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From the trend actor to the popularity of beans, the star is red or not, just look at this ~

In addition to beautiful little brothers and sisters in Korean dramas, there are scenes that will appear in almost all Korean dramas, that is, whether it is barbecue or fried chicken, whether it is a happy event or trouble, wine alone or dinner (just look at underage relatives and friends, hahahahahaha) ▼


If you drink too much, you can not only express your feelings through alcohol ▼


Sister Yu becomes smaller and cuter ▼


Courage becomes fat ▼


Can also assist love, ▼


Successfully counterattack and win friends who have been embarrassed for many years ▼


However, Korean dramas are Korean dramas after all, and people who drink too much know the pain of getting drunk, so they still have to do what they can ~

In South Korea, the most direct criterion to test whether a star is red or not is advertising endorsement, especially the national fried chicken and alcohol advertisements. Among female stars, besides cosmetics, being able to endorse another product is a symbol of high popularity, and that is the indispensable thing for Koreans on the wine table-shochu. ▼


Part1: the debate of soju model, from tough guy to love beans,

The competition in the Korean shochu industry is extremely fierce, and the spokesperson has become an important part, which directly determines the sales volume. Just walk into a restaurant and there are either beer advertisements or shochu advertisements on the wall.

It is said that because men love soju more, most of the advertisements for soju are female stars; Women prefer beer, so beer advertisements are mostly male stars. The criterion for the president to choose cass and hite is to see which one speaks for it, and suddenly it makes sense. ▼


In the early years, male stars were also used in the advertisements of shochu. Just like the original shochu, the entrance was rich, like a middle-aged man who was still in Do not forget your initiative mind after experiencing the world. At that time, the wine bottle was not green. ▼


After that, I experienced a period of actor endorsement and popular actress endorsement, and the Korean drama was in its heyday ~

It is said that when using an actor, the sales volume of soju is low. ▼


Later, I had to rely on actresses to save it, and the merchants’ research on users’ psychology was also very thorough, and they kept embracing changes ~▼


The spokespersons are almost all actresses, and the advertising pictures are also very cool. Can you recognize all these young ladies? ▼


I saw Park Min Young ▼ who had not yet become a gold secretary.


And Anglenala, who is still a bright girl ▼


Part2: From the trend actress to the popular woman who loves beans, it depends on whether it is red or not.

(* The following brand endorsements are incomplete statistics, excluding sub-brand line endorsements and short-term joint endorsements)

When it comes to shochu, we have to talk about the brand of shochu. As a traditional brand with a long history in Korea, Zhenlu has a very high advantage among Koreans in terms of market share and brand image.

1. True dew

Korean traditional brands are true, and the previous spokespersons are also very well-known national artists.

Li Yingai (1998 ~1999), Park Zhumin (2001), Jin Zhenen (2002), Ji-yeon Choi (2003), Jin Taixi (2004), sung yuri (2005), Sang-mi Nam (2006), Jin Yazhong (2007) and Jin Minzhen (2007).


Li Yingai, whose "Dae Jang Geum" was popular all over Asia, became the first female star to endorse shochu in 1999, and chose Zhenlu Company in Li Yingai, and the sales volume of alcohol quadrupled in one year. ▼


A closer look shows that these spokespersons are the most popular Korean drama actresses in those years, which is simply a chronicle of Korean drama ~

I especially like Miss Jin Taixi ▼


During the period, there were also various attempts to join male spokesmen and men and women to speak together. ▼


Until 2014, the national sister IU began to be the spokesperson ~

IU(2014 -2018)


In 2014, the old brand shochu Zhenlu made a change, targeting young people, and the spokesperson was replaced by a lively and fresh national sister, IU.


In 2018, in order to strengthen female consumers aged 20-30, Park Seo Jun, a man of great trend, was added as the co-spokesperson.


IU is the longest-lived brand spokesperson of Zhenlu. At the end of the endorsement, I was also given a gold dress with the name of IU to thank Zhenlu.

Irene (2019-present) ▼


In December 2018, Irene, the captain of SM women’s group Red Velvet, became the new spokesperson of Zhenlu. At that time, the popular candidates judged by netizens included Zheng Caiyan, who was born in proudce101, Yuner and singer Xuanmei.

Brand means Irene is very suitable for the brand image of "pure as dew", and I hope her image will attract more young consumers.

The advertisement is also really beautiful ~ ▼


About Irene’s drinking capacity, there was once.Completely inedible and particularly inedible.In two ways, she once revealed her drinking capacity in the program. In her heyday, she could drink three bottles of soju, but she could not drink beer and red wine.

