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What is "Jiangnan"

Author: Hu Yifeng

At the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the "osmanthus drum", qiantang bore, green water and green mountains, elegant national style, poetry and painting of Jiangnan and the humanistic Asian Games complement each other, which vividly shows the freshness, agility, massiness and elegance contained in the cultural image of "Jiangnan". Looking back at the literary and artistic works that have been popular in recent years, such as the dance drama "Never Gone Radio Wave" and "Only Green", and the Spring Festival Evening program "Memorizing Jiangnan" and "Jibu Bridge", many of them have their own "Jiangnan style". So, what is "Jiangnan"? How is the "Jiangnan Faner" tempered?

In the Song Dynasty, Liu Yong’s "Looking at the Tide of the Sea" begins with the saying that "the southeast is victorious, the three Wu cities are prosperous since ancient times", and the "three Wu" and "Qiantang" here are important geographical symbols and pronouns of Jiangnan. The description in the poem, "Sanqiu Guizi, Shili Lotus", "Qiang Guan Qing, Ling Ge Pan Night" has been passed down through the ages, which can be described as exquisite. But it is somewhat exaggerated to say that this place has been prosperous since ancient times. Even if we put aside the corner of Hangzhou, from the perspective of the broad "Jiangnan", this "land of beauty" repeatedly chanted by poets has gone through a long evolution process before it has completed its own cultural shaping.

Photo of Wu Guanzhong in Suzhou Water Street

"Jiangnan" literally means south of the Yangtze River, but its meaning has changed in different contexts. Jiangnan, which is commonly known today, is also known as Jiangdong or Jiangzuo in history. "Jiangdong", which is "thinking about Xiang Yu so far and refusing to cross Jiangdong", generally includes "Jiangnan" in people’s minds today. The TV series "nirvana in fire" is set in the Southern Liang Dynasty in the south of the Yangtze River, and Mei Changsu’s nickname is "Jiang Zuo Mei Lang". There was a "Jiangnan Road" in the Tang Dynasty, covering a vast area, including most areas south of the Yangtze River. Since then, "Jiangnan", as the concept of administrative division, has changed with the changes of dynasties, and gradually withdrew from the historical stage until the Qing Dynasty. As a geographical concept, "Jiangnan" is gradually fixed as Suzhou, Songjiang, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou in Taihu Lake Basin. It is also in the historical evolution of cultural exchanges and accumulation that culture has outperformed the frequent changes of administrative divisions with its unique charm, and fixed the poetic Jiangnan in the history of Chinese civilization.

In fact, in the eyes of people in the Central Plains in the pre-Qin period, Jiangnan was a barbarian land with tattooed hair, and its man Shang Yong was aggressive, which was quite different from the "Jiangnan Fan" that people are familiar with today. From the Qin Dynasty to the early Han Dynasty, most areas in the south of the Yangtze River were still in the primitive agricultural era of "plowing with fire and water". Although "there are no people who are frozen and hungry, and there is no family with a daughter", and because "the south of the Yangtze River is wet and her husband dies young", the image of this land in people’s minds at that time is not lovely. When Jia Yi was demoted as a teacher of Changsha King in the Western Han Dynasty, he was worried about life in the south, fearing that he would not live long. However, it didn’t take long for the situation to change quietly. After the Han dynasty, the global temperature dropped, and the climate in the south of the Yangtze River became suitable for farming and living, which ushered in a godsend opportunity to change one’s life and rebuild oneself. If land reclamation and economic development have laid a material foundation for the prosperity of Jiangnan, then profound and extensive cultural exchanges have continuously injected vitality into the formation of "Jiangnan Faner".

Historically, during the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Han Dynasty, and the period from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms, especially after the Yongjia Rebellion in the Western Jin Dynasty, the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty, and the Jingkang Rebellion in the Northern Song Dynasty, the cultural spread and integration with the large-scale migration of population as the carrier conformed to the general trend of natural environment changes, refreshing the face of Jiangnan again and again, and prompting "Jiangnan" to enter its own cultural time.

