at 300 meters, 400 meters and 500 meters. It is difficult to stop the pace of minors from going. From the perspective of ensuring a good growth environment for minors, the scope of "surrounding" primary and secondary schools should be appropriately expanded, and at the same time, the supervision of minors entering and leaving these places should be strengthened.

  In this regard, Wang Mingyu quite agrees. In his view, in view of the situation of minors entering and leaving these places at will, although the nature and management of chess rooms, mahjong halls, billiards rooms and other places are not clearly defined in relevant laws and regulations at present, it has become a blank area of supervision. However, these venues are open to the public for the purpose of making profits, and consumers entertain themselves. At the same time, they have the nature of indoor sports and can be identified as recreational sports business venues. We should refer to the relevant provisions of the applicable law on the protection of minors and require operators to set up signs prohibiting minors from entering or restricting them in a prominent position. If it is difficult to determine whether a minor is a minor, he shall be required to show his identity certificate.

  Yu Zhiyun, a lawyer of Beijing Cube (Shenzhen) Law Firm and a senior consultant of the Education and Insurance Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, believes that legislation should be further improved to clarify that chess rooms, mahjong rooms and billiards rooms should not be opened near primary and secondary schools, and those that have been opened should be closed within a time limit.

  "The nature of these places is similar to that of KTV, and they should be regarded as commercial entertainment places, but the size of the venues and the consumers are different. In practice, the activities carried out in these places often have the nature of gambling, and even there are primary and secondary school students ‘ End ’ The situation of the activity. Whether it’s just onlookers or yourself ‘ End ’ It is easy for minors to develop bad habits and get infected with bad habits, which is not conducive to the growth of minors. " Yu Zhiyun said.

  In addition, some experts pointed out that some of these places are set up in the basements or property rooms of residential buildings, and there are objective situations such as lack of fire-fighting facilities, emergency exits, indoor non-smoking, etc. These situations not only endanger the physical and mental health of minors, but also have hidden dangers of more injuries caused by unqualified facilities in case of fire and other emergencies. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen supervision over the existing places around the campus, and resolutely ban those that endanger the physical and mental health of minors.

  The reporter found out that many activities have been carried out in Xiangtan, Hunan, Jianyang, Sichuan, Nanjing, Jiangsu and other places to manage the chess room, mahjong hall and billiards room around primary and secondary schools, such as withholding the business license of the chess room and taking away the mahjong table, and ordering the store to relocate as soon as possible, and it is not allowed to open before it is relocated.

  Tian Xiangxia believes that before the law is clear, it is necessary to balance the protection of minors and social protection in chess rooms, mahjong halls and billiards rooms that have been set up around schools, and the principle of "old methods for the elderly and new methods for newcomers" can be adopted. For relevant market entities that existed before the introduction of local regulations in Guangdong and other places, from the perspective of strengthening daily supervision and inspection, minors are strictly prohibited from entering. After the promulgation of local regulations, it is forbidden to set up new chess and card rooms, mahjong halls and billiards rooms within 200 meters around the campus, and strictly enforce the law, and shut down and punish violators.

  Wang Mingyu suggested that, except that these places can’t be opened near the school, these places should be marked with minors’ restricted entry signs in a prominent position, which can refer to similar regulations for minors to play online games, such as playing for up to 2 hours on weekends. Timely guide and persuade minors to return. Establish a business ledger, indicating the information of the residents. If it is difficult to determine whether they are minors, they should be required to show their identity documents. In view of the illegal reception of minors, the relevant administrative departments should strengthen supervision, order them to make corrections within a time limit, warn them, confiscate their illegal income, and impose corresponding fines; Refuses to correct or if the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification or revoke its business license.

  The experts interviewed believe that the revision of the regulations on the prevention of juvenile delinquency in Guangdong Province is an opportunity to clarify the "fuzzy zone" around primary and secondary schools in the form of laws and regulations, thus filling possible loopholes in supervision.

  "With the rapid development of society, the forms of entertainment places and game places are becoming more and more diversified. The formulation of laws and regulations is often a step behind, and the solution can be to further clarify the definition and connotation of relevant places by laws and regulations, so as to avoid the problem of ‘ Fuzzy zone ’ Different law enforcement standards caused by different understandings have led to law enforcement disputes. " Yu Zhiyun said.