2, the first drink and the first music ()

In 2006, the first drink, the first music () and the good drink () came out and joined the brand war of shochu ~

The young first drink and music became the competitors who kept catching up with the real dew, behind which was Lotte Group, the fifth largest consortium in Korea at that time. As the biggest competitor of Zhenlu, the first drink and the first music successfully reversed the company’s situation by relying on advertising stars, completely breaking the situation that the Korean drama hostess occupied the shochu advertising market, and the sexy and bold style was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In 2006-2007, the main spokespersons were actors such as Li Yingya and Hye-seon Ku, and later joined Lee Hyo Ri.


"The Queen of Soju" Lee Hyo Ri (November 2007 ~ April 2012) ▼


After renewing the contract for 8 times, the market share of Chuyin Chule rose to 15% in five years. In five years, Chuyin Chule Company sold 2 billion bottles of shochu. So far, whenever it comes to shochu, it will definitely think of Lee Hyo Ri, a veritable "queen of shochu with goods".

Merchants even put a photo of Lee Hyo Ri on the bottom of the glass, so that men can meet their goddess after drinking.


Hyolyn, Koo Hara and Hyun-a Kim (2013) ▼


Gao Junxi (2013) ▼


Shin Min A (2014 -2016) ▼


Xiuzhi (2016-present)

In recent years, Xiuzhi, the first love of the people, has been chosen as the spokesperson, hoping to win a broader consumer group. ▼


But I really didn’t understand the recent "dadada dadada" advertisement ~


Hao Tian Hao Yin ()

Early spokespersons included actresses such as Han-byeol Park, Zhao Yunxi and Su-jin Park. ▼


My favorite is Park BoYoung (2016-2017), cute and playful ▼


Advertising is also very playful, always thinking of the classic image of a little cook ~ ▼


In 2018, the speaker was Son Na Eun, a member of Apink ▼


Teacher Bai Zhongyuan, the food king, has also endorsed it. In 2019, the latest spokesperson was changed to proudce101, and Se Jeong, a member of gu9udan, ▼


It seems that the spokesperson of shochu has begun to enter the era of women’s groups and love beans.


Most other brands also choose female stars as spokespersons.

I saw "Please Answer 1988", Miss Deshan Huili (Maple Leaf Soju) ▼


In 2018, someone made a map of Korean shochu brand. Which spokesperson do you prefer?

Ps: Mom Wood is really red in 2018 ~ ▼


Part3: users first, consumers decide the change of taste.

The taste of shochu is similar. In order to compete in sales volume and attract more users, shochu company constantly ponders its sales strategy. In addition to changing advertising models according to the market, it also makes many changes to the degree and taste.

Wit merchants and drinkers have also carried out various transformations on shochu, such as steamed dumplings (bomb liquor = shochu+beer) ▼


If you can perform a stunt at dinner, you are definitely the most beautiful boy in the team ▼


However, friendly reminder, although steamed dumplings can neutralize the tastes of two kinds of wine and give birth to new tastes, no matter where the wine is mixed, it is easier to get drunk, so don’t try it easily ~


Mix fruit, red vinegar, drinks, etc., reduce the degree in disguise and update the taste ▼


Lotte conducted a survey on 4,400 drinkers from October 2013 to October 2014. Consumers expressed dissatisfaction with the taste and aroma of shochu, and many people expected it.Low-alcohol liquor with reduced alcohol smell and bitterness.Fruit wine is ready to come out ~

Therefore, in 2014, Chuyin Chule introduced grapefruit shochu with grapefruit juice, which became the pioneer of fruit shochu.

In May 2015, a series of fruit wines were produced, which reduced the original 16.6-degree wine to 3.3~13.5 degrees. After that, various companies began to challenge fruit wines in a fancy way, and the latest one was the oldest true dew (September 2016).


Although the real dew is late, there are still many directions to try. For example, for people who like soft and sweet taste, the peach soda wine dew is tooting (), and the alcohol content is only 3%. The image of IU in the advertisement is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. ▼


Like the president, who is not used to the bitter taste of shochu, and who wants a drink because of watching a Korean drama by Amway, the fruit wine is perfect, but the taste of the goose is more like a soda drink. After drinking it several times, she gave up.


I wonder what everyone likes to drink?

Game recommendation in June: After "Tears of the King", another batch of masterpieces came strongly.

Text/a bowl of gourd

In the past May, I believe that many players’ time has been rounded up by the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Perhaps in order to avoid the limelight of Tears of the Kingdom, many masterpieces have chosen to be released in the following June.

Of course, in addition to these masterpieces, there are also many excellent new works and domestic games released this month, and the types and contents of the games are so rich that they will never let any player electronic sheep tail.

If you are tired of staying in mainland Heraru, it’s time to welcome these new games.

The first thing to introduce, of course, is the blockbuster that will be released on June 22nd in PS5-Final fantasy 16.

As a classic IP that has lasted for more than 30 years, after 7 years, the Final Fantasy (FF) series finally ushered in a brand-new series.

In fact, in recent years, FF series has been working for a long time and has not released excellent works.