Historian Qian Mu thinks: "When the Eastern Jin Dynasty crossed to the south, the Yangtze River basin formally represented the traditional China". After Yongjia, a large number of aristocratic families from the Central Plains took refuge in the south. Most of them had high cultural attainments. The elegant aristocratic culture injected poetic connotation into Jiangnan at that time, which effectively promoted the transformation from "wuyue Wind" to "Jiangnan Culture". "Sui Shu" wrote about the cultural situation in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, saying: "Clothes and objects, pictures and notes, and broadcasting and moving, all belong to Jiangzuo. On the occasion of the Jin and Song Dynasties, there were many studies, and between Qi and Liang, the history was rich. " During this period, many important cultural achievements came from northern immigrants or their descendants. Fan Zhen’s Theory of Deity Extinction, Zhong Rong’s Poems, Zhou Xingsi’s Thousand-Character Works and Liu Xie’s Wen Xin Diao Long are all examples. In the Tang Dynasty, the wealth and prosperity of Taihu Lake basin became more and more obvious. "It was endowed with the world and Jiangnan lived in the 19th … Zhejiang and Zhejiang lived in the 19th, while Susong Changjiahu was based on the 19th of Zhejiang." After the Anshi Rebellion, "most of the gentry crossed the river east with their families", in the words of the poet Li Bai, "all the well-dressed men in the world avoided Soochow, and Yongjia moved south, but they were not satisfied here". According to some scholars’ statistics, from the perspective of the number of poets in the whole Tang Dynasty, the north far surpassed the south, but after the Anshi Rebellion, the number of poets in the south increased substantially, which was comparable to that in the north.

People’s West Lake Feng Zikai information picture

With the change of Jingkang, the Song Dynasty moved southward, and Jiangnan made further efforts on the road of cultural development. As Jin Fu said in Qing Dynasty, Jiangnan was just a country before Han and Tang Dynasties. Since Qian Liu stole it, the Southern Song Dynasty was peaceful, and the people gathered together to make a land monarch, so it became a fortune. According to research, this great population migration began in 1126 (the first year of Jingkang) and lasted until 1279, with a total population of 5 million, which greatly exceeded the population in the south. Long-lasting immigrants spread throughout the Yangtze River basin and even today’s Hainan Island, and the largest distribution of immigrants is in Jiangnan, where the political center of the Southern Song Dynasty is located. On the one hand, "most of the scholars in the northwest are in Qiantang", where many scholars and great scholars gather, and scholars such as Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji stay, which greatly promotes the development of culture and scholarship; On the other hand, the gathering of a large number of professional artists has promoted the prosperity of citizens’ culture. According to The Old Story of Wulin, there were more than 20 places of entertainment "Wazi" inside and outside Hang Cheng in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the audience reached more than a thousand people for a long time. There are more than 50 cultural performances and more than 500 artists. They either tell historical stories and folk legends, or perform acrobatic circus or acrobatic shadow play.

When the stars move, the text will follow. When history marched into the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangnan culture was presented to the world in a mature and gorgeous manner. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, on average, more than one out of every seven scholars came from Jiangnan. A quarter of the top scholars in the Ming Dynasty came from Jiangnan. Jiangnan accounted for more than half of the top scholars in Qing Dynasty, so that Wang Wan, a scholar in Suzhou, called the top scholar a local "native product". The pride in the imperial examination field reflects the overall improvement of Jiangnan cultural strength. As the cultural symbols of this period, most of the famous works such as Dream of Red Mansions, Sanyan Erpai and Peony Pavilion are imprinted with Jiangnan, and it is these cultural classics that directly shape the image of Jiangnan that has been passed down to this day.