  Wang Mingyu suggested that, referring to the way of soliciting opinions on the supervision of script entertainment venues, a filing system should be adopted and filed in the cultural and tourism administrative departments, so as to find out the base and prepare for the next industry supervision and compliance. Strengthen the supervision of administrative organs, and the administrative departments of culture and tourism, as the competent departments of the industry, unite with the departments of public security, market supervision, urban management and law enforcement, fire rescue, etc., clarify the specific division of labor, and implement the supervision duties of chess rooms, mahjong halls, billiards rooms and other places. Carry out special actions for outstanding problems such as unlicensed operation, further strengthen territorial responsibility, and formulate normalization plans, thus improving comprehensive supervision efficiency and governance effect.

  "At the same time, family education and school education should also be taken seriously. Parents should master the correct ways and methods of education, pay attention to emotional communication with children, and establish a healthy family atmosphere. Schools should help students establish a correct outlook on life and values, strengthen mental health education, pay attention to students’ comprehensive quality training and all-round development of physical and mental health, and reduce students’ entry into such places. " Wang Mingyu said.

The young footballer will not admit defeat: a victory at the end of three years.

  On August 15th, Beijing Evening News reported that in recent years, the Hundred Teams Cup has opened a children’s group, which has truly realized that football starts with dolls, and many parents have teamed up with their dolls to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup. There is such a team called "elite football team" in the primary school group of the 31st Beijing Evening News Sports Window Hundred Teams Cup this year. These children have teamed up to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup children’s group since they were five years old. This year, they are all seven years old.

  Two years ago, parents (Weibo) formed this "elite football team" for their children and participated in the 29th Hundred Teams Cup with great interest. I didn’t know that on the field, I didn’t win one of the five games, and I lost 21 goals, which made the children cry. Ms. Wang, the parent of striker Xiao Jiang, said: "My son always watches Guoan players play football and especially likes Guoan team. We also support him to play football, but we didn’t expect such a big gap with others. Our original plan was like the national football team in 2002. The goal of the competition was to score a goal and win a game, and strive to qualify for the group. As a result, we didn’t score a goal, but it was all a net negative goal. " In fact, Xiao Jiang’s family is the staff of the Guoan team. The family fully supports Xiao Jiang and the elite team, and they are somewhat unyielding.

  In the second year, elite teams began to train every weekend. As long as parents have time, everyone will gather in the Olympic Sports Park to charter the venue and let the children train together. The weekend training was really effective. In the 30th Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team finally scored for the first time. But after five games, the dolls still haven’t won a victory.

  This year, the dolls of the elite team have all been promoted from kindergarten to the first grade of primary school. The distance between schools has not widened the distance between elite young players, but the strength of the team has expanded. Mr. Chen, the leader of the elite team, said: "In recent years, we will meet with all the strong teams in Beijing every weekend, and we will learn from each other. The children’s level has improved and our parents have also known each other. The children exercised with the ball and the parents became friends with the game. "

  This year, in the first match of the 31st Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team swept their opponents 11-0 and won their first victory in the Cup. The little players clap their hands with the team leader and coach again and again to celebrate the victory. This kind of happiness can’t be exchanged for any money. However, in the next four games, the elite team won 2 games and lost 2 games, and still failed to qualify for the group. However, parents say that they just love watching children’s energy, winning laughter and losing tears, and they can face setbacks positively and act like men. Next year’s Hundred Teams Cup, we will come again.

  Our reporter Chen Ying J080   

  Our reporter Ping Liu photo J163

Parisians left to contemplate familiar failure

Paris Saint-Germain were convinced that persuading Kylian Mbappe to stay would finally deliver them Champions League glory, but the failure to build a strong enough team around the France superstar has contributed to another early European exit.

A 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich in Germany saw the Qatar-owned club lose their last-16 tie 3-0 on aggregate, falling in the first knockout round for the fifth time in seven years.

There were celebrations last May when Mbappe agreed a new three-year contract to stay with Lionel Messi and Neymar in the French capital rather than join Real Madrid.

The appointments of super scout Luis Campos as head of recruitment and Christophe Galtier as coach to replace Mauricio Pochettino were supposed to be followed by the building of an exciting new team.