Except for the online game FF14 and the old game remake FF7, the performances of the previously released FF13 and FF15 are actually unsatisfactory.

Therefore, this "FF16" is also shouldering the heavy responsibility of "reviving the glory" in addition to the expectations of players.

At the moment when the turn-based system is gradually declining, this time "FF16" changed the traditional gameplay and chose to move closer to the real-time combat mode.

Saying goodbye to the turn-based battle may be a little uncomfortable for some old players. But in the long run, it is also an appropriate decision to attract a bigger market.

In terms of plot, FF16 is still a familiar fantasy world style.

The story is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe and inspired by Game of Thrones, and revolves around a continent called Wallis Zea.

According to the news, the duration of the performance in the game alone is as high as 11 hours, and this time does not include the contents of the side tasks. It seems that players who like to watch the plot can relax.

Although the game has not been released yet, "FF16" seems to have been on the cusp of public opinion.

Firstly, FF16 was banned in some areas because it contained some adult content.

Secondly, because of the lack of "diversity" in the game, many European and American media and netizens attacked it.

The first trailer of FF16 was temporarily rated as 18 by PEGI.

For these questions, Yoshida always insists on his own decision.

He said that "players all over the world should have a consistent experience" and that "because Wallis Zeya, as the stage of FF16, is isolated from the world, there are bound to be some shortcomings in the diversity of characters", insisting on refusing to modify adult content and denying the existence of blacks in the game.

Being able to ignore the pressure of public opinion from the outside world and insist on telling your own story well, I think it is also worth letting the players who have been severely criticized recently for The Little Mermaid buy one to wash their eyes (music).

In addition to the highly anticipated FF16, Diablo IV, which will be officially released on June 6th, also has a high degree of topic.

At present, the global media rating of Diablo IV has been lifted, with IGN 9, GS 8 and MC rating websites all scoring 88, which is still very high overall.

Although the game has not yet been officially launched, from the situation of sealing and testing and media evaluation, most players are still satisfied with Diablo 4.

Judging from the gameplay, Diablo 4 is still a classic brush game.

Rich equipment and entries, different professional characteristics, although it is inevitable that there will be some torture and boredom in the process of liver, but the moment you brush out the equipment you want, it is absolutely full of sense of accomplishment.

Compared with the cartoon style of Diablo III, Diablo IV has a darker overall tone and a sharper style.

At the same time, the screen, scene and sound effects of the game have been improved a lot, and it has even been called "one of the best ARPG in history" by IGN editor.

Although Blizzard is no longer the glorious appearance of that year, it has now withdrawn from the mainland market because of short-sightedness.

But I have to admit that the Diablo series is still an emotional destination that many players can’t give up.

With the release of Diablo IV, it may once again set a new benchmark in the game industry and bring more shocking and exciting game experiences to players.

In addition to the two masterpieces mentioned above, the new work of Street Fighter series-Street fighter 6, will also meet with you on June 2.

At present, the media rating of Street Fighter 6 has been lifted.The average MC score reached an unexpected 92 points., ranked fourth in the year.

As the benchmark of 2D fighting games, Street Fighter 6 stands out among all the Street Fighter series.

The main reason for this is that the game provides players with an open world to explore freely.

In the "Travel Around the World" mode, players can not only customize their appearance, but also explore in the general "metropolis" of the open world, learn from their teachers and learn new moves to fight against their opponents.

Street Fighter 6 creates a role interface

Of course, in addition to the refreshing open-world gameplay, the game also adds some new gameplay in the fighting system-the pissing system.

The quarrelling bar is located under the blood bar, which is the first system added in Street Fighter 6.

Compared with the traditional energy bar, the quarrelling bar is full at the beginning, and players can use quarrelling to punch, giving ordinary attacks more effect and strength. However, it should be noted that the character will enter a weak state when the quarrelling is exhausted, so it is also a place to consider in the game to control the consumption of quarrelling reasonably.

Compared with traditional fighting, the pace of the game will be faster and smoother after adding quarrelling, which is a good design.

Generally speaking, Street Fighter 6 is a classic but refreshing game. On the basis of retaining the classics, it adds a lot of fresh gameplay and gives new vitality to the traditional fighting game.

I think, whether you are a fan of fighting games or not, you can try this new work.

The game that attracts the most attention of racing enthusiasts this month is, I think, the F1 23, which will be launched by EA on June 16th.

EA’s F1 series is a very popular racing game.

As an officially authorized game of Formula One World Championship, F1 has a group of loyal fans because it is closest to the real F1 competition.

Compared with the previous work, the performance of F1 23 has really improved a lot.

The handling of the vehicle has been upgraded, and the performance of the vehicle is more predictable. At the same time, the new vehicle physical system also makes the friction of the vehicle stronger when braking, accelerating and turning.