It can be seen that "Jiangnan Faner" is a product of history. As the saying goes, "the southeast is endowed with wealth, and the literati in the left of the river are lost". The description of the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River and the interpretation of the cultural spirit in the south of the Yangtze River are the key points to promote this historical process. As mentioned above, "Jiangnan" generally corresponds to Taihu Lake Basin geographically, and its most moving, popular and refined expression is "there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below". If you compare "Jiangnan Faner" to a gorgeous costume, Suzhou and Hangzhou are undoubtedly the most competent models. The fame of Suzhou and Hangzhou has spread hand in hand, and it is inseparable from the literati’s wonderful pen. According to Chai Degeng’s research, Suzhou and Hangzhou even started from Bai Juyi, and Suzhou and Hangzhou were mentioned five times in his poems, such as "Suzhou and Hangzhou were once famous counties", "Suzhou and Hangzhou are famous counties in the south of the Yangtze River" and "I am 57 years old, and I am honored" in Three Songs of My Year. Party A and Party B have three subjects, and Suzhou and Hangzhou are the owners. I am even more proud that I have worked in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Among Bai Juyi’s many poems about Jiangnan, Recalling Jiangnan is the most popular, which vividly expresses his attachment to Jiangnan. When we read this famous article, we will find that "water" is one of the most important contents in Jiangnan images. Geographically, "the terrain leans to the southeast, and Wu Zhi is in the lowest position in the southeast, so it is advisable to have more water". In this water town, Zeguo, the ancestors explored a complete water conservancy system, "to drain it in case of prostitution, and to irrigate it in dry years." From Xie Lingyun’s Poems on Mountain Living and Zhang Yuan’s Poems on Southern Expedition in the Southern Dynasties to Su Shi’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River, to Zhu Ziqing’s Poems and Songs on Qinhuai River and Feng Zikai’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River in modern times, the appearance rate of "water" is probably the highest.

There are many boats when there is more water. Water and boats constitute the unique geographical environment and lifestyle of Jiangnan, and also shape the aesthetic background of Jiangnan style. The Night Sailing Boat by Zhang Dai in Ming Dynasty is a online celebrity book with a score of 9 on a reading website, and its creativity comes from the unique landscape of "Night Sailing Boat" prevailing in the south of the Yangtze River. In water towns, boats are used in all aspects of life. There are "book boats" for buying books, "account boats" for collecting rent, "doctor boats" for visiting doctors, "wedding boats" for marrying brides, and "incense boats" for serving pilgrims. Jiangnan people, "not only husbands can operate boats, but also women can." There are also groups who make a living on the boat, just as the fishing song in Yangcheng Lake sings, "A net boat is the world, and the reed is used as a tile cabin as a bed." The bow of the boat cooks food, and the clothes are hung in the boat. " The ship in the south of the Yangtze River has a meaning beyond daily necessities and directly involved in cultural production and consumption. Chongzhen’s "Songjiang Prefecture Records" records that "at the beginning, there were sailing boats, mountain boats, seat boats and long-distance boats, but now they are wave boats, floor boats, Zhu Lan, Cuimu, Jingru and Jinglu", which shows that the boats are diverse and rich. Li E, a Qing Dynasty writer, wrote the Book of Lake Boats specially for the cruise ships in Hangzhou West Lake, which recorded nearly 100 kinds of cruise ships. In the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou, Jinling and other places also provided catering services for cruise ships, which were called "traveling boats" and "fire eating boats". Ships are not only used to swim the lake, but also used as a "stage". In this regard, there is a vivid record in the notes of the Qing Dynasty, "Su Jun feasted on the gods of the New Year, and every time he played on the bow of the Huqiu Mountain Pond. There is a theater in the boat, and dishes are prepared at the stern. The audience also called Sha Fei, Niu Tongue and other ships to be alongside them. ""Every year, we race the city and drive the railing barge in partnership.Traveling between Shanbang and Yefangbang, hoping to sell their skills. Every time you arrive at a boat, you must put on your robe and hat, hand in your eyes, and bow in the front cabin. Moving out, the value of the cable ranges from one to two hundred. " Even Martino Martini, a missionary who came to Hangzhou in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, said, "It’s true that rowing on the lake is more comfortable and pleasant than anything else in the world.". In modern times, all kinds of ships active in water towns are still an indispensable part of Jiangnan style. In Lu Xun’s "Social Drama", he watched the play on the bow and cooked the arhat beans on the boat, which is the case. When Feng Zikai lived in Tongxiang’s hometown, he often put books, clothes and other things into the "painting boat". Wherever he shook it "by night", he went ashore to sketch and paint, and the interesting works such as "The Barber Shop in the Wild" and "Three Empresses" were born in this way.