“It is not about the construction of the squad. It is just the story of the season,” said Galtier. “We were missing important players. The squad, over the two legs, was seriously weakened.”

He had a point, with Mbappe only able to make a cameo appearance off the bench after a thigh injury as PSG lost 1-0 in the first leg.

Neymar is missing with an ankle injury, while Presnel Kimpembe is out and fellow defenders Marquinhos and Nordi Mukiele both came off during yesterday’s game.

“It has been a very busy season. Players’ bodies have been asked to do a lot,” Galtier said.

“There was the World Cup, and obviously when you get to the last 16 it is good to have everyone available.”

PSG placed their hope in Mbappe and Messi turning the tie around in Munich, but the Argentine World Cup winner had little impact while the 24-year-old Mbappe saw just 32 touches of the ball.

“As I said in my first Champions League press conference this season, we were going to do our maximum. The truth is this is our maximum,” admitted Mbappe, whose own future will now again become the subject of increasing speculation

Fifa World Cup 2022: Lionel Messi beats an egg to become most liked post on Instagram

Lionel Messi set yet another record after his Instagram post celebrating Argentina’s World Cup win became the most-liked on the platform, breaking a nearly four-year-old record held by a photo of an egg.

Having led Argentina to their first World Cup in 36 years with victory over France, Messi proceeded to make more history off the pitch with his photo gallery on Instagram, which racked up more than 65 million likes at the time of writing.

The previous record was famously held by a stock image of an egg on a white background with 55.7 million likes, posted by the account @world_record_egg in January 2019 in an intentional bid to become the most-liked Instagram post of all time.

Messi, 35, scored twice before converting in the penalty shoot-out in a pulsating final described as one of the greatest ever, with the team greeted by scenes of wild jubilation on their return home.

“Champions of the world! So many times I dreamed it, so much I wanted it that I still don’t fall, I can’t believe it,” Messi wrote alongside the post that included 10 photos of him hoisting the trophy aloft and celebrating with his teammates.

“Thank you so much to my family, to all who support me and also to all who believed in us. We prove once again that Argentinians when we fight together and united we are able to achieve what we aim.

“The merit is of this group, which is above individuals, is the strength of all fighting for the same dream that was also the one of all Argentinians … We did it!”

Guinness World Records shared a series of records broken by Messi after the final, noting that he had surpassed Germany’s Lothar Matthaus for the record of most World Cup matches played, with 26.

The World Cup trophy had been the one piece of silverware missing from Messi’s extraordinary career, during which he has been voted the world’s best player a record seven times and won the Copa America, 11 league titles and four Champions League titles among other major honours.

What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

I always can’t tell the difference between sweat steaming and sauna, I don’t think there is any difference between the two, so what is the difference between sweat steaming and sauna? Which is better, steam or sauna?
First, the principle is different
Sweat steaming mainly uses the energy field formed by the negative ions, far-infrared rays, and micro-currents released by tourmaline to act on the human body and stimulate the body to generate heat energy; while sauna uses high-temperature water vapor to act on the skin from the outside and conduct heat into the body. .

Second, the temperature is different
The steaming temperature is around 42-45 degrees Celsius, and the scientific steaming time is 40-60 minutes. People will not feel suffocated during the sweating process, and the breathing will be very smooth; the sauna temperature can reach 60-70 degrees Celsius, when the human body can only stay 5-10 minutes, if the time is too long, you will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath.

  1. Perspiration effect
    The sweat discharged by the steaming has no sweat smell, which will make the human skin smooth, which can have the benefits of beauty, body beauty, and disease conditioning. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to shower within 6 hours after the steaming, as the shower will detract from the health care of the steaming. The sweat is sticky and has a smell of sweat, and it is necessary to take a bath after the sauna to remove the smell of sweat.
  2. Operation method
    Sweat steaming is through physical conditions such as far infrared rays, negative ions, expanding substances and trace elements to expand the pores of the human body in a high temperature manner, discharge toxic substances in the body, and achieve the effect of health care; while the sauna uses steam to make the deep skin heat effect under high temperature conditions. , and then achieve the effect of expelling toxins in the body through the pores that are enlarged under high temperature.