In addition, by adopting the situation of the real F1 team, the game has a better balance between aerodynamics and tire grip, the improvement of engine torque and inertia is more realistic, and the connection between players and vehicles is closer.

In addition to the improvement in vehicle performance, the story mode "braking point" of F1 has made a heavy return in this book.

The plot mode of this work mainly focuses on a fictional team "Konnersport Racing Team", in which two new drivers will face and overcome various difficulties and turning points to accomplish their ambition-to defeat F1 teams and drivers in today’s reality.

This game also returns to the "Red Flag Rule", which adds more drama and strategy to the event;

At the same time, in order to respond to the requirements of the player group, this game has also added an additional 35% distance, which is relatively balanced and more applicable than long sentences and short sentences.

On the whole, as a "new year’s goods" game, although there are not many changes in "F1 23", the new content is quite sincere this time, and I think it is worth the experience of racing enthusiasts.

Next is a real-time strategy game "Alien: Falling into the Dark" with a relatively small game type and a bird’s eye view.

Based on the classic movie Alien seriesAlien: Falling into the Dark, will be launched on June 20th.

As a real-time strategy game overlooking the corner, in Alien: Falling into the Darkness, the player will play the commander of the colonial marine corps and lead the soldiers in the squad to stop the explosion of alien creatures on the Forgotten Moon.

In the game, players command and give orders to four colonial marines to fight against all kinds of aliens in the game, rogue agents of Welland-Utani, and even creatures that have never appeared in the movie.

There are many large levels in the game, and players need to make tactical arrangements for the terrain.

More importantly, the enemy will change his attack strategy according to the player’s actions, which means that the player needs to make decisions at any time to deal with unexpected situations.

Therefore, the game is highly strategic and challenging, which requires players to have certain tactical thinking and reaction ability.

Of course, it is also an important part of the strategy game to make full preparations before the war and further improve the strength of the team.

In the game, players can freely arrange soldiers’ abilities, weapons, equipment and stunts, and at the same time, they can also study new technologies and develop their own bases.

I think this is the charm of RTS to deal with the difficulties to be faced and the unknown dangers.

Since Star of Roller Coaster and Star of Zoo, few other simulated construction games have been widely recognized and loved as these two games.

However, it was released on June 16th, and the game "Fantasy Paradise" released by Bandai Nanmeng Palace was produced by the team of "Island Tycoon", which still made me feel bright after experiencing many simulated business games.

Like similar games, in "Fantasy Paradise", players can customize the amusement facilities and landscape of the park and create their own dream amusement park.

But in addition to the custom content, this work also has a strong story, and has the main characters and a complete plot.

In the plot, the player plays the role of the founder of this amusement park, and builds an unprecedented amusement park step by step by accumulating experience.

Some of them are mainly facilities, props, etc. in amusement parks, while others focus more on business, management and revenue.

At the same time, the way to achieve the goal of the game is more tolerant, and it will not set very demanding difficulty requirements. Different players can have fun in the game.

It is worth noting that this work has a unique concept of "Impossification".

For example, in the game, you can not only make the roller coaster run on the track, but also install wings to make it fly in the air.

This also means that "Fantasy Paradise" can help you realize crazy ideas and ideas, give full play to your imagination, and build more whimsical amusement facilities.

This brand-new gameplay that jumps out of traditional thinking is undoubtedly one of the highlights that attract the old players who simulate business.

existThe maze of world trees Ⅰ·Ⅱ·Ⅲ HD REMASTERWhen it was announced that it would be released on NS and Steam platforms on June 1st, I believe many old players shouted "Yeqing Hui".

Labyrinth of the World Tree 3HD

Yes, as a game first launched on NDS, the series "The Labyrinth of the World Tree" produced by Atlus has a history of 16 years.

The maze of the world tree by NDS

Whether at that time or now, the gameplay of the game has to be said to be "unique".

In the game, players need to control five teams of adventurers with different occupations, face the sudden huge maze, and enter the powerful enemy regardless of danger.

Compared with the traditional JRPG, the plot of The Labyrinth of the World Tree is actually relatively weak.

But the game pays more attention to its unique gameplay-exploring the huge underground Jyukai maze by fighting again and again, and then drawing the map by yourself, looking for shortcuts and fighting against more powerful monsters.

In this HD remake, the game has made many improvements in view of the players’ opinions on the original works.

The remastered version provides three difficulty options on the basis of the past, so that different players can play with their most suitable difficulty.

At the same time, for NS players, especially PC players, who can’t draw a map with dual screens, the game also adds an automatic drawing mode to automatically record their positions in the map. To some extent, this also improves the game experience of some players.

Although the maze of the world tree series is not a particularly famous old game, for those players who have been deeply obsessed with this game, the high-definition screen and improved gameplay of this remastered version are enough to satisfy the nostalgic feelings of these players.