Culture in the south of the Yangtze River is picturesque, full of melodies, intoxicating and profound, which is dizzying and unforgettable. For thousands of years, Jiangnan Faner, which has been refined in the frequent interaction between nature and humanity, history and humanity, fortune and human feelings, has been active in the literary world with its unique charm, condensed in local customs and folk customs, and engraved into people’s lives and memories.

Guangming Daily (16th edition, October 20th, 2023)

Source: Guangming Net-Guangming Daily

Song Kai visited Qatar, and the China Football Association restarted "football diplomacy"

Reporter Jin Cuo reports On October 31st, local time, Song Kai, the new president of China Football Association, appeared at the AFC Annual Awards Ceremony, which was his first visit since he took office. Song Kai’s move hoped to restart China’s football diplomacy and open up the situation.

In January this year, Du Zhaocai, then vice-chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of the Football Association, was elected as a director of FIFA, with 18 votes at the bottom, and was unable to be re-elected. Due to the special regulations of the AFC (only one election was allowed), China Football was "aphasia" in the executive committee of the highest institution of the AFC for the first time.

Subsequently, the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the 16 committees under the AFC were adjusted, and no one in the China Football Association was elected.

However, according to the current "status" of China football, whether it is elected as a director or not has little influence, because even when Zhang Jian and Du Zhaocai were directors, it didn’t bring much help to China football. Even when Du Zhaocai was the chairman of the arbitration committee, China football didn’t even benefit from it, and even suffered a lot when facing the West Asian teams.

In fact, after Zhang Jilong, China’s football diplomacy or "foreign affairs" has been "aphasia". Since then, neither Zhang Jian nor Du Zhaocai has done it, especially Du Zhaocai.

That is to say, after Zhang Jilong’s retirement, China’s football diplomacy has been broken, and the "advantages" of Chen Chengda, Xu Fang and Zhang Jilong, which come down in one continuous strain, are gone.

For Song Kai, there are many things to do after taking over the mess of China Football Association. Youth training and league matches are very important. Judging from his trip to Doha, football diplomacy has not been neglected, or an open attitude.

In the past, some leaders of the Football Association actually did not attach importance to football diplomacy, and some were jealous and some were disdainful of Zhang Jilong’s contribution. Despite Zhang Jilong’s persuasion, Nan Yong "formed an alliance" with Haman, then president of the Asian Football Association, and got a temporary "pleasure" for a football player in China. At that time, he was full of pride. "What football diplomacy is, it’s just interests."

Nan Yong’s words have some truth. "Interests" are indeed fundamental, but connections are also indispensable. Otherwise, there is no channel for "mutual benefit", or why do people believe you? Haman took over at that time, mainly because he was under siege and needed an "exit".

At present, the situation in the AFC is that "the west wind overwhelms the east wind", and for many years, it is very difficult for China football to regain its voice, which Song Kai should be aware of.

In 2013, with the support of Blatter, Salman ascended the presidency of the AFC, and was re-elected for three times since then. The latest term is in 2027. From the current point of view, he has completely controlled the AFC, with no opponents, and his power is better than that of Haman. His secretariat manages almost everything.

Over the years, China’s football diplomacy has been guided by the principle of "following the establishment", which has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can sometimes have a sip of soup, but the disadvantage is that you can only have soup.

Previously, China football could not speak because it could not bring "benefits". At that time, many sponsors of the AFC were Japanese and Korean companies, while there were almost no in China; Later, China enterprises participated extensively, but did not express their due "interest demands". They only paid money and did nothing.

For China football, a good opportunity is that an enterprise in China won the business development right of AFC for 8 years (from 2021 to 2028) for 2.4 billion US dollars in 2018. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the company lost money for years and was unable to pay the relevant funds, so it had to re-sign the contract and give up most of the benefits. Among them, AFC suffered heavy losses, and China football was also negatively affected.

Since then, China Football Association gave up the right to host the Asian Cup, which also caused dissatisfaction with the Asian Football Association. Among them, Du Zhaocai’s "inaction" was involved.

Therefore, in a certain period of time in the future, China football must regain its "trust" and establish new "contacts" with the world football. Song Kai revealed that the China Football Association is discussing matters related to hosting the World Youth Championship and the World Youth Championship.

In addition, China enterprises that sponsor FIFA and AFC must form a joint force and work closely with the Football Association to maximize the interests of all parties.

During his stay in Doha, Song Kai first met with AFC President Salman and talked with some AFC leaders. Accompanied by Song Kai, Luo Zhao, who has worked in the Foreign Affairs Department of the Football Association for many years, is very familiar with many things about the AFC.

Later on October 30th, local time, Song Kai met Salman on the day he arrived in Doha. Salman congratulated Song Kai on his election as president of China Football Association and reiterated that AFC will continue to cooperate with China Football Association. "I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Song Kai, China football will be promoted to a higher level." Salman said that he was concerned about Song Kai’s remarks. "We have seen the determination of the leadership of the new China Football Association." Song Kai expressed his appreciation and welcome for Salman’s commitment. Salman revealed that the AFC will have a series of concrete development plans to help China’s football continue to develop.

On the 31st, on the day of the AFC Awards Ceremony, Song Kai also had a talk with relevant people of AFC. Although he didn’t have a thorough understanding, he at least laid a foundation. In fact, Zhang Jilong once said that China’s football diplomacy is nothing more than four words: making friends.

Of course, it is whimsical to expect Song Kai to restart football diplomacy at once and even achieve results. After all, he is only a "newcomer", but at least, he has taken the first step. In the future, under the guidance of the policy of "making friends", he will be down-to-earth and may recover lost ground.

Two FMVP can’t get into the hall of fame? Famous mouth: Leonard is brilliant, but it is difficult to rank him.

He has won the championship twice and successfully won two championship trophies. At the peak of his career, he was even regarded as the first striker in the league on a par with Jordan by fans. But just a few years later, some commentators are questioning that he may not even be qualified to enter the NBA Hall of Fame.

Recently, some commentators publicly stated in the podcast program that it is undeniable that Ke Huailunna is brilliant and skilled, but it is difficult for him to rank in NBA history, and even his qualification for entering the Hall of Fame is open to question. After all, a player who has only played 12 games in a season, why should he compare himself with those players who have stacked their careers with a lot of games?

Since joining the Clippers, there have been more and more doubts about Leonard, especially his erratic injuries and poor attendance. In the past two seasons, Leonard has played only a handful of games, especially in the playoffs. The gap between Leonard’s games and players such as James, Durant and Curry is really too big. Although he was really strong at his peak, as the commentator said, it was really difficult to give Leonard a clear historical position in his career.

However, according to the 75th anniversary celebration held by the league before, Leonard was on the list of 75 superstars in NBA history. Is a player who is qualified to be selected into the top 75 not even qualified to enter the Hall of Fame? This is a bit too exaggerated. You know, even McGrady and Yao Ming, who don’t deserve the championship and MVP, can be elected to the Hall of Fame, not to mention Leonard, who can lead the Raptors to win the first championship trophy in team history. What do you think of this?