After a lapse of 12 years, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective released in NDS also ushered in a high-definition reproduction.

The game will be released on the whole platform on June 30th, and simplified Chinese has been added in this remastered version.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a puzzle-solving game made by Qiaozhou, the producer of Reversing the Referee series.

Ghost trick: phantom detective by NDS

Although the game sold only 380,000 copies after its release, and its popularity was far less than that of the producer’s Reverse Referee series, in fact, the reputation of Ghost Trick among players is comparable to that of the Reverse Referee series.

In 18 years, Hideki Kamiya voted for "Ghost Trick 2" in the vote of "Which new work do you look forward to most?"

One of the most interesting is the unique gameplay of the game.

Unlike other games, the protagonist of the game is "dead" from the beginning.

The player needs to "possess" the soul of the protagonist to various objects (which must be dead) and move along one by one.

In addition to possession, the protagonist also has the ability to go back in time, which can go back four minutes, and repeat it indefinitely like extracting testimony in Reversing the Referee to solve the problem.

On the basis of the original gameplay of the game, this remastered version optimizes the screen, and at the same time, it also adds a collection function. You can use various illustrations and BGM in the "Illustration Collection" of the game.

It is worth mentioning that the game also invited Beichuan Baochang, a popular composer in charge of BGM, to arrange the original music at the same time.

I think for players who have played Ghost Trick or not, this remastered version can get a good game experience.

The game, which will also be remade this month, will be launched on June 15th.Layers of fear remake.

If you are a fan of horror games, or a player who is interested in horror games but is afraid to contact them, then you have definitely heard of the classic horror game "Layers of Fear".

Compared with "Resident Evil", a game that directly spreads flesh and blood in the picture, the picture performance of "Layers of Fear" is more restrained.

Canvas is the most in the game.

The unique visual and artistic style of the game makes players feel as if they are in a huge oil painting.

And the plot that is pressing step by step and the characters that are stripped of their cocoons are also very good for driving a frightening and insane psychological terror atmosphere, which is not only an environmental horror, but also a kind of fear in the heart, which makes people unable to calm down for a long time after customs clearance.

High praise of Steam community

This time, "Layer upon layer fear remake" uses Unreal 5 engine technology, and supports ray tracing, HDR and 4K resolution at the same time, making amazing visual effects and nightmare experiences as immersive and realistic as possible.

The remastered version includes Layers of Fear 1, Layers of Fear 2 and DLC. At the same time, it will also launch a brand-new DLC to tell the stories of writers who have never been told, and connect all the plots of the game together.

I believe that under the Unreal 5 engine, the thrill of the game will definitely be by going up one flight of stairs.

But if, like me, you still dare not continue playing the game for five minutes, you should carefully consider whether you can withstand a more realistic atmosphere of terror (sad).

Believe in Netease"Against the Cold" Mobile Games, is definitely one of the games that many players are very concerned about this month.

The first beta was started in August, 2001, and it has been brewing for so many years. Finally, the game will be officially released on June 30th.

As a martial arts MMO enthusiast, I have also played many similar games on the PC platform.

However, when I first saw the picture of the mobile game against the water, I still had a trance-like feeling of "Is this really played on the mobile phone platform?"

The screen of the game can be said to be absolutely superior to similar mobile games, and both the scenery on the road and the appearance details of the characters are particularly exquisite.

In addition to the images that fascinate countless appearance parties and scenery parties, there are various ways to play in the game. In addition to the main story and copy of the traditional martial arts MMORPG, there are also unique ways to play in the open world, such as adventure, solving puzzles and stealing teachers, which breaks the traditional MMO concept.

What is even more eye-catching is that the anti-cold mobile game also combines the recent hot AI technology, injecting "soul" into the NPCs in the game. In the game, you will find that these NPCs seem to have their own emotions like real people, and even whisper.

Judging from the internal test, the mobile game "Against the Water" is still very worth looking forward to.

If you are looking for an excellent martial arts mobile game, or want to experience a game world full of rivers and lakes, then the mobile game "Against the Water" is definitely a recommended choice.

Ok, that’s my June game recommendation.

Compared with May, which was covered by light, June can be said to be a month of small blowout of various games. There are not only the continuation of classic IP after many years, but also the sale of different types of games such as RTS and racing.

In the hot June, when you are tired of playing Tears of the Kingdom, I think there is always a game that can give you a coolness.

After divorcing Pippen, Larsa has changed multiple boyfriends. Jordan’s son is the best, and his brother and sister are excited.

The NBA star continued to take a vacation, and time passed so quickly that it came to August in a blink of an eye.

In the past 2-3 months, Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen has become one of the most concerned celebrities in the league. Her popularity once surpassed Booker’s ex-girlfriend Jenna, as well as former NBA champion khloe kardashian and the famous kim kardashian.

When it comes to Kardashian, many fans will think of it as "the best defensive team in the NBA". Once upon a time, Larsa and Kardashian sisters were close friends, especially kim kardashian and khloe kardashian. They used to go out on vacation, attend parties, fashion activities and be models together. Two years ago, Larsa took a fancy to tristan thompson, who was dating khloe kardashian at that time. Larsa and Thompson went out for a room date many times. Khloe kardashian didn’t know all this, but Larsa told Thompson about dating directly in an interview with TV station to show off. khloe kardashian was very angry, and the Kardashian sisters broke up with Larsa.

Larsa and Pippen, a famous NBA player, had a long and wonderful time after they got married. Larsa gave birth to four children for Pippen, and their marriage lasted for 23 years. Two months ago, when Larsa was interviewed, he recalled his married life. Larsa said: "I am actually very happy after 23 years of marriage. I have to exercise with Pippen four times a day. During the 23 years of marriage, I almost never stopped." Hearing Larsa’s words, many fans gave Pippen a thumbs-up in succession. It seems that Pippen was also "gifted" in those days.

Perhaps the 23-year marriage has exhausted all the novelty, and Pippen occasionally goes out to make love, so Larsa divorced Pippen in a rage. After the two sides separated, Larsa began to look for boyfriends. His goal was aimed at the NBA, from Molander to Timberwolves star Beasley, as well as tristan thompson and Larsa.

At the end of last year, Larsa started dating Jordan’s son markus jordan in Miami. They spent Christmas and New Year together, and now they have been dating for more than half a year. A few days ago, Marcus took Larsa to play golf. Three hours ago, Larsa took a photo of himself and his boyfriend Marcus. Although Larsa is 16 years older than Marcus, there is no generation gap between them.

In the past several boyfriends, Marcus is the richest and treats Larsa with the most care. Marcus used to be called Aunt Larsa, but now he is called Baby directly. Some fans said that it was very exciting for Larsa to do this, and her ex-husband Pippen was very angry.

With an annual salary of 16 million, the Hornets officially refused to offer! With an average of 15+5+2 per game, the Lakers may be able to take aim.

According to Rod Boone, a reporter from Charlotte Observer, PJ- Washington and Hornets are deadlocked in contract negotiations. They have not made any progress in reaching a new contract, and neither side seems ready to give in to the other’s demands. What the Hornets mean is that they hope to sign a short-term contract, while the team of PJ- Washington wants a contract with an average price higher than 16 million, but the feasible way in the market at present is to sign it first and then change it. Now, PJ- Washington will accept the qualification offer from the Hornets and become a free agent next summer.

Memoirs of a teenager

PJ- Washington was born in Dallas, Texas on August 23rd, 1998. His father, Paul Washington, is a former professional basketball player who played in the European League. His mother is a college basketball player, who used to work for Nixi State University in Middlefield.

Born in such a sports family, PJ- Washington has developed a strong interest in basketball since childhood. When he was studying in Plenot Road High School, he became a local famous basketball star. In his senior year, he averaged 18.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.1 blocks per game, and led the team to win the championship in the 6A District of Texas. He was also selected for the 2016 McDonald’s All-American High School Star Competition, where he scored 10 points and 9 rebounds.

After graduating from high school, PJ- Washington was invited to join the old and powerful university of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has its own understanding of cultivating inside stars, and Washington has grown rapidly since joining. He has played 72 games in two seasons, and is the core player of the team. He can hand over 12.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.2 blocked transcripts per game, of which the shooting percentage is 54.3%.

In my junior year, with an average of 15.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.2 blocks, I was selected into the first team of the Southeast Regional League and the third team of the best team in the United States. Lead the University of Kentucky into the top 8 of the NCAA Championship, and lose Auburn University with regret, and stop there.

PJ- Washington’s performance at the University of Kentucky has attracted many professional scouts to watch, and he is considered to have the potential of lottery level. In the 2019 draft, Washington was picked by the Hornets in the 12th overall pick in the first round. At that time, scouts gave him Anthony Randolph as the draft template. They are all power forwards who are 6′ 7 "tall and weigh about 230 pounds. They have excellent physical fitness and technical ability, can score in and out lines, and have certain defense and passing ability.

In the rookie season, PJ- Washington showed his strength in the Hornets, averaging 12.2 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 0.8 blocks, and shooting percentage reached 45.5%. He also set a historical record, becoming the first player in NBA history to hit at least seven three-pointers in his debut. In addition, he was selected as the first team of the best rookie lineup in the 2019-20 season.

In the second year, Washington continued to maintain its excellent state in the first season, averaging 12.9 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.2 blocks per game. In the game against Thunder in March this year, PJ Washington scored 43 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game, becoming the first Hornets player to get this data after Kemba Walker and the sixth Hornets player to get 40 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game. 43 points is also a career high in Washington.