Controversy! Jeff, the new captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, may make a new decision, and the reason is revealed!

Controversy! Jeff, the new captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, may make a new decision, and the reason is revealed!

The emergence of Jeff, the new captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, has caused some controversy. Some fans have doubts about whether he can be the captain. However, the management is firm about Jeff’s choice, and thinks that his leadership and team consciousness are enough to lead the team to success. Jeff himself also said that he would try harder and go all out to respond to the fans’ expectations. Jeff’s appointment as the new captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team has undoubtedly aroused various voices among fans. The management of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team firmly believes that Jeff is the best candidate, and they believe that Jeff’s leadership temperament and team consciousness are the key to the team’s success. On the court, he showed extraordinary dominance and leadership, as well as the ability to play a stabilizer role in the team.

In addition, he is always the leader of his teammates off the court and has established a close cooperative relationship for the team. The management believes that Jeff as the new captain is the best choice for Guangdong men’s basketball team to win the championship in the future. However, it is undeniable that some fans’ controversy about Jeff becoming the captain is also reasonable. Being a captain is not only about the performance of basketball skills, but also includes leadership, emotional management and tactical decision-making. For a top team like Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, the captain’s responsibility and pressure are enormous. Some fans are worried about whether Jeff can keep calm at critical moments and how to adjust tactics and motivate players in adversity.

These concerns are reasonable to some extent, because the captain’s role is not only to celebrate the victory, but also to lead the team unswervingly when it is difficult. Jeff himself is full of determination and confidence to become the new captain. In an interview, he frankly knew that the fans had high expectations of him, but he also said that he would respond to these expectations with greater efforts and all-out efforts. He believes that becoming a captain is a new challenge and a great honor in his career. He said that he will work closely with the coaching staff, learn and improve his leadership ability, and lead the team towards the goal of championship. As the new captain of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, Jeff will face a series of advantages and challenges.

First of all, as a captain, he will have more voice and influence, be able to better communicate with coaches and management, and strive for better resources and support for the team. His leading position in the team will also make his teammates trust him more and be more willing to obey his command. However, the duties of the captain are also accompanied by great pressure and challenges. He needs to stand up when the team encounters difficulties, boost morale and lead the team out of the trough together. At the same time, he also needs to constantly improve his level on the court and become a model and example for the team. Looking ahead, the importance of Jeff as captain is self-evident. He will show his skills and leadership on the court, and he will also face the judgment of all parties.

However, no matter what challenges he faces, Xu Jie said that he would go all out and do his best to bring more honor and glory to the Guangdong men’s basketball team. Only time will tell whether Jeff can be the captain, but he has become an important symbol for fans and Guangdong men’s basketball team, symbolizing a new chapter and a new beginning. Let’s look forward to more brilliant achievements of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team under his leadership.

Sneijder on the Champions League final: Facing Barcelona in 10 years, people also think that we are doomed to failure.

Live on May 21st, when interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter Milan star Sneijder talked about the 2010 Champions League semi-final and the upcoming Champions League final between Inter Milan and Manchester City.

Do you still remember the stadium atmosphere when you faced Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League in 2010?

"Of course, the scene is like a fairy tale, and I will never forget it. The San Siro will be unique on some nights. The scene against Milan the other day reminds me of the stadium atmosphere when I played against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final 13 years ago. Accompanied by Materazzi, the’ crazy’ brother, it is even more interesting. "

Do you think Inter Milan have a chance to win the championship against Manchester City this time?

"There is no impossible game. Of course, there are difficult games, but in a single round, anything can happen and Inter can achieve anything. In addition, when facing Barcelona in 2010, people also felt that we were doomed to fail, but on the contrary, we proved that we could compete with Barcelona and win the game. "

In 2010, you won the semi-final against Guardiola’s almost perfect team. This time Inter Milan will face Guardiola again. Do you think Inter Milan can win in the same way?

"The team is different, the player structure is different, and football has also changed. Guardiola has been making tactical innovations, and he has an extraordinary team. Although Guardiola’s frontcourt is gorgeous, the defense line is not airtight, and there may always be some gaps. Then in terms of physical confrontation, Inter Milan is great, Inter Milan is very organized and disciplined, and can give feedback when facing Manchester City. "

But Manchester City has Harland. He is like a monster. How will you stop Harland?

"Harland may be the most destructive center player in European football at present, but no team can win by one player alone. In this case, Inter must work together with Qi Xin, and the whole team will participate in the defense. However, there are too many threatening players in Manchester City, so it is useless to just pay attention to and defend Harland. They also have De Braune and Mahrez, who have defended Harland. Maybe De Braune will seek shooting opportunities and defend De Braune. Maybe Mahrez is empty again. Inter Milan must unite as one, not afraid of strong enemies, and hold their heads high. "

Can lautaro be a key Mr Milito?

"That’s what I think, lautaro and Milito are Argentine fighters. Lautaro can follow Zanetti’s example. In the derby, lautaro wore the captain’s armband of Inter Milan. I think lautaro has the appearance of Zanetti and Milito, and he can be a beautiful fairy tale of the Nerazzurri. "

Lautaro is on the shortlist for the Golden Globe Award. If he can play a key role in the Champions League final, do you think lautaro deserves the Golden Globe Award?

"lautaro must think that winning the Champions League with Inter Milan is the best thing. Moreover, lautaro has won the World Cup, which is a very heavy trophy. In general, I think lautaro is very strong, he is still growing, and now he is at the peak. "

Manchester United is determined to solve the problem! Serie A 40 million frontrunners+Kane forced to go to the shire.

Manchester United has made remarkable progress under the leadership of Tenghahe this season, but the weakness of the front still plagues Manchester United, which is anxious to revive.

The data is the most convincing. They scored 51 goals in 35 Premier League games, averaging 1.45 goals per game, while Manchester City scored 92 goals in 35 games, averaging 2.63 goals per game.

Rachford, the top scorer of Manchester United, is good enough, but he has only scored 18 goals so far, which is far from Tenhah’s 36 goals.

Strengthening the strength of the front line has become Manchester United’s first choice next season. The Times reported that Manchester United had targeted two strikers.

Their number one prey must be Kane. Although Kane is 30 years old, he has scored 27 goals this season and is still a prolific striker.

Tottenham Hotspur is another four-empty season, and Kane has already had the idea of a transfer. Manchester United is a good choice. I just hope Kane won’t stage a farce of failing to move to Manchester City.

Another target for Manchester United is Danish striker Heilund of Serie A Atalanta. Last summer, Atlanta bought the 20-year-old soccer potential star for 17 million euros.

He is a traditional center with good back skills, and scored 7 goals in 29 Serie A appearances. Now he is worth 40 million pounds, and Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan are also among the competitors.

Once United win Kane and Heylund, Marchal will definitely leave.

Why Ancelotti, Guardiola and Mourinho are the three famous coaches in the European League?

Mourinho is one of them. The reason is very simple. With the investment of Rome now, he can lead the team to the top four of the Europa League, and the league is temporarily ranked fourth. After all, Juventus has been added back temporarily, which is already very good.

Mourinho’s achievements in Rome in the past two years are actually very successful. For many reasons, Rome could not bring in good players in the past two years, but Mourinho got some players such as Dibala on his own face, and this season’s Europa League has achieved good results with these players.

Champion of the Europa League, temporarily in the top four in Serie A and the top four in the Europa League this season. This achievement is very good for Rome now. Mourinho is indeed a powerful coach. After leading many games this season, Rome used intensive defensive counter-attack tactics and then succeeded. Mourinho is the only one of the three coaches who is short of funds.

Guardiola is also a successful coach. Perhaps many people say that anyone can go to Manchester City. Of course, it will not be so easy. There are many stars and the management of the locker room is also difficult.