Generally speaking, PJ- Washington has good height and arm span, and he is also a reliable scorer. But after Brandon Miller arrived, he didn’t have many opportunities in the Hornets. After becoming a free agent next year, the Lakers can pay close attention, and the mini middle class may win.

Sneijder on the Champions League final: Facing Barcelona in 10 years, people also think that we are doomed to failure.

Live on May 21st, when interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter Milan star Sneijder talked about the 2010 Champions League semi-final and the upcoming Champions League final between Inter Milan and Manchester City.

Do you still remember the stadium atmosphere when you faced Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League in 2010?

"Of course, the scene is like a fairy tale, and I will never forget it. The San Siro will be unique on some nights. The scene against Milan the other day reminds me of the stadium atmosphere when I played against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final 13 years ago. Accompanied by Materazzi, the’ crazy’ brother, it is even more interesting. "

Do you think Inter Milan have a chance to win the championship against Manchester City this time?

"There is no impossible game. Of course, there are difficult games, but in a single round, anything can happen and Inter can achieve anything. In addition, when facing Barcelona in 2010, people also felt that we were doomed to fail, but on the contrary, we proved that we could compete with Barcelona and win the game. "

In 2010, you won the semi-final against Guardiola’s almost perfect team. This time Inter Milan will face Guardiola again. Do you think Inter Milan can win in the same way?

"The team is different, the player structure is different, and football has also changed. Guardiola has been making tactical innovations, and he has an extraordinary team. Although Guardiola’s frontcourt is gorgeous, the defense line is not airtight, and there may always be some gaps. Then in terms of physical confrontation, Inter Milan is great, Inter Milan is very organized and disciplined, and can give feedback when facing Manchester City. "

But Manchester City has Harland. He is like a monster. How will you stop Harland?

"Harland may be the most destructive center player in European football at present, but no team can win by one player alone. In this case, Inter must work together with Qi Xin, and the whole team will participate in the defense. However, there are too many threatening players in Manchester City, so it is useless to just pay attention to and defend Harland. They also have De Braune and Mahrez, who have defended Harland. Maybe De Braune will seek shooting opportunities and defend De Braune. Maybe Mahrez is empty again. Inter Milan must unite as one, not afraid of strong enemies, and hold their heads high. "

Can lautaro be a key Mr Milito?

"That’s what I think, lautaro and Milito are Argentine fighters. Lautaro can follow Zanetti’s example. In the derby, lautaro wore the captain’s armband of Inter Milan. I think lautaro has the appearance of Zanetti and Milito, and he can be a beautiful fairy tale of the Nerazzurri. "

Lautaro is on the shortlist for the Golden Globe Award. If he can play a key role in the Champions League final, do you think lautaro deserves the Golden Globe Award?

"lautaro must think that winning the Champions League with Inter Milan is the best thing. Moreover, lautaro has won the World Cup, which is a very heavy trophy. In general, I think lautaro is very strong, he is still growing, and now he is at the peak. "

Channel 6: Real Madrid is a light year away from Manchester City! Real Madrid will introduce Vlahovic in the summer, with an offer of over 100 million yuan.

Aspen reported that after the defeat of Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League, the club management of Real Madrid decided to strengthen their talents this summer. In the last two seasons, only Joao Armeni and Cammavinga have been brought in. Real Madrid will first introduce a strong striker this summer, and has already targeted Juventus striker Blakovic.

Blakovic’s technical features are a bit like Harland’s. The 190cm Serbian striker has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 41 appearances for Juventus in various competitions this season. Lachowicz is worth 75 million euros. Aspen reports that Real Madrid is ready to offer Juventus an offer of 100 million euros.

Real Madrid’s decision to bring in Vlahovic has something to do with Manchester City’s zero block in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, but florentino is particularly concerned about Benzema’s aging, and I think there is not enough front line in the team. The team will rely less and less on him.

After losing to Manchester City in the Champions League, Fran garrido, a guest of Channel 6, lamented: "Real Madrid’s Champions League DNA came from Manchester City, and it was completely shattered. You must know. " Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois is the best player in this game. Manchester City scored four goals, but courtois saved three winning goals from Harland. Without courtois’s outstanding performance, Real Madrid will face the most humiliating game in team history at Etihad Stadium. I think Manchester City is now light years ahead of Real Madrid.

In addition to Blakovic, Real Madrid are also seeking to strengthen their defense and midfield, and Bellingham has confirmed to join the team’s midfield lineup. Real Madrid’s defence will have two top full-backs, but the specific candidates have not yet been announced!

In 2023, 2.3 million people participated in the first month of the National Fitness Online Games, and the exposure exceeded 1.1 billion.

On May 20th, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games was launched for one month. According to statistics, more than 30 events have been launched (including finished events), and the number of direct participants has exceeded 2.3 million. The number of completion certificates for each event has exceeded 1.7 million, and the number of special page views of the event has exceeded 270 million. The exposure of related news dissemination in the whole network has exceeded 1.1 billion. In addition, 2000+ scientific fitness guidance videos were launched on the Mi Gu video platform.