Guardiola has won the championship every year since he led the team, which started when Barcelona coached. Of course, there are still three trophies in Manchester City, so there is still a chance to win the championship trophy this season. That’s what makes him great. Let Cancelo leave directly this season, which also shows his ability to manage the dressing room.

And judging from this performance, Guardiola may even win the Champions League trophy in Manchester City this season. If he does, it will be a dream come true. Although he has won the Champions League trophy before. The gap between the league and Arsenal has narrowed now, and it is even close to catching up, so Guardiola has entered the semi-finals of the Champions League for three consecutive years, and this result is also very convincing.

Carlo Ancelotti is also on the list, and it is really good that he can make such a Real Madrid enter the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Ancelotti is the most distinctive of these three people, because Ancelotti’s style is what players have, and if they are well kneaded, they will have good results. In fact, some veterans in Real Madrid have fallen sharply now, but the team’s performance is still ok. This is the ability. Ancelotti belongs to the relatively simple type of coach, but he has led Real Madrid to good results.

He led different teams to win the Champions League trophy and the League trophy, and this is even worse. Is that the only thing these three coaches can do? These are the three coaches who seem to be the strongest in Europe this season. They all made their teams play an extraordinary level and solved the problems when the team encountered injuries.

Refuse to make the same mistake as Ronaldo! Messi or "forced" to renew his contract with Paris: 3 reasons for rushing to the Champions League+America’s Cup

On March 11th, Beijing time, according to Ole newspaper, Messi has decided to renew his contract with Grand Paris and continue to play for the French giants next season. So, why is Mei Qiu Wang willing to stay?

Messi’s contract with Greater Paris expired this summer, and the two sides started contract renewal negotiations after the World Cup, but they were once deadlocked. However, according to the Argentine media, he has only negotiated with Grand Paris at present, and Dali is also the only club that offers Messi, so the two sides are expected to continue to work together.

"The only quotation" reminds people of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United, and Mendes looked around for a big family, but he was repeatedly rejected. No Champions League team was willing to make an offer for him. Until the break with Manchester United last November, Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation was the same, and he could only leave Europe and go far to Saudi Arabia.

For Messi, it seems that no other team wants him. With his age and high salary, the Premier League may not be able to adapt. Serie A and Bundesliga can’t afford it. In La Liga, the only way is to return to Barcelona, but laporta is only speculating and has not made an offer.

However, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi has at least not fallen out with the club, so he can choose to stay in Paris and continue to play in the five major leagues in Europe. This is the first point.

Secondly, Messi still hopes to play in the Champions League and win the fifth Champions League title to tie the historical record maintained by Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. The last time he won the championship, it was already in 2015. This is the biggest regret left by Mei Qiuwang’s career, and he will try his best to complete it before leaving Europe.

Although Greater Paris has stopped in the top 16 for two consecutive seasons, Qataris are reluctant to let Mbappé go, and Neymar, who has a longer contract, may stay. If we continue to introduce reinforcements and strengthen the lineup this summer, it will undoubtedly be an important stage for the Champions League, and at least the French champion will be guaranteed, won’t it?

Third, Messi also hopes to participate in the 2024 America’s Cup and strive to lead Argentina to successfully defend its title. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a substitute in the World Cup, and his position and importance in the Portuguese national team have declined. The Five Shield Corps has changed its coach, so he can go to Saudi Arabia to "self-destruct" after winning the 2016 European Cup.

Messi is different. He is still the number one core in Argentina. Without him, the strength of the Pampas Eagle will be greatly reduced, and Scalogni will be there. Therefore, in the last competition of the national team’s career, we must go all out, and only by staying in Europe and staying in the giants can we maintain our current excellent state.

Therefore, in the absence of other better options, Messi is likely to be "forced" to renew his contract with Greater Paris, play at the Prince Park Stadium for at least another year, and then follow Cristiano Ronaldo and go to the United States, Saudi Arabia or other places to support the elderly.