One month after the launch of the national fitness online sports meeting, the number of participants, the amount of certificates issued and the media exposure of the event have increased significantly compared with the same period of last year, giving full play to the unique advantages of the Internet in promoting national fitness. Judging from the growth trend of the number of online events and the number of participants, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games will serve the grassroots fitness people more vertically and accurately, and further lower the technical threshold for people to participate in national fitness through innovative online participation. By introducing ice and snow events to cover the whole sports scene, this event is expected to achieve the goals of "participation of all ages" and new breakthroughs in the number of participants.

Highlights of the event: millions of employees of State Grid walked on foot, and 49 local football associations participated in the national football challenge.

As of May 20th, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been launched (including finished games) in more than 30 events, with more than 2.3 million participants. According to the sports, it is divided into five categories: cycling events, walking events, chess games, ball games and exhibition events, which basically cover the daily needs of the masses for sports and fitness scenes.

Among the running events, the China -2023 National Fitness Online Games, the "Walking the Grand Canal" National Fitness Walking, the 2023 Beijing Citizen Online Running Activity, the 2023 Vanke National City Music Running Competition, the healthy running for youth, the third "Iron Man China" online challenge and other events have aroused extensive participation of the masses, with a total number of participants exceeding 1.68 million, which is the sports event with the largest overall participation at present. In particular, a total of 1,003,400 employees of the World Wide Web participated in the online walking activity of "Learning 20 Striving New Journey" held by State Grid Platform S365 in 2023.

In the ball games, the National Football Challenge launched by China Football Association was officially launched on May 15th, and gained wide attention and participation. The preparatory work of China Football Association was earnest and solid, and special notices were issued to all member units in the country to encourage local football associations to participate. At present, 49 local football associations in China are actively organizing events, and the China Football Association also launched the AFC Grassroots Football Day-National Football Challenge event offline.

Highlights of communication: It was unanimously praised by all media, and Weibo’s topic reading broke 200 million.

The 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been highly concerned and widely praised by the media and the masses since its launch. As of May 20th, the exposure of the whole network media of the event has exceeded 1.1 billion. The central media, Internet portals, sports industry media, local newspapers and magazines, self-media and other media have all given continuous follow-up reports on the event activities, thus helping the event to achieve a comprehensive, vertical and three-dimensional full coverage communication.

After the 2023 National Fitness Online Games was launched on April 20th, dozens of central media, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, intensively reported the launching ceremony of the online games, and southern window and other media made in-depth original reports on the games. Interactive videos of badminton Olympic champion Chen Long, freestyle skiing winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, swimming Olympic champion Wang Shun, rhythmic gymnastics champion Dani and other athletes were launched on major short video platforms for the first time.

After the events of the 2023 National Fitness Games were launched one after another, the Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport, national individual sports associations, provincial and municipal sports bureaus, local sports associations, national college sports colleges, social instructors of various provinces and cities, and cooperation platforms of various events all carried out diversified fission communication in combination with their own actual conditions, thus making the 2023 National Fitness Online Games go deep into grassroots organizations and people such as grassroots communities, universities and grassroots associations.

Social media platforms represented by Weibo, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker have successfully helped the online national fitness games in 2023 to achieve accurate and vertical interactive communication. Taking Weibo as an example, the reading volume of related topics in Weibo has exceeded 200 million, including 91.27 million in #2023 National Fitness Online Games, 94.063 million in # Athlete Imitation Show and 24.45 million in # Outdoor Stadium Season. In addition, Weibo jointly promoted the topic # Fashion # with a reading volume of 1.51 billion and # Hello Mayday # with a reading volume of 660 million. On May 13-14, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games ranked among the recommended resources in Weibo, and on May 16, it was recommended by Weibo, which achieved the effect of circle-breaking communication.

Masters: Invite sent to US golfer Scott Stallings’ namesake

US golfer Scott Stallings was handed a shock after discovering his Masters invitation had been sent to another person of the same name.

The 37-year-old tweeted he had been “checking the mailbox five times a day” for his invitation before receiving a direct message from another Scott Stallings.

The three-time PGA Tour winner posted the message from his namesake, which included: “I’m 100% sure this is NOT for me. I play but wow! Nowhere near your level.”

The message began: “Hi Scott. My name is Scott Stallings as well and I’m from GA (Georgia). My wife’s name is Jennifer too!!

“I received a FedEx today from the Masters inviting me to play in the Master’s Tournament April 6-9, 2023.

“It’s a very nice package complete with everything needed to attend. I think we have some confusion because of our names, our wife’s names and geographical location.”

He then attached a picture of the invitation adding: “I’m really not kidding I promise.”